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February 19, 2009

A Baltimore Restaurant Week disaster

juniorsreview.jpgSGI sent me this e-mail about a Baltimore Restaurant Week disaster. I enjoy disasters if they don't happen to me, don't you? So I thought I'd reprint it. (Just kidding, SGI.)

Although the place didn't warn her when she made reservations, it was only serving the Restaurant Week menu that night.

I don't know how widespread this practice is (maybe you can tell us), but it happened to me the first time I went to review the just-opened Junior's in Federal Hill. It was, I think, the first year of Winter Restaurant Week, and I just forgot about it. We ate from the Restaurant Week menu, but we had to go back later when the regular menu was being served for the review.

I'm not going to name the restaurant SGI is talking about in her e-mail because it's new and this is a tough time to be opening a new business. The photo, by the way, is from my review of the original Junior's. (At that time it still had its apostrophe in the name.) Here's SGI: ...

"...The woman who took the reservation over the phone asked if there were any vegetarians in our party. After being told that there was one vegetarian, she said she is a vegan and that the chef likes to know if there is a vegetarian in the party ahead of time so he can accommodate. This is relevant later.
"We all arrive at the restaurant which was near empty. There was a couple seated in a booth and a couple seated at the bar. Our large party took over the place which was fine by us but somewhat concerning given that it was a Friday night. After drinks in the lounge area, we were seated at our table. Our waiter arrived and placed menus in front of us. The menus only listed the Restaurant Week selections for the prix fixe three-course meal. One of my friends asked if we could see the full menu and we were advised the chef is only serving the RW menu. Needless to say, a lot of uncomfortable glances were shot every which way across the table. We had not been forewarned that they were only serving the RW menu and would not have gone there given the scarce selections. The first course offering was limited to mussels or escargot. Neither of these items were appealing to anyone at the table. The other courses were equally limiting. What happened to accommodating a vegetarian? Why hadn't we been told by the person taking our reservation or advised when we arrived that the restaurant was only serving its RW menu?
"We informed our waiter that there seemed to be a misunderstanding and we needed some time to look over the menu and discuss whether or not we were going to stay for dinner. He then began bringing out appetizers for us to taste while we carried out our discussion. We requested he not serve us as we weren't certain we were staying but he insisted on leaving the plates on the table. No one touched the offerings. We all agreed to leave the restaurant and dine elsewhere. The manager attempted to accommodate and even pulled out the full menu to point out some things that could be served. Although his gesture was appreciated, it called into question the freshness of the offerings since he had informed us earlier that the chef could not offer the full menu because he had limited his food order due to RW. We left but it was very uncomfortable and embarrassing. The manager called later to apologize and invite the party back on another day when the full menu was being offered.
"Here's where you weigh in - should [the restaurant] have informed us of serving only its RW menu when we made the reservation? How common is it for restaurants to only serve the RW menu and not the full menu during that time period?"
(Elizabeth Malby/Sun photographer)
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I have been to several RW places, and this has never happened to me before. Your first clue should have been that there were only 4 people total in the place.

I am pretty sure what restaurant this is. In another lifetime, was it the part title of Dr. Seuss book?

Should the party have been informed when they made the call? Sure. But it's clear they didn't communicate that to everyone properly and they made a mistake. The hostess obviously wasn't in the loop, this happens in restaurants, chefs are good at cooking, not exactly good at managing and communicating to the front of the house, I don’t think that determines how good a restaurant is, maybe just how long it lasts. And people don’t always understand that I guess.

It sounds to me like they tried very hard to be accommodating, offering free apps, offering other items not on the RW menu, but the party was so picky they didn't want to try anything, and wanted to spend their hard earned dollars elsewhere, no problem there.

Couldn't the party have asked when they called "I understand it is restaurant week, will you be serving your full menu as well?". I don’t know.

I definitely think the restaurant should let you know at reservation time if there's to be any deviation to normal service. But, that's because I had a horrible New Years Eve dinner one year because of the yukky limited menu at an unnamed restaurant for NYE. I really liked this particular place and had my mouth all set for one of their regular menu items which was not available. That did not make for a happy NYE for me!

