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March 27, 2009

Bucky needs a restaurant recommendation, and who better?



No word from guest poster Owl yesterday, so no Funtastic Thursday. To make matters worse, guest poster Bucky had already scheduled a vacation day. He was having food writer's block (not writer's block) so I suggested topics such as how he fixed the trout he had spent the weekend catching.

I got a three word e-mail back from him saying, "Catch and release."

Now doesn't that seem like a colossal waste of time? But I digress. ...

Then I suggested that he take his lovely wife out to dinner at Denver's fanciest restaurant and write about it, but he didn't deign to answer that one. Especially as I said upfront the Sun wouldn't pay.

So I thought this morning we could help Bucky out. I have here the 2009 edition of Zagat America's Top Restaurants. Whoa. Denver has some mighty fine-sounding places.

Mizuna, Frasca, Fruition and Sushi Den got the highest rating for food. They are all a bit pricey (about $50 to $60 a person); but nothing is too good for Mrs. Bucky, right?

Let's take a closer look at them.

Somehow I don't think Bucky is going to tolerate Sushi Den. The servers can be "snooty." And it's kind of hard to imagine the Bucky character on our blog eating sushi.

Mmmm. Frasca is Italian and Colorado's "Most Popular," but this doesn't sound like Bucky either: "Words cannot adequately express how divine" it is.

Fruition has "plates that look like a Cezanne still life." Nope. Not Bucky-food either.

Wait. I think I've got it. Mizuna is New American, including a "to die for" lobster mac-n-cheese. It's "worth every penny" in order to "sweep a first date or long-time girlfriend off her feet."

Let us know how Mrs. Bucky likes it, Bucky.

(Photo courtesy of the Mizuna Web site)

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Isn't Bucky out shoveling snow???

Wait a minute. "Food writer's block"?
That's an excuse?
But cholera isn't?

In retrospect, I should have researched and written a piece on "stocking your desk with food in case the Blizzard of '09 snows you in at the office." Too late now. Maybe next winter.

We've eaten at Mizuna. It's a fine restaurant. They like putting sauces on their beef. That I can do without. A pat of butter would be fine.

Is it just me or do others also not trust food that is described as being "to die for"? That phrase always makes me think of potato salad that has been sitting in the sun all day at the company picnic.

Frasca is in Boulder, which is 20 miles and another universe away.

Haven't been to either Fruition or Sushi Den.

Don't know about Mrs. Bucky but I'm pretty sure "the Bucky character on our blog" will eat anything.

if boulder isn't too far, the top chef this past season has his restaurant there... though I doubt he'd be there

We had a really nice dinner at Rioja at Larimer Square last summer. Or if he wants a little escape, The Kitchen in Boulder had really great seasonal food and beers. Both are small bistro-y places (i.e. don't go there starving) with a range of cuisine influences.

Didn't we last hear from OMG as he was pondering penguins at Amicci's? Wasn't Amicci's the restaurant that's looking for a bartender and server? Maybe Owl Meat Gratuity found a new gig.

This is off topic, but the Mommy Blog got 245 ! hits yesterday on the Easter Egg Roll topic!

As much as I count on Zagat for recommendations while traveling, I do occasionally smile at their business model. First, get someone to design a website with a simple algorithm that automatically averages the numerical scores. Don't bother to upgrade the design for years at a time: people won't care. Then cut and paste pithy comments from customer reviews into your reviews, sparing the editors from all that hard writing. And every time you go out to eat, its deductible!

I saw that too. Don't you think egg rolls are a more appropriate topic for this blog? But somehow I don't think we'd get 245 responses.

Some of those comments were just whacky. You would've thought that not getting tickets for the White House Easter Egg Roll was a tragedy on the scale of Katrina.

Excellent points. But what are you two doing on another blog anyway? I'm clearly not giving you enough to do here. EL

Years ago I was at a place in Denver called The Exchange (or something along that line). The atmosphere reminded me of The Prime Rib. They had the best king crabs ever and they gave you unlimited delicious steamed shrimp.

jl - I don't think she believed the cholera excuse. She did believe the food writier's block excuse because I did, in fact, write an entry for today and send it. So she knew I was trying. (It was good, too, even if it wasn't foodie enough. It will end up in a blog somewhere...)

Laura Lee - after all this time, you don't know me at all.

Heather - I've had lunch at Rioja, but not dinner. They have this ham sandwich with a bourbon and brown sugar glaze on it that is excellent. One of the best sandwiches in downtown Denver.

RayRay - I saw that. It was mostly complaints about the ticketing, wasn't it? I didn't read them all. And I didn't comment, because I had nothing to add. Which, of course, never stops me here or in Wordville, but...


When our comments get deleted here we have to go elsewhere to post.

Don't make me laugh out loud in the office. EL

It was a one time thing
It didn't mean anything
I was thinking of you the whole time

Buck, I run - not walk - from anything described as "too die for". Growing up in NJ, that phrase was only heard from "old ladies" (probably 40!!) who wore too much bright red lipstick and had a "New York" accent that was, somehow, twisted.

