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June 23, 2009

Ixia to close Friday

IxiaClosing.jpgSometimes I get news that isn't a surprise but is a shock. That's how I feel about the closing of Ixia in Mount Vernon. The restaurant's last night of service is this Friday, June 26.

It also doesn't surprise me that the person who handles most of the media inquiries for Ixia is David Briskie, the restaurant's designer. A meal there has always been as much about theater as eating.

In some ways I'm surprised Ixia survived as long as it did -- eight years. I never got the feeling it created a social community the way nearby Sotto Sopra has, which is the best way for a high-end restaurant to survive in downtown Baltimore. ...

I asked Briskie, of course, if the recession did Ixia in. Chef Kevin Miller's food was excellent, but it was also very expensive.

"In part," he said. "But we did what we wanted to do here. It's time to move on. We decided to close not for any one particular reason."

I asked where Miller would be going; Briskie said the chef hasn't made any decision yet. Ixia's owner, Un Kim, also owns Paper Moon, which will remain open.

The e-mail I got announcing Ixia's closing also said that an Ixia cookbook with a focus on the restaurant's design as well as the food will be published in the fall.

(Kim Hairston/Sun photographer)

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Oh no, where will I go for a $15 martini and have my self-esteem lowered?

I went to Icia once, 4 or 5 years ago. I really was not cool enough to be there.

You'll have to go do Hampden, Owlie.

Now if they would only go back 20 years and bring back Louies Bookstore Cafe, all would be right in the world...or at least in the world that is South of Center Street and North of Franklin...on the other hand, we might need the Buttery back as well!

pretentious, rude, overpriced, overrated, snooty.

all words i have used to describe ixia.

good riddance.

They were way too cool to be bothered by me.

I really really really miss Louie's too.

And there was naught wrong with the Buttery either; but if we're going to do this way back machine thing... how about the Green Earth Cafe?

I only dined their twice and hit the bar another couple of times and had great experiences all the way around. I considered it a hidden gem a couple of years ago, and would have thought the ratcheted-up press and advertising over the last couple of years would have helped. Perhaps it was too little too late, combined with our economic woes. I consider this a bit of a loss for Baltimore since there aren't many high concept, upscale places like this in the area. A downhome, local color this place is not, but where else could you sit in an atmosphere like that and try out liquid nitrogen cocktails, a (literally) blind tasting menu...

Parched in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora.

Hola amiga de mi.

Ixia = Nixia.

I am truly saddened that Ixia will close. It was such a unique, un-Baltimore feeling place (in a good way) and I always loved going there. I think it is a huge loss for the neighborhood and our city in general.

Luckily for us, Ixia's awesome beverage director, Brendan Dorr, will be moving to the new Hotel Monaco at Baltimore and Charles, where he will be head bartender at the B&O Brasserie. So we can still get cutting-edge cocktails without leaving town.

The place may have been a little too uber-hip, but I found the food to be tasty, inventive and well plated. I also really enjoyed their cocktails. Needless to say the interior is wonderful, and I really hope it is preserved.

Beware of any place that has a "beverage director".

Ah, kudos to those who remember Louie's, the Buttery, etc. Remember the Charles Street Pantry and the Peabody Book Stube? They were all before their time and would probably thrive now.

Having worked @ Ixia and being close to Un Kim and her staff for many years, the reasons behind the restaurant's closing are no mystery. The decline in service after the departure of Trevor Ifil started the ball rolling. Un's lack of trust in her staff led to the best servers and bartenders leaving. The overhead, from keeping a full time decorator on payroll, hundreds of energy-consuming decorative lights, and exotic spices made the place a cash vacuum. Brendan Dorr and Eric Foy did everything they could with what they had, but management always seemed generally unwilling to cooperate with any idea aside from Un's or their own. Chef Kevin Miller is a talent chef, possibly the city's best, but without the support or a knowledgeable staff and an impulsive and stubborn owner, this was the inevitable fate of his greatest work.

I have had many special dinners with close friends and family there over the years. I have such great memories of this place, like when my server sang an opera rendition of Happy Birthday to me, the times in the lounge swimming in martinis with my girlfriends, the anticipation of waiting to see what the amuse bouche would be that night... It was unique, gorgeous, yummy, and fun. I'll miss it for sure.

Stopped by for a cocktail in late 2001. Treated with disdain. Never looked back.

