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July 24, 2009

An even worse name for an eating place



I'm sorry I said Abattoir was the worst name for a restaurant ever.

How wrong I was.

I want all of you to go to Grand Cru in Belvedere Square over the weekend, have a glass of wine, and personally thank owner Nelson Carey for sending us this photo.

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That...would probably be a case of burning desire, considering how hot cheese gets.

Do they deliver? Insert joke here for how long it takes to arrive

that's worse than abattoir?
boastful, one would strongly suspect. but worse than slaugherhouse?
Wait, wait..... just got another perspective.....
OK, neither name would inspire me to order extra sauce.

Pizza Orgasmic is a bad name only if it isn't true. If it is true--and that is not out of the realm of possibility--it is an advertisement.

I wonder if their sizes are accurate?

Wow, I take a nap and I wake up to find this? Plus I can't find my pants. And I'm on the Light Rail.

Their menu has a menage a trois, doggie style, etc. Stay away from the orgasmica vinaigrette on their surprisingly unpunny salads.

Only in San Francisco ...

It's gets delivered a lot faster if the driver is a man.

Bob, Yelp has mixed reviews. Seems to be a drunk magnet.

Menage a trois pizza? Now that sounds pretentious.

I'll one of everything.

I'll have what she's having.

Point to Trixie.

I love the pizza at PizzaOrgasmica! My favorite was the doggie style, a meat lovers pizza. When I saw the sign, I was ready to drop everything and drive to Belevedere Square. I have not found a great pizza place since moving to Baltimore from SF. By the way PizzaOrgasmica does deliver.

I heard that it's free if they don't come within 30 minutes, but it's double if they take an hour.

and Grand Cru is more original?

At least Grand Cru hasn't lead to another thread of sexual innuendo. Although I'm quite sure we could manage it. To quote the immortal Tom Lehrer, "when correctly viewed, everything is lewd."

What's Grand Cru got to do with anything? It's a straightforward name that tells you exactly what to expect.

$20 plus for a 12" pizza? Please!!!

$20 plus for a 12" pizza? Please!!!

Must restrain myself from commenting...not on this blog...

I feel your pain, Yum. Sometimes pork is not just a noun.

Yeah, YumPo. I actually don't comment a lot more than I do comment, because of the difficulty of coming up with anything mommy-friendly in response to stuff like that.

Oh, the DVD came in .

Hey Yum - My boss says Hi!

Lissa and Trixie, you made me spill my coffee all over my desk.

Yep, that's us. Keeping things wet.

Enjoy the DVD Lissa!

I plan to, Trixie.

Lissa, it's a good thing DVDs don't wear out from being played over and over.

Hmm, I'm lost. I think I missed something

Now, YumPo, it is an educational documentary kind of DVD. Not *that* kind.

So, you want to come over and watch?

Oh, yes, of course it is, Lissa. I'm sure it is of the very highest quality, full of interesting and little-known facts. All done with the purpose of improving your mind. Yes, indeedy. Yep.

Why don't people believe me when I'm trying to edumacate myself here?

Lissa, possibly because you ordered it from Amazons.Com

I believe you Lissa. A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

Thank you for the straight line, Trixie, but, on sober reflection, I just don't dare use it.

Come on!

I got it, Owlie, and it was a great line. I just couldn't think of a blog-safe return. I was hoping I would, but apparently, I've run out of time.

You are all a horrible influence on innocent little me.

We got it Owl!

You are all a horrible influence on innocent little me.

Moi? I think we've all corrupted poor litte YumPo who I imagine is shopping for a black leather cat suit, a chocolate fountain and a large Siberian squirrel paint brush. Our quiet pork-pulling Gilbert & Sullivan porcine princess has come over to the dark (chocolate) side. Welcome.

I suspect that YumPo was delightfully corrupt before she got here. Just took her a few weeks to feel comfortable.

No need for a shopping trip, my dears. "Poor little YumPo"? I think not...

Thanks Owl! Now I am going to have the visual of Michele Pfifer as Cat Woman in my head. No, really, Thanks!

Ohh, I forgot about Halle Berry also!!

Yeah but my visual includes a tray of ribs and that's way better.

Ribs just add to the allure, for so many reasons-- and you don't eat ribs with a knife and fork.

Trixie, visions of Cat...Women now dancing in my head. Huge improvement over the sugarplums that are usually there...

Ladies!, Whew! And I though the air conditioning was working in here...

Ribs and claws and leather and chocolate...oh, my.

Well, I sure am hungry now.

How... how did I miss all of this?!?

sean, dude, you got to keep up with things! Otherwise, you miss out on all the chocolate.

Yeah Sean, you must prioritize. Blog first, work second!

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