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May 2, 2009

Here's my Twittereview of Sascha's 527

SaschasTuna.jpgFor someone who is convinced that Twitter is so over, jumped the shark, completely yesterday, I sure am fascinated by it.  

I was really hoping we would get more Twittereviews under Owl's fantastic Funtastic Thursday post (although I'm not surprised the conversation veered off into dead musicians).

Howie really deserves, Comment of the Week for his contribution:

@bmor kophy & t brbee hrgrve in crnr mks me wnt 2 tweet

Posted by: howie | May 1, 2009 4:15 PM ...

However, I want to give the subject more play.

I think the problem was that Owl's was too good, and that made everyone shy. So I'm going to step out on a limb here and give you a Tweet about my review of Sascha's 527 tomorrow. You can aspire to do better:

Saschas:tste pl8s food lish bt lukewrm shrimp grits seafd bisk yum mst hve dessert waitrs studnts? stage set dcor cafe vin list

It wouldn't let me download the Opera Twitter widget to count characters because, duh, I don't have a Twitter account; but that was roughly 127 characters. (The limit is 140.)

But then, I always did like writing short.

Now you try.

(Amy Davis/Sun photographer)

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 12:25 PM | | Comments (23)


You are cracking me up EL.

jmac gon 3 days evrybdy abndns speling & pnkuashun

I'll try:

Amicci's Happy Hr w OMG $5 apps: mussels big pl8 garlicious $3 pinotnoir sipped OM's sidecar(?) surprise yay gr8 bar fun tenders cool decor

He's on a weird crusade to bring back the Sidecar. Darn refreshing actually:


It hurts my brain trying to parse that. Why is that considered desirable? I don't get it.

I'm with you, Hal. It is worse reading those than dealing with the l33t hakr dud3s 10 years ago.

Thanks for speaking up, Hal. I thought it was just me and my intermittent dyslexia. I don't enjoy reading that crap and think that I can find about 10 billion better things to do with my "creative" energies that try to decipher it.

I don't mind trying to keep a message down to 140 characters. I just mind using cryptic abbreviations to do it.

It's particularly stupid for me to do it since I can't use up my whole 140 characters anyway. But it's the best part. EL


Trying to decipher that stuff is fun, but hard and not really worth the effort, most times.

I like reading EL's reviews (and everything else I read) in the long-hand version better.

You know ... all the best Northwest Semitic languages that I've studied (shout out to Fr. Tom Hurst, the President-Rector of St. Mary's Seminary on Roland Avenue for all the good schooling in Syriac!) pretty much skipped the vowels and made do with three consonants a word, give or take a prefix or suffix. Everything that goes 'rnd cms 'rnd.

(Coptic ... not so much!)

ooh, ooh, ooh ... just had a jet-lagged brainstorm.

Help me, OMG, on this one!

I'm having a 12 Tone composition fantasy here: theme; retrograde; inversion; retrograde inversion.

What if Twitter reviews had to have a similar form. We got more letters than tones or notes, but I wonder what would happen if we applied some simple [rules - selur - vmlcs -sclmv] to the game. (Playing with a "qwerty" keyboard could make for interesting inversions.)

Maybe 12 Tone won't be the best analogy, but what would be??? (Please God, no limericks!)

What form would get us 140 characters in a more interesting way than just 140 characters?

MD Canon, there have been no misunderstandings at all over the years about what texts in various Semitic languages mean, not at all.

(Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Very, very sarcastic.)

If you want a good example of what Twitter is for most people just look to MD Canon's Name. That's about it for most people:

MD Canon (In a box)
MD Canon (Near a fox)
MD Canon (Eating lox)
MD Canon (Eating lox in a box wth a fox)

A worker may be the hammer's master, but the hammer still prevails. A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea.
– Milan Kundera

I was going to say that gal pal Kiki's tweeview didn't have any dificult to parse language, because that's how I remembered it.

Pho@Minato's perfume w/a hint of cinnamon & alot of OMG Made fresh everweek w/bones that have bn cooked 2. Heat fr peppers tkes it uptown.

There are a few, but she puts an incredible amount of information in 138 characters. I like "tkes it uptown".

Meanwhile Julie's tweet looks like a pretty good ad for Amicci's happy hour and reveals a bit more of my Friday than expected. Hey, without the twimitation of 140 chars would we have ever gotten my favorite new word of the week "garlicious"? Mmmm... garlicious.

And speaking of made up words, when did the Sun start running ads for their "Suntastic" subscription special? Sounds familiar. I'm going to say it .. they copped that from me.

AlxndrsFPt: always mpt? y immmmpossbly fluffy omlet brnch genrus dnr plates gr8 Thurs BIG stk deal 13.95 do dng rom skip frat boyz @bar (135)

SaschasMtV: gr8 setting mk rsv8tions small pl8s + wine for 2 $50 incl. Wltrs disc. yum mental grn salad 2dry bruschta try entrees nxt time (138)

(I really should be working on my final exam...)

Gooooooo Heather!

Lissa - that graph site is now my favorite website of the moment. aggghhh borderline nerdiness...

Graph Jam is fun, eh, Heather? I still like the way it started out best, with charts and graphs of song lyrics only.

Knowing that some folks here are very interested in online news and issues involving it, may I point people to this Ars Technica article on legal issues?

Graphs are fun

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