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July 2, 2008

Restaurant news, gossip and crumbs

tsunamilemongrass.jpgEvery once in a while when I clear out my inbox I end up with tidbits that don't quite fit anywhere else but are interesting.

For instance, I got an e-mail yesterday from Meghan Welsh, a manager at Tsunami/Lemongrass downtown saying that a "gentleman" from The Sun had left a message on their voice mail. He had heard "from some sources that either both Tsunami and Lemongrass or just Tsunami were going to close their doors, and he assumed that since the phone hadn't been answered that we really were closed for good. He said that he would rely on the other sources (who really knows who these sources are!) and that the information would be published today."

Of course, the poor woman was in a panic, although no story appeared. Anyway, a Sun reporter would have called one of the original restaurants in Annapolis to confirm. I'm assuming it was a prank. Tsunami, however, does have a new menu, she told me.

Moving along... 

I heard from a reliable source who didn't want to be quoted that Dizzy Issie's in Remington will be reopening Aug. 4. But we all know that opening dates can be fluid.

The Parthenon Diner downtown has closed (so quickly!). A sign on the door says the Park Avenue Grill will open there in August under new management. 

Consumer blogger Liz Kay tells me that Urban Cellars in Charles Plaza now has curbside pick up so you don't have to find a parking spot. 

Lager's Pub in Canton has new owners and a new menu featuring "overstuffed signature sandwiches."

Actress (and Baltimore native) Anna Faris had dinner with a group at Aldo's in Little Italy last Saturday night.

There's more, but I have to keep moving if I'm going to get everything done that needs to be done before I have to physically be at my desk at work. 


(Elizabeth Malby/Sun photographer) 


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Do you know if Two Sisters restuarant in Charles Village has closed? I live in the neighborhood and haven't seen it open for weeks.

Dizzy Issie's has a sign on the door confirming your reliable source's date, August 4th, as the reopening. I took a peek in the window and it looks like they're doing quite a bit of remodeling. Hopefully it retains the Dizzy charm.

I just noticed its Wednesday (no comments, please), 11am, and we have no shallow thought. I guess you could blame it on your over-stuffed in-box. Regulars readers however will notice a recurring pattern. Maybe Mr. Lindner is out back setting off cherry bombs in anticipation of the 4th.

Did the panic from Tsunami/Lemongrass have anything to do with Owl Meat's blog post entry back here?

Also, rumor has it that Michael's Pub in Columbia (Kings Contricance Village Center) will soon be featuring a new menu.

Two sisters is closed, it closed two weeks ago. I was sorry to hear about it.

Tsunami Panic

To avoid any more natural disaster panics, I present the following as observed fact with no ornamentation. I'll leave that to the rest of you.

I was walking by perennial Little Italy eyesore, the boarded up restaurant sign an old sign that says "Mama Cellina's". There is earnest construction going on. It looks like they are gutting the place.

According to the BBJ, Peter Angelos bought the property for $550,000 in 1999 and sold it for $1.1 million unimproved in 2005. Nice math.

I guess I could take a photo of the place to add to the factiness.

I checked out the Tsunami web site but all they have for Baltimore is "Coming Soon". That's a little odd. You would think that in this day and age that a place that has been open for like 9 months would have a basic web site up. Details, boys and girls, that's where the devil lives, although I hear he summers on the Vineyard.

Thanks, OMG. We actually ate in Mama Cellina's once if memory serves me right - not very good is what I'm remembering (which would partly explain why they're no longer there). Sure wish Peter Angelos was my Daddy...(well, not really, but would like some of the $$$$$$)

Word on the street is that Mama Cellina's was the site of the original oldest LI restaurant Maria's 300. Then somebody bought it, changed the name and ran it into the ground. I took pictures yesterday of the demolition/reconstruction and new place opening on Eastern and High called TapaBar where Cafe di Roma etc were located.

Aaaarrrrghh. Why don't you tell me these things? EL

I am telling you. And I just sent you photos, despite my intense dislike of all digital media. Aaaarrrgggg indeed. I'm going to the movies now with my big bag of crinkly sour cream and onion potato chips, to ward off the L-DOPA hipoisie.

OMG must be depressed

or we would have heard something about this:

Scientists: Watermelon yields Viagra-like effects.,0,7409057.story

(sorry, that link probably won't work, I don't know how to do the "link on a blog" thing right - but the story is here in the online Sun)

So, this Patil dude, who is the Director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M says he wants to figure out how to reduce the sugar content of watermelon.

Would someone explain to me how that would be considered an "improvement"?

not depressed just rebounding from a three Margarita a day mini-habit.

You told me I was the only one, you creep!

So I can one day eat six cups of watermelon in one serviing without the frightening and unromantic side effects, Bucky.

Dr. Patil is a hero, you see. Because you can't eat six cups of natural watermelon and then go soak with your sweetie at sunset in side-by-side individual bathtubs in the middle of nowhere, which of course is every man's idea of ultimate romance.

I hope there is some pork in the federal budget to fund this important research.

