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March 21, 2008

Let's help Barb

Peeps.jpgYou may have missed this flattering comment from Barb:

What a great blog - where else can you ask people's opinion about roaches in restaurants, get some thoughtful comments, AND read about Peeps?  Where do I join?  I'm not sure I fit in.  I don't have a special user name and I'm not good at writing amusing, pithy, snarly or just plain strange comments. But I do love food. 

First of all, I want to welcome her because I like the fact that she wants to join. I also want to reassure her that she doesn't need to be witty or snarly. There is plenty, some might say even too much, of that already. There is a role for everyone. For instance, ...

...when Mrs. Pork is otherwise engaged, we always need someone to keep the Zombie Pig of Harmony in check.

What Barb needs from us, it seems to me, is help with her user name.

I'm also glad she brought up the Peeps comments under the roach post. (I don't even like to think how you guys got from one to the other.) I'm sad I didn't make Peeps a separate entry, because I'm afraid the information will escape many readers' notice, such as how to microwave a Peep, how to make a Peep hood ornament, and so on.

As I'm writing this, I'm wondering whether one is a Peep or a Peeps. No help at the official Web site. Just as Peeps themselves make me gag, so does their site. But I managed to soldier on to discover that there are over 200 unofficial Web sites dedicated to this awful confection and that the amount of Peeps chicks and bunnies eaten at Easter would more than circle the earth. Gack.

(Amy Davis/Sun photographer) 

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Just as Peeps themselves make me gag And you call yourself a food critic. An entire food group dismissed with a gack. So sad.

Gack. EL

I am with EL, I am not a peeps lover. When they showed up in my easter basket I would barter the peeps for Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Wow. You must have had some pretty dumb friends. :-) EL

I think that yellow one might be a spy.

BTW, Ms. Barb, stick around for a while and you will see even more death defying leaps than roaches to Peeps. At least both are food related. It will truly take your breath away. (And I'm not even thinking of the jumps instituted by the nut cases, just the regular members of the sandbox.)

I think that yellow one might be a spy Genetic engineering.

Good luck to Barb with the user name. Not going there. I do remember seeing peeps in The Walters Egyptology section. It seems they were invented in Egypt during the rule of Amenhotep I c1525 B.C. They do tend to keep well. Is the plural of peep, peepi?

Unsnarly Barb

Peeps aren't food. They're toxic waste....

My mom loves Peeps. I think it reminds her of the hardships she worked through in the post-depression era. I guess that makes her love of this confection masochistic. Takes all kinds...

Just a small jump. Ms. Barb, do stick around. And don't worry too much about a user name. Despite the anonymity it seems to impart, amongst the regular posters, this has become a true conversation amongst friends. In the last little while all sorts of information about ourselves has been revealed, without conscious thought. The Bobbys twins (Rosebud and Dahlink) have mentioned reading preferences, cooking tips, children, where they live and grew-up. THE Dave generally makes thoughtful comments, and then slips in something like the origins of Peeps comment, above. RoCK is cooking for Passover. VoodooPork is married and has children (Which just seems weird, somehow.) We know a bunch about Elizabeth from her openness and her brother and daughter's posting. Owl Meat G... is a world travel. Hal Laurent play mandolin. So, just jump on in any old time.

Peeple Person

Can't help with the user name (as mine is not clever at all). But peeps--terrible as is IMO, but they make great toasted marshmallows for smores.

A group to which I belong recently adopted the entire Unit (of a member's daughter) serving in Iraq. Along with boxes of fun and useful things that persons living in a desert might like to have, we sent Peeps. To remind them what they're fighting for.

I'd get rid of my Cadbury eggs for Peeps. I think Cadbury eggs are just nasty.

At the risk of being crucified (probably a bad choice of words given the day), I am not a chocolate person. I'd rather have jelly beans that chocolate eggs. And give me your black jelly beans.

I love Peeps, especially Peeps Brulee'.

Barb, simplicity in one's name is often best, plus your name is a weapon already.

The Bobbys twins

I sure hope RtSO meant "Bobbsey twins", 'cause if he didn't I'm really confused.

I'm embarrassed to admit that when I sent my first post to this Blog, I thought you had to use your real name. And now that I've become an occasional correspondent, it's too late to change. So no anonymity. No ingenious colloquialism. No hiding behind a nom de plume. I'll just have to stick with my real monicker -- and envy the Owl MeatGravitas of our gustatory club.

