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July 11, 2009

The Comments of the Week

I liked KristenB's attitude in this comment so much I had to make it Comment of the Week. However, she has to share the honor with Matt, who really stepped up to the plate this week when he ordered the Maryland fried chicken at M & S Grill. EL

Exactly, Hon! I enjoyed my Chinese meal at Grace Garden last night (fish noodles - mmm!), but I also like the crummy Egg Foo Yung from the local joint. Totally different beast.

Likewise, the more authentic Mexican at the places in Upper Fells Point, and the quesadillas at a Tex-Mex joint. But that said, with a sister who has lived in Texas for 15 years (and who I make take me around for 2-3 Tex Mex meals everytime I visit), I also agree with the people who say we don't have very good versions around here, comparatively. I guess that means 3 different kinds of beasts: Mexican, crummy-tasty Tex-Mex, and real Texas Tex-Mex, each with its own virtues.

Posted by: KristinB | July 8, 2009 11:01 AM ...

ok, so, coincidentally enough, I had lunch at M&S grill, and what do I see on the menu? MD fried chicken!

Although the burger sounded better, I figured I would take one for the team, and order it to get down to what md fried chicken really is. (plus, when I asked the waiter, the burger ONLY had 2 strips of bacon...*sigh* i miss their blt sandwich)

I order the md fried chicken, and when it comes out, the fried chicken is covered with the white gravy, a side of mashed potatoes (which had no gravy on it), and a roasted 1/2 of tomato. The white gravy itself resembled chipped beef gravy, though there were no satisfying morsels of meat in the gravy... more like bacon bits from a bottle.....

I first dipped my fork in the gravy, and it tasted like it used WAY too much buttermilk. very sour/tangy, but so much so that it just left it a bit unappetizing...wondering if they accidentally used spoilt milk. :-(

I then examine the chicken and realize they used a skinless/boneless breast (fried chicken without skin!??!!.....)

I cut a piece of the chicken and take a bit, and the texture of the chicken... it was unappetizing. it was like biting through a foam memory pillow...if you could imagine that. (that was difficult trying to think of what equated to that chicken's texture).

Anyways, this is the lengths I go through to report on md fried chicken for you guys :-P
wish i had a burger....

Posted by: Matt | July 9, 2009 2:00 PM

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 8:30 PM | | Comments (10)


"I also agree with the people who say we don't have very good versions around here, comparatively."

Compared to what? Texas is a VERY big place but comparatively little variety. When it's range of Mexican influenced food is good it can be be really, really good... but most of the time it's rather boring and of poor quality.

"I guess that means 3 different kinds of beasts: Mexican, crummy-tasty Tex-Mex, and real Texas Tex-Mex, each with its own virtues."

This is just as true in far more Texas towns and joints than folks there would like to admit.

In Guad we trust.

Don't know if I should post this here, but I'll give it a try. This was in the NYT today, interesting. Of course New Yorkers know nothing about Maryland steamed crabs. But here;s a shot:

Yes, you should. Thanks. EL

Tibrizio's was excellent last week. Joe and I dined and enjoyed the atmosphere.
He followed the md's advice to stick w/broiled fish.
Glad we came.
Joe says "next time, Sonny's Restaurant, on Sterling Avenue in Jersey City"

Another random, non-sequitor combo Tibrizi's/Jersey City place comment. I am heading up to Sonny's right now because, well, Joe said so.

Sonny's on Sterling Ave in Jersey City, NJ- the best Italian food next to Momma's macaroni on Sunday.
If Paulushook likes it, it must be good, right?
Sure wish Paulushook would at least comment on Sonny's since he's the one who originally recommended the place.Come on Joe

Come on, this is the third idiotic spam for a restaurant in New Jersey, the second in this post.

Did you think I said that I liked Sonny's? I hate Sonny's. You must have misunderstood.

My momma's Irish-Polish, so I never had macaroni on sunday. This restaurant sounds rather exclusionary, so I will know boycott it.

Texas is fine and good, but for a true taste of regional mexican cuisine (as opposed to taqueria fare) I think Chicago is still your best bet. Don't get me wrong, I love taqueria fare...but there's a lot more to Mexican cuisine than that...

Chicago has some fine, fine Mexican food. That is the first place I had real salsa. I couldn't stop eating it. That fresh was such an eye-opener.

The waitress seemed to take it as a personal compliment that we were inhaling the salsa and chips, and kept bringing us more, patting us on the head and encouraging us.

We'd chosen this place because it smelled good when we walked by. It was the first good Mexican I'd ever had. I'd thought I didn't much care for Mexican food before that night.

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