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May 20, 2009

Off to the ocean

OCChairs.jpgI'm a little discombobulated this morning because I'm unexpectedly heading for Ocean City for a couple of days.

We're doing a series called Bloggers at the Beach that will appear in the Sunday travel section and on the Web site.

Of course, I'm delighted because of our Beach Week, tentatively scheduled for mid-June. Remember when I said the Tribune Company would never send me to Ocean City for the blog? I was wrong.

I'll be taking my trusty laptop with me, of course, but I'm having a hard time deciding how much to blog about Ocean City while I'm actually there. I don't want to scoop myself. I'll also try to take some photos -- Yes! I'm going to remember to take my camera! -- so I won't be completely reliant on the pictures in our archives.

(Jed Kirschbaum/Sun photographer)

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EL, have some fun! Eat some Thrashers fries, Dumpser's icecream and Fisher's popcorn.

If you see the shore patrol coming in it'll be because someone spotted me on the beach and confused me with a rare albino beached whale. No pics please!

Oh, and I totally recommend The Satellite Cafe on 46th (?) bayside. And, Liquid Assets too.

Sand and computers don't mix.

Have a great time! Going to be good weather for it.

Whoo-Hoo! Beach Week survived! Get your t-shirts now!

By the way...does this mean your picture will be in the paper, surfing or something? (Is there surfing in Maryland?)

Enjoy OC! Do yourself a favor and have breakfast at the Bayside Skillet, 77th St, bayside (natch).

Is there surfing in Maryland?

No. There are those who claim there is, but they're hallucinating.

bayside skillet. Crepes Katherine (maybe with a c). Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. make sure you get a side of the potatoes.

only reason i go to OC

If in West OC, visit the Shark. Good food there, might be a tad pricey. Say hi to my cousin Jeff while you're there, he's there a lot.

I'm going down in two weeks for Senior Week.

Ok, I'm actually going down for a finance conference, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.

Have a great time, and try Macky's (54th and the bay) at sunset. You can have a respectable crabcake, and hear Kate Smith sing God Bless America while the sun sets into Assawoman Bay. This is what OC is all about.
Also Waterman's, just over the Route 50 bridge, has an excellent jumbo lump crabcake.
Have a great time!

If you travel in DE, try SAKETUMI in Lewes. LOVE the Lobster Tempura Roll and Dragon Fly Roll---ask for John as your server.

Go to Jules Restaurant (around 120th Street in a shopping center) and try their Oven Roasted Tomato & Sweet Corn Soup with Jumbo Lump.

Smoker's Pit BBQ on Rt 611 in West Ocean City has great pulled pork and great ribs. Well worth the drive.

Antipasti (30th St?) is pricey, but has very good gnocchi and timballo (lasagna).

Above all, relax & have fun!

I know that BBQ place well, its on the way to OC Golf Club.

Macky's is good, but usually jam-packed.

RoCK: They sure picked a hell of a week for your conference!
However, to the (High School) Seniors in attendance, you will seem another kind of senior to them :-)

LOL...I thought it was the AARP-type Senior Week that RoCK was talking about. And I couldn't figure out why he thought that sounded more cool than a finance conference.

My nephew Jeff is sous-chef at the Sunset Grill, just off island at a marina. He started there last fall after a couple of years at Mason's in Easton. We ate there last fall (after he had worked exactly one day) and though the food was better at Mason's, I think the point is for him to help raise their star rating. They are known locally mostly for their variety of Mojitos ... not exactly my thing. (Mint leaves are worse than spinach, teeth-wise!)

He was runner-up in a regional food competition a couple years ago to the head chef at the Marriott in Baltimore (Tim Mullen, I think??), but scored the gold medal for best food-wine pairing. Not bad for a 26 year old! Of course, he thinks he's in OC for the surfing.

Bucky, this kind of senior week?

Look, it is going to get crazy at that finance conference. There's going to be an open beer and wine bar between 5:15 and 5:45. I hope no one calls the cops.

RoCK, I hope you realize we're all looking to you and your finance buddies for some relief in this economy. Act responsibly.

Well, RoCK, thank heavens that OC had the sense to do away with all of the tattoo artists and adult stores (because they're a family resort, hon) because you really might lose your head after 30 minutes of an open bar!

I think I can hold my own, but I must be vigilant not to mix the Corona with the Chardonnay.

We can't have RoCK running around with a tattoo of a buxom blond in a martini glass on his forearm.

a tattoo of a buxom blond in a martini glass

My kid actually has this. (sigh) Makes a mother so proud....

my 1st attempt to post this got lost, must go to Bayside Skillet, 77th St, for breakfast. Crepes Kathryn, potatoes Tara, and freshly squeezed OJ. Delish!

Yes Bunky, there IS surfing in Maryland!

Eve, as an OC native and surfer for 20+ years I can't help but think that you've never been there outside of June, July or August. During the summer months when high pressure systems rule, the ocean is almost always fairly calm. However, Ocean City (and Assateague) is known for being one of the best waves on the East Coast in the fall and winter. I've surfed all over the world and when Ocean City gets big, it's one of the more challenging waves that I've ridden. Sorry Eve, but I get a bit defensive when people knock the OC's a pretty good sign that they're speaking about something they don't actually know about.

Eve, it isn't the tattoo so much as the lack of imagination, no?

I mean, it would have been so much better if he'd gotten a tattoo of an Indian temple dancing girl or something.

The last time I spent the night in Ocean City was during my Senior Week 92'. I woke up on the last morning with an earring and Grateful Dead shirt. The earring was soon gone, but a small scar, both physical and mental, remains.

Don't feel bad, RoCK. I spent Senior Week '92 in hospital. I bet you had more fun than I did.

I like that.

it isn't the tattoo so much as the lack of imagination, no?

Actually, this kid is so creative he seems to live in another time warp. For a large portion of his life, it was like living with performance art.

He go to Hampshire College, Eve?

sorry Bucky...the thought of $4.99 filet threw off my hand-eye-keyboard coordination!

Dave the wave, are you related to Dave the suave?

No worries, Dave. I'm just glad to know there is srufing in Maryland. What a waste of an ocean otherwise.

Hey, what's going on here? My comments are being posted, like, instantly.

Very cool. I'm gone just one day...not even a day...and big changes are made.

Just tried it over on the Mommy blog. It isn't happening there.

I'm confused.

Not on Reality Check either.

Are we a pilot project?

Bucky, mommies need moderation. We're mature adult types, so we don't.

And, I can't believe what that unholy idiot jerk of a roadkill hampster who was pretending to be a waiter did to me! He gave me 3 ice cubes when I asked plainly for little ice.

Lissa - I took me all night, but I finally got it. LOL. Good one.

This instantaneous posting is disconcerting--like entering an alternate universe.

I's upsetting the rhythm of my blogging.

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