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May 22, 2008

I can't find the search function

I totally didn't get what you guys meant about the formatting of the page being messed up because OMG said "this post," and I had just finished fixing up the coding of the post, which had my comment on the side of the photo and the quote from Piano Rob under the photo before I fixed it.

It's only taken me 12 hours to get what you meant, when I went to use the search function. (Actually I did find it at the bottom of the page.) I don't think closing Opera is going to fix this puppy. I shall turn it over to our crack IT guys in India. Or perhaps Pakistan. 

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No one ever said it would be easy.

pEOPLe SmoKINg CRack in pakiSTAN will not help you Caps Lock rehab is your best choice. Just know that we love you and it's not your fault. Be strong. But know that while you are gone we will be reviewing Cafe McDonald's and Pizza Hut Bistros. STRAP HER DOWN!!!! IV 50 amps of ketamine and methylpreexalone ... STAT!!! Alright, keep her in a metastatic comauntil I can formulate a congener to the phremestatic stuff...

BTW, everything looks back to normal this morning. So, Sally (why with accents thicker than wet concrete do the foreign call centres insist on Anglo sounding names when we both know its not Sally?) did good. Or did you fix it yourself?

No, it was never something I could fix. I thought Owl Meat was referring to one particular post's internal workings. Shows how observant I was yesterday. Gee, half the page is gone and I didn't notice. EL

I had read several posts before I noticed it so don't feel too bad about it.

Please check OMG's meds.....

Hey, it was only 1/3 of the page. I noticed it early on, but assumed my earlier issues of missing video/pics was back and only my computer. It was only later that I scrolled way down and there it all was.

Now, its a holiday week-end beginning. Slow down and enjoy. Take some time away from the Sandbox and up-date fewer times until Tuesday (I can hear the rending of garments now for such blasphemy.)

Don't listen to him, folks. I will be posting just as much if not more, and if you don't drop in because of what he said I will be crushed. EL

Sandboxers: Several weeks ago I dropped a suggestion about a D@L Bloggers Happy Hour. I suggested Thursday, May 29, 5:30PM, place to be determined.

Do I hear a second? Anyone?

No, no, no. I would never suggest members of the Sandbox not post. Its you who should take it easy. Me, what with no life, and all, I'll be hitting refresh every 20 minutes or so hoping for new posts.

I love that. But you know, somebody has to be at the computer to publish your posts, and while I'm at the computer... EL

...if you don't drop in because of what he said I will be crushed. EL

Given the weight I have gained from following the information and recommendations I have been reading on the blog, if I were to drop in on you, you would be crushed. :)

Have a safe, sound, and delicious holiday!

EL: Thanks for the tutorial on italics. See? I learned something new and accomplished it. I will have to hunt down an HTML guide for future reference.

RtSO: You and I both - no life. My weekend will be spent between sunning on the back porch ("Bobby's Beach") and visiting D@L. Unless of course Her Majesty invites us loyal bloggers over for the burgers and hot dogs she's planning on grilling.

Maybe Sessa is having a party?

I should have just deferred to Hal in the first place. You should see the weird coding he had to put in to get the less-than more-than signs to show up as such.

Just him and Pierre, I think. EL

if you substitute the i with a b, you get

html is pretty cool once you get the hang of it. I do a website for a Ravens Roost up there in Baltimore.

You should see the weird coding he had to put in to get the less-than more-than signs to show up as such.

And I have to do it twice, 'cause the preview page converts my weird coding into the actual tags.

I am going away for 10 days, so I would be crushed if you had a Happy Hour on the 29th :-(
I would love to go, so I vote for a postponement!

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