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February 24, 2009

Don't stop at pork brains...

...get the whole collection. Yes, that was the subject line from our newsroom systems god Steve Auerweck when he sent me this picture.

Thanks, Steve. I'm just one Armour photo away from my goal weight. WholeCollection.bmp

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Hey, lambs' tongues are delicious! Although, I've never had them tinned, just fresh or frozen.

Bucky, I rest my case.

Potted meat product sounds worse than lambs tongues or pork brains!

Potted Meat.

Every time I see or hear that, it reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.

Remember Underwood's Deviled Ham?The can had a paper wrapper, if I remember correctly.

As a Jew, I have to observe the eleventh commandement: "Thou shalt not eat pork brains in milk gravy." But as a curious bystander, I can't help but wonder...who does?

Where are the lark's tongues in aspic??

Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo has Warm Lamb’s Tongue Vinaigrette with Hedgehog Mushrooms and a 3-Minute Egg on the menu. Sounds like an acquired 'taster.'

RtSO, you are prescient, indeed.

(However, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There's nothing wrong with Spam that a few minutes in a cast-iron skillet and a healthy dose of Worchestershire sauce won't fix. If it wasn't for Spam, we might all be speaking Japanese today.)

PCB Rob - I still take a couple of cans of Underwood Deviled Ham with me when I go fishing, just in case I get stranded out there in Nature. Of course, now I've figured out that worms are edible...

And do my eyes deceive me or are there more "Most Recent Comments" over there? Good for whomever did that.

Back to work...

Are you new Stacy? Because if you are you can move from the new kids' table directly to the cool kids' lunch table.

Lark tongues and sparrow hearts are two of my favorite ingredients from 17th Century French court feasts. I loved the movie Vatel starring Gerard Depardieu as François Vatel, the 17th century French chef who threw a decadent feast for Louis XIV and 2000 of his friends and killed himself because the fish was delivered late.

Here's where you get bonus points even if it was an accident, because I just learned something new. Lark's Tongue in Aspic is apparently a classic song and name of an album from uber-cool guitarist Robert Fripp's band King Crimson from 1973. I had no idea. The video is very lysergic for that year. It looks more like 1967. The song doesn't do much for me but I do like that he incorporates non-musical objects like sheet metal into the mix, predating the industrial bands like Einsturzende Neubauten by quite a few years. I like Fripp's more pure guitar loop stuff from later years when he and Brian Eno were Scotch-taping pieces of audio tape into actual loops.

Oh no, my brain just fell down an owl hole. Anyway, thanks for making me think. Time for lunch... fried bologna and Kutztown ham sandwich with fresh grated horseradish and hot sauce and homemade pickle slices. You never know, a lark could have fallen into the bologna machine.

More on "Lark's Tongues in Aspic":
I'm listening to part 2 of the song and am blown away by Fripp's guitar playing. This section is not the trippy video version but a camera close up on his hands and guitar. The color of his Strat is eerily similar to the color a certain person's eyes. I was struck almost instantly by how much this style of playing (hypnotically repetitive, mildly dissonant) must have influenced Television guitarist Tom Verlaine a few years (months?) later.

Anyway, a nice swerve. Off to Bolognaville.

Hmmm. I never sat at the cool kids' table. Story of my life.

Dahlink, you've been at the cool kids' table for a long time. Now hand over your tater tots or you're getting a wet willie.

Just back from the grocery store,where I saw packages of SPAM SINGLES LITE. Yes, you can now buy a single slice of SPAM---"just peel 'n' eat!". The packets contain one rather thick, mushy, slice. Eeeeyuk. Or rather, gack. Just thought y'all might want to know....

GACK. My dad eats that "potted meat 'food' product" stuff (guess I shouldn't be surprised he's in the hospital... though amazingly not for his heart.) It made me gag a little every time I opened the pantry.

Also I don't traffic in tongue in general... it makes my insides flail to think of it canned.

