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December 14, 2009

Best of the decade -- the Stephenie Meyer decade

Stephenie MeyerIn the coming weeks, we'll review some of the decade's biggest books and trends, beginning with this pronouncement: I hereby declare 2000-09 to be the Stephenie Meyer decade. (That sound you just heard was Nancy hitting the floor.) Meyer's novel "Twilight," released in October of 2005, hit the top of the best seller lists and has hardly budged since -- while being joined by others in the series. Just look at the latest list: Sarah Palin's on top, but Meyer has the #2, #3, #4 and #7 spots with "New Moon," "Eclipse," "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn." What could she have done if she hadn't waited until the decade was half-over to start her series?

Her tales of teen love and angst, set in a world of vampires and werewolves, have sold by the jillions and have spawned hugely successful movies -- not to mention a "Team Edward" t-shirt empire. Her writing style has been skewered by accomplished authors such as Stephen King, but her fans defend her with a fervor worthy of a werewolf. And though some think her fan base consists solely of teen-age girls, many older women adore her books, too. (And at least one guy.)

 Is there any doubt that she's the successor to J.K. Rowling?

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Am sure you are going to get a lot of flame for this. I admire your bravery in declaring that this is the decade of Stephenie Meyer. I think she deserves some honor in being said as one of the influential authors of the decade but being the best? I am doubtful about that :) Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of hers but I think there are more that are deserving of that honor

Azir, I should clarify: I'm not saying she's the best author if the decade, but her emergence is one of the biggest trends since 2000. There's no doubt about that.

This is boloney. There are MANY other people who deserve this title. Stephenie Meyer is a fluke in the publishing world--she can't write for the life of her but got lucky and hit it right with the tween market, who would make dog poop the next big trend if you pitched it the right way. She's an embarrassment to people who can right and I feel for all the talented writers out there who are struggling to get published while this stay at home mom "has a dream" and blows up.

This is a bold pronouncement, and while I'm a fan of the Twilight series, I don't know that I would say this is her decade. Meyer's Twilight series has really only become a phenomenon in the last two years, being heavily driven by the films. Her books together have sold about 35 million, which is less than the sales of the last book in JK Rowling's series, HP & The Deathly Hallows. (44 mil) Rowling also released half of her Harry Potter series in this decade, books 4 - 7, with 230 mil in sales. I don't know that I would name this the Stephenie Meyer decade. From a global phenomenon standpoint, Rowling has made a bigger footprint on this decade than Meyer. I also don't think I'd say she's the biggest trend of the decade. I'd say that the biggest trend has been the reemergence of the bookworm. Not only have children discovered a love of reading, but alot of adults have rediscovered their love of the written word. In this world of 300 TV channels, CGI heavy movies, and instant YouTube entertainment, there is a still a love of the imagination.

Alichat, good point about the bookworm trend. Rowland and Meyer have a lot to do with that. I'd also give credit to books such as the Wimpy Kid series. I hope that trend keeps up.

I disagree. If you're looking for sheer popularity and sales figures, the Harry Potter series outshines Twilight in almost every category during the past decade. Looking at Google Trends for Harry Potter vs. Twilight, it's pretty clear that HP dominated interest for most of the 2000s and to a much greater degree than Twilight ever has. And if you look at sheer number of sales, Harry has 10 books (including supplements) that have generated over 400 million sales, while Twilight's four books have sold ~85 million; so average sales for the series are 40 million/book vs. ~21 million/book.

I know very few women who have not read all four Twilight books. And the two or three who haven't are all asking to borrow my books.

There's no doubt that it's big right now among us ladies. And I admit that I check Twilight news every few days online. It's just fun, and the characters are addictive.

As for the person who said these books are only being read because of marketing or hype - wrong. If that were true, then any book could just spend marketing money and see success.

The truth is, reading these books is an amazing experience. It's a challenge to NOT read all four books in a week. They're amazing. Word of mouth, coupled with the successful first movie, is what has driven the sales of these books, marketing or not.

The BEST ever!!!!!<3 her!!

While I think JK was also big she did not start in this decade and one of the reasons she is big is also due to her movies. I am a huge twi fan but that first movie should have turned people away instead of bringing them in it was not that good. (saw it 7 times and was ok because it brought my faves to life, but would not have attracted new converts) JK may sell more but stephene sells to a wider audience of all ages. Stephenie also stayed light dispite being about vampiers. JKs books got darker and darker and not approprite for thier intended audience.

stephenie meyer is a excellient writer she has great books i didnt like reading until i saw her books at first i thought they were boring until i really got in the middle of the books i love you stephenie keep up the good books

I have a name for you: J.K. Rowling! Look her up. I here her stuff is actually good!

I love both HP and Twilight, but I draw a distinction in their writing styles and prowess. Rowling is much more accomplished and builds her world with much more detail and complexity. She is just flat out a much better writer. Meyer is a genius in another way; she writes a compelling, imaginative story that is character driven. She knows how to write emotions very well. People can connect with that. Although her writing is crap, she takes you on a fun ride and that is why people are so addicted to the books. I also agree with Kelly. The Twilight movie was not good, it was very cheesy. I saw it first and hated it. My friend wanted me to read the books since before the movie came out. After I saw the film I broke down to watch it b/c my friend and I do have similar book tastes. I was not disappointed by the books, they were much better than the film. I think the movie turned more people off than on to the movies. Hopefully, Eclipse will be a less alienating film.

I love the twilight series and I had not heard of it until a year ago. Stephenie Meyer can write such complex emotions which is why her books are such a success. Edward Cullen is the best...

