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May 7, 2008

Shallow Thought Wednesday

Multimedia Editor and Resident Cheeseburger and Wing Expert John Lindner has sent me a Shallow Thought that's a bit shorter than usual. That's because he's been a busy man making videos to go with the filling station fare story he's writing for the food editor, not me. (I'm not bitter, oh no.) He told me it was his wife's birthday this weekend, and she got to spend it dining at WaWa, the Bel Air Chevron, and, of course, the ever popular Royal Farms, to name a few highlights. 

I asked what he did to make up for that, buy her diamond earrings? Something about as expensive, he told me: a DeWalt DW920 heavy duty cordless electric screwdriver/drill with a FireStorm bit accessory pack. This is not a joke.

As an added bonus, he attached an Arlen Ness chrome console plate to her 1997 Harley Davidson Road King.

"Sort of jewelry for her motorcycle," is how John described it.

Bonnie, you are one lucky woman.

Anyway, here's John's Shallow Thought: ... 

"I had Haagen Dazs Creme Brulee ice cream for BREAKFAST on MONDAY.

"Nyah nyah.

"Top that!"

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Well, that's one way to sweeten up a Monday ... but I'll stick with my whole grains and berries, thank you very much.

I had the last piece of homemade caramel cheesecake. I think that's a tie.

Well, if he had put chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top of the ice cream he would have had a Sundae on Monday!

There seems to be a problem with the navigation line at the top of the articles: If I start here, at Shallow Thought Wednesday, I can click back to Dog Friendly Restaurants, which allows me to click back to Shoot the Piano Player, which allows me to click back to ... (Wait for it) ... Shallow Thought Wednesday!?!

Mr. Lindner: An even better present for your better half is a trip back to Milwaukee to visit the brand-new Harley Davidson Museum. I'll bet you won't find a single shallow thought therein.

Off topic, but are there any places I shouldn't miss while I'm visiting Rehoboth Beach next weekend?

I had Haagen Dazs rum raisin ice cream for breakfast and lunch on Monday. I would never have admitted to it but if ice cream is good enough for our friend John, it is good enough for me. But, I must admit that my homemade rum raisin ice cream is better than the Haagen Dazs'. The secret is in marinating the raisins in the rum for at least a couple of days.

Dahlink, you're very welcome. Rosebud, I surrender. Fart: I guess you really did "top that". Piano: Thanks for the tip - meet us there, we'll treat at the Pasta Tree (if it's still there). Fart again: your navigator is working better than mine.

You're on, JL. And, yes, the Pasta Tree is still there - and still one of my favorites (along with Sanford). We should take EL along for a Taste of Milwaukee tour.

Milwaukee -- that's in that cold state, isn't it? EL

I stepped in dog barf on the way to the loo on monday morning... that was not a good way to start the day.

Big Ace, you should go along with Piano and Mr. & Mrs. JL. I'm sure they would go during the summer (all three days.)

Fairfax, that comment would be appropriate for the dog lover's post. How do you know it was dog vomit? Didn't we all learn from Spinal Tap that you can't dust for vomit?

"That cold state"? "All three days" of summer? And here I thought the Sandbox were my friends. Guess I won't be sharing my recent gift box of Usinger's sausages with you guys. LOL

OMG.. i won't tell you why i know it was dog barf. suffice to say that there are only two mammals in my house who could throw up like that, and i know for sure that it wasn't me.

Since the deep thought was a good thing on Monday morning, I wanted to add my not-so-good thing on Monday.

I just wanted to throw out a Spinal Tap reference.

Foolish me. I thought people would be talking about weird things they had for breakfast under this entry. EL

Dog barf sends such a topic spinning wildly into the Absurd-a-sphere. For the record I had Advil and regrets for breakfast. Blerg. My actual favorite breakfast is seaweed soup, especially in the winter. I need to feed the tiny Japanese robot that lives in my pancreas. Domo arigato Mr.. Roboto. And I looped it back to Styx. Domo.

I used to eat left over chinese food for breakfast quite often. Now I just skip breakfast and wait til a respectable lunch hour and eat it. I think it's still breakfast, but on time delay.

EL: Cold state: We prefer "tundra". Some years Summer falls on a Sunday so everyone can enjoy it.
2. Fairfax: Nice counterpoint to creme brulee, but OMG's point hit home: from time to time I find mystery barf in the house and wonder if it's the cat or the dog. Then my gag reflex kicks in and I run.
3. Piano: Glad to hear the Tree and Sanford's remain. And we'll be able to get seats if everyone here thinks it's always cold in MKE. Repeat after me "too cold, too cold, too cold."

Joyce W. wrote: "Now I just skip breakfast and wait til a respectable lunch hour and eat it. I think it's still breakfast, but on time delay.

It's always breakfast time somewhere.

OMG--at last something we can agree on--I LOVE Spinal Tap!

After the typical early-morning coffee and OJ, I have Blue Diamond Roasted Salted Almonds for breakfast mid-morning, with some insanely strong Irish Breakfast Tea. Soaks up and buzzes out any leftover bourbon.

Sorry EL, it's not that odd, is it? Almonds. What would be truly odd for breakfast? Lots of people eat leftovers for breakfast, which makes almost any leftover-anything, thus almost any food, game for a relatively normal breakfast.

Well, I couldn't do creme brulee ice cream. EL

Dahlink... I love you too, To 11!!!! Let's hope we don't get trampled by dwarves!! Ohhh curse the puppet show!!! Eleven!!!!

Mr. Old Fart - that goes for cocktail hour too! :)

2. Fairfax: Nice counterpoint to creme brulee, but OMG's point hit home: from time to time I find mystery barf in the house and wonder if it's the cat or the dog. Then my gag reflex kicks in and I run.
Poor John. One of the benefits of being a mother is that you learn to curb your gag reflex early on.

You know, it's not THAT cold in MKE. Of course, they did get a foot of snow on Good Friday this year. And there was the year when there was a measurable snowfall in June. But at least people know how to drive in snow there, unlike, um ... I'm just sayin'.

EL - I caught an early bus today and just finished off two slices of cold pizza for b'fast, accompanied by a warm Diet Pepsi.

JL: Speaking of breakfast and MKE, we'll have to take EL to George Webb's. Here's a story about Webb's 60th anniversary.

Domo arigato Mr.. Roboto. And I looped it back to Styx. Domo.

Leave it to OMG to tie up the loose ends.

Say - where's this week's Deep Thought Thursday thread???

I haven't had any Deep Thoughts in months. EL

Here's a candidate for Deep Thought Thursday:

If tin whistles are made of tin,
What do they make fog horns out of?

(Extra points for the source)

And Dog Barf comes full circle to Styx sometime around the time the band recorded the song "Babe".

I mean how can the same band that made the "Grand Illusion" also make "Babe"

Was this one of those George Carlin questions? One I remember is: why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Rosebud: Carlin's riffs on the English language are classic! "I don't want to get ON the plane - I want to get IN the plane." And it's just the opposite when talking about a bed. LOL

If talcum powder is made from talc, what is baby powder made from?

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