I know the restaurant And I am remaining silent as I am the chef. Its been a very rough start for us, And with business as slow as it has been we wanted to focus on limiting the menu and felt that restaurant week could help us during our slow time. We put items on the menu that reflected a brasserie and what we do best, It would have been very wasteful of us to try to offer more. In regards to letting the party know of this I feel it should have been conveyed to them way prior to there visit. We tried everything in our power to accomodate them, We only offer fresh daily product, and I always keep a few items in my arsenal in case we have a diner with restrictions. We are working very very hard, and I wish that they would have just given us a college try. We would not have to read this sad but true article. It really is a blow to the chest. We love our restaurant and we work very hard to please.

There's a fault here, in that the diners didn't know about it being RW. Where to lay that fault? With the person who took the reservation? Maybe, but I don't think so. With SGI, the person making the reservation, for not knowing? No. I don't think RW is something that can be taken to be common knowledge.

I'd lay the blame with the folks who have not promoted RW adequately. That I'm not quite sure who they are seems a good bit of evidence.

Of the ~5 Restaurant Week restaurants I've tried over the past couple years, I believe 1 or 2 have only had the RW menu. Since I was there for RW, it was fine by me.

Did this person tell the waiter/manager that the person who took their reservation indicated the restaurant could accommodate a vegetarian?

It would have been nice for the restaurant to say it was only serving the RW menu. Since they asked if there were any vegetarians, they definitely should have said something. Vegans don't eat snails.

I've been to restaurants during RW before that give you only the RW menu when you sit. But since I was there specifically for RW, I've never asked if the others are available. I suspect this may be a fairly common practice, though, because of the high volume many places have that week. I also always make sure to mention RW when I make the reservation, so I don't know whether places offering only that menu commonly make it clear. It does seem like a good policy, for restaurants with the limited menu to tell people that when they call.

It seems to me that the restaurant in question did not become "accommodating" until the large party said that they might be leaving. If you just walk into a restaurant without a reservation during RW I can see it as your fault for not knowing. But to make a reservation and not only not be informed that only the RW menu is being served, but actively lulled into thinking otherwise by the staff, that is the restaurant's fault. If any restaurant feels that they can do a better job by limiting their menu during RW, fine. Just try to let the people taking reservations know. Perhaps the folks who sponsor RW could check with participating restaurants and indicate whether or not the RW menu is the only one available.

I'm not sure I'd call this a "disaster." That's overstating it a little bit, don't you think? Absolutely the restaurant didn't communicate very well when the reservation was made - and, perhaps whomever took the reservation dropped the ball by not informing the kitchen about the vegetarian request.

But once that mistake is made, it seems the staff tried very hard to be accomodating and own up to the situation. That is worth a lot of points in my book.

B in Bolton Hill did not inform me when I called to reserve a table for 5 on a Tuesday in January during RW that they were not serving the full menu-- but I did not ask. I'm the wiser now. We had one child with us--a 13 year old picky eater--and much to our pleasure, B was able to honor our special request which was not on the RW menu. Many thanks to them but I will ask in the future.

perhaps the vegetarian marking was overlooked, and as they were being accomodating, they would have expanded the menu for the vegetarian.

I like that the chef came here, took the blame and didn't make (many) excuses. I hope the restaurant can sort out their issues, and, if the front of the house is as willing to admit blame as the back is, they should be able to.

SGI must not be reading this blog often enough if she wasn't aware of RW! wink wink

Call the Wambulance

Best name of the week. I wonder if people get it.

How many people were in your party? Where did you go after you left?

I'm a little tired of hearing how chef-owners are such delicate geniuses (Costanza!) that they can't possibly understand anything about front-of-the-house or management. Chef is short for chef d'hôtel, not chef de cuisine.

Actually, in this case it is chef de cuisine, at least according to the menu. (The chef isn't the owner.) EL

I believe that the restaurant should have said something while the reservation was being made. Of all the places I have been during RW the full menu is also available. When I go to a place during RW its for the RW menu but if someone in my party didn't want that menu I would like to know if the RW menu is all that is being served. When you called telling the customer that only takes a second. The restaurant needs to let the patrons know the deal.