Dave, you are totally right. And my husband read all the books and has gone with me to see the movies multiple times, as have my mom and sister. As a group, our ages range from 30s to 60s. I have no idea why the series has garnered so many haters, or why it's been pigeonholed as a "teen" phenomenon. Meyer herself has said many times that she did not intend for the books to be only for teens.

Thanks for the great nod to a great series of books. This 54 year old is a fan. Sorry Harry Potter - never could get into that one!

We are not a bunch of teenagers out her buying these. Look at a website called It's the biggest fan site out there!

I've read all 4 books on the twilight series, and it was painful. The characters lack personality, and the story is just a rip off of many vampire novels combined.
The vampire diaries, The Night World series, the Sookie Stackhouse series, and many more. Meyer stole from other books. Example her "imprinting" is also mentioned on the Night World series but Smith calls it "The soulmate principle" and The Night World series were published on the 90's.
I've read all of the Harry Potter books, the first 3 way before the movie was even announced. And I could not put them down. Twilight does NOT sell to a wider audience, Everytime I go to borders or Walmart, the people at the twilight section are FEMALES, teenagers or desperate house wives. Harry Potter sells to kids and adults, men or women. There is a difference, Harry Potter has no plot holes, twilight does.
And Rowling created a whole new world, her humor is so wicked, and her talent is so amazing. No wonder she is one of the top 10 people of the decade.

Honestly, how can people be so arrogant and stupid? Every writer has hi or her own writing style that's what makes him or her wonderful. Therefore, every human being conects with the stories in different ways and at different levels. Learn to give credit where credit is due. Meyer is an outstanding author and she has done a great job with the Twilight series as well as all the other authors before her and those who will come after her. There is room for all of them especially with the ne YA generation. A lot of the teens need something to look forward to and if Meyer is giving them that at this time then so be it. Perhaps a lot of you don't realize that the mayority of our yourth prefers to be in front of a screen rather than expanding their intellect by picking up a book every now and then. In the past four years since Meyer's books hit the shelves I have seen more teenagers reading than any many of the other eras. It shouldn't be a war of attacking the various authors but rather an encouragement for people to read and improve their literacy skills.

On the other hand, there some people who should take creative writing as a challenge and write a book of their own. This, I'm sure, would provide some interesting reading.

Dave, nice article!!

Kelly said:
"JK may sell more but stephene sells to a wider audience of all ages. Stephenie also stayed light dispite being about vampiers. JKs books got darker and darker and not approprite for thier intended audience."

And just who do you think was buying up JK's books? I believe her fanbase appeals to all ages and both genders as well, and obviously does so more than what SMeyer has done. And if the darker tones of JK's book were not appropriate for their intended audience, how was it that the last few books were able to sell as many as they did? 24 million just for DH, just in the first 24 hours! Quite a bit more than Meyer's "wider" audience for Breaking Dawn with what? 3 million in 24 hours?

And this article makes no sense.
You want to hail 2000-2009 as the SMeyer decade. SMeyer didn't even publish her first book until 2005 (and didn't gain popularity until 2007 AFTER Potter ended). It can't be her "decade" from 2000-2009 if she was only there for the latter half. Successor to JK Rowling? I think not. More like riding her coat tails and cashing in on the cash cow before it all fades away.
@ Gayle: TwilightMoms is an embarrassment for all grown women. What kind of grown woman slobbers over child actors? (I'm not talking about Pattinson.) They're the creepiest of the whole Twilight fandom bunch.

And very well said Karen!


Wow. I like Twiligh enough but Stephenie WILL NEVER be JK. I grew up on Harry Potter. Harry Potter will stand the test of time, I want my grandkids to read those books. Twilight will fade out in a few years.

im fully on team stephanie. her writing is unbelievable...each book gets more and moe interesting...and they are so relatable. i can sit and actually be in the main characters place whe i read her books. Jk Rowling simply makes up fake wonder people think her books are complex...because they have to spend so much time trying to figure out what the heck she is talking about. The twilight series has true content...stephanie and the twilight series is the best of the decade...with just two of the movies out she has made history already. the series hasnt nearly reached its peak. it will continue to grow and will without a doubt surpass the HP series. i just cant wait for the twilight books to come out from edwards perspective!

I'll tell you what she would have done if she had started earlier in the decade. NOTHING. Her books would not have gotten any notice if JK Rowling had not gotten kids reading again.
She is definately not the successor of JK Rowling. JK Rowling wrote a thought provoking series that was origianally ment for kids. It got kids reading at above their grade level and loving books. It is written on more then one level though so many parents and teachers who were trying to be aware of what their kids were reading got draw in as well.

Twilight is a Tween book (poorly) written with adult issues (and bad grammar) at a second grade level about a man who will never grow up stalking a girl.

BTW: If you are going buy Google searches to determine which is more popular, HP or Twilight, HP has had way more searches and a lot of the searches for Twilight are for paradies (like Twilight and Cheeseburgers, and the Twilight Before Christmas and "I'm not Edward Cullen" and Buffy Stakes Edward) by people who dislike Twilight.

Stephenie Meyer soo deserves this title
all of you'sz shut your Mouth
She is a VERY tealnted author, and ONE of the most biggest sensational, phenomenal hits of ALL time.

team Edwardd

i think she has done very well i enjoy all of the books and so what if she fluked it big deal. she is talented. cant no one be nice in this world when someone gets their dream if you want to achieve yours, go and do so and leave the poor woman alone. all writters out there are all talented in their own rights........ argue about somethin worth arguing about like children starving and soliders fighting for us while u all act like kids....

yeah there is doubt, Stephenie books are great i must say, but jk Rowling's books put the word book on a new level. You can't compare the two J.K. is a better author.

