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October 7, 2008

Reflections on being home at last



I'm in a better mood this morning after my own breakfast of toast made from bread from the farmers market (which I had frozen) and a pot of Irish breakfast tea with a lot of milk and a little bit of sugar.

The best breakfast I had in Illinois was at Manny's in the airport yesterday. How weird is that? Well, not as weird as the fact that because I had a little time I also got a flu shot while I was waiting for my plane.

I think the woman was insulted when I asked her if she was a nurse, but you never know. What a great scam that could be.

Midway really is your full-service airport. ...

Actually, when I got in to BWI I passed Vino Volo again and was tempted to stop for a flight of wine and some small plates. A little farther along someone was giving a chair massage of head and shoulders. Ten minutes for $15. I could have gone for that, too.

Remember that Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, Worst Movie Ever Made? It's beginning to seem more and more possible, even desirable, just to move into an airport.

(AP Photo/Merrick Morton)

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Oh Elizabeth, surely The Terminal isn't THE worst movie ever made? Remember how Ishtar stank? I know there are others, but my mind just went blank ... damned "precocious senility"!

Ah...the worst movie ever made. A topic I can sink my non-culinary teeth into.

The Blood Rose, no doubt in my mind at all.

"Terminal" is my boss' favourite movie, because Tom Hanks speaks Bulgarian in it.

World's worst movie...Star Wars, perhaps.

The Wedding Planner. The only movie I've ever walked out on.

Miami International has Bongo's cafe which is very good (but somehow never opened when land or take off). They also have enormous long security lines with someone screaming constantly in English and Spanish. And Palmetto bugs (ew).

Worst movie award? Must be Across The Universe which would have ended 10 minutes into vieweing it but I was out voted and had to see the whole thing!

Jaws 2.

The Terminal certainly is a horrible movie as are almost all of Spielberg's movies (except Duel). It has no value whatsoever.

While Deathbed: The Bed that Eats People might seem like an obvious choice, it has a certain kitsch value.

Whatever the worst movie ever made is, there's a good chance that Chevy Chase was in it.

Okay, I'll confess--I actually liked "The Terminal." We've spent enough time in our lives waiting for planes that we could identify with the hapless hero.

I think the worst TV show ever made was the sitcom starring Emeril Lagasse. Yikes - was that horrific.

See, that was food related!

Plan Nine From Outer Space. The one that Bela Lugosi died in the middle of. They used someone in a cape to finish with.

You can't count movies that have kitschy appeal. EL

Seems to me, the worst movie ever made has to have Burt Reynolds in it.

Oh Eve, you mean every movie with Burt Reynolds is partly awesome. You know his mustache had its own agent. He called it Wonder 'stache.

The worst TV show ever was something called Roomies:
Premiered:March 19, 1987
Last Aired:May 15, 1987
A 14-year-old named Matthew (Corey Haim) shares a college dorm room with a middle-aged man named Nick (Burt Young) in this short-lived "Odd Couple" type sitcom.

This was so bizarre that we felt like we were on drugs just watching it. It was sublimely bad.

Batman and Robin. Definitely Batman and Robin. It wants to have kitschy appeal a la Ed Wood, but it'd just really really bad.

Worst movie ever made: the one when you were 7 running around like an idiot at X holiday. And your parents always showed it to your date, when you were a teenager. Oh, the pain.

Spiderman 3 is the fourth worse after Star Wars 1,2, and 3.

Worst television show that lasted more than a couple of weeks: Joanie Loves Chachi that attempted to keep the Happy Days franchise from dying a timely death.

After consideration, I changed my mind. Spiderman 3 was the worse movie ever made.

Having walked out on Something About Mary, First Knight, Indecent Proposal, and Star Wars Episode One, those would have to be my nominations for worst movie ever.

To change the tanget slightly,
how about airports:

Atlanta, for all its hugeness and all, sux. The food choices they have are marginal, and if you are stuck leaving from Concourse D (Delta Connection) there is nothing there worth spending what they ask for.

That being said, the new Sweetwater Brew House has some tasty brews and decent beers there. I think its on Concourse B. I haven't flown Delta in awhile because I CANNOT STAND their Delta Connection partner.

Sadly, Southwest and AirTran do not serve my neck of the woods.

On the bright side, Charlotte NC is a very nice airport, lots of light, rocking chairs, and much better food.

Is there decent food in any US airport, anywhere? Denver used to have a stand with a decent chili, but I can't think of decent real food anywhere in the past 20 years.

The prices have gone up, though.

Fl Rob, I agree with you about Charlotte's airport. I also love Orlando (MCO - whatever that stands for) and much to my surprise St. Louis has a great airport too. The worst to navigate for me has always been Atlanta in addition to being run down and dumpy and having crappy shops. Southwest notoriously makes you run through the entire length of one concourse to another to change planes there. I've been offered flights before that would have me change planes in O'Hare or Dallas and thought, if they were free, there's no way!