I come away from this with a good feeling about the restaurant, given the accomodation they tried to make once they realized the problem. If I knew which restaurant it was, I'd go there to eat, if I lived in Baltimore.

How is this fair to not name the restaurant? I understand that this behavior might be good or bad, and might be typical or atypical, but I can't make my own decisions without the restaurant name! If this were an unabashedly positive review, you would not hesitate to name the restaurant.

After all, is the job of this blog to inform readers or to prop up the local restaurant industry?

This was not something I experienced myself. EL

The restaurant people sound like nice people...If someone tells me who they are, I want to go visit them.

Were it not for this blog, I would not have been aware of Restaurant Week. True, I need to get out more, but I cannot be the only peorson alive to whom that applies. That said, perhaps all front people could mention that "This is Restaurant Week" when taking reservations or, even when seating guests. It would allow for the menu question, which I would never have thought to ask.

In my entire life - and there are and have been periods when I've made reservations (what felt like) nonstop - no one has ever asked about vegetarians in the party.

tmtosti, thank you for your comment. It was great. I think you would get more positive publicity if you identified yourself. Your explanation is good and I think people would be sympathetic and might try you out. "We only serve fresh" is always a good thing. I love when restaurants are out of things. That tells me that they order things fresh. Restaurants with giant menus that always have everything are not for me. They are serving old frozen food mostly.

While the customers comments were reasonable, they are not the Truth, just their view. I have to wonder about a party large enough to take over a whole room where not one person likes escargot or mussels. Sounds like you chose the wrong place for that group. That sounds like my kind of place. If you don't want to reveal the restaurant here, post a comment on my blog. I'll definitely give you a try.

Cheap Jim, come on dude! It's the fault of the person taking the reservation. It happens. To blame it on the lack of media saturation by the Restaurant Week Commissars is ludacris. RW is mostly word of mouf. I don't want that FreeCreditReport.Com bastard drilling RW ditties into my cerebellum or the GEBCO dancers layin' down some phat rhymes and wagglin' their trunk junk in my face 7w3n7yf0ur $3v3n. ¶ to your moms!

Hey, OMGII - F=tA, I got it! And agree - great name. We've used that expression for those who shed croc tears or otherwise are unjustified boo hoo'ers. Love it!

What about when you don't make a reservation but are a walk in, and when you get to your seats realize that only the RW menu is being offered? It is always awkward to get up and leave a restaurant. Before the host seats you, should he/she mention it is RW menu only?

I think the folks who organize RW could help here by having a notation on the menus posted on the RW website - so it is clearly marked if somewhere is only serving the RW menu.

As a vegetarian, I look at the restaurant's regular menu to see what my options would be while the meat eater in our group has the RW menu. I rely on being able to order from the main menu, but there are definitely places that don't offer it too. (for Feb. 09, Louisiana didn't offer their regular menu, for example).

We can't go and eat their they have not posted the name. That said I HATE RW WEEK! It is just like NYE and Valentines day only it goes on way past a week for many

It slipped my notice the first time, Owl. It is pretty good.

I'd visit that restaurant.

Owl - how 'bout, Billy Mays, aka "The Loud Guy" doing RW ads?

Personally, I hate it when a restaurant is only offerring limited selections on purpose. That happens often on holidays like Valentine's Day.

But it sounds like the restaurant here wants it both ways.

Be consistent. Either the menu is limited solely to what's printed, or it's not. Don't try to set a policy, then backtrack when and only when a guest threatens to dine elsewhere.

If you were going to cave into your original edict, why not just inform your guests from the outset that there are some other things not listed that they can order as well.

Don't blame the patrons here. They are not at fault. I don't blame them one bit for wanting to go somewhere that had an actual selection.

I don't want to hear how "accomadating" the restaurant was trying to be. They were only "accomadating" because they feared they would lose buisiness. If that party had stayed and not threatened to walk out, I doubt the restaurant would have budged on their "this or nothing" menu options.

If you had other things to offer, then why were the tables told they could only choose from the "this or nothing" menu???

And to blame the patrons? That's bush league. Good thing the name of this place isn't mentioned. I would never go there.

Will someone please post the restaurant name? I'd honestly like to check it out.

