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August 13, 2008

The next road trip is coming up



Things aren't going well with the 10-Thing Kitchen Challenge, and I can understand why. But this isn't just an academic exercise for me.

Next Thursday Gailor and I are going to pack up her car (actually I'm hoping her father will do the packing) and head for Evanston, Ill. I'll fly back Saturday night. ...

If you remember, she came home for the summer before she started business school because her lease ran out in LA and the company she has been working for is based here.

Lately she's been talking a lot about microeconomics when we go on our morning walk, so I know the end is near. I'm very sad. Although there are certain advantages, like not having to hide the chocolate anymore.

I'm trying hard not to take it personally that she got into Anderson (in southern California) but  chose instead to go to Kellogg (near Chicago). You know how I feel about winter.

Anyway, I'm not going through a move like we went through in LA, so I'm trying to convince her that student housing with an apartment mate is not like having your own apartment, and she needs to pare down. I'm telling her tonight she can only take 10 things for the kitchen, six of which will be for me when I visit: the microwave, the toaster, the sharp knife, a tea cup, a spoon and the teapot. 

I'm only afraid she'll laugh at me and say, "Sorry, Mom. I'm only taking five things for the kitchen. You'll have to leave one of those behind."


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Student cooking? Let's see...microwave, wok, saucepan, chef's knife, coffee grinder, mellita 1 cup coffee filter thingie, plate, bowl, spoon. Oh, I have one left...cutting board, then.

This is my daughter we're talking about. She doesn't know what a saucepan is. EL

Hey, look on the bright side - you got to spend a lot of quality time with your grown (!) child. Many parents don't have that opportunity.

So you are really asking for a list of four things, to go with the six that you have stipulated must be included?

And since I believe I read somewhere that Gailor doesn't bother to hook up the range or plug in the refrigerator, one of those four would have to be a hotplate for your teapot? So we're down to three things?

Microwave, Bucky. EL

Stop in at Tony Packos when you pass through Toledo. Their Hungarian hot dogs were good enough for Klinger. If you go, be sure to eat at the location on Front Street ... that's the original. I haven't actually been to any of the others.

I see your trip takes you through Cleveland. A few recommendations for you.

Want to feel sick? Go eat at Skyline Chili. They will give you spaghetti with chili and cheese on top. NASTY.

Cleveland has a tiny culinary district called the "warehouse district". They have a great restaurant i went to called Metropolitan.

Lastly, about an hour south of Cleveland, if you are going that way, is a town called Ashland. Within this town lies the most magical place ever: Grandpa's Cheese Barn. Here you can enjoy a smorgasboard of cheeses and smoked meats. They also have fun novelty shirts; I got my husband one that says "Grandpa's cheesebarn: udderly delicious".

Stop at Perkins diners throughout OH and PA, and Rutters and Sheetz usually have the best bathrooms.


It better not take us through Cleveland. I think that's just the map's too small. :-) EL

Wow! EL - you and I are kindred spirits about winter! I wasn't reading the blog yet when you posted and I'm shocked that someone could hate winter as much as I do. Every year I begin the winter by announcing that "this is the winter of my discontent".
Take heart in the latest research, Elizabeth, which states that our weather will soon be like South Carolina's... aah if only!

Ok, let's replace the saucepan with a mug, then.

How on earth does Gailor fix ramen?

If you are taking the Ohio Turnpike, Tony Packo's is about a 20 min. detour each way. However, that detour also takes you off the 280 exit, which has the cheapest gas until Indiana.

Tony Packo's is interesting, once, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way for it.

I've done this drive many times. The only words of wisdom that I have are, "Pack the cooler!"

Since you'll be near Chicago, go over to Navy Pier and ride the ferris wheel. I am forever bonded to the women with whom I rode it.

Cleveland? In the county South-West-ish of Cleveland is a town called Richfield, home of a restaurant with an Iguana or some other reptile in its name. The ribs there were very good.

Thank you Ms Eve for those Mapquest like directions. Rib place, east of the Mississippi, got it.

Cleveland is actually a bit north of their route. Hard to tell by that map, but it is a good half hour or more north of the Turnpike.

I really, really hate the Ohio Turnpike rest stops. They took out the old diner type restaurants and built round, loud plazas with pedestrian killing parking lots and chains that close in the middle of the night (my preferred time for long distance driving).

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