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February 5, 2009

Stephen King: Stephenie Meyer can't write

Stephen King on Stephenie MeyerTime for Horror Writer Smackdown. In an interview with USA Weekend, Stephen King took a shot at Stephenie Meyer, whose Twilight series has been a huge hit. In his words, "[J.K.] Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

Geez, don't sugar-coat it, Stephen. He also skewers James Patterson, runs hot and cold on Dean Koontz and admires Jodi Picoult. King says Meyer's secret is "writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual."

I suggest settling this with a faceoff between characters -- no holds barred, all powers allowed. Nancy, Read Street's resident expert on the supernatural, says Meyer's vampires are wimps and even Jack Nicholson (The Shining) could take on Edward. How about vampire James vs. Cujo? Or vampiress Bella vs. Carrie? 

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Okay. Here's the thing. I don't agree with Stephen King at ALL. I love Stephanie Meyer even before she got really big. When I was little my mom used to collect Stephen King books and read them. I love books especially about the supernatural, but Stephen King's books are just not good. I can't read them because they can't draw me in. I just don't like his writing. It's not that it's hard for me understand, it's just not for me.
I love Stephanie Meyer's books BECAUSE they have barely any sexual actions in them. That's all the world is today is sex and it's amazing that someone can still write without getting all hot and heavy about things. Stephen King has no idea what he's talking about. I think that he might feel threatened by Stephanie Meyer because her books are so big and his aren't as they used to be. That's just my opinion.
I loved how Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight books because she didn't write alot about sexual encounters and she still kept us readers totally captivated. She and J.K Rowling aren't that different like Mr. King says. J.K. Rowling is just more into magic instead of vampires. Whoever says Stephanie Meyer can't write is crazy. I don't know what I would've done without all these great books that she's written. They given me hope when I was going through really hard times regarding my health and I will be forever greatful to her. Thank you.

Stephen King is entirely right. Stephanie Myer ruined vampires. Since when do vampires sparkle? Honestly, that's not something I'd expect a vampire to do but a certain other type of person if you catch my drift.

I haven't read Ms. Meyers books, but I used to be a big Stephen King fan. He lost his relevance years ago, and I have to believe that he is harvesting some sour grapes.

Stephen King is beyond right about Stephenie Meyer. The woman takes the use of a thesaurus to a whole new level. All she does is take a single word or phrase, and use it over and over until she finds a new one. Stephen King has had a little more experience in the writing field then Stephenie Meyer, so he definitely knows what he's talking about. All Stephenie Meyer does is have dreams and write them down. Anyone can do that. Stephen King has a gift, and if I were a writer, I would be insulted by Stephenie Meyer.

The Twilight saga is terrific. I don't remember reading any Stephen King books and having dreams about them. Stephanie Meyer is brilliant.

Obviously, Meyer is a great writer. I mean, just look at all the people she's drawn in! it's more about who your books appeal to, and not many teenage girls want to read about cars that kill people in stephen king books. Stephenie Meyer captivates you in her writing and i think she is very good with descriptions. it's a sweet and romantic series-not every girl is looking for gruesome violence!

I agree with King, Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer. King may not be as relevant or as big as he used to be, but that doesn't mean he feels threatened by Meyer or that his comments are sour grapes. He praises JK Rowling as a terrific writer and JKR has sold 10 times as many books as Meyer has.

Forget the sparkling vampires, that's the least of Meyer's problems as a writer. Her plotting and pacing are terrible. Her characters are one-dimensional. She abuses her thesaurus. Her dialogue tags (sighed, groaned, murmured, hissed) are borderline hilarious. Bella/Edward is supposed to be like this great love story, but I couldn't tell you why they are in love other than just "because they are." A good editor could have sliced the books in half just by taking out the repeated (I mean AGAIN AND AGAIN) descriptions of Edward's perfect marble chest and perfect topaz eyes.

I'm not sure where I come down in this discussion. I thought King's early books were great, and still have nightmares picturing Jack Nicholson in The Shining. But I haven't picked up his horror novels in a long time; the last book of his that I read was the Red Sox quickie written with Stewart O'Nan, and I was disappointed. At the same time, I can attest that Meyer has captivated young teenage girls; my 13-year-old niece has read the entire Twilight series. They might not be great art (I can't judge because I haven't read them), but I applaud Meyer or anyone else who can get kids to read these days.

Stephenie Meyer wasnt writing facts about vampires when she wrote the books so you cant say " since when does vampires skin sparkle" part of the reason stephenie likes writing is because she can create her own world and thats exactly wat she did she wasnt following wat other people said she just did what she wanted.
and i thing that Stephen king is absoultly crazy and also jelous because her books are doing better than his at the present time. I love all of stephenie's books shes an amazing author no matter what stephen king says.

I'm a writer and I'm not at all insulted by Stephanie Myers. I thought her Twilight series was great. Yeah, I can see why Stephen King doesn't think her writing sparkles (unlike Edward), but she is one HECK Of a storyteller and if I had to choose between writing verbose, overstated prose and everyman language that speaks to the hearts of an entire generation of Teenage girls, I'd definitely dummy down my style and go for the latter. :)

I enjoy the fact that I can go into a bookstore and choose from a wide variety of authors, styles and genres. How BORING would it be if every author wrote exactly the same?

Although the supernatural is a dominant part of the Twilight series, I believe the true core and appeal comes from a powerful story of love and sacrifice. Meyer has developed characters that have great depth and likeability. I also feel comfortable with my 13-year-old daughter reading them without worrying about excessive sexuality; which is unfortunately, rare in this day and age.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it is in very poor taste for Mr. King to be taking pot-shots at other authors. Sour grapes is an understatement. Maybe he should concentrate on his next book, rather than lashing out at others.

Stephen King is WRONG!!!!!!!!!
Stephenie Meyer actually writes reaaly good and the book drags me along and it makes me want to read more!!!!!!!!!

stephan ur a gerk!

Angry fangirls are angry.
Stephenie Meyer has not only ruined the reputation of vampires, but she crushed it down to dust. Turning it from a goth center of interest into a preppy obsession.
Her books are filled with sex to give hope to 10-20 year old preppy girls that they will have sex with the perfect man if they act like a stupid bitch.
I totally agree with Mr. King, because Meyer has no talent whatsoever to write, and the book only because so popular because it became a new fashion for people to read and "love" it, not because of the actual quality of the book itself.
To Tayler, please re-read your comment ... (or re-read Twilight). "they have barely any sexual actions in them"? The entire story was based on Meyer's sexual fantasies, and she was not afraid to show it while writing the book.
And nobody can disagree that a 10th grader, if not even smaller, can write more imaginatively and with a much better structure and grammar than Meyer, except of course the angry Twilight fans, which consider Edward and Bella (Fictional characters, people. Get over it.) the gods of their new world of fandom.

I do like Stephenie, I've loved her for a while. Stephen King must be a good writer (although I've never read his stuff), because of all his fans. I don't like his taking a shot at Steph, because I do like her books. I'm not being a hater or a crazy fan girl. But, rebecca, come on. Don't be mean. It's a book. yeah, it's from a dream, but I"m writing a story based on a dream, too. (Not copying Steph here.) That was kinda mean of King, although he's allowed to have an opinion, but I think JK, Stephen, and Stephenie are all truly amazing writers. It takes alot to write a book. Let's not be mean, guys. Okay? Thanks.

Ok, what is wrong with this guy???!!!
I wonder if he has some mental disorder because Stephenie Meyer is an excellent write while, J.K. Rowling isn't, well she is but not as good as Stephenie Meyer!!

I agree with Stephen King about Stephanie Meyer (and I am pretty disgusted with the subtext in her books and the message it gives to young women), but I find it hilarious that King, considered a hack by so many, is dishing it out like that!

King's books went through a long, dark boring patch, but the last things I've read, Duma Key in particular, have been a big improvement. He is a great storyteller, even if his writing is sometimes sub-par.

One of the issues here is that "popular" is not the same as "good". Meyer may have sold millions of books, but that doesn't make her a good writer, and the same is true for Stephen King.

And personally, I think that Clown in "It" could take Edward, any day. :)

Edward Cullen is so not a wimp!
This guy sucks eggs!
How can someone not like Stephenie Meyer?
If Stephenie Meyer weren't a good write would so many people buy her books? Would they have made a movie about it? Have they made a movie about this dude's books? Harry Potter sucks after the second book!!
And yea I love Stephenie Meyer's books because they hardly use any sexual action until Breaking Dawn, but she doesn't use all the details just how Bella felt!! Stephen King probably has a mental disorder and can't see that Stepehenie Meyer is a good author. I bet he's jealous that her books are selling very good and that she has a lot of fame more than he does now!!
Stephenie Meyer hasn't ruined the reputation of vampires, actually until I read her books, I didn't like vampires and no series is like the Twilight series!!
and her Arnaud or however u freaking name is spelled, you need to re-read Twilight, because where do u you see sexualy fantasies? Also. the books weren't based on Meyer's sexual fantasies with a perfect guy, she had a dream and from there on it all went up hill!!!!! Edward Anthony Masen Cullen may be fiction, but who can tell us girls that we can't love a fictional guy? Oh, and as one icon said:
Twilight Haters, Please DIE!!!!!
Call me whatever you like, especially a loser because i know i am one, but you can't make me change my mind so ha!!!!

look at whose talking...stephen ..what ever his name is oh yeah i got ti..stephan slave...thinks he can write..psh..getta lyfe dude..and stop hating on stephenie's skillz...

finally someone famous said this that lady sucks at writing Her books are only famous because of these Disney losers
They screwed up Vampires now every person wants to be a Vampire now I hope some one can bring back Vampire movies and book s from these Dark Times

These posts are interesting--and revealing. I don't generally read Stephen King because his books scare me, but those I have read were extremely well written. By that I mean that he uses grammar and punctuation to give depth and power to his words. Rowling is equally skilled, and her books are a special treat. I have not read the "Twilight" series, but from the comments, it is clear that Meyer tells a story that resonnates positively with her teen audience. That is probably the most important aspect of any book--especially any book directed at our youth. What matters is not how much sex one perceives, or not, or whether a vampire can "sparkle." What matters is how the reader feels about the story. A Rembrandt inspires different emotions than a Van Gogh. They cannot be compared, and who is to say which is better?

It is an unfortunate commentary on the state of modern education that our youth do not appreciate the importance of writing technique. Indeed, most of the posts defending Meyer are written by bloggers who do not themselves seem to have a firm grasp of grammar concepts. One blogger doesn't bother to punctuate at all, whether by ignorance or design. As a result, her post has far less impact and authority than the others. There are good writers, and there are good storytellers. One is skill; the other is art. Stephen King uses both. J.K. Rowling uses both. I suspect King was criticizing Meyer's skill, not her art. My impression is that Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller who might set a better example for her readers if she worked on her technical writing skills.

Lisa, not to mention Spiderman.

i have to disagree with stephen king, stephenie meyer is a great writer, and i dont understand some of u people its better to write wat u want and not follow in everyone else's shoes, the twilight saga is the best romantic book that has come out in a long time and it sold so much because it draws u, you wouldnt want to put it down because it keeps u wanting more, shephenie meyers to me is one of the best writers ever, she writes to the audience she knows want something different, she is my fav author. One of u said that she writes wat she dreams, well guess wat! sometimes fantasy is way better than realtiy and its good to dream, wat cud be better than a forbidden love story, her books doesnt have to be compared to no one elses because she writes her own style. oooooooo and by the way no one is angry everyone has a right to there own opinion but when u want to be rude wit it...then the people who dont agree wit u and sorry dont see things "your" way will defend wat they see and like and have there own opinion its not being angry and she hasnt ruined the reputation of vampires either, she has created her version, (this last guy-Arnaud needs to get a hold of himself because he has a really big problem and i hate to burst his bubble but the entire book wasnt about sexual fantasies i dont know wat book u were reading. u need to get a grip on urself, u say that stephenie meyers cant write books but i have read some of stephen kings books and they int nothing to jump for joy about, they arent that good, they are boring, hey dont get me wrong his books draws a type of audience and stephenie meyers books draws their own and thats that, int no one tell u read her books if u dont like how she writes).STEPHENIE MEYERS IS A GREAT AUTHOR

I absolutely agree with Stephen King. Stephenie Meyer is not a very good writer. I have personally read all four twilight books and was disappointed. I was hopeful after the first book but they went downhill from there, the last book being terrible and the ending was by far the worst ending to any book or series i have ever read. Meyer majorly over foreshadowed all the "twists" so that they weren't even fun to read anymore because you knew everything that was going to happen chapters ahead. The religious undertones were awful too. The whole no sex before marriage thing is very outdated and was portrayed quite badly throughout the whole book. I thought Meyer also made Bella to be a very weak character. She was promising at first but quickly became a damsel in distress and threw away everything for her love of a man she had known for a few months. It was a terrible version of Romeo and Juliet all over again. The vampires were also just whiny pathetic creatures who ruined the tradition power and sexiness of vampires and made them lame and emo. Overall i think Meyer struck lucky with the timing and cheesy romance but is not a good author.

Here's my two-cents on this story. I think Stephenie Meyer is a horrible author. I started to read her first book and put it down shortly. I've read a lot of books, I'm a avid reader, I've read writings by very good authors and very bad authors. Stepehie Meyer is definately on of those 'bad authors'. Also she is nothing to be compared to JK Rowling.

When she can write a story as inspiring as The Shawshank Redemption then all you teeny boppers can talk because in the mean time he is spot on, it is utter tripe and pure rubbish. There is fantasy that works like Lord of the Rings and then there is rubbish like this.

Good grief. What has happened in this country? Bad things are happening and all you all have to go back and forth about how "mine is better than yours, blah blah blah"??? This is ridiculous. The people who like Twilight need to stop trying to tell everyone else that they have to like it too. Just because you loved it doesn't mean everyone else has to! And all you Twilight Haters, no one twisted your arm and made you read those books. If you didn't like them, that's fine. Whatever. Just get it through your head that doesn't mean you get to tell everyone else that they can't like them either. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean no one else can! Stop caring about whether anyone else likes it or not. It's not your place to tell people how to think. What should matter to you is, do you like it. Quit yelling at people and freaking out because they liked/didn't like Twilight. There really are better thing to spend your energy on!

I think that it just depends on what your preference is. I think what Stephenie tries to capture is the beauty of fiction...the power to create a story with so much TRUTH and LOVE and then add just enough flair of excitement and adventure into the story. Stephen's books are based on dreams or nightmares.(That's what I hear anyway) And that is how Stephenie came up with this incredible love story. A dream! So in some ways they are quite similar. Everyone has this set idea on how an author should be. How they should write it or capture the moments. But everyone is different. And it was her dream. Both of these authors have come up with amazing and thrilling stories but Stephenie takes my vote. Not because I'm a woman within the 13-25 year range but because her writing has TRUTH to it. It's that simple. I don't think Stephen is jealous, he's just an older guy who writes about horror. Why would her books interest him? She can write, just not to his preference. To each it's own. Right?

YES! It is completely true - Stephenie Myer Can't write.

Who ever said that the story is a repetitive, cliched, thesaurus abusing, plotless, filled with ill dimensioned characters is right. I couldn't agree more!

The idea of a love story between a Vampire and Human was a good one - it had so much potential but was simply murdered by Stephenie Myer's lack of direction and writing.

What was more disappointing is that all the novels droned on and on about Bella's self pity and any climatic action happened in all in just one or a few chapters.

For people who said that Stephenie Myer's writing was not full of sex - think again. All novels contained sexual connotations! It wasn't explicit, but the whole idea was there.

Stephenie Myer's characters seemingly reflect her own ideals and desires - which was probably what killed the series. Bella is a Mary Sue and Edward is a self-righteous pretty boy and nothing short of a maturity of a 90 year old person. They are both dumb - but i suppose the infatuation of fangirls alike are blinded by his "good looks".

This is funny. The comments were the funniest. Thanks for the entertainment, twi-hards and twi-haters.

To "Edward Cullen Lover Loser" ... Pick up a dictionary, and by the way, no one cares.

and to "Edward Cullen is so not a wimp!"
I'm going to quote you on something that I think only a 2 year old would say, nay, I take that back, as even a two year old would have more sense than you do.

"If Stephenie Meyer weren't a good write would so many people buy her books? Would they have made a movie about it? Have they made a movie about this dude's books?"

People buy Cocaine. Does that make Cocaine a good thing? Would we have the crisis and millions of the deaths around the world that we do now? Any by the way, do some reasearch because yes, they have made movies about several of his books and they have gone down in history, and they are the type of movies that would make a shallow child that doesn't know her place like you, suffer from chronical insomnia.

I'm sorry, I thought I would be commenting on people who have a bit if intelligence and maturity left in thier system, but obviously, I was let down.

Your reasons and arguements as to why you think she is a good writer and completely irrelivent.

And another thing,

"Stephenie Meyer hasn't ruined the reputation of vampires, actually until I read her books, I didn't like vampires and no series is like the Twilight series!!"

Yes, there are no other series like the twilight series, because anyone who had thought of something quite the same would have the decency not to corrupt childrens minds with idiotic dreams and terrible writing.

As for the not liking vampires bit:
well, that's your fault is it not? If you like vampires for the sole purpose of the shallow and childish 'love' that is portrayed in S.M's books then... Well, I pity you my dear.

Oh, and if you do reply to this, or anyone else for that matter, know that I will not waste my time replying.


Stephen King is dead right about Meyer. I don't see how any honest, self-respecting person could say otherwise.

I don't think I agree about Dean Koontz. I have yet to read an "awful" book by him.

Selling gazllions of books doesn't necessarily mean that you write well.

ok, i didnt read any twilight book. But the movie was soo AWFUL! WHAT KIND OF VAMPIRE ONLY EATS ANIMAL BLOOD AND IS SPARKLY? i agree 100% with king.

The 3rd book was just about Bella wanting sex with edward and having a demon child.!
what kind of book for tweens is that?

I think it's pretty arrogant to trash another writer in public like that. I'm sure it's not going to hurt her sales or prevent the next books in her series from becoming big money movies.
The great thing about Meyer's work is, like Harry Potter, is that the wild interest in the books encouraged millions of people to read. Another thing her Twilight books has in common with HP is the interest crossed generations so parents and their teenagers discussed and enjoyed the books and movies together. These are all good things for parents, writers and educators.
I'm not sure why King was critical of Twilight and praised HP. To me they were written on about the same reading level, and had equally acceptable vocabulary and grammer with minimal character development. Perhaps he should wait to judge until both of those authors have longer careers as proof of talent.
I also haven't read a Stephen King in years. His latest works seem too much the same.

I've read every Stephen King novel ever published, and I own them all too. He's my favorite author. I also own the Twilight Saga series and the Harry Potter series.

Twilight may not be on the same level as Stephen King in terms of grammar, sentence structure, etc., but it's not bad either. King writes to an adult audience with an adult level of education, whereas Meyer writes to a pre-teen/teen audience that is still completing their education. Of course Meyer's books will not be as wordy as King's, they are aimed to a younger audience. Also, why do books aimed at pre-teens/teens need to be overtly sexual? Yes, King does not shy away from sex, but he, again, is targeting adults.

I think Stephen King is comparing apples to oranges. I also think he needs to learn to have some tact, because insulting people outright is rude, no matter who they are or what they've done.

I am a writer and I agree whole heartedly with Mr. King. I think that Mrs. Meyer’s writing not only falls short, but that her storytelling skills leave much to be desired as well. I have never seen a character that fits the description of a “Mary-Sue” better than Bella Swan. She cannot think, act, or make decisions for herself. Well, when she does, they are so stupid that you can’t see how any person, rational or otherwise, would come to the same conclusion. “Let me help fight the vampires in my human body. I’ll be good at it, I promise.” …
Meyer writes this way because she can’t fabricate her plot construction until the story demands it. Her foreshadowing is next to nil. Take the first book for example. Meyer writes a love story about Edward and Bella. As soon as they are officially together, she’s lost much of the conflict that drove the story in the first place, so that’s when she chooses to bring in the outside vampires. During the baseball game, they kind of come out of left field, don’t you think? (Pun intended)
Granted, I did enjoy the first book for what it was. I immensely enjoyed it up until the point where we discover Edward’s secret is that he sparkles. In other words, he’s more perfect and more unobtainable than we originally were led to believe. I remember this being a big let down for me. I was so excited that he might be Nosferatu gross in the sunlight. I probably would have fallen in love with the story if this had been the case. If nothing else, it would have put Bella Swan and Edward Cullen on more equal footing. It also would have provided their relationship some much needed depth and struggle.
I think Stephen King’s opinion most certainly caries weight. He is one of America’s most prolific writers and someone who strives to always improve his art-form and craft. He is a writer whose hard work, I hazard to think, does and will long outlive the passing fancy that is the Twilight saga.
If you don’t believe me, go to the library and pick up a copy King’s memoir On Writing, and you may just change your mind. Even better, get the audio in which he reads himself.
If you are looking for a YA series with depth, conflict and three dimensional characters, try Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty. You will never look back.

okay....this opinion is way overrulled by just about EVERYONE who's read the twilight series. Stephiene is a GREAT author and personally i think she's MUCH better than J.K. Rowling....his books just arnt that good.


I do like Meyers books but I can understand King cos the books seems to be written by a 14 year old girl, they are cheesy and no where near masterpieces. Teen books can be great, but these are not original or written by someone great. They are ok, and girls like them cos the vampires are sexy, Bella is cute, and there is action and a love triangle. Of course they go totally weird in the last, very overly sexual.
Rowling is by far the better writer, but it's always good that kids and teens read so great for Meyer (even if she does seem to take much from other things and don't fess up to ever having seen or read those things).
Still I am somewhat of a Twilighter cos the first book was so cute, felt like something i would have written in my diary when I was younger.
As for King, he is no king of books either

I think Stephen King was out of line when he criticized Stephanie Meyer. For me, personally, his public criticism is more of a reflection on him than on her writing.

to twilight lover: j.k rowling is a girl!

To all you people who say vampires are not sparkly and since when do vampires drink only animal blood! Vampires are not real and the only reason everyone thinks this is that for centuries now a "vampire" has been someone who drinks human blood only and has a dark, seductive precense about them. Now Stephanie Meyer has told her version, her view and her put her own twist on a make believe character and that is making people uneasy. People who believe one way and only one way do not like to think out of the box. They have read books and seen movies on Vampires for years and Stephanie's books take a different path from the norm. Vampires are a fictional charactesr and it shouln't matter how someone tells a story about them, all that matters is that there are people out there that love it and hate it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me, I have never really liked the norm vampire movies or books. But I really like the movie and the books and I would read them again.

wow, it's hot and heavy over here in the comment section today!

here are my 2 cents: I loved the Twilight books but I don't think Meyer is a good writer. What she IS is an excellent storyteller - and there IS a difference between writing well and telling a story well. Meyer has an intriguing plot (say what you will about sparkling vampires, she definitely got peoples attention) and the events and pacing of the story keep readers flipping pages frantically. At the same time, her writing is just *meh*. She overuses words and phrases and no one can accuse her writing itself of being beautiful or moving.

So King has a point - Meyer is NOT a great writer. But she IS a great storyteller and she is highly successful, and I'm pretty sure she's happy with that.

(Now whether you LIKE her story is another matter altogether....)

I sayhaving been through the adolescence of a daughter who became too cool to "waste time" reading.

Whatever it takes.

You purists can go for it, but reality is what it is. The irony of this is that when my daughter was not reading, I lured her with Stephen King's wife, Tabitha King's book, One on One. (I told her there was too much sex in it for her to read it) I never considered it particularly good literature. (yes, I read it first) I just wanted to keep her reading.

Have they made a movie about this dude's books?

Good Lord, Child, do you honestly believe the world began this morning??This is Carrie. This is Christine. This is The Shining. This is Misery. This is It. This is The Green Mile.

And by the way, if you want to be taken seriously, spell the bloody words!

Twilight is one of the most idiotic pieces of trash I have ever read and I agree wholeheartedly with KIng. He's one of my favourite authors ever. It is about time someone realised what crap Twilight is and refuses to be afraid to voice their opinion. Contrary to what people might believe, we *are* allowed to have dissenting opinions, and we *are* allowed to voice them. Why is Stephen King any different? Because he's a famous author? That's all the *more* reason to let him voice it. There is nothing wrong with him giving his opinion on other authors, even if they aren't favourable. Would any of you guys who are upset even care if he had said that he liked her writing, or would this be filled with comments praising him?
Just because she's popular doesn't mean she's good, it just means that there are a lot of people reading her books. I've read fanfiction on the internet that was better and more well-written than Twilight, which doesn't say much for her skill as a writer, I think.
Oh, and to Edward Cullen Lover Loser:
Ever hear of The Shining? Or the Stand? How about Cujo, or It, or Dreamcatcher? Do the Tommyknockers or Carrie ring a bell?
The Dead Zone? 1408? Firestarter? Christine? The Green Mile? Secret Window? Children of the Corn? Apt Pupil? Thinner, or maybe The Shawshank Redemption? Oh, what about Pet Sematary? Misery? Creepshow?
So, tell, me, whoever you are, *have* they made any movies about this guy's books?

God, I hate people sometimes.

Say what you want about me. I don't actually care what anonymous people I'll never meet think of me, so have at it, 'K? Last time I checked this was still a free country and I'm still allowed independent thought (and despite what some people think, I'm still allowed to think that Twilight is a steaming pile of horse dung).

Eve, how devious. I am shocked! :)

Anyone who starts off their commentary by questioning King's credibility has lost theirs entirely right from the get-go. He makes more money in royalties from his books in one year than Meyer has likely made from all of her book sales and movie deals to date.

King has written horror and fantasy with equal ease. He's changed my perspective on the world with books like The Stand, has drawn me into another world with The Dark Tower series, and has scared the hell out of me with countless other books. His credibility is not up for debate.

He doesn't like Meyer's writing because it's simplistic and as dumbed-down as it can get short of an elementary school primer. King is a fan of the craft of writing (read "On Writing" if you care to know more, a non-fiction book of his that is dedicated to the "how" of writing) and as such, has a bit of experience in the subject. He lectures at his alma mater, U-Maine (at Orono) from time to time. He knows what the hell he's talking about.

I've read and own just about everything he's put down on paper, including most of his Entertainment Weekly columns. I've also read the Twilight series and the Harry Potter books (multiple times). To even mention Meyer in the same sentence as Rowling is an exquisite honor for her, even if he's comparing the two and saying she doesn't stack up.

Honestly, where all the Twilight lovers get off going after King's credentials is beyond me. When you (or your goddess, Ms. Meyer) start collecting over $55 million a year in royalties alone, then by all means, criticize the man. 'Til then, it'd be best to ignore him if you don't agree. You don't have a leg to stand on.

I also find it hilarious that Stephanie Meyer is being defended by people who insisted that she's a "great write" and "she writes reaaly good" and think Stephen King should "getta lyfe dude." (In fact, so many posters made the "great write" error that I'm beginning to think they are all one fangirl.) People! Stop reading bad vampire novels and get to work on your Freshman English homework. You need the spelling practice.

Stephen King is the greatest writer of our time. His creativity and paradoxical genius continue to enthrall readers. While I have not read Ms. Meyer's novels, I am compelled to believe in Mr. King's words.

I am completely in agreement with his statements about J.K. Rowling, who has created an entirely unique world with the familiar idea of witches and wizards. The novels are impeccably written in a way which entertains the young and old alike.

As far as vampire novels are concerned, Bram Stoker and Anne Rice have the preternatural beings covered. I find it hard to believe Ms. Meyer's novels bring any real uniqueness to the realm.

Hmm.........Stephen King against JP... that would be kewl

Steven King has a right to his opinion, just as I have a right to mine, and you have a right to yours; however, his opinion seems to carry more weight than yours or mine. I think he has stepped over the line. Comparing two best-selling authors is ridiculous. JKR and SM have two very different writing styles, are covering different fictional subject matter, and are appealing to different audiences. The fact is, his opinion of Stephenie Meyer does not matter, neither does mine. She had an idea, wrote a few books, and those books happened to appeal to millions of people. That is the bottom line. I agree that Meyer has a simplistic writing style - obviously that was not an issue for her readers or the individuals who decided to turn her Twilight series into major motion pictures. I have read the entire series, including the partial draft of Midnight Sun available on, and I enjoyed the fact that I could put it down and not give it a second thought until I picked it up again. In the world of published authors, the quantity determines the quality, and in Stephenie Meyer's case, she's Grade A.

I think that Stephen King has reached the point in his life and career where he no longer has anything to prove to anyone, and feels comfortable bluntly stating his opinions. I'm glad that he had the gumption to criticize Meyer's writing. Although I understand that her characters and storyline have clearly connected with a large audience, I don't think the novels are well written or even positive in their messages. Twilight depicts an insecure young girl with no healthy sense of self who subsumes herself completely in a love affair with a man she barely understands. Some have called the series abstinence propaganda, and while that may be overstating it a bit, I do think the books are *highly* sexual while at the same time denying the realities of sexuality for teens. I'm not saying that all teenagers should be engaging in sex-- far from it-- but considering that Meyer is a Mormon, I think her worldview has shaped the way that she depicts sexuality. I don't think a book that drips with sexual tension and imagery while intimating that acting on such feelings is inherently bad is a great thing for young girls to read; neither is a book that suggests strength and security can be found only in the arms of a man. (Wow, this soap box is high, isn't it?) In any case, whatever your views or perceptions, these books are badly written on a purely technical level, with flat characters, stilted pacing, and overblown, self-indulgent prose. It's a testament to the power of the "tall dark handsome man" fantasy, and to the allure of vampires themselves, that the Twilight series is massively popular when its author has little actual writing talent.

Here's my perspective: First, comparing King and Meyer is like comparing apples to oranges. Meyer writes for a tween to young adult audience. King is obviously an adult writer. Both have experience great success in their writing careers and each have had some cross over novels.

Secondly, shouldn't we be praising both? Any writer that can get children and adults (for that matter) to read should be honored. Girls in my class (teacher by trade) have picked up books and put down Cosmo for the first time in years. My hat is off to Meyer for exciting a whole generation of readers.

Third, wouldn't if have been beneficial for King to keep his mouth shut? Girls reading Meyer today, may grow up to read King later. But I think by coming out and publically bashing Meyer, he maybe losing potential readers. And yes, it does look like sour grapes!

Julie, Krystal and others are on target for one important aspect of this debate: King and Meyer write for different audiences, and both have found a sweet spot. As a kid, I listened to bubble gum music and ate a lot of Whoppers, but eventually I moved on. My bet is that kids who are hooked on reading early will be readers forever. And that's to Meyer's credit.

stephenie meyer is awesome. the chemistry between edward and bella is beyond amazing. its basically real. while reading her books you feel like your there

I used to be a real big Steven King fan , but he lost it long ago. As far as Stephanie Meyers, I absolutely love her writing. The Twilight Saga was the first ever love story I've ever liked enough to re-read a second and a third time and God knows I'll more than likely read them again!!! They're just awesome!!! Steven King's just jealous that he didn't come up with it for himself.

King is stating the truth, Stephanie Meyers writing is more like fanfiction. Her character is such a mary-sue, but she covers it up with flaws.

There is nothing constructive about the protagonists relationship, rather, it's abusive and teaches girls to commit suicide if their boyfriend leaves them. Not only that, but the whole conversation between the two is 'I'm not good enough' or 'your too perfect' it get boring after a while.

As King say's, the only reason these book are famous is because it is sexually appealing without actually having the sex part in it. you've got an 'adonis' like male protagonist and you've got an average girl who apparently is so average yet all the guy love her...

Seriously... the only reason her books are 600+ pages long is because she adds an adjective or an adverb every other sentence.

Stephanie Meyer is a respectable person, but not a respectable writer... and I can't respect her writing as literary masterpieces... those are reserved to works written by and not limited to Aldous Huxley and Oscar Wilde.

It simply amuses me that most people supporting Twilight in this argument can barely spell and do not have any argument other than saying how "bad" Stephen King is, while barely any of them have ever read any books of his, nor have a simple glimpse of what true literature is. And if you say that you do know about literature because you have read Twilight, think again.

Wow, there have been several hot topics on Read Street lately! If not the Inaugural poem, it's Stephen King vs. Stephanie Meyer. This is like having a ringside seat at "battle of the booklovers" :) Thanks for umping all the debates, Dave.

I haven't read Stephenie Meyers, but I did sit through the movie with my 12-yr-old. She was spellbound; I giggled.

I think if it hooks kids into reading, it can't be all bad. Stephen King's writing, I can say, scares the pants off me!

First off, Stephenie meyer CAN write. I am a writer myself, and she is one of the best, most descriptive writers I have seen in a while. She and Rowling are almost matched, and, though their styles are different, they both produced great novels.

As for dear Mr. King, I admire him. His creativity is outstanding, but his writing style is choppy. I know hes been at it longet then Meyer has, but just because he doesnt like it doesnt make her a bad writer.

And, though I have read from all three of the authors mentioned here, I think that Rowling and Meyer are neck-and neck. Mr. King has put forth great ideas, but again, his writing style is no where near as descriptive, nor does it have the flow, of Stephenie's world-wide bestselling works.

I think when Stephen King makes comments regarding other writers, he needs to remember his earlier career when he was told by a certain Colorado newspaper that he had no talent as a writer. (it was earlier in his career)

Why the assumption that only 15 year old girls read the Twilight novels? I am 26 years old and, Arnaud, am a doctor, so please don't begin assuming I can't spell. I have read most of Stephen King's novels (some are great, some weak) and am a fairly recent convert to Twilight. I found Stephenie Meyer's novels utterly captivating, because, unlike pretty much every other fantasy/sci-fi book in existence, they are subtle and enjoyable, with a nice dose of romance. They don't over-sexualise, they don't preach. They are great stories about interesting characters. Isn't that enough??

As a former librarian, seeing this much enthusiasm for reading a book, in this age group, I view to be a successful endeavor. Yes, I think Rowlings books are an outstanding read, and better written, but, I felt the same way that I do for Meyer's books. YEAH! a person is reading! And, if this person becomes an enthusiastic reader they will find their way to new reading material, which is what we are all in favor of, right? By the way, I just finished reading Meyer's book "The Host" and it is written at an adult reading level. I enjoyed the read and look forward to reading her work in the future.

I think Rowlings is definately better than Meyer but for King to criticise her as if he's comparing her writing to his is apples and oranges. Oh, I think Rowlings writes better than king...personally. :)

That's funny...considering Stephen himself has called critics "pimples on his a**" . I've read his stories and Stephenie's...they are very different writers. Stephenie is an excellent storyteller, as is he. There was no need to criticize her...opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and they all stink!

I'm not really much of a fan of either Meyer OR King, though I did enjoy "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption," so I'm just looking at this from an outsider's perspective. While I don't think it's the most tactful move to publicly humiliate another writer as opposed to offering a more constructive critique, part of me wonders if the above quotes have been misinterpreted or taken out of context.

The line about "safe joining of love and sex" - could King be referring to the possibility of young women forming unrealistic expectations about the relationship between love and sex based on their literary intake? As adults, we're all too aware that there are more occasions than not where the divide between the two widens, or where one is exploited for the other. Young adult readers typically don't have the life experience to discriminate between the escapist elements of literature and those intended to reflect reality. Obviously, a suspension of disbelief is necessary to be reading a novel about vampires to begin with, but do you think there is a possibility that a young woman could subconsciously begin to form ideals and expectations of love and sex based on Bella and Edward's relationship because such emotions are intended to "humanize" the otherworldly? Maybe that is what King was getting at - it's "safe" and "not particularly threatening" and because of that it may inspire a generation of impressionable young women to carry around these unrealistic perspectives on how love and sex interact that lead them towards bitter disappointment or exploitation. I know it's a criticism that frequently gets levied on Disney movies and media targeted towards women such as "chick flicks" and "chick lit," and I wonder if King was applying that to Meyer's writing.

Again, though, I haven't read the Twilight books, or much of King in general. So my opinion ought to be taken with a grain of salt.

As a sometimes reader of Stephen King (The Stand and The Dark Tower series are up there in my top 50 favorite books of all time) who has never read Stephenie Meyer - although my wife has read the books and enjoyed them, so I have given money to both authors - I actually find the situation kind of funny. A celebrity author feud seems almost absurd in this nation where the publishing industry is really hurting and there are less and less readers every day. A while back there where some comments made by Terry Pratchett about J.K. Rowling after an interview she gave which seemed to disrespect the fantasy genre (anyone else remember that?)... there were lots of blog posts around condemning and supporting both sides. I guess this is kind of the Americanized version - as a bonus, it does provide book bloggers material for posts :)

I really love Stephen King's books and I have read quite a few of them. I also read all four of the SM Twilight Saga books. I really enjoyed those as well. Stephenie Meyer has a way of really drawing you in. Anyone who can sell 31+million copies of a book can definitly write. I have to say I was suprised the Stephen King said that. He has a different style than SM and he attracts a different audience than she does but I wouldn't go as far as to say that she can't write worth a damn. I am a 30yr old woman and I couldn't put Stephenie's books down. I wished that she would write more because I would love to read more about this story. Just about every woman young or old loves a good love story since real love is far from the fiction we read! I am sure that her writing technique will improve but I am also sure that she will continue to be on the best sellers lists, whatever she writes. I just hope that artists remain artists and not critiques leave that to the people that purchase your stories. These are the only opinions that truely matter. I hope both Stephenie and Stephen continue to put out great stories for "their" audiences.

I've read Stephen King books for years. While reading one of his latest books... and getting pretty bored. I started reading Twilight. Was totally drawn in. Put down the Stephen King and only picked it back up when I'd finished the whole Twilight Series. Needless to say I'm still slowly reading it... Certainly his books have never been able to draw me in like Stephenie Meyers. She's an incredible writer. I think Mr King is just jealous. As for what he said about her books attracting a generation of girls. I'm married with child. Definately not a little girl anymore. Get over it Stephen. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. Maybe step up your game a bit!!

Stephen King is spot on. Stephanie Meyer is a terrible author. Her books are so "cliche" and it's your typical Mary Sue happily ever after series and there is nothing exciting about them what so ever. As for the angry Twilight fantards, calm down. King has been around for YEARS, I think he clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to literature. His books are by far written in more depth. Meyer's books are an insult to vampire novels world wide, go pick up a novel written by Anne Rice, at least her vampires don't "sparkle" and doesn't revolve around a young teenage girl with no ambitions, low self esteem and little confidence, as well as being controlled by a emotionally abusive sparkly vampire in life and has only goal ,that being "OMG TURN ME INTO A VAMPIRE SO I CAN BE WITH YOU EDWARD FOREVER!" .


You Twilight fans make me laugh..

Stephanie Meyer-her imagination is quite weak, and typical of most teen lovey dovey novels, just with a sparkly vampire thrown in. Nothing new there.

JK Rowling-Has a brilliant imagination, using twists and tons of magic here and there to make the world of Harry Potter seem almost alive. Read all 7 books including the side books she wrote for charity. Loved them greatly.

Stephen King-God knows how many novels he has written, I've lost track. Many of them are deep and very well written, some are confusing, too confusing infact.

To wrap this up, I think King is right about Stephanie Meyer. In my opinion, she is incredibly boring, and yes I've read the Twilight series to see what the insane hype was about, one word:


Okay, all you defensive fangirls chill. This dude has his own personal opinion. The fact that I agree with him on this matter isn't the point. The point is, he has a right to say what he wants. People are making a huge deal over this because of her popularity.
I read the original article and don't agree with everything he said. (I'm a James Patterson fan. XD) But honestly Stephen is only voicing his opinion. I admire him for that because most famous people hush up because they don't have the balls to criticize someone else famous because they know that people will make a huge deal out of it even if it's just a tiny comment on them.
I think this is being way over blown but... HIGH FIVE STEPHEN! Man you have some serious balls.

lol at the people who waste time arguing in the internet.
no need to get angryy people. its only a book.

Haha! These comments are Hilarious! I'm feeling the need to read Twilight now (CANT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT!) so i can find a better part in this conspiracy. For now, I'm not slamming Stephanie Meyer, but I also trust Stephen King as far as writing goes. I mean, geez, look at everything he's written. I'm sure King has captured A HECK of a lot more hearts than those who have been cheep-scaped into the books of cheesy themes and cliches plots. (Like I have never heard of a forbidden love story before). But I guess a lot more of my opinion will have to wait till I can actually read the book. (It will have to wait because I will be too busy reading Stephen King's: The Dark Tower series)
I would like to add that a lot of the comments from many of these people don't even seem valid. It's very obvious they do not have much literary comprehension. So who are YOU to say that Stephen King is Wrong? (That's a rhetorical question, so I'm not asking for a response).

Firstly, I did end up getting 'sucked' into the Twilight overkill. I did enjoy the first book but by the second was sorely disappointed. I can't even tell you how pathetic it all felt by the concluding book. What really got to me was not only the outdated moralising by Meyer but the fact that even when the two protagonists had married, they ended up paying a huge price for having sex. I think Mrs Meyer may need some therapy for all her repressed sexual issues. I think things have become greatly confused by the movie as well. In the first book I felt really connected to the character of Bella but I just could not help but feel utterly preached at by the end of the last novel. Things just happened to be tied up just too prettily. Look in terms of being a writer I think Meyer has a good imagination. It would be interesting to me to see her write another genre or something completely different and then debate the technicalities of being an author. But for me personally, the moralising religious undertones and shallowness of character motivation, undid what could have been a really fantastic literary adventure

Dark Tower,

I think that pretty much sums up the argument.

Being both a Stephen King AND a Stephenie Meyer fan, I have to say that his comments aren't all that surprising OR untrue.

The thing is that you can't compare authors. They each have their own voice and their readers love BOTH the story and the voice that's telling it.

While technically Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are probably better writers, the bald facts are that Stephenie Meyer has her place. The books would not have sold if they didn't provide what the reader was looking for. Obviously the readers are NOT looking for a literary masterpiece.

I don't think that Stephen King should be jealous because he doesn't know how to write to 12 year old girls. (Well, normal 12 year old

I think it's wrong when a fellow writer feels he has to make negative remarks against another writer. If Stephenie Meyer's books were not good they wouldn't be selling so successfully, and they wouldn't be making them into movies. If I had achieved the success that Mr. King has achieved, I would be doing my best to encourage Ms. Meyer, not tear her down. Sounds like Mr. King is jealous of Ms. Meyer's success. Sure shows a lack of class on your part Mr. King.

I wholeheartedly agree with King. I don't think she's a very good writer - and by that I mean her technique and skills, okay? I find her story predictable and her pacing is really bad. Bella and Edward say they are in love, not in lust, but I don't see any evidence of that... just a lot of physical attraction - how Bella smells so good and how Edward is the hottest guy around. I know classmates who can write way better than her. I think what made her book so popular is the PLOT/CONCEPT she created - I mean, it's somewhat of a fantasy for most girls to get the attention of the most handsome guy in school; and the fact that he's "dangerous" is a bonus.

And I want to re-emphasize a point: I've read through dozens of these comments, and I think what most people don't understand [especially you Twilight fan girls who can't construct a grammatically correct sentence if your life depended on it] is that Stephen King is criticizing her TECHNICAL WRITING SKILLS - not the damn concept/plot. Some people have pointed this out, but I don't think anyone's getting the message:

"There are good writers, and there are good storytellers. One is skill; the other is art. Stephen King uses both. J.K. Rowling uses both. I suspect King was criticizing Meyer's skill, not her art. My impression is that Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller who might set a better example for her readers if she worked on her technical writing skills." - Blake

"I loved the Twilight books but I don't think Meyer is a good writer. What she IS is an excellent storyteller - and there IS a difference between writing well and telling a story well. Meyer has an intriguing plot (say what you will about sparkling vampires, she definitely got peoples attention)... At the same time, her writing is just *meh*. She overuses words and phrases and no one can accuse her writing itself of being beautiful or moving... So King has a point - Meyer is NOT a great writer. But she IS a great storyteller and she is highly successful, and I'm pretty sure she's happy with that." - Julie

Stephen King is right. Stephenie Meyer is a poor writer. Trust me, as a PhD student in English, I've read a lot, and compared to the English Literature as a whole, the Twilight series area complete and utter joke. That doesn't mean that they don't appeal to many, many people. King acknowledges the fan base. The truth is, millions of people love the Twilight books, and millions of people are also immature, unsophisticated, and uneducated.

I don't think he is jealous. He has no need to be. Bad writers are often best-sellers because they know a good yarn. Best example is Dan Brown. His plot was interesting and he had material that a lot of the masses had never heard of. Why everyone is acting like vampires in love is new, I haven't been able to wrap my brain around.

Vegetarian vampires are old school too:

Since when can you ruin the reputation of the fictitious vampire? Regardless, it is highly unprofessional to degrade another writer just because you don't think they can write. One would definitely question your motives. Anyway, to the person called I wish I could marry edward cullen.... if you are going to bash Stephenie Meyer, you might want to re-think your post name. He is a fictional character! DUH.

My two cents on the matter:

Meyers has a nice writing style. Kind of purple and verbose at times, but it's not bad. Her plotline, however, is atrocious. And I must say Rowling doesn't go far behind. Rowling had a good idea, a solid story, but somewhere along the way, she lost it. I can't speak about King because his genre isn't my cup of tea, but both Rowling and Meyer gave me a "something's missing" feeling after reading their books.

Vampires sparkling isn't the biggest set of utter ball Meyer's written by a long shot. Since when can a vampire have children? Really now? And here I thought their bodies are supposed to be dead...

Her books are Harlequin romance novels with a brand of vampires tailored for it and no descriptive sex scenes, of course young girls are going to 'ooh ahh' over it.

Let's face it, Meyer's stories are fanfiction in a - somewhat - original setting and semi-original characters. Millions of people read fanfiction on the internet every day. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, and Meyer doesn't rank very high even among the fanfic authors I've read, let alone published authors.

People who are happy her books are read just because it gets tweens and teens to read at least something should reconsider. Presumably we want kids to read because is because it develops one form of intelligence. This doesn't happen with Meyer's books, instead they teach repetitive and unimaginative English, too easy and transparent plot solutions and flawless characters. Meets all the classic signs of fanfiction-like writing.

I've never read any of his books either, but I'm not that old so, yeah. It's true that Stephenie Meyer isn't the best writer ever, but it's not like she's absolutely horrific. If that was the case, I'm not sure if the books would be so successful...
I think it's a matter of him being a bit confused that something that isn't perfect has become so huge. Lots of people wonder about that.
BUT, I do think he could have said it in a different way. "Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn" is kind of just rude, and it makes him seem jealous.
I think maybe he is a BIT jealous, well not really jealous but it seems like he used to be this big thing, but not so much anymore, like he doesn't have as big of a following anymore. Maybe he's just thinking like, "Wow, I had all these fans and my books were really well written, how can these ones be so successful when they're not that great?" I don't know, maybe he misses his fans and being such a phenomenon.
But I've never read any Stephen King books so...I can't really say. But thats just what I think. :)

I like the Twilight series, because it was (i mean Literally) the first book I read that I was NOT forced to read. So to me it's a good book ( if you like vampires & romance). Stephen King does not have to make rude comments about other authors. If he doesn't like the series OK. The whole world doesn't love your books either buddy. As for JK rowling I TRIED reading her books before I even knew about twilight. I fell ASLEEP once I got to page 6. I read Twilight in two nights (major headache for the lack of sleep lol) so in general seriously if you don't like Stephenies' writing say you don't, but don't say she can't write because your not a professional critic and expert on "who knows how to write perfectly and correctly".
anyways stephenie is awesome!!
& I was going to read Stephens book but now forget it I don't like arrogant writers who like to criticize other writers and make them look bad.

Are you people nuts this is Stephen freakin King the most read author on the planet. Lost his relevance are you kidding me he has published countless stories and has numerous academy award winning movies based on his books under his belt twilight is fine for some but lets not begin to compare them to Green mile, Shawshank redemption, the shining, the mist, stand by me! so forth

Like Twilight or dislike it, at the end of the day you must admit that the books are short on plot and versatile writing, and the characters are wooden. Stephen King is right on the nose. It's juvenile literature that has gotten bizarrely out of hand. I'm glad people are connecting with a book but lots of people also like McDonald's. Doesn't make it good for you.

