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May 30, 2008

Starbucks can recycle for free if it wants to


Natalie has been doing some research for us, inspired by my post about a Starbucks in the city not recycling because businesses have to pay to have their cans and bottles picked up.

She called the city and found out that they are welcome to recycle every two weeks along with residents -- for free.

As she puts it:

I recognize that once every two weeks isn’t enough to take care of all the recyclables the restaurants have.  But even if they just started with cans and/or bottles, that would be a huge improvement.

Thanks for doing the legwork, Natalie. 

(Amy Davis/Sun photographer)

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Don't folks in the downtown area get trash and recycle picked up more often than the rest of us?

Let's face it. Global warming is a hoax and big companies like Starbucks understand that. So why should they go out of their way to fight something that doesn't exist?

Because being green is their schtick, no matter what the reality. EL

Even if one accepts that global warming is a hoax (which I do not), there are other tangible issues with producing waste -- space in landfills, excessive energy consumption, loss of wildlife areas, etc. There's a net reduction in both energy usage and air pollution from recycling over new production.

There's no excuse for generating excessive trash or failing to recycle regardless of global warming. Fortunately, I think Starbucks coffee is awful anyway.

No-Zoner Layer, I assume you accept that the world is flat, too.

Irrespective of global warming issues, the simple reality is that landfills are getting full. Paper recycling may not work (not enough demand for the recycled product) but clearly aluminium and glass are great candidates for recycling and keeping those materials out of the ever diminishing available space in landfills makes sense.

There is a zone in the downtown area, Zone 5, I don't know the exact boundaries, that gets recycling pick-up twice a week, according to the city of Baltimore public works calendar.

And, there are many reasons why recycling is a good thing that have nothing to do with global warming. So even if you "don't believe in it" there are still reasons to recycle.

The only reason Starbucks does anything is make more dough. If they thought this issue would keep people out or bring them in, they have an entire department of "community relations managers" who monitor noise, complaints and concerns and can suggest efforts to change. The efforts can be misleading and just symbolic, like "featuring" Yirgacheffe coffee while doublecrossing Ethiopian coffee coop growers, but they will actually change, maybe just a little, if enough people complain. There's a great documentary to try to catch when do-gooder orgs put it on, some showings are on their site

Pascal's Wager earthlings, just substitute global warming for God. Throw in Hobson's Choice and Occam's Razor for fun too. ...the soul is hard to find... Is it Happy Hour yet?

Rev'd Ed: Pascal, Hobson & Occam in the same post, not to mention Joe Strummer?? Makes me wonder which seminary contributed to such an intellect.

But back to the topic at hand, we try to recycle everything we can here in Harford County. That means I often ask Boots at Giant in Bel Air for two paper, two plastic and the rest in the bags I brung. I get funny looks from the people behind me, but it keeps all the sorting straight.

Speaking of, er, umm, recycling, I came across this news item regarding the late Dr. Fredric J. Baur, who received a patent for the design of the Pringles container.

Please blog about our petition to get Starbucks to recycle. We need signatures and you can help.

Thanks for any assistance:


Oh, this just cracks me up.

Click through to the petition and you will see that you have the option of being listed as "anonymous" on the petition.

What the hell?

This dude is going to deliver a petition to Starbucks that has thousands--maybe tens of thousands--of "anonymous" signers on it? And he expects to be taken seriously by the folks at Starbucks?


Why do I think this is probably just a scam to build an e-mailing list? (Note that there is an already-checked-box reqesting that you be added to iPetitions' mailing list.)

Hello Bucky,

This is legit. The anonymous is just on the web view. I can see everyone's name and when it is printed the names will appear as well.

Feel free to uncheck the ipetitions box, I did.

Now for Ipetitions, their guidelines for pricvacy state that the emails will not be used. What they do behind closed doors is beyond my knowledge, but the petition is real.

Thanks for being so negative, it's very helpful.


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