Joyce W. -- the IATA code for Orlando's airport is MCO because it was formerly McCoy Air Force Base.

Those rocking chairs at the Charlotte airport were a stroke of genius.

Joyce W., MCO was taken from its former life as McCoy Air Force Base. Had a discussion on airport codes here a while back.

Changing planes can be done, but only if you leave enough time. I will be flying back from Sacramento next Monday via Chicago, but there is over two hours between flights, so there should be time for dinner and a liesurely stroll through the airport.

George Carlin flashback:

"If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport 'The Terminal'?"

Thanks, hmpstd!

EL, I can really groove on your sentiment about the joy of being home. I was in NYC over the weekend. I usually love to go to NYC and eat a lot of good food. But everything was disappointing this go-round. (Although one of the high points was going to the hippest restaurant in SoHo and watching models eat bacon mac'n'cheese - must have high metabolisms ;wink) I got home to B'more and went to Clementine on Sunday evening. What a pleasure. The care the chef took with the food and the sweetness of the service almost brought tears to my eyes.

OMG - "Duel" is one of my all-time favorite movies. I'm glad to know there's someone else who recognizes its greatness.

My nom for worst movie ever is "Moment by Moment" (1978), a clunker in which Lily Tomlin and John Travolta played lovers in a May-December relationship. Enough to make you gag on your popcorn.

Airports: I would have to say that the Dallas airport is pretty nifty. It's like a giant shopping mall and food court. There is a terrific wine bar in one of the terminals.

P Rob--whenever we pass through the Dallas airport we always seem to be sprinting from one end to the other. No time for wine bars ...

P Rob - LOL! I forgot about "Moment by Moment"! You are so right - that was a real stinker!

P Rob and Owl,
Yes! Duel is one of my all time favorites as well, Even now, when I'm on an empty stretch of highway and there is an 18 wheeler behind me, I think of that movie.

I've noticed rocking chairs in a couple airports lately. Can't remember the one besides BWI, though.

BWI's observation deck is wonderful. Used to be every airport had one, but I can't think of one besides BWI. Rocking chairs, some nice museumy exhibits, big windows, it is usually pretty quiet, near coffee and books.

Speaking of movie "flashbacks": every time I go through a tunnel I flashback to the scene from "Independence Day" where Vivica A. Fox is driving through the tunnel followed closely by the wall of fire. Every time I drive through a tunnel I can't help looking for a door, in case a wall of fire follows me down the tunnel :-)
I hope I never develop a tunnel phobia.

Susan, I still look in the back seat and check that no one is lurking in there at night thanks to some movie I saw ages ago (maybe Freddie?).

BTW, seeing your name reminded me, Northwest Hospital is running an ad on the radio that they need Administrative Asst's with experience and that they will provide a medical terminology course at a low cost. Worth checking into?

Joyce:thanks for the tip-I will check it out!
Sinai (who runs Northwest) has rejected me about 8 times, maybe I will have better luck with Northwest.
Thanks again!!!!!!!

PCB Rob: I have the same feeling about 18-wheelers (even though most of the drivers are so very considerate drivers). You're correct about encountering a tractor-trailor rig; I get a tad sweaty and I come from a family that owned a truck company! Damn you, Mr. Spielberg.

I forgot something ... the 70s was a hotbed of bad movies. The only film I ever walked out of was "Lucky Lady" (1975) with Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli. And don't even get me started on the '78 "Grease."

PRob has a trucking background. Well that's quite a skeleton in your closet. Don't you feel better now?

There's some super-awesomely bad 70s horror movies. One of my favorites is Night of the Lepus:

They were born that tragic moment when science made its great mistake... now from behind the shroud of night they come, a scuttling, shambling horde of creatures destroying all in their path.

Starring Stuart Whitman (of many Quinn-Martin Productions), Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, and DeForest Kelley.

Oh yeah, they're rabbits. Killer freakin' rabbits.

I'm not even remotely interested in musicals, but the scene in Grease where Olivia Neutron Bomb is all tarted up in leather and spandex and heels is pretty hot. The only other hetero moment from musicals I remember is Ann Marget gettin freaky on Elvis (in Viva Las Vegas?). And of course Natalie Wood as the Puerto Rican girl in West Side Story. PRob, are you a Shark or a Jet?

Full disclosure: I was once trapped somewhere in Istanbul for many hours and had to endure a tape of the Grease soundtrack on a loop for many hours.

Killer rabbits aren't even original.

There is always "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".

OMG, whenever we Americans would roll into any small town in Turkey and stop to eat, the restaurant would put on whatever "American" music they had, usually Sinatra or Elvis. I remember sitting in one place in Kars, a few miles from the Russian border, watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

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