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January 16, 2009

Dessert for breakfast

Breakfast%20%26%20Cherry%20Pie.JPGI'm terrified that my daughter will read this guest post from Bucky.

We never regularly had dessert after dinner in my family; but when I married, "I promise to love, honor and cherish and provide dessert every night, preferably in the form of chocolate" was actually incorporated into the service. Gailor grew up expecting dessert after dinner every single night.

Then one day she came up with the concept of "lunch dessert."

You can see how Bucky's post could be a problem. Anyway, here he is. EL

So, last Saturday evening, we did what we often do; we had breakfast for supper.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  When we were done, I asked Kaikala, “What’s for dessert?”

She gave me that look and replied, “We had breakfast.  There is no dessert.” ...

I said, “No, we had supper.  We had scrambled eggs and bacon, but it was supper.  There should be dessert.”

Why don’t people eat dessert with breakfast?  Or maybe people do?  We don’t.  We don’t eat dessert any time we eat breakfast food, even if we eat breakfast food at some time of day other than morning.

It’s true whether we eat in or out.  If we go to a restaurant that serves breakfast all day long, and I order a breakfast entree, I don’t order dessert after my meal.  But if I order, say, a burger, a sandwich or a chicken fried steak, I’ll finish my meal with a piece of pie.

I have never eaten a piece of pie at a Waffle House.

I don’t think I’m odd in this regard.  How many of you eat dessert with breakfast food?

(Photo by Uncle Larry/Food by Kai's Kountry Kitchen Kafe)

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True, but lots of people eat dessert as breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes, crepes, waffles....

Seems that you are eating the wrong type of breakfast for dinner....

fruit. give them an apple or banana. that's like the 10AM snack in breakfast terms. or a mid morning desert.

I don't know the reason why, but it's true, no dessert ever after breakfast - even when breakfast is dinner. BTW, when we had breakfast for dinner the few times we did when I was a kid, my mother used to ask me not to tell anyone. Evidently, then they would think we were poor!

To me, bread pudding is a perfectly fine breakfast...

My husband likes to combine dessert and breakfast for dinner = "brinner". He will have ice-cream on waffles. During the summer he puts fresh berries on it too.

It's to much for me, but he seems to love it.

When I have breakfast in a diner I almost always have a piece of pie for dessert.

I like to have dessert for breakfast. Cherry pie is just lovely and goes so well with coffee.

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."

I'm with AMS. The perfect breakfast that's its own dessert: Doughnuts and bacon.

We don't do much dessert here at Candlemas House, and when the kids were growing up breakfast was about 50-50 between sweet and savory. I noted with great interest the Christmas about 8 years ago when the request came for Eggs Benedict instead of the New Orleans beignets I had been making for since they were small. (Since the beignet dough is made ahead of time, they were actually easier! Secret: sweetened condensed milk in the yeast dough.)

I don't eat dessert, as I am not a sweets person. However, I always fix enough chicken or fish for dinner so that I have enough for breakfast.

I'm with NotableM on not being much of a sweets person--but chicken or fish for breakfast? That's when I want my toast and yogurt or oatmeal with fruit.

Although I don't usually have desert with breakfast or even brunch or lunch for that matter, I have a hard time turning down pie. Pie to me, is the most perfect dessert. Sweet or savory, I don't think I've ever had a pie I didn't like. Some had questionable crust (too soggy or too dry) but the fillings! Ok pie is still good and great pie is a gift from the heavens!

I just had peanut butter cake for breakfast. Alas, it was the last piece, and now I won't have any after dinner.

Thanks, everyone for your comments. It's 8:00 a.m. as I type this and I'm eating a piece of cherry pie.

MD Canon - I would never turn down a beignet...breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacktime.

You know what that means, right, KristinB? You have to go out and gets something for after dinner now!

This is the first time I saw Bucky's post for the week, must have missed it.

I eat breakfast food at dinner sometimes, but no, I don't eat dessert with it. I'm not real big on sweets anyway.

My sister though, LOVES sweet stuff and will eat cake for breakfast if its around.

