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February 27, 2009

The answers are...

OK, here are the answers to Bucky's Foodie Quiz: ...

1.  Which has more calories?  A jelly doughnut or a regular sugar doughnut?

The sugar doughnut, because of the hole, which gives it a larger surface area and, thus, more area to absorb the oil it’s cooked in.

2.  Alfred Hitchcock used what to simulate blood in Psycho’s shower scene?

Chocolate sauce

3.  One measurement conversion that has been lost to history is “350 squirts =” what?

A gallon.  350 approximates how many squirts from a cow’s udder it takes to get a gallon of milk.

4.  Little Frankie Epperson was only 11 years old when he invented what?

The popsicle, in 1905

5.  Mix vanilla, wintergreen and cinnamon and what flavor do you get?


6.  What’s a more effective weight-loss technique than drinking eight glasses of water a day?

Drinking eight glasses of ice water a day.  The body burns calories bringing the temperature of the ice water up to normal body temperature.

7.  Cesare Cardini invented what at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico?

The Caesar salad, in 1924

8.  According to the National Safety Council, this is the fourth leading cause of accidental death in the United States, after car accidents, poisoning and falls.

Choking.  Learn the Heimlich maneuver, people.  And learn the self-administered Heimlich maneuver, as well.

9.  In a test in 1993, this was connected to an electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor and produced brain waves identical to those of adult humans.

Lime Jell-O, when it was wiggled

10.  “Desserts” spelled backwards is “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."


9 - 10:  Wow, you need a life more than I do.
5 - 8:   You’re one of Owl Meat’s two dozen personalities, right?
1 - 4:  You have a good memory for inconsequential facts.
0:  What?  WHAT?  You can’t even write “desserts” backwards?

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 5:59 PM | | Comments (14)


Buck, I only got 5--does this mean I'm really a manifestation of the Owl? Oh dear ...

I want to know more about question number 9. Did they test other flavors?

I've knew a few of those because they are trivia questions on the electronic trivia game you see in some bars.

Oh the shame ... oh the humanity ... oh how busted am I ...

Dahlink...5 is pretty good. I got #9 off the Jell-O Museum web site.

Everyone: I owe Owlie an "I'm not worthy" because, in addition to most of the other answers, he actually knew that it takes about 350 squirts to get a gallon of milk from a cow's udder. I tried to bet the Whiz-inator that question would stump everyone, even if the others didn't. He wouldn't take the bet but said, "You know, if you give me odds, I might, because Owl Meat probably knows that, somehow."

Back to the drawing board...

All: I have it on good authority that today, 2/27, is EL's birthday. And we almost missed it.

(And I swear, this comment better not get killed off by the poster...)

Happy birthday, EL!

If you have ever milked a cow in earnest you know that it's a lot, a lot. I had no idea of the exact number but "squirts" was a hell of a clue.

Happy birthday, EL.

I remember the lime jello thing, because I was in college and we used to get really stoned and discuss if it was murder to eat jello.

Happy Birthday EL!

Happy Birthday EL!

Thanks. And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. EL

Happy belated b-day, EL! Hope you went to eat some place that you really enjoy (instead of where you HAVE to for work!)

Very belated Happy Birthday wishes, Lady Elizabeth. I hope you feel up to celebrating!

P.S. But what about, say, lemon jello ...? Has it no feelings?

Happy birthday Dear Leader. The People of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.throw flowers in your honor.

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday EL.

Add a blessing to the birthday greetings. But it makes me wonder, was that story about reservations at the Birches self-referential??

It was an e-mail from someone. EL

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