I think both (Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling) are very talented and both Saga are amazing, so I don't think there is such thing as "the successor to...", both should be considered GREAT WRITERS
Personally, I liked and enojed Twilight Books and Harry Potter :)

Also, I was nearly to the brink of tears when the harry potter series ended, but i was angered when the twilight series ended. in my opinion there were many other ways stephenie could have gone with the books that may of brought my opinion of them higher. HP is the better series Rowling the best author of the decade, hell possibly of the century.

okay i grew up on HP and now reading twilight and both a great in there own way u cant compare the two HP is a different world and story and twilight is a romance both are great and when it comes down to it if you dont like one or the other then just dont read them dont rip the author apart because as you can see enough people like the books enough that your opionion doesnt really matter

An observation:

JK Rowling got into movies BEFORE her last books were written. There is a progression from a great story in the first to books written for a screenplay in the last few. The first was a great children's story. The last, not so much. Still, great series.

Stephenie Meyer had all of her books written before the movies started coming out. She kept to her story instead of writing for the fans. We have all seen how difficult that is. She was true to herself. I read the series and enjoyed them.

Both authors should be applauded for bringing so many back to the literary world. Love 'em or hate 'em, people are reading these books like crazy.

No one expressing their opinions is embarrassing me, as a woman. So, no need to trash people because they feel strongly one way or the other. Just state your opinion and leave everyone else alone.

I hope Stephenie Meyer burns in literary hell. Quote me.

I LOVE Stephenie Meyer's writing, absolutely adore it. She is so descriptive, her style rich and fluid, her story solid and touching. There is absolutely no way not to get engrossed. But what I don't understand is why some people here go and post degrading comments about an author. I will agree with the one who said that every author has their place and has something different to offer. By the way, there is a solution for you who don't like these books... don't read them. Same as with television. You don't like the show? Change channel.

well personally, i don't really think Meyer deserves this title. firstly, she had a dream and spent 3 months writing the book, and the next 3 came out a year after the one before. whereas Rowling spent a long time coming up with the plot in HP, not 3 months! the ending to Breaking Dawn was completey dull aswell! obviously she didn't want to get any of the main characters killed off (apart from James in Twilight and the red head in Eclipse).

and yes i have read all the books a couple of times, but when i read them now, i just can't be bothered finishing the books! with HP, i can read them over and over again. its got a better plot than Twilight which grips you more. i mean, in Twilight, the girl falls in love with the hottest guy in the school, who is a vampire and then she wants to be one. big deal! typical romance!

i may be a teenager, but i get really annoyed when all i see is tween girls screaming when they see a New Moon poster. the film has only done so well because Jacob and Edward strip in it. if it wasn't for that, then it wouldn't have done well.

i'm not saying that Meyer isn't a good author, but you seriously can't compare her to JK Rowling, who's 7 books have sold triple more of what the Twilight Saga has sold.

HP will never die. Vampires/warewolves will.

Stephenie deserves this very much, she worked hard and her books are amazing. I'm surprised her book "The Host" hasn't made the list. ( Or at least I didn't see ) Her writing is amazing and her imagination and ideas are amazing.
Congratulations to Stephenie, she urned the best author of the decade!

Are You Actually being Serious!?!
Stephenie Meyer The Successor of JK Rowling?

Don;t Make me Laugh! Jk Rowling Has Sold £400 Million Worth Of Books While Twilight Is 10x Behind That With Selling £40 Million.

Smeyer's Books Although i Like Them Is Poorly Written With Really Bad Grammer Whereas JK Rwoling is The Better Author, far More Creative And Doesnt Say Yeah You Can Stalk Girls or Suree Make Sure You Life Depends On Your Boyfriend Its The Only Way You Will Survive ER WRONG!

Harry Potter Appeals To Everyone, Boys Girls, Old 7 young. Whereas Twilight Is More Pre-Teen Girls Up To Old Mothers With No Lives With The Small Variety Of "boys".

Therfore I May be a Harry Potter & twilight Fan BUT Harry Potter Is Better Written, Better Story, Better EVERYTHING!

Wow- I cannot believe how mean and rude some of you can be. SM has had an incredible few years. Give her a break. She has openly said that her writing has grown so much since writing the Twilight series. Besides, if you are going to bash an author, at least spell check before hitting the post button.

Roxanne Taylor has it right.

Meyer's claims she never took a writing class in her life, as if it was a GOOD thing. Seriously, that is nothing to brag about.

And it is still annoying that people compare her to J. K. Rowling. Like I said before, Roxanne Taylor said it all.

Hm, well I wouldn't call this the "Stephanie Meyer" decade. I mean, Twilight got very popular last year, when the movie came out.

If I had to pick another author, it would definitely be JK Rowling. HP was pretty known before it was a movie, and when the movies came out early in this decade, it got very popular. Twilight on the other hand got popular only last year. I never heard of the books until all of the movie commercials. To me, HP has a more complex storyline while Twilight, where it's just about Bella & Edward's relationship and small conflicts. ...Sparkling vampires... *shakes head*. Twilight just appeals to crazy teenage girls while HP appeals to all ages.

Well, that's just a crazy Harry Potter fan's opinion. No hate please. >_>

Hm, well I wouldn't call this the "Stephanie Meyer" decade. I mean, Twilight got very popular last year, when the movie came out.

If I had to pick another author, it would definitely be JK Rowling. HP was pretty known before it was a movie, and when the movies came out early in this decade, it got very popular. Twilight on the other hand got popular only last year. I never heard of the books until all of the movie commercials. To me, HP has a more complex storyline while Twilight, where it's just about Bella & Edward's relationship and small conflicts. ...Sparkling vampires... *shakes head*. Twilight just appeals to crazy teenage girls while HP appeals to all ages.