If you send me an e-mail, I'll send it to you. EL

Joyce, I was watching some video from my trip to Krakova and Billy Mays was in the background selling glumpki makers for the low low price of 1995 złotys. That's a good deal.

I see nothing sinister, or even wrong, about stating a policy (RW menu only) and then bending it when it doesn't suit a particular customer......

....that doesn't sound like inconsistency, or backtracking. It just sounds like human beings were involved in a transaction......

SWGW, F=tA? What's that? I know about F=M x A. Force equals mass times acceleration or in the non-Newtonian non-Euclidean universe I live in, Funtastic = Me X Always!

I look forward to reading your thoughts on steak when I get a chance Donny B. For the moment you might want to ease up on the beef intake Killer.

So some people went to a restaurant and didn't like the menu and they went elsewhere. Big deal. Nobody died. I sense a genuine groundswell of support for the unnamed place.

Cool down Donny. You weren't there and neither was I. Second-hand judgment is pointless. I think it's as simple as the person answering the phone may have omitted some useful info. Restaurants have special menus for special events such as holidays and RW. Deal with it. It's okay not to get everything you want all the time whenever you want it the way you want it.

Cool moss, cool moss, ....Firewalk with me.

Free your mind ... and your ass will follow.
-- George Clinton

Billy Mays.

Now there is a person that if I never hear again, it will be too soon.

tmtosti % itsotmt

It's On The Menu Idiot.

It's On The Menu Idiot.

... if only tmtisti began with an i.

Owl Meat GraspingAtStraws- I finally got it but I think my brain has been subliminated.

OMG, appears I misfired on the shift key and thus = was not +. And I forgot the ' too. My post was symbolically flawed, and I do apologize.

And by the way, you do know who is playing at Rams Head on Saturday night, don't you?

Let me finally put an end to this back and forth commenting on here about this person's experience for RW. My name is Tony D'Angelo and I am the Operator of the restaurant that is being discussed. I am going out on a limb and stating that we are Brasserie 10 South, located at 10 South Calvert St. Cyrus Keefer, my Chef, commented earlier today as well. Since I was referred to in SGI's letter, I felt it be best that I put some clarity and validity to this whole thing. First, I want to thank EL for being partial and understanding the situation and not coming out and naming us before I finally decided to stand up and do so.

Being a brand new restaurant, having just opened a couple weeks before RW, we made a decision to offer some of our best items on the RW menu, but due to the fact that business was slow upon our opening, we needed to streamline what we were purchasing daily, thus eleviate some of the waste that we were experiencing due to our business volume. We felt that we picked the best selling and looking items from our dinner menu to represent us for RW. Also, since we were not busy, not many people had been exposed to our menu, so we felt we could both offer great RW selections and also maintain oour standards of quality product if we slimmed down our offerings to just the RW menu. Some of these posters here are correct, many restaurant do offer both menus, some only offer the RW menu. Since we were new and trying to get off the ground, we chose to be the ones that offered only the RW menu.

When this group voiced their concern about not being able to order from the full menu, I did, as she stated get the regular menu, take it to the chef and we put together several other dishes that they could order, just to make them happy. I even explained to them that if they would just trust us and give us the opportunity to make them happy, we would put together an amazing Chef's tasting menu that would blow the doors off any other menu they could possibly get anywhere else that night. I don't know about you all, but I would be honored if I came to a restaurant such as ours and the Chef offered to personally prepare an in promptu menu for me and my friends. Unfortunately, SGI declined and left to go somewhere else. SGI did say that the appreciated the effort made to do what we could to make them happy and want to stay with us and that they would be back after RW to try us out because she "loved the space and wanted to support a new downtown restaurant". Again, as SGI stated, we even called back later that night and asked for them to come back after RW and we would do our best to give them an unbelievable experience. Who else in this city would go through this much effort????? We do here, because it means that much to us. I am baffled that given the state of the economy and the high mortality rate to begin with of restaurants, that this was even turned into anything of a negative at all, especially if someone said that they wanted to help and support a new restaurant. Before any judgements are made on or about us, just come check us out!!! Form your own opinions, you will see that we go above and beyond to take care of all of our guests! Also, for anyone that comes in and mentions this blog, I will give 20% off their entire check! There, is that motivation enough to get away from the computer and actually come in and try us out? Form your opinions from actual experience, not computer blogs. Thank you for letting me vent, feel free to call me at Brasserie 10 South, 410-528-8994 to validate the offer given if you feel the need to do so. Again, thank you EL for the past support and for taking a neutral stance on this situation.

