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November 18, 2008

Top 10 Places to Get Fabulous French Fries

friesagain.jpgI got so many suggestions for places to get good regular french fries that I decided not to include sweet potato fries. We'll have to make up another list for them.

This list also doesn't include creations like the beer-battered fries topped with a Gorgonzola cream sauce at the now-closed Fire Rock Grill in Columbia or the blue cheese french fries at Morton's the Steakhouse because they seem like more appetizers than a side dish.

I tried to give a range of options from basic done well to very fancy. If anyone is really dedicated to fries, I hope you'll try all 10 and report back. The list is in alphabetical order by restaurant: ...

* Garlic-rosemary fries at the Brewer's Art in Mount Vernon.

* Capital Grille's fries tossed in parmesan, kosher salt and white truffle oil. 

* Corks' fries that come with a burger and should come with its fish and chips. The homemade chips are very good, but we're talking tradition here.

* Five Guys because the bags of potatoes are sitting right there and they are cooked in peanut oil.

* McDonald's fries. What can I say? Even global chains get it right sometimes. 

* Pommes frites at Petit Louis Bistro in Roland Park: thin and crisp, with peel along one side.

* Duck fat fries with a trio of sauces at Salt in the Butchers Hill-Patterson Park area.

* Curly fries at the Swallow at the Hollow (5921 York Road, 410-532-7542) in Govans.

* Boardwalk fries from Thrasher's (807 Atlantic Ave., Boardwalk, 410-289-4150) in Ocean City. Served with vinegar, of course.

* Fries at Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point with Old Bay and a chipotle dipping sauce.

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As a close cousin, the tater tots at Golden West are usually very good.

Fabulous French Fries? Did you just out fries?

Good call on 5 Guys.
I'd add Charcoal Deli in Cockeysville for the same reasons.

Garlic fries at Gordon Biersch

um...what about The Brewer's Art. their Rosemary and Garlic fries are to die for!!!

All I know is don't ever get the Boardwalk fries at Camden Yards - I found a deep-fried cockroach in an order last year.

The Enfants de Pomme de Terre with a dusting of hand ground fleur de sel at Owl Meat Bistro.

Worst fries ever ... Arby's extruded fries circa 1977. Some kind of potato goo based product.

SherryW- Try reading the list from the top and you may find Brewer's Art.

McDonald's???? Yeah, a genetically modified potato produced at the cost of thousands of closed family farms is just delicious. Add in the fact that they're already cooked and flash frozen months before you eat them and you probably have the formula for the best fry in the world. I see how it would be so easy for it to make it to the top ten. Why even have other fries on the list?

I didn't think it would take this long to get a rise out of somebody with that selection. :-) EL

SherryW - they are the first ones on the list.

EL, good list. I would have included most of what you have including Mickey D's. They just have (or had when they were using trans fats) good basic fries.

McDonalds? Are you i8? over salted sugar coated bleached. Doesn't mean we won't eat them if hungry, but come on!

As for Arby's circa 1977 -you should of been getting the potato cakes.

18! That's so sweet. And I like the passionate outrage. The regulars just roll their eyes at me at this point. :-) EL

Yay for brewers art and salt!

what about annabel lee??

Burger Bros in Towson has good fries.

Mmmm...I miss the Gorgonzola fries at Fire Rock!!! But I second the Brewer's Art, 5 Guys & Thrashers as being the best around.

What about McCabes on Falls Road? - lightly coated and seasoned - crunchy on the outside - Yummy!

Five Guys does have good fries. Plus they have the red wine vinegar bottles there if you want to use that.

Did everyone forget that the WORLD'S best fries are in Ocean City ?

I'm with the pro-McD's crowd on this one. If I'm out for a nice dinner, then fancy fries or basic but "organic low sodium hold the oil" fries are great, but when I want salty "potato" goodness in a hurry I'm not going to head to a sit-down restaurant (or drive to the eastern shore.)

So I'm an irresponsible consumer, and my arteries are probably caked with trans-fat. But it's totally worth it.

McDonald's???? Yeah, a genetically modified potato produced at the cost of thousands of closed family farms

That tastes like ... Victory for Capitalism! March on we will.

What's wrong with genetic modification? It puts the fun back in Nature. Man has been doing genetic modification since the beginning. Otherwise a dog would be a wolf.

New Wyman Park Restaurant. Nothing special, Just good and hot and crispy.