Well, that's just a crazy Harry Potter fan's opinion. No hate please. >_>

Why do so many people have to be rude and bring down others wonderful talents we should all be glad they can give us books to enjoy! as a fan of both series HP and Twilight My husband, My self and my entire family of 4 girls and 2 boys including my mother and father ages 55 to 14 have read both series and are the only two movies we spend each year to go to as a family!! who cares who is better! enjoy whats out there and stop bashing on others!!

I love Stephenie Meyer so much ..... And I think that she is the best author in this century ......... Wish to her all the best & success

I am 32 and LOVE the Twilight Series. Stephanie's writing is so intuitive of the feelings surrounding true love in both the female and male perspective. Not only that, she is able to show the drama of dealing with that kind of passion at such a young age and showing the beauty of waitiing until the moment is right. My girlfriends, all in their 30's love it too. My dentist reads it with his wife for four play. She is amazing! Stephen King is stupid.

ok so im a HP and Twilight Fan...both really good...but if i had to pick one it has to be HP...i thought when i read the twilight that i would like that more..but then i reread HP and i was wrong....HP is so much is for different age groups not just females...i was at work and i saw a 70 year old MAN reading the 5th one when it came out....JK is a better writer....Meyer is a nicer writer...but too much of a happy ending...i think she messed up when she had Jacob imprint on Renesme...the reason why they imprint is so they can make more baby wolfs but how is he gonna do that with renesme?? he's not. Meyer will never be a better author then JK...that fact is for sure...but that's my opinion on this :)

Firstly, I would just like to clarify that yes, I am a teenage girl, and I am a fan of both Twilight and Harry Potter.

I totally agree with this article, and I think that it is right to say that this is the decade of Stephenie Meyer. Never before has a single series created such a worldwide phenomenon - well not in my lifetime anyway - bringing the old and young, men AND women (I have plenty of male friends who have read the Twilight series), together as we all relate to the characters, hooked to the story. I think this in itself is a tremendous achievement that should be celebrated.

Some people have commented that SMeyer 'stole' some of her ideas, and that she doesn't deserve her success. Personally I think that this is absolute trash - surely if she had 'stolen' these ideas, it would have been recognised straight away, and the examples given with regards to where she 'stole' these ideas from were from practically unknown. unsuccessful stories Meyer has probably never even read. It is, after all, not unheard of for people to come up with similar ideas.

On the other hand, as much of a Harry Potter fan as I am, by the end of the series, especially books five and six, it felt like she was just writing them for the cash. They became dull, with a lack of varied language - making up words doesn't count . I never got this feeling of 'when will it end!?' with the Twilight Saga. And to answer the people saying that Twilight is just a tweenie obsession - it's not our fault that Meyer created characters so easy to fall in love with. Even before the movies came out, we all loved Edward - Meyer portrayed him fabulously in the books.

One final thing - I LOVE this from Dave, on the second comment:

"She's an embarrassment to people who can right"

So not an embarrassment to you then, mate?

I know for a fact that she's not the "successor to J.K. Rowling." J.K. Rowling actually knows how to write a good story, interesting characters that actually develop through the story, an actual plot, no thesaurus rape, and she kept the creatures like they have always been, rather than making them sparkle, not to mention all of the other stuff that is wrong with Meyer's books.
I'm sorry, but Stephanie Meyer is NOT the best of the decade.

Wow, I love how everyone who comments negatively can't spell! that shows you alot right there. For example: Roxanne Taylor spelled meant as "ment", i cant even understand what "you dont need to know my name" is talking about her english is so bad, and there are many more. As far as most influencial, I barely ever hear the nam J.K Rowling in a discussion, but i sure know who Stephanie Meyer is. I think everyone takes things like this way too personal though.

I believe Stephenie Meyer and J. K. Rowling simply do not share many similarities, except perhaps in how popular their books have become. They have vastly different writing styles, characters, and plots, and personally, J. K. Rowling would win out in all three of those categories for me.

Stephenie got lucky. She got lucky because she has a story, not because she's an incredible writer. Some people have no qualms with her writing style, of course, but she really had no idea what she was doing when she wrote Twilight. You have to give her credit, though, because she is trying. You can tell she loves her story and her characters, and she does the best she can. It seems to be good enough for the publishing world.

However, her characters do lack depth--it seems as though clumsiness can be a character flaw in Bella Swan's case--but in fact, I think this is why the books are so popular among females. Bella is so flat, such a general character, that girls and women can easily identify with her, and they put themselves in Bella's shoes. Which, inevitably, gives them access to the entire supernatural world Meyer has developed, and especially to Edward. He seems like the perfect guy--well, pretending he doesn't exhibit some of the same qualities as a sociopath--and that's appealing to a lot of girls and women.

While I admit to being a hardcore fan for about two years (the two early years), Breaking Dawn ruined it for me. Maybe it's because everything changed, and it felt like Stephenie lost her endearingly flat characters along the way. The series is addictive, I won't deny it. I would hope that in reading it, people would realize that there is other fantastic literature out there, and not be so engrossed in just the one series. I'm not saying all Twilight fans are like this, but I know some who are.

When I walk into a bookstore nowadays, as an aspiring teen fantasy novelist, I cannot help but scoff. There are tables and shelves covered in vampire lit, and it disgusts me. Some authors are merely riding on the coattails of Twilight's success. Every time I see a Twilight book, it makes me cringe. I much preferred it when no one really knew about the series, but now, it's just another fad.

So while this may be the half-decade of the vampire, I sincerely hope society can move away from that genre in the coming years. Vampires may live forever, but I don't think the Twilight series will.

