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June 27, 2008

The world's most expensive burger


The world's most expensive burger, produced by Burger King in a limited edition, sold out the two days it was available, according to The Burger King in question is located in the exclusive South Kensington district of London.

The cost was 95 pounds, about $185.

It was made of massaged Japanese Wagyu beef and seasoned with organic white wine and pink Himalayan rock salt. Its ingredients came from seven different countries.

I'd like to come up with some clever comment about this, but actually I'm too stunned to think of anything. I mean, Burger King?

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If I paid that much for a burger, I'd try to induce constipation to allow my body maximum enjoyment from it.
I love bacon cheeseburgers and was at one time mildly addicted to BK's double bacon cheeseburger (yo Bucky!) which today tastes to me like mustard on a matchhead. Go phigure.
So I'm not surprised that BK was able to build this pleasure monster. Still, for $185 I'd expect a week's worth of duck fries and maybe a video of the dining experience.

Forget the massage for the poor cow. For that price, the customer should get a massage thrown in!

I can't tell what condiments are on it, but if I was buying Wagyu (or Kobe...same thing, aren't they?) beef, I sure as hell wouldn't ground it up into hamburger then slather it with a bunch of other stuff.

I've had the self-indulgent pleasure of a Kobe sirlion steak and, I've got to tell you, it made my socks go up and down.

With this burger, I'd eat the bacon for dessert.

Well, since the burger was meant to look like a Whopper, was it served on the usual crappy bun with the consistency of cotton wadding?

Do you want chips with that? Must be $50.00 extra.

I'm with Bucky - this isn't the way you treat Wagyu beef. What an insult to the cow!

That it was Burger King just rubs salt in the wound. Any kind of salt, they all sting.

I dunno. There is a place in Vegas which does that kind of thing and while they also use Wagyu they also use truffles and fois gras. Which sound better than white wine and pink salt honestly. Also its not made by BK.

you're probably thinking of Burger Bar in Mandalay Place. I've been there a couple times as it's a pretty reasonably priced meal for vegas strip standards.

locust point man is close. It is actually served at the Mandalay Bay's French restaurant Fleur de Lys. It costs ... wait for it ... Five Thousand Dollars!

Himalayan rock salt !?!?!? Mined exclusively by a yeti?

Mr. OF -- the $5,000 burger at the Fleur de Lys comes with a "free" bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus, served in Ichendorf Brunello stemware (and they mail the stemware to the diner's home as a souvenir of the meal). According to at least one blog entry, the 1990 Chateau Petrus is on the Fleur de Lys wine list, priced at -- get this -- $5,000. Also, the stemware retails for $62 per stem. So, maybe you're paying for a bottle of wine and getting a free burger and stemware thrown in? (Ah, wretched excess.)

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