I completely agree with Stephen King. Stephenie Meyer's writing is completely lacking in anything good. It's written on maybe a fourth grade level, her characters have absolutely NO personality, and the whole plotline is a Mary-Sue!

I'm not saying that they weren't entertaining, because they were. The spin she put on vampires was interesting, albeit drastic. Granted, she blew all of that out of the water with her final book,but still, interesting up until then nonetheless.

I am saying though that this woman has absolutely no true talent. Flat out. Stephen King knows what he's talking about.

Comparing Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer is like comparing comic books to Rembrandt paintings. They're different and they appeal to different audiences. Stephen King gave his nod to Stephanie. He knows why they have the appeal that they have. She has clearly captured and inspired a huge audience. But demoting King in defense of Meyer is just ridiculous. I mean, he's Stephen King for goodness' sake. You haven't had dreams of serial killing clown's in your closet, or your house having a twisted life of its own? I have, and I'm pretty sure the multiple generations have who were all exposed to The Shining, IT, Rose Red, Children of the Corn, Carrie, Dreamcatcher, The Green Mile, Thinner, The Stand, Pet Cemetery, Misery, Christine, and the list goes on. You can't argue with Stephen King's rank in the literary world; saying that he's lost his relevance only gives more evidence to the point that he made in the first place. He wasn't insulting anyone, so call off the dogs.

He USE to be a good writer himself, but since his accident, Mr.King's work has been disturbingly BORING- Plus, he's taking a cheap shot at an author who writes for a Completly Different Age Group/Demographic- 12-year-olds should not be reading his work, but rather the affirming 'all people have good in them' and 'true, lasting love is possible' themes in Meyer's books- I love what she did with the Vegetarian Vampire twist AND the fact that they sparkle in the sun- It's the coolest thing to happen to Vampires since...I don't even know when. The Cullens have chosen not to give in to the evil side of their natures and this is a negative theme to present to the younger generation??? And the fact that they can blend so well into human society is one of the most alluring things about them.

I am 35 and have read most everything by King(since I was 14, and NOT with my parents' permission), so I have alot of previous experience with his successes and failures(The Stand, The Talisman, Insomnia and much of his work as Richard Bachman were all great, as well as many others, but Duma Key, Lisey's Story, and Just After Sunset(currently reading) are missing the spark his early work had-yawn). What I'm getting from many of the posters who agree with King is that Meyer's characters don't seem dangerous or sexually-focused enough to be enjoyed, but why can't some of us have just a nice story that captures the innocence of youthful imagination we all use to have before we became the jaded haters who beat anything sweet or simple into submission with just for the sake of beating it?

If you're still reading King's work just because HE wrote it and giving him a pass on quality, you're a blind follower and probably no longer have the capacity to enjoy simple pleasures-Plus you truely miss out on some wonderful books(Not everything has to be a Pulitzer Prize winning work-half of what wins now anyway is crap in itself)

With this unsolicited opinion, King is looking for the attention his work no longer brings to him. Meyer should be mildly flattered that the increasingly irrelevant and unimpressive King gave her some free press this week.

Oh dear. Firstly, i'm FOR twilight.
Secondly, these people who say there's a load of sexual stuff in twilight...erm have you actually READ the books?!! there's really only anything sexual in the fourth and final book and it doesnt actually say anything about it, only how she feels in the run up to it. get a life. if you don't like the books or her writing style, then why the hell did you bloody read them?!! and if you're disgusted with the content then don't read them. if you don't like how the vampires are, don't read it. if you don't like her style, dont read it. if you don't like the words she uses, DON'T-READ-IT.
it really isn't that hard.
i havn't read Stephen King's books, i may well do in future but tbh he sounds a bit up himself.
Every author is different. Twilight is mainly aimed at teenagers, so is she REALLY going to write with words you've probably never even heard of? NO.
and as for the comment about "Since when do vampires sparkle?" i think i want to slap you for that. Books are about using your own individual ideas, if she had used to classic boring old vampire story then you'd critiicse her for not having her own ideas. just get over yourself, if you don't like an idea or the way she writes then just don't read the books its as simple as that.

I like JK Rowling too, but it's impossible to compare Twilight to Harry Potter, they are just too different in writing styles and content, same as Stephen King's books are to Twilight.

and the moral of the story is, if you don't like a book, then put the book down, and read something else= no problem! don't slag it off just because YOU don't like it.

end of discussion.

I am a late 30 something fan of Meyer's books, and while I agree with some that her stories are brilliant, I agree with others that her writing isn't so hot. What she needs to go to the next level is an awesome editor to push her to cut 100-200 pages from most of the books & clean up the style...yes, a thesaurus would be helpful, too. King needs to do what I always tell my kids and "worry about [him]self." Last I heard Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater beat his most recent release on the NY Times Best Sellers List. Another writer with a good story, but in need of a better editor.

I think it's quite telling that most of the Meyer fans on here cannot spell or use punctuation correctly. Getting a generation into reading is no good if they won't be reading something that both informs and inspires them. Having dreams about marrying the flat-as-a-board Edward Cullen doesn't count as being inspired. Trying your hand at original fiction or moving up to 'adult' books does.

Well, first of all, I would like to say that I have read stuff by all three of these authors, Meyer, King and Rowling. To me, Rowling is my all time favorite writer, Harry Potter has played a very big part in my reading life. As for the Twilight series, I enjoyed the first three. I picked up Twilight for some light reading, and it captured me, and so I proceeded to read the following novels. While not the best writer I've ever read, she has a flare for describing emotions, and it was an easy to follow prose. The second book depressed me, until the ending perked up a bit, and I liked the love triangle in Eclipse. However, and though I wouldn't usually say this about someone else's work, Breaking Dawn was an utter piece of trash. She broke all her rules, and the ending was completely pointless. She claimed that she ended it in such a way because she couldn't see any other way around it except for them all to die. Obviously what she really meant was that she didn't have enough imagination and/or intelligence to give the series an ending it deserved. I mean, come on, can you imagine the Harry Potter series being finished off with a simple conversation, and Voldemort suddenly just became merciful and walked off? There would have been a riot. Meyer needs to learn to sacrifice characters. Ruthlessness is necessary to make a good author. Trying to please girls who shouldn't even be reading the stuff is not.

Moving on, I am very disappointed in the way young teenagers are now perceiving literature. Meyer specifically stated on her site that her books were directed at teens of around 17, so 13 year olds really shouldn't be reading that sort of stuff. I was extremely appalled to hear a girl of about that age in a shop comparing Stephenie Meyer to popular German writer Cornelia Funke and her Inkheart trilogy. So she may not be as popular as Meyer at the moment, mostly because she is neither British nor American (and I don't mean that in any discriminatory way by the way, in case anyone sees fit to pick out meanings that are not there), but to hear the child say that Twilight is better disgusted me. I have read both series, and I can assure you that Meyer could never come up with something as good and well written as Funke can.

Another despicable argument of many of these Twilight fans is that they find the likes of Rowling and King too hard to read. I've been reading Harry Potter over and over since I was 9, and at 12 I read Misery by Stephen King. And, if that is not enough reason for many of these pro-Twilighters to be ashamed, my brother, at 6 or 7, learned to read thanks to Harry Potter, and after that he proceeded to read the likes of Raymond E. Feist and Christopher Paolini (Google search these if you don't know who they are). In fact, at about 11, he read the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy from start to finish, and apart from the likes of Shakespeare, that is one of the most difficult books to read and understand. He is now 13, the same as many of the Twilight fans, so I see no reason for any of these young girls who enjoy Meyer to claim that Rowling and King are "too hard". If a seven year old can read Potter and they can't, they should be embarrassed. I know I would be.

I do not appreciate comments from people arguing that Meyer is better and that King does not know what he is talking about, because it is quite obvious that those who say this are in fact the ones who don't know what they're saying. King has written more than ten times the amount of books Meyer has, and has a much wider audience, from teens of around 14-15 to adults of all ages and backgrounds. He writes fantastic books which have often gone on to become some of the best and most famous movies in the world (plus, they're not all horror like people assume), he aids aspiring writers by giving them tips and criticizing their work, and has inspired people of all ages for decades. And yes, his stuff is still widely read now, to all those foolish people who claim he's an old timer who is past his sell-by date and simply crying out for attention. So people who say he doesn't know anything about literature are simply ignorant and uneducated. I mean, why would the British and American schools be campaigning to get his stuff on the English curriculum alongside the likes of Shakespeare and Dickens if he supposedly knows nothing about literature? And besides, if Steph really is your hero, you should be taking a leaf out of her book and reading stuff like Jane Austen, Emily Brontë and Shakespeare if you really wanna know what literature is. Now that is something you can moan about being too hard for your age. And before you go slagging off J.K. Rowling (who is in fact a woman, to the idiot who didn't even know that about her), you might wanna read this, end of paragraph 6, straight out of Meyer's mouth:

Judging by the badly structured grammar and lack of logic arguments in many of these pro-Twilight comments (I mean, come on guys, claiming that King is just jealous of Edward Cullen's good looks - a fictional character, as in, he doesn't exist and never will no matter how much you might wish it - is not a valid argument) and the fact that almost none of these have ever read authors of his standards and neither have they got the facts right before talking about it just goes to show that this battle is already won - by us. Meyer's books are only read by teenagers, and perhaps a scattered handful of people of other ages, but just because she has sold a lot of books in such a short space of time does not mean that she will ever live up to people like King and Rowling, and if you do some research, you will find that she hasn't earned half the amount they have and never will, and that already says a lot. I'll give her that, she's got a lot of kids to start reading in much the same way that Rowling did, but I can only hope that this will lead to teaching young teens to broaden their horizons when choosing books. Maybe you think King was trying to insult her, but if Steph realises that he was in fact simply expressing an expert opinion, and I'm sure she has enough intelligence to do so, she will listen to him and improve her writing skills, and might even thank him later.

My final argument is that Stephenie Meyer will not be remembered all that well in ten years time unless she gets her act together and brings out something good and worthwhile. Stephen King and Joanne Rowling, however, will be eternal. You mark my words.

I agree with Stephan King to an extent. Stephanie Meyer's writing is pretty bland and boring, but she has a a good vision. The Twilight series is a wonderful story, it just wasn't written as well as Harry Potter was written.

As for the sexual stuff, it's a good thing Stephanie Meyers doesn't glorify sex like the current society in America does today.

i agree and don't agree Stephenie Myers books are good but she really did bring vampires down to a lower horror scale i mean "vampires sparkle"? and who ever heard of a vampires eyes changing color? But...... she did bring out a new world and some thoughts. For all we no she could be right. Stephenie brings out a new perspective on vampires.

As for Stephen King though his books are great and ten times better than hers he may just be jelous that right now hes lacking skill and shes doing better than him but in all i enjoyed his book "IT" that took place in Derry, Maine. He was a great writer once he still is and in a few months or so im sure he'll get back to his original standard.

Over all i think Stephen King outdoes Stephenie Myers by ten times.

Stephen King used to be the king of the supernatural, but I haven't read anything of his since The Stand that has begun to blow my skirt up. The Twilight Series is a page turner that brings the characters to life. I don't care about the technicality of how well it is written. Stephenie Meyer introduced her friends to us, and now they are our friends. Charlie, Bella, Edward, and the Cullens feel like real people (family even) to me, and that it something! I have never been so affected by fiction. BTW, I am 58 -- hardly a 'romantic teenager'.

Okay, I've heard similar things about Twilight, so that's not new...but what's wrong with James Patterson??

I read all four books, and I agree with King. The writing was not that great, but the STORY was compelling, that's what kept me reading. At some points I found myself skipping past pages of pointless bantering especially in Eclipse. I just kept thinking "I wonder what a more talented writer could have done with this story." Give Ms Meyer a break though, Twilight was her first novel. It's not going to be perfect, writing is a craft and with practice and experience she will get better. I'm sure she is happy with all the money she is raking in! I agree that JKR is the better writer. Remember that Sorcerer's Stone was her first novel too! Stephen King is a MASTER storyteller & one of my literary idols. If he ever said that I couldn't write worth a darn, I think I would just crawl under a rock and die!

I agree with Stephen King in the sense that Stephenie Meyer only does not know how to use the English language in the correct way, to convey meaning to the audience successfully. it was frustrating for me at times reading "Twilight", as some paragraphs were written in a confusing manner, and some scenes dragged on too much.

first of all this is only a personal opinion.
I must say that i admire Stephenie Meyer for captivating such a large audience and yes i did enjoy her books to an extent, BUT the way in which she writes as absolutely crap.
the plot only begins to make an appearance toward the last quarter of the book (the first one).

in my view The Host was much much much much better than the whole twilight series. kudos to meyer on that one.

but for me early King books beat SMeyer hands down.

dude, king is right meyer ruined vampires for everyone. hell,im 13 and i write better than meyer. and kings books were better meyer ruined the vamps by making them sparkle and also making them hard as dimonds.Darren shan writes better about vampires. for more information please contact BrennanG productions site is still not up and no current phone lines Thank you!

As I tell my kids, everyone has a right to their oppinion, it does make them right and it doesn't make them wrong. My husband and my mom both loved Stephen King up until he reached his dark point, as for me I loved a lot of his movies but had no use for reading his books. I find it sad that people are bashing Stephenie Meyers for her writings when she is actually bringing a whole new generation back to reading instead of sitting in front of the TV or game stations. My oldest two, which by the way are boys, have read all of the Twilight series and loved it. If she can get them to read then I am all for her!

I think most of you are forgetting the most important thing here. Writing, like most arts, is objective. What one person loves, another will hate.
Stephanie Meyer has got a whole generation reading, just like J.K Rowling did a few years ago. It's not a bad thing. I'd much rather see teenagers with their noses in a book than eyes glued to the TV.
I have read the Twilight saga, and in my opinion its brilliant. I am also a Stephen King fan. I'm really disappointed with King after reading about this, Twilight is targeted at teenagers - so they will come across articles like this and see that even if you are successful you will be put down by people who, really should be supporting young, upcoming artists.
As for Harry Potter vs. Twilight? I prefer Twilight a thousand times over. For me, Harry Potter was sloppy - especially towards the end of the series. The last book was completely lost on me. This is just my opinion, I don't expect everyone to agree or disagree.
King should know better. When publishing creative works you should be ready for slating from some angles, of course, but someone with as much respect as King should know better than to bad mouth an up-and-coming talent.
King's talents are obvious, but he is very hit and miss. This is the same for any talent but King is no way perfect, and before he is, this kind of slating is unnecessary.

What I find completely interesting is the different in responses. Those agreeing with King's statement sound educated, professional and gramatically correct. Those responses against King's statement are uneducated, silly sounding and very grammatically incorrect. Interesting, isn't it?

King needs to remember who Meyer's target audience is. And apparently they love what she writes, and that's all that really matters. BTW, I'm a huge King fan and think Rowling is just simply amazing. I have not read any of Meyer's books.

I love Stephen King. His books got me into reading at a very early age, and I am sure many people would have objected to my choices, but at least I was reading. I have not read any of the Twilight books so I don't think I should voice my opinion on Stephanie Myer's work. I picked Twilight up at a book store ages ago when the series first started, and it simply didn't appeal to me. Either way, someone likes it, and really that is all that matters. People are enjoying it and their imaginations and minds are being engaged. That is enough for me. One of these days I may borrow a copy from the library.

I think that Meyer really knows how to connect well with her audience. The young crowd is hard toplease with books, but she did an outstanding job at that. She really knows how to relate to them and grab their attention, including with this intense love story. King is great at pulling his audience in and not exactly connecting with them, but sparking their interest with a twisted and intriguing story lines. Both are great writers, but they appeal to extremely different audiences with many different tastes.

I've read many of King's books and I read the entire Twilight series. Between the two of them, King is the better writer.

The Twilight series was a fast read for me. I read somewhere (probably on Meyer's blog) that she was beginning to write New Moon while editing Twilight and this allowed her to intertwine some things that she hadn't planned on doing. From reading the series (I'm an adult, not a teenage girl) I'd say her strong suit is in backstory and trying to fit things together so the pieces fit. Emotionally though, there wasn't anything there for me. I do have a copy of The Host but haven't read it yet. When I think back on what stays with me it's all the world building that went into the series more so than the characters.

I've been an off and on reader of King's work. Some books have appealed to me while others have not. King's work has the emotional connection that Meyer's work has been missing for me so far. He can pull together plot and characters to hit home runs.

The best thing I've ever read by Stephen King is his how-to/memoir "On Writing." The man knows his craft. Having read both Rowling and Meyer, Rowling's storytelling and writing appealed to me more. Both authors share the ability to draw readers and I'm not sure why it's important or necessary to compare them.

At first I began to read the post out of idle curiosity, by the end, I felt compelled to write a response to the outrageous statements & insults running rampant here. Every post written here is more a reflection of the person writing it than anything they say about Meyer's stories or talent. Anyone that disses her stories is no surprise because someone who is hostile to authenticity, honor, and goodwill to their fellow man will not appreciate these stories. These books are not for you. These books are for people that live their lives seeking a higher road and the sunshine that shimmers all around those that love & stay on this road. For those who crave self-gratification and ego trips that lead to a perpetual dark void in their lives you will not find anything compelling about the light Stephenie SHINES in her stories. Stephenie Meyer is not going to fill the void you feel in your life. Only you can do that. Just as the light is not compatible with the dark you are not going to enjoy Stephenie's light because you are in opposition to that light. Light and darkness can't share the same space. Of course, you revel in a world of darkness that is Kings stock & trade. Like attracts like. King glorifies destruction. Meyer writes of hope, faith, and happy endings. These are foreign concepts to those that live in Dark Shadows. The lack you find in her stories is a mirror of the lack that is really in you. All the criticism that you have attempted to place on Meyer is a direct reflection of you as a person. That is the role of great fiction to hold up a mirror of truth. Meyer has done just that. How do you like your reflection?

My blessing for all that read this,

I hope that you become compatible with the beauty that you seek to find in the world. Whether that be in Meyer's world, people you meet, or experiences you encounter. Remember, the beauty we find in the world must be in us first or we can look everywhere and will never find it. That is the truth of Meyer's books. We can seek gratitude, happiness, or truth but if we don't carry these with us it will elude us like a butterfly we chase. I wish for you all to find what you seek first within and then without. In this way the beauty within you will naturally reflect back at you in all that you see including in literature.

Best wishes,

Kristen Natasha

I would take a Stephenie Meyer book over a Stephen King book any day. Since when is Stephen King the ultimate authority on who is a good writer and who isn't, anyway?

In any case, I agree with Kristin Natasha's comment above. Stephenie Meyer's stories aren't about wallowing in misery and darkness and evil. If you're too dark and twisty inside to enjoy them, that's not a sign that Meyer is a bad writer. It's just your personal problem.

I think the Host is a good example of how poor her writing can be. There is NO WAY that book would have ever been published if not for the success of Twilight. On the other hand, I did find Twilight very engaging, and I would recommend it to anyone. But not so much the other 3 and definitely not the Host.

to the very first comment.....that was Stephen Kings point - its safe because theres alot about sex but the way its written its not over the top. I read twilight and think Stephenie Meyer can write just fine, her stories are interesting but not amazing. And yes i think when it comes down to raw story telling and how the story is told Stephen King wins - not to say Twilight isnt better than some Stephen King storys, just over all Stephen King takes it..... now as for Stephen Kings comments on JK Rowling, hes wrong. JK Rowling is just as good if not better than Stephen King

Whoa there...
I like both Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer for different reasons because they have very different writing styles, but for King to insult another author is just plain rude. So he's a great writer and Meyer is mediocre... the point? She told a story and people enjoyed it. That's all there is to it. PERIOD.
People who have to analyze everything bug the crap out of me. Take advice from the Beatles man and Let It BE!

its funny 'cause it so true.Way to go King!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am so proud of stephen because he has finally spoken for people like us who actualyl are insulted by the fact that meyer has made it big. she is an embarassment to american literature and i cant applaude stephen king more. thank you, way to go for speaking out for us little people because someone has finally understood us REAL writers.

Right, I tried to stay silent as I feel my girlfriend made the valid point with her comments (see the entry by Naomi), but, after Kristen and Emily's nasty little judgement, i feel the need to speak.

Ok, so, I'm twisted because I read Stephen King, my brother, who is married and has five very successful children, one of whom serves for her country in the army, I assume he is twisted because he reads King as well?.

I would just like to inform you that I am also a father myself and my daughter does perfectly fine thank you, I am a perfectly normal human being who leads a healthy life, I do not cut myself, or harbor dark feelings about people, so, please stop with your judgements about King readers.

Yes, I understand, a lot of people have made judgements about readers of Twilight, but, most of that is based on truth!, most readers of Twilight are young teens, we have however not said things about their minds that can hurt feelings.

I do not appreciate my personality being bought into this, i am not a psychopath who wants to reenact what he reads in books, unlike some of the sad little people on here who want to marry Edward Cullen, nor do I come on here spouting off about different people's beliefs in the light inside and all that rubbish, I agree that everyone should be happy, but, how dare you even try to insinuate that to read Stephen King and enjoy his work, you have to be a psychopath

Kristen, Stephen King glamorises destruction?, have you read any of his stuff?, like The Stand?, where the whole plotline revolves around BUILDING LIFE ANEW after a massive cataclysm.

From what I have heard, and yes, I haven't read Twilight, due to the fact I got bored with the Point Horror way of writing about 20 pages in, is that Stephenie Meyer is filling these young girl's heads with dreams of true love and the perfect man, jeez, try some realism people, I am a guy, and even I'll tell ya they don't exist, because I'm definitely not perfect, hell, according to Kristen and Emily, I am a twisted man who lives in a world of darkness (please be intelligent enough to notice the sarcasm there)

My message is simple, you are all trying to judge each other on what you all like, and I agree with the King fans, but, to start dragging not only Steve's personality, and ours, is blatantly out of order and you should be ashamed of yourself for insinuating that, jeez, it wouldn't surprise me if Kristen subscribes to the same religious beliefs as Stephenie, see, how does it feel to have something outside of reading taste dragged into this?

And yes, before the bigots start, I am a Christian, so it was not a pleasurable experience dragging religion into this.

Basically, I am a King fan, as if you couldn't tell, however, I do not want to kill you all for having an opinion against my favourite author, I do, however, think that Kristen and Emily should shut their bloody pieholes and stop trying to sound like intellignet Twilight fans, because while there obviously are some, you two most definitely, are not!

Since this is getting repetitive, I'll keep it simple. I've been reading Stephen King since I was a preteen and I own his entire library and though I don't love, or even like everything he writes, there's so much that's great about some of his work, (The Stand, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon). My husband shares this love of SK and the author was even mentioned in our wedding vows. We also share a love of gothic vampire stories (Anne Rice, anyone?). I'm also happen to be a 37 year old mother to an 11 year old daughter and my husband and I had to fight her for the Twilight books. I don't think one of us thinks Meyer's is an amazing writer by any stretch and we would never even consider comparing her to Rowling or King, let alone numerous other authors. But we still loved the stories. For my husband and I, I think it was the romance, being reminded of those intense, passionate feelings of first love, and like my husband puts it, reading the Twilight saga was just "sharpening the saw." For my daughter (and now 9 year old son), Twilight is an adventure and introduces them to those intense feelings regarding romantic love that they are only beginning to consider and doing it in a gentle and safe way. Both my children are voracious readers and have read literature well beyond their years. For my independent daughter, I think Bella represents a strong, analytical, and progressive thinker, something my daughter respects. For my husband and I, it's been magical watching her transform, becoming aware and exploring her first crush, her first feelings regarding romantic love. I can't see the harm in this.

I think you can like both. My family certainly does. I don't think it has to be either or.

I really believe in everything Stephen King has said about Stephenie Meyer!!!

If your not going to waste your time replying then why did you even comment. I can not believe you would compare Twilight to cocaine.

Stephanie Meyer is not the greatest writer in the world but she draws the reader in. I read Twilight in one day so what does that tell you.

She did not ruin vampires, what she did was create her own legends about them. She was doing her own thing.


(Oh and one more thing, GET A LIFE. Instead of trashing people's hard work get a girlfriend or something.

stephanie meyer is a terrible writer. However, I did find the Twilight series entertaining and fun to read until the last book which was the most ridiculous and disgusting thing I have ever read in my life. It was horrifyingly awful and didn't make any sense with the previous series. I made myself suffer through the first 300 pages or so to find out what happened at the end and then it got so bad that I couldn't make myself finish it and I didn't even care anymore. And anyone who compares her to JK Rowling shouldn't be allowed to read.

Though I do not read the Twighlight books, I have read many excerpts and I have to agree with Stephan, Meyer cannoy write. Though, Meyer is writing to thousands of tweens who couldn't care less about grammer, so guess it really doesn't matter.

Stephen King, what was he thinking? he not only says he own harsh opinions, but states them as though they are fact! Comparing two modern authors in a vicious manor, perhaps he's shocked with the new era of fantasy sci-fi books. but really?

Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae. - Kurt Vonnegut

I've read books by all three authors (the entire Twilight and HP Series, and a number of Stephen King books), and all three are incredibly different styles, with different audiences and themes.

A lot of people have mentioned that Stephen King needs to keep in mind who Meyer's target audience is...and that its not the same audience as his...well...I think he did keep that in mind. He compared her writing to JK Rowlings, not to his own work specifically. JK Rowling wrote for kids and the teens. Meyer's wrote specifically for teens.

I think King's comments on Meyer are very random and unexpected, but has he really said anything we all haven't said about Meyer's book to our friends, on our blogs? Why is he being lambasted when most people agree with his views that Meyers writing isn't as "quality" as JK Rowling? The means to the end are vastly different between the two series, but the end result is still the same. Both series end with millions of new readers, reading 400+ pages of fiction, and wanting to read more afterwards. For that I am grateful. But looking at the writing differences between the books, you notice where Rowling is on a different playing field. She alludes to Greek mythology, ancient History, creates an entirely new world, in at first a comical, and lastly a more realistic way. I think Rowling is applauded for taking her series into a darker realm, where death is real, pain, frustration and isolation are very real, and very dangerous emotions. Meyer's work stayed PG throughout the entire existence, and that's a frustration because its too neat and clean for a supernatural vampire series.

public forum, we can't expect all authors, or all people for that matter, to keep their opinions to themselves. As a reader of all 3 authors I can safely say that none are with out fault, including King himself. Stephenaie Meyer might not be winning the Pulitzer prize for her portrayal of immortal love in a young adult geared genre, and I am not sure she was ever going around trying to pretend that she would be. She is simply a writer who told a story from her heart, that happened to catch the attention of millions (particularly teenage girls). The point of literature is to broaden the mind and stir up a new emotion; to make you feel that in some way your words have had a significant impact on another. I can safely say that all 3 authors fall into that category. As far as ranking, this is only Meyer's first forte into the literary limelight so it will be interesting to see how much of a grasp she can hold on it in the future. Even though King has had his share of literary accomplishments, finishing potentially excellent books with 'a giant mutant spider' posing as a clown, still shows room for improvement.

Personally, I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love Stephen King, but not some of his most recent novels. But to me, Stephenie Meyer has a fresh writing style and I thought her books were fabulous, including Breaking Dawn (and I heard a lot of negative stuff about that one !). But I like them both. And right now I'd have to say that I put Stephenie Meyer above Stephen King.

im switzerland. if you read Twilight you would understand. it means you can't pick just one side. Stephen King had been my favorite writer for as long as i can remember. but when Stephenie Meyer's books came out me and my two girlfriends had to have them. that's all we do is say lines from the book or movie, when we are just talking. i think Stephen and Stephenie are both brilliant writers and they should keep at it. don't tear down a writer if you don't even know there material. if you don't read Stephenie Meyer books and you do read Stephen King books then don't tear her down you don't know her material!!! and vice versa for Stephen King. this whole thing has brought on a war... Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer write different things..she has a vampire/werewolf thing going for her and Stephen King has the whole creepy darkness thing that is totally unpredictable and you don't know what he will write next. but the reason we love Stephenie Meyer so much is because her characters are so realistic that we want more of what can't have or what can't happen. peace and love.

I've already expressed my opinion on this matter one another site (all the way for Stephen King) and Naomi? You are one of the shining beacons in this sea of comments.

I have been reading Stephen King since and on, mind you..his work is seriously off/on..tried to read the first TWILIGHT of Ms Meyer, did not succeed.... i take my Vampire Lit straight up....Stoker and LeFanu for Classic....Anne Rice for Contemporary...this recent flap is more than likely a Publishing generate discussions and/or this one
i give Stephen King props for longevity..and for writing ON WRITING..if nothing else

Okay, so I'm seeing a lot of the same things in these posts so I'm going to address them all. First I have read Twilight and its sequels along with many Stephen King novels and all the Harry Potters.

Quote 1: "They're writing for different age groups." This is true. Stephen King aims his novels for a more adult audience while Twilight is for teens. That being said, who has had more success? Stephen King, who has published tons of novels, many WORLDWIDE bestsellers for those who argue he has none, and who has one numerous awards, or Meyer, who has sold millions of copies yet hasn't won a single award or received even a generally positive review for one of her books? Stephen King wins that battle.

Quote 2: "Stephen King was just rude to say that." No, he was actually very thoughtful in saying what he said. I agree with King on his statement. The characters in general were very underdeveloped, Bella most of all. Her main personality is dependence on other people. Especially men. New Moon clearly shows Bella's inability to be anything more than a supporting character. Her love for Edward is pretty much throwing a blindfolded girl in a room full of men, asking her to spin around, her stopping and removing the blindfold and saying she loves the man she's pointing at. There's no basis for the attraction. Edward is very one dimensional. His main personality trait is despair. It's like he can't do anything but mope. "I won't turn you into a vampire." "Oh I won't do anything to hurt you again." "Oh I'm not going to risk having sex with you." It gets very old. Even with some of his witty dialogue in the first book, he becomes very bland.

Quote 3: "Stephenie is a good story teller." Yes, she did have a good story, no she didn't execute it well. After the first book, what's left to cover. The only thing left is Bella's transformation and their marriage. That's all. And yet she feels it necessary to expand this plot over three books. And how does she do this? By putting in distraction after distraction, disaster after disaster. I'm surprised Bella and Edward didn't drop out of high school and marry after the first book. But no, and what happens. Conflict. Edward has to leave because Bella is clumsy. And then Bella has to stop Edward from killing himself in ITALY. And all the while Victoria is STILL after Bella. Then in the third book, Victoria returns yet again with another plot to kill Bella. And then she totally screwed the ending up. Stephenie was too focused on appealing to the brighter side of nature to include even a hint of realism. Who died in that story besides bad guys? Nobody. That's why Harry Potter is better. Because it becomes more dimensional as you read it. Things take on a darker aspect. That's what captivates me is the transition from some normal boy to a strife ridden teen in the middle of things way over his head. Sounds a lot like everyday life on a grander scale.

Quote 4: "Whatever it takes." and "She draws the reader in." No and yes respectfully. Its not whatever it takes. Reading Twilight is almost like playing a video game because its so one dimensional. I do the same things I do playing Resident Evil 4 as I do reading Twilight. Why not make your kid go for a walk or something? The reason the books draw people in is because of their simplicity. That's why you won't be seeing Twilight on an English syllabus anytime soon. Because it's too simple. You'll see Shakespeare because he's one of the hardest authors to understand. That's why he's there and that's why King and Rowling will be there someday because they aren't simple. King novels don't pull people in because it requires too much thought for them. It requires people to pay attention.

Quote 5: "Twilight and its sequels are not sexual representations." You're right. They're more like flirtations. They don't overly drive on sex but they overly drive on the love and the almost sexual sense of vampirism. Maybe not during the hunting scenes, but definitely during the normal "Change me" scenes. And then with the introduction of sex it takes it to a new level. Now, not only is vampirism associated with beauty and romanticism, its associated with sexual feelings.

Quote 6: "Stephen King is just jealous." That's just down right retarded. I'm guessing that each of King's books gets a good amount of advance money. If you don't know what that is, you definitely shouldn't be talking about success in the business. I'm also assuming that his books sell more than enough to make up that advance money in royalties. He is one of the most successful authors of all time. Meyer is more like a one hit wonder, being kind. The Twilight books became popular because of their simplicity , the cult grew, and people really bought the books because of the movie. I'm sure many were disappointed. I know I was. I'm sure people would have rather saved money and gone to Paul Blart or My Bloody Valentine. I know I defintely would have. A good ol' horror movie is infinitely more entertaining than a narrow movie based on a narrow book. The next movie won't be as well received and she'll die out.

Quote 7: "Stephenie didn't ruin vampire myth because she's writing fiction." True, and that's why people don't like it. Many of Twilight's fans are people who have never read an early vampire novel. People who have read one, like Dracula, don't like the way she portraying them. I've read Dracula and I know I didn't like the way she portrayed the vampires as supernaturally sexy beings. I even had some problems with Salem's Lot. It's a King book by the way. Vampire's aren't supposed to be supernaturally mystifying. They're supposed to be terrible creatures that send chills down your spine. Now I'll give that there are scenes in Dracula that have some sexual theme but not to the extent that Twilight does. The good vampires lure victims in, then become savage creatures.

Quote 8: "Stephen King is a bad writer." No, he's an intelligent one, one that most people don't like nowadays because his plot is too complicated for an average mind because of books like Twilight. Lets face it, Twilight brings out the first love feelings. Books like IT and Pet Semetary bring out fear, sorrow, love, and many other emotions, going back to the one dimensional thing I talked about earlier.

Quote 9: See Kristin's ramble some posts above about light and dark. Now, I'm not a religious man, but why are we bringing religion into book discussion. That's like bringing a sex discussion into church. And why are we stereotyping people. I wholeheartedly agree with "I love stephen with a burning passion" in that its bullshit. You can't categorize people by what they read.

Quote 10: "Twilight fans aren't using great literary in this forum." I'm actually not going to disagree. Most of the posts I see supporting Twilight are spelled exactly how my little brother spells stuff on myspace. Nice and choppy. People must think that sounding hip, cool, and gangsta will put their point across. It's idiotic. Luckily, most supporters have read these posts and have somehow managed to start putting out decently written posts. I'm proud.

Quote 11: "Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are too boring." I read Harry Potter when I was 6 years old. I read Salem's Lot in 6th grade. They obviously are only boring to the people who are small minded.

Quote 12: "Stephenie has more fans." And you know what they do? They dress up as book characters and go to Forks to see Bella's house. And some even visit her. You don't see people dressing up as a chick covered in pig's blood any other day than Halloween. Twilight fans are on drugs. I know its not true but they act like it. Who is so devoted to a book that they dress up like the characters and go to the actual town the book is based in? Apparently you guys.

On the all, Stephenie needs to learn how to write. I started writing in 6th grade because of R.L. Stine. I personally would rather read his works such as Goosebumps than Twilight because he pulls more emotions out of me than Stephenie. I could write Twilight. Maybe not better, but I could write it as good as it is now. I'm a junior in high school with no other training than what I've developed over the years of rewriting things. Maybe that's what Stephenie should have done. Twilight will never be anywhere near Stephen King's level and she'll never match J.K. Rowling. Especially with the halt in her latest Twilight novel. What was it she said? "I'm so sad that this happened I'm not going to write the book." And her reasoning was that she would make Edward and Bella die. She's writing a companion novel. The only thing that's original is what Edward does when he's not in the actual book. It can't be too hard to read what you've already written and copy it down from Edward's point of view. She's just not a good writer guys, no matter how many of you support her. I'm sure I'll see a bunch of replies to my own post, trying to, and most likely failing to, pick apart my quote analysis. It's not gonna' happen when I've got to analyze quotes from Macbeth for english. More Shakespeare, yay.

Chardonnay or Merlot? They are both drinks, both wines but one is quite different from the other. Everyone has different tastes and opinions and are completely entitled to express them. Stephen King has expressed his, though granted, with a little less savoir faire than one would expect from him. I'm sure I remember reading a quote from him somewhere saying that he always abided by his mother's advice of "if you can't saying something nice, don't say anything", but as I said, he has his opinion and has given it when asked.
Personally, I have been a constant reader of King's for almost twenty years. I don't love all of his writings, but I've enjoyed enough that I keep buying the books. As for Stephie and her vamps, she is free to remake the vampire legend as she wishes - many writers do. I've read the Twilight books and thoroughly enjoyed them and hope she writes more. Stephen King's writings - as noted in many of the above comments, has in the past been regarded with much the same disdain as shown to Meyer's current sensations. And Stephen King has been the first to admit that even his own writing has inproved with time; the more you do something, the better you get....It'll be interesting to see how Steph is doing in twenty years time - critical acclaim or no; for me it's all about the books.

Samantha says: "Obviously, Meyer is a great writer. I mean, just look at all the people she's drawn in!"

Jerry Springer has also drawn in millions of people to "discuss" their opinions. Does that make him a great thinker?

Listen, I get that Meyer has gotten a lot of non-reading kids to read. But Donald Gallinger's recent novel, THE MASTER PLANETS, is doing the same -- all kinds of kids who say that reading "hurts their heads" are reading it clear through. And it's actually well-written and profound!

Writing something that titillates young people may be an achievement, but it's not a very difficult one. If Meyer's books inspire her readers to go on to better stuff, then I'll be her biggest fan. But how many of Jerry Springer's fans ever graduate to real, ADULT discourse?

A couple of thoughts come to mind.
1. I see quite a bit of what you can call Stephen King bashing in many of the posts here. Being a fan of King's work myself I am biased toward him, that doesn't mean I would claim another writer is talentless, etc without first exploring his / her works.
2. If you feel the need to write a post insulting either side of the topic learn to spell! And think of at least one supporting argument other than it sucks, or he's jealous.
3. I personally am not a fan of Meyer's . Not because of her plot lines or twists on commonly accepted lore, her Twilight series has great potential, instead because of her lack and over abundance of description. She seems to have a way of painting a vivid picture while keeping her audience disconnected at the same time. 4.Twilight seems to be a series about star-crossed lovers with underdeveloped one-dimensional characters who really lead you nowhere, except in circles. Meyer's makes it hard to believe the supposed anguish and angst in the character relationships. Where as King's characters, sometimes overdeveloped, become almost real and relate to each other and the plot line in realistic ways.
5. Meyer's and King's writing styles are different, so put some perspective into what your reading. Meyer's tells a tale of love and romance and King's purpose is to shock and horrify you.
6. For those of you who have never read anything by Stephen King I suggest trying Needful Things, or another of his early works, they're more about the dark side of humanity than simply horror stories.

Stepehenie Meyer can write. I don't care what King says. If you don't like the books? Guess what!! You don't have to read them. King is just picking on the new guy. Meyer's only has out 5 books. Each one getting a little more involved. And as for the vampire stereotype. Screw it! The stereotype used to be Dracula changing into a bat for the love of ... So what if she wants them to sparkle. There practically made of stone. Therefore they sparkle like diamond. Get it. Not hard to make a connection. Also if you take time to study the relationship and not bash it, Edward and Bella do have reasons to love each other. Bella is mature and cares about things other than the perfect shade of lip stick. Bella likes Edwards old fashion ways. And who cares if there not all hot and heavy. If you want that, pick up just about any other urban fantasy. Try Laurell k. Hamilton book 9 and up. That will keep you satisfied. It comes down to this. King needs to calm down and play nice with all the other writers out there. And all his minions need to find a new series and leave Meyers alone.

haven't read too many King books, nor have I read any recently...however... I have read the Twilight series about 4 times each. With that being said, let me clarify that I am a huge Twilight fan....I am 29....a mother....and hold a MA in English. So I shall say this with loving feelings towards both Stephenie's writing....and King's writing styles. I agree with King. Her writing is not in any way touchable by King's or Rowling's. Her books are in fact juvenial in style and theme. Her plots, characters, and ideas could be way more developed than they are. However, since I am not a teenager reading these books but rather an educated adult, I would have to assume that teenagers themselves are not up to par with their writing abilites....hence why they almost dont even realize that Meyer's writing isn't fantastic. Thinking back to when I was a writing needed lots of work....and it wasn't easy to spot an author that needed to take a writing class.

King talks highly of Jodi Picoult's writing ability in that same interview....but look where she was educated....Princeton and Harvard. So if her writing ability WASN'T superior.....then we'd have some problems.

To come to Meyer's defense..she has stated numerous times that she never wrote the Twilight saga to get published. She simply wrote it because it was such a strong pull for her to get it out on paper. Am I glad she did get published? Certainly. I am a fan of the love that Edward and Bella share.....its intense....its powerful....its forever....and it's old fashioned. Thats why it's so magnetic.....everyone wishes to find the same.

If nothing else.....Meyer created a world in which readers can get lost in the "forever"....and she should be acknowledged for her place in the genre.

He's just jealous because like Rowling she reached a vast audience unlike him! Horror is just one genre. What Rowling and Meyer did was really create a completely different genre. I wouldn't even know how to classify them. They both have fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery; whereas King is stuck smack dab in HORROR. Like I said he's just jealous that these two WOMEN have managed to reach a huge audience with their books. At least that's my opinion.

All I have to say is I have never read a Stephen King book in my life, and I don't plan to. Not because of what he said, just because I am not interested in horror novels. Personally, I do think Rowling is a better writer, but Meyer is just starting out. I think there will be growth as she writes more. I enjoy both Harry Potter and Twilight, and I don't care a lick if one is better written than the other. What matters to me is enjoyment. I love both series, and any author who can get so many people to read, especially non-readers, is a success.

I think the last King story I read was Biting the Bullet, which came out in 2001. I appreciate a couple of King's works: Carrie and Misery. The others are alright, but I always wondered why he never explained the origins of his creatures. I enjoyed The Green Mile as a movie, so if I had read the book, I probably would've enjoyed it, too, though I recognize that John Coffee is, yet again, another unexplained phenomenon.

I think I've been enthralled by both writers in the same way, at different times. As a general rule, I pick women writers over male writers, just because I've found that the writing of women speak more to me. I enjoy male writers' books--some of them exceedingly so, but women writers (and this is going to sound corny) touch my heart, the way male writers never have. David Sedaris, who is a male writer I LOVE DEARLY, touched my funnybone--not my heart.

My point is, I couldn't rank King and Meyers by fair comparison, I think, but I'd pick up a Meyer book sooner than I would a King one--especially these days, when I don't seem to think much of King's work as much as I used to.

(Begging pardon to all King fans--I mean no disrespect to you or King.)

To be clear, Stephen King has written more than just horror. Actually... I find it to be his best writing by far. The Shawshank Redemption, and The Body are quite possibly the two best short stories that I have ever read. If you were to not read anything else, those would definitely be worth it.

Hey Andrea, stop calling Steve a sexist, he actually rates JK Rowling's work, get a life and stop being ignorant.

Try reading the top heading again, I believe it quotes

Stephen King took a shot at Stephenie Meyer, whose Twilight series has been a huge hit. In his words, "[J.K.] Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

See the word TERRIFIC in there, not TERRIBLE?

Jeez, next time your husband/boyfriend/whatever says that was a TERRIFIC meal, you may want to be worried if you can't tell the difference between the two words.

No offense to Andrea, but I don't think she read the article right. Stephen King praises J.K. Rowling. Hence him saying, "Rowling is a terrific writer..." I don't think it can be any more blunt than that. Obviously that disproves any jealousy he supposedly has. He speaks what he believes. And what he believes is that Stephenie sucks. And another disproving fact is that Stephen King has sold a total of 350 millions books in total. The Twilight Series has only reached 25 million. What does that say about Meyer's "vast" audience. I mean, I know she's only released 5 books but that doesn't excuse the fact that she isn't good. Hell, the last Harry Potter book sold more alone than the entire series has. And the first Harry Potter novel, which is about half the size of Twilight has sold around eight times as many books as the series. And as for creating a new genre, neither did. And if they did, J.K. Rowling did all of the work and Stephenie tried to bask in her glory. Simple as that. To all who has said that she's young, you're right. And I sincerely hope that her writing skill increases as she writes more and more. But as for now, she's not too great. And for the statement being said that she never intended it to be published, well, I think that's obvious while reading the book. If she HAD wanted it published, she would have tried harder. Again, I'm also seeing the "Whatever it takes" quote being said. Reading is supposed to develop the mind but Twilight can't do that because all of its audience already knew exactly how to write a novel like Twilight. Stop with the desperate society bid already. It's getting old. People will do what they want to and if they don't want to read books, that's their choice.

Oh, and to "kyle", I think everyone made the connection, just some of them didn't know why they were that way. I surely don't understand her choice to call them vampires. If she writes fiction, or fantasy, I guess, she could have called them something else. Something she wouldn't receive too much criticism for ruining. I mean, look at how many creatures J.K. Rowling made. And if she didn't make them, she stuck to popular belief. Like the giants and centaurs. But Stephenie Meyer took an icon and completely twisted it and turned it until it was barely recognizable.

okay, I need to say something to KC. Oh my God! J.K. Rowling is a woman. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and if you don't know good literature when it dances right infront of your nose why bother reading at all. i'll beet you haven't even read one of Stephen King's books, and havn't even finished the Harry Potter series

It seems like sometimes people can't see the difference between a "good story" and "good writing." They aren't always necessarily the same thing, though they usually tend to go hand-in-hand.

Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller. She is the modern-day equivalent of the travelling bard. She may not be a literary genius, but God does she tell a freakin' good story. With that said, she is not a good writer -- it's not even really a matter of opinion, she just does. It's not a matter of "hatin' on Stephanie," (which seems to be the main argument here), it's just a simple fact.

Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are what is considered "good authors," and while King's subject matter may not be appealing to everyone (or Rowling's for that matter), it is hard to deny that they are good writers. The pace, the flow, the depth, the vocabulary, the general construction, of their novels are what put them ahead of Stephanie Meyer.

For instance, think of it this way: How many of you actually enjoyed that hideous behemoth of a book by Stephanie Meyer called The Host? If you think about it, the subject wasn't that different from her previous book, so why is it so few people enjoyed The Host in comparison to Twilight? In contrast, how many people that have enjoyed one of Stephen Kings novels have enjoyed other novels written by him (which is not to say "have enjoyed all novels by him")?

King is not "hatin' on the Meyer," he's simply stating what everyone who's read a book other than Twilight knows -- Meyer is a horrible writer.

To Josh, a few questions. One how many of Meyers books did you read? Also do you think she is a bad writer or a bad story teller, or both? I agree her writing leaves some to be desired. However I like her characters and I like her story and ideas. I don't care if her "I's" aren't dotted and her "T's" aren't crossed. So I should have worded my previous entry differently.

Now on to the vampire bit. Think about the two main requirements in the vampire genre. One they are seducers and two the drink blood. Meyers' vampires are described as angels from heaven that smell sweet and call to you with their beauty. And even though it is animal blood its still blood. Angel, Buffy the slayer's "not so steady" for the first three seasons drank pig's blood. Eww but true. Meyer didn't really twist vampires, she made them the physically strongest vampires potrayed so far.

You also suggested she call them something else. If she did that there would be a debate somewhere else on the internet about how her diamond leech creatures are just juiced up vampires. Book worms will argue about anything.

Now since I refuse to respond to any thing else. I will clarify something. I have nothing against King. I saw "It" and "The Green Mile" and they were great movies. Especially the latter. I would love to have one of his books in my hands. However they are large and daunting, and I can only find time for shorter books that I can remember the start of when I get to the end. So I return to what I said before. Although King is a great writer and story teller. He should stay back, bask in his earned glory, and be nice to all the lesser authors out there.

Stephen King is right. Though Twilight may have considerable success you cant help the fact that the story was so predictable.

The twilight series is a compilation of Stephanie Meyers juvenile fantasies. Yes, it's interesting to read but it can't even be considered real literature. If I wanted to read about the ridiculously over-romantic and dramatized love fantasies and desires of teenagers, I'd read my diary from 9th grade. And mine didn't include glittering boys, or (in case you've read breaking dawn) feathers...or teenagers crushing on murderous vampire babies.

To kyle:

I've read all of the Twilight Series. I own them all. If I need an easy to analyze read for an english report I have four selections already. I haven't even bothered picking up The Host. I was too fascinated reading the Resident Evil series to care. And even though those books are based off a video game series, they're still better than Twilight and its successors. I also was reading the new Goosebumps series which is also better.