I have only recently discovered the Twilight series and I have fallen in love. I am objective, I see the "plot holes" but I overlook them because at the end of the day these books make me happy. This article is the opinion of the person writing it, I'm not sure I even agree as I don't think I have read enough books published this decade to make a fair comparison. Each opinion is worthwhile, some will agree and others not, but people need to remember that we are all different and there is no need to knock something just because it's not your cup of tea or to knock someone for expressing how they feel just because it differs from your feelings.

No, I do not agree. I'm not trying to take anything away from Stephenie Meyer. I love the books, however top author of the decade? Realistically, yes definitely one of the top five of the decade but not The Top. Your qualifications seem to stem from sales alone so that is all I will comment on. Last year, with all four books out, 25 million copies were sold worldwide. That is with Twilight the book having been published for more than a year at that point. After Twilight the movie came out the book sales more than tripled over the past year. The movies have fueled the book sales and vice versa of course. You can't claim an entire decade off of two years.
I would have to agree with most people here in that the decade still belongs securely to JK Rowling.

Noelle, I think you need to realize that she can write otherwise no one would want to read her books. I am not about following the next trend I enjoy her books because she has a way of capturing your attention to make you feel like you are in the story. Let's see you write the next bestseller series with your typos.

i Love the Twilight Saga. And I embrace her achievements. She deserves it. I know that there are other out there that could have been named as well, but fact of the matter they weren't. She is an excellent writer and I can say that freely because it is a matter of opinion. I congratulate Stephanie Meyer's for her hard work and dedication to all of us fans. And I hope she continues to brilliant things.

I'm currently deciding weather to punch my screen or laugh.

As a linguist i have to disagree with natasha - JKR's HP books are fascinating with any understanding of any european language as most of her words/names/spells/etc that she's invented come from her experience as a languages student (she studied languages) which is one of the things that makes HP fascinating for me.
The things I can say about HP vs. Twilight is that neither are written by especially proficient WRITERS but their STORYTELLERS are fantastic, weaving stories that reel you in.
I only feel these 2 authors are comparable in the way they both do that - make you want to carry on reading all the way through and keep you on edge.
To those talking about the Twilight movies - HP movies are rubbish but I keep going to see them. People do the same for Twilight (although I actually like those movies!).
Don't know if I'd peg either as "author of the decade" though. Maybe personally for me, but not generally speaking.

This is amazing congratulations Stephenie.

please stop making a big deal about your book being posted online "bob who"stop making your fans suffer it is not fair please make your next book!

Personally, I feel Stephanie deserves this. I HATED the Harry Potter books. I read like two pages of the first book and I was done. I enjoy the movies, but when it comes to reading them, i don't like them. After seeing Twilight in June of this year, I wanted to read the books. I read all four in a week. I love her books. I also grew up in the 'Potter' era being 20, but I prefer Twilight sooo much more! i got my mom, and my sister into them. Also, many of my friends in college are fans of the Twihards, and if anyone tries to call us Teenagers, we'll probably freak out on you because we just got past the 'teen' years. For me it's not the fact that Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are the actors that play the leads in the movie, that's just a plus. The books are very well written for THIS era and personally, Twilight got me into reading again. I've read all of the books MANY times. Stephanie has a unique style of writing, JUST LIKE EVERY WRITER IN THE WORLD! everyone writes different, every PERSON is different. This day in age, people are so quick to judge and ridicule everyone and I think it's just plain stupid. My generation is the future of this country right now, maybe people should start listening to us more!!!

I chuckled when I came to the realization that most of the people who have said,"Stephenie Meyer can't write," suffer from poor writing skills as well. When reading some of their overly subjective writing, I was able to see that their grammar is atrocious, and half the time they use a homonym for the actual word they want, for instance: "right" instead of "write." I believe that when you yourself cannot write, you definitely shouldn't jump at the opportunity to judge another individual's writing skills. It is a very brazen move, and it makes you appear ignorant, or unappreciative of writing as an art. Plus, writing isn't just about mechanics and usage skills, it is also about relating to your audience, and I think Stephenie Meyer has done a great job of keeping a wide variety of readers interested in what she writes. There are two adages that one should always take into consideration before critiquing a literary work: (1) "Don't judge a book by its cover," and (2) "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

I agree, this is definitely Stephanie Meyer's decade. She might not be the best writer in the world, but she's certainly hit on something special. I was pretty scathing at first, I didn't understand the hype at all. I have a BA in Literature, and I like to think I'm pretty picky with what I read. However, after watching the films I began to read the books, and I was hooked. I've never been one for vampires before, but now I'm seriously considering investing in a Team Edward t-shirt. And I'm not the only one. Every single one of my 20-something friends has seen the films, read the books, and all are equally hooked. I don't know what it is, but I think Meyer certainly has some kind of magic formula. I'm only on the third book, but I dread to think what I'll do with myself when I've finished them all!

SMeyer is a little dramatic tho...just because someone got her story of Midnight Sun she wont finish's not fair to the rest of us who didnt do anything wrong...if she was a good author she would finish that book and publish it and stop being such a drama queen :)
oh and JK is way better i said before...but i still Love the Twilight books :) i read all four of them like 5 times...but i would love it even more if she finished Midnight Sun

Stephenie you're the best one!!!!! Could you PLEASE finish THE MIDNIGHT SUN??? We (fans) are waiting for that so much! PLEASEEEEEEEE. And also i think that Jacob and Renesme deserve their own book about their romance!!!!!!!!! Go girl! Give us this pleasure!!!!!!

omg when does midnight sun come out dammit?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm more worried about what these two authors are teaching the young adults who are so obsessed with them. I've read both series of novels and I think they're both wonderful and I see how both of them have their own appeal. However, when it comes to morals, they're teaching two completely different things. Rowling is teaching her readers to be courageous, to stand up against that they fear, and she shows the ultimate struggle between good and evil. Meyer, on the other hand, teaches that we should run away with the first guy we fall madly in love with, that it's healthy to be addicted to someone, that it's healthy to say that the only reason we have for living is for that other person. That's not healthy for life. That's teaching teens to act with their emotions and not their heads. Sure, it's every girl's dream to have someone they're so madly in love with but, in the end, it's more important to be your own person and not base your life on the existence of someone else.