Taters is Murder

Potatoes whine could be human cries
Closer comes the screaming knife
This beautiful creature must die
This beautiful creature must die
A death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder

And the spud you so fancifully fry
Is not succulent, tasty or kind
It's death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder

And the tater that you carve with a smile
Is murder
And the parsnip you festively slice
Is murder
Do you know how vegetables die?

Kitchen aromas aren't very homely
Its not comforting, cheery or kind
Its sizzling sap and the unholy stench
Of murder

Its not natural, normal or kind
The potato you so fancifully fry
The taters in your mouth
As you savour the flavour
Of murder

No, no, no, it's murder
No, no, no, it's murder
Oh ... and who hears when taters cry ?

Don't take it from me, take it from my kids. AW BOY FRIES are the best around. They've developed a cult-like following around parts of Carroll and Baltimore Counties. The guy who sells them is David "Pidgeon" McCauley. A definite character. He's got some whacked out truck that he sells his fries out of and everyone just loves this guy. He even plays songs on his acoustic guitar while his wife helps him. You got to check this guy out. What a story.

I think we have all forgotten about the most monstrous of all french fry creations: Disco Fries.

Who doesn't love fries with nacho cheese and gravy? You can also dip these bad boys in mayo.

A Double T Diner specialty!

Does anyone remember the western fries from Morty's? They were the best.

Naw, let's hold out for poutine!

Not sure if you are limiting your list to just potato french fries, but the sweet potato fries at Miss Shirley's are incredible.

Bay fries at Captain Larry's. A big ole plate o fries, wings n a beer. Perfect...BTW, i didn't know a french fry post could turn in to a political discussion.

Elizabeth, this list just underscores the discussion we had earlier this week on the inclusiveness of this blog. Duck fries to McDonalds without a second thought! I love it.

EL, Agree that Five Guys are fab! Funny, I've always liked McD's fries, although I rarely patronize them anymore. But, they just taste good.

Kislings have some of the best Fries -they do it right, fresh cut.

Waffle fries at Nacho Mamma's are great as well.

McDonald's does not belong on this list. Baltimore is so lame. That is like when Baltimore Mag does a readers poll of their favorites and McDonald's always wins best burger and McCormick & Schmicks wins best seafood - rediculous.

Thanks for including Thrashers, my longtime favorite. Even my friend who is mildly allergic to peanuts thinks it's worth it to eat those fries and just deal with the scratchy throat.

When I was last in OC I had the joy of lining up behind some idiot woman who missed seeing all the giant "no ketchup" signs. She then proceeded to scream like a fishwife at the poor guy behind the counter that "her kids couldn't possibly eat french fries without ketchup". It's always funny to watch a soccer mom meltdown!

Kisling's fries are good when they're fresh, which is to say they are good very, very rarely. It seems the MO of that place is to make all the fries before the dinner rush, and then microwave them. That leaves them gummy, mushy and semi-cold. Yuck. I keep ordering them, though, hoping passionately for that rare occasion when they're fresh and fabulous.

1) 'um...what about The Brewer's Art. their Rosemary and Garlic fries are to die for!!!' -SHE MENTIONED THEM

2) 'Not sure if you are limiting your list to just potato french fries, but the sweet potato fries at Miss Shirley's are incredible.' SHE ADDRESSED SWEET POTATO FRIES.

Please read the column before responding!

I would add Nathan's crinkle cut fries to the list

Oceanaire's truffle oil fries are like crack in the form of shoestring potatoes

Good list... may I suggest the pomme frites at Jordan's.... they're cut very small, like potato sticks, but have the texture of regular fries... always good and the best part is that they are included with your entree unlike some other steak houses....

additionally the fries at Catonsville Gourmet are fresh cut and served in rolled paper ala fish and chips

The Phoenix Emperorium is hit or miss... they have steak fries but often they're undercooked

Kisling's fries are good when they're fresh, which is to say they are good very, very rarely. It seems the MO of that place is to make all the fries before the dinner rush, and then microwave them. That leaves them gummy, mushy and semi-cold. Yuck. I keep ordering them, though, hoping passionately for that rare occasion when they're fresh and fabulous.

Posted by: KB | November 18, 2008 10:57 AM

KB - Go at lunch.

Victory for Capitalism!

Shoes for Industry!

Not to be a sycophant, but I agree with the majority of your list, EL., at least with the ones I've had. I've not yet tried Corks' or Petit Louis Bistro's.