To kyle Pt. 2:

To respond to the second part of your previous post, sorry, I could only address the first part because I was in a hurry, yes, the "vampires" do fit those two requirements. But then, that could mean that I could write a story about a plain hot guy or girl and call them a vampire. We all drink blood, unless you're a vegetarian or overcook your meat. I'd have a vampire story right there. No, at least she could have stuck to some basics. At least let sunlight hurt them in the long run. And then there's the fact that they have no fangs. Yes, she may have made them the strongest they've ever been but that's boring because it makes the story too impossible to really want to read. If in every Stephen King novel, the supernatural creature were so powerful that they couldn't be defeated by any means HUMANLY possible, people wouldn't read as many of his books. This is because most readers like the struggles and the emotions that occur during the final triumph. But in Twilight, there is no way the human characters can possibly make a difference.

Now, to the part where you mentioned that calling them something else would bring up a debate. That's probably true, but I don't think as many people would hate Twilight just because it put a different perspective on vampires. I've read so many comments on this forum stating that Stephenie ruined vampires. Often, those quotes are attached to Twilight haters. If they weren't specifically called vampires, people would have to focus more on the actual text and story to hate it.

Since, you have apparently decided not to respond to anything else, I'm just going to say that I can understand why reading a Stephen King novel could be hard. I'm not even out of high school so it's a lot easier for me. But for an adult who has to go to work every morning so that they can keep a roof over their head, its different. It took me a week to read IT, and that was during summer vacation. And as to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, yes I realize that other people did it too, but they stuck to vampire lore better.

I think the solution here after reading all of these posts for both sides is :

Stephanie Meyer should sell her story idea to a writer with developed and practiced technical skills.

Like J.K. Rowling =)

Let her think up stories and let the real writers, write them.

Ii am disappointed in Stephen King, by his comments on Twillight. I imagine he is a bit sour, o jelous because here comes a drama writer, a woman, younger than him.....he should be proud of up coming young writers. He should be generous, and applaud Stephanie for her enormous contribution to, 1 out of 10 students, starting from 7th grade, read the first 3 books. Some of them are considering becoming writers......Stephen, either be a good sport, or move over.

Okay, Blanca. How many Stephen King books have you read? Next, what contribution to literature would you be talking about? She entered a category most consider to be defined by J.K. Rowling. And if you think about it, it is. J.K. Rowling has sold hundreds of millions of books with just her seven alone, and her first four made up quite the majority of that number. Stephenie, and please, do spell her name right, hasn't even sold as many books with her whole series as Rowling has done with one book. I believe the lowest number for Rowling was 44 million. The entire Twilight series has only sold about 25 million. Tells you something there, doesn't it. Also, why would King need to be a good sport? She isn't encroaching on his territory, he's still one of the most successful and well known horror authors ever. And good for those students who are thinking about becoming authors. I know that that was the time I decided to try and become an author. Lets hope that they grow out of Stephenie Meyer so that we see some good writing on the shelf in the future. Because, I can tell you, I was inspired to write by Goosebumps in the 6th grade and then Harry Potter later on. I also was determined to write one vampire novel because of Stephen King's Salem's Lot. But I would never be inspired to write something like Stephenie did. Why? Well, as Stephen said, "She’s not very good."

As a fan of Stephen King, I have to throw my full support behind him. I have read some of Stephenie Meyer's books, and while I don't love them, they weren't terrible.


Stephen King BASHES Stephanie Meyer!

Reply to first post: "Whoever says Stephanie Meyer can't write is crazy. I don't know what I would've done without all these great books that she's written. They given me hope when I was going through really hard times regarding my health and I will be forever greatful to her. Thank you."


To Penny:

Thank you for posting that link. It was very comical. All of the videos were just absolutely great. I also like the re-write of Twilight. Much better. I would read that over the original any day. In fact, I may print it out and paste it into my copy of Twilight. It was great. I also enjoyed the lone comment. It fits right in with the typical Twilight lover. Bad grammar and all. I have one problem though, with the last video. She decided to upload her video to support neither Meyer nor King. Interesting. I love how she thinks that all Twilight haters or people supporting Stephen King think that he is the "demigod" we believe him to be. I also don't like how she points out obvious things like how Stephen is successful in his genre. Of course he's successful in his genre. And he's successful because he writes about taboo things. Of course he writes about taboo things. That all anyone wants to read. Hell, Twilight is pretty much a story about a taboo thing. Love with a vampire, that's not taboo at all. Nobody wants to read a book about some kid who goes through school day after day with nothing new happening, nothing interesting going on. And to the first video, when he can write something half as good as anything Stephen King has done, he can call him jealous. Same goes for video three. No offense to her but she looks like she's reading Twilight too much and not going outside to play. I think I may retire from posting unless something good gets posted. I'm tired of all the repetitiveness on this post. I need a good argument.

I think that he is entitled to his own opinions and that he is right. Stephenie wrote a book that people loved because the story is one that everyone can immerse themselves in and fall in love with. That does not mean, however, that she is now a good writer. I admit that I do love the stories and i have read all of the books but I am not a fan of Stephenie Meyer because, quite frankly, if you look at it from the perspective of an English teacher lets say, then it is crap. Her sentence structure is horrible and she is way too repetitive. I heard someone say that she writes well for the genre she is writing for and all I have to say is what the hell is that supposed to mean? She doesn't write well for any genre because no matter what genre you are writing for, the requirements are pretty much the same when it comes to writing the story. Also, Stephen King is a brilliant author and although i haven't read many of his books, he really is talented and is excellent at creating suspense. I don't know why people got so offended by him commenting on Stephenie's writing because he is right...

I can't stand Meyer, she writes like a 16 year old and that's probably why kids like her so much.

I mean I tried really hard to read Twilight, and I had throw the stupid thing against the wall because it was like the crap girl I know wrote in highschool. There's nothing challenging about her books. They are as boring as watching piant dry.

She ruined a genre I really feel in love with thanks to Anne Rice.

I really feel Meyer needs to challenge her readers, she letting them get by by making to story too easy. I guessed half the stuff that happened. It's dull, immature and out right boring. I mean she took the base of an odinary love story and threw in vampires, someone could do the same thing with werewolves. It's just sad.

I agree somewhat with King. He is my favourite author after all. But, who am I to say anything? I read the first paragraph of the first book and I immediately put it down.

I think Meyer has done nothing but write down what every 13 year-old girl's fantasy, and uses to gain popularity. The first paragraph proved it. A typical teenage girl thinking of death! Well, isn't that what every adult thinks what teenagers always have in their minds? Death? It made me laugh.

Personally, I have never really 'hated' Twilight. But I am wearing thin after hordes of teenage girls demanding me to read it and the crowds of girls who wear jerseys that says 'Cullen' on it. About sick and tired of it!

So to the main point is that; people have their own opinions, but King should really say anything about it.

But to all the scary fan girls out there, you really do have to admit, Meyer isn't much of a great writer!

One thing that really bothers me about people who have never read Twilight is that they assume that it is for pre-teen girls. I am 19 years old and am in love with the Twilight Saga. King's comments are ridiculous. Stephenie is a fantastic writer. Her stories attract us because they are relevant. Who doesn't want someone who will love you unconditionally? It's not that Edward's a vampire. It's that they have a love that is so unlike anything that most people ever get to experience. Bella is living a dream. She has taken a desire that most humans have, and has transformed it into four amazing books. King is so wrong about Stephenie. He can have his own opinion, that's fine. But what was his purpose in saying it in an interview? I haven't heard anything from King in years. Let Stephenie enjoy her success. The attack on her writing was completely uncalled for, expecially since it was very untrue.

Oh, yeah...

Now I remember why I love Stephen King so much.


To VampChick:

I count myself among those "scary fan girls," and I don't think that you will ever catch us admiting that Stephenie can't write. Okay? And as to your comment about the "Cullen Shirts," grow up. People wear shirts related to their favorite things all the time. How is this any different than wearing a shirt for a particular band or sports team? If we are into Twilight, then what's the problem with wearing a shirt? None. I proudly wear my Team Edward sweatshirt.

I was actually really dumbfounded at a lot of the comments that were posted. I am an avid reader and I have read from all three of those authors, and I enjoyed all the books. Each one of those writers have a different style and a different story to tell. Stephanie Meyer openly admits she never intended these books to be published in the beginning, they were a dream she didn't want to forget. It just so happens that many people enjoyed them and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because Stephen King didn't enjoy them, doesn't mean they were not good. I was really drawn to the story because of the love Edward and Bella felt for each other. Here she was a plain, ordinary girl who felt she didn't belong anywhere and to find love from someone who she thought was perfect in everyway (and obviously wanted by many) is a dream for many people. Is that so bad? I really liked the fact that she could portray the strong love and sexual desire between them without making it X-rated. Our children nowadays need this. Stephanie Meyer has never said she was an excellent writer but I think she did an amazing job. I am disappointed with Stephen King because he is a legendary writer and I would have expected more professionalism from him. Maybe some of these people are right...maybe he knows his time is almost over!

Okay... So not many of you think Steph can write. That's fine. Each to their own. I'm proud to say I'm not a crazy "twilighter" but I really do enjoy the series. People keep mentioning that all twilight is is a reflection of a teenage girls dreams.. yet you can't see the appeal?? Just because Steph doesn't write about cars that are evil or men having midlife crises amidst really scary fog.... doesn't mean she can't write. SO SHE MADE THE VAMPIRES SPARKLE.. big whoop, She can write whatever she wants about vampires seeing as there not actually real and no one actually owns the right to make the myth of vampires a certain way. So she didn't make them scary- she made them different. She has a mind of her own. Good for her! King wrote for a different generation, his time is up and he should deal with it.

We've been mocking your grammar and subject matter for these previous four and twenty minutes and just need proclaim your skulls are as hard as diamonds. Please, refrain from showcasing your ignorance to the entire world through the medium of the interweb. Grow up you silly twits.

We all know Stephen King could kick Stephanie's Fanny like Chuck Norris could a parapeligic daisy. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ye shall be smited by the Gods of Literature. SMITE!

I wholeheartedly agree. Sure, the plot works for a quick fiction fix, but her inability to write anything with depth leaves the reader wanting more. In a bad way.

She needs to go back to school and learn the basics of writing.

Not sure if this was even brought up because I don't think my blood pressure could handle reading any more comments attempting to raise Meyer over King... but if anyone in the world wants to be considered a "good" writer by fellow authors, at least check your grammar. There are so many mistakes in the first Twilight book I had to put it down and take a breather. The sexism is absolutely rampant as well. Maybe Meyer should have thought about the female generation she's influencing when she wrote it so sexistly - even if it isn't explicit.

Sure, the book sells. So does fetish porn. What's popular is popular, but that doesn't have anything to do with artistic merit.


This blog is as funny as a barrel of sparkling monkeys. Reading these comments is more amusing than reading The Twilight Saga (That's right, even more amusing than Emmett's stupid little sexual innuendos in the final book.)

The only thing Stephan King was wrong about was the part about it not being overtly sexual. It wasn't in terms of details, (because Meyer can't write well or "a darn" for that matter) and books 1-3 didn't have that much but the fourth was really inappropriate.

Major spoilers but Edward somehow got Bella pregnant when she was still human even though vampires, being the supernatural undead beings they are, shouldn’t be able to reproduce!

Basically throughout the final book Emmett spews out random innuendos about what Edward and Bella do at night, aka fooling around while their child is asleep.

What makes the book even more ridiculous is Edward and Bella’s freedom from responsibility. Especially Bella! She can run away from her biological family and marry a guy she barely knew just because they are “in love” and by doing so she can live forever and have intercourse all night for the rest of eternity because vampires don’t get tired and live forever. On the matter of eternity the problem with sparkly vampires is that sunlight is supposed to kill them, without it they have little weakness and you can exactly drive a stake through a perfect marble chest. Basically soon all the Cullen’s family members are going to reproduce and take over the Earth by overpopulating it since they can’t die.

Those that are trying to belittle Stephan King or claim that Stephanie Meyer is better can't even use proper grammar. Some even use superfluous exclamation marks in an attempt to garner attention and even typing in caps even for goodness sake. That doesn't help make weak points more valid.

It's not like Stephan King absolutely hates it either, he even praise it a bit in a twisted sort of way. Quote from the article is as follows: "It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening." “Exciting” and “thrilling”? Everyone should be pleased Stephen King even has such semi pleasant thing to say about Meyer’s saga. Besides, him “bashing” her writing has gathered some press and media attention to her (and himself too). It even inspired (or rathered angered) some misguided and rather juvenile fans to come to arms in an attempt to defend her, no matter how pathetic and empty some of the attempts may be.

I wonder if the people bashing King and supporting Meyer even read what they type or they pour words out of their consciousness like goo from a zombie's behind.

1) What Stephan King says if not "WRONG," he is actually right although he is a bit blunt about it. Meyer just needs to go back to school and improve.

2) He writes some very weird and demonic books? Newsflash, Stephanie Meyer writes weird and demonic books too! Does that mean no one should listen to her? After all if a half vampire half human hybrid baby that ages to look about sixteen in seven years and drinks human blood isn’t than what is? Of course… a balloon wielding clown that can morph into any child’s worse fear!

As for Carrie vs. vampire Bella? Sadly Carrie will lose because she is after all, yes, human. That and Bella has impenetrable marble skin and she can’t get tired because she is a vampire unlike poor Carrie who dies because of overuse of her own powers. Carrie is more a three dimensional character with complicated emotions and fears that Bella will never have because Bella is a blank Mary sue who fittingly has a male equivalent for a lover… a Gary Stu! I can sense the fan girls just waiting to pounce and kill me now.

CAPITAL LETTERS ARE COOL. Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn off caps lock. My bad. I hope that's what happened to yoruyume. To your friend, so what if King writes demonic or weird books. Just because you're narrow minded doesn't make them bad. There are underlying themes in all of his books, and most aren't that demonic. Read one and you'll understand. And even if you don't at least he writes them better than Stephenie Meyer wrote the Twilight series. Yes people should listen to him, he's one of the best selling authors ever. This must means he knows what he's talking about. And he can obviously voice his opinion, just as your friend has yoruyume. That's being hypocritical because you've clearly voiced your opinion as well.

To everyone else supporting Twilight:

Yes, the story is easy to love, because, as I've stated, it's simple. You don't have to think to understand the plot. And you can jump around all you want. The same phrase makes the entire series and that phrase is repeated every page. Stephen knows its the end of his time. He's getting old. But that, in no way affects his judgment. I don't care if Stephenie didn't intend for them to get published, when she realized they were, she should have made them better. I mean, at least make the sequels better. It's not like she wrote all four in one chain smoking marathon. She could have improved her writing. And, though vampires may be fictitious, most of the criticism is coming from people who think she ruined the genre, which she pretty much did. She's pretty much convinced every average girl that somebody perfect for them will walk into their life. this is obviously not true. And to anybody stating she doesn't over exemplify the sexual aspect, think again. Bella practically breathes sexuality. Every sentence that has to do with Edward has the sexuality in it. It may not be blunt, but it's there. And the love is completely based on nothing. Read my earlier post to learn more. It's not like I'll walk into school one morning and some chick will jump into my arms, some random chick I've never seen before. Relationships like the one Bella and Edward share are built, not just created in a second. Please accept the fact that Stephenie, though she had a good story, did a poor job writing it. I bet even Stephen King could do a better job writing it, in the same genre too. No horror at all, the same genre, same audience. Yeah, the demented guy. And I don't think it would be half as successful because he wouldn't write it like you were reading the secret diary of girl with her first crush.

Please, by all means, challenge me if you want. Point your arguments at me if you want to. You can even point me out in your posts. USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready to debate.

i dont understand y people keep saying that twilight is full of sexual stuff when the only one that i can recall that mentions sex is Breaking dawn and it wasnt even described... i have read books from my old high school library that would go into full detail about sex...

About stephanie, j.k., and stephan the thing is that i have never been interested in readin any of stephans novels, i like da movies but dont think i could live through any of his novels... i have never and honestly dont plan on reading any of the harry potter books... yea dat is of no interest to me either. BUT i have read the whole twilight collection, well im half way through Breaking dawn and i loved them all except Eclipse (she messed up Bella and Jacob in that one) ...

and yes King has more experience but every author is different and im glad for that cause i wouldnt want them all to be like stephan king cause i dont like his work at all....
my opinion was stated...
P.S. I Think its cool that stephanie's vampires sparkle in the sun instead of burn

I am 16 years old and also what you can call a Twilight fan. Although, I have to agree, Stephen King does have a point.

The Twilight Saga was successful due to it's large fan base made up of mostly the female population. The story/plot line is romantic and easy for girls to relate to. Edward Cullen, the key character, is the perfect imaginary person all girls have. Bella Swan acts as a window in which reader may see themselves in her place. It's a classic love story, the complexity of their love, the circumstances which prevents them from truly being together is what draws the suspense from audience. The story is definitely a hit!

Although, have anyone notice the actual literature? When I first read the book, I notice the simple terms, sentence structures... etc. Meyers can also be very repetitive: her descriptions of Edward, Bella's daily routine... etc.

(: Anyways, I still respect both of these authors!

To The ZPrincess:

The vampires don't have to burn in sunlight. Bram Stoker's vampires don't burn in sunlight. but they don't sparkle. In fact, nothing happens to them. The only thing that happens is that they're stuck in whatever form they were in when the sun rose. What I mean is that Stoker's vampires could change their form and during the day, they were stuck in whatever form they were when the sun came. If they were a bat, they were stuck that. Same if they were in their human form.

Next, sexual stuff isn't bluntly stated statements. It's embedded into the tone of the novels. Even if Bella doesn't state she wants to have sex with Edward, the tone of the novel when she's talking about him and when thinking about him has a very strong sexual tone, or at least lustful.

Might I ask why you aren't interested in reading either sets of books? I mean, I need a good answer please. If you want, just my curiosity getting the better of me.


To Alexander:

I don't think something needs to be real to ruin it. Is a genre of literature real, like actually, physically real? No. And yet one book can ruin an entire genre. Vampires have a cult following, have iconic features. And when something changes it for the worst, it can ruin it. The Twilight books can't even compare with Stephen King's books. Not because they're for different genres because they suck writing wise. When I read a book, I look for an intricate plot and sub-plots. Twilight and its sequels contain neither. Each book's plot never twists, never throws people for a loop. After two, maybe three chapters, the plot has been said and nothing changes it. Here are the plots.

Twilight: Bella falls in love with a very lonely and depressed vampire who hates himself for being with her because his life's dangerous.

New Moon: Edward leaves Bella who then gets depressed and does dangerous stuff including going to Italy to stop her grief stricken and misinformed lover.

Eclipse: Bella and Edward are back together when new born vampires rampage through Washington until the Cullens and werewolves stop them.

Breaking Dawn: Bella gets pregnant with a baby that Jacob suddenly falls in love with and gets turned into a vampire to face the Volturri from New Moon.

The Entire Series: Two people fall in love with each other for no reason and want to be together forever and are so inexplicably dependent on the other that they try to die several times.

It's a fairly basic series with no expansion. You'd think that after four books, the characters would be evolved from what they were. But they aren't. Bella is still blind, Edward is still miserable. Alice is still Alice. Everyone stays the same.

The books are great stories yet they are written horribly. And to think I liked these books... oh wait, I didn't. I'm not saying that I won't ever pick up Twilight again or that I'm going to burn my copies and send death threats to Stephenie. She's young and still can progress. But as of now, she's a bad writer.


Honestly, reading all of these posts and arguments is more amusing and thought-provoking than the Twilight books themselves.

Mr. King, you are completely, 100%, spot on. Here's what I've posted on another site quite like this:

"I would like to start off by saying that I have read all of the Twilight ’saga’ and the entire Harry Potter series. Next, the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. King.

Mostly I consider myself to be a fairly seasoned reader. I’ve read classics, non-fictions, fantasies, mostly a multitude of genres. Of course I don’t pretend that I’ve read nearly as much as many others. I tend to lean towards science-fiction and fantasy. So in my opinion, anyone who has any sense at all and knows how to spell ‘what’ correctly is justified in criticizing Meyer’s writing.

In addition to her dull ‘plots’ and twisted messages, Stephanie Meyer has no personal style. I remember back to elementary school days when I used to read Roald Dahl, and still now I admire his skill. You can give me a passage from one of his books, even that I haven’t read, and due to his unique style, I’ll still probably be able to identify him. It is what marks talented authors and gives them spark- the ability to put their voice in their works. What does Meyer sound like? A completely objective, apathetic, 3rd-grade Science text book.

As for literary devices, I am not at all impressed. In the case of irony, the fact that Bella is clumsy and her last name is ‘Swan’ is the extent of Meyer’s creativity. Has she ever heard of an ‘inciting incident’, or even a ‘climax’? Characterization? Apparently not. My peers in 8th grade dished out more compelling informative essays than what Stephanie Meyer has supplied.

Her lunatic idea of what vampires are insults many as well. Vampires were originally evil, undead creatures that fed on human blood. They had fangs, they were demons. Brought up from religious backgrounds [if you get what I mean.] They do not sparkle, they do not have souls, etc. I don’t mean to say that authors cannot have ‘artistic license’ or whatnot, but honestly, Meyer’s creatures don’t even deserve to be called vampires."

I'd like to point out the vampire blasphemy most importantly, since it's one of my soft spots. Meyer ruined the vampiric image that I'd held in such high regard.

Ya know,

Its horrible when the best horror writer of allt ime tells you you suck horribly.
To those people who honestly think that stephanie meyers is a good writer, you REALLY need to learn about character development.

and remember guys...

Vampires SPARKLE!

Stephan King, or what ever his name is, should not talk. His books only connect with adults, if even that. Stephanie Meyer twho she connects with all ages! He is just jelous cuz he isn't the popular one right now, which is so middle school!!!! His books are only considered good when they turn into movies thats where he makes his money. So Stephanie is the one that will come out on top. I don't see her talking bad about any other writer :)

To Courtney:

Stephenie Meyer doesn't talk about other authors because she can't. She's not good enough to talk legitimately about other authors. And considering Stephen King has sold hundreds of millions of books, I'd say that's where he gets his money. MAybe it's just me but I seem to remember books selling for money. Of course King's books only connect with adults, because only adults, or mature teenagers, can actually read good literature. Everybody can read Twilight because it's simple. There's nothing to think about. I'm not goingto go into further detail about that because I've already ranted about it. Stephenie will not come out on top. If she wants to come out on top, she needs to start writing stuff that gets favorable reviews from critics and is advanced. And please, don't say Stephen King is jealous and that he's immature. I mean, look at the one who can't spell jealous or because. When you can type a serious and formal argument, and when you've become as successful as Stephen King, probably not for a good couple of decades if you pursue that career, then you can talk about jealousy and success. And when you can read the article, or portion of article correctly. I mean, his name is at the top of this page. Scroll up if you have to. And so is hers. No A's at all. StephEn and StephEnie. See, no A's.

To Kay:

Thank you. You have written an excellent post. I comend you on you're ability to think clearly and write correctly. I also commend you on not being a Twitard.

To all:

I feel the need to apologize for some mistakes I made in my last post. I mean grammatical errors, not factual errors. So, that being said, I still hold to my position and anyone who disagrees can obviously argue.

The Dark Tower Series blows Twilight out of the water without a doubt. Not to mention King's short stories are amazing. I read the Twilight series and I enjoyed them (save book 4), but I read them as young adult novels while I read King as horror. Neither of them are Austens or Fitzgeralds or Delillos that's for sure.

I hardly think that ANYBODY would agree with Steven King. -.-" Twilight is awesome and you have to have a reason to hate it and say something as mean as that. Twilight gave many girls (And some boys) great pleasure in reading it and I can bet you the WORLD that Steven King hasn't even read the series and is just mad because a lot of younger people would rather read Twilight than his boring books.

I think that we should let the reviews speak. A LOT more people read Stephanie Meyer's books than Stephan King's books. And she only wrote 4 for that series.

On the lighter side, Stephen King may be a better writer but Stephanie Meyer is a _whole_ lot prettier. :)

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe they write to different types of people. If SM wants to write to give girls their dream guy let her. It SK wants to write to scare people let him. Everyone writes there own style. To be able to imagine like a writer is just fantastic in the first place.

Meyer has obviously less technique and experience than Stephen King. I could say that her books are more business-based, opening up a fantasy world to horny girl teenagers. King's writing, on the other hand, is art, balancing different sorts of creative ideas on end and trying out whatever is present, with a selection of books breaking yet another set of limits and those not so successful. However, Meyer sells her books through her seuxual fantasies. (Though it is reasonable.) King shouldn't embarress her in public though. A writer is entitled to his or her own rights, and so is a reader. But of personal opinion, I am getting a little sick of those fans of the Twilight series who can only see the 'good' of Meyer.

Dude, Stephen King is so write. Stephanie Meyer writes her books toward the brain dead teenage girl that would be stupid enough to love these books. Its the simple fact that Stephen King is probably the best writer alive to this date. His words are the law of the land, and if he says Stephanie Meyer sucks at writing, well then damn, I'd be dumb not to believe him. Also, the idea of a vampire ( I guess I can call them that, but last time I checked vampires didn't sparkel,a nd they weren't able to stop moving cars, and they can only fly in non-human form, oh, and they love blood way more than people) falling in love with a human is a good idea. Yet, it is so unbelievable, which is why Meyer made up some shit about vamps. I advise she watch the Blade movies, Salems Lot, or even Van Helsing, so she can see what REAL vampires are like.

I wouold just like to point out that apparently the parts where Belle tried to rip his clothes off are non existant. D: She didn't so desperately want to take him. Not, not at all. He's just there to sparkle flamboyantly and be PMSing like a pregnant woman.

And Stephen King is completely right.

I doubt that Mr. King is threatend by Meyer. He complemented Rowling saying she was a terrific writer, and her Harry Potter serious is way more succesful that the twilight series. Rowlings books appeal to both male and female, young and old. Meyers twilight serious appeals to little girls who rule their lives by dream rules that dont exist or work in real life. That's why teenage girls are pshychatic, cuz they read these books and watch the O.C. or Laguna Beach, and it fills their heads with fairy tale dust. I haven't read the twilight series, so I wont say Meyer is a bad writer, but from what I am told about her books, it seems she has destroyed the vampire as our world knows him.

To Michelle:

I can bet you that he has. Or maybe not. I don't know. I keep debating whether he would. You might be right. He might not have read them. I wonder why? Maybe its because they suck. On a more serious note, he probably has. You can't be critic and not read what you're bashing. I bet you he's read all the Harry Potter's too. And I don't think King cares that Stephenie has a whole bunch of young people reading her books. He's sold at least 300 million copies of his own books. Now lets say that all of his books go for 10 dollars each and he gets no advance. Let's say he gets 10% of all the money his books make. Well, that would be 300 million dollars. Because the 10 and the .1 cancel each other. Am I getting too complicated for you. Stephenie has only sold 25 million copies I believe. Let's say that they're all 10 dollars each. And lets say she gets 10 % with no advance. And 10% is generous. I doubt she even got 6%. Anyways, that's still only 25 million dollars. See the difference. And please, I'm tired of names spelled wrong. The names are at the top of the page. Read 'em again if you have to. And read the entire comment field before posting. Girls had a good time reading it because IT WAS SIMPLE. There was no thought process. Sorry to everyone who has to read this rant again. It was easy to read and dissect. That's probably why you think Stephen's books are boring. Because you can't comprehend good literature. And I would say exactly what King said and I HAVE read the books.

To Hi:

When are you talking about? In 2008? Are you saying that more people read Stephenie more that Stephen in 2008? Because then you'd be right. But, if you're talking in general, see the above rant on how many copies each have sold. And compare Twilight to Harry Potter. Rowling has sold 300 million or more copies and she only wrote seven books. That's only three books more than Meyer. So, unless Meyer halls to make her next books sell, well, she's caught in dead last in this triangle of authors. So please, do research before posting. I'm not saying she won't improve and again, that I won't read her series again. But, when I can choose from books such as Pet Semetary, Salem's Lot, Harry Potter's 1-7, all of the Resident Evil books, minus the movie adaptations, it'll be hard to find time considering I think all of those books are better than the Twilight Series. And the Resident Evil Series is based off a series of VIDEO GAMES. Hell, I have to add those in too. So, between me reading Salem's Lot and playing Resident Evil 5, I'll try to squeeze one of them in. The Twilight phase will soon be over. Twilight won't be on the news, there will be no more huge announcements, and the legacy Twilight will leave behind will be millions of dumb teens. Take my advice, stop being dumb and read real literature. Try freaking Shakespeare maybe. He would have you crying you're eyes out because of how hard it is to understand. And you know why that is? It's because you're used to reading Twilight.

I find it rather funny that people can judge Stephen King, when I bet they havn't read more than just one book, if that. And to the person that said Stephen King has never come out with a movie, you may want to re think that. S. King has ten times more movies and books the S. Meyer. The Twilight saga has been taken too far. I enjoyed the books when they were just beginning and know, I can even walk outside without having to see or hear about Edward Cullen. People make out these charaters like they are actual people, which they are far from...

And about the whole "vampires sparkle" thing. Im kind of mixed feelings about. I like how S. Meyer kind of changed the whole vampires scene, but she made vampires almost girly in some ways. I still would choose good old Dracula any day.

I've read both authors. I know Stephen King at one time struggled to get published, versus Stephanie Meyers instant claim to fame; sounds to me a little bitter adversity is in the mix. I personally wouldn't put either of these authors next to one another in comparison. They both have very different styles.

Stephen King is more overall good versus evil (almost all of his books bring up this element in one form or another). Stephanie Meyers kind of brings in a more magical anything is possible generalization. I think there are quite a few of us who can relate to the high school drama that plays out in the Twilight series. As for Kings books, they make you more introspective on a different level.

To trash another author seems rather childish. Each of them have their own style. Stephen King is well known and basically has had his day in the limelight, so why take offense to sharing the fame at this point in his life. I respect them both as authors. It will be interesting to see how Meyers holds up after the success of Twilight.

To Indigo:

It's called constructive criticism. King doesn't care about sharing limelight. If he did he would have bashed Rowling too. No, he's just giving Meyer some criticism. Without it, nobody gets better. If no one tells you that a paper for school isn't good enough for college or that something you've done isn't good enough, then you don't improve and progress. King isn't trashing another author. Please, think of it from all sides and not a narrow minded standpoint. And i don't care if there styles are different, King is good at his and Stephenie is not. And please, I don't care how used to typing it with an "a", spell Stephenie's name right. And for the high school drama, get over it. Twilight isn't the answer to your problems. Just like drugs aren't. I personally can't relate to one single sentence in the books. But that's just me and I'm unique apparently because I don't admire Twilight.

King should not have critized Meyer. Twilight is a great series but most of it's appeal is the hype. Everyone is so excited about it that it is encouraging others to read the novel and watch the movie. But to bash someone like that...rude and uncalled for.

Meyer is unjustly being written off as success through popularity, while King is milking his ethos for all it's worth. Don't get me wrong both are terrific writers, King can scare the crap out of you while Mayer can take the same premise and turn into a love story. I have to admit, at first I was on the HATE the Twilight bandwagon, but after reading the first one, one cannot help but identify and then become attached to the characters, a completely different experience from King's. With King one would always seem detached from the characters and situations but it concluded with terror nonetheless, Twilight leaves some things to be desired also, for example some of it's pacing does seem rushed, but how can we expect perfection from either? They are only human... We can just appreciate them for what they are, complete polar opposite genres. To those who say that Meyers ruined vampires, i say ha! Oh please, gothic interest? Bitterness seems the predominant background in those who bash Meyers. The whole, Edward's a wimp thing... what? Does that make Louis (Anne Rice) a wimp too?? They do not butcher people and prefer romanticism! Since when did the bloodthirsty count represent all vampire etiquette? Back to King: who knows what possessed him to lash out at fellow writers but it may have a lot to do with self fulfilling prophecy: he was hated on when he first began, he's unfairly taking it out on Meyers.

To Insert Book Title:

First, it's spelled criticized. you missed a "c" and an "i". Next, I think King should have. Once again, Stephenie won't improve without criticism and even with criticism she has yet to improve. She didn't get good reviews for Twilight. So she writes New Moon pretty much the same and gets no good reviews again. So she writes Eclipse, again, to very average and bad reviews. And she writes Breaking Dawn, in pretty much the same fashion as the other three and to make things worse, she hypes up a great confrontation and then leaves the readers wondering what happened. I can't think of a worse way to end the book. Bella trains for like a third of the book for this battle and then what, they leave? No fighting, no attacks, no nothing. It's like a quick draw without the draw. Two guys hype the match up and walk their ten steps, then turn and laugh, then go into the bar and have a drink. Maybe criticism from a famous author is exactly what Meyer needs because normal criticism seems to fail at penetrating her. Goes in one ear and out the other. And I understand that you can't let critics get you down but you should take some of their advice at lease when your writing the sequels. King had every right and honestly needed to criticize Meyer.

To those thinking that King was rude:

I just don't understand why you think this. Please explain. If I'm a writer and King says that I'm not a good writer, I take it to heart and work to improve my writing. And thank him for giving me his opinion. And uncalled for? No, it would be uncalled for if Twilight was receiving rave reviews from critics and he said it. That would make it uncalled for. Or if he personally insulted Meyer or said something unrelated to her writing, then it would have been uncalled for. But he was asked to give his opinion and he stated it. Simple as that.

I have to agree with Josh. If i were a writer of S. Meyers status (right now) I would kill to have an author like S. King tell me if my work was good or bad. I think he had every right to state is option as to if she was a good writer or a bad. He has enough expirence in the field of writing and that should leave him atleast some say. Besides the fact everyone has their own option. All of the "OMG Edward Cullen is UH-MAY-ZING!" people out there need to look at S. King's option in a different view and dont go all crazy when they bash your favorite fiction writer. She has written a whole 4 books and she has already had parts of one of her books leaked out onto the internet. Is that what a good, expirenced writer would let happen? She is a beginning writer and just happened to have a lucky shot in writing a book, she needs advice from other writers! Dont think that it is rude and uncalled for, it is only helping her in the long run.

I men relly, how can he say stephenie is bad? look at him, he cant rite! where r his books and stuff? he just wishes he did vampires, insted of meyer. yea, take that u loser king. u cant do anything or rite anything because meyer is cooler than u.

i like the vampires, and i think they should sparkle because edward is sexy so tehre.

I'm slipping, I didn't even see Rosalie's post. I've gotta' take some caffeine or something.

To Rosalie Hernandez:

the Count became the standard for vampire etiquette when he became the most known and successful vampire in history. Hell, the vampire genre wouldn't exist in all probability had Dracula not been written. And the romanticism isn't the part people are focused on. First off, sparkle in the sun? At least Louis doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. Second, Edward IS a wimp. His character oozes of just plain wimp. He whines and complains a lot and I would bet that Pennywise from IT wouldbeat him in seconds.
Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I can connect to every Stephen King character I've read.I can relate to them. And that's because they're real. They change and develop. Meyer's characters don't and I can't relate at all to them.
You're right, we can't expect perfection. But we can expect good literature and Twilight falls short of that simple standard. Meyer's fame is somewhat of a fluke, created by hype and simplistic literature.
And I don't think King is lashing out suppressed feelings from when he was an up and coming writer. The critics are already bashing Meyer by not giving her a good review on the average. He's just saying what he believes and what he believes is true. Meyer can't write worth a damn.

Though many people have made the case for Stephenie Meyer, I want to address something else. Of course, the intended audience is taken into account when she was writing, and obviously the intended audience for SM primarily differs from Stephen King's with respect to age. But the consistent criticism of the "flat," "underdeveloped" nature of the characters, particularly of Bella is what really bothers me.

As a 23 year old woman, I have a penchant for reading that goes beyond one particular genre or style. I often choose to read YA fiction over Adult fiction simply because, as a literate person, I really enjoy a good story better than I enjoy lofty prose and excessive description that runs rampant in the world of being a "good" writer. I have read Stephen King. And I couldn't tell you a single detail about any character that stands out in memory, nor any character I could relate to my own experiences.

Bella, on the other hand, reminds me of myself. And I do not consider myself to be "weak," "Mary Sue - like," or a "brain-dead teenage girl," as some posts seem to suggest the typical Twilight fan would be. Of course someone growing up in the world of text messages may choose to write their post without punctuation and capitalization. So did the famous e.e. cummings. It is a matter of expression, just as SM's choice of subject matter and style of writing are her choice.

Stephen King may be criticizing technical skill, but in a world where literacy is in danger of extinction among the young, why can't we have both writing styles? Reading is reading, and when a child wants to read something, you let her, lest she become a "brain dead teenager."

As for the idea that SM's writing resembles "completely objective, apathetic, 3rd-grade Science text book," well, show me a third grade textbook that was the bestseller in young adult fiction in 2008.

Finally! Someone in the literature world who had the guts to stand up and say Stephenie Meyer isn't any good! Because she isn't! God bless you, Stephen King!

From a purely objective standpoint, Stephanie Meyer is a lackluster, unpolished writer. Credit where credit is due, though--she did craft a story that pulls on the fantasies that a lot of preteen girls share. However, her ability to appeal to the suggestible demographic that she does certainly does not a good technical writer make. Her characters are undeveloped, her syntax is old and tired, and her plotlines are predictable and stagnant.

ok... people SERIOUSLY need to get a life about shouldn't go around being a critic about EVERYTHING!! yay for shoving our opinions into people's faces and being RUDE about it! twilight haters, you don't have t actually READ the book if you think it's dumb! i know that people have their right to their opinion, but seriously, when did it become a "my book is better than your book, and if you don't think what i think, you are stupid." war??? please, if you have something rude to say, don't post it in a blog comment. and to "angy fan girls" dude, uncalled for and VERY RUDE and to "day" we don't need to hear your unfair accusitions, you're just making people angry.

i am not a fan of reading much at all. i have tried to read stephen king books but i stop before finishing i dont know why i just get bored. it is nothing against him its just not the books for me. I think he is prob really great writer just not my style. The only books i have been able to read all the way through were Harry Potter and Twilight saga.

To Emily:

Because we live in a world of text messages and Myspace literature is dying. And Stephenie Meyer doesn't help this. She's got a good story, no doubt. But, as a reader, I really don't like reading it because it's badly told. Of course I'm not going to say that I prefer good literature over a good story but a mix of both is nice. And Stephen King gives readers that. It doesn't matter if a character sticks out in your mind, it's that you can connect with the character during the reading. And in my mind, several character's already stand out. Ben Mears from Salem's Lot, the protagonist. Pennywise the clown from IT. Carrie from... well Carrie. I can't forget those people because they stand out and I enjoy the struggles (except in Pennywise's case, I just love his wit) they face in the book. But in Twilight, I can't relate to a single character. Bella? I'm a guy. Edward? I'm not self-loathing. Emmett? I'm not an animal. Rosalie? I'm not a spiteful witch. Alice? I'm not a playful pixie. Jasper? I don't have anger issues. None of the characters my age are really good. And there's no character development. That is the key to a good novel and series.
As for becoming a brain dead teenager. Well, I believe that's why they put Shakespeare in English classes. To counteract the effects made by Twilight. Reading Twilight is nothing more than playing a video game. No one becomes smarter for it.
And don't say that there is character development. Tell me one character who changes in the series. Emotionally, that is. I don't care that Bella got transformed into a "vampire".
Now, I obviously don't think you're a brain dead teenage girl. You seem very capable of making good arguments. I'm just saying that your position is wrong.

To em:
My book is better than your book. It became a war when people who unreasonably adore Twilight came to Meyer's defense against Stephen. We fought back, and we tried not to repeat what every other person said.

To Kelly:
You get bored because Stephen leads into the plot and throws twists. Meyer doesn't. She leads into the plot and then lets you sail forward. Like a rollercoaster ride with no turns, just a loop leading back to the beginning. And you get in and you ride this loop and you've started the plot of the second book, and again and again for the next books.

In general:
The following statement is ultimately for people to debate. The ending sucks. to every books and the series. It sucks. Please, leave a comment defending Meyer and arguing the statement.

Steven King is an excellent writer. He makes great use of the English language. However, King is all about shock and horror. He could not write a book without sexual and violent imagery. Even King's book on writing involves examples that are, for the most part, on the shocking and violent side. There are also great lulls in Steven King novels. The chapters between the action in a King novel put me to sleep. I am an avid reader, and a fan of all three writers involved. King mentioned JK Rowling's work as if she and Stephanie are of a kind, but they are not. JKR has magical books intended for a youthful audience filled with lore and myths from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. There is a heck of a lot hidden between the covers of a JKR book that does not come to a reader's attention until you either study mythology or get one of the many guides for her novels. Her writing style is deeper than anything Steven King could ever accomplish. Stephanie Meyer is yet another type of writing animal. Her originally intended audience was not young adult. I have heard there were loves scenes edited out of the original manuscripts. Stephanie keeps my attention throughout the entire novel, and is inventive. Whoever said that vampires do not sparkle has to realize that vampires do not really exist, and therefore can do whatever Stephanie wants them to do. Authors have been reinventing mythical creatures for ages. This is no different. Stephanie does not rely on shock, sex, or historical mythology to write. Her style is different, and so I have to say that the comparison is moot. I will say that Stephanie holds my attention better than King does these days, and while his imagery is wonderful, I have not needed the explicit language or scenes that King paints since becoming an adult. As an adolescent the books almost seemed like contraband, but after experiencing a little more of life, King novels are like a sensory overload, that is while they are not putting me to sleep.

To Mrs. Cullen:

I men relly, how can he say stephenie is bad?

I believe it is the 1st Ammendment.

look at him, he cant rite! where r his books and stuff?

*Silence*. You have got to be kidding me.

he just wishes he did vampires, insted of meyer.

*Silence*. Again. Ever heard of Salem's Lot?

yea, take that u loser king.

Take what? A bunch of insults that don't make any sense at all?

u cant do anything or rite anything because meyer is cooler than u.

... Obviously he can, because he's written more books than I could count on both hands (And thank you, I am not a cripple).

i like the vampires, and i think they should sparkle because edward is sexy so tehre.

This is a joke obviously.

HAHA! He is so right! This really makes my day.

To Pandaleigh:

On the subject of sparkling vampires. No, they don't exist. But yes, they have a certain picture in the public's mind, one heavily influenced by Dracula. Take this as an example, when we think of baseball, we think of guys swinging a bat at a ball and homeruns and such and such. Well lets say that one day, you go to see a baseball game and what you watch is two jugglers. Are you gonna' be happy about it? I sure wouldn't be. Yes, Stephen King draws heavily from the profane side of humanity, but lets face it, who doesn't swear? And the sex scenes usually relate to the plot. In Salem's Lot, there isn't a sex scene, and the implied on relates to the plot later.

Yes, J.K. Rowling was heavily influenced by mythology but you don't have to study mythology to pick out most of it. It's the classic coming of age story. Watch Star Wars. Different setting, same mythology. And that's the reason Rowling and King are good, because they have a basis for each and every book. Meyer has no basis.

Now, I have no clue if there were any adult scenes taken out of the Twilight series, but I sure as hell know that even with them, the books still suck. The basis she tries to use is forbidden love and she fails. Primarily because this forbidden love, really isn't all that forbidden, especially when she changes vampires into absolute sex icons.

The lull in between action scenes in King's novels has everything to do with the plot. The lulls in between action in the Twilight series are... oh wait, there really is no action. Yes, it can keep someone's attention but there's a difference between entertaining and writing good. Take a pair of movies for example, some movies are so bad, you can't help but watch them, while others are so good but slow at times that you switch to the humorously bad movies. Entertainment is easy, writing good is hard. And King writes good. Stephenie is just entertaining.

And, duh, King writes for shock and horror because that's what he's good at. A basketball player doesn't go and play rugby. That's retarded. And I don't think King could write Twilight because he'd have to climb down the literary ladder to far to reach Meyer from where he is. Especially when it comes to the actual writing. And while Meyer's books aren't putting me in a coma for sexual overload, they're putting me in a coma for melancholy overload. Either Bella is describing Edward and everything they do in a sexual tone or she's moping around. It gets tiring.

To anyone who wants to read something other than Twilight, I recommend the Resident Evil series. Yes, there is a series of books, five based off of the first three games and Resident Evil: Zero and Code: Veronica. They're great, especially if you like undead novels which people should if they're reading Twilight. Or, I guess not since vampires aren't the undead anymore, they're just humans with supernatural strength who sparkle in the sun and drink blood. Think of a animal hunting Superman minus the tights.

I say... i agree with Stephen King.. i read both... & Stephen King is on a WAAAAAAY diff level than Meyer. Meyer has crushed the image of vampires to bits... it saddens me. Stephen King's books are reli good. They might not make u wanna read more, but it's on a different level... Jk & Meyer can b compared... but King is on a different level.. you can't really compared him with the two... & Rachel... yes, this DOES make my day! XD

Fan Girls are angry... but hey, King IS good. It's a fact. He's not a jerk, or has a mental disorder. He's just being realistic & honest. & he's not jealous tht Twilight's taking over him, coz Meyer will NEVER exceed the King. Meyer can write teen books, but it's King who rules the adult world.

I bet if Meyer went & wrote an adult novel, she can't beat Stephen by a mile. Thing is, we all grow up, & we all change our taste in books. First we all loved Fantasy, then Romance then we switched from things to things. & Now we all love vampires. We all will move up to better books in the future, and King's in my future.

The only flaw for me in Twilight is... That Meyer spoilt the concept of Vampires (even if they don't actually exist). She made something mysterious, into something... like highschool romance.

I look up to King because he writes maturedly. Meyer's good, yes, but not as good as the King.

Meyer is a good teen writer
King is an excellent adult novel writer

& Yeah! JOSH! Ur have the BEST comment here...

ur makes sense hands down.


I think that all of the peope that hate twilight should stop tormenting the twilight fans and visa versa . I personaly like the twilight books but if anyone disagrees then thats fine, its just my indavidual opinion .

To Anonymous:

Um, I believe that your side started this confrontation. I mean I don't know because I'm trying to be like the people who spell names wrong and won't scroll up the page. But I will anyways. It was Taylor who started things off. And he spelled names wrong and he was the first post. So, your side attacked, we retaliated, not to difficult to understand. We pinned our logic against you logic and we're winning because no one on your side has said anything different. All you guys say is that King's jealous and can't write. Our side went from criticizes the lack of writing to the discreet sexual content, to analyzing statements, and much more. I don't like to call the factions sides but, I have to. There's no other way to explain.

I was addicted to the first three books of Twilight, so I did think she was a good writer... but I read the last book and suddenly I didn't like her.

She ended the series in a horrible way; maybe I would think she was still good if she had chosen an alternate ending.

JACOB: Guess what? I made out with your mom, and now we're supposed to be together forever!
NESSIE: Why would I want to be with someone who used to imagine having sex with my mom!

While I don't disagree with him (far from it), didn't King once say "If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, I consider you talented?" Now, Meyer's collected some hefty checks in her time, I imagine. So doesn't that, by his own standards, make her super-super talented?

I don't think she's a good writer but she's entertained millions of people. Isn't that what matters at the end of the day? You know, I get just as much pleasure reading entertaining-but-mediocre literature as I do from the great stuff. "Twilight" will never go in my Top 10, but, God, I finished "New Moon" and "Eclipse" in the same *day*- she must have something going for her.

I've been intrigued by the emotion surrounding Meyer's books, so I went to the library today and got Twilight. (There were only a few available; dozens had been checked out around the county -- an indication that her spell on readers is still strong.) In a week or so (I'm not as fast a reader as Steph), I'll know where I come down in the debate about her writing and story-telling skills.

I have to agree with King. Stephenie is a terrible writer, although there were some really sweet parts in her books. Other than that, her characters are both terrible and boring, her descriptions are mind-numbingly awful, and she says the same thing over and over and over again. There is absolutely no depth at all. People only like her books because it's a fad.
*And most of the people who enjoy her books don't read much, and thus don't know what a book that is actually well written is like. Poor things.

Entertaining isn't the same as being good for someone. Television is entertaining but I'm always told that if I watch to much that my brain will turn to mush. I've also heard that playing too much video games can screw my eyes up. That's just what I've heard though. Of course, I can always enjoy a good story but if I do the same thing reading Twilight as I do watching a movie, you better believe I'm putting a DVD into my player. And that's what Twilight and it's successors are. Good stories but not good literature. There aren't any plot twists in any of them. If I'm given a good 48 hours to read something, just something I want to with no other directions. No essay at the end, just a free read time, I'm going to choose Stephen King over Twilight because I like the plot twists. If I chose Twilight I'd have forty-four hours of spare time. Or approximately. Maybe a little less.