Nothing to do with liking or disliking Stephenie Meyer, but how can this be the SMeyer Decade when her stuff only became as popular as Harry Potter in the last few years? A Decade lasts for TEN years, not THREE.

I love how "Noelle" said that Stephanie is an embarrassment to those can can 'right'. Maybe YOU should go back to school.

I am almost 40 & LOVE twilight! It was women older than me who introduced me to the series. How many times do I have to say that these books are not just for teens or tweens?! They have sparked my desire to read fiction. I love the characters and their values of family & friendships. I think Stephenie deserves this title.

"Never before has a single series created such a worldwide phenomenon - well not in my lifetime anyway - bringing the old and young, men AND women...."
@ Sara:
Are you flipping kidding? You've got to be. Have you been living in a cave for the last 10 years? "Never before has a single series created such a worldwide phenomenon". Really? Never before? Are you sure? "Twilight has brought in men AND women, young and old"
Really? That's never happened with any other series of books?
You might want to double check on that one.
You may have gotten bored with HP by the 5th or 6th book, but whether you want to admit it or not, it can't be denied, the 'worldwide PHENOMENON' that HP is and has been for the last decade.

I want to speak as a woman who is 50, I truly believe inside of us all we are forever 17. Stephanie is a brilliant writer who has captivated the world. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. You have earned a place in history with other great authors as it should be.

I personally worship Stephenie Meyer for writing the Twilight Saga. Thanks to her, I am now a TOTAL book worm, and I read a book every day. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world, and I believe that she will go down in history, with other fantastic authors such as Charlotte Bronte, and Emily Bronte. What with all the crap that's going on in the world, do we really have any more room for haters? Also, when people speak their minds on forums such as these, it doesn't make it a fact because they say it does - it's just an opinion. My opinion is that the Harry Potter books were uninteresting, dull, and tedious, and I didn't have to read the books to think that - I just saw the cover! To all those Twilight haters out there, make your own forum where you can slag down Twilight, and leave us in peace!

i guess they both are a great writers but i guess i like stephaney novels more


I haven't been living in a cave for the last ten years - I did say 'in my lifetime' (which is pretty short, I guess). And I never said that the bringing together of young and old, men and women etc hadn't happened with any other book. I just don't think that it happened with Harry Potter (I've had the piss taken out of me for years for being a Harry Potter fan). I also never denied the fact that Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon, it totally is. I just think it kind of has that element of 'geek' attached to it (not a problem for me, but for others it obviously it is), and that puts some people off.

Anyway, I suppose the top and bottom is that I'm entitled to my own opinion and I respect you for challenging them.

No I disagree that Meyer is the author of the decade, for one she only has been in the last few years, of course people are going to remember her because she's right at the end of the decade.
I think it's strange how people are railing Twilight-haters for a typo or two and ignoring the people who are hailing Twilight when they have very obvious mistakes.
Leaving out Harry Potter (which I'm a fan of) Twilight might be very popular but I think it is not the masterpiece some people see it as, it has a good story but the writing and characters are very poorly written. Yes it might draw you in and keep you interested and while this shows that Meyer has a talent for putting her ideas on paper it does not make her the best writer in the decade.
Also at least I read the books before I make a judgement on them, unlike the people who judged a book by its cover (sound familiar?) or read 2 pages before giving up. And if something is published on anything, then people are allowed to give their opinion, good, bad or indifferent and are allowed to comment on what other people say, especially if the people are commenting on what they said. It's called human rights, freedom of speech etc.

If you want real world builders, check out the INFAMOUS J.R.R. Tolkien who literally put high fantasy on the map. Anne McCaffrey. Robert Jordan. They whoop even JKR's tushy.

If you want eloquence and prose, go with Laird Hunt. Social commentary? George Orwell, Jonathan Swift, VOLTAIRE, Dickinson, Hawthorne.... The list goes on, darlings. Ah, let us not forget Mary Shelley... A story within a story within a story!

But when it comes down to it, I will always have better things to read than people like Paolini and Smeyer. JKR, you're an excellent way to pass the time on a hot day during recess. To each his own!

P.S. Thy typos should not condemth thee to hell, but only purgatory for lack of proofing. Nothing is without flaws- even my preeecious Tolkien. ;)

JK Rowling is a far better writer than Stephenie Meyer, and in my mind JK is the best writer of this decade, and perhaps the decade before.
If not her, than a parade of others. I'd vote on quality, not quantity of popularity, etc.


you people learn to spell before u go criticizing writers at least they can spell !

I'm sorry, but really? REALLY?

Why is Stephanie Meyer's books the ones of the decade? Because it creates such vitriol and hatred or love and defense. J.K. Rowling is a good author, but it never did that. Everyone knows about Harry Potter. No one can stop talking (good or bad) about Stephanie Meyer and Twilight. I am not a fan of her books, but I am a fan of the Twilight phenomena. Her books will remain because the controversy and passion never seems to end.

I am not a fan of either, although I do like the Harry Potter movies. J.K.s books after the third became self-conscious tripe that needed a better editor (that the movies act as). Twilight? Romance novels typical of romance novels, but touching more on real passions. I think they should share the spotlight for the decade.

There is no way Meyer can be put in the same level as Rowling.
Meyer's style is 3rd grade.
My 9 year old sister grabbed the book and said it was a cheap copy of The Night World, and the whole way Edward explains to Bella how she is his favorite type of heroine it's 95% the same line from The Sookie Stackhouse series.

