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April 22, 2009

A prom special from P.F. Chang's. No, really



When I heard about this special fixed-price prom menu from P.F. Chang's China Bistro, created just for teens who are having a tough time in this economy but want to celebrate, I was all over it. Investigative journalism at its finest. 

"So does the couple have to be wearing a tux and prom dress?" I asked the public relations professional.

Well, not really, although that would be nice.

"How about the teen part? Do you ask for IDs before you serve them?"

Uh, no. 

Sadly for the purposes of this post, although good otherwise, anyone can get the P. F. Chang's Teen Prom Special Prix-Fixe Menu, even if you have a walker instead of dancing shoes.  The cost is $39.95 a couple for the four-course meal.

Here's the menu: ...

Cup of Soup (Choose Two)
• Hot and Sour Soup   • Egg Drop Soup
Starters (Choose One)
• Crispy Green Beans   • Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps   • Salt & Pepper Calamari   • Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps   • Spring Rolls (4)   •Crab Wontons   • Dumplings (Shrimp, Pork or Vegetable) • Egg Rolls
Entrees (Choose Two)
• Chang’s Spicy Chicken   • Kung Pao Chicken or Shrimp   • Mongolian Beef   • Beef A La Sichuan   • Ginger Chicken with Broccoli   • Almond & Cashew Chicken   • Orange Peel Chicken, Beef or Shrimp   • Beef with Broccoli   • Cantonese Shrimp • Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork • Honey Chicken or Shrimp   • Sesame Chicken • Pepper Steak • Dali Chicken
Mini Desserts (Choose Two)
Choose two of P.F. Chang’s eight mini desserts 
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Attended a group (22 people) banquet at a PF Chang's in Boston a couple of weeks ago. They set us up with an all-you-can-eat menu of two appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts. For $30/person, including soda/tea. Not haute cuisine by any stretch of the imagination, but perfectly acceptable food.

On a Friday night, in an area with plenty of good restaurants, this place was packed all night. 50+ people standing in the lobby all night, waiting for a table.

It wasn't my choice; I would have preferred a local place, or something more "New Englandy." But they're clearly doing something right, because I didn't see the mob scene at any of the other restaurants in the area.

40 bucks is about twice what I spent for dinner on my senior prom ... 36 years ago! The Marshalton Inn, near West Chester, PA. My date was Mary Rogers. I had the lamb chops.

My husband and I had that exact same price fixe dinner at P.F. Changs about a month ago so the only thing new is the name.

It was all delicious BTW.

Why would teens want to go to P.F. Chang's on prom night? Why would anyone want to go to P.F. Chan's ever!

Marshalton Inn Grew up near there. Are you sure only 40 bucks. I am the same time frame and remember it more expensive but...could be the senior memory thing! Anyway great atmosphere

My husband and I went to PF Changs for lunch last Friday and were offered that same price fixe menu. Sounds like a marketing tool to use an exisiting promotion to bring in the prom crowd. I can actually see teens wanting to go there for prom - that's fancy to them!

Annonymous: At 18 we didn't have drinks or desert. I think we shared a mushroom appetizer -- an obvious choice in the middle of Southern Chester County mushroom country.

Michael: when you're stuck in a small hotel conference center on the far west side of Omaha without a lot of other options, P F Chang's turned out to be a terrific choice. And they seated 20 of us on just two hours notice.

That's it! A prom!

Everybody has been wondering how to get the Sandbox together...a D@L Prom! Perfect!

Oh dear god No, Bucky! I had a hard enough time at my high school one. But then again, I am at a very different place in my life now...

I skipped my HS prom. No way am I doing one now.

Bucky, there is no way I am going back to my prom memories. No. Absolutely not! Although the idea was sweet of you.

a D@L prom...good one Bucky!

I had to do two of them, junior and senior prom. I think that was enough.

Geeze...this isn't a real pressure, like back then. And I think it would be a perfect kick-off to Beach Week.

Owlie and Bourbon Girl could be the King and Queen of the Prom.

Who's in?

I skipped my senior prom, too, Lissa, but I think a D@L prom would be a dog-choking buttload of fun!

A prom. Imagine the possibilities: psychological issues resurrected and emotional wounds revisited and ripped wide open. My mind is reeling...or maybe it's just due to the drugs...

