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June 8, 2008

Designer's ashes buried in Pringles can



Maybe I should start a feature called Weird Stories About Food Cans. This would be in it along with the cheeseburger in a can

Apparently the designer of the Pringles potato chip can and the whole system of getting those curved, stacked chips into the can  was so proud of his work he asked to have his ashes buried in one of the cans when he died. 

Fredric J. Baur, of Cincinnati, who died in May at age 89, was an organic chemist and food storage technician, whatever that is.

Consumer blogger Liz Kay sent me the link to the AP story, suggesting that maybe it was too weird for Dining@Large.

Surely you jest, Liz.

Posted by Elizabeth Large at 5:21 AM | | Comments (22)


There are probably others that qualify, but Pringles seems to me the earliest Frankenfood on our grocers' shelves. Which begs the question, why would something so wretched still be sold?

Actually, EL, I posted a link about the Dr. Baur news story on June 2, 2008, at 7:26 pm, under the Starbucks recycling item. (Hey, I thought it was sorta close to "recycling".) I guess you and Liz Kay missed it?

Thanks! Sorry not to give you credit. Although recycling? Weak. :-)EL

Pringles are still sold because I like them. I have instructed my wife to give my ashes to one of our utility foremen to mix with trench backfill.

It brings to mind the old story of the funeral for the man who "invented" the hokey pokey. First they put his left foot in and his left foot out....

I think Tang predated Pringles as a frankenfood. Box macaroni and cheese, too.

They sure aren't potato chips. But, every so often, I just have to get a can. Embarrassing.

Is "jmpstd" related to our friend hmpstd?

Liz Kay, NOTHING is too weird for this blog! Just check out the postings from OMG for starters.

Dahlink -- that was me at 6:12 a.m. (A word for the wise to the Sandbox -- try posting to the blog AFTER that first cup of coffee in the morning.)

Weird side bar ... a Pringles can is the perfect size and composition to extend your WI-Fi transmitter/receiver. And you know I don't lie. Right, Hal? }8>)

Ms. Lisa, I think you're right on Tang. But, is Tang still sold? (And we won't mention your shame since this glass house likes Peeps.)

RtSO, yes, they still sell Tang. In 38 flavours, plus New Tang, with half the sugar and lots of fun artificial sweeteners. It was hatched in 1957.

( name has 2 S's. I suspect that is confusing people. If it makes it easier, it isn't pronounced like Lisa, either. Maybe I should go back to my usual Klingon nick...)

But I think there is also a Lisa (one s) in the sandbox, right, Lissa (two s's)? Someone needs to add a qualifier, please!

Lissa - no need for you to switch, I'm going back to lurking now

But I think there is also a Lisa (one s) in the sandbox, right, Lissa (two s's)? Someone needs to add a qualifier, please!

Huh? "Lisa" and "Lissa" aren't the same. Why should a qualifier be needed?

Ms. LiSSa, I am sorry. I glanced and was not paying enough attention.

The mind boggles at the thought of 38 flavours of Tang. Any shop selling all of them would qualify as an EPA toxic waste site. 38 flavours; I'm off to the internet. I can not conceive of 38 flavours. Maybe ear wax is one of them.

The Sandbox must know I couldn't resist breaking into song:

That's Liza with a Z not Lisa with an S cuz Lisa with an S goes snuz ...

Sorry, I was channelling my inner Judy Garland while contemplating, with RtSO, the 38 flavors of Tang. (And what is with these British spellings. Be off with you before a house falls on you too, my pretty.)

[Heh heh, my confirmation letter is S.]

RtSO asked, why would something so wretched still be sold?
For the reason anything wretched is sold, because so many people buy it.

An old friend of mine would gush over the fact that a Pringles chip fit the shape of his tongue-roof of the mouth and he could put one in his mouth and let the salt disolve and then "chew" the soggy chip. GAK!!!!!!!

I wonder if all of the flavors of Tang have that weird, just slightly glowing color. I remember drinking it as a kid. I wanted it because the astronuats drank it.

I was a good little consumer. I lobbied for Mappo, too, only to finally have my mother buy me some and then absolutely hate it, because I was convinced I wanted my Mappo.

There's an article from Fox News about Tang being used as an explosive device.,2933,356491,00.html

I actually used to be quite fond of the Tang Grapefruit flavor (30 years ago).

Apparently, there is no one market where all 38 Tang flavours are sold, so the EPA can go off alert status.

It is rather horrifying, though, isn't it?

(Lisa, don't go into lurk mode. It is fun to confuse people.)

Does that mean he was Frito-Laid to rest?

I should have mentioned that that was not my joke. Hubby called me up and told me that one of the people at work told him.

I love TANG!!!!!!!!!


Zut alors, get me some tnite!

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