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May 9, 2008

More on restaurant bathrooms



I know we've discussed it before, but there is definitely a trend happening here. Restaurant bathrooms are better or at least more interesting than they used to be. I know this because I never noticed restaurant bathrooms except the time the hot water handle came off in my hand in the Roy's ladies room a month after the place opened. ...

BathingBeauty.jpgNow Meli has opened with a sink and mirror in common for the men's and ladies'  rooms. What's the advantage of that, I wonder, beyond the coolness factor? Some savings in plumbing?

And then there's the Catonsville Gourmet's ladies room, pictured above. Besides the flowers and the two kinds of hand lotion and whatever comes out of that weird black thing on the wall to the left in the mirror (I would say soap, but the soap dispenser is on the sink), there are two chairs, barely peeking up at the bottom of the mirror, that seem to be upholstered in some sort of faux velvet or suede. In case you want to lounge around in the ladies room before you join your party again.

It's actually a very nice room, and I hope they don't mind my poking a little fun at it. It's more elegant than the restaurant decor itself.

While I'm posting photos, I couldn't resist uploading the sign from across the street. Now this is a full-service caterers: food and checks cashed.


(Photos by me) 

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Is the picture of the bathing beauty in the ladies' or the gents'?

Regarding your comment on Meli's, do you mean that the sink/mirror separate the ladies' room from the men's room? I'd hate to have to wait to wash my hands while a couple of gals are reapplying their lipstick. That's a small step away from unisex bathrooms such as you find at the Mt. Vernon Stables.

Ladies. I'm not allowed in the gents. The sink and mirror are outside the two bathrooms. EL

The sink in the picture above is really attractive. You're really getting to be photographing whiz. Are these taken with your cell or a camera?

One note. I noticed on the window of the former Taste while driving by yesterday evening a note sayng something to the effect that a new restaurant would be opening soon and to "Stay tuned".

Yes, I know who is trying to buy it, but the papers haven't been signed yet. Nor has he, of course, returned my call. EL

Yep, the bathrooms in restaurants are far more 'elegant' than they used to be. That includes some of the new McDonalds (they are my bathrooms of choice for on-the-road pitstops) lol. But I must say that the cleaning and re-supplying of these new glamorous bathrooms is no better than the cleaning of the old, un-updated ones.

Gosh, that's one of the most posh rest rooms I've ever seen. Could the thing on the wall be a towel dispenser? Granted, it looks as if it was mounted upside-down, but I don't see towels on the counter, and there's a hole in the counter for towel disposal....

maybe it provides mouthwash??

The faucet handle came off in your hand? Shades of Jacques Tati's Play Time

My guess on the dispenser you see reflected in the mirror is hand sanitizer. But why would anyone use hand sanitizer when you're standing next to a sink with soap and lotion and flowers?

I was really impressed with the men's "facilities" in Ocenaire when I went for the first time (I mean when I *went* to Oceanaire for the first time, not the first time I... oh, you know what I mean).

There were glass containers of Ace combs soaking in Barbasol and several bottles of Old Spice lining the vanity should one feel the need to freshen up. Very cool (and very much in keeping with the 1930's ocean liner motif).

Eight years ago in the ladies restroom of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco I took a photo of the "resting section". Piped in classical soothing music, soft shades of burnt umbre and cream, lots of wood, at least 2 couches and a chaise lounge, tables, nice lamps, an oriental screen to give privacy for a nursing area... all this was outside of the actual toilet stalls and sink area. Oh my!

You responded to Mr. Piano: Ladies. I'm not allowed in the gents. With that kind of timidity, where would Woodward and Bernstein be? You are both the Big Ace and an ace reporter. Some stories require boldness and courage. Push the envelope, push the door and flash them (your press pass, that is.)

Since we are in the toilets, an advert e-mail I received from my warped little (okay, very little) mind) seemed to have a tie-in to this comment: Rachael Ray Cookware and Bakeware. (If she didn't exist, food blogs everywhere would have to invent Ms. Ray.)

Rachael Ray is the living example to us all that a person without formal culinary training can succeed, as it were, "riding on a smile and a shoeshine" (and doing a heck of a lot better than Willie loman ever did).

If only Willie Loman had been perkier ... but then there wouldn't have been any reason to write the play.

I can only imagine the types of people who go out and buy Rachel Ray cookware and bakeware.

It is not like her stuff is cheap, so there are people out there who are saying, you know I think I'll pass on the calphalon skillet and buy this Rachel Ray skillet. Oh look, it has an orange handle. An orange handle, what the heck is that for? Is it to stave off being shot by a deer hunter?

Hey FlipKid - did they have ice in the urinals when you "went" there? Oddly enough, I just googled "ice in the urinals" and Big Ace's blog came in with the #8 search result - we've hit the big time, baby!

That black thing on the wall to the left looks like one of those soap foam dispensors.

There was the time when my companion (male) came out of a rest area restroom in Ohio, both horrified and amused. The deodorizers in the urinals were pink triangles, like the identification of the gays in the Nazi camps.

An orange handle, what the heck is that for? Is it to stave off being shot by a deer hunter?
Well, sure. Doesn't everyone have deer hunters in their kitchen?

[begin rant] The orange handle is to identify you as a trendy person who is willing to spend extra to get whatever is "in" and demonstrate this to your peers. It is a logo, like the Nike "swoosh," the BMW badge which incorporates the blue and white Bavarian flag, and the many corporate symbols you see around you al the time. It is a culture you buy into to gain the approval of whomever are the tastemakers of your generation. [end rant]

Yes, I do feel better now.

No ones too old to improve new and stylish bathrooms.

Aw, "Toilets" stole my clever blog name.

No ones too old to improve new and stylish bathrooms.

1) You're using a generic comment. Try to punctuate like yur literate.
2) The sentence theme is stupid. Old people love bathroom remodeling. Young people do not. Okay, straight men do not.
3) Why would you improve something that is new and stylish.

I give you two flushes, sir.

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