It's never too late to change if you want to. Who would know? Of course, you lose all your credit for cleverness or insightfulness. EL

Thanks for the welcome and name suggestions. I especially liked "Barb as a weapon", so for now I'll stick with Barb. I was a little concerned about RTSO grouping Peeps and roaches as food, but I think I know what he meant! Oops, I forgot, you don't like exclamation points. Will try to avoid in future.

Don't let them intimidate you if want to use an exclamation point!! EL


Peeps are fowl.

Fairfax - I am so with you on the black jelly beans. I'm pretty sure my mouth stayed purpley black for all of Easter week when I was a kid. Might still.

I have found a more grownup black jelly bean, though. Absinthe lollipops - you can order them online from They're WAY more expensive than jellybeans, but they taste good. (Unfortunately, the other flavor available, maple and bacon, was a total disappointment. Not NEARLY enough bacon.)

Me, intimidated? Never!!!!!!!!!

I actually don't think there's anything wrong with !s in this extremely iinformal type of writing. It's meant to be conversational and it's really hard to get across tone and other verbal and non-verbal cues, so ! away. I kind of hate emoticons but I use them anyway. Welcome Unsnarly.

Fun for Friday:

This is out of control

Dress up and pose your peeps:

In case you forgot the meaning of Easter (Warning: it plays Kumbaya)

Peep Sushi!

P.S. That photo under Amanda's name is NOT me.

Bobbsey, yes. Back when it was my text, I couldn't read so ...

We did Irrational Fears Friday. How about Irrational Restaurant Behavior Friday? Crazy stuff you've seen staff and customers do. I'll start. I once saw a man take his ventriloquist dummy out to dinner at Pizza Hut. He had them give the dummy his own place setting and beverage. Just him and the dummy.

I love Peeps -- always have, always will! They are definitely the best part of Easter, but it's pretty awesome that you can get them practically year round now. If you like Peeps, I'd recommend trying the gingerbread man/woman "sugar cookie" flavored Peeps at Christmas time. They are sooo tasty!

Peeps are fowl

Peeps are foul.

For the time being I using all my snarly comments over at Critical Mass and Mutts, mostly regarding this fence issue in Mount Vernon

Anyway, with all my venom redirected to other places, I might be able to go a full day without offending anyone on Elizabeth's blog.

Barb, it is nice to meet you.

I hate it when you waste your time on other blogs. EL

Oh, RtSO--remedial reading for you!

According to Wikipedia (I needed to refresh my memory, I confess) "the Bobbsey family consists of the father, Richard ... ; the mother, Mary (referred to at least once as "Edith"), a housewife; Bert and Nan (brown-eyed, straight-haired slim brunettes), the older of two sets of fraternal twins; and Flossie and Freddie (blue-eyed, curly-haired chubby blonds), the younger twins."

My hair is brown, but my eyes are blue, ergo, I cannot be a Bobbsey twin. And I doubt that Rosebud wants to be called Bert.

remedial reading for you Its Junior high school all over again.

Nanbert is born!

Its Junior high school all over again.

Well, at least you'll get another chance to be asked to the prom. :-)

According to Wikipedia (I needed to refresh my memory, I confess)

One of the secrets of appearing Reasonable (TM) is to always check one's facts online before posting. :-)

Flossie and Freddie (blue-eyed, curly-haired chubby blonds), the younger twins

The fictitious parents should be ashamed of themselves for naming a child "Flossie". :-)

Barb, how about Lil' Bawl Peeps?

(I hate Peeps.)

Maybe Richard Bobbsey (the father) was a dentist.

Crunchy Peeps Salad
15 Assorted Peeps
1/2 head of cabbage
1 package ramen noodles
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 tbsp. sugar
3 tbsp. red wine vinegar

Coarsely chop the cabbage and crush the noodles
Toss together Peeps, cabbage, and noodles
Mix the ramen season packet, oil, sugar and vinegar together
Pour liquid mixture into salad, toss evenly, and serve

* From Coking with Peeps

Mr. Old Fart--it took me a moment to get the Flossie connection, but no, once again according to Wikipedia, Mr. Bobbsey was a successful lumber merchant, not a dentist. Too bad!

Foiled again!

I will assume that "Coking with Peeps" is a typo.

Possibly, OMG, but maybe not... to create that salad, I'd have to say that drugs were involved.

Y'all are just too dang grown-up...Peeps are great! Has anybody tried the bunnies coated with cocoa-flavored sugar? Awesome!!

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