Full-time decorater? What does that even mean?

Full-time decorater? What does that even mean?

That means that they choose the color of the drinks for that evening


Oh No! Ixia was one of my favorite restaurants. Such a loss!

Mr. Briskey's formal title with the company was decorator, and he was a salaried 40-hour a week employee. Though he did other promotion/ press-related tasks, he essentially bought knick-knacks, painted and decorated the interior and exterior of the building.

Ah Louie's! Bring it back and with the twangy Asian "guitar" music!

Mr. Briskey's formal title with the company was decorator, and he was a salaried 40-hour a week employee. Though he did other promotion/ press-related tasks, he essentially bought knick-knacks, painted and decorated the interior and exterior of the building.

Sounds fishy

Ixia was like a home to me and I will miss the most innovative and avante garde restaurant in the city. I was never disappointed and was proud to have such an amazing eatery in our city, in my neighborhood and in my life. It is unfortunate that our city is still full of people who allow their lack of knowledge and experience to inform their untelligible affects and non-otherworldly whims regarding what is delicacy and what is snobbery and what is not. In the words of a very famous and wise man: STOP HATIN'. Ixia is going out like it came into town: with style, grace and exquisite taste.

I miss you why dont you call anymore?

I wish I was as smart and cool as you bro!

That place was snobby and pretentious, which was why no one I know ever went there. There are too many (expensive) places with a better vibe.

The ethos of this town is anti-snobby and anti-pretentious. We like our high-end places, but we also like to be treated with respect. If you want to be a snob, open a place in DC.

Eve, let's open a place. Owlie, we'll comp the life out of your first meal for a good -- or even coherent -- review. Eve, don't even worry about EL. I know what she looks like. And Gailor and Guru eat free every time our joint appears favorably in D@L.
We can call it Styxia. Or something equally uber frosty.
Bucky, you and Uncle Larry up for a PR hack?
It just occurred to me, we have the perfect restaurant staff in the Sandbox regulars. All we need is a capital angel and somebody who knows how to cook for more than four people.
RoCK, what do we do next?

I have a theory that every really bad idea started out with somebody thinking he had a really great idea.

drkb, that was the Peabody Beer Stube and Bookstore. Dingy, dirty, not bad food, and tons of fun. Remember the magician?

The only times I went to The Buttery were for early breakfast, after closing Howard's at 2 AM and the ensuing parking lot party. "Memmm-ries light the corners of my mind ... ."

for $17 -what I was charged once for a Manhattan at ixia- you can get a bus ticket to Manhattan and get a better made and cheaper Manhattan....hope the "drink czar" rethinks his math at his next establishment.

Dantini was the magician when I worked at the Peabody Book Store and Beer Stube in 1973. B&W 16mm movies downstairs in the large back room. Upstairs featured Milton Babycakes on the the upright. He downed drafts and played Bumble Boogie like no other. The food (light fare) was an afterthought, as I recall.

Dottie, I went to Buttery after closing Odells, Girards, The Hippo and too many neighborhood bars to even remember the names of them all. The Buttery always had the most congenial afterhours party I've ever been to.

jl, I usually mean to cook for 4 people but end up cooking for about 100. Does that qualify me?

Any of you remember when the Buttery was the White Tower Buttery?

Is David Briskie the same David who was Un's partner at the Paper Moon. If he is then he is the one responsible for all the toys, junk etc.. on the walls there. The Paper Moon is cute, but as has been covered before, the service is unfocused and terrible. On another note in Baltimore at least it seems wise to become pretentious after success not before. Bring back Louie's Bookstore Cafe.

Ixia was a great place to eat and drink. While I'd agree the service and quality control has declined a bit over the past few years, I will definitely miss this restaurant. Unique and creative food and martinis does not constitute pretentiousness. It is simply upscale. Bad service is another story...

Ah, the Buttery... Isn't that space going to be a 7-11 now? Shudder...

Remember the woman with the blonde rat tail who worked there? Nobody ever smiled at us or made eye contact, but they made a damn fine pancake.

While I'm getting nostalgic, the City Diner's milkshakes? Perfection. Oh, and the worst crime ever perpetrated in Baltimore was knocking down the Peabody book store with all those books still inside. A crime against humanity.

Odells. Girards. Peabody Bookshop & Beer Stube... next in the sequence? Why it would be No Fish Today, of course!