All I know is, when my time comes, I don't want it to be over a slice of cake or a wallpaper pattern.

...245 ! hits yesterday on the Easter Egg Roll topic

Don't know about you, RayRay, but having read just some of those comments yesterday, those women have seriously overused, "Not Fair" These are free tickets to a White House Event and the entitlement is overwhelming. Someone slap the whiners.

I think egg rolls would be a most excellent topic. I adore them, although the sauces served with them are sometimes a little too sweet. Of course, when that happens, I just put mustard on them.

I wonder if an egg roll filled with duck confit with a tart pomegranate sauce would work....

I stopped reading after it got too whiny.

It's just plain good manners to give cholera the benefit of the doubt.

Eve - great Oscar Wilde reference! Chalk another one up for D@L literacy, Dahlink.

Elizabeth asked...uh...shouted: WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE?

I wander around the Sun blog site. As you know, but the others don't, I even went into the new Garden blog. I was going to go into the new Toy Store blog, but then I found out it wasn't really about toys. And it seems to have lasted for only a day or two, so I'm glad I didn't get involved.

But I always come home to D@L and Reality Check.

Lissa, I've made eggrolls before and those sound delicous. My only problem with them is I can't get them rolled up as tight as my Filipino friends can.
I've substituted mushrooms for pork (with cabbage and carrots and onions) which works really well if you make sure the veggies are really dry before stuffing and rolling.

Owl Meat is not dead yet, although I have wanted to murder him more than once in the last year or so.

Mr. Meat is at this moment sitting on a bench outside Amicci's on a bench sunning himself and trying to steal our wireless signal with his puny Barbie laptop. I'm trying to lure him into the bar with garlic bread crumbs now. We haven't seen him much this winter. He said his wifi at home is broken so I think I can keep him here tonight with my killer martinis and dazzling wit. Actually his favorite warm weather drink used to be a Bombay Sapphire Negroni with a dash of pomegranate juice and an orange slice.

Oops, I hope I didn't gave away his secret identity. LMAO

The Toy Department is still around, its run by the sportswriters. There is some funny stuff there.

Supposedly, the sports desk is called the Toy Department by the "serious" writers at the paper.

I admit that I visit other Sun blogs, but the Sandbox is where I always start and end.

he says he will live on in the distilled spirits of others . what the hell is a negroni

PCB Rob - It just isn't showing up on my computer, I guess.

Yes, Laura Lee, I mentally gave Eve a gold star for working in her references to Oscar Wilde's dying words. Well done, Eve!

Just a few more hours of voting on my hot topic. Have you finished reading Ulysses, Laura Lee?

According to Wikipedia:

"The Negroni cocktail is made of 1 part gin, 1 part sweet vermouth, and 1 part bitter (normally Campari). It is considered an apéritif, or a pre-dinner cocktail intended to stimulate the appetite."

Also, "In the United States, the Negroni is often served "straight up" in a martini glass, with a dash of sparkling water and lemon, rather than orange zest."

Back in the 60s the Architect & Engineering company my father worked for had a dedicated wastebasket used only for mixing Negronis in bulk at office parties.

OK, I swear it wasn't there earlier today, but The Toy Department is there now.

I can't BELIEVE you're linking to other blogs here. EL

Speaking of reasons for not blogging today, mine was jury duty. And I found out the secret to getting out of jury duty is to wear a blazer. Every guy who sported a sport jacked was dismissed by the defense.

Thanks Hal. I would go read it, but it seems to upset someone, and that's the last thing I want to do. But I'll take your word that, yes, it was a good entry about that sportwriter's trip to the Dominican Republic and communicating with those kids through the language of beisbol.

I'm glad you found it. I was going to post the link to the trout fishing thing but didn't want incur the wrath of our Dear Leader.

She's on vacation, guys. Kate is probably approving posts. So, go for it!

Wrong. I'm sitting in the car outside the tennis club publishing comments. That's how wrong you are. You are only safe Monday through Wednesday 9 to 5. EL

PCB Rob,
I'm sure EL would be happy to see you link to the trout fishing thing as long as it wasn't catch and release.

EL, would your tennis club be the tennis club in my neighborhood?

Alas, no. EL

For LL and Bucky,
Get Out and Go Trout Fishing

Its about the MD trout fishing season.

I saw that Rob. One of the things I don't like about Colorado fishing is that you can do it all year. So there isn't an "Opening Day". I have friends from the midwest who live for Opening Day of fishing's nice that MD has it, and I expect the number of comments to drop here, because you'll all be out drowning worms in the Gunpowder River.

Maybe not Bucky. I hear its raining and dreary up there.

Just like it is here today.

EL, I'm never safe. Not in Baltimore, not anywhere.

However, the second thing I did after getting home from DC 2 hours after my bedtime (the first thing, of course, was to walk my dog) was to check D@L. Perhaps that makes up for my tendency to encourage rebellion.

I like that. :-) EL

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