Rowling not only wrote a series of books, she created a whole world, Harry Potter is a story of love and dead.
Not only good versus Evil. Harry Potter is a story about friendship, and how big the love of a mother can be for her kids,
First Lily gave her Life for Harry, and then on book 7 Molly fights Bellatrix after losing a child, Harry Potter was loyal to his friends and to the family that let him in. Bella's life revolved around Edward from book 1 to 4, she lied to her father everyday. Bella was never a real friend to Mike, Jessica or Eric or whatever his name was, she never even tried.
I think it is insane to like a book about a girl who tried to kill herself, and then the author calls Romeo and Juliet idiots because they killed themselves, when her 2 main characters both tried but didn't achieve it.

Bottom line Twilight is a story about a girl obsess with her " oh so gorgeous boy friend" did I mentioned he was gorgeous?

I've been reading these comments for the last fifteen minutes, and I simply must say that this whole battle on this page and in general is simply one of the most petty things I have ever seen. I think arguing over these two series is plainly put pathetic, and I want to say some things of my own to add to it. :D

JK Rowling began her novels in 1990, 17 years before they were ended, and she wrote them as a poor single mother and used a great deal of metaphors, foreign words, and other meanings. So, I forget which moron said that 'Potter books are complex because she uses made up words' sorry, sweetiepie, but unlike Meyer who just happened to rape the thesaurus, JKR uses Latin, French, and a few other languages for her spells, those are real languages, and those are still used today in the court systems, medicinal practice, Olympics, lessons, and countries. I take French, a cousin of mine takes Latin, I've seen the text in her book, and I was interested in becoming a law major in university, but have since decided against it, however, Latin is used there as well. That's why she's taken 6 years of it. It's the root of English and all other Latin-Alphabet languages - which you use as a matter of fact, not as you naively put 'made up.' Beyond that, she created her own world, or used her imagination. Rowling has written her whole entire life from the time she was a small child and up until this point, when she still continues to write.

Do I see flaws with her writing? Yes, I do, and I grew up on Potter nonetheless. I don't believe that JKR is the most talented writer in the world, you want talented? She is still a world apart from J.R.R. Tolkein, who practically put fantasy on the map. And she's still not quite on the same plane as C.S. Lewis, someone that Rowling actually cites as a favorite author of her own, and one of mine, too. She has a great deal of potential before her as she continues to write. She spent 17 years of her life handcrafting a series that stole more than one generation's heart.

And this is where I come to my second point, whoever said 'Twilight reaches ALL generations, and Harry Potter doesn't,' or something very close to it: My 71 year old grandfather speaks to me about the Potter books, would you like to insult him? He's a military veteran, and he's rarely any interest in almost anything but machinery, farming, military history and also random bouts of Ebay hunting, if a man that was born in the 1930s can have a conversation with a 16 year old girl who was born in the 1990s about those books, doesn't that tell you something? Moreso, doesn't it tell you something when people can hardly remember Meyer's name after seeing her on an interview? I've run into more than my fair share of people who just say, "I saw the Twilight lady." But when they've seen Rowling, they jump to say, "Did you see the JK Rowling interview, Vic?" to me.

Next, Rowling's novels became darker as the readers of the series aged. They were designed so that you began when you were a preteen and finished when you were a slightly more mature young adult, it helped that they were published as they were. They weren't filled with lust, stalking, and pedophilia from jump. Things gradually changed. Just as they do in real life. There were no overly dependant, weak women portrayed - which is derogatory to all women: they prescribe MAOIs for that. Everyone was strong and independant, they didn't need a man to fight their battles. Things weren't based upon beauty or how ripped a character was. The novels were based upon the love of a mother to her child, self sacrifice, and of friendship. The Potter novels are filled with love. Potter was filled with true life lessons. Twilight didn't even kill off anyone but 'the bad guys.' What does that teach the readers? Honestly, even fantasy should represent something of a real world plane, at least through metaphors.

This may come off biased, and I frankly don't give a rat's arse. I have read the Twilight novels, and I'm sorry, but they appealed to me briefly until the release of Breaking Dawn. That book was just something awful. There was a great deal of potential to that novel, and she managed to take a hacksaw to it and any possible ideas. It truly disgusted me how someone could completely contradict their story in such a way. I write in my spare time (in fact, I'm an aspiring author), and I cannot imagine making that big of a plot hole in a book. No author should EVER do such a thing when writing a series designed for publication, much less finding a sane publisher who would let that happen. Furthermore, when you analyze her 'lovable' characters, they come down to being Mary-Sue's and Gary-Stu's, or simply put, characters with no personality. It makes it easy for you to like them.

Meyer wrote a series of books in about 3-4 years, that's a book/year. She wrote Twilight in 3 months time, which to me, is hardly a sign of deep thought. I've written novel-length stories, and they've taken me anywhere between 6 and 8 months for a rough copy alone.

I personally find it annoying that the phenomenon has made some vampires into little sparkling gits, they are not designed to glitter in the sun. Author interpretation or not: Vampires. Do. Not. Sparkle. Ever. Boris Karloff is rolling around in his grave right now.

You want a real Vampire? I'll show you one, Lestat de Lioncourt of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. He's manipulative, sexy, and has an underlying drive to be good. (And any true vampire aficionado can tell you that the origin of the vampire myth came from Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary - who bathed in the blood of girls - and Vlad the Impaler, more commonly known as Vlad Dracul. And neither of them were exactly the sparkling type.)

I don't intend to touch base on anymore reason why I believe Meyer is awful, but I'll end on the fact that maybe if she took some writing courses and improved her style, I could actually stomach her work and place those Twilight books I wasted money on back on my shelf with some pride.