I even agree with the choice of including McD's. Quite a bit of taste, which is subjective, is based on familiarity. Who did not have McDonald's fries as a kid? Even if you've grown into the most serious foodie in city, you can't deny the taste of the McDonald's fries brings you back to a certain place in your childhood, most likely a happy place. At least they do for me.

The one I'm not so with you on is 5 Guys. 50% of the time, their fries are fantastic, fresh, great flavor and texture, and not overly salted/spiced. Unfortunately, the other 50% of the time, they are too soft or under cooked for my taste. For me, fries have to have that crunch to them, or their not worth the hour on the treadmill they're costing me.

Lots of good info, but I keep wondering what the fries are like at Jack's Bistro?

I like the waffle cut fries at Chick-fil-A.

Living close to OC as I do, Five Guys fries blow away Thrashers these days and are half the price. I just wish they'd put a Five Guys in OC.

French Fries, politics, and Morrissey...I love this blog!

Folks, we're talking taste here, not politics or economics.

Micky D's fries taste great.

The blog loves you back cinnamon girl.

everyone should try the fries at jay's deli on charles st in mount vernon - i think they are terrific. there is something about the oil they fry them in

I saw 2 Five Guys in Rehoboth the other week. Obviously, OC needs to modernize.

Morrissey is just a bad, pop copy of Joy Division.

Western fries are still available (and still yummy) from Royal Farm stores

Shoes for Industry!

Damned straight Hal! People for Industry! It's time to get Capitalism to smoke some crack and get this economy rolling down the Path to Destiny again.

As Dear Leader proclaimed: Walk a mile in your shoes, shame on you, don't wanna be fooled by walkin', uh, then don't be ashamed these boots are made for walkin'. Ipso facto.


Out here in college park we have our own regional variant on Disco Fries. My fav dive diner (Plato's on rt 1) makes them and calls them Hobo Fries. French fries with Mozzarella and Gravy. Yum.

And Fashionista:

I LOVE those people. The boy (from New York) does not understand how I can consider watching people at Thrasher's having a conniption entertainment. I tell him it's just part of the experience of being Downy Ocean (hon). Plus it's like dinner and a show!

...I think I'm going to McDonald's for lunch.

Look for Leon's neon sign on the main drag in Arbutus. French fries are made to order in hot peanut oil and you salt them yourself. Get 'em with the home-made gravey and a long-neck. The black and white photos on the wall will take you back to blue-collar Baltimore; and the prices will too...

Razor Bahr

You have to include McDonald's on any fry list. They are just that good.

My problem with Thrasher's, and even Five Guys sometimes, is that the only edible portion is the top 1/10 layer. By the time you get past that, the rest are a soggy mess.

Of course I'm on the "crunchy fry" side. I hate soft french fries of any kind. You might as well just eat mashed potatoes.

The best fries at home are frozen (too lazy to do the whole potato thing) crinkle cut cooked well done in the toaster oven (on "toast") with salt, pepper, and olive oil drizzled on top. The olive oil actually fries them when they're cooking.

Taters is Murder

Owlie, was that you? I, unfortunately, know the tune and was singing it in my head.

By the way, Morrissey is also my last name...

I second the Chick-fil-A waffle fries.

Harry Little's in the Rodgers Forge/Stonleigh corridor of York Rd. Always very good, but even more so when they are right out of the fryer and topped with a salt and sugar blend.

Big Bad Wolf's fries are really yummy, if you don't stuff yourself with BBQ first...

Everyone knows that McDonalds is a tool of The Illuminati and that the "french" fries are actually a mass produced mind control / tracking device.

Fight the Power Structure hiding behind their veil of autonomy! Eat Burger King, the friend of the proletariat!

Does anyone remember the western fries at the old Cross Keys Deli? They were the best. Morty's were good but Cross Keys was special.

The best fries I've had lately were at the grilled cheese cart that appears on the Ave. in Hampden on weekend nights. Served with malted mayo. THE YUM! (Also, the grilled cheese is pretty freaking good too.)

Yes, Morrissey was me.

Ribs, I always think of the Flintstones.

My sour mash sweetheart picked up some stuff from Big Bad Wolf this weekend. I am a complete idiot when it comes to barbecue, so she had to make all the tough choices. I decided to go nuts and eat like a regular guy and made the rookie mistake of trying the fries first and almost ruined my appetite for the ribs. They also had an intriguing garlicky macaroni and cheese side dish. That place is awesome. It's like meat heaven. We spent the weekend feasting on ribs and sides like zombies in a retirement village.

but I keep wondering what the fries are like at Jack's Bistro?

