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January 19, 2009

Inaugural food: Obama pop


Ever alert reader Retired in Elkridge brought this fine Inaugural product to my attention:

Elizabeth, I was at Giant Food yesterday and picked up a 4-pack of Jones Soda in a new "Orange 'You Glad For Change' Cola." Complete with a picture of our incoming President. Label says "At Jones Soda our motto has always been 'Run with the little guy  ... Create some change.' Well, you chose change and Orange you glad that you did." Also a boxed statement "Barack Obana does not endorse Jones Soda and Jones Soda isn't affiliated with the President Elect." Makes an interesting souvenir. Haven't tried it yet 'cause it isn't diet and has 40 grams of sugar per 12-oz bottle. Picture enclosed.

I'm very fond of Jones Soda because they make a black cherry flavor, a favorite flavor of my youth. I never thought to look for it in the supermarket; I just drink it occasionally for nostalgia's sake when I eat lunch at Sascha's 527.

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Jones Soda...the absolute 3 worst things I've ever attempted to ingest were Jones Soda.

A co-worker bought the Thanksgiving dinner kit one year, and brought it in. Only one of the flavours was remotely drinkable, and then only in an emergency. I was the only one who tried the salmon flavour, and it make me ill.

My stomach still twists in memory 3 years later every time I see Jones Soda or someone mentions it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling it pop. I'm originally from Buffalo and find myself in the heated "pop/soda" debate. Where do you stand?

I like both. :-) EL

Did anyone else watch the pre-inaugural concert on the Mall yesterday? My favorite was Bettye LaVette's duet with Jon Bon Jovi--change is gonna come. I think I've seriously "misunderestimated" Bon Jovi all these years.

Jones is the company, isn't it, that makes Thanksgiving Dinner in a bottle? Turkey flavored soda, dressing flavored soda, pumpkin pie flavored soda.

My son, several years ago, just had to have that Thanksgiving in a bottle. As far as I know the dusty untouched bottles still remain untouched in our basement. Perhaps one day he'll be able to sell them on ebay...?

eth -- the "pop/soda" debate is largely a matter of where you came from. See this Wikipedia entry, which has an excellent map showing usage county-by-county throughout the USA. (And don't forget "tonic", which in the Boston area refers to all carbonated beverages, not just the stuff you mix with gin or vodka.)

"Pop" is used in Chicagoland, which makes EL's reference to "Obama pop" quite appropriate. (On the other hand, his birth state of Hawaii falls squarely on the "soda" side of the debate.)

Salmon, turkey, dressing flavors?


Those Obama pops will probably sell out quickly, people will want them for souvenirs.

So when I'm in Boston and want a gin and tonic am I going to get soda with my gin? And how do I ask for a scotch and soda?

My 91-year-old father-in-law, who lives in Northern California, always calls it "sody pop."

Laura Lee -- nowadays, you'll get the right mixer when ordering in a bar, but, in the old days, you might have had to order a "gin and quinine water" or "gin and quinine". There was no problem with scotch and soda, since "soda" meant soda water. (I somehow doubt that anybody in Chicago ever had to ask for a scotch and pop.)

On the other hand, if you want to buy a 2-liter bottle of Sprite at a local grocery store, you might have to look for the overhead sign for the Tonic aisle, rather than the Soda aisle. You'd probably get a blank stare if you asked the customer service desk to direct you to the Pop aisle.

I think that I'll get some Obama pop and put it in the basement next to my 5 cases of (empty) Billy beer cans.

I've suddenly got a craving for pale stale ale with the foam on the bottom.

Lissa, you drank carbonated salmon liquid? What part of that seemed like a good idea?

Laura Lee - the first time I met my Boston sister in law, she asked me if I wanted a drink. I replied, "Sure, I'll have a scotch and soda." She asked, "What kind of soda do you want?"

Ray Ray, I believe you mean Old Frothingslosh. Also, how was the Billy Beer?

Bucky, you made that up now--didn't you?

Eve, I'd rather eat hakarl than drink that salmon soda again. And I only managed the smallest sip.

No one else could get within 6 feet of the bottle after it was opened.

It was a very bad idea. I guess I was showing off to my co-workers. You know, give it to Lissa, she eats weird things like sushi and yucca, she'll try it...

Dahlink - I didn't. I will say that it was long ago, when we were both much less experienced in the alcoholic arts. She would know better today and, for myself, I no longer ruin a good glass of scotch by adding soda water to it.

Bucky--glad to hear you have reformed!

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