"Unique and creative food and martinis does not constitute pretentiousness. It is simply upscale."

Yes, but in this case it does constitute pretentiousness. There are plenty of other upscale restaurants in BALTIMORE that serve "creative" food that tastes better, costs less and provide a more accomodating atmosphere than ixia. They thought they could charge whatever they wanted, and treat people how ever they wanted and still stay open. Unfortunatley they got too cockey and over confident in thier product and couldn't keep up with costs.

I for one, will not miss this place. Some people will, so my condolences because everyone has differnt tastes. I know my favorite places are probably hated by others, and thats just fine. But I just don't see the point of a $15 martini served by a bartender that sneers because I didnt order it properly.

Ixia is closing on Friday and this is not a question on chowhound asking a recommendation rather a note on the closing of a small restaurant in this ECONOMY closing after 8 years. Why the blogger Elizabeth Larger would start off a comment on the ending of a restaurant where a Chef has stayed all 8 years since the beginning in a restaurant that is unlike any other culinary despite the price may be say such negative things in their own city. Additionally the decor of Ixia has been amazing and carries on the kitch Baltimore style. The city is great because of its private companies against the grain of the corporate dining and Ixia brought a whole new level to the playing field in inventive dishes from the blind tasting menu to most recently the Tuesday flights with small unique portions at a lower price. I read the comments and see that you went two years ago and were disappointed from one visit but since when has one experience said that one time makes all times bad. if you were a true statistician in the area of food then you would maybe try another time to make sure you were not mistaken but you all take one time and one bill to deem it as a bad restaurant that you are glad to see go. Well i guess those negative people can be happy but to those with a nostalgic feeling it is a sad week and and do not see a great chef nor staff reaching this area of Baltimore for some time in the level of experimentation that Kevin Miller and staff have provided over the years. Last note why is it wrong to bring the styles of NYC to Baltimore you would save 3 hours and 30 dollars in tolls to experience what you got at Ixia let alone the hotel cost if you paid for a hotel. It is really sad that you commentors talk smack when a place closes. Let it have its last days in peace it is hard enough on everyone that works there let alone the Baltimore citizens that enjoy the restaurant and have paid money without regret for many years,

You know its not really Ms Large who said anything.. its the people who post on here, you know, go out and actually spend money on restaurants? Obviously you are an employee who is worried about finding their next job, and I would be too... the restaurants that can't compete are being culled by more selective diners.

Yes it sucks when a good restaurant goes under.. places that you say "oh I wish I had gone there, but I never did".. places have to have enough appeal to get people to get off their butts and spend some money.. and whether you liked it or hated it, Ixia wasn't getting butts in the seats.

Great snark, hahaHAha. Wish I'd said it!

Hmmmmm, me thinks commenter NPTU is non other than Un Kim the owner. Let me say the decor was not amazing it was overdone, not a all kitschy possible baroque-kitsch meets gay dance hall. But please... even as they go down the tubes for decisions they made, they way they chose to treat people etc. They are still breaking their arms patting themselves on the back and blaming the customers they expertly alienated for the demise of Ixia. G&A should open a satellite spot in MV and sell hot dogs, really good hot dogs.

Elizabeth Larger ??? Good grief NPTU, you couldn't even get our high priestess' name right !!!

Oh, jl! We could have a wonderful restaurant! And just think, a biker and an ancient radical disguised as a PTA Lady - what demographic!

jl, need a busboy? My schedule is not crowded.

I could also teach the bartender how to tie his bowtie and make a proper martini.

With regard to NPTU's extensive comments, particularly this: "I read the comments and see that you went two years ago and were disappointed from one visit but since when has one experience said that one time makes all times bad. if you were a true statistician in the area of food then you would maybe try another time to make sure you were not mistaken but you all take one time and one bill to deem it as a bad restaurant that you are glad to see go."

I am not a true statistician or a reviewer. I am a customer. And just as a person has one chance to make a first impression, so does a restaurant. If I go to a restaurant and find an unpleasant atmosphere, bad service, or overpriced food, I am under no obligation to go back for further sampling. I might, under some circumstances, give the place a second chance -- if I can be persuaded that I misjudged the place. But in general I am disinclined to throw good money after bad.

And if a commenter's suggestion is correct that NPTU has some connection with the restaurant in question, then it seems fair to point out that dumping on the customers is not the soundest business practice.

