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June 20, 2009

The Comment of the Week: Breakfast happiness at last

Del posted this under So You Want to Comment, and I thought it was a very good solution for diehard bagel aficionados. (Which I'm not, as faithful readers know. Hey, an Einstein bagel makes me happy. What can I say?) In fact, it has inspired me to make a whole new Bagel category later today. (I'm running out to go to the movies now.) EL



[Not sure of the category]

There are two culinary requirements for ex-New Yorkers: good Chinese food and good bagels. I'm sorry to say I've given up on Chinese food in Baltimore. When the need arises, I go to DC or I eat at Thai restaurants in Baltimore (really good).

I do know about Goldberg's. I made my peace with soft bagels, but their bagels have, to my mind, a faint chemical taste. I have solved the bagel problem through mail order. You pay $1.10 per bagel and shipping charges that range from a low of $13.56 for a FedEx package of 2 dozen bagels from H&H Midtown Bagels to shipping fees over $40. The H&H bagels were OK, but a little sweet. My current favorite is Tasty Bagels in Brooklyn--reasonably dense bagels with minimal sugar added. I chose the Next Day Air Saver (UPS) shipping option at $26.31. Breakfast happiness at last.

Posted by: Del | June 16, 2009 7:53 PM

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 11:59 AM | | Comments (26)


Over the years, various DC and Baltimore stores have ordered H&H approximately 85% cooked bagels frozen, you bake them the rest of the way in the toasting process. At one time Stone Mill was getting them. All they'll say now is theirs are from NY. They're pretty good. There was one guy bringing them down with a route of DC stores like Calvert-Woodley. The Goldberg "Black Russian" combination, pumpernickel with sesame seeds outside and soft cooked onion bits inside, is hard to beat. But stay away from their sugar-free items.

Sugar free? That's just dumb. Without added sugar bagels are still carbo A-bombs.

Unfortunately, H&H has had recent troubles with the tex authorities in New York, as noted here, so there is some question as to whether its bagels will be around much longer.

They infringe on Texas bagel patents?

Now the Iran tex authorities cut off the cellphones yesterday to block texing. Shoulda let people vent. Looks like the mullahs stepped in it.

Your friend Lord Marmalade has been thrust into the Modern Age with Lord Marmalade's Manor, a web log that we have created as a surprise for his Lordship. Enjoy his essay on American beach food.

Freakin' hilarious Lord M. Where did you get the animated flying hotdog?

I think I can say with some certainty that Lord Marmalade has not studied the AP Stylebook.

I can only imagine what sort of style book he is using.

I am also fairly certain that John McIntyre's head would explode if he read the dandy Lord's blog.

Goldberg's bagels are actually made partially in NY and sent down here too from what I understand. There are few choices anymore of bagels ever since that disreputable disgusting no carb thing hit town.

I still maintain that Courtney's on Owings Mills Blvd. makes a pretty good bagel. I'm pretty sure they are kettled and baked instead of baked in a steam injection oven. And the schmeers are good there too.

Bagels are ok, but they are no biscuits.

Oh my Lord M, did I encourage you to write that somehow? Sorry World. Just kidding. It was quite, er, entertaining. Okay, funny.

Oh dear, what a day to make sour dough bread. Adios, it needs a good pounding now.

Oh my Lord M, did I encourage you to write that somehow? Sorry World. Just kidding. It was quite, er, entertaining. Okay, funny.

Oh dear, what a day to make sour dough bread. Adios, it needs a good pounding now.

Lord M, that was enlightening. I think.
The English, with their dental problems, would definitely have problems with salt water taffy :-)
Actually, I don't know how anyone can eat that crap. I for one, despise it.

Why thank you CG. Have you seen Bonbon Girl at your girl's club meetings? She is conspicuously absent lately. Dental problems are our downfall indeed.

Nice try Mr Owl but if you want to hijack my identity you have to use my name, not yours. J'accuse!

I have a resplendent set of molars. My objection is that it is just a dreadful dull thing you salt water taffy. Why salt water?

Grrrrr.... foiled by cached name entries. You caught me LM. I've had a couple of those geunine wild west strawberry margaritas already. Yippie aye oh kai-ay.

For a Saturday, it sure does feel like Freaky Friday.

Or Pork Chop Tuesday

Beverly and Vivian, you have quite outdone yourselves. Delightful. Although I am late in discovering it, this is just what I needed to turn my day around.

I am most edified that you enjoyed my tale of strand victuals. It was quite kind of Bev and Viv to create my new blog. Huzzah for the lads. They had to take Mimsy to the pet psychologist. How did they make that hot dog fly? Witchcraft, I say. Witchcraft.

Sorry, for three posts, but it persists in listing an error. Codswallop kit.

Sugar-free bagels? What would you have on them - fat free cream cheese (a veritable oxymoron in itself) and imitation lox?

Soy lox?

LM, I do hope you haven't shown the corgis your latest blog entry. Poor Mimsy wil be in therapy for years.

Ooooo...... Mimsy has other issues. What a wonderful world that they now have a wiki just for Furries.

Just an update from the original poster. I'm now eating Roland Park bagels (Coldspring Lane). Much like the old Sam's and in the same location. Acceptable and much cheaper than importing.

Any help on Chinese restaurants? I'm desperate. I was sorry to see that Szechuan Best gave up the ghost.

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