Yes, entertaining people is what matters at the end of the day but the point of literature in general, fiction and nonfiction is to teach the reader something. What does Twilight teach us? That the world is a perfect little place? That ain't true. That you're always gonna' find you're true love? That ain't true. That love always triumphs? That ain't true. That even the most unlikely of people can fall in love with each other? Sadly, that ain't generally true. It's nothing a but a fantasy land. It holds that same educational value as a video game.

And yeah, Stephenie is talented, she can come up with good stories. But, she can't write. See, there are different types of talents. A person can come up with a great story but be unable to put it down on paper. Or people have a fluent time in writing but can't come up with good stories. And then some people have both. J.K. Rowling in my opinion is both an excellent story teller and writer. So is King.

Alternative ending:

- Bella changes her name to Stephanie and realizes that she doesn't need a man to survive. Joins the navy, never comes back
- Eddy comes to the reality of what an annoying, whiny, coy person Bella is, and discovers his undenying love for Jacob and makeout passionately
- Goku goes Super Saiyan 4
- World explodes, the end :3


"It is difficult to make a single, definitive description of the folkloric vampire, though there are several elements common to many European legends. Vampires were usually reported as bloated in appearance, and ruddy, purplish, or dark in colour; these characteristics were often attributed to the recent drinking of blood. Indeed, blood was often seen seeping from the mouth and nose when one was seen in its shroud or coffin and its left eye was often open.[21] It would be clad in the linen shroud it was buried in, and its teeth, hair, and nails may have grown somewhat, though in general fangs were not a feature.[22]
Other attributes varied greatly from culture to culture; some vampires, such as those found in Transylvanian tales, were gaunt, pale, and had long fingernails, while those from Bulgaria only had one nostril,[23] and Bavarian vampires slept with thumbs crossed and one eye open.[24] Moravian vampires only attacked while naked, and those of Albanian folklore wore high-heeled shoes.[24] As stories of vampires spread throughout the globe to the Americas and elsewhere, so did the varied and sometimes bizarre descriptions of them: Mexican vampires had a bare skull instead of a head,[24] Brazilian vampires had furry feet and vampires from the Rocky Mountains only sucked blood with their noses and from the victim's ears.[24] Common attributes were sometimes described, such as red hair.[24] Some were reported to be able to transform into bats, rats, dogs, wolves, spiders and even moths.[25] From these various legends, works of literature such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, and the influences of historical bloodthirsty figures such as Gilles de Rais, Elizabeth Báthory, and Vlad Ţepeş, the vampire developed into the modern stereotype.[20][24]"

Go wikipedia O_O

This guys butthurt

But twilight still sucks.

I do not know what Stephen King thought he was talking about, but I have read alot of books-and Twilight is by far on the top. She knows how to keep people into the books. I've never once read a Stephen King book that I couldn't put down, well Twilight was like that. I couldn't read fast enough. I don't know what Stephen King is thinking; or feeling for that matter, (maybe jealousy) but Stephanie Myer has him beat hands down.

I think that the amount of comments against Meyer are all worded properly and are, for the most part, grammatically correct.
With the majority of comments for Meyer being the opposite speak for themselves.

U SUCK MEYER RULZ, really isn't the way to prove that the author has incredible writing skills people.
the fan base alone turned me off this series long ago.

Teenage girls like her, no one else does

Haha, for one I completely agree with Stephen King, but as another point it seems that every single female in this thread is flying off the handle. Christ get over it.

sk is bad writer.

sm is bad beyond redemption.

it's sad to see all you young ppl arguing about something that should not be classified as a literature.

ITT: Fan Girls defending Twilight

why are the ppl in twilight called vampires?

they should be renamed cuz they hardly fit the description of vampire... call them fruitbats or something idk

Stupid. None of these people are fantastical writers. None have created something of depth as war and peace or writings of Buddha. But seriously take a look at the range of subject matter Stephen king or jk can write about. Stephen with each book creates an entirely different world where the rules are different and the conflict dissimilar to any of his books before. I don't know what it takes to do that, but it takes something to create so many plot lines that are in essence ORIGINAL from one another, call it original content. JK while she has written a series based on a single protagonist chose to create a lush rain forest of a world with so many plot lines, characters, abilities etc without breaking any of its before established rules of the world that it stands equal to several king books.

Truth be told we have not seen if meyer can create anything parralel. She writes of one subject. At that she contradicts what vampires are conventionally thought to be, which isn't a bad thing as long as you emphasize that fact. Take a look at the series Peeps which takes an alternate view to vampirism, but at the same time emphasizes the fact that its different and tells you about the new rules of the condition. Twilight simply doesn't do this. It just throws you in and expects you to believe this new take on vampires no questions asked, which seems arrogant for an author to do in the face of hundreds of years of media. In conclusion meyer has to come out with...something else that would showcase her ability to continually create original content instead of dragging out a storyline needlessly with rehashed concepts, be it in the form of a new series or incorporating it into her current. Without doing this her works will most likely fall into a category of passing fad, like an unfortunate series of events, or everworld(ugh)

What Stephanie Meyer did was create a series of books that teenage girls could relate to. She used her own idea of what vampires could be, instead of the same ideas everyone else used. No, she isn't the best writer in the world, and a lot of her stuff seems to lack substance. The one thing she has over Steven King is that her books draw people in. When I read Stephen King novels I end up bored and dont read the rest, because there really isn't much to keep me reading it. When I first read Twilight, I couldn't put it down, and ended up buying and reading the other 3 books in the same week. Stephen King may be famous, but he is not the final word on what is good and what is bad.
People are entitled to their own opinions. Thinking Meyer is good, or that King is bad, it's an opinion, and you cant prove either way if something is bad or good. It's completely subjective.
As for JK Rowling, yes she is a terrific writer -now- but her first book honestly was just as bad as people say Twilight is. Sometimes you have to get past the first book, because just like with Harry Potter, the books age as you read them, and get better as you go.

To Anonymous:

Actually you can prove that something is bad or not. Of course those who argue the other side won't see the logic.

No, Stephen King isn't the final word but he sure does have a great say in what is good and bad. He's a hell of a lot more famous than Meyer is and possibly will ever be. And the reason you probably can't get drawn into Stephen King is because you can't read good literature. Once again, people get drawn into Twilight because it's very simple. Your mind processes very little because there's nothing to process.

Sure, Rowling may have been bad with her first book but she improved. By the third book she had improved vastly. But, with Twilight and its successors, there is no improvement. It's the same damn bad writing in all four books. I got past the first book, hell I think it's the best book of the series, writing, story, everything. It think the series ultimately regresses. Breaking Dawn could have redeemed itself had Meyer ended it better. But no. Instead of the climactic battle that Meyer has been hyping for two-thirds of the book, she makes her "dangerous" and "bad ass" vampires cowards. It's stupid. That was its saving grace, the battle, and I found myself on the edge of tears after finishing the book. Tears of shame and despair, because I'd read this stupid book for a battle similar to the one in Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows and was let down completely. The Twilight series just isn't good.

Everyone has their own opinion, you may like Stephen King and you may like Stephanie Meyer, you may even like them both. I've read the "Twilight" saga and I enjoyed them very much and I've read all of Stephen Kings books and I liked them as well, They are just different styles, I believe they are both good writers in their own way.

This comment section is very entertaining to read.

Just to give a little background, I'm an 18 year old girl currently attending a university.
I admit that I have not read any Stephen King novels because, truthfully, horror novels scare me. I have read all of the Twilight saga and the Harry Potter books. I've read classic love novels such as works by Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and fantasy novels such as works by Anne McCaffrey and Tamora Pierce.

I initially enjoyed reading the Twilight series. I was nearly obsessive about reading them and read most in a single day, however; after reading the final book, I realized how poor quality the writing actually was. Yes, as mentioned already, the same adjectives are used over and over again and the characters are absolutely one-dimensional. The climax is always in the last 100 pages, and if you've ever analyzed a plot using the triangle diagram in high school English class, there needs to be sufficient time allowed for falling action and a resolution.

Never mind the fact that her writing is poor, the messages conveying in her novels aren't very healthy. The constant self-loathing and inadequacy of the main character is unhealthy as is her betrayal to Edward and her mistreatment of her "best friend" Jacob. If she was trying to impress her own personal feelings of abstinence to her readers, then the fact that Bella and Edward physically slept together in the literal sense of the word every night sends mixed messages.

In response to the opinion that these books get teenagers to read, I can only wonder where they were when Harry Potter was published. A cave underground, perhaps? Harry Potter was the series that encouraged young people to read. These books increased in complexity with each new book, easing the reader into a more difficult reading level.

Stephen King's comment was entirely true and I've always found it insulting that Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling are even being compared at all.

Stephenie Meyer is astounding. I love her deep descriptions. She uses interesting words, and I am not talking about the cuss words that Stephen King uses. Stephenie uses sarcasm and joking in her books. Anyway, just because Stephen King wrote more books than Stephenie does not make him a better author!
By Samantha-11 years old.

Twilight is like Crack. There is absolutely NO substance to it except for a certain addictive quality. Stephenie Meyer CANT write. She's a terrible author. And those who say that Stephen King is jealous.. Jealous of what?? That this newcomer, amateur author has some success? Stephen King is a literary LEGEND. He has sold over 300 million books worldwide, has won numerous awards, inspired many hit films.. and SO MUCH MORE.. Why would Stephen be jealous of Stephenie's 28 million books that she's sold worldwide?? She hasn't even won ANY awards!! Please- Stephen voiced his opinion and like it or not.. HE'S RIGHT!!! Stephenie is a TERRIBLE author... And, she's just some mildly succesful author who no one will be praising years from now. I agree also, that J.K.Rowling is terrific. Stephenie WISHES she had J.K.Rowling's talent!!

To Lori or Samantha, whichever is the one talking in the post:

Thank you for confirming every post on this topic stating that only Pre-pubescent girls are attracted to Twilight. I mean, you're what, in sixth grade? So, therefore you can't really comprehend King's novels yet. And you probably don't know what a real deep description is. Meyer's descriptions are about as vague as they come Lori/Sammy/Whoever. And, I agree with Jane, Stephen has sold over 300 million copies of his books to Meyer's 28 million. That's what makes Stephen a better author, how many books he's sold. I mean J.K. Rowling has sold just as many books as he has and she's only written 7 books in the Story-arc. She has a few companion books but they aren't in the main story. That's why Rowling is a better author than Meyer, because Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/ Philosopher's Stone has sold more copies alone than the entire Twilight series.

I think trashing an author is crass. Perhaps Mr. King is fearing he isn't as great as he once was. No longer known as the " HorrorOZ " lol, he sees others sitting in his throne. lol. I have yet to read Twilight, but I will get around to it before the DVD release ; p.
Rowling & Meyer's introduced many reluctant readers to become lovers of the written word. So many people who once thought reading was " uncool " or for " nerds " found it COOL to be reading either series &/or both.
As a book nerd, I am thrilled for this surge in readership.

To The Book Cave:

A) Stephenie Meyer doesn't write horror, as has been stated by the many Twilight supporters. Therefore, how could Stephen see her sitting in his throne?

B) I don't think King really fears he's not as good as he was. I think he actually acknowledges that fact in his non-fiction book On Writing.

To The Book Cave:

P.S.: King already knows that other people will sit in his thrown. Look at Clive Barker's Books of Blood. King named them the future of horror. And personally I think that the Books of Blood are way better than Twilight and the series.

the Twlight series sucked. it was boring and and a waste of time. At least King can kill off characters. While Meyer is too soft and afraid too.
if meyer can acually put more action into her books and not Ruin the Vampire legend. She can be a great writter. but until she Improves, King is the better writter.

I have not read the Twilight books and I am halfway through reading my 3rd Stephen King book, so I'm not going to lie, I'm biased. But, what I've noticed about Twilight is that it is an easy read. Kids around my high school who are the type who have never picked up a fictional book on their own willingly have said that they want to read because of Twililght. Judging by these people's actions, it seems to be a simple read. Stephen King's books are quite the oppposite.

I think King's criticism may stem from that, how King is a more experienced writer and his books are geared to more mature audiences, and Meyer is more young and geared towards younger readers.

I don't have any real opinion towards the book itself, but I am rather biased towards the fanbase. It is rather annoying because Twilight happens to be very popular at my school, and I hear a lot about it, to the point where I am sick of it.

Tl;dr, Stephen King really shouldn't have bashed Meyer, even though it was pretty funny.

I doubt many of you young people are familiar with "Salem's Lot" but it was a vampire story written by Stephen King. I would imagine that Stephenie Meyer read that book as a youngster herself and may have taken inspiration from it. I've been around a long time (I'm 42) and grew up with King's work and I would never expect any writer to measure up to his caliber. However, Josh, Samantha is my daughter and I am thrilled that she is reading (she is only in 5th grade by the way). I am reading the books (Meyer's) along with her, as I also read JK Rowling's books, Erin Hunter's "Warriorcats" series and Kathryn Lasky's "The Guardians of Gahoole" which all have amazing depth for children's fantasy. The point is prepubescent girls are not ready for Stephen King, nor are his books appropriate for young girls or boys. However I am disappointed in the books and especially the character of Bella for I feel she is a poor role model for young girls who should be inspired to achieve their own noble ambitions, rather than obsess over dysfunctional romance. I think most of the characters in "Twilight" are flat and unidimensional. The only character I find interesting in the series is Jacob Black who truly does evolve with the events of the story. Her characters are also inconsistent. It disturbs me that Stephenie seems to have forgotten that her most ethical vampire, Carlisle, went through mental anguish in his decision to turn Edward into a vampire and only at the bequest of the young man's dying mother. Yet he makes no qualms about turning Bella, a healthy girl with a potentially bright future into a creature with no soul. I also fear that Bella's comment at the end of "New Moon" that refers to "heaven being less important than Edward" and that losing her soul was nothing compared to losing him sends a dangerous message to young girls These are issues that I make a point to discuss with my daughter as we read these books. I would never want her to see Bella, a girl with remarkably low self-esteem, as a role model. I caution all parents to do the same. Please encourage your children to read CS Lewis's, "The Chronicles of Narnia" and other classics. I understand what Stephen King was trying to say. I believe he sees the same inconsistencies in Meyer's work as I do. I agree wholeheartedly about JK Rowling as well. Fifty years from now she will be held in the same esteem as Tolkien and Lewis. She is already a legend in her own time. Everyone, young and old, keep reading!!

The thing that just blows me away is how all of the people on here bash Stephanie Meyer and say she is a terrible writer. If you can do better, go ahead and write and make yourself a fortune. Imagine the amazing stories, use the well crafted grammar, do all the hard work it takes to write a book. Oh, none of us on here can? Then shut your mouths about her. Her books are well written and very captivating.

The Twilight series is pathetic in comparison to many, many novels King has written, not to mention hundreds of other authors. I never respected Stephanie Meyer's writing because her character development and plot twists are laughable; it's a soap opera. Bella is a whining, nagging, unappealing girl, Edward has no substance aside from unrealistic, unconditional love and nothing else. The only good point about the series is it enables a younger audience to have interest in reading. I will say that Meyer's work appeals to younger, 12-year-old preteen girls because it's easy to digest and has no substance. I mean, you're entitled to like it as an adult, or appreciate it for what it provides for kids, but you should also know it's substance is lacking. It's stale white bread whereas so many authors provide full-blown, spiced, delicious meals of depth and culture.

To Lori:

Then I applaud you for trying to make sure that your child does not take up after the characters in Twilight. I also agree, that many Stephen King books are not meant for young children. My only point is that it confirmed, as well as your latest post, that most of Twilight's attraction comes from young girls. I didn't mean to say that she's stupid and I won't say that now. I merely was analyzing the facts. And the facts are that your daughter is not old enough to understand real literature. And again, yes she's reading, but that doesn't mean she's learning, which is the point of literature. That's why they have classes on it.

To steve sumner:

You propose to the many working people posting in this article to write something better than Meyer? Okay, give them half a year and I'm sure they could. Yet, they can't. Because in the crappy economic times, nobody can simply base their future in a book. The point is, King HAS written something better than Meyer and that Meyer's books, though addictive as they may be, are poorly written. If I may ask, how old are you and what books have you read?

To Sey:

Great post.

I've been intrigued by the storm of reaction to Stephen King's criticism. I can't think of another book that has triggered that sort of emotional outpouring -- pro and con. So on Saturday, I got Twilight from the library.
I've read about 200 pages and so far, so good. The mystery unspools at a decent pace, there's enough action to keep the plot moving and the characters are interesting.
The writing is pretty basic -- no one is going to confuse Meyer with Marilynne Robinson. And I'm not too fond of the high-school intrigue -- who's dating whom, will I be invited to the dance.
But it's fairly true to what I remember high school being like. And that is her target audience.

More to come in a few days ...

To Dave:

I'm glad you decided to read the book(s) before trying to comment. And I like that you can realize that the writing is basic. I guess that the high school part is true, if you look at a generalization. I mean there was very little of the other groups in school like I don't go through the daily rabble of who has done what but I don't sit with that crowd. So I think that maybe Meyer could have added some elements of other groups like more playful bantering because you see a lot of that. The mystery is honestly the thing that holds the story together so when it's gone... I'm not going to spoil it. But I like the witty comments Edward has during Twilight that are almost lost in the other three books. the action is pretty much mild, meaning not much, but I agree, enough to keep the plot moving and the characters are just interesting enough.

"Critics may exclude works from the classification "literature," for example, on the grounds of a poor standard of grammar and syntax, of an unbelievable or disjointed story-line, or of inconsistent or unconvincing characters."

Well, I guess that we can official exclude Twilight and its sequels as literature on the grounds of unconvincing characters.

...denial is definitely more than just a river in Eygpt.

How many of you Twilight fans can say that you don't self-insert? How many of you say that you read and like it for its literation? Even Stephenie Meyer herself admits that it's a self-insert for her. And from the corner of the internet where I come from, self-insert plus Gary AND Mary Sue = badfic. The only reason it's a hit is because there are soppy lifeless people feeding the monster market. I'm sorry for the anti-J.K.Rowling attitude I had before; in fact she did write well from the aspect of literature, and managed good in drawing readers in. Compared to Twlight...ugh.

Besides, the lack-of-sex card is running dry, because Stephanie burns it in what'shisname, when Edward and Bella do it, and he rips out her placenta with his fangs, and yadda. Wonderful thing to teach the new generation of the world, eh? I'm Chinese, and I'm proud to say that we like our own style of romance better than endless fluff and air showing how perfect Edward is [b]compared to you.[/b]

To Taylor (Post #1):

Wow, you've got some issues man. If you rely on a book while you're depressed or sick, there's something wrong. Not enough love from the family? I mean, when I'm sick, I don't attach myself to a book and say, "Because of this book, everything's going to be alright." No, I stinking rely on myself and say, "I'm sick. Deal with it."

To Edward Cullen Lover (Post #18):

Logic tells you that you can't love a fictional character, at least in the sense you're projecting. It's just not mentally right when someone becomes so obsessed with a fictional character that they want to marry them.

Next, Salem's Lot, The Shining, Riding the Bullet, Carrie, Christine, Firestarter, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, IT, Pet Semetary are only some of the movies that have been made based off of King's books. Let's see how Meyer compares.
Meyer: 2, King: At least the 10 from above.

Next, read my other posts for the sexual references.

Next, you don't like vampires. You've never liked vampires. Twilight did not inspire you to like vampires. Twilight inspired you to like glittering super-models. Nothing else. They drink animal blood, you say? I do too. I eat steak and other meat. Am I a vampire? Hell no.

Next, people bought the book because it's simple. And the Harry Potter series really never sucks, it just gets more complicated.

To all of the Twilight lovers who have recognized that Twilight isn't really good literature, I applaud thee for your ability to think clearly and not be distracted by the glittering "vampires" in Twilight.

Meyers books are not cheesy they are wonderful books that have helped kids see that reading is fun and it's not something that a 14 year old would write. her books are about different forms of love that can last through the hardest situations.the strength of Edward and Bella's love isn't something you see every day, i know it has sexual activity but what teen book doesn't,that's what makes teen books sell.

To Alexis:

Meyer's books are not wonderful. Her books are about an irrational and impossible love. I've explained this before. And the "hard" situations. No. See, it would be hard if Edward were an actual vampire. You're right, the love between Edward and Bella is something you see every day because you don't see it at all! And yes, a 14 year old can write this stuff. And, reading is not very fun, well not REAL reading. Reading Twilight is not really reading. in my opinion, reading something you like, is fun, reading something you don't is not. And reading something that shouldn't be considered literature is not reading.

Omg stephen king is such a liar. i don't see how anyone can think that the twilight series isn't the best. i have read salem's lot and some of stephen kings other fiction and it honestly so boring i can't even stand it. if anyone hasn't read it, don't. stick with twilight. i just can't believe how much i felt like i was bela. when i read her books it was sooogood i just wouldnt ever marry a guy unless he was like edwrd i love you edward!!!1 soo mucho.

I'm going to say it like it is: if you're over fifteen and you honestly think that Twilight is well-written, you've either never read anything else or you're hopeless. The simple fact of the matter is that while she may be a good storyteller or whatever she is an absolutely terrible writer, for reasons many other posters have gone over. JK Rowling has so far shown that she's a master of storytelling and writing, and while Stephen King has had long rough patches, he has written just as many or more great books as Rowling.

To the tweens that love Twilight, whatever ,,,. Just remember this a few years down the road when you read a real masterpiece for the first time and realize what Stephenie Meyers has written.

I agree with something Mo said. It's comparing apples and oranges. Would a 13 year-old get as much satisfaction out of a King horror novel as they would a Meyer paranormal romance? No. As an author, you have to consider your target audience. In some cases, that might mean writing for a target audience according to your writing skill or style. That's what Meyer has done, I think.

And I think it's really rotten that an author would publicly demean another author's writing. I lost respect for Mr. Stephen King, to be frank.

Stephanie Meyers is a storyteller. While I agree she isn't the "greatest writer" she can draw you into a story and keep you reading. While I love Stephen King I will say that the book I enjoyed the most from him was Carrie and if you look back at Carrie it wasn't as long winded as many of his current books. It seems he has lost perspective of what writing is all about. It isn't about how many different scenes you can set and how long you can make a sentence run on being overly verbose and taking forever to get to the action so, while I agree that Meyers is redundant and one step above fan fiction quality - she tells a story that many want to read and she paints some interesting pictures on the way...

I'd like to quote from the article, for those saying King is comparing apples to oranges:

"People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it’s very clear that she’s writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual. A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that’s a shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet."

He knows what he's saying. Also, he's comparing Harry Potter to Twilight (not his own writing to Meyer's) which isn't apples to oranges at all.

To Jessica:

As spencer has stated, he's comparing Harry Potter to Twilight. And therefore, it's comparing oranges to oranges. And as for writing style, the style should be aimed for your target audience yet it should help progress there skills, not deter them. and Twilight doesn't progress there skills. If you want to prove it does, then fine. Do a test, a documented legitimate test, not some Youtube video. Take a Fifth grade kid and have them write a story. Then let them read Twilight. If they show significant improvement, I will give up arguing against her skills. Also, King doesn't need the respect of a Twilight lover who can't see logic.

To Kelly:

Stephen King writes long books because it's necessary. Carrie was as long as it was because that's how long it needed to be. IT was as long as it was because that's how long it needed to be. Salem's Lot is as long as it needs to be. Every lull in the action you talk about ties into the plot. Twilight, on the other hand, is a full of fluff series. Talk about overkill. As I've explained, the real thing left to cover after the first book is Bella's transformation and the lovers' union. It should take one book, and the book should be very dramatic and emotion drawing. Yet, she uses three unemotional books to do it. She puts in bad conflict after bad conflict as fluff to keep the series going. Did Edward really need to leave? No. Meyer probably did it to show just how much Bella and Edward need each other, which is completely stupid considering they rely on each other more than one person should another. Did Victoria really need to create a new-born army? No. Did the Volturri really need to visit and create a climactic failure of an ending? No. Fluff is fluff and that's what every book after Twilight is. King may have some unnecessary parts in some of his book but he's never as bad as Meyer.

To Josh:

Want to know why Carrie was so short? It was King's first book. He had no draw to the long winded rants because he didn't think to write about them. He wrote the story in his head (which, if I remember correctly started with a dream he had) and as I said, I am a fan of King, but not everything he writes is necessarily relevant to the story. In Cell, he rambles on and on about the hotel and the mindless zombie creature upstairs until you want to skip pages ahead. Come on now.

Meyers is a fairly new author. Did the action she wrote about "have" to happen - no, but it made the readers crave more like any good saga. Look to all the soap operas out there - I think all my children is on its 3 serial killer plot line in like 2 years, but they have people obsessed. Meyers falls under the guilty pleasure catagory.

Do I think she is an outstanding writer? No. Do I think soap opera are good television? No. But they draw people in with the simplicity and fantasy life they create. It is an escape from reality that doesn't have you reading the same paragraph three times to understand what is being explained. Simple story telling to escape a boring day...

From King himself about Carrie:

."[9] In a talk at the University of Maine at Orono, King said of Carrie, "I'm not saying that Carrie is sh** and I'm not repudiating it. She made me a star, but it was a young book by a young writer. In retrospect it reminds me of a cookie baked by a first grader—tasty enough, but kind of lumpy and burned on the bottom."

From Textbook to Checkbook" Wells, Robert W. Milwaukee Journal Sep 15, 1980

To Kelly:

Carrie was actually inspired when his wife challenged him to write a book centered around a woman. And yes, I agree, Cell did have boring parts, but it was a good story. And maybe Twilight can bring a crowd in and let them escape from reality but so can drugs. I can buy sleeping pills and get high off of them. The thing with Twilight is if you get past the initial presentation, you realize just how bad it is. That's why people who enjoy the story realize that it's bad writing. Because they've gotten past the initial presentation. I know I was initially very intrigued with the story. But I read the series and put it down for a good solid two months and read other things and when I came back to it, I wondered why I had been so interested.

To be honest, King and Rowling have more talent than Meyer. Aside from the fact of how Meyer's perfect, sparkly vampires sickened me, their writing is more polished and thought-out. Their books both have the qualities that make an actual good book; Meyer's books just have a large young teenage girl fanbase. Just comparing Rowling's and Meyer's character development could prove my point.

It would also take a while, but to put it in a nutshell :Bella angsts and mopes, Harry angsts for a better cause and grows from it and fights through it. There, Harry grows up, Bella doesn't-and I don't mean the literal part. The only way that Bella grows up is that she has a kid that she never wanted and then out of nowhere she wants it. That wouldn't be bad, if Meyer had been able to write it better. It was just too confusing and sudden that it laughable. As for Stephenie Meyer's "plot twists", they were also laughable. Especially when compared to one of King's novels.

Now, I'll happily read about vampires over wizards any day, but Meyer's books disappointed me. I don't mind reading depressing books, but hers were just filled with straight-up angst. I've read every book in her series out so far, because a vampire falling in love with a human sounds very promising, but I'm not going to ever say that she is one of the best writers. I can appreciate it for what it is, but it's simply lacking. The only people I know who truly enjoy it are the girls at my high school who honestly, probably have never read anything of a higher level than the Twilight series. Really, the Twilight series sold as being a soap opera with pages filled of romance and sex, or at least constant mentions of having sex.

Personally I like Twilight. I don't think the writing is too sophisticated or brilliant, but you need to remember when it's mainly being marketed to an audience of 13 year old girls it doesn't have to be. I like twilight for the plot, I have to say JK Rowling is a better writer, but I was sucked into Twilight because of the story line not the writing style. Secondly there's been a bit of an overreaction in a few of these comments. Twilight isn't suppose to be a highly sophisticated literary work, or have a complex writing style. It's a nice, care free, easy read. I don't count it as a true vampire because it isn't. Vampire novels are usually divided into supernatural, gothic, horror,or even science fiction catagories. Even when there is a romance in a novel with vampires there'll usually be themes of violent or sex in it. If you're complaining that it's not living up to the gothic vampire, or the romaniticized vampire, you're right, but it's not suppose to live up to the version you'd find in adult novels, it's made for 13 girls. I'm a gothic fiction fan, but I don't count Twilight as a true vampire novel because it isn't really. It strays from original vampire themes to market to a younger audiance. For example if you had vampires burning to death in sunlight all the time, or them following alot of the themes of the horror or sex vampire of graphic violence, or sex, it wouldn't be appealing to it's original market audience. Twilight was arguably never suppose to be a horror, gothic, or adult novel. Alot of things were softened, the violence was sometimes underdescribed, it averted alot of sexual detail. It was nothing I wouldn't have been allowed to watch on TV or see in a movie when I was 13. What probably happened with Twilight was alot older teenage girls just happened to like it too. I see grade 7's reading it, but then again I see grade 12 reading it. It just happened to have a intended and unintended marketing audiance. I don't think Meyer expected it to be as big as a cult classic or a international best seller when she originally wrote it.

To Sgi:

Nobody disagrees that it was meant for a younger age group. But what people are arguing is that it isn't good regardless of the age group. I mean, even for a 13 year old, the book is bad. At least in terms of writing. And because the book really doesn't advance one's personal writing skills it fails. You said it yourself, people in grade 12 are reading it. What can they possibly get out of it writing wise? I say nothing because it is something a 13 year old would write. It can't teach you about character development because there is none. It can't teach you about plot writing because it severely lacks, especially after the first book. I mean, even books for five years olds teach them something. Basic words and sentence structures. But Twilight does none of it.


I burned my friend's copy of Twilight.

King's a great writer. Love his stuff. But I didn't pick up Meyer's book expecting to see King all over again. For someone to say "Well it isn't on par with The Shawshank Redemption" is, well...strange. Why would it be? That's like watching Dumb and Dumber and at the end saying "That sucked 'cause it wasn't Slumdog Millionaire!" Well, duh! It's geared toward different audiences! It is written with different intent in mind. It's something different completely! Why would it be?

Not every work of fiction can be some complex, sophisticated, masterpiece with multi-dimensional characters. The Twilight series is aimed at a younger audience, and Meyer hit the nail on the head. The characters are high schoolers. The setting is high school. Teens want an archetype, not a layered-cake of a person. Teens put themselves and others into categories: check out any teen magazine. That's how they identify. Most of them, anyways. For the ones that do want to read something a bit more sophisticated, well, then, they can grab something else off the shelf.

King is more sophisticated, yes. And, yes, he is a better writer. I'm not saying Meyer is bad, but she's not on level with him-- but does she need to be? She did tell a good story. She had a good plot. I liked the characters (yes, bad me, slap me on the wrist and tell me I'm unrefined but I really didn't need these particular characters to be complex-- it wouldn't have fit with the story. It would have been a DIFFERENT story). It would have to be written differently if it were aimed at adults.

Look, all the woman did was tell you a captivating story about sparkly vampires who admittedly have just a touch more pathos than is digestible. She is not crap. If King had written the same story, you'd lick it up off the bottom of his shoe with gusto.

Not every work of fiction can be just like the work of your favorite author. I don't think other people are stupid, or hate them because they prefer something different than I. My authors aren't the only authors in the world, and I delight that there is genre fiction out there for some good dumb fun.

To Meg:

Personally, I don't think that the characters need to be complex, I just think they need to have one dimension, more than one aspect. And saying that the book is perfect for teens is almost admitting that we're stupid. Because Twilight is sub-par, even for teenagers. I should know because I am one. But then again, as you said, teenagers know a days aren't quite as literary as a while ago. We can blame technology for that. Back a good ten years ago, maybe a bit more, teens weren't constantly talking about the new cell phone they're getting or complaining about how they were grounded from texting. Hell, I've seen people at my school CRY when they're talking about how they've had their phone taken away. And the funny thing is, the only thing they did on their phone was complain about other stuff. So, maybe that's just it, maybe people don't want layered characters because they're very one dimensional themselves. Anyone who can relate or feels like any one of those characters is just very bland. I mean, who can relate to Bella? I wouldn't think anybody could but people apparently do. The book can actually be considered sexist because of Bella. If you read the books, she can't live without relying on a man. Or properly live at least. It's almost portraying women as weak. If you enjoy the books but can understand that they're not good literature, then I don't care that you like them. But if you sit there and spout that Twilight is good literature, I'm gonna' consider you very blind to actual literature. Maybe not stupid, but definitely narrow-minded.

And yes, the story would have been different if the characters were complex and actually grew emotionally and mentally because maybe it would have been more believable. Maybe I could have related to one of the characters. Dumb and Dumber can't relate to Slumdog Millionaire because they're in separate categories so people go in with different expectations. But my expectations for this book were not met, even in its genre. I mean, I expected something like Harry Potter, and yet, I was let down. Especially by Meyer's inability to make this story believable. Maybe, it shouldn't be believable, maybe all it should be is something that lets people escape into it with their sorrows and dreams. I'm not trying to sound harsh but anyone who honestly says that Twilight and it's sequels are the only reason they can cope through life are not right in the head. If they can't cope through life normally, see a psychiatrist. Because you need help, not an escape. And if you have a dream or an inspiration, build on it, don't just read these books and pretend that it'll happen with little effort.

And if King had written this story, I would have bought it probably thought it was good. Because he captures every side of a story. The good, the bad, the evil and he does it well. He also captures the realism, even for a story like this. The standoff at the end of book 4, I was waiting for it. And I was thinking, "This is great. We're finally going to get some action and some death in this series. This is gonna' be great. Edward's gonna kill like ten people and Bella's gonna kill the twins." And instead I get, "Everybody was staring at each other until people showed up then they left." If I'm going to read something unrealistic, I'm gonna' read Harry Potter because it captures the realism of life a puts it in an unrealistic environment. It's good.

I don't expect all writing to be like my favorite authors'. I don't expect William Shakespeare to have the same writing as Stephen King. But I expect my writing to be good. And while Twilight may hold a good story, it's not good.

I totally agree with Stephen King and I'll tell you why: writing style is everything when it comes to telling a story.
Stephen King isn't saying all this out of jealousy. This guy here takes writing seriously. Before I used to think that English majors make better writers. Boy was I wrong. I hear some controversy with Dean Koontz and now Stephanie Meyers.
And great writers don't write alike. Compare Stephen King himself with J.K. Rowling, or Zadie Smith. Sherman Alexie. Robert Jordan. Ursula K. Le Guin, for example. Writing styles shouldn't be alike because it's art. Yet, concrete writing should allow a story to be told otherwise it just might destroy it, if not kill it. Even though I don't care for Harry Potter, I can imagine why J.K. Rowling books are a success AND is call a classic. Has Twilight been called a classic yet?
Well, some may say "classic or no classic, she's a great storyteller, and she draws me in." That's all well and fine, that's your opinion, you read for yourself. Only time will tell, is all I have to say.

Ok, what I have to say is Stephen King is so wrong. The thing about Stephenie Meyer is that she incorporates what a regular would go through with the supernatural world. It is not all horror, it is not all magic, it takes human and supernatural and blends them into one that is captivating and riveting. All I have is personal experience, he also said that J.K.Rowling was an awesome writer, I tried to read one of her books, I couldn't it was so boring there is nothing in hers or Stephen that drags you in and keeps you interested. Both of them are falling in standings and now that they are losing their edge, they stick together. I have nothing else to saw except he's wrong, so so wrong! When Stephenie Meyer writes a book that can hav me thinking about all day and dreaming about it at I think that is better than stupid horror.

To Kristen:

Well, then I consider you to be one of the many unsophisticated teens of this era. What Stephenie Meyer does is tell a very one dimensional story of an impossible love. She doesn't explain what a regular person would go through in the supernatural realm. Because a regular person shouldn't be a Mary Sue or a moping suicide case. Of course there are these types of people but not a regular person. And once again, for the love of God, being able to pull people in and make people dream about you're books doesn't mean you're a good writer. You've only appealed to some sense of nature. And Twilight appeals to simplicity. That's why teens are reading the book, but it's such an easy read. That's the same reason people don't read Shakespeare, because it's not as simple to understand. Same with Rowling and King, teens now a days don't have the will or want to know what the story is about. They want to be presented with it. They don't want to dig for it. And that's probably why Harry Potter bores you. Because you do not try to understand the themes of the book. When you read Twilight, it's almost like a billboard. "I'm a chick in love with a suicidal sparkly vampire." But with Harry Potter, there's no billboard. There's no flashing sign saying what the story is about. And that's the essence of good writing. Making your readers think. Once again, many people who have said Meyer can't write have agreed that the story is fine, the premise is good, but that Meyer just doesn't know how to incorporate it into an actual work of literature.

You are so stereotyping the"teens now a days" we're not all the same, for goodness sake. All I have left is that Ms.Meyer targets teens, it works. Stephen King targets adults, it works. J.K. Rowling targets young people, it worked. So I don't think Mr.King should need to criticize an author that doesn't even target his audience.

To Kristen:

Yeah, I am so stereotyping the teens now a days because really, that's the majority of teens. Yes there are people who are different and not everyone is the same in the stereotype but many fall into it. And as for King criticizing, well critics criticize yet they don't even write books. So should they be criticizing people? And King is also an official critic so he can give his opinion about the book anyways. And yes, they each targeted their audience and it works but maybe not all for the same reason. Once again, Twilight just doesn't hold the same distinction in it's audience that Harry Potter does with it's or King's do with theirs. And Harry Potter isn't aimed at young people only. As the books progress, the series becomes more adult oriented, more realistic, which is why its better than Twilight. It includes realism. And in general, maybe teens aren't stupid, but they do expect things to be given to them, not for them to dig for them.

Or, at least trivial things, such as plot.

Stephan King u r a jerk. Stephanie meyer is the best writter in the history of good writters. She is my favoritte person in the whole world, besides robert pattinson.why dont u like it, oh because you are just an adult and adults just want to read about stupid stuff.

u r such a jek. i love stephanie meyer. She is the greatest writter in the history of god writters. She did not just go along with what all the other people who write about vampires did, she made her own theory.she is my favoritte person in the whole world, besides robert pattinson!

To Emily(s):

This is what I mean, Kristen. Look at these posts. You had an excellently typed post but these two. King is an adult ... adults want to read good stuff. My mom reads books all the time. And she doesn't want to read Twilight. She reads a variety of authors yet she refuses to read Twilight. And as you have seen in posts on this forum, some teens don't even read Twilight. Thanks for giving two more posts for the Twilight haters to use against Twilight little fangirl(s). Seriously, "she is my favoritte person in the whole world, besides robert pattinson!"

Finally. People on the internet who don't go gaga for that awful for-lack-of-a-better-word author Meyer.
I've got to say I totally agree with everything King said and I had to sit at my computer and laugh at all the pathetic fangirls that exist out there. Your must feel that your lives are with living now that you've defended the Holy Twilight from the anti-Edwards.
Being 16 and going to an all-girl school, I too had to suffer through the Twilight saga (that, unfortunately, continues unabated). I've been branded a 'freak' and a 'loser' for sticking by writers who can write literature worth a damn instead of fanfiction littered with repetition and Mary-Sues and it only got worse after I sat down and forced myself to read Twilight.
Being sick and unable to leave my bed, I ventured into the world of Twilight. And, to my greatest shame, I did not emerge unscathed. Before, I loved Dracula by Bram Stoker. After, I couldn't look at it without being reminded of Edward, the wonder-vegetarian-sparkly-man-of-our-dreams vampire and I would have to shudder. What had happened to the *real* vampires? The ones that would happily pierce your neck and drain you of your blood? The ones that would go into a young girl’s room, not to watch her sleep (btw, Edward is such a clingy stalker/paedophile) but to drain her of her blood, to turn her into one of the lifeless, soulless walking dead? Because of Twilight, I had an aversion to all literature that involved vampires.
Then, thanks be to the librarians, I got introduced to Anne Rice and Interview With The Vampire. And, lo and behold, the vampires no longer sparked, they could not have children (btw, how does that even work?), the sunlight was actually bad for them, they happily gorged themselves on the *human* blood they so desperately needed and wanted; the list goes on and on.
All those out there who are obstinately (do you know what that word means Twilight lovers?) sticking by Meyer and her awful published, and I quote your beloved Robert Pattinson, “sexual fantasies” should be ashamed by your arguments, your grammar, txt tlk and by the very thing you are defending. King is right. Meyer is an embarrassment to the literary world. That's my opinion. Take it or leave it.

"Good writer" is subjective. Meyer's command of the English language, made evident in her books, does not seem very strong. Her sentence structures are basic. She employs close to no literary devices aside from tired cliches and overused metaphors. This is probably what King means by saying she is not very good. It's her style of writing. It is, absolutely, without a doubt, extremely sophmoric. She does not write well at all.

But she understands her audience and her books are targetted specifically to such an audience. That audience is teenaged girls who, whether they are avid readers or not, appreciate a very simple style of writing that does not take much thought to understand. They aren't interested in literary devices. They aren't looking for a hidden meaning. They aren't reading to analyze. Meyer's books are extremely easy reads. They contain every single element that a teenaged girl goes nuts over. And everything ends up exactly the way people want it to. It's very happily ever after.

However, I find it ridiculous and ignorant for people to claim their distaste of the novel rests on the claim that a person should not be able to just change what a vampire is. Apparently, Meyer just screwed up the whole vampire canon by making their skin glow and changing them into beings capable of love and emotion. Do your research. The fact of the matter is that almost every single concept of vampires that people are aware of are very, very new ideas. Most people think of a gothic vampire. Most people are only aware of this modern vampire. Vampire mythology has been around for years. Their alleged existence and the various forms of vampires have been around for many, many centuries in many, many cultures. The term "vampire" is used to describe these beings that have been around forever even if, once, they were not technically called vampires. The modern vampire has only been around since the 18th century.

The point is that there is no established vampire canon that is written in stone and people cannot change it. That was done a couple hundred years ago once by John Polidori and Bram Stoker. And, who these vampires were already existed in different forms depending on their origins. There's no reason it can't be changed now.

As promised, I read Twilight, and I agree that Meyer doesn't have Stephen King's polish -- or the sheen of great YA fiction of my era such as A Wrinkle in Time. I cringed at her repetitive descriptions -- "deafening engine" and "earsplitting rumble" in the same paragraph, for example. And how many times do we have to hear how gorgeous Edward Cullen is? Perfectly muscled chest, glorious angel, marble contours are just a few of the phrases.

Even more disappointing was the lack of drama. You'd expect lots of tension in a book where girl meets vampire, but Bella accepts Edward as though he were simply an exchange student from France. More angst is shown over the prom than over Edward's ability to consume her. Only when some roaming vampires appear does Meyer ramp up the tension; that scene was well-crafted. But later she fails to describe the climactic scene -- it occurs entirely "off camera."

That said, Meyer deserves credit for creating an absorbing tale and likeable characters. Her descriptions of high school life ring true: who's taking you to the prom, what are you wearing? And she gives you a feel for the story's primary setting, a small town in Washington. I also cut her some slack for creating non-traditional vampires; she should have artistic license to develop characters, without falling back on the Bram Stoker model. And she sure has tapped into that feeling of electric, impetuous first love, a big factor in attracting young readers.

To Josh

What I was trying to say is that people are sometimes expecting far too much of this book when it comes to complexity. It's a nice light read it's not suppose to be accompanied by alot of mental study, or teach us about writing a plot. A book doesn't necessarily have to be very educational to be enjoyed. It's target audiance is too young for it to live up to some of the expections that a book for an older audiance or critic would have. If this was trying to be marketed to 20 year olds then yes I might not like it as much. I think alot people just happened to like this novel not because the plot had fabulous writing, or because it educated the reader, or held a brilliant writing style, but probably simply because the plot's catchy. Alot of people who are analytical readers or maybe are looking to be educated in the books they read I can see how they may of disliked this book. When you're a thirteen year old girl your not looking to be educated you're looking to be entertained.

To Sgi:

I understand and I'm not saying that the book has to be bluntly educational. But as I said, it should at least advance writing skills and style, even if subliminally. Once again, the pictures books that we all read when we were five taught us basic sentence and paragraph structure. It's not bluntly educational. It doesn't give tips on how to write. But we obtain a lesson from reading it. Just like anybody who reads a Stephen King novel will be influenced in there writing, regardless of whether they know it or not. But Stephenie Meyer, she doesn't have any of this in Twilight. I agree, it's a nice uncomplicated read but for people to argue that it's actually literature is dumb. And yes, when you're a thirteen year old girl, you aren't looking for a complicated book but the books should still progress some part of the writing style of that 13 year old girl. Twilight doesn't do this. Twilight really is the work of a 13 year old coming from an adult's hand. I'll compare Twilight to The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, which is the first book in Stephen King's series. I found myself just as buried in The Gunslinger as I was with Twilight. And The Gunslinger is a complicated book. You have to pay attention to know what's going on, but yet, I was still buried in it. And the writing style is a lot better than Twilight's and Meyer's because:
A) King doesn't repeat the same phrase in as many ways possible.
B) The characters were not one dimensional.
C) The climax of the book lived up to the hype.
D) There were plot twists.
And E) It's half the size of Twilight.
All those reasons make The Gunslinger all the more interesting to me. And as for E, what I mean is that the book was better than Twilight and yet it was only half the size. It had more meaning to me than Twilight and it was only 214 pages.

Stephen King > Stephenie Meyer.

Learn grammar and spelling plz.
Oh and to 79 of you: You should probably spell your ~*~amazing~*~ authors name right lollll.


Simply because kids are reading Stephanie Meyer's boks does not mean that they are reaching for anything else. From what i've seen, (I live with 5 woman, all of which have had the pleasure of reading at least one of Mrs. Meyer's books), her stories don't spark ANY interest in other books. It is just a sappy trend that will eventually fade with time and another catchy, dimensionless novel. Hopefully the next trend won't butcher the mythology of vampires anymore than Meyers had the luxury of doing.

Honestly, I agree with Stephen King. Though I think some parts in Twilight can be quite entertaining, Stephenie Meyer's writing is horrid and unprofessional (in my opinion, anyways). Which makes me wonder why someone like her could partically become famous. Seriously, "sparkling vampires?" Please. It's just idiotic. Stephenie Meyer's vampires are not vampires at all. So how could Bella possibly come up with the fact that Edward was a vampire just because he can 'run incredibly fast' or some lame excuse like that? Seems like they're superhero models to me. Why not call her sparkly vampires something more appropiate, considering like I explained before, they're not close to being a vampire.

Besides, you Twi-tards are getting all upset over someone making an opinion? What about when your beloved Stephenie Meyer claimed that Edward could purposely beat up J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter in a few seconds easily? Who is she to say that her character is better than another's character? She doesn't have room to talk.

Face it. She acts childish because she thinks she's better than everybody else.

So, please, grow up. It's just a book.

okay yes its a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but how about you read the book before you trash it stephen king is a great writer even though im not cokmpletely familliar with his work however he has his opinions too i personally love twilight AND harry potter. also they are about two completely different things one involves wizards and the other involves vampiers they have nothing to do with each other so quit judging the books unless you have read them!!

To felicia:

Okay, so I have read the books. Twilight still sucks. And it doesn't matter what they're about, we're not talking about content, we're talking about writing and writing style. I've read both, I prefer Harry Potter and I think Twilight sucks writing wise. And I'm sure Stephen King has read the books. How else would he know how they are? Does he have some sort of mystic, psychic powers? I don't think so. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. And also, while they're about different things, Harry Potter and Twilight are aimed at the same age group. And anyone who is not blind to real literature who thinks that Twilight is actually good is just [wrong]. Especially if they say it's better than Harry Potter.

Stephanie Meyer is a terrific writer. Considering I hate reading and I have read her book in less than a month, is saying something. I wouldn't waist my time reading King's novels, because the best he can come up with is a zombie pet coming back and people dying...ohhh so interesting. Even though Meyer hasn't followed the "codes" for the vampires, the books are still great. But honestly you think, is a vampire, the immortal, supposed to die so easily? Getting burned to ash in the sun, steak through a (beating) heart, a cross to keep them away and not to mention garlic. This is so stupid, Stephanie Meyer's way makes so much more since and make them almost indestructible! Rowling is a good writer, but look how long her books have been out, they are old and boring. I just like the movies. King needs to come up with some new material cause eveything he has written I have kinda heard of,so yeah, At least Stephanie Meyer came up with something new, and for people say she has made errors in her book, it's still great and honestly out does King's novels...hahahaha....