I went to a restaurant in Silver Run north of Westminster last night. Wow! It was fantastic. It is a small restaurant in an old building with a bar that welcomes bikers as well as a dining room with linen tablecloths and an airy feel. It is fine dining in a casual atmosphere. The food was fantastic and fairly priced. Our group of four started with a goat cheese tart, asparagus wrapped in a filet and chicken satay. The main course selections included a couple of beef selections, crab dishes (crab cakes and chicken chesapeake and a couple of seafood selections (scallops were excellent). We finished our meal with a chocolate parfait. It is a resaurant that opened in May and is a hidden treasure. It was a little bit of a drive for us but well worth it! It is called, Bud's at Silver Run. Ken is the chef. Try it!

I was on my way to Arudel Mills with my DW and discovered that the Five Guys in the "Shops at Arundel Preserve" is open. Funny how they have't preserved anything at Arundel Preserve, just chopped and bulldozed everything down and started from bare earth. But the bacon cheeseburger and fries were good.

Still a better menu than dinner with Pol Pot. It is surprisingly duck-centric.

"Bob Dole" wrote: then go soak with your sweetie at sunset in side-by-side individual bathtubs in the middle of nowhere, which of course is every man's idea of ultimate romance Those ads have always puzzled me--not my idea of a good time. Is it anyone's?

Dahlink, it all depends on the person you are with. I can be sitting in McDonalds with my DW and it is a romantic moment.

Dahlink - I don't get the separate bathtubs either. Isn't that like going on your honeymoon and sleeping in twin beds?

It looked like those bathtubs were in the mountains out West. I guess they do things differently out there.

I don't know, LJ--I'm originally from the West Coast and I still don't get it. (But then I never understood the appeal of Ronald Reagan, either ...)

I can see how the appeal of Reagan could be lost on some, such as those who enjoy inflation, high taxes, the communist threat, malaise, etc... No doubt, Reagan is not for everyone.

Oh great, now I'm all riled up on a Sunday. Well, there goes my relaxing day of watching America's Test Kitchen. Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of the afternoon on the National Review.

I got it, LJ.

I just saw one where the bathtubs were on a beach. These drugs get a LOT of ad time on golf broadcasts. I guess they think golfers need a lot help in that department?

Here is a great example of how a post about restaurant closings has morphed into a commentary on ED drugs.

The Sandbox wanders far and wide, indeed.

Well, Bucky, are you going to share?

I was saying I got your comment about in the west, we do things differently...but I must have been reading something that wasn't there.

The ED commercial I don't get is the Viagra one where the guy drives up several days in a row in his little commuter sedan, then roars up on his motorcycle. If you watch that one all the way to the end...hard to do, I'll see that the guy leaves his helmet sitting on his bike, where anybody can walk right by and steal it.

The other thing I don't get is why on earth Lisa Marie Presley would ever license "Viva Las Vegas" to Pfizer for for use as a Viagra jingle.

Is nothing sacred?

Bud's at Silver Run - Go today! New owner has taken over and you are in for a treat! There is no competiiton in the area - this is hands down has the best food at a fair price. We've been there a few times and there is really nothing to complain about - great food, beautiful restaurant and bar and attentive staff!

Two comments for Bud's at Silver Run: would someone like to provide an address for those of us who don't know the Greater Westminster area. Also, how about some idea about prices.

Bud's at Silver Run
4115 Littlestown Pike
Silver Run, MD. 21158
(410) 346-6816

Here is link to menu/prices:

Don't miss the Chilled Filet and Asparagus Roll or Crab Bruschetta to get started (both fantastic) I couldn't decide between the crab cake or tuna and the owner said I'll do a little of each - can't beat that kind of service!

Why would you think Lisa Marie Presley owned the publishing rights to Viva Las Vegas? Elvis didn't write it; Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman did. I don't think Elvis wrote much of anything he sang, especially in the later, lamer years. Even when the Elvis Presley estate controlled the rights (until 1993. Why? Beats me.) they had no problem with the Dead Kennedys doing a cover. I always loved the Elvis version in an ironic way.

Video from Fear and Loathing in LV

Well, that explains it, then. My faith in Lisa Marie is fully restored. She and I thank you.

I just looked at a map to Silver Run, Maryland and Bud's. Its in a different time-zone and I suspect a passport may be needed. But the menu makes good reading.

Rtso - now you know how us "northerners" feel about treks to the city. Sometimes a nice Saturday is the perfect day for a long ride into the country for a delicous meal. GF and I have been venturing out even further to Olivia's in Gettysburg. Casual mediterranean dining - food's wonderful, wait staff attentive without being overbearing and prices not too bad. On weekends, they have a piano guy too!

Another vote for Bud's at Silver Run. We enjoyed a delightful evening with delicious food, an attentive staff, and a gracious owner/chef. Ken was very accommodating; when out of the Goat Cheese Tart, he whipped us up a personalized appetizer of scallops. The pricing is good and the atmosphere wonderful. We are planning to return again soon.

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