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May 9, 2009

You know US Airways is in trouble when...

...the flight attendant has been told not to give you the whole can of tomato juice but just to pour you a glass, and they no longer have a slice of lemon to go with it.
Posted by Elizabeth Large at 9:12 PM | | Comments (8)


A bunch of airlines have been doing that, just giving you a glass of your beverage. At least they stop charging for it.

I noticed that things were getting better for Delta when they started serving larger cups of beverages.

By the way, speaking of USAir, they now "conveniently" allow you to pay for your checked bags online. If you don't pay for your checked bags online, you have to pay a $5 service fee to check them when you arrive at the airport.

BUT, if you have a common name that could be linked to a terrorist, you cannot check in online. So you have to go to the airport to check in and now pay that service fee to check a bag.

Maybe I should just drive the 17 hours up. I'd probably beat Delta anyway.

No drinks on Amtrak today, but nice legroom.

But, yeah, being skimpy with the drinks does not make them look successful.

FI was on Delta (two hops) and their now sib Northwest (two hops) and was charged $15 per bag checked. That $30 was about the difference between flying them versus Southwest that week -- though I made the choice due to convenience of flight times more than anything else.

On Southwest to St. Louis earlier this week, when I asked for my standard in-flight beverage (Bloody Mary mix, light ice) I was asked if I wanted to finish the can as the Flight Attendant made her way back up the aisle. Saturday, on my way to Denver, I got the lime on the swizzle stick as an add on.

Lissa, I don't know where you were headed on Amtrak, but the legroom is to lust over, compared to any airline. I've also done a Megabus run to NYC recently, and it felt like being on a tiny plane.

Hi, Happy Mother's Day: ) I am a Flight Attendant and we've been pouring our drinks for a few years now. Here is a trick: Just ask for the can! We will gladly give it to you. I see how it can look cheap, but you wouldn't believe the waste that is much better for the environment and the airline's bottom line.

I asked for the can, as I always do, and for the first time ever a flight attendant said, "We're not supposed to give the can." Before, I've always gotten it when I asked. (And, to be fair, I got it this time. But with the comment.) EL

if you have a common name that could be linked to a terrorist, you cannot check in online.

Tell me about it.

Ouch, sorry to hear it. When I've traveled as a passenger I've gotten "comments".......I just posted a bad experience I had coming back from SF. I let those experiences teach me how not to treat people! The policy at my airline is to give the can when requested....I think we're the only U.S. carrier still serving meals too.

Welcome FlyingPinto. Thank you for flying the friendly skies of Dining@Large. Beware of flying pigs both yummy and undead, owls and other hazards. We will be cruising at an altitude of three feet. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for fun.

MD Canon, I just trained down to DC for National Train Day. Who could resist?

When flying Air Iceland domestically, I was served coffee in a china cup, handed to me on a tray, then offered a tray of sugars, artificial sweeteners and cream. This was on a 40 min. flight.

The cabin crew always puts on their uniform coats and hats for arrival and departure, then take them off after take-off. Just a small touch of formality and class. Icelandair does this, too.

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