To Jamie:

Wake up. Meyer is not a terrific writer. Read all the posts before commenting. She's got a good story, nothing more. And how do her vampires make more sense than normal vampires. I mean, normal vampires are so easy to kill because they're still beings trapped in a human body with needs. That makes much more sense that all off the sudden, the human body turns rock hard and shines. Vampires burn in sunlight because the natural protection humans carry that protect from the minimal UV rays coming to Earth are gone on a dead body. You know why? Because the bodies dead. Why would a human body sparkle. What would make it do that if it can't do that normally? Or make it rock hard? You've pretty much told us how very small minded you are, sorry for being mean. You won't read Stephen King, good author, but you'll read Meyer, bad author. Her writing is elementary my dear Watson. And if you don't get the reference, then you are hopeless. Anybody who doesn't is completely and utterly hopeless and shouldn't be argued with because they're too blind to actual literature.

I really like Stephenie Meyer. I have no problem with her grammer/writing or her storytelling. I respect Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. I think they are great writers as well. As a fan of the Twilight saga, I do not think everyone has to like the series, but I do find problem with people insulting Stephenie and her writing. I think it is disrespectful. I think stephen King has a write to his opinion, as does everyone else, but i think there is just a better way of expressing it then just outright insulting someone. So no one is right or wrong in their opinion, but you can't just go on bashing someone's writing because you don't like them. Stephenie has inspired many teens to read and should be acknowledged for it. You don't have to like her writing, just have a little respect for what she has accomplished and show a little decency for this woman.

Dear Stephenie defenders:

Get a grip! (Or at least a spell checker.) "If u tlk lyke dis" no one is going to take you seriously. Let me tell you what "makes since" because if tween girls can make their feelings known through their use of a million exclaimation points and calling Mr. King a "gerk", then I must have a "write" to my own opinion...

As a former hardcore Twilight fan, there is a cure to your disease: Read REAL literature. Let's face it, Meyer had a whole freight train of success at her fingertips and ruined it by her worsening plot lines throughout her saga and the predictable cardboard cut-out characters.

Just because she has had a novel turned into a motion picture doesn't make her a good author. Big woop. The movie was awful. Plus, if you want to play the books-turned-into-movies game, take a look at all the Stephen King novels that have made their way to the screen...dozens!

El, couldn't have said it any better myself.

To Tiara:

Um, I don't think King hates Meyer. And yes, people are right and wrong in their opinions. In a KKK member's opinion, lynching black people is good. Is that right? I certainly don't think so but who know, you could be a KKK member. Also, we're all adults here. There's no need to sugar coat things anymore. And he didn't insult Meyer, he stated that her writing was bad. Which it is. And just because Meyer got idiotic teens reading doesn't mean she should get respect. The only reason these teens are reading the book is because it's elementary. I mean, you hear about ten year olds reading her books. Says something about how bad she writes if a ten year old can comprehend something meant for high school teens. I don't think anyone here Meyer, they just hate her books. As El said, she had a good story and ruined it with bad plots as she advanced in the series. And do you know why the plots got worse? Because after the first book, she had to pretty much bulls*** everything for three more books. Hardly any information in New Moon or Eclipse is relevant. I mean, the only part from New Moon that was really relevant was the Volturri, and from Eclipse, it would have been the new born vampire stuff but considering Bella doesn't even fall into that standard, it's useless. I think Stephenie should have gotten published with a book or two, maybe her other series or whatever, than just made Twilight a long book. That's what she should have done because making the story span 4 books didn't work.

I have read all of the Twilight books and I have to say that I do enjoy them... however, I think that Stephen King would know more about the writing thatn I would. The story lines are really apealing to young readers and they keep you on the edge of your seat. Stephen King is a LEGEND. That man will go down in history... he MADE history. The Twilight series, like a new pop song, will eventually fizzle out and everybody will find something else to rave about. If nothing else, have respect.

King is all wrong! Meyer is a great writer. I love her books!!! King's books are boring and stupid. Meyers books are love stories, and not really about vampires. STOP obsessing about how her vampires don't match up with the 'normal' vampires. Its her book she can write what she wants!! Get over it!!!

Ok I've already looked at a lot of these posts and I've read both the negative and positive comments concerning Twilight/Stephenie Meyer. I'll throw in my two cents as well: I agree with Stephen King.

I do think it was pretty rude of him to phrase his criticism the way he did, but it doesn't mean that there isn't validity in his statement. Considering I've only read the first Twilight book, I can't fully critique the series so I'll base my opinions off of that particular book. I believe that the storyline was captivating enough to keep me reading until the end but the entire time, all I could concentrate on was her diction and style. As someone previously posted, every Edward/Bella scene repeatedly described Edward's eyes and sparkling skin or the fact that he couldn't hear Bella's thoughts. It grew old very fast. I also felt that there was no depth to their relationship; she only seemed to 'love' him because of his mystique. An occasional fight between the two of them would have lessened the sickening sweetness and made the couple more believable.

That's pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell. As I said before, the storyline of the first book was good but the actual writing style was lacking in uniqueness and creativity.

To Brandi:

King is right! Meyer is a terrible writer. I love, wait, hate her books. King's books are great and intelligent. Meyer's are poorly thought up stories, and not all about realism. STOP obsessing about how she can write what she wants. We understand all of you Twitards support the vampire switch!! Doesn't mean it'll be accepted!!!

See, I parodied your post. Now, in a more intelligent way of saying things, stop repeating yourselves. We know you think King's books are boring. It's on every Twitard's post. We know you guys support her vampires. We know she has a right to write whatever she wants. The question is, can she write. NO! Her books aren't meant to be about just any love, it's supposed to be about forbidden love. And they fail. In this case, a regular, normal vampire makes the story better because of the many legitimate reasons normal vampires have. Such as:

1)Need blood.
2)Can only come out at night.
3)Sun kills them.
4)People hunt them.

The list goes on and on. What's Edward's excuse. "I'm a little b**** who whines about everything and I'm not going to change you because I love you." The love in the story isn't even explained. Why do Edward and Bella fall in love? When someone answers that question legitimately, I'll stop using it as a point. Next, how many dimensions do the characters have? One for each character I believe. Face it, as much as you want to believe in your God that is Twilight and it's sequels, and love you're dream guy Edward, Meyer can't write.

what is everyone talking about?
honestly everyone needs to shut up. both of them are good.
For one thing stupid wanna bes that obsess over 'Twilight' by buying their 'Twilight' things at hot topic-drive me insane.

Stephenie's books are amazing but their not something to make yourself look like an idiot for.
stephen for those who are stupid and got dropped on their heads, he is really good and can write like no other.

AND ding dongs!!!!! if your too overly obsessed by reading meyer's books i'm sure that you havent' noticed that she uses a lot of the same words and write a lot of the same things to describe events and such.

BUT that does not give King any reasone to discriminate her writing. he does write worth crap, BUT he's boring.

AND he's old not to hate on old ppl but they know a way lot more than any of us.

SO give her a break!!!!!! #@!&#$

she's still learning and he's jealous we understand that.

but keep in mind that it's a sin.

and so is LYING!!!!!!

there is no sexual activity in the

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! and just for the record.............HER BOOKS ROCK DEM JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leslie, Stephen is not jealous. Why do you Twilight lovers seem to think that he's jealous. If he were jealous, he'd be "hatin" on Rowling too. King is infinitely better than Meyer and if Meyer were learning her books would progress as the series continued. But they didn't, they regressed. Jesus. And there is clearly sexual activity in the fourth book. And a lot of the tone of the books is sexual and the actions are described in a lustful way.

To Josh:

Edward and Bella fall in love a first sight, sorta. Oh yes, Meyer Can't write, that is why she has millions of fans who love her books. If Vampires only can out a night, burnt in the sun, stake through the heart kills them, and garlic kept them away they would not be that indestructible or scary for that fact. In her books you have to tear their marble hard skin into pieces and burn them,.. Her books are great, she can write, and Kings books may be intelligent, but their boring and I wouldn't waste my time on them!!!

To Brandi:

Having fans and being able to write are two separate things, as has been explained to other Twitards saying the same thing. In Meyer's case, she has fans because her books are simple and poorly written, exactly what appeals to teens nowadays. Also, let's pose another example. Dracula can come out in the day. He looks like a normal person, and he can go out in the sun, no burning and no sparkling. That makes them scary because anybody you see that's a little paler than the normal could be a vampire. They can't attack but they can sure lure you in and attack that night. and if we're judging on scariness, a normal vampire is still scarier because Meyer makes her vampires as harmless as possible. and King's books are not only educational but they're interesting as well, which you would understand if you could read real literature. But, sadly, you can't. And you still haven't legitimately answered the question of why Bella and Edward are in love. Love at first sight is just a crush and crushes don't make you try to get yourself killed. So, obviously it's more than love at first sight but it's not explained.

Now, I've never read any of Stephen King's novels, but I do have respect for him and his writing. I have read the Twilight books, and well...they were messed up.

At first, before Bella met Edward, I liked her. I thought "She seems funny, and this character might be interesting." The she met Edward, and any spine that she may have owned dissolved. Suddenly, Bella and Edward love each another for no understandable reason other then he wants to drink her blood, which I believe many people have already covered. Anyway, I did not understand the whole "sparkling" thing. I've read about vampires who burn to ashes in sunlight, are sensitive to it, get weaker in it, or are just plain unaffected by it, but never ones who "sparkle" in it. That just seems a little fruity to me. Maybe they should wear spangles and do jazz hands to complete the outfit......

The writing was definitely not the best. I am a fanfiction author, and I have read some better things on there, and some worse things. But at least most people on there can come up with more than 'sighed', 'grunted', 'murmered', and my personal favorite, 'growled.'

Someone please explain to me how you 'growl' a word. I can understand saying it through gritted teeth, even hissing a word, but 'growling'? Are they closer to animals than we thought, and vampires can now communicate through growling? I would like to know what a growled word sounds like. Could someone, maybe even Ms. Meyer herself, please come and grolw some words for me, so I'll know what that sounds like, because it really ruins the imagery for me.

That is, when the imagery isn't focussing on how perfect Edward is; I do not CARE about his perfect topaz eyes, or his perfect muscles, or his perfect marble chest or his perfect cold skin. Seriously, all I could tell from it was that Bella has a serious inferiority complex and that girl needs some self esteem courses. After a while, I wanted to scream "We GET it!! He's perfect! You don't deserve him! Now PLEASE pick a new topic to whine about!" The worst part was, by far, in the second book when he left her. She went on and on for so long about how she missed him and she was nothing without him. Well, then was she nothing before she met him, because if so, she had no objections to being nothing then, now did she? After a while, I wanted her to either grow back that spine and get over it, or go kill herself already. So I skimmed most the middle of the bok and moved on. And the ending was not much better. There was more whining, more 'damsel in distress', and still nothing to really make me care.

I barely read the third book; all they did was cry about the complications of the previous book.

The fourth one, to put it bluntly, disgusted me. The fact that Bella jumped so much at the idea of sleeping with Edward made me loose any respect I still may have had for the character and the series as a whole. The idea that they had a child, who then proceeded to grow up basically immediately just kind of ticked me off. I think it seems like Ms. Meyer had been watching too much of the 'Buffy' spin-off 'Angel', and when she saw that there was a child of two vampires on that show that was an adult very quickly, albeit from different circumstances, she decided that she needed one, too.

I know all the Twilight lovers are probably screaming right now about how I'm a heartless jerk for saying such things about their new religion, and to some of the more illiterate ones, I would like to say: Instead of spending your time on here defending your new fad (Yes, FAD. In 20 years you probably won't remember what Twilight even IS.), go to school and learn how to write. Or at least buy a dictionary instead of spending all your cash buying these books and all of the stupid propaganda for them.

Yes, I know, vampires are fictional, but I do enjoy most vampire stories. After Twilight, many of my friends read more vampire books I will just say that I will praise the day that all of my friends stop reading vampire books and asking why these vampires aren't like in Twilight, and deciding that any vampire who doesn't "sparkle" is not a real vampire. And again, I KNOW they're fiction. I'm all for getting kids to read more, but please, there are many much better books they could spend their time reading.

I think stephanie meyer writes great. I enjoyed her twilight series. Half the people who say they hate it have probably never read it. I like Stephen King but he shouldn't have said that she can't write. Instead he could have said that she needs to work on her writing and that some of it isn't up to his specific standards on writing. Everyone needs some critizizm to become a better writer and a better person and I am critizicing him for saying that Stephanie Meyer can't write. Don't be so rude Stephen. Not everybody can write like you.

Guys...come on...Meyer can't write. I'm a reviewer so I read everything and I have no favorites so that I can be fair to everyone. The Twilight books were beyond badly written. Not only were they "technically" a huge mess, but the characters were extremely boring and the love? Frankly, after reading the books and watching the actors in the movie, I got the feeling that ALL poor Edward wanted to do was kill her to shut her up! Ms. Meyer simply had a commercial product that hit at the right time. This is all luck, no talent. But, I'm sure the million dollars in checks were worth it.

Consider the fact that Stephen King was chemically altered when he wrote most of his books.
I've been an avid reader my entire life. I don't prefer any style or type of book over any other, I just enjoy a good read. Stephenie Meyer was a good read. I swore to my teenaged daughter that we were not going to read her books, and I finished all four in a week around my work schedule and 3 kids.
Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer appeal to entirely different audiences. I love them both, but would not want my kids reading Stephen King until they were in high school or older because of the content, where I would let them read Stephenie Meyer in 6th grade and up just because the content is less sexual and graphic. They have different approaches to the supernatural, and it is encouraging that Meyer could create something positive out of something that the world has always viewed as negative and to be feared.
Stephen King needs to step back and appreciate the fact that Meyer's books have re-introduced a entire generation to this type of literature because he will reap the financial benefits of that also.

To Reader Mom:

Did you not read Kris' post. Teens are neglecting to read other books because they don't have their precious Edward in them or the vampires don't conform to Meyer's standards. How is it beneficial to King when his books are being ignored because of these teens? And there is clearly sexual activity in the fourth book. In fact, there are multiple instances of it. And the birth scene. You want your sixth graders reading that? Comparing this to another vampire novel, Salem's Lot. I read only one sex scene in that book, and it wasn't even described, just like in Breaking Dawn. But, there's no gory birth scene to follow it up. No blood drinking during pregnancy either as I remember. Now, I'm not saying kids should read IT. I read that and that does have descriptions of sex. But, Twilight? No. And even if there's no actual sex, if you were a avid reader you would be able to pick up on the sexual tone displayed throughout the book. Or maybe not sexual but lustrous. Nobody can appreciate the fact that Meyer has opened up a new generation to reading because she hasn't. Not really. Good read or not, it's still elementary and doesn't inspire people to read anything else.

First I would like to say that I've never read any Stephen King books, so I can't really comment on his books, but I would like to say that Stepenie Meyer is an amazing author and I love her books. Sometimes she uses sayings that I don't understand very well, but she has brought vampires to a whole new level. What I don't like about Stephen King saying that Stepenie Meyer can't write is that he writes horror stories and I think that Stephenie doesn't. When people hear vampires what do they think? Buffy Summers, Coffins, bats, sun equals death, and other stuff. But Stephenie doesn't have any of that in her books, so I don't think that they should be genred as horror. Instead of a count who climbs walls and sleeps in coffins(no offence to Bram Stoker, I'm reading Dracula, and I find it very intriguing) she has a 17 year old who doesn't like being a "monster", who falls in love with the one human who he has to fight against his instincts not to kill her. Stephenie's books should be labled as either romance or fiction. The back of Twilight reads "About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Secong, there was a part of him-and I didn't know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in LOVE WITH HIM." When I found out that my school genred twilight as horror i was a outraged. Anyways, I think that Stephenie Meyer can work on her writing just like any other writer, but also that Stephen King only knows HORROR stories and Twilight isn't horror.

To twilightgrly,

Stephen King is an certified critic. He knows more than horror. He taught English at a college. He's not an idiot. Second, he's not talking about the story, he's talking about the writing, which isn't good. I don't care what genre you're in, if it's not good writing, it's not good writing. And the whole melancholy theme around Edward is boring, stupid, and redundant. He loves Bella but he wants to kill her because her blood smells good, yet he won't let anyone change her so that he can love her without fighting the urge to kill her? How much sense does that make? And Meyer, however appealing her stories are to you and all the chicks in middle school and high school, is a bad writer. If you had read a King book you'd realize just how unsophisticated she really is. Hell, even read Harry Potter and you'll get a sense.

Just so you know, I never said my friends STOPPED reading vampire books, they actually just read more of them. But then they pick up some of my favorites and start complaining how, like Josh said, they don't conform to Meyer's vampires, if you can even call them that. Meyer's vampires might've well just be de-fanged, because those fangs barely get any use. And being so indestructible actually makes them MORE of a monster, because then the little humans can't even comfort themselves in the fact that they could always stake them if need be. But that need would never arise because they're all too perfectly depressing, and Edward's too busy moping to ever cause any real damage.

stephen king is WRONG. Stephenie Meyer is very good writer. well.. BEST writer that i ever read the book. im know which is best is stephenie

Actually, Kris, they were de-fanged. They just have really sharp, normal teeth if I remember correctly.

The fact that the vampires do not have the trademark fangs just proves my point further: they're not real vampires.

To lizzie,

Learn sentence structure, and we'll start taking you seriously. And while you're at it, learn other writing basics. Please.

Stephen King. I hope this gets to you. Yeah maybe the dream came out to be a book, but your just mad that you can't write a book like her. You're mad that she is the next big thing on the shelves. You're mad that she's taking your spotlight. Well if your so mad that it came from her dreams....your book had to come from thoughts to put it on the page. Everyone can write EVERYONE. Writing is nothing but putting your dreams and thoughts down on a sheet of papar...and listen here...everyone can dream and that's one thing everyone is good at. Now go get a life at your little so called writing and make another book.

To Steven Hill,
If King were mad that new authors were stealing his spotlight, he would bash Rowling too. He doesn't care about spotlight, he's made his mark on the literary world. His criticism is not influenced by any jealousy whatsoever. And yes, everyone can dream, but some people don't have the talent to transform that into words on a paper so, no not everyone can write.

Half of these comments read as if they were written by angry twelve year-olds. 'Freedom of speech' and 'opinion'. King is free to speak his opinion on Meyers. Also this little snippet here isn't all of what he said. Rosenthal took a little piece of something King said in an interview.

I came across the comments the Mr. King made several weeks ago, and haven't been able to get passed them. I am what he would call one of his constant readers, and appreciate what he has done with his work. I was initially hesitant to read Jo Rowling's books, due to the fact that I don't hold in high esteem the opinions some of the people who recommended them to me. Fortunately however, I was quite wrong, and agree with Mr. King's assessment of J.K.'s work. I haven't read any of Stephanie Meyer's books, but I must say I wish them all the worst. I am a lover of horror, and vampires, however, all the new imaginings of vampire mythology is bothering me (this would be you Stephanie Meyer and you too Alan Ball, with your "True Blood.") The last, best vampire story was Joss Whedon's Buffy series. Vampires, they of the soulless creatures of the night, not heroic, loving saviors. The vampire is and always should be the villain, not the love interest...Just ask Buffy what happens when you spend the night w/ one. Don't defy the genre conventions, stick with them and expound on them. The fact that Mr. King says Ms. Myer can't write a lick is just icing on the cake.

"Posted by: Kris | March 19, 2009 3:45 PM: stephen king is WRONG. Stephenie Meyer is very good writer. well.. BEST writer that i ever read the book. im know which is best is stephenie"

Kris can I ask that before you flame people about sentence structure, you at least try to get your right. Lizzie used perfect sentence structure. Now about the book, I'll simply say that while the story was decent, the mechanics were terrible, in fact, if I turned in the first 15 pages of Twilight to my college professor, I would get back a D- because the grammar is just that terrible. And to be frank, that's exactly what King was pointing out. Most high school senior's have better grammar and plot progression skills...and mind you I've read all four books. And do whoever mentioned them making a movie out of one of King's books or him being jealous, your a fool, because The Shawshank Redemption is by King, and he is speaking more of the mechanics than the content. So before we start a flame war, let's take the time and be civil.... Oh and actually use your brain instead of acting like fanboys/fangirls.

To Dustin:

Actually, Lizzie posted the comment you were degrading. For future reference, the poster's name is below the comment. Therefore, Kris has been fine, Lizzie has not.

Sma, I'm careful not to take things out of context, so the original post included a link to King's interview. Here's the longer version of the USAToday story:
King, whose Stephen King Goes to the Movies collection came out last week, doesn’t know how much of an influence he had on Meyer, but he does know that Rowling read his stuff when she was younger. "I think that has some kind of formative influence the same way reading Richard Matheson had an influence on me," King explains. "People always say to me, 'Well, what about H.P. Lovecraft?' And the thing was, you read Lovecraft when you were a kid but I never felt that he was speaking my language. It was chillier than my heart was, and when Matheson started to write about ordinary people and stuff, that was something that I wanted to do. I said, 'This is the way to do it. He’s showing the way.' I think that I serve that purpose for some writers, and that’s a good thing. Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. ... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good."

But then King recalls that when his mom was alive, she read all the Erle Stanley Gardner books, the Perry Mason mysteries, obsessively when he was growing up. "He was a terrible writer, too, but he was very successful," King says. "Somebody who’s a terrific writer who’s been very, very successful is Jodi Picoult. You’ve got Dean Koontz, who can write like hell. And then sometimes he’s just awful. It varies. James Patterson is a terrible writer but he’s very very successful. People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it’s very clear that she’s writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual. A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that’s a shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet."

I just read the book this week for the first time.

It was garbage.

I'd really like those four hours of my life back.

I'd have to agree with Stephan King on this one. Stephanie Meyer's writing in the Twilight series is not very good. Although, what King fails to mention is that he has had MANY years of writing under his belt in comparison to Meyer. I'm sure if Meyer keeps working on developing her writing skills over the years her work will become stronger.

Taylor, Stephen King is an amazing writer. If you prefer Meyers' work over his, than it's obvious that you're a high school illiterate.

Hey! Steven King!

When was the last time you had a book that actually got kids reading and was the biggest thing in literature since Harry Potter and was hitting the charts in both adult and juvenile fiction?

OK, Look people I understand that everyone has opinions... Mine is I see both sides of kings and Meyer's But come on people! This is why there are a variety of books available to us.There are some people who think those "Dungeon and dragon" books are awesome but I think they are retarded and wouldn't keep my interest past the index... That's what book categories are for. What does it matter as long as people are still reading and dreaming.Let people Be diverse if they want.....

ok i have tried to read maybe about 6 different stephen kings book and i could not get in to any one if i truly like the book ill get in about maybe the 2nd page but not his book and he is just mad because there is competition and stephenie meyer is a great writer i dont care what anyone says

1.) Isn't it rather ironic that the majority of posts defending Ms. Meyer's work are fraught with ugly grammer mistakes and rediculously bad spelling? "stephan king is a gerk" Rather revealing of the level of English competency of her average fan...

2.) "She sells a lot of books and has a movie so she has to be a great writer" As if that was the end all of Meyer defence. Paris Hilton is rather popular and well-known. What exactly has she accomplished? By the logic of many of these comments, her popularity must be based on some amazing skill rather than merely the ability to sell herself.

3.) Stephan King is jelous he doesn't have the fan base of a gender/age-range he has never attempted to appeal to? I'm rather doubtful of that... How is it that he is jealous of Meyer and not J.K. Rowling if he is merely bitter about fame?

4.) Stephan King did not randomly come out and abuse Stephanie Meyer. He was asked his opinion of her, and he gave it honestly.

5.) He also was not critizing the story, this has nothing to do with a genre battle. He was just expressing that as a writer, she just wasn't very good. I have to say I agree. It's rather scary that a company actually agreed to publish it considering her terrible vocabulary, grammer and ability to make any sort of believable character.

6.) It's scares me that people consider this a good book for the female tween generation. The main character is both shallow and weak. She overcomes no real battles, deals with no true character flaws and resigns herself to being saved constantly by her "gorgeous" vampire boyfriend. What a terrible role model...

7.) Part of Meyer's popularity? Her books are easy to read. Same reason they have dumbed down newspapers to attract readers. You don't have to put too much thought into understanding plot, characters, or even a vocabulary word. Stephen's King's novels actually require a little effort and thought, not everything is put out on a platter for easy comphrension.
Reading twilight is rather like eating candy. It can taste good, but in the end is just empty calories. .

First of all, its been very entertaining to read all these comments. My friend couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard. Thanks for making my day! :)

Here's my opinion: I agree with Stephen King... with reservations. Stephenie Meyer is definitely not the best writer in the world. It made it exceptionally hard for me to focas on the story when all I concentrate on were the grammer mistakes and over use of words and phrases that were all over the place. It was not very interseting to be in Bella's head because all of her thoughts were just repeats of things she says or already thought! The third book just cried over what happened in the second, and the fourth was sadly disappointing. But seriously, Who cares? Its a book. Its a fun and easy read, nothing to obsess over. As for the people who think she ruined the vamp's image- I don't think she did. She just created her own version.

i don't know why i'm even writing a comment. all of this is just opinions and who can win in a battle of opinion. we can never feel every thought insdie someone elses head and so how do we know who is right and who is wrong? why does there have to have a write and wrong. im not even going to write my opinion about the article coz who actually really cares?
but even writing this is showing opionin.
wow we are all so over rated :)

I love Stephen King's books
I love Stephenie Meyers' books.

Who cares what other authors think of your work. The target audience are the readers.

They said the same think about Jackie Susann and Valley of the Dolls. She didn't give a flying cray and neither should Stephenie.

Stephen, read the books guys may have more in common than you think. You both have some of the same bias.

Whatever, chick is getting PAID. What difference does his opinion mean to her. She just needs to get back to the business of writing books. I am sick of her music obsession. You sold the movie rights now get your butt back to writing girl!

To the unimaginative "Kevin" I feel very sorry for you to have such strong opinions clearly If you would just look for one "SPARKLING" moment things do not always have to be frightning and vicous. Ive always felt any Vampire like that of "Edward' was a trapped beautiful soul and whats more loved to all than a Diamond.-classic girl

Oh come on. First off: fanbois ad girls: Selling a LOT of a thing does NOT equate to a thing being good in the remotest. Look at Windows.

Or... looking into the realm of literature, look at ALL the Brian Herbert/Kevin J Anderson novels that bastardize the Dune franchise.

Of course, all the Twilight fans probably never picked up any serious literature outside of high school. I read quite a few of Stephen Kings novels. That guy can write. That guy can scare the living daylights out of you... and the many many MANY movies based off his books, such as The Shawshank Redemption, generally accepted as one of the single greatest movies of all time, will make you love his writing.

I did not have the displeasure of reading Stephanie Meyer. But I have it from many people who have excellent taste in books say that the entire Twilight series is mediocre at best.

I have a unique perspective, directed at the horrible... HORRIBLE... first Twilight film.

I RP, a lot. And I have for a long time now. A long time ago, I had the displeasure of basically being trapped RPing with what can only be described as a "fangirl" of movies like this... Think the latest rendition of Phantom of the Opera here. In this case, she would erase the female lead and throw in a terrible Mary-Sue or sometimes an outright Self-Insert, which for you fangirls of Twilight, is defined as "idiot twinkie character you put in your fanfiction to tr to win over the male lead," and force me to play the male lead. Then the plots of ALL story arcs with this person would go as follows:

1. Dark, brooding male, played by me (Lets call this character Edward. And if I still RPed with this girl. I absolutely would play Edward.), meets bubbly idiot girl who has less than three brain cells, (Call her Bella, though if I still RPed with this girl, I guarantee Bella would mysteriously vanish and get replaced by a Mary-Sue.)

2. Bella falls head over heels in love with Edward. I am expect to play Edward as a cold fish, and not give Bella the time of day for maybe about... three poses.

3. Bella's life is threatened, predictably, by another vampire. Now I have to have Edward step up and save Bella from the vampire.

4. Unrealistically, the already one-dimensional character of Edward has to fall in love with the even MORE shallow and less-dimensional Bella.

5. They have sex.

6. They have more sex.

7. They have even more sex.

8. They ONLY have sex for every scene since.

And I look at the Twilight movie, which I JUST saw not too long ago on DVD... and I see the scene. The order of events is different, but it's the same thing:

Step 1. Pretty, yet stupid female protagonist meets sexy, flawless male hero protagonist.

Step 2. Stupid female protagonist learns sexy male protagonist is a vampire. Unrealistically, she doesn't show any surprise or shock, as if meeting vampires is the norm.

Step 3. After only THREE scenes, both the stupid female protagonist and sexy male protagonist fall in love.

Step 4. Implied sex scene.

Step 5 Villains show up and do nothing very interesting. Soon they threaten stupid female protagonist.

Step 6. Predictably: Not only is sexy male protagonist first on the scene to kick the main, predictable antagonist's butt, but also to win, and do some sort of risky sacrifice to save stupid female protagonist's life after the fact. This scene lasts 10 minutes and contributes nothing to the plot

Step 7. Emo scene about how sexy male protagonist couldn't turn stupid female protagonist into a vampire, as that would invalidate all the predictable damsel-in-distress plotlines that are likely to happen in the rest of the series.

Stephanie Meyer writes her stories like that fangirl I used to RP with. That is Very VERY Bad Writing.

And then there's throwing the ENTIRE vampire mythos out the window for fangirl purposes:

1. Real vampires from actual gothic legends and stories are supposed to die in sunlight, not sparkle in a frankly glittery manner just to make them seem touching.

2. Real vampires suck human blood. End of story. None of this "vegetarianism" bullshit just so the good vampires will look good to the empty headed fangirl-inducing novel reader.

3. Vampires have NUMEROUS ways to die beyond just being ripped to pieces and burned: There's the stake, the cross, sunlight, garlic... silver, etc. None of these aside from being ripped up seem to apply in Meyer's horrible writing.

4. Vampires are not very active. They're part of the undead, like zombies except fully intelligent. In most mythos they're servants of the devil. Because they're undead, they are not very active. They almost always are in coffins, cellars, dark places where sunlight will never go. While sleeping (More on that later.) they are exceptionally vulnerable, hence even a higher need for a coffin in a cellar.

5. Vampires DO sleep. That's the whole purpose of the coffin in the day thing. And they're exceptionally vulnerable in this state.

There are a few things they do get right: Such as the whole werewolves versus vampire thing... almost. Butchered by having the lead vampire of the good guys make peace with the lead werewolf. Watch Underworld for a more accurate vampire/werewolf relations. They're supposed to be outright blood enemies, fighting bitterly over, basically, food. Vampires need the blood, werewolves need the flesh.

And there's the enhanced athletics, which varies in extensibility from story to story. But I think Meyer was, again, allowing a little TOO much ability in her vampires.

Don't get me wrong. I like variety in vampires. But going all-out and making them basically invincible beings who don't sleep and have almost no weaknesses ruins it.

Enough of that ranting. Considering the fangirl-style writing and the complete bastardization of the vampire mythos, Stephanie Meyer cannot write worth a damn. And as mentioned before, Stephen King knows vampires. He wrote Salem's Lot, for Pete's sake. He's done vampires. He just chooses to do more original horror stories that aren't really based on a mythos. The Shining? Cujo? It? I likes Secret Window/Hidden Garden or whatever it was called.

Wow, some fangirls are getting their panties in a wad over the truth. The reason that so many of Meyer's books were sold was because it's so freaking simple, anyone with half a brainstem could read them. It is put in first person so that the reader can pretend that their the one's getting this venomous stone person which is in fact not a vampire but a creature of her own imagination. Imagination is good but don’t put a tag on something that it’s not.
The reason that King said that she sucked is, well, because she sucks. Her characters are as flat as a pre-teen's chest. Bella is not a character that would be empowering to women. The plot is flat. Their 'love' comes out of thin air which is something that doesn't happen in the real world. Real love comes from friendship, hard work and determination. The descriptions of Eddie are the same. Beautiful this, gorgeous that. Have you ever heard of thesaurus rape? If you’ve read Twilight, you think it’s bad and put thought into her words, you know what I’m talking about. When Bella moved to Forks people wanted to be her friend instantly and wanted to go to prom with her. Has Meyer ever been to a new school because this rarely happens in real life. The thing that makes this even worse is that Bella complains over it. Most girls, if an attractive male asked them out, they’d be ecstatic. Now on to the biggie, Meyer based Bella after herself which is called a Mary Sue. Mary Sues are perfect characters who look perfect, have no to few flaws, many guys are attracted to her, her name has a special meaning (Bella means beautiful so her name means beautiful swan), and the only thing that can be excused is that Bella really has no special abilities except for cooking. A Mary Sue is commonly bases after the author only, the character is better.
The most distinctive difference is, Bella is skinny. So, here is some hard evidence that Twilight does not deserve what it’s getting.

Good day.

I love Stephenie meyer's books & I am an adult. I love her writing style & her well developed characters! She is awesome & hopes she keeps writing, writing, & writing! I DON'T like ANY of Stephen King's books. (Maybe Cujo) I have NEVER liked Stephen King. Additionally, I thinks he shows no class by dogging Stephenie Meyer. What a jerk!

I agree with King, I'm not saying this as a King fan, but Stephenie Meyer's work has no great style, like Kings, where the way he uses punctuation can make you shiver on how well he has done, he has written over 70 Best sellers, and the way it looks Meyer is going to end up like Rowling, where you are known for one thing and you ride on that forever, I love to read, I can read just about anything, but this was worse that garbage, maybe when she learns to write better I'll consider trying to read one of her new books!

There is my two cents!


I must agree with Yaro. I have been reading Stephen King for over 30 years and his comments about Stephenie Meyer are completely accurate. He was asked for his opinion. For the twilighters who think he is jealous, please, that simply is not the case. I attempted the shining by King when I was 12 years old and could not get into it because I thought it was a hard read. Well, two years later at 14, I tried reading it again and I loved it. However, my post is not about being a fan of Mr. King (I like most of his works, not all) or bashing Ms. Meyer. It's really to point out several facts.

I read the entire twilight saga. In the first book, the story started out somewhat strong enough to hold my interest but the remaining books quickly ran so badly out of imagination. Meyer has even said she dreamed this story up within three days and it shows. Have you ever read her acknowledgement page? Over and over she credits the alt band Muse for getting her over writer's block. I find this incredulous because there is no effort to the plot or characters to begin with. She consistently over uses the thesarus to the point that I just laughed hysterically. If I read one more time how gorgeous, marbled chested, amber colored eyes,and indredibly smart Edward is and I don't deserve him, I would have vomited. Remember in school where there were a few girls, who weren't that attrative going out with really good looking guys? We use to curse them but they never walked around with their boyfriends saying I don't deserve you did they? No they didn't. Her Mary Sue character, Bella, is clumsy, not very pretty, but in actual is, and doesn't have any self esteem. She is now the most popular girl at school but doesn't know why. That is nonsense. What girl in today's society,mentally and verbally beats herself and others up when they try to give her gifts? Ridiculous. Why do Edward and Bella love each other? It is never stated...except that she is physically attracted to him and he wants her blood. A glittering vampire is a let down. There was so much that could have been done with these characters but Meyer lacks the skill for the follow through. Have you ever went to the movies and were let down because it could have been done much better?

The volturi were created without much thought. What I found offrensive was her relationship with Jacob. Yeah he helped Bella through a tough time but get over it. For you tweeners and teenagers out there, once a guy has broken up with you and then you get back together, there is no way in HELL that a guy like Jacob will remain in the picture or that you beat yourself up over hurting his feelings. Also you love Edward so much but kiss Jacob? Utterly crap.

The third book with the newbie vampires was soooo stupid that I laugh even now. That was the indication that Meyer has nothing more to give to any of the characters or plot. For the fourth book every twilighter and fan should be absolutely disgusted. The plot, sickening. It insults all who have read it, their intelligence. Edward tried so hard to preserve her humanity and Bella throws it away and their daughter Renesmee; let me put my hand to your face so that I can say "I love you". All should have found that and Jacob imprinting on her, for lack of a better word, just plain stupid.

Unfortunately, Meyer's writing will never get better. If you compare Dean Koontz, King, and JKR at Meyer's age, they were well advanced. One previous post said that once the twilight fad is forgotten, so will Meyer be and I have to say that is true. For you tweeners, once you grow up and become adults, preferences and tastes changing, you will see that many of us on this blog were right.

Again, Stephen King can have his opinion. Who cares!

Not everything written is meant to be a literary work of art. The woman is just expressing some creativity. They are fantasy books...anything can happen in a fantasy.

Gosh darn it all to what if you think she can't write. So what if any 2 year old can read them. They are enjoyable! She never claimed she set out to be an author and get published. Who knows, she may get better with time and practice. I know with all of this criticism I would make it a point to get better. She had some creative juice...was diligent enough to write it out and her sister convinced her to send to a publisher.

Get over yourself people. You don't like her...don't read her. You want to be challenged? Go and pick up some Toni Morrison! This woman could very well be the catalyst for making some life long readers out there!

These people writing the long synopsis should have enough gumption to go and write their own books and let's see if someone will pay to read them...or not. Who cares.

Write all the way to the bank Stephenie and it is really nice that on the way, you may be giving someone, who normally may never have developed, a love for reading!

One question. Who is Stephenie Myer? Never heard of her. I have, though, read almost all of Mr. King's books and I love him.

Ok first I totaly agree with the person who mentioned they liked her books because there isn't a lot of sexual things to them. I absolutely loved that fact about her books. I want to know when is she going to write more books???? She is an amazing author!!!

To Shannon:

You know what those readers Stephenie Meyer inspire to read do? They try to read other, better books and discard them as trash because they are not exactly like Twilight and do not contain their perfect Edward or their sparkly vampires. Twilight has created a generation of readers blind to true literature. They have created a religion out of Twilight with Edward as God and Bella as the Virgin Mary. Hopefully she develops over time but I think fame will soon overcome her and she'll just write more Twilights. Honestly, in ten years tops, Twilight will be a forgotten memory to mainstream media. Harry Potter however, will remain standing as will Stephen King.

I find it humorous that so many people think Stephen King has no standing to critique Stephanie Meyers' work. How dare a writer think he knows something about writing?

I've read quite a few Stephen King books. I've also read all the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyers. Without hesitation, Stephen King is a far better author. I base that on both writers literary skill, not subject matter. Anyone who's read a Stephen King novel and a Stephanie Meyers novel knows they are in different leagues. Stephen King could come up with infinite ways to describe a cherry pie. Stephanie Meyers would likely be hard pressed to come up with anything beyond red and crimson.

I'm personally more offended by this notion that "anything" that gets a kid to read is a good thing. Or what girl is going to read about a killer car? So a dummied down romance novel with elementary level adjectives is what it takes to get a girl reading these days? How sad.

First off, I would like to say that this situation has just become COMPLETELY overblown. It is JUST a book. Calm down. Stop being hypocrites and bashing at people for having opinions.
I personally don't really enjoy Stephen King's books, but I do agree that Meyer's writing is weak. And honestly, the first book was the only one that was even worth reading. The rest of them were BORING and REPETITIVE. Breaking Dawn was an epic fail. The first half was just sex, sex and more sex.
I agree with some people that the whole Twilight series was just a trend. People only read it and loved it because everyone else did. The movie was a load of crap and a waste of my time.
Meyer was a real disappointment for me. A lot of authors that write series always screw up their sequels and everything else that came after it. Really depressing.
These are just some of my thoughts that I'd like to...put out there. :)

I've read almost everything King has written and I've also read all 4 of the Twilight series. You're talking completely different audiences......I enjoyed the Twilight series, but you have to keep in mind these were written for teeny boppers. If you compare Twilight to The Dark Tower, King is definately "King"!

I love Stephenie Meyer. Her Twilight Saga did have a great impact towards the youth, and even to the young at heart.

At that manner, Stephen King made very thrilling novels...though I've only seen the movies, I fell in love on how he weaves such twisted tales.

I respect how King views the skills of Meyer because I believe that he speaks from years of experience. But technically, Meyer's saga has been a HUGE hit and its undeniable that majority of the people who read it LOVED the books. And that itself made it clear that Meyer has the "edge" to keep the readers on the look out for her next releases.

oh my god!! I have to do something about this! SOME ONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!!

I don't think Stephenie Meyer's a good writer, I think she's average; her writing isn't as good as JKR and Stephen King; she's not amazingly talented - her ideas are just good.

Oh dear.
Considering that Stephenie Meyer herself said that she didn't do any research on vampire mythology, I think that's one example of what NOT TO DO.

You take away all the vampires' weaknesses, leaving them bland, and then they're not really vampires anymore - just sparkly things that suck blood.

I mean, bad characterization on a racial scale - it's a whole race of Sues and Stus! Run, goodficcers, run!

I worldbuild and I know that it takes a lot of research to create a new race, like SMeyer has done to the poor vampires.

I think I infinitely prefer Rip van Winkle (who's not even a major character in her story) to Edward McSparklypants.

lol @ the fact that no guys like Meyers.

I haven't ever heard of Stephan King but I will trust the other comments that he is a good writer. I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga and love Stephanie Meyer's writing skills. I do think it was amazing that she took the risk on turning century old vampire myths into something no one should be afraid of. She made me drawn to the Cullen family because I loved how she made them so isolated from everyone because I love groups. I also enjoyed the fact that she incorporated another monster myth in the story. I also found it entertaining with the rivalry between Jacob and Edward. I do disagree with Stephan but hey he is an experience writer and maybe he knows what he is talking about.

I happen to be a big Stephen King fan, and have read most of his work. I have also read Twilight, and plan to read the rest in the series. I think it is unfair to compare the two writers, as they are not even close to the same league. SK's books can scare me to the point I have to put the book down and take a deep breath before reading more. They draw you in. It's just his style. I love that he can take the utterly immpossible seem like it could be reality. Not all of SK's books are "scary", but they have all managed to give me the chills. Even with the books I didn't love, I still finished the book and admired the way he told the story.

Stephanie Meyer's writing just doesn't capture the heart and soul that way. Don't get me wrong, I loved the story but just wished it were written in a different way. SM's description of Forks, for example, is summed up in one tiny paragraph. Ok, so it's "green"... what else! The only thing that is clearly described in the whole book is Edward. Over and over at that. As much as the story propelled me forward, reading about Edward's marble chest and arms got a bit dull. Not to mention the "glowering", "glaring" and "smouldering" that went on throughout the story. There are different ways to portray those actions.

So, I think the story has real promise, as does the author. This is her first crack at writing, and she has done a great job. Meyers will most likely be a huge success with following books. I just hope her writing grows along with her best sellers list.

OK this is a response to Suzie. A.K.A literature snob-

I am so tired of people picking apart this stuff. Writing, music, painting, acting, are all forms of ART! it is up to people to make theyre own interpretation of someones work. Its okay if people disagree on it, but to be a snob about it? Get a life. For someone to put face value and insult someone for liking a book is insane.

Suzie, you can take your comment and stuff it, because by all means youre so full of yourself that I dont care what you say at this point, because anything you have to say is just to stroke your sad, and very unempressive ego.

I love to read, and really.. as long as I like it thats all that matters. I dont need Stephen Kings seal of approval, or anyones critique to be able to enjoy a book.

My husband is in Iraq, and there were times I needed a break from worry.. and stephanie meyer's books gave me that peace. Sometimes, correct grammer isnt everything, its the ideas and the craft of story telling that ignites a persons imagination.

If you dont like stephanie meyer books, then dont read them :) simple.

Theres no right or wrong answer to interpreting art. Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, but just because a few people say "Nay" doesnt mean their oppinion is worth more.

Life is too short to pick things apart. If you like it, the wonderful! if not.. then, find something you do like :)

Thats my two cents and Im sticking with it.

p.s. you dont have to be a teenager to appreciate a sweet love story. ( my oppinion )

I agree with King that Meyer can't really write worth a darn. The first 150 plus pages of Twilight are painful to read, because the prose is so bad. As a writer, albeit non fiction, (and a bibliophile) I know good prose when I see it, and I know talent when it appears, too. Meyer took a lot of other writers work, like Ray Bradbury and several other fantasy writers and slushed it all together to make her own little Mormon teenage vampire fantasy. Bella is a nauseating little b*tch, and I found that reading her self-absorbed whining and shallow yearnings was neither enlightening nor entertaining, two things I require from books.
That said, I can see how other teenage girls, also self absorbed and shallow, would love this series and what it represents...that teenagers are smarter than their dull parents, and that they should be allowed to have sex and children long before they are ready, because, of course, they know EVERYTHING, right?
JK Rowling, though also somewhat derivative, is twice the writer that Meyer will ever be, and King, though I detest horror fiction, can write circles around Meyer on his worst day.
I don't see the problem with King airing his opinion on another writer. He's published a lot more fiction than Meyer, and he has a right, as a modern author, to weigh in with his informed insight on what is going on in the publishing world. Plus, he's right, she does suck as a writer.

People get over it. We have two writer
that made their book wonderful to the world. We do not have to agree with anyone of them. But Mr. King i felt was wrong. Who made him the book king? Step M has every right to write about whatever and whoever. Vampires are what we believe they are? Some SEXy some evil etc. Who cares!!!! let the writers write and let the readers read. Mrs. King Keep up your hate and Show the people how sick you are. Step Keep up your love story and SEXy MAN!

I think King was on to something. The popularity of Meyer's books isn't in the writing, it's in the subject matter. The fact is that her books, the Twilight series in particular, allows teenage girls (and older girls and women) to experience romance of an unnatural kind. It sets up weird expectations and allows for fantasy. But it's not realistic nor is it good writing. It just happened to tap into a major market that makes a lot of noise.

This is my problem with Meyer, (and yes I read most of them). I find her portrayal of Bella as a pretty girl with low self esteem who finds true love before she learns to love herself very offensive. Having said that and being a fan of the pre-Gerald's Game King writing, I have to say I find King's criticism rude.
Perhaps Mr. King is jealous because it takes him well over a year to finish a novel where as Meyer has been quoted as saying she wrote the first one in three months.

Okay here's the deal. Stephenie didn't mean to have a dream about a sparkling vampire and a human girl hooking up. Just a dream. She honestly didn't won't it to get published, she wanted it for herself. Until her sister pushed her and encouraged her to do it. When you read the Twilight Saga, it pulls you into the writing. So thus saying she is a good writer. To the one who said that not everyone can write, haha, wow, what a nafarious miscreant. That get's me so mad when people say that. Everyone can write, all it is is writing with either a key board or pencil. It's something that everyone can do. So stop putting down Stephenie Meyer. If Mr.King is such an amazinf writer, then why haven't I seen any one pick up one of his books and read it? Huh? Tell me. Yeah maybe he's a world known writing, well who gives a crap. That doesn't give him the right to put down a writer. Stephenie Meyer is my hero, and Stephen King can go stick his pencil somewhere. Now excuse me for such volgar language, but I am pretty sure that I got my point across. Now, I am going to go write some of my book, and hopefully I can please the Mr.King!!!!!! I want him to make me feel special, because I look up to him.*I love being sarcastic!!! All because some writes, doesn't mean that man has to go hay wire because someone else is writing an amazing book. He's jealous. Stephenie writes like a guiness!!!
I love her, and would like King if he wouldn't envy other writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an amazing day.
Well down here it's night, so have a good night!!!!

Anything that can get kids reading should be applauded. Let's be fair, those Potter books require some dedication so Rowlings obviously doing something right. As for the Twilight series, I know they've caused some controversy regarding a woman totally giving herself over to a man. But romance, like comedy, is subjective. One womans Milk Tray Man is anothers potential sex pest.
The Twilight series sounds to me like a glorified Mills & Boon for the Emo generation.

King's criticism for Stephanie Meyer was rude. Is there a hint of jealously because of Meyer's immense popularity? I must agree that Meyer's writing is not up to par with J.K. Rowling, but why do we need to compare? The popularity of the Twilight series has made a whole generation of young people READ for enjoyment. I have read thru the first few books in the series and enjoyed them, but you have to remember the target audience- 'Young Adult'. And I can't believe that King would be able to relate to this genre or be able to write for young girls. (I guess Carrie would be his version of a high school story minus the vampires, but plenty of blood.)

lol xD 5 years ago, i found a manga exactly the same as twilight....its name is vampire kisses, so i am publicly announcing: twilight is stolen!!

To Sari:

King is not jealous. If he were, he'd criticize Rowling too. Simple logic.

