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June 17, 2009

Things I found in my cooler during Beach Week

I love the way our Shallow Thought Wednesday guru John Lindner has been exploring the possibilities of theme and form in his guest posts. Here's John on Beach Week. EL

STW things I found in my cooler during Beach Week:
1) Lamb sausages from Evermore Farm. Mmmmm … lamb sausages from Evermore Farm

2) White Colby cheese from Hawks Hill Creamery. Mmmmm … etc. etc.

3) Homemade sourdough bread

4) Cotes du Rhone

5) A sultry Macanudo

6) J. G. Ballard novel (in side pocket of cooler)

Beach things I found in my Hate Closet:

1) Conspicuously underclothed behemoths

2) Electronics

3) Sharks!

4) SPF ratings

5) Screw the sharks! Jellyfish!
Beach things I found in my Love Closet:

1) Scent of the seafood jungle

2) Moonlight on ocean waves

3) Rhythmic surf

4) Low-altitude pelican formations

5) Distant sails

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Jellyfish this early? I'd have thought the water would be way too cold for those little monsters.

"Beach things I found in my Hate Closet:

1) Conspicuously underclothed behemoths"

I feel the same way about conspicuously underclothed beshemoths.

Beach things I found in my Love Closet:




Suck it up anon, BW is only halfway done. This is the Sandbox, after all. Not much time for the 'box lately, the pups are out of school.

I wonder what will be next? Crabs, I hope. It's like Christmas with all our surprise BW presents. Or maybe a very unkosher Hannukah. I'm sure world traveller Owl Meat Guacamole will have something chewy for us.

Me, I never got around to finishing my exciting tale of romance and fresh grilled conch in Puerto Rico. Probably not appropriate for here. I'll just sit and sip some sangria and watch the other boys and girls play.

BTIFIMHC: 1) Rats w/ wings (aka SEAGULLS) 2) Bait waaaaaaayyyyy past it's prime (if there is a prime for bait).

That clip takes me back! I did dance at the Whiskey a Go Go back in the day, but don't think I was doing the Wa-Wa-Wa-tusi. Maybe I am a good California girl after all.

I was too shy to send my beach/food story to Elizabeth. I guess fear of speaking in front of the class. So I jumped into the bloggysphere and tried to create a blog and put it there.

Feel free to visit me at and hear the mildly tawdry tasty tale of Terrier Mom and Canary Girl in the Caribbean. Sorry for how it looks, I'm new to this.

Arf arf, now I hide under a blanket

Was the Cote du Rhone a red or a white? Now I am craving lamb and Clape's red Cote du Rhone and crabs with his white. Of course neither are available in Maryland and the law won't allow me to get shipped from Berkeley.

EEL, was it white what?
You telling me somebody makes white wine?
And I thought jellyfish were icky.

...and jl solves the mystery for me about why Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s career was never as successful as his old man's.

Beach thing in my hate closet: pre-schoolers who can surf better than I.

Beach thing in my love closet: nah...I don't have a "love closet." (Shudders)

I'm still working on my beach article. I should have it ready by the week after Labor Day.

Sorry, TM, I'm off this week, nothing chewy from me. There's plenty of good stuff from lots of other people.

Well, well, I never doubted your sassiness. Your little beach week memoir doesn't disappoint. Brava, chica del pequeño perro.

I don't have a love closet either. It's more like a shoe box that I keep under the bed. :-)

Bucky made me laugh.

jl, you sound like Jim Harrison. If you don't have a good white what will the red follow? I always say I only like three kinds of wine. Red, white and pink.

jl sounds like the Muppets guy?

Is there an ecco in here . . .here . . . here

Is there a Necco in here?

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