Tony D'Angelo
Director of Operations
"Brasserie 10 South"
"LuX Night Club & Lounge"
10 South Calvert St

F=tA? At first I thought OMG was turning into feta cheese.

Tony D'Angelo is a smart smart man.


If it takes the patron to threaten to dine elsewhere before the House "offers" to "bend" their own policy, I think that does NOT speak highly of the establishment at all. That being said, I don't know if that was or was not the case in this particular situation.

Owl Meat--

Actually, YES, I AM every bit entitled to "everything I want all the time whenever I want it the way I want it." Especially in this economy!

Why? Because it's MY hard earned money that I choose to spend (or not spend) on someone else's place of business. And if one establishment cannot meet my expectations, they certainly have a competitor somewhere out there who will.

But you're right, about one thing. I wasn't there and you weren't there. However, I am HERE reading YOUR comments accusing the patron of not being truthful in their comments. And you're telling ME not to second hand judge???

Why should the party have given them "the old college try" as the chef was asking when they clearly did not care for the limited offerings that were available.

"If it is to be, it is up to me." - William H. Johnsen

"Those who give can take away; don't bite the hand that feeds you." - John Kay

For what it's worth, I'm giving Mr. D'Angelo the Bucky Seal of Approval. (Since I can't actually take him up on what seems to me to be a more-than-generous offer.)

Mr. D'Angelo--

First of all, you should be grateful this blog was started, as it's done nothing but advertise your business.

Also, Thank you for coming on here to set the record straight. Just so you know, I HAVE been to places who have a "set" and limited holiday menu and, and they refused to deviate from it all together. If the House only bends if a party threatens to leave, then the House needs to re-think the way it handles things. "Bending the rules" on a set menu should NEVER be a last resort to keep a patron in the store. if they can accomadate after the threat to leavem then they can accomadate long before that too.

Hopefully you can understand that if a patron just doesn't care for the limited offerings, It only makes sense for them to dine elsewhere. It appears as if you did try to accomadate them with what you had available, but the group just wanted something else, or just weren't ready to take a "gamble." I cannot blame them for that, especially if they did offer in good faith to return when you had the full menu.

I hope you realize though that they had every right to be disappointed for not being informed that the menu would be limited that evening, and that in the future you do need to do a better job of communicating that to your guests both when they make the reservation, and when they walk through the door. These people seemed to be blindsided when they arrived, and that's something that could have easily been avoided.

I trust that you will take care of them next time they visit, and I will hold you to the 20% off my bill! ;-)

Mr. D'Angelo, I am glad to see your side, and applaud your courage in naming yourself and your restaurant. Your behaviour and your chef's do make me wish to try your restaurant.

But I won't take you up on the 20% off. That feels like a bribe, and I'd rather reward your honesty than respond to a bribe (and I'm probably being really, really picky here).

Well, after reading this entire thread I know I'll be making a trip to Brasserie 10 South sometime in the next week. Kudos for going beyond, Tony.

F=tA? At first I thought OMG was turning into feta cheese.

I am salty enough and I float in water... ladies. 8>}

As I recall, Donny B really likes the Cheesecake Factory. Fear not DB, you can always get everything you want all the time there – plop, plop boil in a bag instant gratification.

Tony D'Angelo is my hero. Good job. Note: fix up your web site right away. The first page is okay but the rest is empty or a mess. It's very important for making a first impression.

Even before he posted I started sending out feelers to friends to make a trip there. The menu is like food erotica. It looks like a greatest hits menu of Top Chef. I'm excited. I don't like eating in places where I know I can make the same thing at home and usually better. I don't think there's much of anything on that menu that I can make at home.,That's great.

I think that we should extend ourselves and try this interesting new place and send our comments to EL for (maybe) a future post. It would be something for us to get off our butts and actually do something of consequence.