To Steven Hill:

Not everyone can write. You have to have the ability to manipulate words on the page to form interesting characters and descriptions. You have to have the ability to create the scenes. Not everyone can do that. Next, learn to spell. Vulgar, not volgar. Genius, not guiness. Personally, and I'm sure many would share my opinion, I would rather get good criticism from King than Meyer. King is a lot better than Meyer. No contest. I picked up a Stephen King book TODAY. Haven't picked up Twilight or any of it's sequels after finishing them in November. And in general, the critics found Meyer's books to be lacking as well. Are you gonna' go spout off your rant to all of those critics who said it wasn't a good book? And because a book can pull you in doesn't mean that it's written well. The reason Twilight pulls people in is because of it's simplicity. The poor, elementary writing leaves nothing for the reader to think about, nothing to guess about. The novel essentially is a road that has no twists or turns to the very end, the characters are severely under-developed, the plot leaves huge gaps in itself and her repetitive nature is very annoying. King, however, does not fill his novels with descriptions of how perfect another character is and creates believable, developed characters in believable universes.

To Suzanne:

Same goes for you. King is not jealous. And just because kids are reading doesn't mean the books are good or well written. This just means that they're not thinking. I compare reading the books to playing video games. Hell, even playing video games is better than reading Twilight because in most games you have to create a strategy to play through the different levels of the game. You have to THINK. A monkey could read Twilight using almost NONE of its thought processes.

One final note:

To anybody trying to say King is jealous, stop before you do. Maybe reading Twilight has gotten to your head. THINK for a second. As I've said before, if he were jealous, he'd be bashing Rowling too, which is not the case. To those who want to say that Twilight's good because movies are being made based on the books, King's excellent then. Because probably 30 movies have been made based off his works. Therefore, using your logic, King's GREAT. Why? 30 movies compared to 1. Do the math. That's 30 times better than Meyer.

Till the next logic-lacking post, good bye.

I thing you are creating a big mess. Writers like Stephen King, may criticize many others authors. Personally, I think Stephenie Meyer is excelent because it is not the way she writes, but the whole story is amazing, and I am not worried if she ruined the world of vampires... everybody has a different way of seeing things... And I like the way she sees things. I hope she'll not be offended with the words of Stephen because she is fabulous and deserves much better words than those. And his words does not matter to me that much to stop enjoying her books. If all writen like Stephen, I bet that many would not even be worthy to pick up a book. Therefore, each person has a different taste and Stephen should have had enough maners to not show his negative feelings about Stephenie for a magazine or whatever.
I continue supporting Stephenie a lot.
Greetings from Portugal.

Pardon if I said something wrong or out of context. I do not speak English fluently.
Thank You.

I love both...King was a bit harsh...He is a great writer, and so is Meyers...both come from differnt backgrounds...Meyers is LDS..don't expect anything overtly sexual. Read each for what they have to offer....just enjoy!

I loved the Twilight series and Harry Potter series, but must admit that I have only read a couple Stephen King novels. I do follow his column in Entertainment Weekly though and find it highly amusing. I was not amused on his trash talk of Stephenie Meyer. Especially when he complains about critics being "haters" of his 30 years ago. I read A LOT of books and did not find the Stephenie Meyer books to be poorly written. Instead I found an engaging series of books that I enjoyed as a 30-year old woman. I also really like that it is getting a whole new generation of readers excited about reading. There is nothing wrong with that!

I happen to see both sides of the argument. On one side is the fact that some people believe Stephen King is jealous, when I completely disagree with that. He has absolutely nothing to be jealous of or for. He on one hand is an incredible writer while Stephanie Meyer—although creative with her "dreams" (which she didn't imagine without an unconscious mind) left a world of room for inspiration. What she did was incredible—she somehow managed to make reading another fad like—mini skirts and Prada and for that I am incredibly insulted. When so many people’s love of books was from the literature itself and the way words can be organized—she simply scrawled it down in a notebook for a daytime hobby (Where it should have stayed). She read incredible books such as Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights and though it was excellent taste, I got the feeling that she was forced to read them years ago in high school. She read great writers but I would never even compare her to JK Rowling or Stephen King. She should get less than a quarter of the recognition they grasp. I do agree that Meyer manipulated girls into waiting for a love smitten vampire, but the reason that so many teens love her writing is the fact that it has so little large words that are required to make literature what it is. The only thing missing from her novel was pop out pictures, the types of books she should stick to reading.

I have to admit that King has a right to give his opinion. However I do not agree with his opinion. I loved all of Stephanie Meyer's books. I know that her writing is not the same kind of writing style as King's, but I love it. She has a way of reeling me in until I can't put the book down. Her books are easy to read. Meyer locks me into the stories to the point that I wish I was in the stories. I hope she continues to write more. King and Meyer are both great authors, but their work is for different audiences. King's work is for the more advanced reader. I think that Meyer's writing style can be for any reader. It is nice to just sit back and not have to think to read a book.

First, I have read books by Stephen King and Stephanie Meyers. There is not one classification of vampires, there are many. Of course Stephen's versions of vampires are going to be more garish, and even terrifiying because he writes HORROR novels, not Young Adult PARAROMANCE novels. There is more than one way for a character to a vampire, and the characteristics of them. Because if there wasn;t, all of them would be BORING. That is the writer's job is to make it fresh and not repetitive. I really liked her take on Vampires, and Werewolves.

I'm one of those teenaged girls. I'm a huge King fan and also rather liI enjoyed Twilight and am also a huge King fan. Twilight was great, but all the soppy descriptions of Edward annoyed me endlessly, but I wouldn't go as far as to say Stephen King was right. Perhaps just much more experienced, and one should remember that Karey wasn't half as good as later works like Dark Tower and The Green Mile, for instance.

okay i think that Stephenie Meyer is amazing, and so is JK Rowling! Stephen King doesnt know what he is talking about! Seriously those two series are great, they are my two fave seriesss!!! Although they write differently (JK Rowling writes about magic and wizards and very little romance while Stephanie Meyer writes about love and vampires. JK Rowling writes in third person while Stephenie writes in first person!) They still captivate the readers and nobody should stop them. I <3 BOTH BOOK SERiES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I agree that Stephenie repeats too many phrases like "marble chest" "perfect topaz eyes", but really, I can read her books, but JKR's, I just can't, they don't draw me in. I've never read Stephen's, so I can't comment on his work, but his comment about JKR's work being better is just his opinion. Stephenie has some bad pacing in some parts, he's right about that.

Come on now. Sparkly vampires are pretty darn funny--terrible fiction but funny as hell.

The idea of Steve King being jealous of Meyer but praising Rowling who has sold about 100 times more books than Meyer can even dream of shows how desperate the Meyer fans are. *shrug*

No, I don't think that just ANY book getting girls reading is good. Not when the book also tells them that a semi-stalker like Edward is what girls should want. Whatever he does is ok as long as he's hot.

Yikes. Meyer is supposed to be an adult. What the hell WAS she giving girls these rotten messages? Well, probably the same thing that she thought when she did those horrible (but rather funny at times) dialogue tags -- not much of anything it would seem.

I thought King was excessively kind to Ms. Meyer.

Well, first I have to admit that I have never actually read one of Mr.Kings books.
I have tried, don't get me wrong, but they were not for me, they did not hold me like a well written book does. I read the first novel of the TWILIGHT series when
I was in high school. And I can honestly say I could not put it down, I read it in one day! It's so many different things to many of us, but it captivates you, and you just can't let it go. I found when i did actually put it down for a break i could not stop thinking about it. It's a love story, and any person who believes in love, true love, would fall in love with this series. It's been a few years since I graduated now, but by chance on one of my travels i came across the next 3 sequels in an airport, I had to have them, I couldn't walk away from like MANY normal woman who loves "love" I bought all three, excited to see what would happen next. I had the series finished in 1 week, maybe less. I have read the series many times since then, and they never fail to amaze me, there's so many details to them really, that you feel like you learn more about them everytime you finish. I can honestly say I have willingly/unwillingly lost many hours of sleep just to get to some point in one of the books where I thought I'd be satisfied enough to put it to rest for the I've read many books, and I have rarely ever connected with a book/series like I have with Stephanie Meyers: Twilight. Props to her! I think she's an excellent writer, I thank god she had that dream. As for Stephen Kings comment? Is it possible that he is jealous that his time in the spotlight is fading, and a new artisitic, vibrant, dreamer is in the makes??? All I have to say to Mr. King from all of us TWILIGHT fans out there "BITE ME"

I do agree with Stephen Kings on some parts, but sometimes I do enjoy Stephanie. Stephanie did well with her book, The Host. I did think that the idea of a glittering vampire was silly and I wasn't too keen on Bella's constant whining and usage of Jacob. Most of all, I find it silly that anyone should be obsessed with a book whether is be written by James Patterson, Stephanie Meyer, or even Stephen King himself. It's a book, you read it, enjoy it, put it down, find other works by the same auther, and when you're done with that author either forget them completely or reread the books again. Obsession is irrelevant when it comes to reading. Stephanie has talent because she can turn history's darkest, sexual icon into a soft and sweet little series. Stephen is talented because he can make the sweetest and softest things frightening. Each writer has a talent. All I can say for the final is, I don't think it'd help to side with either Stephanie or Stephen. If they stop writing books, I'll find another author to love.

Every Individual has a right to his or her creativity. Stephen King's novels are great, so are JKR's books, and Stephanie Meyer needs to have that same respect as an author. I have also read other authors' books and I would have to say that each book is unique in it's own way. It's the same for artists. I don't think Degas would have bashed Picasso just because his paintings were a little different. Stephanie Meyer put a whole new spin on the vampire world that didn't sit well with a lot of people, but she made it new and different, rather intriguing. Lisey's Story by King was eloquent. The creativeness he poised was astounding, to be able to connect with a loved one after death, with-in the mind. I'm not criticizing anyone for their thoughts or bashing this author or that. An author is more or less a painter. A creative being, but aren't we all?

somebody count how many times she says "pursed his (or her) lips". i cant ill throw up. same phrases over and over. i got a adjective for her. monotonous!

I like how one of the earliest comments talks about Myers not using sex in her books despite the fact that the love between Bella and Edward is purely physical.

" Have they made a movie about this dude's books?"Em... Tons of them.

Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
Two movies based on the Shining
Two movies based on Carrie
Pet Semetary
Two movies based on Salem's Lot
Secret Window

That's all I could be bothered with

As much as I disagree with comparing two authors as different as Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer, if it just has to be done one most only look at the comments here to get an answer. It seems Stephanie Meyer fans have thrown grammar, spelling and intellect out the window in an attempt to defend her books, whereas at least the Stephen King fans have given substance and meaning to their replies. Or at least a fully structured sentence.
I agree with Stephen King - Stephenie Meyer just isn't a particularly good author when you've read works by people who actually are, like Stephen King for example.
He has been writing fantasy and horror for over 30 years now for all those Twilight fans that appear to be living under a rock, and can't even remember the surname 'King' that they so clearly saw stated at the top of this page before the began referring to him as 'Stephen whatever his name is'.
And yes, he has had films made of his books. Over 15, in fact. You may have heard of many, perhaps even held your fragile minds together long enough to see one of the films. Does 'It' ring a bell? 'The Mist', perhaps?
My point anyway is this - All you people who have commented without having read works by both authors have made the majority of this page pointless. You can't structure a defense on 'Edward is awesome' or 'Who is Stephen King'.
Stephen King is for people with some intelligence and capability. Stephanie Meyer is for people who can't hold a properly structured or imaginative sentence in their minds for more than 30 seconds.

Look people, it's nice that you all rushed up in arms to support your favorite authors and tried to take sides, but this really isn't a big deal. It shouldn't even be news!
King is extremely serious about the art aspect of writing, and anyone who has read his essays and pieces about writing can attest to that. If you read his interview (With out the pablum) he almost said Meyer was a poor writer as an after thought. He even went on to describe why Meyer is important in our culture. He wasn't attacking her. Everyone is making this sound as if the man wrote a ten page essay on why she's bad. Are all you fans really that diluted to think that steven king is jealous of Meyer? He's got is own rabid fan base willing to defend him to the death. The fact that there is controversy over this proves that.
King fans and "social rebels" need to stop the immature swaggering as well. You are disgracing yourselves and your favorite writer by rubbing it in. DON'T ANY OF YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO!?
(This message is intended for people who think)

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Stephen King also has a vampire story of his own: 'Salem's Lot. The vampires in that story could easily handle the ones in Twilight, if you can consider them vampires at all.

It's quite amusing reading the comments above.

Hey, before you defend your author, make sure you spell the words correctly. If that author didn't inspire you to be creative and be respectful of words and literary skills, then you might lose the fight.

I think both Authors have great stories to tell just in different ways. With all the people in the world that read there is enough fanbase to go around. Appriciate each author for what they bring to the table.

I have to agree with what Stephen King said.

I read the first book and was simply not compelled enough to want to read any further. She uses these obscure and pretentious words that no one would use in everyday language, the weak main character sets a basis for a very weak and shallow story, and her metaphors are painful to read.

Keep in mind these books are meant to appeal to a teen aged audience but it's a sad day when people are so apathetic in what our youth is reading when people blindly accept it by virtue of the fact it's a BOOK. I've heard so many people say "well at least they're reading". I would equate this drivel with that of Mtv content or Seventeen magazine.


Lol at all the Twilight fans. :)

Well. This has been a highly entertaining experience. I mean, of course, reading all of these comments. "stephan ur a gerk", eh? I'm sure King will never get over this biting criticism.
Speaking of "biting criticism," his comment certainly was not. He wasn't bashing her in any sense of the word. He was asked a question and he answered it, quite mildly in my opinion. He said she couldn't "write worth a darn," and he was referring to her technical writing skills and nothing else. Also, in the full interview, he said similar, if not worse things about both James Patterson and Dean Koontz, but you don't see any crazed fans all up in arms, rushing to defend their "favorite author". And anyway, if you're going to defend Meyer, at least think up a good argument. "I hate King!" and "he's just jealous he's such a jerk" (or gerk, if that's what you prefer) is not a valid argument, and any well-educated person will agree. Actually, just about anyone who stops to think about it. I'm fourteen (incidentally, directly in the target demographic for Twilight, even though I'm definitely not a fan) and I know that.
Also, he was comparing Rowling and Meyer. Not himself and Meyer. Sheesh.
For the record, I agree with him, and think he could have said a whole lot more. But that shouldn't matter either way.
And to whoever was... er, "bright" enough to ask "Have they made a movie about this dude's books?", well... just from memory:
Carrie? The Green Mile? The Shawshank Redemption? The Children of the Corn? The Shining, and the remake? Misery? It? The Mist, and its remake?
So, I think an appropriate response to that would be...
Yes. Yes, they have "made a movie out of this dude's books".

Okay, peeps, let's make this short and simple.
First, I like to look at things from all sides. I am more of a neutral person. That being said, let me explain my opinions.
All you saying that SM knows her target audience, knows what teenage girls want. BLAH. If my memory serves me well, I read on SM's website that she wrote this book (twilight) for FUN. That's right. Publishing hadn't really crossed her mind. Let that idea adapt for a while.
Now, all you saying SM can't write, you have a point. But do we really have to go on and on about it? It's just, "I think she can't write." It's not, "Stephenie Meyer can't write becauase her characters are as flat as paper and because the love was too mushy and we get that Edward is handsome she doesn't have to include it in every page." Let the thing drop, alright? Have you ever considered that you, my friend, are just jealous? Jealous that SM has sold millions while you are stuck on your WIP?
Now, I can see where you're coming from. We have to get these twilight lovers straight. They don't know a masterpiece when they see it. I get it, but to each his own, eh?
Is twilight the best book ever written? Hecks NO. But does that mean we have to keep on trashing that one particular book? There are thousands of books worse than twilight. But we continue to keep trashing twilight. Why? Really I don't know. But, please, STOP.
Reading this, I might be coming off as a twilight lover, but actually I am quite anti-twilight. Surprising? Maybe, but as I said I like to look at things from all sides.
My classmates are all reading twilight, they all love twilight. Heck, the guys are reading twilight and liking it too. Maybe they like the story. Maybe they like Edward. Or maybe, did you ever think, this is the bandwagon? That people like it because other people like it. Hopefully this is all just a passing fad.
Anways here's the deal- SM wrote a book. She wanted to share it with others. Some of the others enjoyed it. Some didn't. Done. Now stop trashing her.
I will not divulge on the matter any longer and leave it at that. This turned out longer than I had anticipated.
And may I just add that Stephen King is NOT jealous because if he were he would not have said that Miss. JK Rowling is a terrific writer.
And goodness gracious, if you're going to defend that someone has good writing at least try and write satisfactory yourself.

Some statistics:

Stephen King has sold over 350 million copies of his books worldwide so far.
Stephanie Meyer has sold 20 million.

So there's that argument out the window.

I'm in the middle of reading the twilight series, just to see what the hype is about. I can't deny that I like the books. I also can't deny that the writing is technically incompetent. Meyer writes, knowing that the reader's attention is being held strictly by emotion and not much else. I can see where King's criteria is coming from. Maybe Meyer will develop depth in her writing over time, and stop relying so much on nature. If she gets to the point where she can use both tech skills and emotion capture, I will probably become an avid fan.

To quote Oscar Wilde, "Everything popular is wrong". Personally, I agree with King. Meyers' books have themes of sexism and abusive relationships being a-ok, and I do not agree with that. Meyer, in my opinion, is not an amazing writer and her books lack character development and a enthralling plot. Edward and Bella's 'relationship' seems like an unhealthy combination of abuse, lust and infatuation. Her work has plot holes galore and I do not find it well written.

I love King and I've read the twilight series. Meyers is a pretty lousy author but most teen romance fantasy books are written poorly. I seem to believe that is the only way to reach the undeveloped brain of a hormone enveloped, thick headed teenager. Maybe after reading the word "Chagrin" like 57 times they'll look to upgrade to something a little more mature. I mean at least they are reading. I guess...

What I think poeple have to understand is that both King and Meyers have different styles fo writng. I personally don't really like/have not read either of their works. What I dislike about Meyers is thus not so much about her writing style, but more so that she has such a mindless rabid fan-base. So many of her readers are simply narrow-minded to other, and in my opinion better, novels about vampires, and they are not fully considering all fo the aspects of vampirism. What I did appreciate of Stephen King, again personally, is how he seems to have a much more complex array of characters and usually some inherit message that the reader is supposed to understand. Perhaps when the fanaticism of Meyers dies down, I'll consider her books more. As of now, I just find it odious with all the screaming fans. Fan base does not equal good writer. That's something most people have to consider before they say Meyers is a good writer or not.

I find it very amusing that all of these fans are pointing the finger at Mr. Stephen King. You have nothing to back your arguments with other than
'he's mean!' and 'he's a jerk!'.
Personally, I've read both Stephan King and Stephenie Meyer books. Guess who wins? Stephen King hands down. He's an excellent writer and all of his books are different and rather entertaining. Stephanie Meyer can not write differently. The Host was a terribly boring book, and I must say that I really found it rather Twilight-like. She has no word variety and she portrays people the same way.
Stephen King...I Love You. <3

Oookay, let's get something straight. Stephen King, who is my idol as a writer, knows more about words and writing PERIOD than Stephenie Meyer.
First of all, Stephenie Meyer's main character of Twilight, is Bella Swan. She's the pale, pretty, skinny girl from Arizona who comes to dreary little Forks and is somehow the most popular girl there on her first day. I don't think that's reality based.
Second, Meyer puts shame to the word 'woman' simply by making Bella out to be this idiotic, naive little being that can't seem to live without 'Edward Cullen'.....the vampire. And, oh this is the kicker!, Edward is the perfect boy who falls in love with her without getting to know her....and he just-so-happens to be a vampire. Lovely story isn't it?
No. It's not. Any guy, be it a womanizer or a sensitive cutie, gets to KNOW the woman before he even thinks about the 'L' word. Jesus H. CHRIST people. I've read the Twilight books. It's so amazing to me that Edward and Bella realize they love each other after, what?, a month? That's not love. That's lust, my friends.
In reality, women don't do that. Oh, sure, he may be gorgeous, but he sounds like pompous little twit. He thrives off the attention that Bella just seems to shower him with. The entire story line was just plain idiocy.
To put it bluntly, children, Stephenie Meyer is an idiot. And I say that with love.

Okay....uh, I agree with Mr. King. Why? Because, well, he's just an all around better writer. His books are realistic though their fiction, Meyer's are not. Nobody would go near a girl that caused accidents wherever she went (should this person exist, you'd think they'd be dead.). Isabella Swan is an idiot, even for a teenager, and she's nearly an adult! You can't tell me that 'Oh she's just a kid!' BULL. She's 17, she knows way more than any kid. I find it hard to believe that she's an intelligent being of any sort, human or vampire. It's quite sad, really.
Bella could never be a role model, and niether could Stephenie Meyer. Bella, because she revolves around a boy who seems to thrive off that attention, and Meyer because she created a character like that. I have to say that if my children ever looked up at me and said "I want to be like Bella Swan." I would probably hit them in the face......I'm serious.

Okay, here's the lowdown:
Her characters are boring. They have no story. They can all be summed up in a few sentences:
Bella: 17 year old girl, very clumsy. Moves to Forks because she thinks it's self-sacrificing, when in all actuality it's kind of stupid. Falls in lust (it's not love) with a vampire who wants her blood.
Edward: 90 or something year old vampire. Wants Bella's blood, but won't kill her because... why? Falls in lust with her after about a month.
So on and so forth. She can't write them well, and she overuses certain words. Seriously, she makes "thought" the new said, as my friend pointed out.
Furthermore, Edward is abusive and controlling, not to mention a stalker. Bella just follows this, without any objections, in the name of "love". If you ask me, it's Romeo and Juliet all over again-they think they're in love after a month or so, and are willing to die for each other. (Don't get me wrong, though, I Love Romeo and Juliet.) Blah, blah, blah. It would be okay, though, if it were written well, but it's just not! And so what if they were written for kids? So are so many other books, and those are better written then this.
I completely agree with Stephen King.

Stephen Kings knows nothing about writing since he says that Stephanie Meyer can't write. Yes, his books are good, but not as big as Stephanies.

The saga with the vampires and one human girl to go along is brillant. The story tells people that love can be found. Having the vampires sparkle (like Edward) is I think really beautiful.

What America needs is someone to help motivate young teens into reading. Thanks to Stephanie Meyers everyone across the country is talking about the Twilight saga from left to right.

-Thanks so much for reading, Lizzie Womack

To Lizzie Womack:
Yes, kids in America are reading Twilight and such, but that's all they're reading. They don't read Twilight and go "Hmm. I should read more books about vampires, since I loved them so much in Twilight!" No, they say "I can't read anything but Twilight. Ohmygod."
Also, it doesn't tell people that love can be found; it says that lust can be found, and that it's okay for women to deal with abusive, controlling men in their lives, so long as they "love" them.
And honestly? Stephen King's books ARE as "big" as Meyer's. (I don't know what it is with people calling authors by their first names. Have some respect!) They're just more well-known in the adult crowd, and the people who know good literature when they read it, as opposed to glomming on to a fad that's going to die out soon anyway. Hopefully.

Well I can tell from just reading a few of these post that this is a really heated topic. I can't speak for everyone that read the Twlight series but I know that after reading it I started to read L.J. Smith's Night World series. Before this I read mostly romance novels and this was a change for me. And I think that any author that can get young and old people both reading the same books has to be doing something right. Is Stephenie Meyer the best author in the world probably not but Stephen King probably isn't either so I think they should both be happy with the fan base that they have. I praise any author that can get a child to put down the remote and pick up a book.

Wow. That's all I can say after reading these comments. First off, the majority of these people cannot separate, or do not understand the difference between story and writing.

I am a writer and a reader. I enjoyed Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, but I have to agree with Stephen King. The writing was terrible. And Stephanie knew it as well. Perhaps all you so called fans should read her website, because even she admits the writing is bad.

There was too much repetition. Everyone was looking through narrowed eyes, or pursing their lips, or talking with a hard edge. There was too many needless words like adverbs describing something that was already conveyed through context.

Stephen King is no saint either though, and he has admitted it as well. Just read his early books.

The truth is since the likes of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Faulkner, and Austin few writers have come close.

And for those that think Stephen King is just having sour grapes, you need to read more. He is a huge fan of JK Rowling, and I am pretty sure she has eclipsed Mr. King in success.

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to write (even blog posts) with correct grammar and usage. Please, young people, use punctuation to intelligently separate your thoughts. There's an important difference between a quick text message and a written persuasive argument. (If I make one mistake from here on out I'll be crucified!)

As a fan of both King and Rowling, there were many times when I laughed aloud at lapses in their writing style or the use of a deus ex machina. But I always enjoyed their stories as an escape from reality.

So I picked up the Twilight series for much the same - a good story to pass the time. The books were funny in their cheesiness, simple, quick reads, and a guilty pleasure much like a Journey song. But never doubt that the song, for all its cheese, elicits an emotional response.

This is a young writer, cutting her teeth in the public eye. I thought her fourth book was much better than the rest. The writing matured, as did her whiney heroine.

I felt uncomfortable about the co-dependency of the book's relationships, the religious undertones, and the heroine's weakness. I chuckled at the sometimes bad writing, and wanted to throttle Bella if she described Edward's face one more time. But I kept reading...because it was fun.

Sometimes fun and a good escape are all you want. As for why we're so obsessed with these books, much like we once were with Anne Rice - it's our fear of death, silly.

Look at what we worship in the US - the shiny, the young, youthful immortality. What Meyers has done to the vampire brilliantly captures the culture of now.

Meyer may have a cult-like following of teenage fan girls, but in all honesty JK Rowling and Stephen King are far superior writers. Admittedly I enjoyed reading the Twilight series the first time around, but as the books progressed the characters became very shallow. I am of course thinking of Breaking Dawn where Bella became the biggest Mary Sue in a world of Mary Sue type characters. However I haven't had the urge to pick up the books since.The Host was a much better novel, though it never gained a tremendous following, perhaps owing to the fact that there was no 'perfect' man for fan girls to drool over.

In all honesty, (and as a massive Rowling fan), I think that Stephen King has a very good point.

Stephen King: Writing legend
JK Rowling: Monumental writer

I can't say the same about Meyer. As reiterated before, Meyer's popularity is stemming from the fact that so many teenage girls are infatuated with the unrealistic and idealistic male. She must be the first person to successfully objectify a man. Now this generation of girls will never marry because they will all be in search of the mythical "Edward". Thank you Stephanie Meyer, you have single-handedly screwed the generation of males who have to live with your followers. Your absent minded, empty, diary style of writing does not appeal to me. Unfortunately I'm too busy trying to figure out how I'm going to live my life

Between Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer the answer to who is the better writer should be no contest. I know that this post will not change the opinion of those rabid Meyer (not to mention highly biased) fan girls out there, but I believe that a powerful book makes you feel something. Some of King's books have literally left me sleepless at night I was so terrified, while Meyer's cookie-cutter version of big scary vampires has thus far only made me feel slightly nauseous. Honestly, I have no emotional investment in her characters whatsoever. Too often, Meyer makes the fatal authorial flaw of "telling" rather than "showing" the reader their characteristics and personal traits, without leaving any room for personal divination. She tells us that Bella is brave, selfless, and intelligent, but then provides no evidence to back this up. And lets be honest here, if Bella was truly intelligent then she wouldn't be swapping spit with a vampire, but even I have to give the girl credit for her unwavering stupidity in face of danger. And Edward is faultless to the point where you really just want to sock him one. Anyway, rock on, Stephen King, for voicing your opinion without regards to the consequences. You might want to hire some extra muscle or adopt a pen name though because I swear at least one crazy Twilight fan is going to try and assassinate you.

I must say I read all four books within a weeks time, meaning they are very simple. I think she had a great idea but didn't flesh it out well. It happens on first time writers and I love Stephen King he is one of my all time favorite. As for Stephanie I think she did a good job for her first books I hope she does a little something extra special on her next go round if she persues this avenue. I think both writers are on different wave lengths when it comes to supernatural, although I will say vampires were never pretty until Anne Rice!

I have been Stephen King fan for years... since I read The Shining too many years ago. My wife read Stephanie Myers books and out of curiousity I read them once she was done.

I really lost a LOT of respect for King after his remarks in this interview. The man wove himself into book six of The Dark Tower series... how original is that?!? I almost put it down at that point. His remarks serve no purpose but to inflate his own extremely over-inflated ego.

I think that discrediting another successful author is never very professional, however, I have long been a fan of both Stephen King and have recently become a fan of Stephanie Meyer. He is truly a superior writer. His style is polished, well constructed, and exceptional. Her charactor development and plot are far more engaging, and I find that though some of her novels seem a little on the sloppy side, I have not been this enthused about reading in 15 years! I turn page after page of "Twilight" and "The Host" and lose sleep because I can't put it down. I have rarely had those moments with "Cujo" or "It".

If stephannie meyer ever reads this or any Twilight fans out there then i would like for some of you who whould like a new love story if you guys could please spread that she should try to come up with oe that is close to it but diffrent it would be so cool

Quote: Ok, what is wrong with this guy???!!!
I wonder if he has some mental disorder because Stephenie Meyer is an excellent write while, J.K. Rowling isn't, well she is but not as good as Stephenie Meyer!!

Okay, back up. Firstly, if your name is you wanting to marry Edward Cullen, all of my fangirl sirens are on. Why?

Because you want to marry him. It's obvious why you like Twilight. It fulfills all of your fantasies.

But, if you didn't care about self-absorbed emo sparkly guys, you would realize that the only reason Twilight is popular is because it's a love story. With vampires. I feel sorry for all the fangirls out there who have already created a story with this plotline. It's WAY overused. I'm sure that if you read some more stories, you would realize that.

Meyers wrote Twilight like it was one big monologue. I've read better prose and stories from Even my English teacher agrees with me, and he likes Twilight. Okay?

Lastly, Twilight is a disappointment. The plot was second-to-none, the characters have less personality than SNAILS, and it's an insult to the rest of us amateur writers because we work a lot harder to write better stuff, but she gets to be published for something like Twilight. For people who truly can appreciate writers like Jodi Picoult and J.K. Rowling, it's generally because they READ more. Their literacy levels are much higher.

Get it?

J. K. Rowling has taught us lessons through her books; her characters seem real and lifelike. Compared to her, Meyers is a fifth grader.

And Stephen King is just the messenger of the truth. Don't kill the messenger; you should really give it to yourself for not realizing it earlier.

I cant's say that I fully agree with Stepen King's remark, but then again I can't say that I fully disagree with it either...

Stephenie Meyer's characters are one-dimensional... I feel as though she doesn't give enough detail to really achieve a good perspective of the characters. I myself am, well, I guess some would call me an, amateur writter & I have read all of Stephenie Meyers books. However; I feel that I am unable to actually visualize her characters. I as well agree that the twilight series is more of a monoluge and does have rather a poor plot, but even so... I cannot say her books did not have some interesting ideas.

Everyone is intitled to their opinion and this, just so happens to be mine...I do not agree that any author is the greatest or the best there is. It is simply a matter of prefference of the reader and no one should criticize anothers personal ideals.

Hikari--- You should re-read your posting it contradicts its self. I think Stephanie Meyers is a very compelling writer. Part of being a writer is drawing in your readers and she does that on so many levels. She takes vampires which in every other movie or book is a blood sucking animal who have sex, feed and then do it over again only at night. She takes the charachters and gives the vampires thier own idenity and works well with that. I'm glad they're not all the same as the rest can you say boring. The readers obviously loved the books, look how many have sold and look how much the movie made. It takes talent one of which she has, not saying Stepen King does not but his books have never drawn me in to were I read from midnight until six am to finish the book. I almost wanted to read the last book first so I would know what happened so I could take my time reading the books. As a writer thats a good thing when you make people bite thier nails and sit on the edge of thier seat wondering what happens. No it's not a normal vamp movie or book and thank GOD for that every movie or book has just been done over and over hers has a diffrent life. I love the no sex thing everything in this world now is about sex. The charachters may be silent and not stand offish but those are normal people not everyone in this world is hyper, pretty or popular. Which gives the movie more of a fan base because other people can relate to it. Plus to the mom who wants her daughter to know Bella has more going in her life than to just give up her soul its fictional, not real maybe you should expalint hat to your 5th grader instead. I love all four and half books and the movie. Can't wait for the next movies to come out Good Jod Steph.

Stephen King is right. Stephanie Meyer isn't a good writer. Even though I have to admit I was dazzled by Edward! (Hell yeah!) I came out of the Twilight fever, I realised the book is not all that great. Infact it sends all the wrong messages to the young audience. Maybe it doesn't have explicit sexual scenes, but from the beginning there has been sexual connotations and the last book was pretty gruesome, not something I would want my kid, or any kid to read. Breaking Dawn was too adult-like under the pretext of Teen series.
And oh well, anyone who says Stephanie Meyer is better than JKR, might as well go to hell!

I agree with Stephen. If you actually pay attention to the grammar in the story instead of obsessing over Edward/Jacob/etc., you will notice some word repetition, which (to me) is very annoying. That might not be her fault, but if it is, then she really messed up there.
And 'Breaking Dawn' was disastrous. Jacob and Edward's rivalry was a pretty big part of the series. Stephenie made it seem like they should fight, or at least have a very serious argument. They barely talked to each other in 'Breaking Dawn'. In my opinion, that was a pretty dumb move on her part.
Another very non-attractive trait of her book is her sparkling vampires. This is 100% opinion, but I think that was very dumb. And it played no part on the story whatsoever. It might have "dazzled" some ignorant 12-13 year olds, but for the some of the older readers, it might have stupid and pointless, like I think it was.
The theme of a vampire love story is way overused. This is only her first book. And you can tell. That's pathetic.
Stephen is (and always will be) better then Stephenie. End of story.

I think S. Meyer's writing is great. But J.K Rowling's is more unique.
I've read lots of stories about a human falls in love with a vampire.

Read them both :)

First off, anyone who spells either of the authors' names wrong have already lost their credibility considering they are at the top of the page. StephEnie. StephEn. Not StephAnie or StephAn.

To Fred T:
His remarks serve to give constructive criticism.

To Naomy:
Stephenie will never read this blog, nor any other. And if she does, she won't write a new book because of one request. She'll only write a book when she reads another book and says, "How about I make a crappy version of this pandering to teenage girls."

To Nicole:
Your continuous grammatical and punctuation errors negate your comment entirely. Selling books does not mean you're a good writer. It means you can advertise and pander to a crowd. True writing takes the form of Shaskpeare, Swift, etc. This includes King. He has a lot more character development then your Meyer does. And screw new vampires, especially when you make them crappy. Sparkling, really? At least normal vampires relate to humans and can actually be explained. How does a normal human go from being a meat bag to stone? What kind of virus can you possibly come up with that can do that kind of thing. And how does a humans skin all of the sudden sparkle? With normal vampires, they have the basic human weaknesses. Obviously a stake to the heart and a decapitation would kill something once human. The virus could give the vampires a weak resistance or no resistance to UV rays therefore making them night dwellers. The only unexplainable thing would be shapeshifting and animal communication and flying. But then, how do Meyer's vampires all of the sudden get so fast. There's no new muscles. Bella is an abuser. She takes what she can with no consideration of the after effects until they're biting her in the ass. But each time she never learns. She breaks Jacob's heart in the second book. She does it again in the third book. It's not until she can't take Jacob's heart that she stops abusing him. Edward is controlling. Bella has to make sure she CAN abuse Jacob before she does. The other characters aren't developed, Bella and Edward are hardly developed. I could continue but seeing that you probably don't get my point anyways I'll just stop. Feel free to reply.

you know what? I think Stephen King should suck it. He's an awesome writer and all, but Stephenie Meyer is NOT THAT BAD of a writer. I don't know who he's kidding. Why doesn't he try to take on Edward or Emmett? COME ON, I mean, really? Stephenie Meyer's books are all written well, and the story is sweet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, except that Edward occasionally pisses me off because he's so depressing.

Ugh. For people who said that Stephenie uses 'everyday' writing, they are severely wrong. She bulks up her books with useless descriptions and not enough plot to stretch out as far as she did and not have anyone notice. She writes in what is known as 'purple prose', as in, she tries to make her writing so descriptive and she tries to use as many different synonyms as possible, but it just make everything overly elaborate (and boring)

Stephen King was completely and utterly correct. The only reason why teenage girls are lapping up her crap is because many of them are not regular readers and wouldn't know a well-written, well-plotted book if it shot them in the eye. Having read Meyer's books, and read Stephen King's books, I have to say that their standard of writing is so far apart that King is running ahead in leaps and bounds. A bit like a hare and a turtle.

I could point out huge holes in Meyer's plot, talk about her ridiculous 'character development', rant about Edward and Bella's supposed 'love' and screech about SPARKLING vampires, but I couldn't be bothered. Just showing my support for Stephen King, one of the many literary geniuses out there.

Honestly, I believe that there is some relevance to what King is saying. I do love Stephanie's books, but quite frankly, I feel like it is almost an over exaggeration of the perfect boyfriend. Every teen girl wants the most perfect guy to fall in love with, and that is impart why Stephanie's books did so well. Her writing took advantage of what every teen girl wants in life... the smartest, hottest, most caring boyfriend on the face of the earth.
Despite this, I still do love the Twilight books (hate the movie). If king doesn't like her writing, than he doesn't like the way she describes things. if he doesn't like her story, he doesn't have to read it. Just like I choose not to read his books... I don't like feeling like I'm gonna wet my pants when I wake up from a nightmare because of a scary book.
So if he doesn't like the books he shouldn't complain, he's the one that is making himself read something that he believes sucks.

I understand that writers like King thinks that only his way of making characters come to life is right. He is wrong, I enjoyed most of his books, but I was also more than drawn in by Mrs Meyers way of creating so many characters and giving them life and individuality while making me see the magic she wanted me to see. I also read "The Host." She has real talent! No doubting that.
I look forward to watching her future as much I use to enjoy Mr King.
I think this debate is more personal taste than right or wrong. The fact that he cannot see her talent and would make his negative thoughts so public disappoints me. I assumed a writers talent was because he/or (any writer) would dare to see outside the box.
Stephanie was bold enough to not confuse darkness with ugliness...avoiding the dark while still loving darkness. I think the shock is kind of like when we found out that Darth Vader was Luke's dad and had a heart...or even more close when the newest version of King Aurthor didn't make adultry part of the story but gave Qwen the power to resist her would lover... So what if some of us don't like the way you think it should be and dare to give a different twist to the magic of writing and the magic of reading for us readers.
By the way, I am no teenager and I didnt think of Edward as a whimp or a great catch. I did however enjoy watching in my minds eye how Stephanie made Edward. I was drawn into Stephanies story telling like a magnet... not because of the fantasies in my head but of amazement of her ability to make you "wonder whats" next so often in all five books, including "The Host."
I think everyone needs to just accept that not everyone care if a vampire is dark and mean or if they are kind and humane. Its okay not to think alike.
In my daughters words..."Just stop hating!" It doesnt become you Mr King.
Take it from a fan of both of you two talented authors.
Mrs Meyers, please hurry with another story. Don't listen to their meaness. I hope to one day read Midnight has promise.
a new fan

I enjoy the Twilight series. It was compelling to read but I will agree that Stephenie Meyer is not a great writer.

She has a tendency to repeat things over and over and over again: Bella's undying love for Edward, Edward's physical description and Bella's adoration, Bella's uncertainties. I think she does it to stress the point, but it is overkill.

There are many holes in her stories:
• As a doctor, don't you think patients notice Carlysle's cold hands
• At the wedding reception, didn't the Cullens have to shake everyone's hands. Wouldn't people notice their cold skin.
• How was Edward able to consummate the marriage? If he doesn't have blood, isn't that needed for the "act."
• How is Carlysle able to be a doctor? How does he provide proper certification/paperwork to the hospitals over the centuries?

Just my two cents.

Stephenie is a good story-teller. She definitely sucks you in, but there are so many plot holes, disapointing characters, cliches and stereotypes, over-repeating the same words, and using way too much description.
I understand that people enjoy her work, but there is a BIG difference between an enjoyable book, and QUALITY literature.
King was dead-on. A little harsh, yes. But face it, he's got every right to be harsh.

I think it is crazy how everyone is making this a debate. I am not a teenager i am an adult. I have read the Twilight series and I loved it. To compare Meyers and King is insane they are two different writers, you can't compare their style in writing at all. Meyers has wrote a romanance fiction book, which I don't think King has ever done. But at the same time it is fiction. I have read alot of books and alot of them have things in them that are not possible(fiction). I choose my books by what I want to read, if I don't want to read about aliens I don't read it. It is up to you what you read. Everyone is going to have a different outlook on a book we all have grown up in a different situation lived a different life so no one will get the same out of the book. If you are a serius reader I think you know what section to go to when you want a book and I don't think you found Meyers in the horror section. I think it is great when I read these comments and they say I have read the whole series and I didn't like it. Why the hell would you read a whole series of book that you didn't like, it doesn't make sence. I think it is great to have tennage girls want a perfect boyfriend. It is better than having them settle for a person that treats them like crap beats them. The way kids grow up these days are alot different, some need to know there is more out there even if this book is fiction

people, stop comparing rowling to meyer.

all that blabber about meyer being a good writer is rubbish. and don't go pointing out that "oh if meyer's not good, tell me why twilight's a movie now huh?"

meyer is not a good writer, technically speaking. grammar. plot. storytelling.

what dragged you into reading twilight is the story. the idea. and you being able to relate. not that there are vampires in the real world of course.

look yall she didnt write about anything sexual in her books she kept it clean these kids now these days are already sexual active and dirty, dont hate try to make yall own selfs some books and get famous, why yall cant be happy for people, i dont be hating people cuz they get famous yall must be happy for one another inorder to get yours. some of yall are just the devils workers cuz yall try to make people feel bad and give people a bad name, she inpspired me and i have been writing stories since junior high now am a senior, i just got to be better , not hate on someone cuz they get rich and famous, try to be famous yall selves

stephen king is just jelouse, he need to make some new books himself, here in the bahamas most bahamians dont read and ive seen majority of bahamains reading stephine meyer books that shows u she is excellent!!!!! kids some of the kids i used to know doing drugs, drinking have stoppped ever since twilght came on, the kids in the bahamas want more of twilght it has helped some of them to get into reading , please haters dont try to spoil this, just let the women live her life and live your life, there is only one life, live it to the fullest, no time for hating that only shorten your days of living , am i kid and i dont not worry about people live's , we all can make it to richness if we put our mind to it and stop hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To both Anonymouses:

First, learn punctuation. Second, learn spelling. Third, learn grammar. Fourth, stop bringing religion into this debate.

With that out of the way, we can get more specific. First, telling the truth does not make someone the devil's worker. Second, we aren't hating her because she got rich, we're criticizing the reason why she got rich. I've read much better books that are a lot less known than Twilight. Also, as I and many others have said before, King is NOT jealous. He's criticizing her writing just as we all are. So, this "hater" is "out dogg."

I am an avid reader. I love both writers..If i dont want to sleep for a few days, I read King..and if I want something low key and endearing, I will read stuff like Stephanie's. What I dont understand is why King is bothering with this at all. I mean he is a seasoned, writer who has been around the block many times. Why would it even bother him? Not to mention the vast difference between his style and hers..meaning the fact that his books contain STRONG graphic descriptions and the audience is for ADULTS. and hers is the complete opposite. This being said...Pick on someone your own size, King. You write scary stuff, I am sure you can handle it. And I am sure that if she wanted to get the adult audience..she would have made the book THAT much better. Besides..all writers have their ups and downs..I mean, how many people called King ALL sorts of names when he was new and fresh..Its all part of being a writer. So..everyone go read king.. or stephanie.. or read both..but stick to yourself..and what YOU like..Fans wouldnt be fans if they didnt have fan haters..Opinion makes the world go round, just dont let it get into to heavy of a spin where you cant move from the hole you have formed from the force of all your spinning!!!

I do not agree with Stephen King. I am both a Stephen King fan and a fan of the Twilight books. I am 35 years old - and if you visit the Facebook group of Twilight you will all see that these books do not only facinate teenage girls!! There is a lot of us grown up girls there too. I have read all of Stephen Kings books - and I am still a fan - however none of his books captivated me as the Twilight books did. I read the first book in april - and had to buy the other three at once. I read the other three in just two weeks. I have never been so enchanted with any of Mr. King's books!! So I think Mr. King is just being jealous!!

Stephanie Meyrs is a great writer she should write more books like the twilight series. it appeals to all ages not just teenagers. She make the characters come to life . I have never read one of Kings books that made me feel good inside out. So I don't think he should critisize. personally I don't like his books or his movies. I've watched twilight about 20 times.

So uhh.. I am a huge fan of Stephen King. And for a while I thought, oh wow Stephenie Myers is a pretty good writer. But now I'm starting to think otherwise. She's still good, but she stands NO chance to Stephen King OR J.K Rowling.
She DID ruin vampires. They don't glisten and shine like diamonds embeded in their skin. (This part of the movie especially made me upset) And they do die by burning, but then they also die by silver bullets, wooden stakes, and SOMETIMES sunlight... I don't like what she did to these vampires.

Now all you who are dissing on Stephen King! He is indeed the greatest writer on this planet.... No one else. I mean, I like him especially, because of the fact that he is Methodist, and his father was a preacher. I am Methodist. And I think it's amazing how this guy writes... I don't know really what else to add to that besides that I really disagree with those who don't like him!

Wow...what a hot debate. Here goes my two cents. I have been reading Stephen King since I was about 12 or so. I am over 40 now. :o) I wrote papers on his work in film classes and I've read just about everything he has written. So there is no doubt in my mind that he is a brilliant story teller. All that said...I like Stephenie Meyer too. I see them as very different genres speaking to very different audiences. The Twilight series is, "writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual." And thats a good thing!. I didn't read the books because they were deep, meaningful literature. I read them because they were fun. Okay, she didn't stay true to what we normally see in vampire behavior. Is there some rule that said she has to? Not every book/story is meant to appeal to everyone. This is a fantasy, thats all. This is how one person sees the world of vampires. There are plenty of stories out there that take creative license in how a well known character is portrayed. I don't see how there can be so much time spent comparing Stephen King to JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. They are good writers in their own right telling very different stories. It's like the proverbial "apples & oranges" debate. They have very different qualities and are hard to compare. All I know is all three have been the catalyst for generations of people reading...thats all that matters to me. Just as I grew up with Stephen King in my backpack, my son grew up on Harry Potter and my daughter is experiencing Bella Swan...both are avid readers because somone wrote a story they could get lost in. I applaud them all because there are kids are reading again and putting away the video games!

To posters:

Read previous posts. I keep seeing the King is jealous and I'm so proud that kids are reading crap. If you read the posts before posting, you'll see that this has already been addressed in the appropriate way.

Meyer's Twilight series is young adult fiction. Perhaps not as gifted as Rowling, but she writes appropriately for her audience, one that is entirely different from King's...and she does it without song lyrics, sexual cliche, flat characters, and rehashing the same, tired ghost story. Why would King even comment on her ability? Envy.

King is maybe the greatest writer of all time. If he says someone can't write, then he is most likey correct. All the twilight seris is for is to bring Meyer money. King does it for a living, and I don't see Meyer writing as many books as King, and none that are even close to being half good

To those asking why King commented:

He was doing an interview in which he was asked for his opinion. That should hopefully keep some of you people who think he commented out of envy at bay. It says so in the article. But, as I've said before, people must only read the title or else names would get spelled right and people would know what's going on.

I find it absolutely terrifying that people can say "Anything that gets tweens and teens to read is good". I also find it horrifying that so many Twilight fans have said the books are the best books ever written. The simplistic and terrible writing style of Myers is a sad reflection of the the times in which we live. I did not have the "tween" literature on the shelves when I was in school. We were not really a highly targeted audience.

I have read Rowlings, King and Myers as well as Koontz. King, Koontz, and Rowling can write circles around Myers.

Excuse me, but where were the editors when Myers was being published? They should have done something about fixing some of her grammar and glaring repetion. I think the sheer idiocy of most of her fans here is shocking, as well as her fans I have encountered on other sites.

Please, for the love of the English language quit your text speak and learn to spell. Also use some punctuation and try for a better arguement in defense of your writer. You are in a battle of wits unarmed. Or to put it another way in case you didn't understand, you have knives and we have guns.

