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April 25, 2009

Local asparagus, market packs, a new market and more



I ran over to the Waverly Farmers Market when it opened this morning because I needed a loaf of bread. I don't get over there in the winter as much as I ought to, even though it's open all year. I just forget about it.

It looks like the rest of Baltimore didn't. The parking lot was hopping, even at that hour. While there was still plenty of nonlocal produce (vendors are allowed to sell it until June), I also saw local asparagus, greens, lettuce -- all the early spring stuff I would have known would be there if I thought about it. ...


WMarket2.jpgI stopped and bought a couple of herb plants, even though our yard doesn't quite get enough sun to make them happy.

Strawberries are still from North Carolina, so I think I'll wait a week or two until I hear from one of you that the strawberries from the market are great.

The Waverly Market is open until noon today and every Saturday.

While I'm writing about farmers markets, here's some info about a new one I got yesterday:

The University of Maryland Medical Center has partnered with University of Maryland at Baltimore and the local community to bring you the new “University Farmers’ Market”, a weekly market of local farmers providing fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, eggs, poultry, seafood, meat, baked goods and ice cream. The market will take place in the park across the street from the hospital’s main entrance, along the Paca Street sidewalk. Opening day is Tuesday, May 5, 2009, and will run weekly from May until October, 2009.

This market will run from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. I guess doctors don't get up as early as the rest of us.

Just kidding, just kidding. WMarket5.jpg

WMarket3.jpg WMarket4.jpg

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You are a busy girl, Elizabeth, but isn't it a little early to be planting herbs? I usually wait until some time in May.

I'm sure they won't grow until May, and I'm in danger of frost. But the weather forecast seduced me. Anyway, at the rate I garden, they won't get planted until May anyway. EL

There is a new baker at the Bel Air farmers market, "The Breadery," from Ellicott City. Even their white bread tastes good -- reminds me of Big Sky, before they disappeared. Both Brad's Produce and Quigley's farm had Harford County asparagus today.

... oh, and the Nym tag was a big hit!

I wonder if the success of Waverly Market has outgrown its current location. I usually opt against going there because of the parking. Perhaps one day it could be moved to the old Memorial Stadium site or maybe the parking lot of City High School.

Not too early for the perennial herbs, Dahlink. I just moved back to the city in December, and put sage, thyme, etc. in the garden last month and they are all doing fine. I will wait another few weeks before I plant my annual herbs, though.

Exactly where in Waverly is this market? I would love to go but am lost as to where it is held. Help, please

ummm asparagus. I feel my mood lifting with the sunshine, flowers and produce!

I hope the weather isn't faking us out and it will go back into the 40s in a week!

RoCK, the old Memorial Stadium site is now a visually-jarring suburban-style retirement community.

MDtopdad, the foreigner will now attempt to geographically place a Baltimore location. In other words, doublecheck me.

The Waverly market is by Greenmount and 34th, across from the library. You can take the 8 or the 33.

The easiest way to go, I think, is to turn west on 32nd Street from Greenmount Avenue, right near Pete's Grille. (I usually approach from the north.) It's about half a block straight ahead once you've made the turn; you can then make a right onto a little street and weave around to the parking area, or find something on the street. Or, better yet, look for something on Greenmount near Pete's and walk down 32nd. Hope that helps...

Every year when EL writes about the Waverly Market, especially about asparagus and strawberries, I vow to finally go. But alas, I have a semi-phobia of driving in the city and like RcCK, a parking phobia. EL, maybe I'll drive to your house next week and we can go on a road trip :-)

Tweety Cat--yet another member of the litter!

^^ ^^ ^^

$3/ea or 2 for $6


Where is the Waverly Market located, exactly?
My fiance would like to check it out, she is over in the Hamilton/Lauraville area.

I understand that for MD, the frost-free date is May 15 so I'd hold off on planting just yet.

The link will provide her with all the info she needs. EL

PCB Rob, the traditional frost-free date may be May 15th, but it got up to 90 yesterday and may tie the high for the date if it gets to 92 today. Global warming, perhaps?

AND! The JFX Market opens next Sunday!

FL Rob - I usually take Perring Parkway (I know its names changes, but I don't care) to 33rd St, past the Sr Housing and YMCA that used to be Memorial Stadium. At the light past Union Memorial, it's a left across traffic. It takes awhile to find a parking spot, but worth the effort.

If you are coming from my way, just shoot down University and you'll run right into it.

I got coffee at Atwater's Belvedere after my workout, and noticed that "local herb" plants are for sale in the market for $2.25 each. It was a limited selection, but the plants looked very healthy, and the varieties that were selected were appealing.

Eve, EL, and others,

Thanks for the info! My fiancee is busy finishing up her classes this semester so computer stuff is low on her list. Unlike us, she doesn't like spending hours and hours in front of the monitor. :-)

I went to the Bolton Hill Garden Club Plant sale today and they had some great choices. I only got geraniums and sweet potato vines.

Eve and PCB Rob -- the Waverly Farmers Market is held on the lot at the NE corner of 32nd and Barclay streets. If you are headed westbound on 33rd Street, Barclay will be the first left after you cross Greenmount Avenue. If you continue westbound on 33rd all the way past Union Memorial, you will have overshot the market by several blocks.

OK, You head down the road past where the old Peterson place used to be. You'll come to a fork in the road- take it. When you get to the corner where the giant oak tree used to be ( Before Agnes took it out) turn there. Go down a little ways, park there, then walk the last 6 blocks.

Another way to approach the market from the south/west: East om 28th St or west on 29th to Barclay, which is one block west of and parallel to Greenmount. Turn north on Barclay and go north several blocks until you see the parking all jammed up, then find a space and walk the last block or three to 32nd. This route has the added advantage of swinging you past The Book Think on Vineyard between 30th and 31st, where you can browse a bunch of free books for the taking (this is the first stop for me and my wife).

Hmmph! No wonder I spend so much time, wandering about.

The last frost date around here is April 15, but this year has been an odd one with temps staying so cold so long. Either way, my herbs are doing just fine. My basil, which reseeds itself year after year is up and growing nicely. I don't think there is any danger at putting anything in at this point.

Is it just me...or do those asparagus bundles look like less than 10 stalks for $3.50??

Seems very overpriced.

Oh, you must mean the old Same place. It's right out back. Here's the key...

This is why getting directions when we first moved here Drove Me Batty.

Thanks to all who showed me the way. I'll see you on Saturday if it isn't raining

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