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March 24, 2009

More places to get a great cup of coffee



Before we get too many more comments suggesting non-coffee house coffee houses under today's Top 10 Tuesday post, I want to post a new entry praising the best places to get a great cup of coffee that aren't coffee houses.

I got an impassioned e-mail from Matt asking that I "reconsider my classification of Baltimore Coffee and Tea" as too much a store to count as a coffee house, no matter how good the coffee is. So feel free to come down on one side or the other of that conversation. ...

The Spro on the bridge of the Towson library is an example of places that couldn't really be classified as coffee houses but deserve praise for their coffee or atmosphere, as is Red Canoe Bookstore & Cafe in the Lauraville/Hamilton area. Feel free to come up with other examples.

(Photo at Baltimore Coffee and Tea by Glenn Fawcett/Sun photographer)

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 2:34 PM | | Comments (28)


Heeeeellllllllloooooooooooooo Java girl. Grind me some more. Coffee.

for starters i ask that a coffee house not force disposable coffee cups on me. I am not taking the coffee to go so give me a coffee cup and saucer or worse a big clumsy mug. At least with these my coffee doesn't taste like paper and glue towards the end. I do not taste much bad with foam cups however. Having a stash of old mugs near the serve self-serve coffee should disqualify Kiss Cafe in Canton from having a coffe cup on its logo(which i think it does) and it's obnoxiously loud music and poor service. As well, I'd like to see coffee cups at Patterson Perk - they too have a coffe cup&saucer on logo but nothing but paper cups for me, or so it was last year. I like Spoons & Metropolitan, so maybe i'm more into cafe's than coffee houses. The coffee house Koba Cafe on Fort ave is pretty bad. There's a very ratty upstairs area and their menu has things like french press listed but they wont/cant serve that.

I am in Baltimore Coffee and Tea 4 or 5 times a week and I have never seen this coffee girl. Maybe she runs to back when she sees me walking up to the door. The Timonium location has recently added two tables. I assume it is in response to EL excluding them from her list.

EEL, if you're the dude in the yellow bathrobe, then yes, I do hide.

Dude - Kiss Cafe no longer puts coffee cups out...They are closed! EL: For the inquiring minds...Who is the pictured woman? A patron or a worker? We want details.

She's Barbie Hargrave, a patron. EL

*We want details.*

We want a phone number.

I much prefer mugs to traditional coffee cups. The latter are much more prone to coffee sloshing over the side.

girl in the picture is hot...

Hey! Once a dude in a yellow bathrobe and slippers came into Java Mamas when I was in there! He wanted to buy a newspaper, which they don't sell there.

In college I made a weekly tradition of buying a keg at the Worsham Exxon in my bathrobe. Well, I kept this tradition up until my parents took back their Exxon Card.

I am old school. London Fog Trench Coat.

Wow, that must be some coffee at Baltimore Coffee and Tea if, after having one, your photographer can't stand up straight.

No comments on the patron's name? I'm disappointed.

MEM, I don't think it is her *name* they are looking at.

No comments on the patron's name? I'm disappointed.

What do you think we are? Shallow? (Check out her facebook page.)

No comments on the patron's name? I'm disappointed.



cat fight!

after you look at her facebook page go here.

she should get that sandbox golden seal.

I just want everyone to know I go to the stockrockets site for the business information only.

Mr EEL, its a story and you stick to it.

EEL - so you are familiar with Barbie Hargrave, I take it?

Hey Guys! Thanks for the props! Just to be clear, I don't work there but pop in when they open after my workouts on most mornings. I love this place! The picture is from an article last year about me, my life, and my career! Yes, I am on facebook and still trying to figure out twitter. Find me there...

I'm afraid to ask for a show of keys on who here is on facebook. I do know there isn't a Dining@Large group.

I'm not on facebook or myspace. My sister wants me to join facebook though.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I joined Facebook (free, oh and I lied about all the questions they asked. The hardest part was picking my high school grad date that sort of worked with my new birth date.) So, now that I'm a member I searched for Ms Hargrave. They don't know her. I guess since I'm not a 14-year old I'm not supposed to visit Facebook. Sadly its 10 minutes of my life I won't get back that would have been better spent washing my socks.

I'm on facebook. I joined so I could go on Owls group. I have re-connected with some people out of the past that I have absolutely nothing in common with anymore.

She's there, RtSO. Just do a search on the last name.

Heck, even Prof. McIntyre is on facebook.

Mad City is a terrific coffee house in Columbia on Hickory Ridge Road - roasted on premises, good baked goods, sandwiches and acoustic entertainment. They also have a sattelite coffee stand at Howard County Hospital. A real good cuppa brew!

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