I am appalled that this drivel is being passed off as safe because it isn't sexual. Just because they don't have graphic discussions of sex acts doesn't mean that there isn't a sexual undercurrent going on. I would feel better about the books if they had gotten a bit more graphic, then at least they would go a bit more with the fact that Bella has hormones.

I also had the misfortune to read the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. They are also being used as an example of something that will get tweens reading. Please tell me that there are parents out there who care more about their children than I have seen by the currently popular fiction.

If you are afraid to actually engage your brain, then by all means continue reading and re-reading the Twilight saga. I could care less about her destroying the traditional vampire. I am insulted that people don't just go out and buy their teenage and tween daughters the Judy Blume books. They have more relevance to life than these nasty borderline illiterate books by Myers.

I think if Myers had a daughter she would be appalled at the character that she attempted to write when writing Bella Swan. There was no reason for them to fall in love that I could see. No self esteem at all, sneaks behind her father's back constantly, sleeps with her stalker boyfriend who creeps into her window every night.

If you want a good romantic read without graphic sex scenes, read Beauty by Robyn McKinley. It is a retelling of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast and it does not rely on the weak premise that the characters just fall in love for no reason at all.

Given the horrifying numbers in this discussion alone who talk about how difficult it is to read King, I doubt you have the courage to read McKinley's books. You actually have to utilize your brain when reading a well developed character in a good plot.

Myers should never have been published without a major rewrite, and the fact that it only took her 3 months to write this is not a sign that she is a great writer. It actually shows that she is a little on the lazy side. If she had taken longer to write her books, she would have spent some time on character development and might have written a better series.

King has had many staunch defenders so I will not bother to repeat what has already been said. I think that if there is no growth in a character, there is not a good book. If you want to see character development read King's It and Rowling. Without growth(which the Clique series is lacking as well) there is no purpose to letting your child read a book. They aren't going to learn anything or be inspired to grow as people.

King writes stand alone books, and he did carve out his own niche when he began writing. There were horror novels out there, but most were very poorly written and understandably laughable. Myers chose to write a series when she could have just written one good book with some help from a good editor.

I think that with the plethora of video games and the inexcusable invention of the text message it is no wonder that so many of today's young adults are borderline illiterate. Those who defended Myers apparently can't even google Stephen King well enough to go to Wikipedia and see a few facts about his career.

My opinion, King is entitled to give a critique of Myers when asked. If you don't like that he is not mollycoddling her then you have no comprehension of what the literary world is like. Someone should have been smacking her around a bit, primarily an agent to get her off her lazy behind and do some real work on her books.

Twilight fans my advice to you is to learn to read something with more substance than this fluffy illogical creation of Myers. Ask an English teacher or a librarian for help in selecting good fiction. There are tons of books out that are not stuffy old classics and that will still help you learn to think.

honestly i love twilight by stephenie meyer ive always hates stephen king books they arent in my liking of books and some of them would be to gory or something for me and honestly i think the twilight characters could beat stephen kings characters ass anyday and thats the god darn truth. Stephen King shouldnt b hating on stephenie shes worked extremely hard on the series we love u stephenie!

Ok, this is ridiculous. Why would another author TRY and derate another author?! Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer and JK Rowlings are all diffrent authors with diffrent visions. Stephen King is an inventive horror/ficton writer and his books are directed to older people. Not teenagers. Stephanie Meyer is directed almost directly to teenagers and is about vampire fiction. While, if you google it, everyone has a diffrent view on what or what not vampires are like. JK Rowlings books, while not directly on witchcraft (more about the life of a boy who finds he has a tie to it) is more ficatous and pointed to teenages. I haven't read alot of Stephen King but I have Stephanie Meyer and JK Rowlings. I love all there books. They shouldn't derate each other for there passion in the stories.

I have to agree with Stephen King [somewhat]. I am a HUGE J.K. Rowling fan, and love Harry Potter with a passion. I think that the Potter books have much more of a "meaning" and are deep stories.
Where Stephenie is writing about vampires falling in love with humans. Okay, I've read all four of them, and thought they were rather good. But could never, ever compare to Harry Potter! The story of "The Boy who Lived" is the most amazing story I've ever read, and I've read a lot of books.
As for Stephen King's books, I do enjoy most. My favorites consist of Salem's Lot and The Shining.
I can see why King doesn't like Meyer's vampires. King's vampires differ quite drastically. His are actually killing and not sparkling, like Stephenie's. I sort of agree, yet I like the twilight books as well. I just think that anyone who thinks the Edward/Bella/Jacob story is better than Harry Potter story, has a glitch in their brain.
Just my opinion? :)

Okay to those who criticized Meyer's take on vampires, I have to say this. The whole premise of her vampires being impossible to kill by anything other than another vampire or else the pack of werewolves would have had nothing to fear from humans.

There would be no reason that the vampires would be in hiding, nor would they have the Volturi governing them to prevent humans from discovering them. They can't be killed by humans.

I do not understand why Meyer made her vampires so impervious to harm, then had them afraid of discovery by humans. If she weren't so full of happy feel good crap her vampires would have ruled the world and been raising humans as cattle to feed on.

Exactly what is a vampire over 90 years old doing in high school again anyway? Oh right, part of her flimsy plot for Bella and Edward to fall in love. It would make more sense with her take on vampires that Edward fell in love with her on a breeding farm for humans.

I mean come on, they can come out in the daytime. They have no reason to be hiding. They don't sleep, so it is rather ridiculous for them to even attempt to blend into society. They should be ruling the planet for pity's sake.

Meyers created a super race based on venom that alters ordinary humans. So why exactly didn't she write something in keeping with that theme? Oh right, she can't write worth a darn. She expects us to turn off our brains the second we pick up her books so we don't notice the glaring inconsistancies of her work.

One glaring problem I had with the last book(and I am only going to point out one) is the fact that Alice, who had no ability to tell that Victoria was coming in the previous book, was able to engineer the anticlimactic ending of the Volturi walking away. I mean how did she see all these potential futures? Either her powers had grown tremendously for this plot point alone, or else she was holding back all along.

Essentially it is not a face off of Horror Novelists. Meyer can't even begin to compete in the field with her soft porn aimed at teenage girls. Her books reminded me of the lame romance novels my friend in high school used to read. No real sexual activity in them, choose the terrible for you male lead because he is HOT and mistreat the nice guy because he isn't as cute.

I just console myself with the fact she is bound to lose her fan base given that she really is a terrible writer. Her books would be really short without all the description of how "HOT" Edward is and truthfully she used a stereotype for every single character in her books. Stereotypical lead characters is downright lazy. She is not going to stand the test of time. I don't know why she bothered to write Host. She should take her money and run, or else invest some of it in learning how to write.

Stephen King could not have worded it any better than this. Stephanie Meyer is a terrible writer. I've read the Twilight books and each time I opened a new one I hoped beyond hope that it would get better.

It never did.

You can't say that someone is a good writer just because millions of teeny boppers are in love with some nonsensical sparkling wimp.

Honestly, the story itself is terrible, only appealing to those who don't read and can be amused by the most simple minded plots. And then you have the atrocity the woman committed when it came down to describing vampiric traits.

It's great if Stephanie Meyer wants to use her imagination...from reading Twilight it is obvious that she is in desperate need of exercising those muscles...but if you want to use something so specific as a vampire as a main part of your story AND still be able to call it a's just going to have to have the traits of a vampire.

So not only does she have a terrible love story...but she butchers everything about the vampires that she has chosen to make so prevalent in her "novels".

And then there's the argument that the books are good simply because they don't have a huge sexual presence in them. A pitiful reach in the dark, to say the least. Sex happens people. That's life. It just is. I'm sick to death of people complaining over the fact that other people don't find sex to be some awful taboo. It's not one.

Stephanie Meyer does a poor job at captivating, I was bored the entire time.

She is downright incapable of describing anything in an effective way.

I will only give her this: her books are designed perfectly for her target audience. Delusional, child-minded, non-readers.

I want to comment on a few things I have read here. To the Twilight fans who say that Stephen King has to have a mental illness because he said your "sacred cow" Meyer can't write worth a darn try to console yourself with that world view. Go through life believing that anyone who doesn't agree with you has a mental illness, it isn't true, but hey you want to have sex with Edward and he isn't real so obviously you are living in a fantasy world anyway.

Another thing I would like to say is this, Stephen King became a phenomena without the internet. Stephenie Meyer would not have this much success if the internet was not around because all you fanatics(who are practically rabid) wouldn't have been around to spread the madness. She (if she had even managed to get published) would have languished in obscurity.

I went to her website to read about the creation of Twilight because someone here said it only took her 3 months to write her book. No wonder her editor didn't fix anything, it only took her six months to get published, she obviously never got any constructive criticism on her work. It is pretty obvious that they just had her hack out the next three books to cash in on her popularity because she did nothing to improve her skills and the books if anything just got more contrived.

Also for those who say that Meyer targeted teenage girls, I am so disappointed to find out that isn't the truth. I am alarmed to find out that she was indeed writing it for herself. This is even more disturbing to me because she was an English major that specialized in Literature. Ouch to commit such a crime and have a degree in Literature is inexcusable.

To those of you who said, no one forced Stephen King to read her books, he does do book reviews. I am certain someone asked him to review at least one of her books. How he managed to force himself to finish it given that he does not have a mental illness, well that just shows that he is a professional in every sense of the word.

I applaud those who have pointed out that Meyer obviously believes that a woman should repress her sexuality and fawn over a man who supports her. I don't care if it is her religious view or not, but I am sick and tired of the sexual repression in this country, if no one had sex the human race would die off. To those of you who do not believe Edward is in any way abusive, grow up, hitting is not the only way to abuse someone.

To those of you who say that the world is overly sexualized and these books are a nice change, whose fault is it that America uses sex to sell even Burger King kid's meals. Don't support the products that use supermodels to sell the product. Meyer did not set a good example since her vampires are as one poster here mentioned just supermodels that sparkle.

Also those of you who said that are probably the reason that that teenage girls are not ready to deal with their sexuality. They are bombarded with sex in the media, yet it is not balanced out by sex education in the schools or their homes. Heaven forbid they learn about masterbation or condoms. Instead let them read Meyer on sex. Get married at 19 and have sex constantly.

To Tracey the writer who said she would dummy down her writing to appeal to the masses, well shame on you. I have been writing short stories that I have been considering expanding into young adult books. One of the things they say is to research what the intended audience is reading. I have never seen it mentioned anywhere that teenagers should need dummied down writing. By the time you are a teenager if you can't read something well written and complex, then your English teachers should all be fired.

I read the Twilight series as research. Since they are the "in" thing right now and the movie was coming out, I took what someone in a chatroom said about her daughter reading them(her daughter is supposed to be relatively intelligent) and bought these books.

My taste in reading leans towards horror, science fiction and fantasy. I admit that I do not read pure romance novels, but when I looked for an example of what teens read in what should have been the genre I write, fantasy and a bit of horror, I ended up with vegetarian vampires that sparkle. Ewwwww.

Instead of being inspired by what Meyer wrote and learning anything constructive about writing, well I felt like I wasted my money on what as it has been mentioned on here, is a fad. If anything her books are a "don't" because they are poorly written and should have ended after the first book, Bella should have turned into a vampire when James bit her and then we wouldn't have had to suffer through the next three books.

If she is an example of what it takes to make teenage girls want to read, then I think I would just prefer to write for people who can actually read and forget about targeting teenagers. At least the empty headed, non reader, fluff headed teenage girls who dream about having sex with a sparkly vampire and being torn apart by his spawn.

I thought that being a woman writer Meyer would have created a strong female character that was a role model. Boy was I ever wrong about that. King writes better female role models and he is a man. I have been told by friends that I write strong female characters, which is one of the reasons I wanted to write for teens. I loved Menolly in the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey. She is a strong female character and is an inspiration. Those books did help me realize that you can overcome insecurities much the same way Judy Blume helped me realize many life lessons as well.

I know that the rabid Twilight fans will dismiss this all as "sour grapes" becaue I am not a published writer. If that were true, I would not praise Anne McCaffrey, Judy Blume, or Stephen King. If anything I just shudder at what parents are letting their daughters read in this generation.

To all the idiots(including the ones who are not here) who think that Meyer violating all the rules she established in her books to give Bella a completely happy ending in Breaking Dawn was good because that meant the series wasn't dark. You are truly morons. The world is not a Disney movie. The world is a dark place and if you want that happy feel good crap then by all means watch Disney, but Meyer is just too much of a wimp to write an ending to her series that was faithful to the rules she herself established.

I gave up on Stephen King when he ran out of ideas and started inserting child abuse into his novels. - Sorry, that's very real topic in today's society and doesn't fit in with (science, horror etc) fiction Stephen! Stephanie Meyer is such a breath of fresh air. Her writing is so easy and engaging that I even let my 9 year old read Twilight- which she loved. It was a first book she had her nose in and was upset about putting it down. What a great way to get kids to read. I will be forever greatful to Stephanie.

I told myself I had said everything relevant to this discussion and therefore would not need to write anything more. Then I read your comment KillerKat74. So you gave up on Stephen King after reading Carrie, because there was abuse in that book. There was abuse in IT and The Body(which is the book the movie Stand By Me was based on) you obviously gave up on reading King very early.

I almost laughed at your comment that fiction of any type should not mention serious socially relevant topics, but it was such a sickening statement that I couldn't actually laugh. If fiction does not reflect real issues, then why does anyone write fiction to begin with? I assume(though I could be wrong) that you are referring to Dolores Claiborne because contains incest (though "It" touches briefly on that topic as well). It isn't as though King glorifies abuse, he doesn't encourage it. In fact it is very clear from what he writes that he is very opposed to the abuse of anyone no matter what their age.

Are you one of those people who believes that if abuse is never talked about, then it can be swept under the rug and we will be a better society for not acknowledging nasty things happen to children? He is not the only author that acknowledges that child abuse happens, and he is very good at empowering children in his books. Yes it is a very serious social issue, that is one of the reasons to write about it in any genre.

Despite being a horror novel, IT actually shows how the cycle of abuse perpetuates from generation to generation when Beverly Marsh marries a man that beats her the way her father did after a long string of boyfriends who also hit her.

Mercedes Lackey writes fantasy and in her Heralds of Vladamir series and her other book series she addresses a wide variety of abuse issues. She also empowers the formerly abused children. I suppose you wouldn't read her either because she is fictionalizing real issues.

Writers are human. Therefore serious human issues are addressed in almost all fiction. Judy Blume talks about peer pressure, a serious social issue. She also talks about getting your period, which the Clique novels address in a totally backward manner.

According to Lisi Harrison's books (another reading fad) getting your period is the worst thing in the world and something to be mocked. Not a very healthy message for young girls because unless they have a health condition that prevents it, they are all going to get their period at some point in their life.

Jason Michael Carroll wrote Alyssa Lies which has been used by teachers in grade schools to help some abused children get help in escaping their abusive familes. Are you boycotting him as well for using the art of music to bring up a serious relevant social issue?

You are letting your 9 year old daughter read Twilight despite the sexuality in it? I have to say that I don't respect you very much as a parent since you have managed to find a book that could, but doesn't, address any social issues at all. Not just you, but all the parents on here. The reason I said almost all writers address serious social issues instead of all writers do is in part because of Stephenie Meyer. Kudos to you (sarcasm here in case you are dense) for letting your daughter read a book that in no way seriously addresses any social issue despite the fact there is potential to do so.

The divorce of Bella Swan's parents could have been addressed in a manner that showed how the lack of a steady father figure can adversely affect a growing woman. It doesn't. Meyer is Mormon and probably doesn't have the foggiest notion of what divorce really does to children as she is not divorced and is a member of a nuclear family. This is just another glaring example of how she did absolutely no research when she wrote the Twilight series except finding a town with lots of rain and overcast days.

When your daughter gets older and sneaks her boyfriend in through her window to make out or have sex with while you are asleep (provided after reading about the impossibly glorious Edward she settles for a mortal boyfriend) you will be very sorry that you encouraged your daughter read books where the message to teenagers is to circumvent parental authority.

Are you planning to let your 9 year old daughter read Breaking Dawn? Not only is most of the story sex, sex, sex, but the birth of her daughter is pretty gruesome. I don't have children, but if I did I would rather my 9 year old child read some of King's work if they are literate enough to read advanced works because at least they might learn something more than about the human condition.

Charles Dickens wrote about many socially relevant issues in his time period. I don't particularly like his work because he was paid by the word and you can tell. He
is long winded though not as repetitive as Meyer. Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty about the abuse of animals that was so prevelant in her society. Do you think she should not have written that classic because it addressed a socially relevant issue?

Fiction can address a variety of social ills. It can also be used as an instrument of change. We probably would not have any laws about the mistreatment of animals if not for the book Black Beauty. Why don't you pry the Twilight series out of your daughter's hands and give her Black Beauty, a wonderful and engaging story very appropriate for her age? Oh wait, you won't because you are a lazy parent going with the current fad book. If you weren't, you would at least have tried to put the Harry Potter books into her hands instead of Twilight. Maybe you could ask a librarian or her English teacher for book suggestions.

I don't know why you would be so grateful to Meyer. I can't understand why anyone is. Teenagers get into enough trouble in today's society because they don't obey their parents or follow laws. Yes the teenage girls may be reading a book instead of Vogue magazine, but are they getting a healthy message?

No they are not. They are reading a book with absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. Instead of a book that does nothing but glorify eternal beauty and youth at any cost, even your soul, I would encourage today's youth to read Harry Potter hands down. It is not full of sex and actually is about social responsibilty.

The reason Harry Potter's fan base is not almost exclusively female is not just that it is a better story or because of the writing technique but it teaches social responsibility. It contains strong male and female characters. It does actually show self sacrifice and courage, not idiocy in the characters.

Meyer's series is summed up very easily....Edward is sexy, Bella is insecure about herself, and she is "lucky" enough to have sex with him though she thinks she is average. Enough said. Meyer is setting up a whole generation of young girls to be sexually used and tossed aside by a pretty male face. They might as well read Vogue and any other fashion magazine as beauty is the ultimate virtue in the Twilight series.

To you so called romantics out there who say anyone can fall in love with a classic love story please look for a better love story there has to be one out there somewhere. This is a sexual fantasy written by a fairly sexually repressed woman. As has been stated before there is no basis for the supposed "love" between the characters except sexual attraction. No one has managed to answer Josh's challenge to show how they fell in love. I have to say this because so many Twilight fans are up in arms about what a good love story is, I have read books that contain better love stories than this, and I do not read romance novels.

I don't know which Twilight fan was ignorant enough to think Meyer was going to be reading this website and asked her to write something different from Twilight, but almost exactly the same (I assume meaning write something with a sexy male in it) but that is what Meyer's fans want her to write, another unrealistic love story with a hot guy in it. If you look at the lukewarm response The Host is getting, you would realize that she is not really holding onto her fan base because she didn't give her fans exactly what they wanted, more Edward. I am not going to waste anymore money on Meyer and buy The Host, but I can say I am laughing at the fact that her attempt at an adult novel is apparently a flop according to Twilight fans on the web who have read it.

For that matter many of her fans who are slightly literate were complaining about the book Breaking Dawn because it was such a letdown and instead of listening to her fans, she calls it the Rob effect (if you want to google it) where she talks about how criticism hurts and you can't please everyone, but this was the obvious way for the series to end. Meyer can not take criticism of any kind seriously. Obviously she is not really mentally cut out to be a writer as she expects nothing but praise for her lukewarm (and that is me being nice) books.

If I ever manage to get a book published, I would be honored to have Stephen King give a book review of my work. If he told me I couldn't write worth a darn, I would take him seriously and work on the art of writing. I wouldn't expect a bunch of people to jump to my defense and say he is being harsh. There is such a thing as the truth, and there is constructive criticism in this world. To the tweenies and teens on this site who have yet to realize this, you are in for a rude awakening when you do come back to reality.

To those of you complaining that your children don't read, cancel your cable or dish network service. Do not buy them computer games or any video game systems. Take away their cell phones, petition for a uniforms only dress code in your school district, and spend some time with your children. Also read yourselves and set a good example. My father was an avid reader with 3 children and a job and I certainly didn't base my reading tastes on the fad fiction of my generation.

I might not have children, but I am a reader and my mother specifically did not get cable tv or a game system because other members of our extended family did and she saw what it did to their children. My cousin bought a video game system for her young children and they are borderline illiterate. My aunt got cable and her children just sat in front of the tv all day neglecting homework. Don't blame peer pressure for your children not reading. Take some responsibility for that fact. They don't read because between tv, constantly being on the phone texting one another and video game systems they can't be bothered with something that requires effort. Who needs Wii fit for their children when many generations made do with playing with friends outside for fresh air and exercise?: I seriously don't understand that one.

King is beyond right! He is.... just correct! Meyer cannot write! Yes, girls do not want to read bout' car crashes and horror. Thats some girls i for one LOVEEE king thought NOT AS MUCH AS I LOVEE JKR! JAnd havent you noticed the similarities between HP and Twiloser I mean Twilight

Jacob (Ewwww you cant even get a girl go make out with a baby) Black
2. Shape Shifters/ Animagi
3. Red Motorbike belonging to ugly black and then red bike belonging to beautiful Black

Oh I just remembered the only strictly romance novel that I ever read that did not make me want to tear my eyes out. Gone With The Wind. Historical fiction. The setting is the Cival War. All you idiot tweens and teens who believe that Edward and Bella are in love just because they are lusting after one another, well you are so ignorant, try a real book. Just ignore the piece of drivel some other author wrote as a sequel.

Ok Look,
Many people have different opinions. Not just damn steven king its not what he says goes. I absolutly love the host and the twilight saga because it is supernatural. Unlike steven king in my opinon is not really good, but when my dad tried to read twilight he said it sucked. He loves stephen king books. THEY ARE JUST BOOKS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! People have choices.!!!!

I am in to things like fantasy so twilight and harry potter are really good. There are so many styles of writing. But that does not give other people the right to tell off or say things nasty about other writers.

Exactly what constitutes a great writer? Is it the ability to draw in an large audience with the material they write, to entertain, to sell their material? I think Stephanie certainly fits the bill.

And to the people who say she ruined the image of a vampire---what the heck are you people talking about? Since when are vampires concerned about their image? LMAO!

I can't believe how people are on here fighting over whos right and who's better. Everyone's idea of whats good and whats not is different. No one is right or wrong in this. Both authors are different with different styles of writing. Both styles are loved and both authors are captivating readers with their books. Honestly just agree to disagree already and stop worrying about who's right lol.

There are far more important things in the world to worry about then who writes better.

One key factor in the difference between Twilight and Harry Potter series is that Twilight was primarily successful in drawing in teenage girls, its main fanbase. Harry Potter was successful in drawing in people of all creeds, ages, sexes. There is a reason for this. The reason, obviously, is the content. I have not read Twilight, so I cannot comment on her ability to write, but I can say that Stephen King most definitely has a more educated opinion than mine on writing, so I'm going to leave it up to him to make that call.
I can say, however, that a part of the reason that Harry Potter has such a varied fanbase is the writing. Both books are based in fantasy, and, although Twilight drastically overplays the teenage girls sex fantasy, the biggest difference between the two is that one author is a writer, and one is a soccer mom. I could write a story, and as long as it was about the right topic, a fanbase would grow. This does not mean that I'm a good author, it means that my ideas are commonly shared. These are two very different things that Twilight fans seem to be confusing. Let me reiterate: just because Stephanie Meyer's books have a large fanbase, does not mean that she is a good author, which is what King is saying.

Why is everybody getting their panties into a twist over this? It's all publicity. I was told the Twilight Books were written by Stephen King himself.. under a pseudonym. He has done this before, supposedly to prove his worth and that his fame doesn't only come from a famous name. I'm not completely sure about what I was told, but it makes perfect sense. From the trivial fact that the woman's name is Stephenie, opposed to the common Stephanie.. to the fact that it's a book totally aimed to our current airhead society of teenagers without taste. Remember, it's all about making money.

I heard people were comparing Stephenie Meyer to Stephen King, saying she was the female Stephen King of our time or something like that. I think he has a right to be angry. You can't compare two writers that have entirely different writing ethics. Stephen King's books aren't for young children and Stephenie writes for the young female teens. Now I can't say Twilight is only for pre-teens because I have high school friends (who are indeed seniors) who are obsessed with Twilight.
And just what makes Twilight so different from Harry Potter? Just because Twilight is based around vampires and werewolves and whatnot, doesn't mean it isn't occult-ish like Harry Potter. I don't believe Harry Potter is occult-ish in any way really, the books don't tell me to wait for an owl to come down my bloody chimney with a letter, but I haven't heard anyone bashing Twilight about it's supernatural beings.
Some people need to set their priorities straight.
As for how great of a writer Stephenie Meyers is, in my opinion, she's only slightly better than Christopher Paolini, the author of Eragon. Which I think was not that great of a book. I don't care how old he was when he wrote it, he's just not that great in my opinion. I have read better on Fanfiction.

I love Twilight, but Stephen is so right. Her writing style is (mostly) horrible. I have never read a novel that was so poorly written as the first one, but again - I think she did quite well on the second one. Maybe Mr. King only got halfway through the first one, which missing words and poor style should be enough to scare off anyone with enough talent like him?

Its frustrating for a writer like stephen to work hard at what he does, and has SMEYER come in and dream up a best-seller and be filled with praise and adoration.
I Agree with Stephen.
Even though Harry Potter is a childrens book, and Twilight is a YA book, Harry Potter is so much more mature in many ways. The characters develop more, and go through more. Whereas Twilight is more of a fun romance read.
Stephenie writes like a 14 year old fanfic writer.
She uses purple prose, plot holes, and has inconsistencies...
Also, she repeats words, and over-describes everything.
So, I agree with Stephen.

Stephen King is right. Stephenie can't write. Her style is dull and just cannot draw me like people say it would. I immediately got bored in the middle of New Moon because Meyer's put pointless stuff in it like the flu, random movies, and Bella keeps whining about Edward leaving her. Same thing with the first book. She needs to get to the point quicker without making it choppy.

Stephen King is the KING! You fan of twilight make me laugh!

She can't write. No, seriously, she can't. You don't need to have a degree to figure THAT out. The woman skewers basic rules of grammar and formatting that it makes me want to crotchpunch her editor--if she even had one. I refuse to believe anyone worthy of the title 'editor' could read her manuscripts and not point out these GLARINGLY OBVIOUS FLAWS.

is Stephen King the law or something??? King takes like a whole chapter just to describe something as trivial as a wooden chair or a tree, and his descriptions go on for so long, one forgets what it is he is describing in the first place!
I think Stephenie Meyer is an excellent writer

To cindie:

What constitutes a great writer you ask? I'd say the ability entertain and educate at the same time. How about the ability to create great literature? That works too. What constitutes a popular author? Sales. Enough said. And that's all Meyer has to her name, sales. She, in no way educates her audience. In fact she's sending a very unhealthy message to teenage girls. I agree with pretty much everything plaidfroggie has said. Especially to you KillerKat74. Fiction is meant to incorporate today's issues into an intriguing plot and story with interesting characters. Meyer does none of this. A lot of fiction is actually based on worries of the future too. Honestly, The running man was written based on the fear that the US would crumble into a dystopia. All fiction has underlying references to real life, except Twilight of course.

To Taylor who posted back in February:
I'm sorry, dear, but I have to STRONGLY disagree with you, and say that you must be slightly mad. I, too, have read MANY of Stephen King's novels and have thoroughly enjoyed nearly all of them. To say that Stephen King is "not good" is simply absurd. If his writing "doesn't draw you in", it IS because you don't understand what's going on. I would suggest raising your reading comprehension level, and trying to read them again. As to your comment about Miss Rowling, I would say to reread her series again, and then compare it to Miss Meyer. These two authors have a completely different style of writing and are on totally different levels. I have read the Twilight series and didn't think it was absolutely horrible, but to say it's just as good or better as something written by King or Rowling is ludicrous.

Dear Strung-out Twilight Fans:
Get a life. So Stephen King said that your "favorite author in, like, the whole entire world" couldn't write. Big deal.
Twilight does indeed suck. I've grown up on reading vampire books. I gave Twilight a try and I ended up throwing the book across my living room about halfway through it. I love books and this is one book I would condone burning.
For all those who are saying that Stephen King is just jealous because he's not the popular one right now, um, hello? Stephen King has been writing for 30+ years and is not slowing down anytime soon. 'Salem's Lot blows Twilight out of the water. Stephenie Meyer can't write. I could write a better book. This is how I see Twilight: Bella is a slut who wants Edward. Edward is a 108 year old virgin.
As for the whole sparkling thing. C'mon. The "vampires don't sleep" thing I can buy. The whole thing about the Cullens becoming "vegetarians" I can buy because it's been done before (see Louis in "Interview with the Vampire"). The sparkling thing, though. That's just completely stupid. If vampires sparkled then why would they be feared icons in European folklore? When you see something sparkle, you don't go "Run, it's sparkling and thus has horrible intent." No, you go "Look, it's sparkly and I'm going to tell it how pretty it looks and immasculate it."

So, once again. Twilight fans. GET. A. LIFE.

If you want to send me hatemail, send me hatemail. I'd love to reply to it.

For those Twilight fans wishing to answer the following question:

Why do Bella and Edward fall in love. If you can give me a decent plausible answer, I'll stop thinking harshly of the book.

King is right, Meyers is a hack her next book reads like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" meets "Planet of the Apes" and gives birth to "The Exorcist". She has no imagination. She can't spell, puncutate, or use proper grammar. But the public loves her. Why? Beats me since their are better authors who treat this overly-written genre with more intelligence. Why does anyone get popular and others languish? That is a question for the Ages. I wish Ms. Meyers all the best and hope someday that another Stephen King will come forward and show us true craftsmenship.

I've read all four released Twilight books. I've read one Stephen King book, one called IT. I have to say that Stephen King is the superior writer in this debate as his books aren't classic damsel in distress type novels, or cheesey romance that always ends well. When you read his books it's so vivid and you can relate to the characters because they're so ordinary, but in their own ways, special. Twilight isn't a bad story (although no one is going to be able to write a vampire story anymore without angry Twilight fans disproving of it) though by the end of the last book I was disappointed. Edward was practically forgotten by the end and everything revolved around Jacob and Renesme. King's books are well thought out and obviously took a great deal of patience to write. I wish Twilight fans wouldn't judge King when hardly any have probably read a single book of his. Be more open minded and don't immediately defend your idol when the opponent may be right.

Did anyone actually read the article that was quoted? He admits that some writers have rough times, but sometimes they are amazing. He also addresses the fact that Meyer's books to touch on something that mainly teen girls can latch on to. Now, I'm not a fan of Meyer's books because of the way they are written and the plot just bored me (I gave it up to read "The Portrait of Mr. W.H." by Oscar Wilde). On the other end I find Stephen King to be an amazing author. Some of his books aren't literary masterpieces, but his novel _Cujo_ was amazing, when he went into narrative from the point of view of the dog I was amazed. I think that Stephen King has been around the business enough to feel comfortable saying what he will about whoever he wishes to say it about. More power to him, the man has been raked through the coals as much as Meyer, but he's still standing and has fans (like myself) who encourage people to see passed the mass production of King novels, so that they may find a truly interesting story. Maybe, with time Meyer will be more interesting, but _Twilight_ is not a book I want to read, and it doesn't encourage me seek her out in the future.

They only made a movie of her book so to make money... are you really that stupid? I mean, come on! Every preppy little fangirl who heard the word "vampire" would jump for it. Get real. King was right. :)

Well first of all I like to responed to all the people who think that Stephanie Meyer send wrong message to teenage girls. She do not send any wrong message what so ever. Unlike other novels Bella and Edward wait till they're married till they have sex. Even when they did on their honeymoon se did not describe any detail besides bruises, pillows and bedframe being messed up. Also to the people who say she descibe poorly. She decribes with perfect detail. I forgot I was even reading words. My mind just went to this vivid picture in my mind that played the whole book out perfectly. And Stephan King was wrong for saying that about Stephanie Meyer. I mean if she couldn't write then how does she have milions of fans??? How did anyone know about a book called Twilght? How did millions of girls become absessed with Edward Cullen? Well simple answer...because they read the book! Every won fell inlove with the story thats why they're already making the second movie of it. Even my Dad who made fun of me for reading the book likes the movie. Well sure he wouldn't read the book, but he loves the plot of the story which she wrote!

To Valerie:

The story is fine, the writing and most of the vampire concept is not. And neither is your spelling is not either. There is a difference between being good and being popular as has been described numerous times before. It all has to do to appeal. And the Twilight Series appeals to the dumber side of us humans. The wrong message isn't sexual. How about the dominant presence of anti-feminism. Bella can't live or function without a man telling her what to do. She never thinks for herself. And the sexual side of the message is conveyed in the small things as King said such as the lust filled descriptions of Edward touching her cheek or arm. Once again I reiterate: If you want to be taken seriously, re-read your post and use proper grammar and spelling.

P.S. My question still stands.

So, here's the basics. I, personally, have read many of Stephen King's work and Stephenie Meyer’s. I read a lot (considering my age). Personally, I think that you simply cannot just proclaim that Stephenie Meyer cannot write - it's evident that she can, else there wouldn't be a book in the first place. No. I do not think that Twilight (and it's sequels) were the best pieces of written literature. Of course they aren't; but neither are Stephen King's. Personally, I liked the Twilight Saga. I completely disagree that it was completely based on sexual situations, because if it was, I would have hated it. When finding the book I was put off by the Romance part. The only thing that intrigued me was the supernatural element. However, I liked how it gripped me. It's nice to escape from a chaotic life once in a while, I thoroughly enjoyed the books (though admittedly, they did get steadily less appealing for me towards the end. Twilight was the only one I thought was very good.) As for the question above on why do Bella and Edward fall in love, well, why does any one fall in love? I have no clue. This is what comes of being a naive person with little experience on such matters.

Harry Potter appealed to a much wider age range and both male and female. Harry Potter, in my view, will always be better than Twilight.

The plot was not brilliant. But the characters were. She did not ‘kill’ (to use the derogatory phrase people seem to adamant about) the perception of vampires. She changed it for originality in her story. I am getting sick of people’s negative views all being based on ’ooohh vampires sparkle…’ So what? It was her idea, she wrote it up, and is not very rich because of it. So, no, I didn’t think the plot was amazing. The character however, were very well thought up. They evidently appeal to a wide fan base, which is almost certainly why there’s a sudden mass hype on the subject.

Stephen King has been writing for over 30 years, I am not going to be one to state that he cannot write. (I’ve read his books, and I’ve enjoyed them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t like Stephanie Meyer’s writing.) I don’t believe anyone can just claim that someone ‘can’t write’ unless there is a very frequent grammar and spelling issues involved. Which is not the case for Stephanie Meyer’s writing (or any book for that matter) because of such things called: editors.

However. I noticed she uses the use of the word ‘chagrin’ far too much, and sometimes in the wrong context.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I am 14. I don’t normally state my views because - let’s face it - no one takes them seriously. I happen to be intelligent, I am taking my GCSEs early because of it (however pompous precocious that sounds) and I really hate it when people are quick to judge and label Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga as something a 14 year old can fantasise about perfect sex. I can assure you, that this is the opposite of what I look for in a book. So yes, I am 14.A classic age for me to be a crazy Twilight obsessed fan girl. I’m not, I thought it was an entertaining read though. Sorry to disappoint.

I do think Stephenie Meyer can write. I preferred the Host to Twilight (I generally stay away from Y/A fiction if I’m to be perfectly honest, despite my age) but no, it was not my favourite book. If any one out there has read ‘Gormenghast’ (by Mervyn Peake) then you’ve read good literature. If not, I recommend it. That, along with Harry Potter, without a doubt remains my favourite book.

My view remains the same: Twilight is an entertaining light read with enthralling characters. Stephenie Meyer can write, just as well as other can. It’s her idea and good research on what the teenage population want which caused her to become so famous.

And now - as I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to hear - I’ll go off and finish my French coursework.


i agree with stephen king. i've read a lot of stephen king books (some i enjoy, some i did not) and i also read the whole twilight series. if i'm to compare the 2, definitely king has the upper hand here. if i'm to compare meyer to rowling, rowling will get my vote. i think what meyer did is discover the recipe for popularity, be cheesy for those little girls. twilight lacks continuity and consistency. many fans are blinded by the love theme but if you stripped that angle from the story (for argument's sake) there is nothing else there. the whole thing is just blah blah bland. the characters are not strong enough, the plot's bordering on the common path. when the story hits the "climax" i was like: that's it?!

obviously a lot of people are hooked. but this is just a kiddie story with hot and bothered teenagers as the main characters. (which in my opinion gets these girls hooked)

To Lily:

A very, very good post. But your answer to my question does not work. There's always a basis. Maybe most of it is unknown but there's a basis. If there were no basis marriages would not fail because no one would be disappointed with what they got. Sometimes it's money. Other times it's looks. But all in all, even if it's just a slight part of the love, there is a logical reason for it. Except in Bella and Edward's case. Next, the characters were as interesting as an uncooked steak is appetizing. They were so one dimensional that most of the lines became predictable. And they showed no growth over the several years the books spanned. They seemed impervious to the effects of time on their emotions and mentality. And writing isn't just grammar issues. It's everything. Sentence structure, descriptions, paragraph structure, character development, plot, everything. And editors, at least in Meyers' case, don't look for that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are just looking for something to sell. Anyways, once again, well formatted post yet some logic errors.

I find it funny that many people are saying Stephen King's feeling jealous of Stephanie Meyer.
I mean, really? That man's made more money than she ever will.
Perhaps that's why his writing has declined, he knows people will buy it, but he has a gem every now and again.
As for Stephanie Meyer, her books were rubbish from the start.

i belive that king is partually right but i also like twilight. even though she ruined vampire. Edward is HOT

Anyone else find it rather amusing that King is being blasted for doing the exact same thing every poster on this forum has done, expressing his opinion?

"He did it publicly, though." This is the internet, so are you.

"He's a fellow author. That's unprofessional and disrespectful."

The fact that he is a veteran of the industry makes him slightly more qualified to give a meaningful opinion than you. Peer review (read published authors with some measure of success here) is an age old practice and is highly depended upon in all fields, from cinema to science.

King has years of experience Miss Meyers doesn't to draw upon. To say that he shouldn't critique her because it is disrespectful is like saying that an M.D. should not critique a med student. He didn't tell her to stop writing, only that at the moment, she isn't very good. Writing is a lifelong craft. She'll have to keep working at it.

The "I like his/her books while I don't like the other" arguments are downright silly. Whether or not you personally enjoy their story does not actually make an author good or truly skilled. Any style can be polished. Any text can be improved. Try and be logical, please.

I'll stop there...for now. Happy reading!

I've been writing for almost 40 years, and reading Stephen King for most of that time. I've read numerous other writers' work. I've read some which appealed to me, and some which didn't.

Not being a teenage girl, I'm not part of Stephanie Meyer's target demographic. However, I don't see anything in her work that would make me want to slam her down. Concerned about the content? Fair enough. I certainly wouldn't let my 13 year old daughter read most of the King canon without being prepared for a lengthy discussion before, during and after. The same principle applies to any writer, including Stephanie Meyer. I didn't see any content that couldn't be discussed with my child. Certainly parts cover uncomfortable territory for any parent (the observation in Twilight that a father's greatest relief is that the daughter leaves home before the hormones kick in certainly resonates in this household). I don't let any contemporary author parent my child, so really, the content is a non-issue.

As far as Stephen King goes, I fully support his freedom to state his opinion. Isn't that freedom central to being an American? However, for someone whose "magnum opus" was a self-referential, self-serving epic of tedium (especially in light of the wonderful buildup of the first four volumes, yes constant reader, you know which series I'm talking about) to make the statement he did, right or wrong, it's just crass.

I won't get into the "who's better than who" argument. However, some should remember the quality of writing in "The Bachman Books" (which would be a chronologically apt comparison to Stephanie Meyer's first books) before slinging mud in either direction.

If she can shrug off the caustic remarks and continue to hone her craft, she has a serious amount of potential and if I'm around in another 40 years, I'll take a look and see how she's doing.


Thank you for mentioning the fact that many novels are also based on fears about the future. I was so involved in responding to the idiocy about current social issues that I didn't even bring up that point. I found George Orwell's 1984 absolutely chilling for that very reason.

You will never get your challenge answered Josh. From what I could tell when I checked out her website, she started writing from the meadow scene after they had fallen in love. Meyer was unfortunately not skillfull or imaginative enough to write the actual love story itself. I believe this is the reason you only see lust in the Twilight book. It is entirely sexual attraction from appearance, smell and lacks substance. It is for this reason that I do not consider it a love story. All Meyer does is tell, and then she expect us to believe things. Even though she contradicts things she has told us in the actual story. We are supposed to believe Bella is unselfish and cares about others. If anyone actually reads the books they would see how that is not true. Bella is about as selfish as they come.

To everyone:

I have to say I have found mention that critics are saying that Twilight is horror for people who don't like the horror genre and that Host is sci fi for those who don't like sci fi. While I have read my share of "soft" sci fi, I found the person who talks about how much the Host is an unoriginal rip off of other writers sad. The people who read Twilight and Host are not going to be interested in the books she ripped off. If you don't like those genres, why would you pick them up in the first place?

Apparently in this case it is because Meyer managed to dumb down the genres enough to appeal to a mass of teenage girls looking for socially acceptable soft porn. In fact after reading Meyer's books I checked the web for outcry by the same people who criticized Rowling for using the occult, and I couldn't find it. To me that is crazy as vampires are part of the occult. Crazily enough if you think about it, Meyer's books are worse because Rowlings was not suggesting that humans should mate with the occult monsters simply because they are beautiful and smell good.

I joined the barnes&nobles book clubs section. They have both a teen read and a writer's section. They thankfully on the teen forum condensed the multiple Twilight discussions to one thread, but that thread is like 70 something pages of people mostly encouraging others to "love edward" and to encourage other young readers to read Twilight. Most of the nicknames used make me believe most of those posters are about the level of the majority of people on this site's support Meyer side of the discussion, text speaking 13 year olds. Thus Meyer's rabid fan base, these twitards get on other sites and praise Twilight thus spreading the madness.

I am disappointed that the writer's forum there is currently over run by a bunch of seemingly air headed people who are afraid of peer pressure in a major way as people are constantly posting "should I write this?" posts. Many of the plots they propose sound awfully similar to Twilight in that they involve paranormal romance. It is like they are not even following the prinicple of write what you know or interests you and are trying for a break away best seller by opinion polls. It is one thing to be inspired by Twilight(though I don't think it is inspirational unless you count being inexplicably popular) and want to write a paranormal romance provided you do the actual writing. It is quite another thing to post things that sound like a dust jacket blurb and ask "Should I write this?"

My husband read the Twilight series(mostly because it is here) and he says that Bella is not a character as much is as she is a plot device. I agree with my husband on that point. I know someone here mentioned that Bella has to be given credit for unwavering stupidity in the face of danger, and that about sums her up. After being attacked in Twilight by James, how could she believe she would make a difference in Eclipse against an army of newborns? Yes, you guessed it unwavering stupidity in the face of danger.

Meyer has no concept of continuity in her books. Most authors who create a universe of their own actually follow the rules they create. I have to say there were parts of Breaking Dawn that surprised me, but only because of her breaking her own rules. However the character responses were completely predictable as they experience no growth in the series.

As for those who say that the sexuality is so low key, in the final book Meyer has the great Edward attempting to get Jacob to provide stud services. How much more sick and twisted can you get? I love my husband very much, but I would be horribly offended if he proposed passing me off to another man for breeding purposes. Instead Bella is just impressed by how much that shows Edward loves her. Just another example of Bella being more a piece of property than anything else. Another example of the anti feminist message in the Twilight series.

I have seen people here criticize King for not explaning the origin of his supernatural characters, yet the explanation Meyer gives might as well have been excluded since she wasn't even consistant with it. If all the bodily fluids are just venom(including their eyes) then Bella would have changed on her honeymoon after the "act", this would not have allowed for a pregnancy at all. Not to mention that if you are basically made of marble and unchanging then you wouldn't be able to have sex anyway(only an inexperienced person would be able to believe that Meyer's take on vampires would actually be able to have sex given that it would be like having two statues go at it.)

I admit that after I read the Twilight series and realized what a waste it was, I was glad to find a spot on the web where it is truly discussed on its lack of merits. If I had found this site before I wasted my money on the books, I would not have bought them, saved money and not done my unfortunate part of furthering Meyer's taint on the horror genre. Unfortunately I don't want to appeal to a bunch of text speak twitards.

I have to say that unfortunately in the real world writer's group I joined there is someone writing fan fic about Edward. Another member obsessed enough with Edward that she is addicted to that person's take on Edward because she is going through Edward withdrawal. I mean is Edward the new form of crack for teenage girls especially? The funniest part is that in the small amount I read, this writer had already given Edward more dimension than Meyer did, and her writing was much more skillful.

Meyer is not a very good example of a professional author(and after 5 books she should be not be considered a novice) since she got her Edward sided novel leaked, threw a temper tantrum and said she can't bear to finish it because she would kill off Edward and Bella. Laughing my ass off at the facts that a. she would get leaked, b. She is "afraid" of people reading her unedited versions when the supposedly edited, published books are pretty unskilled, and c. She is unprofessional enough to think she can't follow the Twilight book enough to write the companion novel(which given her proven lack of continuity might actually be true).

I read Rowlin'gs Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. I was enchanted by the characters. I did notice it could have used some work. In the next books Rowling's skills increased. That is the reason that I bought the rest of the Potter Series, enchanting characters. I had hoped that something similar would have occurred with Meyer. As I have said before, I will not buy Host, but she had 4 novels to impress me that she would become more skilled and polished, and she didn't improve. If anything things just got progressively worse as the series went on. While Meyer did not span 7 years in her books, authors span less time than Meyer did and still manage to have characters evolve and mature and do it in far fewer pages.

I found it very interesting here that some of Twilight's readers complain about how they can't read Rowling because the books are too long. They also say King's books are too long. Have they not noticed the extremely thick books that are in the Twilight series? You could use those monsters as doorstops(which might be a better use for them). I mean the only thing I can see as an explanation is that to people the repetition of how glorious Edward is blinds them to the actual length and you can if you want ignore entire chapters of Meyer's books and not lose what little plot she attempts. I will admit the Twilight series is a very quick read despite the length because you don't have to engage any part of your brain to follow them.

Those who say that the Harry Potter books are too difficult to read really make me question the reading skills of the majority of the younger generation. I don't think that seniors in high school should be at all interested in Meyer's books yet alone adults as there is no challenge to them. As has been pointed out, there are no plot twists and they are a very simplistic read. I swear parents should make the English teachers actually teach young adults how to read and think about what they read. Given the fact that most Meyer fans here say things like Edward is hot and can't substantiate anything as a defense from the text indicates they are not analytical readers.

Other people have pointed out that Meyer is a young author. They say that she is tapping into human emotion and that excuses a number of faults. I will grant that she is young, but she is not improving nor did she capture my emotions. The books are very contrived and they did not show a single emotionally realistic character. King writes very well developed characters and the emotions he invokes in me are very real. He has included better love stories in some of his horror novels than Meyer did in her pararomance book. He is also not afraid to show that people have a dark side. Meyer can't even acknowledge that fact. Her characters are so goody goody that I wonder if she has ever read the classics she talks about in her novels.

The people who say that Meyer is being unfairly attacked because she is writing young adult novels, not adult novels are in my opinion not really correct. I did not expect an adult novel when I bought Twilight. I was however expecting a well executed story and developed characters. Aside from the evil vamps who get killed, the only dark sided characters are catty and jealous, relatively minor dark points. Truthfully I did not find it an accurate representation of high school. There are so many cliches and so much that is wrong with her portrayal of high school teenagers that I wonder what she was thinking. She could have written less about what Bella cooked for dinner and tried to capture a bit of the reality of being a high school student. The Harry Potter books captured school life better than the Meyer books, and she was writing about a school of magic, not a typical American high school.