Sorry, I am not anonymous. Evidently I neglected to fill in all the information on the previous comment beginning, "With regard to. ..."

Why the blogger Elizabeth Larger


ji and Eve,

I can arrange flowers and administer first aid for kitchen burns. Also have a bit of experience with the Liquor Board.

jl and Eve, if you'd like, I can be your sommelier and your beer whatsis because I have a Talking Homer Simpson Beer Bottle opener. Whoo-hoo!

What McIntyre said.

but since when has one experience said that one time makes all times bad.

Well, it means exactly that when N=1.

I put my finger in light socket when I was little. I didn't like it. An intelligent person stops there.

if you were a true statistician in the area of food then you would maybe try another time to make sure you were not mistaken but you all take one time and one bill to deem it as a bad restaurant that you are glad to see go.

Don't you just hate all those fake food statisticians out there.

While nicely spell-checked, the text of that commenter indicates that her first language was not English.

Statisticians sample populations to estimate characteristics of the true population. People don't need to collect data, they have actual experiences, all of which are true.

The commenter sampled here again makes us feel unworthy, almost like how I felt when visiting Ixia that one time.

My favorite personal form of restaurant criticism aside from commenting here, is to have a good time/experience at a place and repeat. In the case of a bad time/experience, I act cool about it, pay the bill and tip well and generally never repeat.

Joe don't worry you lost all credibility as a restaurant critic when you suggested that G&A should expand. I like dives like the next guy but the product has to be at least edible.

It was an attempt at humor and irony. A sad one.

jl and Eve - Bucky can decorate your bathrooms.

Bucky can decorate your bathrooms.

I will, but only if I'm a 40-hour-a-week salaried employee. That, is, apparently, the market rate. What a gig.

Can I write the menus? I have some adjectives I've been wanting to try out.

I'd like to nominate Elite Elephant Lover for Beverage Director.

And Donny B. as waiter-in-chief: no customer would ever be without a water glass.

Laura Lee, I don't think EEL will let me use my Homer Simpson Talking Beer Bottle Opener if he is the Beverage Director.

YumPo, I'm afraid your Homer Simpson Beer Bottle Opener may well be unnecessary if EEL specifies only cask brews.

I volunteer to be the sommelier. It is a little known fact that my first publication, in 1978, was an article for Yale Divinity School's Eschatology Today, entitled "A Guide to the Altar Wines of California." The ratings included color, ease of removal from linen (a request of Altar Guilds everywhere), taste, longevity in an opened bottle (a request of small congregations) and ecclesiastical rank required for full consecration. The winner: Muscat Frontignan from the Jesuit Novitiate of Los Gatos (a nod from a deacon would do); the loser: Taylor New York State Port (even John XXIII could just barely get it beyond the "bile of Christ").

(Eschatology Today, get it?? Funny as hell!)


You are, indeed, a Loose Canon.

Lissa ... Bless You!

Ixia was an excellent restaurant. Remember that a lot of fine dining in Baltimore was very much along the Mahogany paneled Pimlico Dining Room/ Prime Rib model. Ixia was in your face and self consciously chic. The food was sexy and yes, the drinks were upscale. Those same drinks were unmatched in the city of Baltimore for their complexity, uniqueness, and the freshness of their ingredients. Eric and Brendon were beasts, and they will continue to be.
This is Baltimore's loss.
Further, I was never sneered at. I am confused as to why people keep bringing this up as an issue they had. All of the bartenders and servers I had there were all to happy to discuss any questions I had about the food or drinks.

But Canon! You're only Loose for another four days.

I'm truly saddened that Ixia is closing. It is and very soon was one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore. I love everything about the place decor, drinks, dining, and atmosphere. I've been at least 15 times and I have to agree with NWK in that I cannot see these problems with the staff that everyone keeps referring to. I find myself extremely particular and I just don't see it. It has always been a pleasurable experience sure I've got a couple of dishes that I wasn't absolutely crazy about, but that is because I was trying different stuff and it wasn't bad it just wasn't for me. However, not once have I received bad service, especially from the bartenders who were extremely attentive and always willing to explain a drink if I had any questions.

Furthermore, I feel like it's in extremely bad taste to bash a business that is closing the way that many of you have. In my opinion it's a cheap shot. There was eight years to speak your mind, the place doesn't need to hear about in now. Now is the time for people to be thankful it was there and tell how they enjoyed it.

