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November 8, 2008

Pig candy

Roni-Sue_Pig_Candy.jpgIt's hard to imagine that it was a year ago that we first discussed the chocolate bacon bar here at Dining@Large. Now after hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bacon discussions, we come full circle, sort of, with...ta-da...chocolate-dipped bacon.

You can get Roni-Sue Pig Candy dipped in either dark or milk chocolate, and it costs $38 for a one-pound box.  That doesn't include the $15 priority mail shipping fee.

Roni-Sue deep-fries the bacon for extra crunch, rendering out most of the fat (though we can't claim it's health food!), then each piece is hand-dipped in Callebaut dark or milk chocolate. The dark chocolate plays against the saltiness of the bacon, while the milk enhances its caramely sweetness--trust us, you want it mixed! (from the catalog)

Deep-fries the bacon???

Federal Hill Jim read about chocolate-dipped bacon in the New York Times and sent me an e-mail about it. I went to the source. ...

First of all, great name. Every successful product needs a great name. (Remember the Baconator.) I am a little surprised, though, that bacon isn't part of the name, given its popularity.

Second, you can see how things have progressed in a year. The idea of putting crumbled bacon in a chocolate bar seemed kind of disgusting to me last November, and probably to a lot of other people.

OK, I'm still not sold on it, but clearly chocolate makers, or at least one chocolate maker, now feel bacon can be the main ingredient, while chocolate takes a secondary -- or maybe equal -- role. I can't quite tell. But when one of you brave souls orders some, please report back.

(Photo courtesy of Web site)


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no. just no.

Be strong Pigtown. This too shall pass.

The name "pig candy" has long been assigned to a different food product: bacon strips rubbed with brown sugar and then broiled. See the various Sweet Potato Queen books.

Don't tell the lawyers.

I guess you came straight to this entry from the Sun's home page and didn't see the next entry. :-) EL

This will never replace Snickers.

I'm tempted to be the brave soul that orders this. Sounds tasty, and if its not too greasy, could be one of those decadent holiday treats.

What, no white chocolate option?

White chocolate? WIth bacon? Just in the summer or all year 'round?

The dark or milk choco-bacon would be a fine addition to servings of "batterblaster"; of course with butter and maple syrup.

3 cans of BB at Costco today for only $10.99!

True, true, Bucky. No white chocolate on the bacon after Labor Day. My apologies - the warm weather the last few days caused me to forget the date.

I'm tempted to try it too, PRob, but at $53 a pound, in this economy, I don't know.... I wonder if one could get close to the taste by just eating a bite of bacon and a bite of good chocolate at the same time? (washed down with bourbon, of course, which goes great with chocolate)

Bacon chocolates? Ewwwwww!

If someone else bought it, I would certainly try it, but $53 a pound is more than I want to pay for something that only has a 50/50 chance of being surprisingly yummy.

Bourbon Girl,

On second thought, you are right. The idea of spending that much on something that could be nasty is too much indeed.
Yes, bourbon goes very well with chocolate! I had some last night.

While we're (sorta) on the subject of chocolate treats, how about these:

Chocolate Potato Chips!

Chocolate covered potato chips aren't bad.

My sainted great aunt used to make haystacks, which are canned chow mein noodles and peanuts covered in chocolate (or butterscotch). Very good.

Fl Rob - get them (chocolate potato chips) from the perpetual favorite of Balmer (hon), Utz. They are available for mail order!

There was a chocolate fountain at one of our office parties a couple years ago and I tried the potato chips with it and it was really good. Who knew?

PRob - ever try bourbon with pecan turtles? heaven!

Bourbon Girl,
No, I haven't tried bourbon with pecan turtles, but I will as soon as I can find some pecan turtles!

The link I posted to the chocolate potato chips does have them for sale. And if they are like all the other stuff that place sells, I'm sure they are fantastic.

A common chocolate fountain BG? That sounds mighty germy with all those grubby hands dipping into it. I hope you didn't double dip.

Chocolate fountain sound good! I would just put head under it and gulp it down!! Chupacabra like chocolate! Invite me to your office party boubon girl! I'll rock your world Chupacabra style!

Oh my lord, I see a possible Owl Meat / Chupacabra steel cage death match in the future. Anyone taking bets?

Chocolate fountain sound good!

As Jesus might have said, "Oh My Dad!" What the hell is a chupacabra? Is that Spanish for Cookie Monster?

no cage macthes for me. chupacabra doesn't translate on babelfish but chupa cabra translates as "it absorbs goat". Which sounds like a ShamWOW, which is made in Germany you know and the Germans make good stuff.

He seems to have gone away on his own, but Lissa maybe your partner has a spell to chase away chupacabres? I'm safe up here in my aerie, but I'm worried about those of you on the ground. Thank god there's no Goat Girl.

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