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July 7, 2009

At least the Blue Hill Tavern has one good server

OK, this may be the strangest e-mail of all the 10,000 that I'm reading today. (I get a little behind when I go on vacation; and Outlook won't let me send out any e-mails until I get under the mailbox size limit.) I'm taking out the names of the server and the restaurant to protect the innocent, namely me so I won't get sued. EL

My name is [deleted], and you have referred to me in two of your articles now - from [deleted]. First off, I would like to thank you for commending my service. It is not too often we, as servers, recieive compliments - particularly of that magnitude - in this industry. Without your comments i am not sure i would have been hired at the new restaurant that i am currently working at: Blue Hill Tavern in Brewers Hill. I left [deleted] because the head cook and the owner assaulted me on the way into work one morning, leaving me with a concussion. The best part of the story is that it was about a Cobb salad two nights previous - such a triviality. Well, anyway, i mainly wanted to thank you for your recognition, as it helped me get my current job. You have a strangely powerful - if not prophetic at times! - voice in the world of Baltimore dining, and it is an honor to have been included. On another note, i encourage you to check out Blue Hill Tavern - it is absolutely beautiful, and the food is phenomenal. 

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the head cook and the owner assaulted me on the way into work one morning, leaving me with a concussion.

Imagine if she forgot to bring water to the table.

I'm sorry to read about this persons travisity, but is this story for real? Seriously?

Elizabeth, if you purge your deleted e-mails, it may help you get under the limit more quickly. Not sure how Outlook works these days, but it used to.

What is especially odd about this is that I don't recall EL ever singling out server in a way that would readily identify him or her.

Lissa, our Outlook servers have a hilariously small capacity -- something like 125 megabytes. Considering that PR people send us tons of emails with 1-2 megabyte photos, our inboxes fill up really quickly.

Sam, I'm not surprised. Even if I remember the days of 5 meg e-mail limits (which would be around the last time I administered e-mail).

I think the deleted e-mails may count towards that limit, if you don't purge them. Worth a shot, anyway.

Believe me, I know all the tricks. Deleted e-mail does count, as does sent mail. Sam is right. The worst problem is PR people who think we need hi res images when we can't even open them. EL

It would be much funnier if the server were assaulted with a Cobb salad.

Evan, I see nothing funny about any sort of assault, unless a cream pie is involved.

Dahlink, ranch dressing is kind of creamy. Would that count?

Is it scary to be this powerful?

I can't remember the last time I ordered a Cobb Salad.

I don't think a Cobb Salad is the type of thing you ever want to order; rather, it is the result of not wanting to order everything else that is on the menu.

I happen to like Cobb salad once in a blue moon, and I make a mean lobster Cobb. Mmmm ...

You like Cobb salad? You like like Cobb salad? Yeah? How you like you like Cobb salad upside yo head? How you like it now, baby?!

Dalink, does that "Mmmm" mean you're thinking of making it? If so, what time is dinner?

Dahlink, does that "Mmmm" mean you're thinking of making it? If so, what time is dinner?

Hey, sister Rosebud! No--the lobster Cobb is a special occasion meal (New Year's Eve was the last time I made it).

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