And to say that Meyer is the 'Author of the Decade,'I'm sorry, Dave, but I cannot agree. And that's not from bias. That's from both quality and statistical facts. Nonetheless, nice read.


No, this is definately not Stephanie Meyer's decade. Not only has she not been around long enough (as mentioned several time before) she is not a good writer. I have read the 1st book and half of the second (I skimmed the rest) and I was disappointed with the plot. I will admit that I can see where people would like it because girls can easily put themselves in Bellas shoes (mostly because she lacks personality) and it's an easy read. I feel like SM's plot had potential, but she failed to develop it well and used magic as a fix all. (examples including but not limited to: imprinting, Renesme's rapid age development and so on)

I would also like to point out that although there has been many grammatical errors in this posting (for both sides) the fact still remains that if you're an author producing a book, you should make sure that your final product is the best that it could be. When I skimmed the 4th book it looked like she didn't even use spell check let alone an editor. Someone mentioned before that Jk only wrote her last books for the money, but couldn't you say the same for Meyers who missed so many obvious mistakes while rushing to print her four book.

Also, as mentioned before, Twilight does not give a good message and the female herione is weak. Bella can't even function when Edward's not around, I mean really life goes on. Meyers did make a valiant effort to make Bella strong at the end when Bella was turned into a vampire, but this turned out to be another example of what I said before, a magic fix all.

To those of you who have claimed that Twilight is appealing to a wide variety of people wtf? When I see the Twilight shrine at Borders I see teenaged girls. For those of you who are in your middle ages....why? Tiffani, what do you mean people should listen to our generation? Are you saying that Twilight represents our generation...because it's actually the antithesis of liberal thought: Women depending on men; extreme pro-life; waitning until you're married until you have sex and so on.

While Twilight doesn't really have literary merit, I am glad that it has contributed (as mentioned by MidnSun17 and others) to people's growing interest in reading, a literate community is a good one. Also, Christine thank you for your post I agree with everything that you have said.

I think these comments speak for yourself. She can't even write well, her ideas came from a mere dream and while she does have a large fan base, Harry Potter easily dominated. JK Rowling put work into her novels and created an entire world, she worked years, and years on bringing you a story that will last through the decades, and in it's own is magical, where as Steph simply edited Vampires, three in some angst, brought in a love triangle, and gave teen girls everywhere an unreal thirst for guys that don't exist. It's complete idiocy.

hey i luv ur books u give a new meaning to romance, i find u ensporational and exciting.

Yes, because the fact that Harry Potter sold four times as many books, which are at least a hundred times better than anything Meyer could ever dream up, is not important at all. I'm deeply disappointed and ashamed.

Stephenie Meyer is not the author of the decade, whoever decided that was horribly wrong. I noticed in Breaking Dawn that SM was getting bored with writing it because the grammar was poor and Bella was made out to be perfect - an easy way to fix everything. Renesmee is a joke, how does a vampire get a human pregnant when vampires are frozen in time from their transformation??? And sparkling vampires; that does not happen. It is nice though that SM wanted some vampires to be good (what with drinking animal blood) but she butchered them. I certainly do think that JK Rowling is a much better author - she should have this honour of being author of the decade. I am not a fan of Harry Potter, might I add, (I've only read a chapter of the Goblet Of Fire) but with the chapter I read, I could see that she was a really talented writer. I mean for a non HP fan to praise it over Twilight and that vile SM that's got to mean something. Wake up and smell the bacon, Twi-Hards, you are loving the cancer of literature.

hello, i dont think i would go as far as saying this is her decade, although im sure she is one of the most inlfluencial authors out there. no offense to anyone, but people who say she can't write have obviously not read her books. i'm not a huge twilight fan, but even i think the books are amazingly written, and how could you not like them? i think that stephanie is a great writter and at least has had the past couple of years to "call her own" in the writting business.

Thanks for giving Stephanie Meyer the recognition she deserves. She is a fine writer that is very underrated.

Twilight was a success, fans of twelve, hysterical and emotional, which included the history of vampires who sparkle in the light of the sun (impossible, they would be destroyed) and the fans who love especially the fans who love Edward Cullen emo, simply for their beauty, and men who like Rosalie Cullen patricinha.
On site:
is the translation of this story, but the comments that interested me, since the girls have been campaigning to see Edward Cullen and emo nu.

Since Harry Potter, the plot was a great success by addressing the magic, the extraordinary adventure, suspense and the Dark Lord, Voldemort, win the war and take the wizarding world and muggle (non-wizard). And not for the beauty of the characters. The publisher who launched the English Harry Potter (I do not remember the name at the time), that in about 1997, and like nonsense, sales, destroying all records of book sales of the best newspapers in the world The New York Times, the best book of all worlds.

Now compare Twilight with Harry Potter, is equal to compare the Beatles with Jonas Brothers. JB is an American fashion, which was a success equal to dusk: the protagonists. The Beatles, no one can say, but it is the best band ever and rewrote the history of music.

Harry Potter has millions of fans of all ages around the world.
Now (at least here in Brazil, where I write now) Twilight, 100% of the fans, we (emotional, depressing, cry long hours, so dress in black, you should know what it is), hysterical and just think the body of the actor who plays the character. I bet you never women of my country even read the book. And never read.

If you say I never read this great book of emo, it would be a lie, I've read all four books, (my father being critical, it forces me to read many books) and did not like at all. My father did not like.

YES Twilight is a book for girls of 12 years, we, hysterical, and boring.

Twilight will NEVER take the place of Harry Potter, or any book of any writer in the world.

Sorry if I offended, I apologize and also for my bad english, because I used the Google translator.

No more ATT


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