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October 13, 2008

The Baconator and Animal, the restaurant



Gailor is obsessed with the Baconator. This is odd for someone who is a vegetarian, except that she says sushi and prime filet mignon don't count.

The Baconator, if anyone isn't familiar with it, is Wendy's bacon burger made with two beef patties, six strips of bacon and two slices of cheese.

Not that Gailor would ever eat one. But she likes to imagine the naming process. ...

Sometimes she does a whole comedy routine about how they came up with the name, which I couldn't possibly do justice to here, but let me simply say that she and I agree that Terminator is the greatest movie of all time. Or at least she pretends to love it as much as I do.

Anyway, if the Baconator is at the low end of America's obsession with bacon, Gailor has come up with the high end.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...


This is a new-as-of-this-summer Los Angeles restaurant at 435 N. Fairfax Ave. dedicated to meat, and especially bacon. If you like slab bacon and pork belly, Animal is your restaurant.

Gailor sent me the mini-review  from the Los Angeles magazine. The photo showed foie gras with biscuits and gravy, and the review mentioned fried quail with grits, but the sentence that caught my eye was "Not to blaspheme, but is there such a thing as too much bacon?"

Bacon appears in every course, if you so desire, including a fudge brownie dessert with crumbled bacon.

(Los Angeles Times photo of Animal)

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The idea of featuring the same item in every course is ingenious. But as much as I like bacon, I don't think it will make for much repeat business. How many bacon soups or bacon tartes can you eat?
It's like garlic of which I'm also inordinately fond. I was once invited to the annual dinner of the Garlic Society of Los Angeles where we started with something called a Garlictini, then consumed a leek soup (laced with garlic,) porthouse steak (with a garlic infused glaze,) garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach (with guess what seasoning?) and garlic and chocolate ice cream. Not only did people sniff and shudder when I came near them for days afterward but I was thankful that at dinner the next night, garlic was conspicuous by its absence.

I talked to someone last night who said she is becoming a vegan, but will still be eating fish and seafood. Now that I see how these rules work, I would like to announce that I have been sober for six months except for whiskey and beer. Go bacon!

The decor at Animal is...uh...minimalist, not animalist, don't you think?

Here's the way it should be decorated. IMHO.

Bucky - That's what Sarah Palin's dining room probably looks like.

Kitkat wrote: That's what Sarah Palin's dining room probably looks like.

I would certainly hope so. Why else live in Alaska? (Probably not all of those animals, like the mountain lion, but all the indiginous species.)

I ate a Baconater once. Hideous. Too much lettuce.

a fudge brownie dessert with crumpled bacon actually sounds good to me! Put some peanut butter on there and you've really got something (that would be REAL spreadable peanut butter)

Wrong answer. The Baconater eats you!

Am I the only person on here who feels that a meal is not a meal, without bacon? I eat bacon at least twice a day. I also love bacon bits on vanilla gilato.

I even went on a date with a guy, who told me he didn’t eat bacon because of his Islamic background. I never called him back because of that. I would rather date a heavy smoker.

Bucky, we have eaten at inns in Austria and Germany decorated that way. Having all those glass eyes staring at me creeped me out.

Dahlink - I grew up with heads hanging on the wall, so I guess I'm used to it.

But Bucky, you turned out to be a perfectly nice person in spite of that hideous formative experience.

Well, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of therapy helped, Dahlink.

where is Bacon Girl?

I heard that Bacon Girl is having bypass surgery. With any luck they might give her a pig heart valve. I think she and voodoopork should become better acquainted.

Present! I agree there is no such thing as too much bacon.

But there is such a thing as too much fast food burger patties and whatever scary cheese might be involved in the Baconator. If I got one of those, I would eat the bacon and throw the rest away.

You have to love the testosterone in the name though.... the name makes me all tingle-y just saying it in my head. mmmmmm....

Hey, Bacon Girl - glad to see you! Just didn't seem right to be discussing bacon without you.

Oh Bacon Girl, do not be fooled by such shallow use of bacon. You need the BaconHammer. I am a filet wrapped in bacon. That's what a girl really needs. Trust me, when you've got serious hunger, the BaconHammer nails it every time.

I had never consumed a Wendy's product until two weeks ago - even though Wendy's was part of the economics course I endured for my MBA. Anyway, I tried the Baconator and loved it. Mine didn't have too much lettuce, JL, but the concept of two beef patties and bacon strips and tomatoes was too much to pass by. And too expensive in my mind to have again.

Bacon Girl presents on 10/14 a writing cadence similar to Owlie. Is he bringing her back from the bypass?

LEC, I think Bacon Girl is John McIntyre (heads up, Bucky!)

Oh, why does everyone think everyone else is our Feathered Friend?

I am definitely not Owlie, nor is he me. At times I have thought we might be soul mates.... but I dare not express that out of Girl solidarity... and ok, for fear of Bourbon Girl's apocalyptic wrath.... Anyway, with regard to the libel (i.e. reported bypass)... is it even necessary to say here in this space that Owl has an overly active and sometimes malicious fantasy life?

If one is as devoted to Bacon as I am, one must compensate for the indulgence. You should have seen my Baltimore Marathon time last week. Yes, the marathon. Would have posted sooner but I was resting. I think I might have even missed a few bacon posts while I was in intense training leading up to the big day. Bypass? Eat my new balance Owl Man.

So, Bacon Girl, what was your time? I was out handing out water at the 16 mile point all morning. Was sore for two days afterwards.

Bacon Girl wrote: Oh, why does everyone think everyone else is our Feathered Friend?

Well, because...oh, never mind.

LJ - I'm waivering on the McIntyre/Owlie theory. I haven't discounted it completely. I, likewise, haven't discounted completely the notion that Gailor might be Owlie, because we hear a lot about her but not a lot from her. Logic tells you that a daughter who got fresh-baked cookies every day in December when she was growing up would be more supportive of her mother's work...

One just never knows what to believe anymore. As a matter of fact, I've been asking around and I have yet to find a person who can look me straight in the eye and tell me that they have actually been to "Baltimore"...

Baltimore, Brigadoon...hmmm....

Textual analysis of my writing versus Bacon Girl. Très amusante. It took the Gospels 18 or 19 centuries to get that treatment.

BG, were you the one in the marathon eating a BLT?

My textual analysis determined that Bacon Girl is really Shakespeare. Or was it the other way around ...?

No, I wrote Bacon.

Oooooh. Good one, Dahlink.

Oh...I just got it, Dahlink. It was a good one. I'm just slow.

Lissa said: I was out handing out water at the 16 mile point all morning.

If I'd known what you look like (and that you were there) I would have said "hi". It was about the 3 mile point for me (I was running the half). I crossed the police tape over to the north side where the full marathon runners were to get to the water station, not realizing that there was a water station on the south side 100 feet or so farther down Linwood.

Was sore for two days afterwards.

I got a t-shirt and a silly medal for being sore afterwards. Did the volunteers get anything?

Hal, I might have yelled at you for crossing over. We nearly had fist fights last year when the halfers crossed over, and the fulls wanted water. This year, the half side ran out of water before the full side did (they sent us more).

We got lunch, the Friends of Patterson Park provided coffee and donuts and we got a t-shirt. Not a bad t-shirt, either, this year, if you don't mind bright orange.

Both years I've done it, I've been surprised at how polite and thankful the runners are. You guys should be proud of yourselves for not treating the volunteers like furniture. We appreciate it.

I missed running the marathon this year because my alarm didn't wake me up. Who knew the the radio alarm had a different volumne setting than the radio?

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