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May 24, 2009

Send me your memories



Lissa's mini-review of her recent meal at Rehoboth Beach reminded me that I want to ask anyone who wants to participate to write a guest post for Beach Week. If you have a photo as well, all the better, but you don't have to. The main requirement is that they be about beach food, the second that they be short.

It could be an observation, a memory about beach food, good or bad, or a mini-review like Lissa's. In fact, if I had caught hers in time I wouldn't have published it as a comment, but used it for an entry. ...

I know many of you are shy about your writing or critical skills. (OK, or lazy.) But I want some guest posts because the only time I go to the beach is when the Sun sends me. I'm talking to you, Dahlink. And you, Robert of Cross Keys. And you, Laura Lee. And, of course, you, Sunshine Kid, Chowsearch, ATigerintheKitchen and Pigtown. And any of the rest of you who wants to give it a try. If you're uncomfortable about using your real name, or even your blog user name, make up another one.

Is there any restaurant owner out there who wants to tell us about his or her favorite restaurant at the beach and why? Free publicity for your own restaurant.

Just e-mail your mini-review, memory or observation about beach food to me at Put something like "Beach Week entry" in the subject line.

I promise other readers will be kind. And it would be great for me to do nothing for Beach Week but lie in a deck chair eating bonbons and reading trashy novels to have lots of different voices and lots of posts for Beach Week, which I'm now thinking should start June 14 or June 15.

(Photo of soft crab at Jules in Ocean City by Karl Merton Ferron/Sun photographer) 

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Is it limited to Maryland/Delaware beaches?

Nope. EL

Are we doing top 10 bonbons the week before Beach Week?

That might be helpful. EL

Would you like observations from down here on the Emerald Coast?

If so, the timing is excellent. My parents are coming down here during that timeframe which means I'll be dining out a lot with them.

By the way, they will be jealous of my tan. I've gotten really dark just playing golf but my left hand (gloved) is a lot lighter than my right.

Yes. EL

Noted, EL. We haven't been to the beach this season, and have no plans to go at this point, but if we get there we will definitely be sure to visit the Back Porch in Rehoboth, our all-time favorite beach place for fine dining or special occasions. One of us always gets the sweetbreads appetizer. Every year they present them a little differently, but they are always beautifully prepared and totally scrumptious. It's not cheap eats at the beach, but if you want an adult meal in a casual setting (we like the elevated porch in back overlooking the rooftops), give it a try. And be sure to have someone order the special "House Coffee" with (or instead of) dessert. It is flamed table side, and although it may sound hokey, we love it.

Great. But now e-mail me another memory. EL

Maybe we could charter a bus? Go out in the morning, split into small groups, eat elevenses, lunch mid-afternoon snack, dinner, dessert then a pre-trip fortifier. On the way back, compare notes and create verbiage for Elizabeth.

There would be the added attraction of watching me melt down when going over the Bay Bridge. I suggest taking bets on whether or not I make it over without hitting anything or runing down the aisle, screaming about clowns and mayonnaise.

Hmmm--even in Rehoboth restaurants come and go. I'll have to check to see if any of our favorites are still around!

Is there an echo in here?

Dahlink, there is a Back Porch franchise down here, supposedly it originated in Destin FL, and is "the original seafood restaurant" of Destin. I've been there a couple of times, but only to the bar and for the band that was playing. The restaurant has a prime spot, next to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and overlooking the Gulf.

Ok, I'll try and write something. As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm going to Ocean City next week for that finance conference. Hopefully I can be inspired by 250 accountants.

PCB Rob, I believe that the staff in Rehoboth moves to Florida for the winter when the Rehoboth location closes for the season. I thin there are just the two locations, though--not really what i consider a chain.

Is the Back Porch in Rehoboth a seafood restaurant? The one down here is strictly seafood.

Hey EL, we have a condo down at the beach (writing from there as we speak!), so my husband and I have lots of beach dining experience to share -- I'll try to write something up and send it along in case you can use it. (BTW, if anyone wants to rent a nice oceanside 1BR condo in North OC, drop me an email!).

That would be great. Remember, short is good. Thanks. EL

PCB Rob, there is always a lot of seafood on the menu, but they will also have things like rabbit and duck, so, no, it's not just seafood. But we've never ever had a bad meal there.

What's you definition of short? Or what's your definition of too long?

Terrier Mom,
I guess EL wants them longer than a tweet, but not a novel.

I'll guess: 500 words?

Now I have to count words? I was told there would be no math here. Assuming I could count that high without losing track, do you count all the words? I vaguely remember in college that you didn't count a's and the's etc. This is way too complicated. :-)

Easy way to count the number of words in text:

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