I'm Owl Meat Gravy and I approved this message.

accusing the patron of not being truthful in their comments

Slow it down and read more carefully. I wasn't judging the customers. I was stating that no one narrative can ever be The Truth – ever.

Do you have a bar at Brasserie 10 South? Can you tell us something about your wines?

What fun that a rather lame complaint has turned into a groundswell for B10S. All you chain-haters, here's your chance to put your money where your bouche is.

Yep Lisa you are. Your loss

Is Brasserie 10 South open for lunch?

Circling back to our starting point, EL wrote I enjoy disasters if they don't happen to me, don't you? This reminded me of the time, years ago, when I was feeling a little down. Then I talked to a young woman at work whose father had run afoul of the mob and was assassinated for not paying up on time. He was lying in a morgue in Las Vegas because no one in the family would pay for his burial. I can't say I enjoyed hearing this story, but it sure made my problems seem trivial.

PFunk at the Rams Head? Can this be true?

Fl Rob, you'll surely hear Billy Mays voice again, next time you fall asleep with the tv on and it's around 2 am. I just know this.

Owl, if David Hasselhoff can have a whole career overseas, the possiblities for Billy Mays are endless. Today glumpki makers tomorrow any cheap crap the 3rd world has to offer!

sigh, Joyce, you are correct. Billy Mays has even infiltrated the Weather Channel.


Really, your hurting for blog hits so bad that you need to label this a disaster to get it attention? C'mon EL, this is hardly a disaster.

Actually SGI called it a debacle. I thought I was softening it. Hey, when I want hits I talk about crab cakes. :-) EL

Joyce W., it is indeed true. I saw them perform at RH a couple of years ago, and it was quite a spectacle. The opening the last time featured a man in dreadlocks, hightop Reeboks, and a diaper (yes, a big white cloth diaper, not a loin cloth or other type of garb that conceivably could be mistaken for a diaper) playing a bass. And when GC himself came onstage, it was one funky scene.

RW's over - Bygones be bygones.

Here are some facts about why we dine - the FOOD.

I've eaten here 3 times and have marveled each nite with the entrees.
And thanks to the generous & artistic heart of Chef Cyrus, I've been treated to a number of innovative amuse bouches this town rarely sees. They're rich and fun. For instance, squid bacon with home made (and right-sized) gnocchi in a lobster beurre-blanc....daahhhhaammmn. I tried foie gras for the first time at Chef's insistance [thanks Chef]; you're not gonna believe this preparation. Also, a duck and white bean concoction that is wicked good comfort food. Lite eaters will be very impressed with the frissee salad. You'll find it a treat to be cooked for by someone who believes in what he's serving; dude's found his muse.

And be assured, picky and dollar-conscious (though not dollar-depleted) eaters can experience a magnificent menu.
If they don't have everything on a given night (and they don't seem to ...not yet at least), relax (pause), take the food journey with them, let chef know what you don't like. And know that what they do have is fresh (dontcha hate having to debrief a server to find if a menu item's past its prime?)

Good, real people work here. Great food & wine pairings . . . give them a try before you pine for the days when getting the chef's attention was as easy as it is now.

It's very interesting that two separate threads on chowhound take the exact opposite view on a similar issue -- that a restaurant has no obligation to inform the customer when there is a pre fix menu on a holiday.

Maybe the difference is holiday v. restaurant week? As in, most people will be aware that they were making a reservation on New Years or Valentine's Day, but it is quite possible to make a reservation without realizing it falls during restaurant week.....


I do like the Cheesecake Factory (when I can get a table). I've never had a bad meal there. And I like the Double T Diner even better!

A wise man once said: "Just let 'em eat...!"

Dahlink, that's something darker than schadenfreude. Dark.

I've bathed in the acrid warm water of schadenfreude, so it is ironic that I agree with Cowgirl. At first I was titillated by a juicy RW story but as it unfolded I wondered what the disaster really was. A bad meal is a disaster, but this seems like just a misunderstanding. I don't sense that the food at B10S was a good match for that group – just a guess.

Then as the thread developed, I discovered a restaurant very convenient to me that I had never heard of with food that looks like heaven to me. Without the initial post all this good publicity would never have happened.