Thank You Un, Kevin, Brendan, Eric, David, and everyone else. Don't listen to the negativity. Ixia broke the mold and you guys introduced me to flavors I did not know existed for that I thank you and I wish you all the best of luck in your next endeavors.

Don't listen to the negativity

Sounds like item 17 in Ixia's business plan.

I just had the most spectacular birthday party at iXia. I'm saddened to hear that it's closing. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to celebrate my 40th bday with family and friends in this beautiful space. Thanks James and Anissa...

I've never been to Ixia, but from reading the comments and reviews of the place, I'm probably better off.

There are other places in Baltimore that are more friendly and serve high-quality food and drinks.

just my .02.

I've never been to Spain. But I kind of like the music.

If Ixia was all that there would be a line around the block and the place would not be closing. The people have voted with their pocketbooks.

I've been to Spain. San Miguel beer is much better than Cruz Campo.

Ever had a Spanish beer called Mahou from Mahon? Somewhere between Schmidt's and Natty Boh. Not great, but fun to say, pronounced like "Mao" or the word in the Deer Hunter when they're playing Russian roulette, which my Vietnamese friend means "now". Mao! Mao mao!

Wow. Two things strike me in reading all of these comments about ixia: 1) the sad loss of a truly refined and delectable restaurant ... and 2) the sad state of many of the people adding their petty thoughts. Living outside of MD, I've always looked forward to my dining experiences at ixia upon visits to Baltimore. I've always enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and yes, even the service. Maybe I just have a better self image than those who said they didn't feel "cool enough" to be there. I'm truly sad to see ixia go. This calibre of restaurant is indeed a loss to Baltimore. But, of course, the folks going on above about the Buttery and such won't be missing ixia one little bit ... for there are still many Applebee's and T.G.I. Friday's for them to enjoy on their "special" nights out. As for those above with "inside knowledge" who felt the need to dish on the management and staff of ixia: as an outsider, to me you come off as petty little people (or more likely, incompetent, fired ex-employees!) with nothing better to do than to speak ill of the passing of something good, something special, something now truly lost to Baltimore ... and to all of us.

Ahaha, for the record I dont like TGIFridays and I didnt like ixia either.. but still a nice try to snark the snarkers.

Meh. All boils down to "your favourite restaurant sucks."

Well there's a four-word review.

I thought IXIA was consistently fantastic. If it's your cup of tea or not, it seems a little mean-spirited to be happy about it closing.

To all those that are so delighted, and think there are so many better options in Baltimore, I'd like to know what your two or three favorite places to eat are. Any takers?

Richard, all you have to do is read the archives a bit to know what everyone's favourite restaurants are.

We have a varied crew here. IXIA was not targeting a varied audience.

Lissa, your response speaks volumes and was exactly what I expected. You can't name a single place. sour grapes. Thanks anyway.

Lissa, you missed (made, actually) my point. I was remarking on how mean-spirited so many of the comments were. I've had bad meals at places I don't care for, but can't imagaine that I would be delighted if such a place closed.

I wanted to know what folks think is better for a frame of reference. The fact that it's too much trouble to rattle off a couple of names speaks volumes. Thanks anyway.

Richard, your response speaks volumes, too.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you find or create a blog more to your taste.

I said good day!

Richard, you make a valid point. I'm happy to mention a few restaurants I love, although I liked Ixia, too, so maybe you only wanted to hear from people who didn't. My favorites are Salt, Woodberry Kitchen and Petit Louis.


I eat out a bunch, so I'm always interested in learning what folks recommend to find new options (no matter one's opinion about IXIA closing).

Your message has motivated me to finally give Woodberry Kitchen a try. I've heard good things about it. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

I am very surprised by the comments I have read. I went to Ixia a few months ago for the first time and totally loved it. The food was expensive but delicious and the atmosphere/decor made it worth the price. The service was fantastic and the staff took great care of us. Ixia was supposed to be my new special treat what am I going to do?

Well, Christina, somehow, someway, you are going to have to pick up and the pieces and move on with your life. Godspeed!

