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May 22, 2008

Curbside dining

MothersFederalHill.jpgMidnight Sun Sam and I were just discussing whether Mother's Federal Hill Grille is the only non-chain restaurant in the Baltimore area to have curbside pickup. Heck, I can't even think of any chain restaurants that have curbside pickup -- although I think maybe Outback does, so that probably means its sibling restaurants do.

That this is so appealing shows how low I've sunk. Not only do I not want to cook for my family, I don't even want to get out of the car to pick up dinner for them. I don't even want to drive as far out of my way as Mother's to pick up dinner, for that matter. Why isn't there a curbside pickup restaurant about a block away from The Sun on my way home?

One of The Powers That Be here told me he sometimes double parks in front of Sammy's Trattoria and picks up lasagna to take home. I have to admire that. With my luck, I would double park, pick up my lasagna, and come out to find my car had been towed. 


(2003 photo -- best I could do -- of Mother's Federal Hill Grille by Nanine Hartzenbusch/Sun photographer) 

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Since its Italian you want (well, were talking about anyway), Macaroni Grille has curbside pick-up. They even mark off two spots at the front door for it.

Ruby Tuesdays, TGIF and Boston Market have curbside service

I believe that Applebee's and Macaroni Grill have curbside service, but they are chains.

How many blood vessals have I popped getting angry over people who double park on Charles Street?

double parking on Charles St? at dinner hour??? i wonder how many people that sweetheart has made late for their own dinner by blocking such a critical artery for folks trying to get home. so uncool.

but it is sooo charm city. every place is curbside dining if you just double park. and many people do. even though there are spaces nearby, though not exactly, perfectly, right in front of the place you're going.

and don't worry EL, they can't tow that fast! that's why everyone does it. but it is not to be admired. it's rude.

If I had a nickel for every double parker at the 7eleven south of Mount Royal on Calvert...
If they only knew where the good food was!

don't worry EL, they can't tow that fast!

Maybe not, but it's an expensive ticket if you get caught. I got a $77 ticket a couple of weeks ago for double-parking in front of my own house at 10:20 PM. I was there for about three minutes while I loaded in my musical instruments after a rehearsal. Officer McCrary, the soulless parking enforcement officer, wasn't the least bit interested in discussing why my being there for 2 or 3 minutes wasn't hurting anyone (there's very little traffic on my part of Baltimore St. that time of night).

I got a ticket for parking the wrong way on a "2-way highway". The 2-way highway was the little side street that my house is on.

Once every year or so, someone comes through and tickets everyone parked the wrong way.

Hey Rosebud,
I got one of those tickets too, it was quite a few years ago in the Hamilton area of Baltimore City. I had just gotten home from work, it was about 3am. I notice a patrol car going by the house rather slowly. Sure enough, next morning I had a ticket on my windshield.

Rob in PCB FL - They did it one time on a Sunday afternoon. The neighbors at the top of the street went down the street knocking on doors to warn everyone.

You'd think they'd have something a little more important to do, like eat doughnuts (food related reference).

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