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March 23, 2009

Welcome to National Corndog Day... a couple of days late

corndog.jpgFirst of all, let me state categorically that I've never had a corndog; and by the time I die I will not have eaten a corndog. But I'm taking a lot of flak for having missed National Corndog Day, which is an annual holiday held the first Saturday of March Madness, I learned today.

The way I look at it, National Corndog Day is no worse than that other created holiday, Mother's Day. Except that Mother's Day food is better.

I'm still reeling from the discovery that National Corndog Day has an official Web site.

Anyway, if you have anything to say about how wonderful corndogs are, or why they are connected to college basketball, or anything else you want to say about corndogs, please post below. Or have I milked the subject for everything possible there is to say?

(Gene Sweeney Jr./Sun photographer)

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I thought corndogs were fair food? What on earth do they have to do with basketball? I bet they don't sell them at women's basketball games...

I want to know who--names, please--has been giving you flak for missing corndog day.

Oh, I think you can guess. I won't give you his name, but his initials are Owl Meat. EL

Owl Meat needs to be stopped. I think it's time to vote him off the island or at least schedule a Sandbox Owl-B-Q.

I found something to add to the wardrobe of Sandbox regulars. (NSFW)

Heee heee heee..... X>(

Corndogs combine protein and carbs all on a single stick. This is serious energy food, people...hence, it's importance in the NCAA Tournament!!!

I love the old fashioned corn dogs, but even better are the merguez corn dogs at Corks. I know you mentioned them in your review, but it wasn't clear if you actually ate them or not.

I even make corn dogs at home using Nathan's hot dogs and cornmeal batter. A delicious if high calorie treat.

You should try Tyson Tavern's jalapeno poppers, breaded in corndog batter. Unique and delicious. And you know what is inside it.

Oh, I think you can guess. I won't give you his name, but his initials are Owl Meat. EL

Come on baby. why you gotta be like that?

I do like the t-shirt. Remember, your scorn only makes me stronger.

Which reminds me, why does the Sun designate D@L an "entertainment" blog? Sure, it entertains. But at its heart is hard news and vital information.
BTW: Tomorrow is World Tuberculosis Day.

I love corn dogs. LOVE THEM. The Howard County fair has a vendor that makes his own batter, and those are really good. Right now the Hamilton Tavern has corn dogs on their menu, made with Binkert's sausages. Now, that's not a true corn dog, but it is still very delicious. And for the corn-dog-at-home treat, I prefer Morningstar Farms.

jl -- and I was just wondering why You Don't Say is considered a News blog. It should probably go under Sports.

EL, how can you knock it if you haven't tried it? Exactly what's wrong with a corn dog?

The best corn dogs are mini corn dogs. That way it's not too much hot dog. When I was in the halcyon days of academia, I would teach a one hour English class, spend one hour in my office, and then it was off to the local bar to shoot pool all afternoon, drink beer, and share a basket of mini corn dogs with my colleagues. Corn dogs are great comfort snacking food.

The Morningstar Farms mini corn dogs are almost the same texture and taste as real mini corn dogs, except one must be careful not to eat as many - the soy substitute (or whatever it is) is pretty heavy. With the regular size Morningstar Farms corn dogs, you totally know you're eating fake stuff.

I didn't exactly knock it, I just don't plan to try one. It's not in my job description. EL

Laura Lee, I can't see McIntyre acquiescing to a Sports designation. The man listens to opera for crying out loud. But you make yet another good point: why news?

Opera. It's better than you think. It has to be.

EL, you bought that Royal Farms sushi to try. True, you chickened out, but I'd think a corn dog would be a lot more edible.

This is true. EL

jl -- the joke videos should certainly be under the Entertainment category but the Wikipedia back and forth felt like a match at Wimbledon.

Since McI does a weekly joke video, maybe EL should do a puppet show?

I feel threatened by the photo. And strangely enticed.

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