I'm really surprised by the childish comments that people have made. I worked at Ixia on and off for just over a year. The restaurant was a slice of NY/European chic. Chef Kevin Miller's food is like a symphony in your mouth. Brendan Dorr is a cocktail genius. I never had a problem with Trevor but some of the staff did. Eric was my favorite. Unfortunately, at some point, the classy kitsch feeling that Ixia once possessed went sour. I couldn't agree more with R.A.F’s comments earlier in this thread... There was a sudden decline in service as well as responsiveness. The atmosphere suddenly became elitist. I truly believe that Un's lack of trust, impulsiveness and stubbornness led to some of the best wait staff and bartenders leaving. Not to mention her over the top mood swings (sometimes ten minutes before the house was to open) led the staff somber and the mood uneasy. The overhead was ridiculous. I second the fact that “Brendan Dorr and Eric Fooy did everything they could with what they had, but management always seemed generally unwilling to cooperate with any idea aside from Un's or their own.” I’m sorry to see Ixia go. I will whole-heartedly miss the amazing lobster mac & cheese and the inventive seasonal menus. I do not think that Baltimore will soon have an equal that isn’t oaked paneled and business swank but I remain hopeful.

Thanks so much for another mature and necessary segment of Dining At Large's "Gossip Girl," UrbanMuse. As someone who greatly enjoyed ixia on my visits to Baltimore, I never knew that so many (apparently fired) employees had such hatred and sour grapes for its owner. It's amazing that she could hold ixia together for so long with so many Judases in her midst! I guess success truly does breed contempt ... and that those let go for being unqualified will never cease to freely offer up their "qualified" tell all's. The mark of a true, responsible professional! It's just too bad that there isn't a blood test for "loyalty" and "maturity" among applicants before hiring employees.

Loyalty is a two-way street, JT. Any business owner who treats the employees with suspicion and disloyalty will be paid in kind many times over.

Judases in her midst!

I don't think that Jesus Christ is the proper reference point for the topic.

I guess success truly does breed contempt ..

That;s familiarity.

Gods, this thread is worse than bacon.

The best grilled octopus I have ever had in my life!

The best grilled octopus I have ever had in my life!

Then I hope you live a lot longer.

JT, I never claimed to have hatred and am far from sour with Ixia's owner. I worked the front of the house and had very little interaction with Un. She was actually very gracious and rehired me in a time of need. There were lots of great things about Ixia. There were also some negative things. No man (rather owner) is an island. Ixia would not have last as long as it did without all of its components. I only share my experience as a whole and as a whole, the well oiled machine that was Ixia malfunctioned.

omg! Charles street pantry? I NEVER hear anyone mention that one. I used to CRAVE their rare roast beef on croissant...yum! and just so happens, i used to be a server and a cook at louie', not one of the self-involved,ambivalent wow, that was so long ago, - you could still smoke inside..and (unfortunately) a lot of servers would sit right there in plain site and smoke and eat ...WHILE waiting on tables! wow, we had such a bad service reputation. but there were a lot of really good servers and kitchen staff there, too. remeber the gazillion specials written on the chalk board?
wow, those were good times...

aahhh...still remembering Louie's...the Okonomyaki pancakes..Hijiki and Tofu stir-fry, Joanne Goshen and her FANTASTIC homemade cakes and pies...and let's not forget the artist community that thrived and lived there...wuzzup ALL MIGHTY SENATORS!!

wow...i did a lot of living and growing at Mount Vernon,in general. Who could forget Gampy's? Tony Chengs?

i worked under chef kevin miller ,and chef de cuisine dave, both great chefs, nice guys. all in all i have nothing but praise for them.....the owner how ever ...WOW!! she was a bi polar hot headed , micro managing bitch.
the food was well crafted and very well presented. nearly everything made completely from scratch.

although i wasnt there long ....i still have mad respect for chef kevin

kinda easy to see why you weren't there for very long, sous chef mark ...

Yeah, apparently he failed your loyalty test, JT.

Does anyone know where Chef Kevin Miller, formerly of Ixia, has landed?

Yes, I do know. Chef Kevin Miller is working on a new show for the Food Network. He's planning on relocating to New York.

I happen to know that he has no plans currently to relocate - just doing a bit of freelance stuff right now and has an IXIA cookbook signing coming up mid November.

CB, yes, I finally saw the book the other day, the pictures are really beautiful. The IXIA folks did a great job on it. The picture with the designer was a bit goofy though.

Necessity is mother of invention. (Mater atrium necessitas).

Yeah, apparently he failed your loyalty test, JT.

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