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March 30, 2010

Karl Rove heckled by protestors on book tour

karl rove book tour protestors

Promoting his new book "Courage and Consequence," former presidential advisor Karl Rove got a hostile reception from some protestors in Beverly Hills. A small band of demonstrators, including a member of the anti-war group Code Pink, interrupted his remarks to a larger, friendlier crowd, calling him a liar, war criminal and more. As you can see in this video from KCAL, Rove responded by saying the protestors showed the "totalitarianism of the left... They don't believe in dialogue... They don't believe in courtesy. They don't believe in First Amendment rights for anyone but themselves."

Whatever folks think of Rove's role in the Bush White House and his philosophy, I hate to see political demonstrations ruin a book tour. Books are crucial for the exchange of ideas, and authors deserve the right to speak to their fans. (Remember, just last year William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn faced cancellations on a book tour because of their past relationship with a radical leftist group.) If you object, picket outside the gathering place, organize a boycott -- fine, whether you're protesting Rove or a Democrat.  But don't mess up the evening for folks who want to hear what an author has to say.

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The exchange of ideas? Are you just waking up from a decade-long nap or something?

Ignorance is Bliss. Carl Rove is a fine upright and just Man.

But I think a person who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis has forfeited (sp?) the right to get up and say anything.
Unless and until we stop the madness, we are participating in it. Rove did more than call out "fire in a crowed theatre"-he set the fire and it's about time he faced the results.
Talk to a gold star mother about the right of her dead son to "exchange ideas"?

I am a Republican but am no fan of Rove or his former boss, President Bush. Their ideas and actions really hurt the Republican Party and helped Obama get elected.

However, interrupting him and ruining the event was not necessary. Love him or hate him, Karl Rove is a smart man and has a lot of interesting things to say. I guarantee that if those Code Pink ladies sat in the audience and asked a question civilly, Rove would've answered them.

These types of protests really only occur to people on the right of the political spectrum.

All ideas, whether popular or not, should be given a chance to be heard.

Yes, but Sean- aren't "smart men" able to read things like the Sermon on the Mount? Aren't they capable of having morals and ethics, as well as being "smart"? To me- smartness- is a moral and an ethical thing- something having to do with compassion. I do not need to listen to the ideas of such men- who lack wisdom, lack a compass. And why should we give them a podium?


I don't think Rove claims to be a Christian - I've read that somewhere. But if you want to bring up Christian ethics, what is so Christian about allowing abortion? Obama is easily the most pro-abortion President on record. Look at his appointments (Sec. HHS especially).

Free speech should NEVER be censored, I don't care if it's unpopular or Marxist or even hate speech. Let it ring.

Sean-I agree w you abt abortion (I am consistently PRO LIFE) and you are right about the free speech-so let people in the audience express a bit of opprobrium- too many guys like Rove get a free pass and what they get away with needs to be pointed out. Code Pink has free speech too- and what a great place to express it than at a Rove talk- like my friends did at Goucher when he was there- (and were ushered out). It sort of levels out the playing field of "free speech".

But maybe it would be better if Code Pink did their thing and then sat down- Of course I don't think Rove HAD to leave the stage- it looks like he decided to.

I'm an advocate of militant non violence- and - not to get too far away from Read Street-I grew up on such anti war authors as Wilfred Owen and Erich Remarque. When I watch the HBO "Band of Brothers" and those "noble" deaths- Rove and other arm chair warriors make me sick.

Our Presidents and their advisors- Obama included- really seem inhumane to me in that they cannot express what it might mean to lose your life in battle, or under a bunker buster bomb. But they cause these deaths? What is the difference between them and serial killers? probably why few people want the job of making war. and why so many soldiers resist (more than are reported). Me? I can imagine what war is like.

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