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May 15, 2008

Foie gras OK in Chicago again



Chicago has overturned the two-year ban on foie gras, which the mayor called the silliest ordinance the city council had ever passed. Susan kindly e-mailed me this link to the story.

I'm not trying to stir up the whole controversy again. We've discussed it ad nauseam. I just thought it was an interesting end to the saga. 


(Chef Didier Durand, of Cyrano's Bistrot & Wine Bar, holds his pet duck/AP photo) 

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I can't believe you even mentioned this. If I was you - I wouldn't touch this issue with a ten foot pole.

It's good to be king. I can always close it to comments if it gets ugly. EL

In a decade in which our freedom has been under assult, it is nice to see a very small piece of our liberty restored.

I'm not trying to stir up the whole controversy again.

I'm already nauseous in anticipation. Here it comes ...

I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot hungarian.

...and I wouldn't touch it with a 12-foot Yugoslavian!

Great they over turned the ban on force feeding ducks so that they get a diseased liver that Robert of Cross Keys can enjoy his freedom to dine on mistreated ducks and wave his american flag. Bravo........

I've never touched it.

ok, RealworldFred, don't talk when adults are speaking. Now why don't you go back to your drum circle.

Oh RoCK nice one. There is nothing "diseased" about a duck's liver, anymore than abundantly large corn is "diseased" because it has been force-fed nutrients, Or do you not care about the feelings of plants? Why do you kill harmless plants? Why do you employ your slave lactobaccilus to produce your slave yogurt? Slave master tyrant hypocrit?!?!?!?!? Oh phony world fred, you have silly categories for your moralistic nonsense. The drum circle is calling. Hey, maybe you could play hackey sack with some other phoney trust fund stoners? If we were all eating diseased liver then we would all die and you would be happy, so you should encourage us all to eat horrible horrible diseased livers. So you want us to die and ducks to live. Fair enough. Let's go.

Sorry EL you started it/

To RoCK & OMG - dont't send RealworldFred to just any drum circle - I sure don't want him in my drum circle.

What's a drum circle?

I love Foie Gras, Like a Fat Kid loves cake!!!!!

A drum circle can be a very moving, uplifting experience, although people seem to be using it in the blog as a derogatory term. Basically it's a group of people getting together and drumming. It can start out with everyone drumming their own rhythms and without even thinking about it you end up in sync. It's been shown to lower heartrates and blood pressure. It can almost feel like being in a trance. And, it has nothing to do with Fois gras.

I thought it was men only. Is that not so? EL

The drum circle was also co-opted by author Robert Bly who wrote a book called Iron John. I vaguely remember that it started a movement where men sat in a drum circle and talked about their feelings and hugged a lot. Wa wa wa.

Well, now you've brought down the wrath of all the men's groups in the area on yourself. EL


We let all the ladies come to our bongo club.

The drum circles I'm familiar with are for everyone, perhaps some other cultures are restrictive to male only. There are groups in the Baltimore area that have drumming circles open to everyone, there are even ones for kids. But anyone who has a drum can get friends together for a drumming circle. Summer is a great time to drum outside, give it a try!

You'r quite right about drumming, Barbara, and I apoligize for my flip comment regarding it.

I was at a drumming event just 2 weeks ago that was very uplifting.

Yes, I admit that I use the term drug circle...ooops Freudian a pejorative. To me, a drum circle represents the vegan preaching, patchouli smelling, hemp wearing, western civilization bashing, hackey sack playing, holier-than-thou culture that I am no fan of.

RoCK, you're sounding pretty holier-than-thou yourself. :-)

EL: Forgive me for correcting Her Majesty, but the correct phrase in Latin is "ad nauseam" - not "nauseum." Father Becker from Latin 101 would not forgive me if I hadn't stood up for the Language of the Church!

Thank you very much. I should have checked. EL

Wow RoCK, are you ever uninformed about drumming! I don't know where you got that information from, but perhaps you should withhold judgement unless you've actually attended or personally met the people. I can guarentee if you ever met me you would not catagorize me as any of those things. In fact you'd probably find me very conservative and boring!

Here is a link to a Newsweek article about foie gras among other "delicacies" that make you want toa GACK.

Yes, I admit that I use the term drug circle...ooops Freudian a pejorative. To me, a drum circle represents the vegan preaching, patchouli smelling, hemp wearing, western civilization bashing, hackey sack playing, holier-than-thou culture that I am no fan of.

Let’s see now, RoCK...
Vegan preaching - no
patchouli smelling - no, makes me sick
hemp wearing - technically no unless you count the bag I sometimes carry around
western civilization bashing - occasionally
hackey sack playing - never
holier-than-thou culture - hardly ever

You missed apprenticed Shaman, but the rest of the items above about covers it for me.

I will stand by my take on drum circles; however, at the moment I am too content to fight as I just returned from lunch at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria. Ohhh, house made charcutrie, steak tartar and and pork belly confit made me once again thank the Lord I'm not a vegan.

thank the Lord I'm not a vegan

RoCK, this I can definitely agree with!

On the drum circle, let's agree to disagree unless/until you actually attend one.

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