I'm with you Sloth. I saw Andrew Zimern eating a nice big plate of duck's tongues in either Cambodia or Vietnam. Although, I try to be an adventurous eater, I just couldn't get past how "tongue like" they looked (although black). Add the can and gelatin to the mix and yes, it makes my insides flail as well.

What does tongue taste like? Or, better yet, what does the inside of your nose smell like?

The problem with tongue is ....

[I need a haircut. If I hear the phrase "in this economy" one more time blood will run. That woman on the Today Show has pretty green eyes. I like her boots too. ]

... uh, the problem is that it has the exact texture and consistency of your own tongue, so things get a little confusing in there.

When I was a kid, the family across the street used to eat beef tongue. A whole tongue - curling, like you see a cow's tongue curling? - would be boiling in a big pot. We sure weren't rich, but I thought they must be terribly, terribly poor to have to eat that!

With beef tongues, both the texture and the taste change from tip to root.

With lambs' tongues, I cant tell because, in general, each tongue is a bite.

Cooked tongue has a very different consistency than raw tongue. Good thing, too, or I'd have no tongue left from biting it.

I've had beef tongue (I assume that's what's in deli tongue anyway) and it was fine. The one and only time my mom boiled and served a whole cooked tongue unsliced I could see the taste buds. ewwwwwww. That just ruined it for me (so of course I had to ruin it for my younger brother too!)

RayRay, I'd say that deli tongue tastes very much like corned beef and that the inside of my nose smells fine unless I'm having sinus infection d'jour.

Lissa, I feel like this topic is now like a stick of dynamite and you're holding a flame thrower. Tempting isn't it?

Don't know what you mean, Owlie.

Here...would you mind holding my propane tank for a minute? Gotta get a kink out of this hose...

I don't know about anybody else, but "Potted Meat Food Product" scares hell out of me. What IS it? What KIND of meat? What's even more frightful is that no less than THREE companies make it. It's coming to take us away, ho ho he he ha ha....

Dottie, the Armour Potted Meat has:

Ingredients: Mechanically Separated Chicken, Beef Tripe, Partially Defatted Cooked Beef Fatty Tissue, Beef Hearts, Water, Partially Defatted Cooked Pork Fatty Tissue, Salt. Less than 2 percent: Mustard, Natural Flavorings, Dried Garlic, Dextrose, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite

The reason I think it's more popular than the Hormel Potted Meat is that Hormel doesn't have garlic. Partially defatted cooked beef and pork fatty tissue needs a little punching up.


No accident, Owl. My house is awash in Fripp and Crimson. My S.O. is gaga for prog and some of it stuck.

Obscure stuff even for me Stacy. Not into the prog rock so much as Fripp's dedication to the guitar and sound in general.

Babies on fire
Better throw 'em in the water

Something in the cobwebs around my brain is trying to remember something about Fripp. Was it he who used to play behind curtains because of severe stage fright? I think, maybe, I'm having an actual recollection...

Robert Fripp is probably more legendary than listened to by the guitaratti. He led a number of incarnations of King Crimson which I always thought of as bloviated and somewhat annoying ("in the court of the Crimson King...") Compare to Peter Gabriel-era Genesis such as "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".

I know him by reputation as a pioneer of studio technique in the early/mid 70s with Brian Eno created physical tape loops by manually cutting and spicing tape to experiment with that sort of sound.

The video of Fripp I saw had him sitting in a chair playing oblivious to everyone else, Miles Davis style. I had an album of his called "I Advance Masked" which was very interesting. Lot's of respect, not as much enthusiasm.

From notes for William Gaddis' The Recognitions:
... where "he advanced masked" derives from "Larvatus prodeo." Maritain explains: "In the juvenilia of Descartes we find the phrase Larvatus prodeo. 'Like an actor wearing a mask, I come forward, masked, on the stage of the world.' [...] It will be for the masked philosopher to unmask the sciences and to make their continuity and their unity appear with their beauty" (The Dream of Descartes, 41, 92 n.25). The phrase also refers to the precautions Descartes took not to offend the authorities with his new philosophical systems.

