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November 14, 2008

Baltimore has another Top Chef contestant



With all the hoopla about Jill Snyder, we shouldn't forget that there is another contestant on Bravo's Top Chef who is a Baltimore native.

OK, Melissa Harrison now lives in Colorado, and may even know Bucky; but she went to Garrison Forest, the University of Maryland and Baltimore International College for cooking school.

I'm not sure why the paper hasn't made more fuss about her. That way we'd have two horses in the race.


(Photo courtesy of Bravo)

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 12:27 PM | | Comments (29)


Ah, she's the one that "has never cooked Italian before".

I'm not sure I like her.

Actually there are two Colorado chefs on the show...the other being Hosea. They are both from Boulder, I think, which explains why I don't know them. If they cooked at Bud's Bar in Sedalia I probably would have run into them.

I temporarily forgot that you are our reality show expert. EL

Yeesh! Her mother lets her go out in public dressed like that?

She's really hot and seems cool! She had the toughest challenge cooking against a girl that lived in Italy and works in an Italian restaurant. I hope she wins!

Despite her ditziness at never having cooked Italian (really? And why would you admit it, if true?), I find her kind of endearing. I don't think she'll be long for the show, though.

Who is this Bucky? You're not talking about a Mark Chapman are you?

I think she meant not having cooked Italian professionally. Lissa with a superfluous 's' - Are you a Amish or something? Melissa's hot, she's gonna win, she rules!!!

It seems that you (maybe not) have brought these folks from Boulder to our friendly blog. I hope the snarkers go away soon.

I don't think we can blame Bucky. Doesn't he live in Denver? EL

Yo Vinnie. Lissa is not a Amish. She's a Viking and is...quite capable of defending herself.

It isn't quite a superfluous 's' because a doubled consonant makes the preceding vowel short. Except, of course, when it doesn't.

I'm harmless, Laura Lee. Really. I haven't found enough good places to hide bodies yet in Baltimore.

I think we need to send Vinnie over to McIntyre for saying "a Amish".

Melissa is great.She is super friendly and loves, loves,loves to cook She is a good friend of mine and I'm pullin' for her to win.

She's a Viking? McIntyre? snarkers? I need some translations...

"I'm not sure why the paper hasn't made more fuss about her."

But Elizabeth, aren't you "the paper" too? Or did you want to write about this before and no one would let you?

Nope, I'm the restaurant critic. I don't want to write any stories about reality TV. I don't watch it because I think it's driving good scripted shows out. The story about Jill Snyder was done by Chris Kaltenbach, who writes about TV and movies. In all fairness, he mentioned Melissa Harrison in passing in the story. The other coverage has been mostly in our TV blogs, Reality Check and Z on TV. EL

Lissa, Leakin Park is a perennial favorite for disposing of bodies.

Dahlink, I'd need a car to dump bodies in Leakin Park. Unless I stick to children. I can get them on the moped, I think...

Vinnie, McIntyre is the language usage expert at the Sun, who could teach you when to use 'a' and when to use 'an'. Snarkers are people who snark. Snark is general nastiness. I do it a lot.

Well, Lissa, growing up with a brother like yours could explain a lot of general snarkiness. Or genes ... is there a gene for snarkers?

Just wait and see how she will rock this competition. She probably threw that first challenge so that all of the rest would underestimate her abilites.

I dont understand the negativity towards Melissa. She came in 5th in the 1st Quickfire challenge and Tom C commented that if she had only added a little more salt and pepper her dish would have been a home run!
Also, I agree with Vinnie, I believe Melissa meant that she didnt cook Italian professionally. I know for a fact that Melissa has cooked Italian....I have eaten it myself and it is excellent!

I apologize for blaming you for these folks from the TBS invading the friendly confines of the Sandbox. They sure are passionate about their Melissa succeeding in this show. They are welcome as long as they play nice.

these folks from the TBS

Florida Rob, I think you mean TBRS.

What I find amusing is why the shills are coming here. I assume none of us have a vote on this "reality" show.

Thanks Hal. Yes, TBRS.

I don't have a vote on the show, haven't even watched it.

I don't understand the level of involvement in these reality shows. That's what amusing to me. I'm more concerned with are The Girls Next Door finished with now that Holly has dumped Hugh and Kendra is getting married? Or what will those wacky Kardashians be up to next season?

Seriously though, although I really enjoy a lot of cooking shows, these cooking competitions really don't do it for me. I just don't get it at all. I'd rather watch an hour of Mario and friends exploring Spain. Much more interesting and "foodie" to me!

Melissa is the only Baltimore native left on the show. Clearly she is more talented than Jill and way better looking. I hope she shows up the competition.
Lissa will you be appearing on Americas Next Top Model?

what will those wacky Kardashians be up to next season?

My guess: continued skankitude

Can you totally believe that Speidi eloped?!?

Just because I think someone is dressed badly, cheaply and unflatteringly doesn't mean I still model.

Of course, Minker, I'm sure you never notice good looking people of the opposite gender, using that reasoning.

Where are all these Snarkers coming from? If Lissa said almost 2 wks ago that she didn't like the way the woman is dressed and if the woman's not even on the show anymore, why is Lissa now being attacked? WTF?

I think Jill was quite attractive.

Not sure why the Snarkers visit here anyway.

Speaking of attractiveness, I have always been a fan of Gwyneth and now that she's on Mario's show in Spain, I'd love to catch it, if only I could stay awake after dinner. :-)

Fl Rob, I know what you mean! It's getting dark before 5!

Luckily, PBS also has 2 other channels up here on Verizon so I can catch it (Gwyneth) on Sunday afternoon.

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