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December 17, 2008

Boys and their toys

Shallow Thought John Lindner is making up his Christmas wish list. Sorry, John, your toy is no longer available in the U.S. EL

What do I want for Christmas?

Among other things, the Condiment Gun.

Talk about beating swords into plowshares, this little number's got peacemaker written all over it.

It's the best play-with-your-food toy since the pea shooter.

But there'll be no trend. In short order, Mothers Against Fun will sue it off the market, claiming it desensitizes little Moonbeam to the dangers of real gats and there we'll be, safe at home.

Till then, it's the perfect kitchen gadget for the home chef who has everything but this.

And yes, I hope to get kickbacks from the manufacturer.

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I was on board with you up until the last "action" photo on the website. Now I'm not sure what to think...

John, if you really want the Condiment Gun, you can purchase it
here from Ebay for the low, low price of GPB 14.99 (approximately US $22.96).
And if you get two, you will save on shipping :-)
I like the condiment topping of foie gras on the hot dog. I never would have thought of that. I wonder if the hot dog vendor had Old Bay?

If you follow the link to their "UK Site," they do talk about international orders so you might be able to get it that way.

Would that be the 9MM Glockenspiel condiment gun?

It might be worth ordering from the UK, however, I would have to order two: one for the kid and one for the older kid. The fun Bucky Jr. and I could have with those...

Excellent gift choice, jl.

Hey, we could do a top ten list of things jl could load into his condiment gun other than mustard or ketchup...

What about a "salad shooter?"

Would that be the 9MM Glockenspiel condiment gun?

It dispenses love and rainbows.

Why couldn't you just widen the nozzle on a regular squirt gun a bit with a hot wire?

Will he have to get a special permit and wait 30 days before he can purchase it?

I'm gonna wait for the semi-automatic version, which will hopefully have a higher ammo capacity.

a condiment gun - hardly new!...I worked at McDonalds back in the day and those were state of the art equipment for the quick production and dressing of your standard McFood back then! Mustard, ketchup, tarter sauce and good ole Big Mac sauce all went into their own gun and each bun got exactly one squirt right in the center.

What a great quickfire challenge for "Top Chef." The contestants are armed with condiment guns. Tom Coliccio and the other judges hold over-sized hot dogs in giant buns. The chefs create their own inspired condinment mixtures, load their weapons, aim and fire. Whoever scores the tastiest hot dogs wins. The losers get to to clean up the set.

Why couldn't you just widen the nozzle on a regular squirt gun a bit with a hot wire?

Ouch. This is my rifle, this is my gun ...

Joyce wrote: ...each bun got exactly one squirt right in the center.

I'm pretty sure you are missing the possibilities here.

Michael A Gray - THAT would be appointment television. And we would have a fusion between Dining@Large and Reality Check. Excellent thinking.

Bucky - keep it "G"

Joyce - LOL. Every single thought I had was "G"...

What were YOU thinking I was thinking? Never mind.

I've never seen rifling on a squirt gun, Owlie.

(You risk getting me started on circumcision jokes, and that would be the most unkind cut of all.)

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