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May 30, 2009

The end of the asparagus and other horror tales



If I die before my time, it will be at 7 a.m. on a Saturday in the Waverly Market parking lot. I've got to remember to park on the street. Those early morning shoppers are crazed. Also they can't drive. There was a guy in a wheelchair sitting near the Gardener's Gourmet stand, and a woman backing out of her spot nearly hit him because she wasn't bothering to actually turn the steering wheel once she could.

What I like about the Waverly Market is that I always discover a new stand there; and then when I ask, they say, Oh, we've been here five years. ...

ZekesMarket.jpgFor instance, I never noticed Zeke's coffee having a presence there before.

The headline was just to scare you into going over there to get asparagus before noon or down to the city market tomorrow. The vendor I bought it from said it was almost the end of local asparagus.

I know I talk a lot about the Waverly Market and the Market Under the Viaduct because those are the ones I shop at. I've also mentioned the farmers markets at Cross Keys, Towson and the Whole Foods parking lot in Mount Washington.

But these days markets are springing up everywhere. If you've found others you like or know of any that should be mentioned, please post it here and tell us a little  about it, including what day it's opened.

(Photos by me)

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The Owings Mills Farmers Market just opened about three weeks ago...

It's located at the Jewish Community Center in Owings Mills. It features 15 local farmers and takes place on Sundays from 8AM--12PM

Here's a link to Facebook Page for the market

My problem at the early morning Waverly market is having to pass up all the prepared food. Ethiopian, Thai, Caribbean -- it's all tempting, but I can't stomach much more than Cheerios for breakfast.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has an extensive list of farmers' markets around the State at this web page.

Can't you take some home and heat it up for lunch?

I understand that a Lauraville farmer's market is supposed to start this coming Tuesday in the evening from 4-8 right across from teh Safeway on Harford Road.

I understand that a Lauraville farmer's market is supposed to start

Good. I need to buy a new gun

I went to the new Tues. (11-2, I think) market at the medical school the first time it ran. Only 4 vendors, but one has real cage free eggs. Another is Firefly Farms.

Lauraville is a lot better than it used to be. At least when I'm up there.

wish Alabama BBQ was still there.

Just drove by the Lauraville space earlier today where that farmer's market will be.

There is a new garden-themed mural painted on the side of the building and a nice green space in front with walkways being developed - on a site that has been a horrific eyesore for many years. We have been trying to do something about that ugly space for years and years.

This is a major improvement for our neighborhood that we have been waiting for a long time.

It's looking good up here, with Clementine, Parkside, Hamilton Tavern, Koco's, Red Canoe, and Lauraville House. And now our own famer's market on a formerly desolate space we never thought (because of the difficult owners) would ever come to anything.

Does anyone die after his time? I've never heard it said: "Oh yes, it was quite tragic, really. She died well after her time."

jl -- it's often said that somebody has "outstayed his welcome". Perhaps that's a euphemism for wishing that that person would have had the good grace to die, already.

EL--love the photo at the top--yours?

Dahlink -- the parenthetical "(photos by me)" appears at the end of EL's post. Did you miss that -- or did EL just add the parenthetical in response to your query?

No, it was there. Thanks for the compliment, Dahlink. EL

Just missed it, hmpstd. (Yes, I know you never miss anything, but the rest of us do.) Still love the colors and the composition!

I stopped by the new Owings Mils market this morning in lieu of driving downtown. Just a few vendors out but very nice. There were two produce stands, one plant stand and Springfield Farms (they had chicken, eggs, beef etc.). The meats were mostly frozen but they did have some fresh chickens (which are fabulous). There was also a loose tea stand and Chez (sp?) bakery and a few others. The vendor at the strawberry stand said "just a few weeks left" about the strawberries. I thought they were just starting and was surprised that the berries came from Middle River and not the Eastern Shore.

jl, I used to work in a nursing home. Yes, there are people who live too long. One of the code terms for this is when someone says, "It was a blessing." after they pass.

One of my nightmares is to live too long.

Miami Beach used to be called God's waiting room before the '80s cocaine wars. At least there used to be a place to go and wait it out!

I went to the OM market too today, Christine. I didn't think the strawberries tasted as good as they looked. Once cut and sweetened they were fine but a few years ago they were so sweet, I was eating them as I cut them for dessert and wine making. Must be the lack or overage of rain we got this year.

I hope the cherries and the peaches are good!

I thought you might be there Joyce. Did you get the berries from the berry vendor or the one that also had produce? The berry vendor's were lighter in color and looked a bit less ripe. Sadly, those were the ones I bought. The others smelled much sweeter. he said they were from DE. Maybe they got less rain this Spring? I am told that rain dilutes the flavor and less rain results in a sweeter more concentrated berry.

The berry vendor, Christine. The top ones looked a bit riper than those underneath - not to say I think it was on purpose, but just fact. I think the shore in general has gotten less rain, so that theory makes sense. It's all a roll of the dice, how the local fruit comes out isn't it?

BTW, I don't know if it's still available but Farmer Tom (Reynolds) on Cockysmill had some awesome asparagus for a great price. If you are an asparagus lover, he's the man to see!

I also went to the OM Farmers Market, and I got my strawberries from the guy who also had produce. His were cheaper too. Although they weren't the best I've ever had, they were close. I was eating them as I sliced them and thought they were plenty sweet. I also got asparagus but it's for tonight, so don't know how it is.

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