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May 16, 2008

The Dizzy Issie's mystery



The time has come to post something about Dizzy Issie's in Remington. Somebody asked me a few days ago if it was closed for good. I asked ex-deskmate Steve Kiehl, who's a fan. Steve did a little reporting for me, but found out only that sometimes the owner just closes up shop and goes on vacation without warning.

Then I saw today from Midnight Sun Sam's post that the place is still closed.

And I just got this e-mail from Karen in Baltimore: ...

I searched the Sun website as well as your blog and couldn't find an answer to my question.  I considered posting at the blog but I was a bit intimidated, as I am not sure what the "rules" are about posting random questions.  So I thought I would go right to the source...
Last night I went to Dizzy Issie's for dinner and found the place closed, with a handwritten sign on the door.  "Will reopen."  No date or reason for the closure.  The sign further said "check back for date" or something like that, with "leave a message below."  A few people have left notes such as "we miss you" and "we're hungry."
Any idea why they are closed and when they'll reopen?  Maybe you could mention it in your column or on the blog?  

I wrote back and urged her to post any random questions she felt like here. Like we ever stick to a topic anyway. A few minutes later I got this reply:

AHA!  As I was getting back in the car, I *think* I saw Elaine, the owner, crossing the street.  Perhaps she is vacationing in Hampden.

As soon as I can come up with a snappy username, I'll join in the blog. 

So while you're posting your theories on whether Dizzy Issie's is closed or not, you might also help Karen in Baltimore out with a snappy user name. I actually kind of like "Karen in Baltimore." It makes me feel like an advice-to-the-lovelorn columnist.


(Karl Merton Ferron/Sun photographer) 


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How about Snappy Karen?

rumor mill: i heard they forgot to renew a license and have to wait to get it before they can reopen.

take it for what it's worth...hopefully that's soon.

Karen, maybe something more neighborhoody (unless you live in Cross Keys and then I forbid that.)

I heard that they were closed for vacation.

I heard Hon doesn't read very well.

Hey wait a minute: I didn't get help with a snappy user name! I'm still using the extremely boring "Susan".
If the Sandboxers are going to come up with snappy usernames, I was in
line first :-)
Karen: do not hesitate to post, just be warned that Dining@Large is dangerous to your sanity and your free time...
It is addicting!!

Sorry, Susan! We need more clues to your virtual identity in order to make suggestions.

Well, I am an unemployed addicted Sandboxer, which gives me too much time to spend on my computer. I am a
'burb resident, in Catonsville.

You could always go the Larry King route: "Susan from Catonsville, Hello!"

I like "Unemployed Susan"

It would sound like you have nothing else to do but post on blog entries, in a cool slacker kind of way.

(of course you do have things to do, but with that name it would seem like you don't, in a funny kind of way that is different from the very not funny situation of being unemployed if you really really need to be working. and if that is the case, the very name is socio-economic commentary on the current state of things.)

I don't suppose you want to be "Black-Eyed Susan"--too obvious at Preakness time.

Ms Boring Susan, grab Black-Eyed-Susan fast (so simple, but so perfect.) Otherwise some lurker Susan surely will.

Black Eyed Susans drinks are lot like bloggers. If you have one, everything is great and no one is confused. More than one....and well that just trouble.

Susan, may I suggest working in "Lady of Leisure" to your moniker.

Susan- I feel your pain, I haven't been able to come up with a snappy moniker either, so I just use my initials, which seems to work for now.

Susan- I feel your pain, I haven't been able to come up with a snappy moniker either, so I just use my initials, which seems to work for now.

And here I thought the PG after you name stood for Parental Guidance.

Nope- although I had a feeling people might think that. No hidden meaning, just my initials. Maybe I do need to think of a new name..... :)

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