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December 18, 2008

The Thursday review and pronouncing the critic's name right

DogwoodSandwich.jpgThursday reviewer Richard Gorelick must get almost as much flak for his name as I do for mine. (I'll never forget that the year I started reviewing I got a mention in the "Best and Worst" issue of Baltimore magazine for "Worst pseudonym for a restaurant critic.")

Anyway, Richard graciously answered someone who wanted to know how he pronounced his name with this comment:

Our family pronounces GO-REL-ICK with three syllables; however, I have met people with this last name who do it in two. ...

Kenny Gorelick (aka Kenny G) pronounces it with two.

The name apparently means "burned," but what exactly it was that burned in Belarus and when no one is certain.

All this is by way of introducing his review in the Thursday paper of the Hudson Street Stackhouse in Canton.

Meanwhile Rob Kasper reviewed the new Dogwood Cafe in the Woman's Industrial Exchange for takeout. It's where my friend Helen and I had our Christmas lunch today, and I'll tell you more about it later.

(Sandwich from the Dogwood Cafe by Elizabeth Malby/Sun photographer)

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You buried the lead! He's related to Kenny G. How exciting, in a soprano sax kind of way.

I am 100 kinds of excited about the new Dogwood downtown. I had no idea until Rob's review today.

Geez, Mary, don't you ever read my Table Talk column? EL

Is da Kenny G related to Da Ali G?

There is no sign that I've seen out front of the WIE. So, even with the Table Talk column, one might doubt.

That's true. The manager said there's one coming. EL

Somehow "Kenny Gorelick" doesn't have the right cadence for a marquee, does it?

He's related to Kenny G.

Mary, I think he says he's met Kenny G.

I always thought it was pronounced with three syllables, but my question is: GOR uh lick or gor EL lick?

Between Elizabeth Large, Richard Gorelick and Susan Loudermilk, Baltimore has some of the best-named restaurant reviewers in the world.

On a side note, if someone who works for Baltimore Magazine were to read this entry, I want it to be known -- that ill-informed dig at Ms. Large's last name from years past was the only Best of Baltimore award that Baltimore Magazine has ever given her. Even the City Paper gave her BOB last year.

Come on Baltimore Mag! Recognize a local hero!

Unless Dear Leader buys an ad in Baltimore Ragazine she isn't winning anything. And Large isn't food-related anyway. My overly impressed with his own wry sense of humor friend in college thought that EL's name was hilarious because he connected it to a song called "The Largest Elizabeth in the World". Whatever. I'm going with the standard Balkan go-REL-ik. Must have been transliterated poorly from Cyrillic because the "ck" construction doesn't exist outside of stupid stupid English. Kenny G was wandering around Little Italy on Wednesday walking into various establishments and rejecting them. Universal comment: He's SO short. No offense to other gorlickers, but I wish his part of the family had stayed in Belarus.

Didn't you ever feel like the largest Elizabeth in the World?
Usually at a time when the boy is oblivious to the girl
happening for

Yes, omg


It's funny, it's a hard name (for me) to say, something liquid in the second syllable.

oh gosh, I used to LOVE that Roches song....!

...oh, and, gosh, Kenny G and I are not related, and I've never met him (although my brother has), but all Gorelicks (and Garelicks, as in New England's Garelick Farms dairy) are from the same place. I'm pretty sure.

The other well-known Gorelick is Janet, former Assistant Attorney General under Janet Reno, and controversial member of the 9/11 panel.

I can't wait to send this thread to Mom as her Hannukah present.

Off-topic duck alert for Owl: Whole Foods in Inner Harbor East had duck leg confit today! It's been quite awhile since I've seen it there.

Wait, someone else has heard of the Roches? I remember seeing them in Northampton back in the late 80's...great show.

The Roches did a great version of the Hallelujah Chorus (no, I'm not making this up).

Nope, you aren't, Hal. I've heard it, too.

My favourite was "Face Down at Folk City."

I loved the Roches! I had their first album - on vinyl!

Joyce W.--albums come on something besides vinyl? (Showing my age ...)

Their first as a duo or as a trio, Joyce?

I had a cassette tape of their second album as a trio. Alas, I lost it in some break up or another.

Their website says they aren't going to tour anymore. Bummer.

Joyce, if you like the Roches, you'll also enjoy Me, Her and Her, a Michigan trio of lesbians who have a similar style.

Dahlink - you are right, just vinyl (from as long as I remember) but it's a treasure of the past now in the day of cd's and mp3's.

Lissa - First as a trio - I don't think I ever heard them as a duo. I'm inspired to try to download some stuff by them on the pod if it's available as it's been years since I've heard them.

I will check out Me,Her and Her. I'm quite sure I will enjoy them.

I'm picturing the D@L concert now. A few Elvii, the Roches, Einstuzende Neubaten, Kraftwerk, Tom'd be one hell of a festival, eh?

Lissa - I almost feel like your concert list should include "and a partridge in a pear tree"! yes, it would be one hell of a festival. I'd also add Richard Thompson to that list because there seem to many RT fans here (including me)

A few Elvii

Lissa, just for the record, I'm not an extreme Elvis fan by any means. I do the Night of 100 Elvises gig because someone asked me to, and it's a hoot.

Hal, I detest Elvis, although the Night of 100 Elvises sounds like a hoot. I keep telling my friends at home about Baltimore's penchant for weird participatory art/political/party/ha ha only serious happenings.

Jonathan Coulton has to be on that list, too. I don't much care for him, but I'd be shocked if he didn't have a few fans here.

Making the Roches relevant for D@L:

O Mr Sellack
Can I have my job back?
I've run out of money again.
Last time I saw ya
I was singing Hallelujah
I'm so glad to be leavin' this restaurant.

Now the only thing I want
Is to have my old job back again.
I'll clean the tables;
I'll do the creams;
I'll get down on my knees and scrub
behind the steam table.

O Mr. Sellack
I didn't think I'd be back.
I worked here last year
I came when Annie
Was going on vacation
And I stayed on almost till December.

Now the only thing I want
Is to have my old job back again.
I won't be nasty to customers no more.
When they send their burger back I'll tell them that
I'm sorry.

Waiting tables ain't that bad.
Since I've seen you last, I've waited
for some things that you would not believe
To come true.

Give me a broom and I'll sweep my way to heaven.
Give me a job;
You name it.
Let the other forty-million three-hundred and seven
People who want to get famous.

Now the only thing I want
Is to have that old job back again.
I'll clean the tables;
I'll do the creams;
I'll get down on my knees and scrub
behind the steam table.

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