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April 21, 2009

Top 10 Restaurants to Celebrate Earth Day



Tomorrow is Earth Day; and if you do nothing else to celebrate, you can at least eat out at a restaurant that's trying to be green.

Here's my list of the top restaurants in the area for appreciating this little piece of real estate we call home.

If you have other suggestions, please post below. ...

* Dogwood Cafe in Hampden. Owners Bridget and Galen Sampson are known for their eco-consciousness and good deeds -- and the food is good.

* Elevation Burger in Harbor East. The all-natural, organic version of fast food, plus veggie burgers if you insist.

* Feast@4East in Mount Vernon. A very personal dining experience, emphasizing local ingredients. The owner/chef always includes vegan dishes.

* Great Sage in Clarksville. A global vegetarian menu, organic wines and beers, a handsome setting and events like a raw food dinner and animal advocates day.

* Grind-On Cafe in Hamilton. The owner is trying to leave a small carbon footprint and is encouraging others to do the same.

* One World Cafe in Tuscany/Canterbury. It specializes in an all-natural, chemical-free, low-fat cuisine.

* Rockfish in Annapolis. To get the full scoop, visit its Web site.

* Spoons in Federal Hill. This coffee cafe and roastery was the first certified-green restaurant in Maryland.

* Wild Orchid Cafe in Annapolis. The French/southern cuisine is based on local produce and humanely raised animals. Plus extra points for the name.

* Woodberry Kitchen in Woodberry/Hampden. My nomination for the most completely eco-friendly restaurant Baltimore has, down to the leftover containers made from sugar cane.

(Nanine Harzenbusch/Sun photographer)

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Mini-Dagwood, in the Women's Industrial Exchange, too. Especially if you want amazing desserts.

Shocked not to see Iron Bridge Wine Co. on this list.

Please tell us why you think it should be. Also, has it been able to reopen yet? EL

And if you are in walking distance to any of these, all the better.

Or take public transportation.

Stop filling landfills with bags of garbage. Use simpler packaging, compost organic matter, and burn your trash when you're done. The Earth will thank you.

No Liquid Earth, Aliceanna Street, Fells Point?

I was thinking about just going outside and grazing for dinner. Unfortunately, we are now in the season of pesticide application at Cross Keys.

Yo, if cows cause so much pollution from being raised, here's what you got to do to fix that problem. Eat a damn cow.

Is burning your trash really earth-friendly? Then why don't we have incinerators out back any more?

Plus, I thought burning your trash was illegal in certain areas of the state. Or am I thinking leaves? Wait, if you can't light some leaves on fire, who's going to let you flame up your trash? I'm confused...

can't burn in Reisterstown, I know that much.

Maybe we should give cows gas-x to cut down on methane.

When I was growing up in LA, every home had a small incinerator out back. One of my jobs was to burn the trash, until the city decided smog was becoming a problem and all those incinerators were contributing.

Trixie, I don't think you're the one that's confused.

Thanks for the list of ten. Now I know what places to avoid at all cost.

This whole green thing is just another phony marketing plow for soi many businesses. I work for an NGO that promotes public transportation. I talked to a manager at Woodberry over a year ago about promoting the fact that they were very close to a Light Rail stop, the Woodberry one. I asked that they include that in promotional materials and adverts and at minimum include it on their web site under "Directions". I was politely rebuffed. When I pressed her she forcefully implied that public transportation might bring in the wrong crowd. And so it goes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I love the idea for this list, and I'm looking forward to trying out some of the ones I haven't been to. Thanks, EL!

I'm quite sure that the city frowns on backyard burnings.

Burning is legal here in the unincorporated parts of the county. People burn pine needles and other yard waste all the time. But wildfires are a problem here, along with the occasional house that burns down because of carelessness.

I wouldn't burn trash in my back yard. I do it in small batches on my roof in my Weber grill. Every litter bit helps.

You know that all this Earth Day stuff just encourages zombies. You have been warned.

Dammit...fooled again.

"Every litter bit helps"

Pun intended, correct? And I am not knocking your concern for the environment Annie, I think it's great. But burning trash on the roof doesn't seem any more safe than in the backyard.

Spoke with Greg at Grind On today. He said he's closing up shop today and will be relocating farther up Harford Road, near Los Amigos/Hamilton Tavern.

That's great about Grind On, wonder if he'll keep the same name after moving from Harford and Grindon. He made some nice eats despite break-ins and other trouble, please post when he reopens.

Emily's Desserts celebrates Earth Day all the time. Does anybody remember the first Earth Day/early Earth Days? Did you or your family celebrate it, or was it something for "other people"? You can click here to see what I looked like working on a farm during the earliest Earth Days.

Second on Liquid Earth. I'm no vegetarian but their "sacred salad" is amazing. Also fantastic brownies.

The comments on Liquid Earth have encouraged to finally go in and give it a try this weekend. Everytime I'm nearby I embarrassed to say I get seduced by the idea of Cap'n Crunch on my french toast across the street.

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