World peace.

Western fries at just bout any fried chicken stall in Lexington market.

Fells Point Chicken in the Broadway market had awesome Western fries, but I heard it closed down.

Another Top Ten List shocker; Petit Louis shows up again! And even in a category this mundane. Ssshhh... Quiet... Can you hear that? Listen! It's the sound of yet another crisp, thousand dollar bill fluttering it's way into Miss Large's open handbag...

That's Ms. Large to you. :-) EL

Try letting McDonalds fries sit for 5 minutes. If there aren't piping hot they are garbage. Not the mark of a decent french fry.

As for crunchy fries that is the processed potato, sugar and shortening doing the talking. % guys are mashed potatoey because they are made from fresh potatoes.

Whoever brings In-N-Out to the east coast will put 5Gs out of business.

Animal-style fries. Period.

Carey - I do agree about the bottom of the bucket fries...That is why if I have an order to take home, I'll put them under the broiler for just a tad.

Lisa - Malted mayo? Do tell...

Was just at Bouillabaisse Cafe for lunch, and the fries were pretty danged good. Fresh, some skin on, not sure what kind of oil, but it wasn't old oil for sure.

A little late to the party, but I enjoy the poutine and duck fat fries made at Victoria Gastro Pub.

Monkey fries! Monkey fries!

Owl, did you google the lyrics to that song, or do you actually have one of the dreariest, most depressing Smiths songs committed to memory? I was also singing along in my head. Ah, Morrissey. Author of so many many lonely 80's & 90's teenagers' angst. "I wear black on the outside cuz black is how I feel on the inside" indeed.

John - Sorry, I missed that sentence.

No need to yell at me in all caps :-)

I used to love the western fries at the old Cross Keys Deli. That's what made Oprah fat.

I do not have the lyrics to Meat is Murder memorized. I asked the Google. I think Morrissey actually write a decent song about sad potatoes. Why does he keep popping up on this blog?

Now I have some random Smiths/Morrissey soundtrack whirling around in my head. Oh crap the long version of How Soon Is Now just started.

Trixie, the best use for the bottom of the barrel fries is feeding them to the seagulls! Thus the need to have them right in OC. Plus (as noted) the extra added attraction of soccer mom meltdowns).

As for the people who voted for Chick-fil-A waffle fries, I just don't understand THAT at all!

I second the endorsement on AW BOY FRIES. Our community had a big party and David (owner of AW BOY) served fries from 1-11pm - people just would not stop asking for them! On the last Sunday, May-October, you can find him in Sykesville at the Apple Butter Market serving all day. Our family has gone to the "market" just for his fries and ALWAYS have to wait in a line! He is well woth it!His fries are the freshest, crispiest - they are real fries from one heck of a real nice guy!

Don't post often but have to give an AMEN! to the person who mentioned the western fries at Morty's. Talk about blast from the past! Cross Keys Chicken also had fantastic fries too. Have to give a tip of the cap to the Mexican Fries at Mari Luna Mexican Grill (the first one). Waffle fries but have that delicious curly fry coating.

OMG -- The least you could have done was rewrite a The The song. God, how humilating.

I know
That spuds live
In everybody's souls
And the only fryer in your world
Lives in the human....

Yeah, weak, I know...

...or Modest Mouse.

Aw sean, now I have to write a Morrissey song.

It's snowing, how appropriate. I call this "Death to My Spuddy"

After summer's death and
autumn's decay
you tear me from my home
from my Mother Earth
and pluck out my eyes.

Go strip me of my skin,
I'll never love again.
Boil me alive and mash me
with your indifference
and your masher.

I was alive and now I'm your side
I was alive and now I'm your side
Why was I ever born?

Just knowing that the Duck fat fries at Salt are ready and waiting is reason enough to get up in the morning.

Irish Nachos (which *are* fries) at Lucy's Irish Pub... mmmmmmm!

Very true Joyce, but if I am at home and since I do not have many seagulls flying around (the cat, you know), I hate to see a possible good fry go to waste. I do love the visual of the ketchup crisis soccer mom!!

Oh crap the long version of How Soon Is Now just started.


But Owlie, with the eyes plucked how can the tater cry?

Ok, 5 guys fry's are good, but they are not the best things i've ever had, and for those who think they are better than Thrashers need to check themselves.