Lesson to restaurant owners: when you put a face on your place people are more empathetic. Engage. How refreshing to hear from a real person rather than restaurant people hiding behind aliases and shilling.

A great case study of several different things and a shining moment for this virtual community.

I thought Drugstore Cowgirl was you, Owlie ;-)

Donny B --

A threat to dine elsewhere is not what happened at all, in either the customer's or the management's version of events.

In both versions, the customer expressed misgivings, or concern, about a situation, and the management turned somersaults to try to fix it.

I know. I said to you earlier that: "I don't know if that was or was not the case in this particular situation."

But there are cases where it has been the situation.

I hear you now, Donny B...but why are you me in the post above?

You know, I went to write your name as a salutation in my note, and instead iI nadvertantly wrote it in the "Name" box. LOL!

P Funk used to have a guy that dressed as a bride too, Owl. Once (many years ago) when I saw them, there were more people on stage (in P Funk) than in the audience!

Thanks for the link to the menu, vince. I won't be able to eat there until they correct the spelling of "jour"--I know, I know, my loss!

"I was stating that no one narrative can ever be The Truth – ever."

Owlie, the fanatical adherants of all major religions and most minor ones would beg to differ with you. And each other. Usually violently.

Too much meat makes some breeds too agressive. I think it's time to switch someone to dry food for a while.

I won't be able to eat there until they correct the spelling of "jour"

Dahlink, that's not the only error on the website. Just under some text saying "The Brasserie is open for lunch Monday through Friday" is text saying "Lunch Tuesday–Friday", as well as text saying "Closed Sunday and Monday".

From my experience, one should always use a proofreader that's not the same person who wrote the original text.

Dahlink,you're right about the spell check. And that menu needs more than a fix du "jour". "Prixe fixe" and "fricasse" stood out, among other examples. (This is by no means intended to start another round of fuss - just a well meaning observation - truly!)

After reading about all of the RW menu commotion and seeing the generous offer from Mr. DAngelo, my friend and I decided to dine at Brasserie 10 South this evening. The food was AMAZING and all of the staff members we met were extremely pleasant. We'd go back again and plan to soon.

In regards to the RW menu issue, the two of us try to visit at least three restaurants during every restaurant week. We both recall having at least one of the restaurants we visit only offers the RW menu. While dietary restrictions can be a major issue in such cases, the problem can really be solved with a simple question about the menu choices.

Brasserie 10 South is a small place and it makes sense that offering two menus would be a little unreasonable given their resources. I hope that more people should give this place a chance and hopefully you all will have the same extraordinary experience we did!

Ms Joy may be a wonderful person, but why does her writing style sound so much like Shill As a Second Language? I'm just asking. Not sure, but MY shill-o-meter is at yellow, moving towards orange.

I do think there is a more general problem with RW in that some places post their menus online, and people make their selections based on that, but then may find that something entirely different may be offered when they show up. At the very least the posted menus should carry a caveat "subject to availability" or some such thing. One time we got a completely different menu from the one we were expecting, but since we were pleased with the substitutions, it was far from being a disaster.

I think the manager and chef were very gracious in this situation, which more than makes of for the host's snafu of not remembering/knowing there would be limited offerings during RW.

Update - I finally had the opportunity to experience a meal at Brasserie 10 South. Most importantly, the food was excellent. The lamb shank was the most coveted item at the table but no one in my party was disappointed in any of their choices. Most of the tables were filled and the atmosphere was much livelier on this visit. The restaurant space is great but it looks even better with the tables occupied. And...we took the restaurant up on the 20% discount for mentioning the blog. Our server said he wasn't aware of the offer but he spoke with management and we were readily given the discount. All in all we had a good experience.

Oh - here's a response to Owl Meat's wine list question - the restaurant does have a bar. I think I would actually classify it more as a lounge rather than a bar because there is generous seating to allow patrons to linger for hours. The wine list is compact, risk-free and strong (read: Silver Oak, Caymus, Opus One.)

Brasserie 10 South was at the Cosmic Cocktail party last week and their tastes were, hands down, the best bite of the night. Seriously delicious. They shot to the top of my "must try" list.

Royal Takeaway Clayton

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