When I was a girl, I enjoyed reading all of Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books, especially the one about her husband's boyhood on a farm in upstate New York in the 1860s. "Farmer Boy" recounts a year in the life of Almanzo Wilder. Here's how he started a typical winter day when he was eight years old:

...Mother was calling from the foot of the stairs:
"Almanzo! What's the matter? Be you sick? It's five o'clock!"
He crawled out, shivering. He pulled on his trousers and waist, and ran downstairs to button up by the kitchen stove. Father and Royal had gone to the barns. Almanzo took the milk pails and hurried out. The night seemed very large and still, and the stars sparkled like frost in the black sky.
When the chores were done and he came back with Father and Royal to the warm kitchen, breakfast was almost ready. How good it smelled! Mother was frying pancakes and the big blue platter, kept hot on the stove's hearth, was full of plump brown sausage cakes in their brown gravy.
Almanzo washed as quickly as he could, and combed his hair. As soon as Mother finished straining the milk, they all sat down and Father asked the blessing for breakfast.
There was oatmeal with plenty of thick cream and maple sugar. There were fried potatoes, and the golden buckwheat cakes, as many as Almanzo wanted to eat, with sausages and gravy or with butter and maple syrup. There were preserves and jams and jellies and doughnuts. But best of all Almanzo liked the spicy apple pie, with its thick, rich juice and its crumbly crust. He ate two big wedges of the pie.
Then, with his cap's warm ear-muffs over his ears, and his muffler wrapped up to his nose, and the dinner-pail in his mittened hand, he started down the long road to another day of school.

I would be jealous of Almanzo's breakfast, if I didn't remember how hard he had to work on the farm to burn it all off.

Should have followed your advice, Joyce. I do have some ice cream in the freezer but just can't bring myself to do it in this cold.

Thank you, Laura Lee! Now that you are present, perhaps I can get a quorum for my idea of a foodie book club. That was a great start!

Laura Lee, that reminds me of one of my favourite cookbooks to read, Food That Really Schmecks by Edna Staebler. She's an Ontario Mennonite, and wrote a chatty, story-filled book full of down to earth recipes, including about 15.6 bazillion kinds of pie. One is peach peel pie, because you can't waste the peels after canning the peaches.

I couldn't eat like that unless I was doing farmwork all day.

Dahlink- I would like to hear more about your bookclub idea. I don't think I really want to sit around reading cookbooks (I've already spent too much of my life doing that) however I do love reading books with enticing food/dining scenes and descriptions. Awhile ago EL and others were recounting the wine and food proclivities of a certain detective who's name escapes me.

a certain detective who's name escapes me.

Nero Wolfe?

Well, it would probably have to be a virtual book club, unless we could find a time and a place that worked for everyone (getting Bucky there, for example, would be a major challenge).

Have you read "The Tenth Muse : a life in food" by Judith Jones? There are recipes, but it's mostly about her life as a food editor (she helped bring Julia Child's cookbooks to us, just for starters).

Laura Lee - cookbooks, as a form of pornography, are meant to be read by oneself!

I dunno, KristinB. I enjoy reading choice snippets to folks as I'm reading certain kinds of cookbooks.

Anything sweet is dessert to me. Therefore, waffles, pancakes, crepes, fruit, etc all fall into the dessert category. And I only eat them AFTER my bacon, eggs, toast. Unless the toast has jelly, then that get eaten last too.

After morning breakfast, topping the last bit of toast with Weber's Triple Crown preserves serves as dessert. (God that stuff's good!) But when we have breakfast food for supper, we usually have dessert. What can I say...we almost always have dessert after supper.

Dottie, we almost never have dessert, but maybe that's because we eat dinner, not supper.

Welp Dahlink, it's just semantics. I call casual food (breakfast/chili/soup/burgers) "supper" and formal food (more labor-intensive) "dinner."

Interesting, Dottie. I thought maybe it was a regional thing, like "soda" vs. "pop." Anyone else eat supper?

Seems both a generational and regional thing (supper vs dinner). We sometimes called lunch "dinner" (if more formal). I think we called it supper more often because of the religious "last supper".

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