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June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman gets new costume

wonder woman costume

It's been a long time coming, but Wonder Woman finally has a new wardrobe. The DC comics superheroine has tossed off the star-spangled outfit that she has worn since 1941. Her new look -- dark leggings, a studded denim jacket and heeled boots -- might be something from the closet of Lisbeth Salander, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (but in a size zero).

On the DC Comics site, writer J. Water Straczynski noted Wonder Woman's need for a restyling: "What woman only wears one outfit for 70 years? What woman doesn’t accessorize? And more to the point, as many women have lamented over the years…how does she fight in that thing?"

Artist Jim Lee created the new costume, which replaces the red-white-and-blue themed bustier and knee-length boots. Here's how he described it: "Visually, the character seems edgier than before but stylish enough to warrant a second, albeit cautious, glance. The jacket and boots confirm the costume’s functionality and the open, thinner tiara and shaped bracelets reveal a lighter, even youthful, bent to the Amazonian Princess."

I'll miss the classic costume, which I'm sure fueled lots of adolescent dreams. But the new look seems less like one concocted by a bunch of cheerleader-obsessed guys, and a lot less encumbered by World War II-era patriotic themes. It's a whole lot more appropriate to the 21st Century woman, that's for sure.

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That is sad that they had to ruin an icon in such a way. I did not realize that the present time had to change our history. This is the Xmen's Rogue trying to be Wonder Woman!

I hate the new image, she looks like an ordinary girl, just because a bunch of women wonder how does she fight in that thing is not a valid reason to completely change her image and clothes, her hair is shorter ugh... thanks for ruining her :) who the heck will know im wonder woman if i wear this on halloween?? a few only a few, who's next? superman? batman? T_T

What a mistake.

Hmmm... "a lot less encumbered by World War II-era patriotic themes". You're right. It's a terrible shame to be "encumbered" by patriotism. I guess we are going to have to give it up. Let's get rid off all the red, white and blue, cancel the 4th of July celebrations, and let go of that silly pride we feel as Americans.

Yes, the outfit was always a bit skimpy. So was most of the nose art on WWII era fighters & bombers -> as a reminder of what we were fighting for.

It's sad we see the need to replace or "modernize" our icons in the name of political correctness.

DC has pulled this garbage before and it never sticks. I think the worst in recent memory was when they cut off Wonder Woman's hair makingit boy short. This lousy costume won't last.

I will always be a fan of the original outfit, but I think this outfit looks pretty damned cool. Many superheros in the DC universe have been restyled over the years, why not her?

Yeah it's a real shame costume designs change over time.
Let's just maintain old super hero costumes for people who can't stand change.
Let's take the Beyonder and give him back his leisure suit and perm.
Let's have Dazzler back on her disco rollerskates.

Guess what Old Patriotic Guy, times change. Captain America has had his costume revised numerous times to become more modern.

Way to turn a simple comment on such into some logical fallacy battle of who loves their country more but it's about a god damn super hero costume.

Besides WWII era patriotism was blind and unquestioning. Influenced heavily by lies and modified truth by the government.

They have changed Batman, Superman & Green Lantern and in the end always came back to what made them legendary icons they all are. While they may gain some new fans, it will not compensate for the amount of true fans they will alienate. It is these true fans that keep fantasy / sci-fi genres going year in and year out. Not the more fickle, short attention "pop" fans. So relax all true Wonder Woman fans! Be patient. This to shall pass!

Oh come on people. Wonder Woman has had the same outfit for decades and without "political correctness" there is reason to update her outfit, such as the hope of making her less daunting and intimidating to new readers. Or if they are not intimidated by her huge history that they feel they must catch up on before they get into her recent books, then it can just make her feel like a joke and not worth reading. I mean after all if the costume has never once been changed then how much progression can you expect in the character themselves? Progression is what makes the characters interesting and compelling.

This costume change is a GOOOD THING!!

sure, say it may not be the greatest costume or that a different direction may have suited it better or whatever but dont try to keep the character stuck decades in the past. The idea is we learn from history and move on, not that we wallow in it.

This outfit is horrible. She looks like she is involved in crime, instead of fighting it. Very dirty. We are not amused.

This is great. Her look is finally more a superheroine and less reflective of her days as a glorified JLA secretary.

Let's just put batman in a poodle skirt. Not a good change for wonder woman!

As a woman comics fan and WW fan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. THIS is a real outfit for kicking villain ass in, AND it's definitely still sexy (dangerous-take-me-seriously-sexy, not jiggle-pole-dancer-sexy).

I bet most nay-sayers are male, grew up drooling over comic-book T&A, and never think about what a pain it is for a woman to have to be heroic with a wedgie and her boobs falling out.

