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May 24, 2008

Bumper Sticker of the Day

"Jeter drinks wine coolers."



Posted by Elizabeth Large at 8:16 PM | | Comments (28)


A direct attack on his masculinity.

Jeter, who?

I like. It is more refined than comments I heard directed toward Tom Brady last time I was at a Jets/Pats game. Also, no man should drink wine coolers. Even if you did it in the 80s, just stop. And don't drink your mixed drink out of the little red mixer straw.

You have a beautiful name. EL

I'll comment on this tomorrow, but right now I'm still coming down from a three day Zima binge.

no man should drink wine coolers

No civilized person should drink wine coolers.

I should be concerned, how? Jeter = Bret Favre? NOT

Sessa infiltrates the Sandbox?

I love it LOL what would ya expect from the new york skankies LOL

Okay, so he's a sport figure of some sort and as OMG says this is a slur on his masculinity. This will never do. In America, Sports Gods can do no wrong (or be other than heterosexual.) Murder, drug dealing, I'm guessing even selling child pornography is not beyond the pale for an American Sports Gods.

BTW, this should liven up the holiday week-end. Especially if the knuckle draggers from the sports section come over.

Let me be more clear, this is clearly an assault on his hetero-ness, in a childish sort of way. Implications are that he is a wuss, a little girl, a lady-man, etc. Don't you think wine cooler is a little dated? How about Derek Jeter sips cosmos with a straw?

Whoa, maybe the bumber stick means Michael Jeter the flamboyant comic actor. But then present tense would be a mistake.

I googled "Jeter drinks wine coolers" and there seems to be a mini-economy based on that slogan: t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets and ringtones(?). I looked for more creative hating but only found a t-shirt: "A-Rod, Mr. April ... Miss October". Clever + Sports = Null Set

That confirms it - like it or not, RtSO and OMG are my new best friends.

RtSO, sounds like somebody didn't make The Team. Relax, it's a nice weekend. Kick back and pour yourself a nice white zinfandel and Sprite.

Or Drinks Appletini's

RTSO, I thoight that said you didn't make "Team Relax". Frankie Says Relax, Hon.

Murder, drug dealing, I'm guessing even selling child pornography is not beyond the pale for an American Sports Gods.

Don't forget dog fighting.

Piano Rob--you didn't call me as promised on Mother's Day. You'll need those guys as back up!

To make the team, you have to a) play a sport and b) try out. No to both. And yes I did forget dog fighting. Wonder which team will sign him when he's out of prison? After all, he's a good player.

Thanks PR. I will accept nomination to your friend list.

Sorry: After all, he's a good player. should be read dripping with scorn and sarcasm. (In case anyone missed it.)

You are very self-examining today RtSO. Socrates would be proud. I'm guessing you lost a bundle on the Friday night cock fights.

Sorry: After all, he's a good player. should be read dripping with scorn and sarcasm.

I did read it that way. And it is a sad comentary on society.

I care very little for professional sports and greatly dislike the mind set many pro athletes have that they are above the law and can get away with anything because of who they are.

Stop now before this turns into a rant.

Everything will be a drinking holiday one day. Eventually December 7 will be Happy Pearl Harbor Day with sushi and kamikazes. Hey we already make merriment with "kamikazes" and "Irish car bombs".

Dahlink - (1) I didn't get your number. (2) I didn't call my own mother until the day after Mother's Day. (3) It took you two weeks to recall that I didn't call?

I owe you a drink!

Speaking of drinks, Piano Rob -- now that the holiday weekend is over, should the Sandbox be reminded about the planned D@L happy hour this Thursday at the Owl Bar?

Yes, indeed, hmpstd. Perhaps we could prevail upon Her Majesty to open a special post for this purpose. Sandbox Meeting 5/29, 5:30PM, Owl Bar at the Belvedere, Charles and Chase.

Piano Rob--don't worry--I'll collect some day. I didn't hassle you because my own two sons did remember to call, even though one was having final exams. Now let's hope your own mother lets you off easily!

Dahlink - I lucked out this year. Mother wasn't home all Mother's Day. My sister picked her up early in the AM for a ride to Chicago to pick up my niece who was home from Baghdad for two weeks. Mother was just as happy to hear from me the day after.

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