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February 26, 2009

Foods to feed a cold



This whole "feed a cold" thing bugs me anyway. If orange juice and citrus fruits high in vitamin C are so good for you, why do they taste so awful when you have a cold? It's like pouring salt on an open wound to eat an orange if you have a sore throat.

It's another example of your body betraying you when you're just trying to help it out, like when you're pregnant and you're going to be the best pre-mother ever and eat only nutritious foods, and then for nine months all you can stomach is Jif peanut butter and Wonder bread. Does that make sense? ...

Recently non-canned chicken noodle soup has tasted good to me when I have a cold, but not this time. The only thing that's remotely palatable is a lemon-lime or grapefruit soda such as Sierra Mist half and half with orange juice over ice.

The flavor of tea is off when I have a cold, which is so distracting I don't enjoy it.

This, by the way, is why I work so far ahead when I review restaurants -- so I don't have to review when I can't taste anything, but don't have to miss a week.

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Jif peanut butter and Wonder bread. Does that make sense? ...

Maybe because they are the food of life? And your body knows.

The change in tastes is probably due to your nose being stuffy from the cold. A lot of what we call "taste" is due to smell.

Eat oysters - the highest naturally occurring zinc content of any food, I hear!

The fried oyster appetizer at the Wine Market, the oyster po' boy at Ms. Shirley's, the raw oysters at Woodberry Kitchen...

I take zinc tablets to ward off colds, and they seem to work. Maybe if you took them while you have the cold, it won't last as long?

you're not supposed to enjoy food when you're sick and your taste buds don't work.

drink a carton of OJ, have some chicken soup, couple advils, and call me in the morning.

If lemon-lime soda tastes good, maybe nimbu pani will.

Take a lime. Wash it off then roll it around on the counter a bit to start making it juicy. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into a big glass (I like to use my vintage Taco Bell Che Chihuahua plastic cup). To be authentic, you'd then toss the squeezed halves in, but it isn't strictly necessary.

Fill the glass with water and ice cubes. Add a small pinch of salt (really, it'll cut the bitter and make it taste a little sweet, it shouldn't be salty). Stir, drink.

It doesn't keep well, but if I'm dehydrated or ill, this stuff tastes great. If I'm not, it is so-so.

What about wine? I was told once that wine had more vitamin C than orange juice per volume.

(If you know otherwise, please keep it to yourself!)

MDC, I just installed the USDA's nutrient database software, so I might have to look int that. I did a whole anaylsis of beef fat vs duck fat which I never posted.

Here are the highlights:

duck fat 100g
fatty acids, sat 33.2
monosat 49.3
polyunsat 12.9

beef tallow
sat 41.8
monosat 41.8
polyunsat 4.0

exciting stuff

MD Canon,
Wine is very good for you. That is all you need to know.


While online herb shopping tonight I ran across the following that sounds like it would be great for a cold. I actually have linden flowers for tea (Stash Tea co.)

Get your sweat on

"Linden's flavonoids and glycosides have been shown to have a relaxing effect, and to stimulate the body's infection-fighting mechanisms by inducing body heat, that is, forcing a mild fever and sweating, diaphoresis."

I have actually found the only cure for the common cold: sleep. Wait. Slap on wrist. You tried to sneak end-of-comment italics in on me. EL

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