YumPo, are you OK? We can skip the prom thing, that was just Bucky with one of his big ideas.

The whole idea seems to have sent you into spasms Lady Yummington. I am not sure I suss what an American prom is, but if there is royalty involved you could wear your bacon tiara

I went as a date to someone's senior year prom. We ate at the Claremont Diner in Verona, NJ. (Lynn Rosetta's before Kasper haunting grounds.) I had the Epicurean Delight for dinner. (It was basically a Monte Cristo.) 1973. It was pre-foodie era.

A prom sure isn't like the Proms. That I could do with you all.

Prom implies dancing. Believe me, you guys do not want to see this white girl limping off the beat,

Good grief, Canon. I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

Prom Special

"That's what I like about these high school girls, man; I get older they stay the same age."

and that is from the only decent movie that Matthew McConaughey was ever or will ever be in.

I like thinking about the proms of my past, but like many cringe at the thought of one in my future. For one thing, formal attire for a person in my station involves a full cassock (with crimson buttons & trim - actually quite fetching) and a full cincture, similarly decorated. It is hard to dance when you can't see your feet! And let me tell you about the cost of dry cleaning the thing!!

I was a hippie and a hippie just didn't go to a prom (graduated 1972). Around 1999 I was working as an Instructional Assistant at the school where I had graduated. They encouraged staff (and spouse/date) to attend the Senior Prom as chaperones. So, at the tender age of about 45, I attended my Senior Prom. I still have the wine glass they gave out as favors.
I think a D@L Prom would be a hoot!

MD Canon,
Cassocks are cool. I was recently reading about the renaissance of the Russian Orthodox Church over there and seeing pictures of the priests in their long beards and cassocks evokes a picture that goes back centuries.

Yum - do you relive your prom frequently? LOL

Loved my prom. Like Bucky it was the prelude to a beach party weekend. Mom forbade me to go to OC so I told her we were going to Chesapeake Beach. Had to drive from Lutherville to CB and make a reverse charge call, drive to OC and party, then 2 more times back to CB for the "call" over the weekend then back to OC. My BF must of really loved being with me. Ha Ha. We never got together but have remained best friends for 40 years.

By the way, we had lamb chops for our prom night dinner.

Ai-yi-yi...what in the...? I swear I didn't deliberately post that message over and over. Really. Honest. The drugs aren't THAT good.

All I remember is I kept getting error messages when I tried to post yesterday. I thought the blog was just crashy again, or my IT guys were punishing me for taunting them earlier in the day.

I apologize to all of you. Big time. Although it is appropriate for the content, isn't it?

What's really creepy is that I thought I had killed the seven extras out yesterday. But the blogware was having trouble yesterday afternoon. A good rule of thumb is no matter what error message you get, trust that it will eventually post. EL

EL, I think it would have been better to keep in YP's multiple postings, it added to the hilarity of the content! Hope you are feeling better YumPo!

Trust, but verify.

And get better drugs.

RoCk? Matthew McConaughey made a decent movie? (I don't think he's aging all that well, either, but he's still got some Bubba cute left.)

psychological issues resurrected and emotional wounds revisited and ripped wide open.

One of the rewards of being An Old Broad is that I have fuzzy mental images of this crap, but I just can't remember most of it!

a full cincture

Wish I knew what this sounds like a corset which sends my mind full-speed ahead to a Madonna bustierre. I'm thinkin' not.

Thank you, Trixie. Unfortunately, I'm well enough to go to work and continue my reign of terror.

Lissa, thank you, it is perfect-- it is now my new Philosophy for Living.

Everytime I see those error messages I think that today is the day the IT department has decided to crack down on my blogging. I'm glad to see it wasn't on my end.

PCB Rob: Yes, I think cassocks are cool too. Let us be careful, for everyone else, to be sure that we are not talking about "cossacks" -- too many of which made life for my Polish ancestors very unpleasant in and around Cracow. Standard attire for a Canon at work is a red trimmed cassock and a short lace surplice, with a stole. My surplice is actually too long, and I am still saving pennies to buy the right top. FWIW, I don't have one of the long beards, just a short grey mustache/goatee thing. At RtSO's funeral, the priest in the black suit with the long white beard was my friend Edwin, not me!

PCB Rob, "our" Canon is the cool Canon. Very natty! And he makes a mean pimiento cheese.

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