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March 10, 2009

News on the Uganda food front

Gailor called me from the Evanston, Ill. Costco to say she was stocking up on food to take with her on her trip to Uganda: granola bars, dried fruit and...

...a bag the size of a large bag of pretzels (her words) of teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky. Apparently that was the only size and flavor it came in.

There is no food in Uganda that could possibly be worse or worse for you than teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky.

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Agreed. Unless Idi Amin were inviting her to dinner.

(Disclaimer, I know he is in Saudi Arabia now. And that those were only rumours, about the cannibalism.)

There is no food in Uganda that could possibly be worse or worse for you than teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky.

Admittedly, I've never been to Uganda. But I'd bet that there is jerky in Uganda that is worse than teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky, to say nothing of other "foods". (Quotations marks of the non-discretionary type.)

Tell Gailor that if she gets homesick, she should go to the Chick'N Express in the Garden City Food Court in Kampala. From what I read, it tastes just like chicken.

Maybe she can introduce Ugandans to teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky. It could turn out to be big in Africa and she could be the supplier and make millions. After all, she is going there for biz school.

I believe the other day I saw Andrew Zimmern in Uganda. I wouldnt eat anything that he eats though

Actually, Idi Amin died in 2003 while in exile in Saudi Arabia. That's one less thing for Gailor to be worried about, although I'd want to be assured of a plentiful supply of clean drinking water.

Ah, thanks, hmpstd. After he went to Saudi Arabia, he kind of dropped out of the news.

Figures that Saudi Arabia would take him in...

I have had turkey jerky before, its not that bad. Haven't had teriyaki-flavored turkey jerky though. My guess is that its loaded with salt, even moreso than regular jerky.

The Blue Mango Club in Kampala has excellent food, according to a friend who lived there for a couple of years.

@Baltofoodie, Blue Mango closed about two years ago.

The greatest mistake foreigners make when they travel to Uganda is to bring food. Uganda isn't still locked in the stoneage, you know. We have modern supermarkets and 'westerners' can live full lives with all the trappings of 'civilization' they are used to. Even disgusting teriyaki flavored chicken jerky (yes, we know what that is - although we wish we didn't).

And OF COURSE there is safe drinking water, hmpstd! Of course there is! For f***'s sake!

Ms. Tumwijuke -- we invite your comments on this Wikipedia entry regarding water quality issues in Uganda, especially in the rural areas in which most of the population resides.

It isn't just Uganda that Americans don't get, tumwijuke. I took a kilo of chocolate to Iceland. Absolutely moronic of me, and I should have known better.

chocolate? why take it and why was it stupid and why are you metric all of a sudden?

Iceland is metric, and when speaking to someone who identifies as not being from the US, I use metric as a courtesy.

I took it as snacks, it was stupid because Icelandic chocolate is better than US chocolate and I brought nearly all of it back to the US, along with about 8 kilos of Icelandic chocolate.

I'm never going to make the Icelandair 20 kilo carry on bag limit.

metric schmetric. metric blows.

So, in Iceland, do they have 30.48 centimeter-long hot dogs?

@hmpstd - One of the first things I learned in the small rural Ugandan primary school I went to school was to thoroughly boil water before drinking it ... And I feel as if I add to this argument, I'll take away from it.

That said, I certainly will go to the Wiki page as you recommend. If for nothing else than to correct the name of my home town from 'Mbara' to Mbarara.

Bucky, just for you, an Icelandic hot dog. They are narrower but longer than USian hot dogs.

(If anyone is really bored, yes, that is my photo site. I'm a horrible photographer.)

5...... 5 Krona 30.48 centimeter longs

Lissa - the "wrapped in bacon" hot dog is genius, pure genius.

Lissa, I do not agree that you are a "horrible photographer"!


When you come to Baltimore you can get a kosher dog wrapped in fried baloney.


When you come to Baltimore be sure to boil the water thoroughly. many good tips. I need to start making a list.

You watch too much TV. Or you don't surf the channels enough.

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