For good ole fashioned peanut oil fried potatoes one MUST go to Thrashers. The 5 guys fry's are always short and look like the nubby rejects that Thrashers could not sell. I guess its a different kid of potato?

Great question LEC. In Morrissey World you can always cry on the inside.

Once you've had the challenging opportunity of cleaning out a deep fryer after hours of frying potatoes you will never think of a french fry the same way again.

Yep: Got to try this boy's "AW BOY FRIES". Just follow that green truck from Baltimore County, Carroll County and maybe soon to travel to California to give them a taste of the fries and his music. Watch out !!! As James Brown said I feel GOOD !!! Go Dave !

Marathon Deli in College Park. Shoestring peppered fries. Mmmm. Delicious.

It's the sound of yet another crisp, thousand dollar bill fluttering it's way into Miss Large's open handbag

Is there really a thousand-dollar bill?

A while back, Jack wrote: "That is like when Baltimore Mag does a readers poll of their favorites and McDonald's always wins best burger and McCormick & Schmicks wins best seafood...

That's what happens when you ask the Great American Public to give their favorites. I just saw an article concerning the takeover of Anheuser-Busch by Belgian brewer InBev. It stated that A-B provides half the beer sold in the U.S. I doubt that many of this blog's readers and posters would say that an Anheiser-Busch product is their favorite beer. It all depends on whom you ask the question of.

Uh, as my first act in, uh, office, I pledge to, uh, uh . . . spread the fries around! I will, uh, accomplish this by, uh, uh . . . taxing McDonald's windfall profits!



AW BOYS fries are the best - hands down. There really isn't a comparison anywhere. McD's and Thrashers have nothing on AW BOYS fries. My kids don't want any other fries - ever, unless they come from Pidgeon McCauley's Aw Boy's truck.
He wants AW BOYs to go national someday - in the freezer section. His fries will beat any frozen fries on the market today.

You gotta get some! Email him to find out where he's going next:

In October we had a Fall Harvest Party and hiredAW BOY FRIES . Those fries stole the show.We had 100 guests and they all agreed that "once you popped ( an aw boy fry) you couldn't stop" Congrats Dave.

Victoria gastropub's fries that comes with their burgers r amazing

Bucky, you are right. According to the US Treasury Dept. FAQ;

The present denominations of our currency in production are $1, $2, 5$, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

There was a $1000 bill prior to 1969, though. It was used for bank transfer payments.

So, the only $1000 bills around here probably came from a Monopoly game.

You have to give it to McDonald's for having some of the best fries. Rocky Run has very good fries too. The fries they serve with their fish and chips at The James Joyce are done perfectly and are very good.

Dave and John Q,

No need to shout.

Duck Fat Fries at Victoria's Gastro are good

I seem to remember seeing framed $500 and $1000 bills for sale. They were never meant for circulation, but if you did get your hands on one it was legal tender. Wish I could remember whose catalog it was in.

@ OMG:
Jack's has very good fries, but when I have the craving, I walk 2 more blocks down Elliott to the Pickled Parrot. Hand cut, crispy & killer with Old Bay & vinegar.

Dave and John Q, No need to shout.

Oh PCB, you're better than that. Do you really think that these two random illiterates show up within minutes of each other and are two separate CAPS LOCK chowderheads? Well, maybe the shared computer at that halfway house is stuck on caps lock.

Seriously, that's the lamest set of false identities ever. Well, since Bucky, Chucky, Ducky and Flucky. 8>)

@ OMG:
OK. So I missed the joke...

Bucky -- further to Lissa's post, this Wikipedia entry has photos of the larger denominations of U.S. currency. Nowadays, the $100 bill is the largest currency in general circulation. Apart from encyclopedia entries, the only times I can recall seeing $500 or $1,000 bills were when then were used as prizes by Monty Hall on Let's Make a Deal.

@ OMG:

I have no idea what that's supposed to mean or refer to.

What exactly does "handcut" mean and why should we care? Nobody is cutting anything by hand. Come on. I don't think you really want someone to cut potatoes by hand. You would get fries of wildly uneven sizes which would cook differently, which is undesirable.

Viva machines!

That is how some people direct their comments to a certain person. In other words, Jim was commenting about an earlier post of yours. Most of us just address the other without the @ sign.

Also, my order from the meat place arrives tomorrow!

@ PCB, oh.