Hey there's an actual 80's style video of Fripp and Andy Summers from the Police complete with dancing ladies. Fripp is sitting and looks more like Robert Oppenheimer than a rock star. Larvatus prodeo indeed.
Way ahead of their time. Mesmerizing for me, stroke inducing for others.

I think I deserve extra pretentious-bastard points tonight.

You want pretentious? Check out this interview with Fripp in his "audio lab" where his guitar sounds like screaming Chinese cats. The weirdest part is his discussion of how playing in public is humiliating.

You may also know him as the leader of the League of Crafty Guitarists.

Here's a beautiful example of warm-tone Frippertronics. Gorgeous. I don't really care much about songs anymore, just sounds.

Owl if you are into sounds, try pre "Dark Side of The Moon" Pink Floyd. Although, some may argue that Dark Side was their zenith (especially considering the special effect work for the times and the equipment that they had to work with), some earlier work like Ummaguma and Animals are wonderful early musical genius. Also, Meddle is definitely worth listening to, "One of These Days" being the better known track but some innovative work on the whole album as well.

BTW, one of my favorite current groups Dengue Fever, has a vocalist that my partner says sounds like cats (ahem) having relations. I kind of agree with her but I like it anyway.

I will check out some early PF. Lots of people have told me that over the years. I know Animals pretty well, it's post Moon. I think The Wall is horrible dreck.

Having lived in Panama, Dengue Fever scares me. Of current groups I like Animal Collective and one of it's member's solo work Panda Bear. Panda Bear sounds like what the inside of Brain Wlison's head might have sounded like during the Pet Sounds era. Beautiful and weird.

Joyce, Animals came out in 1977, was my favorite record for a long time.

Ummagumma does have the one track called "Several Species of Small Animals Gathered in a Cave and Grooving on a Pict". Or something like that. That record is kind of odd. I believe it includes "Careful with that axe, Eugene".

Meddle is a great record!

You are right, Fl Rob. I just always thought it pre-dated DSOTM. Meddle and Ummagumma did though. Yes, there are those tracks on Ummagumma. "Careful with that axe, Eugene" is a great song title isn't it? I like most Floyd, but have to pretty much agree with Owl that The Wall was pretty drekky. The possible exception being the song "Mother".

I saw a show on tv recently talking about some of the ways that they got those incredible effects on that stone age - pre-computer days equipment. Most impressive.

My favorite Floyd records (discs now) are DSOTM, Meddle, Animals, and Wish You Were Here, in no particular order. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is an excellent piece.
Obscured by Clouds is another that predated "Moon", and it includes the late Syd Barret, before David Gilmour joined the group.

There is a Pink Floyd tribute band, called Several Species, that does shows in the Baltimore area. I have seen them twice, and when they do the second set of the entire Animals record (they vary albums they feature), you would swear its really Floyd. They are that good. One caveat, they do a bunch of Wall stuff, and I never liked that record much either.

Yes, Careful with that axe Eugene is a great title, and a rather disturbing, yet cool tune.

Ok - just one more Floyd comment and then I'll shut up about them. Rob - I'm wondering if you've heard that story about how Shine on You Crazy Diamond was written about Sid Barrett, and just as the band was recording it, he showed up in the studio. Except - he had gained like 100 lbs and shaved his head and his eyebrows and none of them recognized him at first. That must have been a chilling moment when they put it together that it was indeed Sid and the song they were just about to do.

I've always liked Pink Floyd's music and everything they released, up until the Wall. Roger Waters' ego finally got the best of him there. Waters wrote all of Animals (the album before the Wall), but that disc was so much better.

Yes, I have heard that story about how they were recording Shine On... and Syd showed up. I had heard he was disguised somehow, but didn't know the details. I hate to say this, but I think the band was better off with David Gilmour in the fold.

RIP Syd.

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