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May 11, 2008

Breakfast on our back porch


How would you feel if you were sitting out on your little back deck where you enjoy a nice breakfast on a spring morning, and you looked up and saw this in the cedar tree directly above your head?

My photo doesn't convey the scale of the thing, or its ominous quality. It's clearly a nest, and it looks to be about two feet across. For some reason I keep thinking of giant wasps, but I guess maybe a vulture or a large owl is more likely.

I don't think I'll be eating outside anymore. Too nerve wracking. My husband says squirrels have large nests. I say not this large.

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Hmm, that looks a lot like my summer home tree.

There you go, outing Gailor's new frig.

Yep. That is a squirrel nest. I live in the woods and we have several. We call it the squirrel condominium

I took one look and somehow knew that OMG was involved.

Maybe you need to contact the police and tell them that OMG might be
stalking you :-)

Well done, Feathered Friend. The charming little back deck is ours! Nightcap in the nest?

Squirrel nest. Settle down.

Squirrel nest for some, owl snack bar for others.

Okay Bourbon Girl even your name tempts me but I will be avian strong. (!) Squirrels? They can't fly. (2) Sure, call the Po Leece and tell them that a mythical creature who only exists in our mindosphere is invisibly lliving at his leisure in your foliage. Oh, hell, yeah, do that. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SAM SESSA WANTS!!!!! Don't you see that this is a blatant attempt to take over the largest Elizabeth in the Sun!!!!!! Mein Gott im Himmel make it stop!!

Okay Bourbon Girl, stop being so nice. Even your name makes me want to (1) go into rehab sort of and (2) drink you, and then possibly go into rehab since then avergage woman would be, oh crap, lots and lots of liters of bourbon. Okay, just stay your tempting self, Holy crap, I am possibly the most simple person on Earth. Ta da...

Perhaps we could all have a happy hour meeting some day? Instead of a committee of twee maybe one of us, say me, could say meet me at Blah Blah's for happy hour at x on y:? I like the spontaneousness of it. And that way I can keep Chiclet from revealing my usual nesting spot.

Hey OMG, why don't you step it up to a nice single malt girl. I'll meet at the only obvious place -- The Owl Bar!

I've been living in this metaphorical world too long, when I saw Squirrel nest. Settle down. I thought you were telling someone named Squirrel Nest to settle down. When you apply human characteristics to animals it's called anthropomorphizing. Does anybody know what it is called when you apply animal characteristics to people metaphorically, as in he's squirrely?

OMG stop flirting with metaphorical beings, you know you can't drink your weight in girls since your liver transplant. If you persist, I will stop bringing you mice and will no longer play the triangle in your band!

OMG's throne is finally exposed!

And, judging by his comment, he's finally cracked. Now all we need to do is sweep the pieces under the rug ...

Okay Sam, I would challenge you to a thumb wrestling match at Blah Blah's but sadly I have no thumbs and Blah Blah's had their liquor license suspended.

Oh Single Malt, you are the better metagirlph. So tempting but I'm just a character in the blogosphere, like Sam Sessa. And the Owl Bar is way too obvious a guess. Rock Chiclet is just mad because I demoted her from cow bell to triangle until she gets help for her KES (Kazoo Envy Syndrome).

Sam Sessa you are a wresteler?? You ahev many suprises. Like down here in this picture:

Why do you wear two wrist watches and lady band?

And in this are you a Klingon or did a damned dirty ape kill your grilfriend?

Is that your speical thumb wresteling costume? Oh you vex me!!! Whoooooooooosh .....

I think Owl Meat is making up female identities to play with such as Bourbon and Single Malt girls. Do you need a virtual hug? Here: ((((OMG)))) Now I don't want to see you getting tipsy on metaphorical women.

Bent but not broken Sessa.

OMG - I like your idea of the Sandbox meeting spontaneously for Happy Hour and it could be D@L's first-ever Flash Mob.

Flash mob, I love it.

Sorry, didn't realize you had ball and chain dear Feathered Friend. Or that you prefer single malts. As such, I shall forthwith try not to tempt you into rehab, lest we both lose our honor.

A flash mob (at happy hour) sounds interesting.

Though please announce a day in advance, since even Bourbon Girls work during the day, and some of us (not many, it seems), actually have to get work done while at work, and can only hit D@L afterward.

hahahahaha! Pierre, a simple Google Image search of my name exposes nothing.

You have simply found a picture of Brian Falasca, a subject of an article I wrote in college, and some distant relative who shares the same name and wrestles. Poo poo on you, Perrier!

Oooo you vex me Sam Sessa! Your silly lies do not fool me today!! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh ........................

If Pierre is just Sam Sessa's comic alter ego (which he probably is), then that means Sam likes to post pictures of himself in a singlet. How interesting.

Squirrel nest....If one falls onto your breakfast you might consider taking it in the house and adding it to the menu. Squirrels are delicious rodents.

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