The male-oriented comics market forgets that there is a whole potential demographic of female fans out there that like having strong characters they can idolize and relate to too, without always feeling like they have to get past exploitative outfits that undercut serious character intent.

I have to disagree with both this costume and some of these comments. Not only guys liked her original costume. I'm a girl and this outfit is like the leftovers from the 90s era X-Men uniforms. Big jacket and yet no pants?

The idea that because she's a woman she needs a new outfit is outlandish. DC should find better ways of imitating Marvel designs that aren't so obvious.

While I like the new design, this isn't Wonder Woman. The change is too great, too fast. If this was a new Wonder Girl, I could easily accept it and be glad to see a more modern costume. But on a character who has been the same since the 40's, it feels very "build up to a new movie", very contrived to sell more than just comics. I do not see this lasting for any length of time.

This is stupid. It even looks like they are drawing her smaller and thinner. She is suppose to be a fit Amazonian warrior princess not an Ally McBeal-tank girl emo princess.

I'm not opposed to costume changes, just this one. Why would wonderwoman be wearing a leather jacket? A wardrobe change is one thing, but keep her amazonian please. Now she just looks like some leather obsessed chick in a tiara. Its a little less glorious than the Amazonian Princess.

As an old-school Wonder Woman supporter, I actually have no problem with this new outfit. Though, I liked the fact that old Wonder Woman was curvy and her costume accentuated that. New Wonder Woman's looking mighty steampunk and I have to question the wisdom of the denim jacket (or is it Member's Only?). The shoes are also a little too Prada for me, but she's got all her butt-kicking supplies, so I think she's good to go.

I am a Grandmother to three beautiful little girls. They are very upset about the new Wonder Woman Costume change. They say their Mom will not buy this new doll. She will not allow them to watch the new WW show anymore. Please DO NOT change this costume. You are sure to loose customers over this. She looks evil and part of a monster group. Not something little girls like to play with. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

I like this new look!! is about time she gets a makeover!! love it!

Rita, I'm sorry your little granddaughters are confused about this design.

From what I have heard, this is not a doll. This is also not a design in a TV show your granddaughters may be currently watching, whether or not their mom prefers they they do not view a Wonder Woman who wears a more modest / less scanty outfit.

This is a design used in a printed comic book, and this is also a design that my own daughters, who DO like it, will be allowed to wear in public as a costume, unlike the skimpy version.

As for DC perhaps losing (one 'o') some customers, I am sure they will gain many more from women and girls who approve of a Wonder Woman who can dress more suitably for a physically active superheroine lifestyle.

Great, even WonderWoman is a hipster now. Sweet denim jacket, ugh

Oh, Rita, I'm so sorry for your granddaughters! I was just wondering where I could find a WW doll wearing this outfit for my GrandGirl! This is an outfit she can mimic. Frankly, there'll never be a day when she could wear that old bustier without putting her father into cardiac care.

This, to me is proof that we are living "Back To The Future 2" and Biff Tannen won.

If I'd designed Wonder Woman an "alternate" costume it would have matched her invisible jet.

Can we all get in the DeLorean now and get her old costume back? Good lord, this one sucks.

And THAT is a lovely example of why fanboys have the loser reputation they do; good show, Donavan. Get dates much? LOL

Yeah, I bet an invisi-costume would actually be "cannot see Wonder Woman through it" (except for basic a dotted body outline for the benefit of the readers). Sure would look amusing to see her head and hands sticking out of apparently thin air.


Wonder Woman is a fantasy super hero she should remain in her original costume. She is not a street fighting teen of this generation. The reason she has such a huge fan base is because of the whole package including the outfit. There is no reason to be politically corect on a super hero, and ruin every ones fantasy. For those women who are questioning whether she can fight in her original outfit or not, get a life this is not reality anyway. Dont ruin a superhero that is strong, bold and amazing.


Straczynski: "What woman only wears one outfit for 70 years?"

Really? Would you really say that about Superman? Way to widen the gender gap.

She is a super hero, she does not need to have ten thousand different outfits. As Diana Prince I am sure she can change her outfit as many times as you like her to. Superman, Batman etc.... are all recognised because of there outfits. Not saying that they should'nt revamp her existing outfit,but not totally change it. She looks like a teen in her new suit. She is a Woman, lets see her as one.

Jim, I'll answer your first question, 'what woman wears the same outfit after 70 years?'

'A professional warrior, man or woman, proudly wears his or her uniform'.

In other words, an Amazon does.

And if the style changed, do you really think it would be to...a Trinity wannabe?

Does Superman need to accessorize after 70 years? Let me answer that, in case you get any ideas...


That is some weak, weak s**t, Jim.

Trying to make a name for yourself? You might, but be careful what comes of that.

And you were doing so well.....

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