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May 27, 2008

The next Dining@Large blogging party


Good lord. What is this bartender making? What a weird color it is. I'm assuming it's some strange variation on the martini because of the shape of the glass. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about the next Dining@Large blogging party. This will be happy hour at the Owl Bar in the Belvedere on this Thursday, May 29, at 5:30 p.m.

I gather the choice of location is in honor of Owl Meat's return.

(2002 photo of the Owl Bar by Andre F. Chung/Sun photographer) 

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I think my probation officer hangs out there. Plus I'm actually wearing two Hollywood ankle bracelets.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I have to run lights for the dress rehearsal of a show we are opening Friday.

Hope all those who attend have a great time!

Agents of the Division of Parole and Probation cannot affore to hang out at the Owl Bar. I think you'll be safe. Besides, hopefully Dahlink will be there to fend off any mean people.

I have a class on Thursday evenings, so will not be able to attend.

Gotta be a Creme de Menthe is the only liqueur I can think of that can impart that "poison green" color to a drink.

I'll wait until Rosebud can attend and I can meet my virtual twin at last. Rob, you're on your own.

Don't think its a Grasshopper: more blue than green. Its looks lethal by any standard.

I have to work on Thursday, can't make it.

Get with your urban side, that's Hypnotiq y'all.

This Thursday? No can do. Band practice for a gig on Friday. Damn! Owl Meat owes me a drink.

Check it out HERE.

It's CRUNK-alicious ...

A little surprised to see it at the Owl Bar. You been schooled.

Owl Meat I thought you had to wear a titanium helmet after your conviction by the Thought Police?

Thursday is off for us. My daughter's soccer game and then family pizza extravaganza.

Looks a lot like Hpnotiq doesn't it?

Totally unrelated. But equally important. Another weird food item. Bacon Salt:

That drink looks awesome. I was just at Ixia in Mt. Vernon a week ago, and I tried a cocktail from the nitrogen bar. Wasn't sure how I felt about white steam unfurling from my drink, but it was delicious and worth the pretty penny. Very dramatic and a fun conversation topic.

I have an evening scheduling conflict, but may try to stop by a brief visit if the traffic is willing.

Bacon in a bottle--that may trump BagelFuls.

Well PR its looking like you and me.

Now, weird thought/mind picture of the month: Mr. Pork, a) having a daughter; b) attending a soccer game of said daughter's team. Almost makes you forget the apron.

Can't do it again this time, waiting to see if I am getting my gallbladder out and if not I am heading to upstate PA for a nice weekend at the mountains.

Mrs. Pork is not the angel you might imagine. I've said too much.

I recommend that everyone attending the gathering at the Owl Bar try their absinthe. What better way to start off a blogging party than with a taste of a hallucinogenic beverage?! Ok, so the stuff in the US doesn't really induce hallucinations, but does pack quite a punch and tastes good to boot (if you like anise). Owl Bar takes their absinthe seriously. Check the poster on the wall...

Mrs. Pork is not the angel you might imagine. I've said too much. Have you said too much because of Mrs. Pork's bad habits (she did marry you, after all.) Or because when Herself sees your post, you will be chitlans?

For those who might be interested in a double header, the nearby Brass Elephant is having a preview same evening of next month's Slow Food dinner there. Menu attached. I assume there's a charge but don't know what it is.

Okay, it's I and RtSO tomorrow @ the Owl Bar @ 530PM ... so far. Any other takers?

Hey Sessa! Forget about Dundalk for an hour and join us.

Too Sad. Oh well, more free mini-eggrolls for us.

(BTW, I guess Her Majesty likes you better. When I ended a comment in italics my wrist was slapped. I have never forgotten or so erred again.)

Notice I didn't answer his question because he was a BAD BOY. EL

he was a BAD BOY

Oh, oh spank me, spank ... opps, wrong blog.

I have this vision of wandering from table to table, bar stool to bar stool asking 'Please Sir, are you Piano Rob, Sir?' The bouncers should have me out of there in under 5 minutes.

Does EL show up for these blog things? I'm sending restaurant owners in to find out what she looks like! LOL!

I'll be the one drinking bourbon... if you're still there by the time I get off work.

Is book coming?

Oh, Ms. Girl (well we have not been properly introduced) don't toy with me. Tell me you don't work 4 - 12. Normally Book and bars don't mix, but who knows, the mere promise that you will be there has Book's little pages all a twitter with anticipation, so ...

Already have plans

While I like being referred to as a BAD BOY for a change, (a) I didn't realize there was a blog law about ending a post in italics and (b) I intended to italicize on the first two words and (c) EL could easily have changed my alleged offense.

RtSO - your spanking preference is almost as bad as (note "almost") OMG's suggestion that Sessa was busy fluffing himself (this from another posting).

As for later ... I forgot my Piano Tie and other similarly musical accoutrements, so I'll be the guy with the short hair/beard wearing khakis and a blue shirt w/ stripes.

Oh, dear, D@L has become an AOL chat room.

Speaking of blue-tinged drinks, Mandy at Sammy's yesterday made one called a "Lay me down, sweet Jesus" and she described it as a Long Island iced tea made with blue curacao and Sprite instead of Coke. It looked pretty but I was busy with my dirty martini.

Noon update: Happy Hour imbibers include me and RtSO as definites, hmpstd as a maybe (traffic willing), and Ms. Bourbon Girl as a possible depending on when she gets to leave the office.

Come on, kids - one cocktail to kick off the evening.

Greg S: I tried a shot of absinthe a couple of weeks ago. Powerful but not to my liking.

This looks pretty good price-wise. It's the Owl Bar's happy hour menu.

RtSO, hmpstd (never did get his real name - could he be ... gasp ... another Rob/Robert/Bob?), and I met at the Owl Bar. The three of us solved all of the problems in the blogosphere in a mere 60 minutes. Y'all shoulda been there if only to hear hmpstd narrate the wonderful history of the Belvedere. And he's not even a native! (O's fans - he's from Boston. Apologies for outing you, hmpstd.)

IMHO - we definitely need to plan another D@L Blog Event so more of us can be present. The Sandbox is now open for suggestions; day, date, time, etc. - all are welcome.

When? Where? Time?

(O's fans - he's from Boston. Apologies for outing you, hmpstd.)

In my opinion, it's okay if he's still a Red Sox fan.

But please, Mr hmpstd, tell me you've become (even if only outwardly) a Ravens fan since your transplantation.

ooops, I thought HempStrand was a girl.. I propose that sometime in the near future that I declare a flash happy hour and people show up or not. I hate planning. Whatevers. We're born alone, we die alone, why should Happy Hour be any different.

If you declare it, will you come?

Carol in Hampden -- actually, I've been a Ravens fan from the start (two years in the gawdawful north end zone bleachers at Memorial, and now in upstairs "cheap" seats at PSInet, umm, Ravens, umm, M&T Bank Stadium), and I also follow the O's. If the local team isn't in the playoffs, though, I'll revert to rooting for the Pats or BoSox in the postseason (all too common for baseball these days, alas). As it is, I'll be at Saturday's O's-BoSox game. It should be easy to find me -- I'll be sitting next to the fan with the BoSox cap. ;-)

OMG wrote: "We're born alone, we die alone, why should Happy Hour be any different." Well, it may be true that you hatched alone, but for mammals we have a mother present at birth.

OMG - It's your call and I welcome the challenge of a Flash Happy Hour ...

Carol: I've been in Bmore since '89 but I just be a fan of any team 'cept the Packers and the Brewers.

Have a great weekend, all!

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