Nothing better than a box of meat. Wait, that sounded wrong.

PCB - Thanks for clarifying.
OMG - To really get into the semantics of things, I would think that to truly handcut (a la Bruce Lee) anything vegetable would result in flat and squishy and pretty yucky to fry. Viva machines, indeed.

Getting googly on the interweb results in about 20,000 hits on "handcut" and/or "hand cut" fries, which apparently means "human powered machine cut" fries in menuspeak. (As opposed to huge frozen blocks of fries off the sysco truck.) Perhaps a better term would be "freshly cut," which, in my world, is a good thing no matter what food item it applies to.

Of course, I could be wrong - it appears that Thomas Keller disagrees with me, as he uses huge frozen blocks of fries off the sysco truck at Bouchon:

Thanks for feeding the obsessive portion of my personality. I now know much more about fries than I ever dreamed I would...

I seem to have a clear memory of our own EL writing in the Sun many years ago about hand-cutting tomatoes (or some veggie) because using machine slicing was just too perfect. I don't think I made that up.

Thomas Keller ... uses huge frozen blocks of fries off the sysco truck at Bouchon

No sh*t! And I'll bet that people think they are the best in the world. Silly human race.

And I'll bet that people think they are the best in the world.

No, that would be Jack's Bistro.

jim, I really don't want to google "freshly cut". Nope. Not at all.

Ho! Lissa, you betcha sista! Google landmine. Or hand cut. There's some shockers out there.

That expression really bugs me.
Freshly cut
Freshly prepared

What does that mean exactly? The person doing it just showered? Or that the item being processed was fresh when the processing was being done? If so, how long has it been since the item was "freshly cut" or "freshly prepared" before I pick it up?

To me, "freshly cut" or "freshly prepared" means that I asked for it, and it was done there, on the spot. That would be more on the order of "prepared to order", or "cut while you wait"

or something like that.

This is often applied to food, but maybe I should take this to the Parlor for their take?

The fries at Icarus in Greektown. They come with the roast chicken.mmmmmgood.

Icarus in Greektown.

Is that a misspelling of Ikaros? If not, where in Greektown is Icarus?

PCB Rob, there are so many BS phrases out there regarding food (and other things for that matter).

My new favorite is the Pizza Hut pasta commercials where they serve the Pizza Hut pasta to the patrons in a packed restaurant. The caption reads "Real People". Really, real people?

With all those androids taking the jobs from all of us hard-working real people, it's good to see that Pizza Hut has made the effort to hire "Real People".

Language that points out the obvious usually signifies something toward the opposite of the intention to me. When I see "fresh" it makes me wonder what else isn't fresh. Fresh would seem to be an unspoken given. Now I'm wondering.

If I see "to perfection" on a menu, I want to punch somebody. As in "deep fried to perfection". I worked as a cook once and I know that deep fried to perfection means that when you notice that something is floating in the fryer then it's done. There's no perfection. It sinks when it's frozen, it floats when it's done. Weirdly enough, fats food places that have their fryers on timers and rigidly control the oil temperature could be quantitatively perfect.

@gravy meat owl: I second that. i justify eating Charcoal Deli's fries by jogging 4 miles on the day eat them. lol. Five Guys are sooo goood. I'm glad I can't jog there.

To the folks that have eaten the fries from AW BOY FRIES: are they sold anywhere else besides Sykesville?

You forgot the Rec Room in Towson. I believe Scott the fry guy is pretty ticked off about not being included, especially since this made it to print in the Sun today, everybody was ordering chips and slaw! I really think you ought to get out to the Recher and have some of their heavenly fries, and to cheer up Scott the Fry guy!

I didn't forget. You forgot to tell us. :-) EL

Seasoned fries at Crab Shanty in Ellicott

Hey Bucky!

Hall of Fame Alert! This blog post has elicited over 125 comments!

French fries are very, very important, PCB Rob. They deserve the kind of serious attention that we are so good at providing here.

Quite true, Lissa.

Someone mentioned leons in Arbutus. I don't remember his FF's but I do remember his fantastic Fried Hard Crabs. His stuffed Shrimp were good too. Many a night my mom and I had dinner there.

I have to agree with the folks who voted for AW BOY AMERICAN Fries. The owner and operator (Pidge) is a super nice guy and he sets up once a year at our community development yard sale. Most people come for his fries and could care less about the yard sale. You can definitely get a great fry outside of Ocean City, and some great music entertainment as well.


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