To those idiots that mentioned the fact that a movie was made out of Twilight and they are going to do a second movie, heaven help you poor things if you are using that as an arguement that her books are good. The books were so poorly written as far as plot and dialogue that they had to have James's group attacking and Charlie in danger from the beginning to have anything to work with. I did indeed see the movie and it didn't follow Meyer's book at all(not that all of Stephen King's books have been faithfully executed on film and the movies that are not faithful are the ones that stink). The movie did not even show the key meadow scene that Meyer based the whole series on. Instead Edward drags the clumsy Bella through treetops and such. Please tell me you actually noticed the differences and weren't just sitting there thinking about Edward. I have also seen many people criticize the actress who portrayed Bella and to me that indicates that they are upset that they can't self insert, after all the actress was given a very poorly written and flat character to work with.

Since Josh has thrown down a gauntlet, I wish to do the same. If someone can try to redeem Breaking Dawn by giving me a plausible explanation for Bella not experiencing Newborn Madness, I will stop commenting on Meyer's lack of continuity. The two explanations Meyer tried to give fall flat by the very foundation she created on her take of vampires. The vampires only have one additional power if any, yet one explanation Meyer attempts is that Bella's transformation goes so smoothly due to supernatural self control. This doesn't fit since Bella has the power to shield everyone. Her other possible explanation that only Bella has changed with prior preparation is not supported because the Volturi have humans assisting them. Unless they have never transformed a human(in which case why do any humans working for them have hope that they will be transformed) the prior preparation explanation is out. If you go with the fact that others must have chosen the life, then all of them must forget their humanity enough to want to prey on their family and everyone else. In essence that is a total continuity flaw which indicates yet again Meyer is only interested in a Happily Ever After fairytale.

If you check out her website, Meyer praises her editor and does make reference to the fact that she is an inexperienced editor. I find it hard to believe that even an inexperienced editor couldn't have improved Meyer's books, however that could partially explain things. I still think that any editor that has read all the books would have been able to point out the continuity errors at the very least, The only scenario I can imagine is that Meyer who can't take criticism of any kind threw a temper tantrum and refused to fix things, or else they were too close to a printing deadline for a rewrite.

I am confident that no one will be able to answer Josh's challenge or mine. Not only do many of the "supporters" of Meyer admit that it is fluff and an easy read, but the majority of them are unable to form a correctly spelled and reasonable explanation for why they like the book except spouting how Hot Edward is. I know that many people try to point out what a tender "first love" book it is. Yet these same people can not explain what the love the characters feel for each other is based on. The fact that even Bella can't point it out as evidenced in Eclipse just goes to show that there is no support for the "love story".

Am I shocked such a piece of drivel like Twilight got published? No I am not. I have read poorly written books before. However I have never read such a poorly written series before. I think it was insane that she actually got a 3 book contract based on Twilight. Even if she had shown the agent or editors other ideas she had for the book, the wisest course would have been to have her write one really good book. The fact that she dragged this on for 4 books is what is truly amazing. While I have seen mixed reviews about Host, I believe that from what I have seen, the majority think it is not a well written book. It was probably published simply because right now Meyer is basically a brand name, like Cottonelle toilet paper. In fact if I was running out of toilet paper, her books might do in a pinch except they would clog my toilet.

Just one more comment to Josh, don't you find it hilarious that so many fans here have read the books numerous times and still can't answer your challenge? I personally find it pretty hilarious. Yet they try in their rabid fan way to say Edward is hot and Bella is not and that is what makes it such a great story. While I have "inserted" myself into books I have read, it was generally because I fell in love with a well created character or world. Not because I wanted to have sex with Michelangelo's David.

You know, Plaid... I think that may have been a more interesting read than what I've read of Breaking Dawn!
And, even better, it's completely true.

From what I've read and heard is that the book is based off of Meyer's sexual fantasies. There's no plot, other than "Oh my God! Edward is so hot!".

Admittedly, I've not read the series. I've just read reviews, I really don't wish to waste my time, and destroy my brain. If I wanted to do that, I'd attempt to have an intellectual conversation with Trade channel on WoW.

Anyways, I am still trying to figure out just WHY people like it so much!
All the book does is state that Edward is hot.
That's lovely, but I think EVERYONE got the picture after the 100th time saying it, yeah? Yet she probably went on another several hundred times.

Another thing that's mentioned I want to point out: I think it's interesting that most of the Twilight fans can't use English to save their lives.
"amg edward is leik so hawt lolololol"
for example. Of course, they also use "u" "y", etc. Grammar, punctuation and capitalization? Not gonna happen with them.

Now, I am going to ask the Twilight *HATERS*, should I read the stupid book/series? I'm not sure if I am going to watch the movie. I think I will if I need a laugh.


I do find it funny that the fans who say they've read the books a dozen times can't seem to answer my question. I also agree that the movie was bad but then again, as you stated, a movie can only be as good as the book it was based off of. When I watched Harry Potter I immediately felt like the actors were the characters and I could see them while I read the books. But Twilight, I just can't seem to accept that the actors fit the characters. I do find that Meyer refusing to finish the fifth book shows just how inexperienced she is. And how much of a baby she is. I don't understand how hard it is to write the same book from another point of view. Anyways, that's all for now. Question still stands for all of those Twilight lovers.

To Matthew:

If you wish to fully understand the hater view of the book, I would suggest at least reading the first one. But that's your choice. I've read all of them and therefore I have a much better understanding of what it is I berate. It's like the saying goes, "You have to know your enemy to hate them." My opinion though.

Okay, reading these are hilarious! Especially, if you have noticed a lot of the 'Twi-Hards' use incorrect spelling, punctuation, lack of capital letters etc.
Anyway, I agree with Stephen King. Obviously, he is an amazing author! He has published numorous books and has had many movie deals for his books. Twilight, in my opinion, is a terrible waste of time. I read the first and the second (hopeing the writing would improve), but was tragically disappionted. I have no idea why Twilight is such a popular series. The writing is horrendous and the vampires are nothing to be scared of. In fact, I'm more scared of a first grader then a vampire in Twilight! The main thing that bothered me about the vampires were the sparkling in the sunlight. It seemed so stupid and pointless! Anne Rice may not have brought something "new" to the sunlight myth, but she didn't make her vampires wimps either. Twilight was also a bore, you knew everything that would happen! Even ten chapters before it ended I knew what was going to happen...and I was right!
As for J.K. Rowling, I think she is a great author in which she has 'shades of grey'. Nobody is just evil or good in Harry Potter, which makes the series wonderful! While in Twilight, your either good or bad. That's it. Can you say boring?!
I can or never will understand how Twilight got big. Hopefully, Twilight will be in the past and everyone can move on they're lives without having to see a Twilight book in every corner!

Hannah, a few months ago, in a funk over comments with misspellings such as arguements, dimond, jelous and pshychatic, I wrote a post asking: Is spelling ded? Today, in the wake of Kavya Shivashankar vistory in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Im more hopfeul. Her words included Laodicean, baignoire, huisache and ecossaise. Here's the link:


I would not waste my brain cells if I were you. Have you seen those Hulu commercials where an alien lifeform talks about sending tv programs to laptops to turn your brain to goo? I would say that tv might be even less likely to produce goo than the Twilight books. After all there are stations like the history channel and other educational programming on television that make people think while they watch.

If you do read Twilight, be very prepared for repeated "I don't deserve you. You are so perfect. I am so ordinary." Crap that comes from Bella when she is not talking about his eyes, marble chest and perfect face etc. These books should be really, really short books...however Meyer felt the need to pound into our head by repetition that Edward is great looking. She actually is an insult to the intellect of her readers...well given the rampant text speak it would appear many of them might not be all that bright. They can't even spell jealous or jerk.

I don't see what a male reader gets out of these books. It isn't even a reflection of what girls really want. Most girls do not really want a stalker pedophile to come creeping in their window to watch them sleep at night. Some people say that the books satisfy every woman's desire for the perfect boyfriend. Sheesh I am female and very insulted by that because the flat assed Edward is not my idea of a perfect boyfriend.

Yeah there might be a few girls(even more of them now) who believe being treated like garbage is a courting ritual. Aside from saving her life, he basically ignores her after disappearing for a week then suddenly he is "the one" about a month later. If you want to pick up a few methods of abusing a girlfriend then by all means give the series a read. Somehow I doubt you are the type to want an abuse guide.

Of course us *Twilight Haters* would welcome you to our ranks with open arms as we fight the battle to open the twitards' minds to the fact that Meyer in all actuality can not write. I have to warn you that they aren't truly literate enough to grasp an arguement anyway. They just jump in with their comments about what a "gerk" King is and how "HOT" Edward is instead of reading the comments here and trying a real defense.

I actually saw a Twitard say on the Barnes and Noble site that anyone who can read should be required to read the Twilight books. Fortunately that will never happen as has been shown earlier by Josh, her books will not qualify as literature and will never become required reading because they do not meet the standard of literature.

It is of course your choice, but do not by any means consider buying the books and funding the "sacred cash cow" Meyer any further. If you buy Twilight you will end up with an expensive doorstop or perhaps expensive toilet paper while in the woods. I had considered donating my copies of the Twilight series to my local library, but I decided that is rather like dumping toxic waste on public property. If I make these books even more accessible then I am actually contributing to the brain rot of the tweens and teens. Don't get stuck with copies of this rubbish.

Many of the Twitards are in love with Edward to the point of insanity. I mean true insanity. I understand people who get a crush on a celebrity more than the Twitards who think Edward is real even though he is just a poor description in a book. You can't see nicknames like I want to Marry Edward Cullen and not realize some of these people are mentaly unstable. The inability to recognize reality vs fantasy is a key element to insanity. Other people who base their happiness on these books are also an indication that some truly do need mental health care services. If you are relying on a work of fiction to get you through your life then you really do need professional help. I am not even bringing that up to be insulting, it is true. People are using this as a crutch just as much as alcohol or drugs. The only difference is that this is legal crack.

Truly my advice to you is don't read the books unless you have some rabid fans attacking you in person and you need to point out that "hey I read it and it is garbage." Definitely don't buy them. The movie isn't even worth watching to make fun of. It doesn't even have that redeeming grace. I personally like to mock a cheesy horror movie myself, but this movie was so pathetic that it makes you want to throw your dvd player out the window.

Good luck to you. May you remain unsullied by Meyer Madness. I wish you well whichever course you choose.


Stephenie Meyer is not even CLOSE to JK Rowling as an author! Her writing is an absolute disgrace to literature and the English language and she should be ashamed to call herself an author and for misleading my fellow peers (adolescent females) into believing such garbage is actual prose!

JK Rowling is such a great writer!
Smeyer wishes she were that good!

To Josh-
Okay I admitt i did spell a few words wrong but who doesn't??? Anyways I still stand by my statement that Stephanie Meyer is a great author.

To Valerie:

I can forgive errors that are unintentional but I once again must point out the misspelling of the authors' names. The names that are most likely at the top of you web browser as you type. It actually pains me to see how many people can't spell their names right. Even those who are rabid fans of the series, who see her name every day as they pick up Twilight for the hundredth time, can't seem to get her name write.

New theory as to why the epic battle in Breaking Dawn did not occur. Meyer, afraid of all the rabid Twilight fans, has read the book Misery by Stephen King. Fearing for her life(or at least some of her body parts) she is stuck giving her fans the fairy tale ending that she wrote.

For those who have not read Misery, a rabid fan of a romance author saves his life after he is in a car crash. She is psychotic. Not a far leap for some here who can't distinguish the difference between reality and fiction. This former nurse finds out that in the final Misery novel the author killed off the main character named Misery (though for the fans here it wouldn't be Bella they would miss, it would be Edward). She forces him to write Misery back to life and amputates his foot and a thumb in punishment. She also plans to commit murder suicide when he finishes.

Gasp, could this be the only reasonable explanation for the epic fail that is Breaking Dawn? It seems a more likely explanation to me than the pitiful reasons that Meyer has proposed.

stephen king is right. again people who think that stepehnie myer is great vampires are not supposed to be written like she wrote them and plus this is coming from a MASTER of writing j.k rowling brought back fantasy in a wonderful way and meyer is just trying to pay bills.


I apologize for misspelling Meyer's name in my first post. I am just going to say that my first post was written really late at night after reading all of the commentary that came before my post. I was exposed to multiple misspellings of Meyer's name in the posts that came before mine and didn't even think of looking at the top of my browser. However as has been demonstrated I am not one of her rabid fans so I don't have the book in front of me with drool covered pages sticking together as I am frantically trying (and failing) to find passages in her books that defend a position saying "Meyer can write." Of course her fans don't actually try to demonstrate any of her magnificent skills, they just like to say "King is a gerk."


Before I read all the commentary and found that this was indeed a place that discussed the lack of quality of Meyer's work, I did intend to comment on the character face off. I think maybe two or three people actually have done this.

Sadly while Meyer's Edward is a wimp and Bella is a whiney little twit, Meyer wrote her vampires so indestructible that only the monsters from the King novel "IT" and "The Stand" could take them. I wracked my brain trying to think of any other King monsters or characters so invulnerable but King does not make Meyer's mistake when writing his characters. He doesn't go so far over the top that they can't be killed by a human.

Of course Randall Flagg is destroyed by a combination of faith and a nuclear weapon. I guess this does leave us one "human" way to kill off Meyer's vampires, but sadly we would have to nuke the entire planet to be rid of her scourge as they are a worldwide menace.

Carrie and Charlie McGee from "Firestarter" both share the same problem. They are human and they would not be able to defeat the entire vampire menace single handedly. However I do believe they would have enough power to take out Edward and Bella and given both of Meyer's character's suicidal natures and angsty garbage I would be happy to see them sent to Hell where they can happily exist without souls together for eternity.

Rowling's Harry Potter would simply have to put a speed up spell on himself and burn Edward and all the other vampires to dust. No big deal for Rowling's characters as there is that powerful flame spell from the last book already demonstrated and a spell to speed up your reflexes while illegal in Quidditch would be entirley possible in her world. Rowling's characters would also have the advantage of being able to come up with a tracking spell to make certain to get rid of every last one of those pesky sparkling vampires.


I agree with you. Today's first graders are scarier than Meyer's vampires. Truthfully the person who stated that the Volturi were poorly developed is absolutely correct. Meyer over wrote her vampires to the point where I should have been afraid of them, but I just wanted to laugh at the fact that they had a "governing body" keeping us pitiful humans from discovering them.

King can give me chills writing about a rabid dog. King can give me chills writing about a psychotic ex-nurse. King can basically make anything scary because he has talent to use when he decides to create a monster. Meyer? She takes a well known supernatural creature of darkness and soups it up to be even more indestructible and all I want to do is laugh.

Heck it is a comedy and I would be more afraid to meet the bunny from Monty Python's Holy Grail without having the Holy Handgrenade on me. Why? Because I saw it ripping out throats of armed men in armor. Meyer's action takes place primarily offstage and her big scary Volturi contingent doesn't even fight. They are big wimps.

I have to say this, those who defend Meyer's spin on vampires and talk about how it is a nice change from darkness should really wonder why she included vampires as a part of her books in the first place. If you have Vampires, you have to expect your vampires to exhibit at least some darkness besides suicidal angst. Why did she make Edward a vampire? Simple because no one would have read her books if she had made them about two angsty suicidal teenagers. Making Edward a psuedo-vampire was just a big old ploy to separate those of us who are actual horror fans and not romance fans from our money.

If Edward was just a handsome mortal boy no publisher would have picked up her book. She would not have had the miniscule plot that she did use. Bella wouldn't have been rescued by Edward 3 times in the first book alone. She would have run out of things to say eventually describing the looks of a mortal boy. Without the vampire angle, she would have been unable to get a lot of us to waste our money on her books because the people who like vampire mythology would not have bought them.

Be sure to watch out for those scary first graders Hannah. After all they will actually bite, punch, pull hair and do other assorted mean things. Edward will just depress you to the point where you wish he would do something to end your misery. Unfortunately he is too busy being suicidal and self-loathing to actually hurt anyone.

To everyone on this forum including Dave,

Yes I have been ranting and ranting and baiting the twitards. Why? Because the twitards are the reason I wasted money on these stupid books. While many twitards on this site have apparently been unable to read and comprehend Rowling due to their limited literacy, on other sites the twitards hype the Twilight series up in a big way. They make it sound like it measures up to Rowling's Harry Potter. I don't know what they are using for a yardstick, but the only things they have in common are that they are a series and they are fiction.

What I wish is that I could back in time and find this website before I wasted my money on Meyer when she can not write. I wish that the anti-twilight faction was more outspoken because it would really have been helpful to me. I think many *Twilight Haters* are afraid to speak even on a website because they have been attacked by the rabid twitards in real life and are nursing wounds from the twitards resorting to physical violence or something.

I was even exposed to Twitards in the real life writer's group I went to. I am just so looking forward to telling the writer there that I do not want to read her Edward fan fic as I think Twilight is sad and Edward has no real appeal for me seeing as how I don't believe sparkling emo vampire boys who are wealthy, stalkers, controlling and generally idiotic are attractive. Since the books did not fill me with lust I am not going through Edward withdrawal.

So many of the Twitards on here act like they are on drugs or something since they are so blind to Meyer's faulty writing, I wonder if Meyer did a deal with the pharmaceutical industry. Are the pages of her books supposed to be filled with a drug that reacts to human skin and fills readers with Edward lust? Is this a ploy by the medical industry for the people going through Edward withdrawal to end up in psychiatric care because Meyer put her Edward Point of View book on hold and they can't get their fix? Does she get kickbacks if people end up in psych wards due to Edward withdrawal?

Maybe us *Twilight Haters* are actually missing out. Maybe our books were defective. Maybe if it isn't drugs it is supposed to be subliminal messages that we aren't getting. How dare they mess up the printing of my book so I can't go through Twilight fever? Boo Hoo. Now I have to exist with my brain cells intact enough to realize Meyer can't write.

One person on here did mention that the cure to this madness is to read other books. Could it be that simple? Well not really because though I would like the twitards to wake up from their Edward description comas and read other things, it isn't happening. They read and re-read her books exclusively. There is even a Twitard on here that seems proud of having watched the Twilight movie 20 times. Let me think...if you say that Twilight lasts 2 hours for simplicity then she has wasted 40 hours watching a movie that most Twilight fans admit is pretty bad.

Sheesh. At least some of the fans here will admit that her writing isn't up to Rowling's standards. They will admit it is a fluffy piece of work that is an easy read. Now if you will excuse me for awhile I am going to go try rubbing a couple of statues together to see if I can figure out how Bella and Edward have so much sex. I think depending on various materials that I am more likely to get dust than anything else. Though if I do use flint and metal I will at least get a spark, which is more than I got from Meyer's work.

I cannot believe another writer would even make a comment like that. All writers have their own style of writing. Ms. Meyer may not have been around as long as Mr. King but she definitely has something that draws in people of all ages. I can understand if men are not as fond because it is about a young girl who has fallen in love for the first time and it just so happens to be a vampire. The books show Bella growing as you read on and even though she can be a little annoying we all want to see her with Edward forever. I never wanted it to stop.
I think the books were very enjoyable to read and I wish everyone would stop bitching about it. Move on people.

Finally, people are reading again. Something as simple as a housewife's dream can domino into fan frenzy.

I have read all three authors. I prefer the fantasy genre. Anne Rice was my young adult reading.

I am content enough knowing that with all the hype out there, it will steamroll teens into reading again.

King, in my opinion, is preferred adult literature, Rowling is teen-adult while Meyers is storytelling, light-hearted, simple reading. I enjoyed her Twilight Series.

Whatever mood I'm in, I have an author to choose from.
Any publicity IS publicity.
Keep starting fires, Ms Meyers!

Sure, King should perhaps not have made that statement, but he IS right!
Meyer is a lousy writer...King is the King!!!

But King is right. Meyer is dreadful. Ugh!
King will always be the King!!!

I'm not for, nor against Stephen King. I love both Stephen's and Stephanies books, but they both need work. And I'm sorry, but I found a point online.

Vampires are not overly emotional sissy boys
Vampires do not go to high school
Vampires. . .Do. . .Not. . .SPARKLE!

Besides, who wants a overly dressed leech telling you you look very. . .delicious under the moon light and trys not to dig into your carotid artery. I'm more of a guy who wants a vampire who uses us for nothing more than a meal. Or, if I'm in a mood, a sadistic person who uses people for food and entertainment (A.k.a Torture to a high degree). But hey,isn't this only about what you think?

I am, as my close friend described, a "fanemy" (fan/enemy) of Stephanie Meyer's. Some days I enjoy the Twilight saga immensely, others just a bit, others as a guilty pleasure, and other days I just feel plain pissed that those books even exist. Just yesterday, one minute I was snickering at a youtube video of two girls burning Twilight, then a few minutes later I turned around and read a chapter, haha, I'm messed up. Anyway, I really enjoy Stephen King's books and am not A.D.D about it. He has the right to his opinion. Just because some one works in the same medium as some one else does not mean that they can not criticize one another. However, Stephen King is a bit more of a legitimate writer than Meyer. And no matter what mood I'm in about Twilight, I pretty much always think that it is very over rated. Hmm... think I'm going to go and read New Moon and then tear some of its pages out... yeah...

WOW...overload of stupid comments from stupid people in here.

I'm not going to bash Meyer or Twlight, but I'll just say between the works of Meyer and King, only one is a little higher on the intellectual ladder.

Most people wouldn't read Twilight if it weren't "in", or read at all if it weren't "in". King isn't jealous of Meyer, he doesn't be jealous, because he's Stephen bloody King.

For all the stupid people saying "he just rights horror LOLs"--no. He doesn't not just WRITE horror "LOL". King has never had to be kept alive on fad support. Give another five years, nobody will care about Twilight, but "The Stand", "IT", "The Shining", "Pet Semetary", "Cujo", the Dark Tower series, "Carrie", "Christine", "'salem's Lot", "The Green Mile", "Hearts in Atlantis", "The Tommyknockers", "The Dead Zone", "Insomnia", "Firestarter" and of course "Children of the Corn" will all continue to be relevant.

And when you say "Uuughhh I cant not into a steven king book without boring myslef lulz", that's because you have a very short attention span. And I laugh at your expense.

I think its important to note that these are authors of very different styles. Stephenie Meyer is not a good horror writer, because she's not writing horror. Her vampires are not horror vampires. She made her own vampires, so, unfortuanetly, ignorant people expect all vampires to be like this from now on. This is not so, so don't worry. Yes it is sometimes cheesy. "how different this kissing was!" acual dirrect quote from breaking dawn. But she tells a story that is captivating, and as an aspiring writer, I notice sentence structure 'n' stuff while I read. so i do realize that its not great grammar wise. I'm in the middle of the two sides. I think she is not an amazing author, but I liked her books and am waiting for Midnight Sun eagerly (I'm pretty sure she's writing again but not positive). In the end, its just one author, if you don't like her, read a different book.

btw dont get mad because my grammar is not prefect, that's not the point


I've personally never been a fan of Stephen King. His books have always seemed a bit odd to me. I do like the Twilight saga, I wasn't expecting a horror story when I picked it up. Stephenie Meyer created her own world of vampires, which are fictitious to begin with. So why should she have to go by someone else's guidelines of what a vampire should be. Don't like the book, put it down! I've done it with hundreds of books I didn't care for many of which were "best sellers" but I don't feel the need to pick the author apart. Good grief people!

I completely agree with Stephen King. I've been reading Stephen King for the past 6 years, and it still holds up, even though I've grown up and gotten into other writing as well - better writing to put it plainly. I read Twilight when I was in middle school, and thought that it was all right. Not great, just fine. Looking back, I can't believe I thought THAT highly of it. 'Salems' Lot will always be my kind of vampire novel. Stephenie Meyer doesn't stand a chance against Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling.

Any writer who can inspire a large number of people, both young and old alike, to put down their TV remote or video game controller and read for enjoyment - is tops in my book.

stephen king is right. stephenie shouldnt have been published. i read her books and a bunch of other vampire books and guess what twilight fans? her works on vampires has been used many times. also she uses what writers call ' Mary Sues' if some one calls themselves a writer and don't know that term then i recomend you to look it up. any publisher who is doing their job and is unbiased, unlike you Dave, wouldn't publish a Mary Sue writer. Also about the comment i heard somewhere about stephen king being jealous i say go to hell cause you obviously didnt read his comments about the author who in every way beats him and he praised her, JK Rowling. Also look at how many fans he has, how many great books hes written, how many famous movies have been made from these stories. something tells me he isn't jealous. He was asked his honest opion about Meyer and he gave it to them, i mean its not like he said this for the hell of it. PS Can this newssite get a writer who isn't biased i mean for christ sake.

To Josh-
(It's been a while...)
Well first of all I'm not one of those fans who reads her books over and over, so no don't see her name everyday. Also, my bad for writing Stephenie with an "a" instead of an "e". And I can write my name correctly. It's not as if I can spell everyones name perfectly without making mistakes. If you look at previous comments before mine you can see many of others who have spelt her name wrong

To Valerie:

Sorry if it seemed directed at you. I meant it towards the entire populace of this blog. Especially those fans. I just don't understand how people who read her books and have her name on the top of the page can't spell her name right. So yeah, sorry once again.

I think that if you have a position like Stephen King, ( a highly acclaimed writer and critic, who has been writing for over, what, thirty years +? ), you CAN give your thoughts and opinions on others. Stephen simply stated HIS opinion.
I, having read, Some of stephen's books, all of the twilight books, and all of the harry potter books, agree with him.
People say that "Oh, if she's not a good writer then why do people read it? Why is it best-selling?"
Best -selling does NOT equal GOOD writing. If anything, best-selling means the books had very good marketing and publicity.
For example, the Gossip Girl books are number 1 NYT best selling books, but they're not good writing. They're simply guilty pleasures, just like the twilight books.
Harry Potter on the other hand, which , yes is probably the most commercial and most highly marketed book in the history of publishing, are good books. They have won literary awards (none of that MTV movie award shi*, i'm talking ACTUAL LITERARY PRAISE), and critics all over the WORLD praise the books. Yes, they did get kids reading, and yes, they also have movies based on them. But the difference between Harry Potter and Twilight, besides its plot, is that HP are good books. They are deemed by MANY as literary classics. The last book, even though some were disappointed, was praised by all critics.
It bugs me when People say that Stephenie meyer is the new JK Rowling because she's NOT. JK Rowling is, without a doubt, the current champ at writing. SO far, no one has replaced her... yet.
Stephenie Meyer just came up with a story that, for better or worse, makes teens, girls, moms, etc. fall in love with her handsome vampire.
Props to you for doing that stephenie.
You can create a "perfect man."
However, what you can't do, is write.
Let us praise authors like Stephen King and Jk Rowling who know what they are doing, and let's hope that this twilight craze dies over soon, and some new, more worthy author, gets the recogniction they deserve.
I'm sorry, but i'm ready for a new "pop culture phenomenon", one that actually IS a good book.

I agree with Stephen King.
To anyone who says that he's just jealous--have you ever heard of a book/movie called "IT?" "The Shining?" "The Green Mile?" All King books. He has nothing to be jealous of.
The problem for me with Stephenie Meyer is the characters. Plot should usually be dictated by characters. With static, cardboard characters, the plot cannot advance.
Edward is abusive. Not in the convential, physical sense, but he is emotionally abusive. He actively prevents Bella from visiting Jacob--removing the engine from her car. It DOESN'T MATTER if Edward tells her "I love you so much!" if he tries to kill her right after. Actions, not words. And if also doesn't matter if he apologizes. What matters is that he abused her in the first place.
Bella plays the weak, damsel-in-distress role. When Edward leaves her, she collapses. The sub-text through the book is that a girl needs a man to define her life. I, personally, have a problem with that. I don't know about you. She also cooks and cleans for her fater, playing the typical housewife. All the other female characters--Angela and Jessica--don't get as much attention as Mike. And also, all the werewolves are shocked when Leah became a werewolf. That screams misogynistic and sexist to me.
There is no plot to the story. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. Man hunts Girl. Boy kills Man. Boy and Girl live happily-ever-after.
Bella THROWS HERSELF OFF A CLIFF when Edward leaves her. I can't believe a YA novel would even portray this as "acceptable" or "reasonable."
Bella and Edward "fall in love" when they first see each other. Even the deus ex machina of true love can't deny the fact that they are in lust, not love. Does Bella like Edward for anything except his beautiful body? I didn't think so. Oh, and Edward "loves" her because of her smell.
Bella likes to read. Great. She's so intelligent, isn't she? In fact, she's SO intelligent that she doesn't need to go to college. 'Nuff said.
And her writing style. UGH. The writing style. Meyer uses an adverb ever other sentence. Adverbs are bad because it's telling, not showing. She uses passive voice. She tells how Edward looks, instead of showing it. And she mentions how he looks at least once a page. Meyer is in an unhealthy relationship with her thesaurus.
There's much more I'd like to say, but I think this is enough for one night.


I agree with you 100%. People who say Meyer is the new Rowling should be shot in the head with a dose of intelligence. I ended up at Meyer's website looking for her FAQ about Breaking Dawn. She is so proud of that MTV movie award even though the movie didn't follow the book at all. She only wishes she could win a literary award. I agree with you that this fad should be over already as it is not even good literature. I agree that the only thing Meyer did was "create the perfect man", though in my mind Edward is far from perfect. I didn't particularly like Twilight, but I read New Moon as a chance to see if Meyer improved. I was honestly going to quit after New Moon I was so disgusted but some of the "addicted to Edward" crowd in my writer's group convinced me to finish the series. You would think that since they want to be writers they would have higher standards. Nope, they are just in love with Edward. There were a few parts of the last Harry Potter book I wasn't super fond of. However I would be willing to go back in time and take back anything remotely negative I said about it after the epic fail of Breaking Dawn. Meyer can't cling to continuity to save her life. I have honestly never read any series before where I needed to look at an FAQ to see if the author could attempt to answer so many continuity questions arising from a series. I have read many, many series and never before seen one this poorly written. I don't think that Meyer even knows the literary definition of continuity. Why did I see the Twilight movie? I was honestly curious to see how they were going to execute it on film since Twilight is one long obsessive Edward is gorgeous I don't deserve him monologue. Hopefully New Moon will prove to be horrendous at the box office since many of her fans complain there isn't enough Edward in the book and we will see the end of Meyer Madness, if not it probably won't end until the last book is made into a movie. Ugh that is just too long a time frame to contemplate to be rid of Meyer Madness.


I agree with you completely. Everything you said about characters, lack of plot, and her writing style. I can't believe everyone is so blind to the fact that Edward is abusive and just describe him as an old fashioned, gentleman type who is OMG SO HOT. Somehow I doubt stalking was high on the romantic gestures list in 1918 for men. Have you noticed that no Twilight fan has answered the "why do Edward and Bella fall in love?" challenge by Josh? They can't for exactly the reason you mentioned in your post. It is lust not love. Physical appearance and smell that is it completely. I disliked Twilight immensely from almost the start. Just by reading the back cover I knew that Edward was a vampire so I wasn't even mildly interested in Bella's "mystery" solving technique which by the way turned out to be flirting with a guy. When I saw that the vampires were in High school? I took a really, really deep breath and told myself, suspension of disbelief is necessary for fantasy and tried to get some sort of interest going in the story. From the first book Bella was just interested in becoming a rich vampire's housewife of a vampire, no wonder Meyer made her a housewife in training. Why bother giving her any depth when she is just as my husband said "Bella is a plot device more than a character" Why did I give New Moon a chance after hating Twilight so badly? Silly me I thought that she would improve some of those writing flaws in her second book. I was so wrong. Bella's complete collapse and then latching onto Jacob was the worst thing I have ever read and then just as she was about to "settle", that exact moment, for Jacob the phone rings and it is a suicidal Edward checking on the Bella is dead rumor. Listening to idiot Edward fans in my writing group was definitely a stupid move on my part as well or I would never have finished the series. As I pointed out to Allison even Meyer's FAQ can't redeem Breaking Dawn. I picture Meyer answering the FAQ question about the baby Nessie(another plot device instead of developed character) with a coy smile thinking "I fooled everyone" and yet her FAQ answer still talks about varieties of venom which doesn't make it any more likely just cause she says she was thinking it all along and really what is another form of venom going to do? If the eye venom dissolves contact lenses I don't even want to think about what sperm venom is actually doing. Instead of memory lapse about headboards, feathers and the actual sex act itself in Breaking Dawn Bella should have been screaming in pain from sperm venom impregnating her with the demon spawn baby. The Happily Ever After? Meyer's FAQ didn't even answer my burning question of "how did Alice suddenly get more powerful so the anticlimactic ending happened and the Volturi left?" The same Alice who never saw Victoria's initial decision to create a newborn army to deal with Bella and the Cullin family when she was actually trying to keep an eye on Victoria. Suddenly Alice is omnipotent and Bella is so powerful the whole Volturi should be bowing before her. The baby was not needed and to make it even more "perfect" than the supposedly "perfect Mary Sue" Bella was hogwash. Oh all the vamps etc fall in love with Nessie...puke, gag, make rude gestures in Meyer's direction. I would have rather the book had Bella actually experience a bit of Newborn Madness and kill a human as a supposed attempt at a plot than the silly hybrid baby/Volturi epic fail of a plot. Why was there a baby? Of course, I should have seen that idiocy coming as you can't have a nuclear family without a baby.

I have seen people say that twilight is the only good vampire books out there. BULL!!!!!!! Read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. they are amazing books. The people who read twilight ive seen arent very good writers because they are making fan fiction of this horrible series. people if you honestly want to make a good story, don't put in a vampire who sparkles, a vampire who is in love with a vampire, and above all Mary Sues. The whole 'Vampire meets girl and they fall' in love is too cliche. BTW why the heck was there a baby??????????????????????????????????????
vampires are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that means all the hormones in the body stops working. a better way to put it is that have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant by having intercourse with a dead man getting pregnant??? if you say yes you honestly should be thrown into school
and actually learn something. If you are in school you should be held back. I don't mean to be cruel, but honestly people need to grow some brains and use them and Meyer isn't helping. My tips to improve our world is to use Meyer's books and have people read it and then say " you write like she does you or you like her stuff, you don't get ahead in life,"

I swear that if someone else says King is jealous i will find out who they are and refer them to multiple King sites and get them a CAT scan and see how many of them were dropped on there heads as babies.

Again i am not trying to be evil, but when things like this are at a certain popularity begin to see how people's lack of taste has increased.

I've always loved reading, and I can read through books even though I hate them. I read the entire Twilight-saga, and there's not much to say except from the fact that it's full of epic fail.

King of Horror, you will forever be number one on my list of favorite books.

What the **** is the matter with these people!?!?! Stephen King is the best, best, best writer in this world! Stephenie Meyer may suck (though i havnt read her work) and dont even want to coz i dont wanna waste my time.... and whoever thinks that Stephen Edwin King is jealous of other (low grade, amatuer) writers... then God help you! Why would the creator of awesome masterpieces be jealous?!?! Or even feel inferior etc etc bull! I have read all of S.K's works.... and they are beyond awesome like It, The Stand, The Shining, The Talisman (with Peter Straub), Misery, The Dark Half, Insomnia, Bag Of Bones, Lisey's Story etc and who can ever ever ever forget the amazing Dark Tower Saga!!!!

King has won 6 Bram Stoker awards, 6 Horror Guild awards, 5 Locus Awards, 3 World Fantasy Awards (including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004), the 1996 O. Henry Award, a Hugo Award in 1982 for the non-fiction book Danse Macabre. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 by the Horror Writers' Association and a Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Foundation in 2003. In 2007, King received an award for lifetime achievement from the Canadian Literary Guild, the only non-Canadian to be bestowed this award.
(This info has been copied from Wikipedia)

And as for film adaptations? Twilight was "so so" and i dont know how new moon wud turn out to be..... but now turn to Stephen... I saw Green Mile when i was 8.... And i was enough intelligent to feel the movie's depth and at the end i cried so much.... It moved me... It was my first classic movie... now look at other films i.e The Shining, Carrie, The Dark Half, Stand By Me and no one can ever forget The Shawshank Redemption!!! Its the number One movie on imdb's top 250 list! For those losers who need proof go to the following link and see for yourselves:

This list also has The Shining, The Green Mile and Stand By Me.
And woops... I dont see Twilight anywhere!

So S.K haters or whatever.... Im not telling you to change your opinion but at least think about what BULL you are babbling!

Long days and pleasant nights!

Stephanie is a great writer! She created something new, she didn't stick to the common description of vampires. After all vampires are a myth, so who said they can't sparkle?
And her books appeal not only to teenagers! If you think so then you probably haven't read "The Host".
It was mean what S. King said about her; I for example can't read his books, they don't make me wanna turn the next page, I find them sort of boring, that of course is not saying that he isn't a brilliant writer.
Stephanie's books on the other hand made me want to rush home from work so I could read them.

To Lena Long:

You obviously don't understand the argument here. Yes there are those who hated Twilight for the "vampires" and if you think about it, all the mythology on vampires never mentions sparkling in the daylight, but the argument is that there is lack of plot, bad characters, overuse and abuse of adverbs, bad writing in general. The topic doesn't have anything to do with the main argument. And, not to question your intelligence, but the reason you don't want to turn the pages in a King novel is because it isn't all presented to you. In Twilight, you don't have to find anything, its all given to you. In a King novel he gives you bit by bit and leaves chunks out for you to fill in later in the story. Like a mother giving a child some of the pieces to a puzzle but not all of them while Meyer gives the whole puzzle, pieces put together and everything. So it's a lack of thinking that pulls you in, which is uninteresting I have to say. In fact, I recently read a STAR WARS novel, not based on any of the movies and I have to say, it was much better than Twilight and its sequels. As plaidfroggie has said, nobody has yet completed or even attempted my challenge. Don't be shy. It won't bite you. Step right up and test your luck.

Although I'm anti-twilight I'm going to try your challenge for the lulz, Josh!

Since no one else is trying...

I mostly believe Bella falls in love with Edward because otherwise there would be no plot.


She's just practicing Mankind's natural inclination to be curious. To her, Edward is so strange and mysterious, as he is to the majority of teenage fangirls that read the series.
Since Edward is so "different", Bella feels the need to approach and learn more about him. The best way to have experience is to have it first hand. Like a curious Eve she had to have the bite. It is a dark attraction.
There really is no arguement though. Bella and Edward's relationship is based on scent and appearance.

Plaidfroggie, you want to know why Bella never had the problem of controlling herself as a newborn? Why Alice suddenly became more powerful?

The truth is that Bella died giving birth to Nessie. Every stupid or unbelievable plot hole that happens from that point on is a dream. It's her dying fantasy of what she wishes would happen. It began with a dream and it'll end with one.

Of course I'm joking but waking up from a dream is a very common deux ex machina. If you think about it this explaination makes a lot more sense than a lot of what happened in Breaking Dawn.

It's a pity you wasted your money. My foolproof system is to borrow books form the library. If I like it I buy copies for myself.
I have none of Stephenie Meyer's books but I have all the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. I reread Harry Potter over the summer. I rather would not waste any more of my time with reading Twilight. This blog sure has a lot of hilarious couple sentence summaries that actually condense Twilight pretty well.

I think Stephenie Meyer had a good idea with Twilight - it could have been something good if she could write. It's obvious that she doesn't really captivate anyone with her writing, it's simply Edward and Jacob. She has made two male characters that are overly attractive for females to be in love with. And a lot of teenage girls are in love with them.

Stephen King has true writing that captivates us, along with his intelligent story lines. He is much more experienced than she is, and I must say out of experience with reading his books...his characters are much better developed. I don't mean to scortch Steph with a torch or anything, but lets be honest here...she isn't a good writer.

(P.S. I am a 14 year old girl who hates Edward and Jacob; they honestly aren't good looking)

"New theory as to why the epic battle in Breaking Dawn did not occur. Meyer, afraid of all the rabid Twilight fans, has read the book Misery by Stephen King. Fearing for her life(or at least some of her body parts) she is stuck giving her fans the fairy tale ending that she wrote." - plaidfroggie

While I have enjoyed reading all the comments here on this blog, this was by far the funniest thing I read. I couldn't stop laughing. But that may be because I kept picturing Kathy Bates talking about how hot Edward is.

I love all the challenges posed to the Twilight lovers by people like plaidfroggie and Josh. By golly, you guys are making the Twilight readers THINK about what they have read!


For a Twilight hater, you managed to attempt a more reasonable explanation of the love between Bella and Edward than any of the Twitards. I am sorry I wasted money on the books since I did buy them out of research because of my own writing.

I like your theory that the whole series is a dream by some shallow teenage girl and think she should have woken up, and realized she needed to get started on her calculus homework. This theory would even explain the awful technique employed because it would be some teenager's diary type fantasy.

I have written many short stories and friends, good friends who will point out flaws, have told me that I have talent and imagination, and that I should edit, expand and try to get published as they would definitely buy my stories for their children and are in fact dying to be able to do so.

I have written some stories for very young readers since I started writing short stories after my first niece was born. They live very far away from me, and I am the black sheep of the family. I couldn't actually share the stories with my nieces, but writing them made me feel a connection to them as I don't have any children,

My nieces are 6 and 8 years old right now. Some of my stories my friends informed me have themes too old for young children to grasp the concept and message they are meant to take from them. They suggested that I make them into books for for young teens. Silly me I actually looked for what female teens are really into reading, which turned out to be Twilight.

Unfortunately our local library is quite small. I was unable to get the books from the library as they are insanely popular. Yes I meant the insane part. So I invested in these books hoping as I was told by many Meyer is the new Rowling. I fell in love with Rowling's not only Harry, but the support characters as they all had a depth sorely lacking in Meyer's work on any character she attempted to write.

I should be writing now as a matter of fact, but am still in research mode about what an "intelligent" teenage girl who is not so shallow she is only looking for handsome men is into reading to assist me. I don't need to rip off characters and plot as I have my own characters and real plots, but I do need to see what kind of themes and life lessons are considered age appropriate so I can adjust my writing accordingly. For many young teenage readers you can not just write an adult style novel because they are not advanced enough readers for such works. I don't want to dummy down, I just don't want to write over their heads.

I joined the Barnes and Noble book clubs and am still looking for what teenage girls are really into that isn't shallow crap I wouldn't allow any child in my entire extended family to read if I had any say in the matter. Too many of them talk about the Gossip Girls and Twilight that make me shudder. I don't think we should set women's lib back to the dark ages. Next thing we know we will have a generation of teen girls so ignorant they will think it is good to take the right to vote away from women! As I have mentioned Meyer didn't address a single real social issue in her series which means Bella upon turning 18 didn't even think to register to vote!

Even though my nieces are so young, I am looking to write for teens hoping to actually get published and be able to send them books I have written as gifts when they get older. Unlike Meyer who is experiencing a fairy tale herself in getting accepted by a publisher and agent so quickly, I have a more realistic idea of what the publishing world is actually like. It normally takes years and actual writing skill for that to happen.

I am stuck with Meyer's Twilight books and the only thing I can use them for is a "what not to do" lesson. As I have previously mentioned I can't get rid of them by donating them to the library as it is like dumping toxic waste on public property. These books are toxic waste for the brain. I believe they probably do kill brain cells as so many Twitards act like they have been drugged or brainwashed.

I am once again going to point out that since I haven't sent anything off to a publisher yet and actually want to send something good out, this is not sour grapes because I have failed to get published and Meyer has. I am going to try because of positive feedback with constructive criticism from friends and my husband. Meyer's sister might have encouraged her to try to get published, but she must be pretty ignorant to good writing as the books all needed a major re-write including Twilight that started the whole mess.

I have seen some signs of light by teenage girls on this site that do not fall for Meyer's "male characters" and get blinded into thinking the books are good because they are popular. Yeah there is hope out there in the younger generation and I am glad to see it. I am very dismayed that any parent having read this series hands it to their 9 and 10 year old daughters though as I would think there are better books available that entertain and educate.


You made me laugh when I pictured Kathy Bates going on and on about how HOT Edward is as that is a hilarious image to have! Thank you very much for giving ;me that hilarious image in my head to laugh over.

I know my plot synopsis of Misery did not really do the book justice, but since so many here are unwilling to read Stephen King at all I didn't want to lose their limited attention spans!

Alas the psychotic ex-nures Annie Wilkes demanded more continuity to write Misery back to life than the rabid Meyer fans demand in their books. I think that is just plain sad. Of course if Meyer did read Misery she would learn a great deal about continuity as King included good educational information in that fiction book on the topic. Maybe before Meyer turns Host into a series she should check out Misery!

Lena Long,

I agree with everything Josh pointed out to you since the majority of the people here that have a problem are not vampire fans who object to the sparkling. I will however say that as Josh has mentioned in previous posts the only thing she really did was make them impossible to kill by a human and sparkle. She over-wrote the vampires to an insane degree for no real purpose I could see other than making Bella even more dependent on the two supernatural male suitors.

I am not a huge fan of vampire mythology and books. I did not get into Anne Rice since vampires are not my favorite magical, mythological or fantasy creature. I did watch the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and even though it was cheesy it was so cheesy it was entertaining enough that I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer series from the beginning. I was not overly fond of her vampire love interest Angel, however I did like the series with a strong female with a destiny who fights evil monsters and demons to save the world. I have read Bram Stoker's Dracula, Stephen King's Salem's Lot and a few other pieces of vampire fiction along the way.

Given that I have not focused extensively on vampire fiction, I will say that I seriously doubt Meyer has not been exposed to it like she claims. She made a vampire have a baby? The spin-off series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, had a baby from two vampires though the mother had to be killed in the delivery by a stake through the heart. There are even movies with hybrid human/vamp creatures. BloodRayne is one of them. I didn't even watch the show Angel faithfully and happened to catch baby part. I also caught the fact that the kid had a part in the series as he was taken to another demon dimension was suddenly a teenager so he could play a part in the series.

Though I have not read any besides Twilight, the teenage girl falling in love with a vampire is apparently a common theme that has really shot off like a rocket since the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out. I have seen on the Barnes and Noble site frequent mentions that it is a very cliched storyline currently.

Meyer did not really have any original ideas in her series like people claim. She wrote a series of cheesy romance novels and that is all Twilight is. I have read reviews by many reviewers that say she writes horror books for people who don't like horror and sci-fi for people who do not like sci-fi. I don't plan to give The Host a read since she honestly does not write well, and I am not a fan of straight up romance novels. I actually like the sci-fi and horror genres.

Someone who made a post here said that The Host is like a rip off of 3 other sci-fi books mangled together in a horrible way. I am more likely to believe that person in saying The Host is terrible than a blind Meyer fan who doesn't recognize poor writing technique when she sees it.

Meyer is a disgrace and terrible stain on the American Publishing Industry. The fact that she has a degree in literature only makes this even more painful to me. I have read other authors who have equally bad writing. I do like the horror genre and you come across some real dogs. However those authors do not gain popularity and a 3 book contract because their writing stinks just like Meyer's.

You will see their one crappy book and most of them never get published again, or if they manage to get out a second book it is only because they cleaned up their act. Meyer actually got progressively worse with each book, out of all of them Twilight is the only one that showed any potential at all.

Meyer ripping off other authors and shows is not so bad as many authors steal ideas from others and change them. However aside from admitting being influenced by classics, Meyer refuses to admit that she has been influenced by modern authors. She doesn't mention who she rips off by name. She is probably afraid that if she acknowledges those authors who frankly are better writers than she is, she might lose her fan base when they get exposed to the more talented writers. If I were Meyer I would be terrified of that possibility and keep my mouth shut too.

Meyer has said she would love to be able to meet J.K. Rowling and admires her as a writer. I doubt Rowling will ever willingly meet with Meyer as Rowling assuredly has better taste. I frankly get offended that anyone compares Meyer to Rowling quality wise. Meyer and Rowling only have a few things in common, they both write fiction, they both are female, and they both wrote a series instead of a stand alone book. The similarities end there and if I were Rowling I would be laughing at the Stupid Americans right now who think Meyer can write.

I want to state that my favorite fictional creature is Dragons. I love the Dragonrider's of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey as a result. It is a series that shows great continuity as well as skilled writing. (I have lost count of how many Pern novels McCaffrey wrote, but she wrote far more than the meager 4 Meyer failed to keep straight) I also would like to say that once Twilight came out Meyer should have consulted with some professionals, like a doctor, as many other writers have done to add a touch of realism to their fiction books.

Authors that do this have acknowledgement pages that thank the professionals who give them a hand including Stephen King, Anne McCaffrey and many others. She definitely should have consulted a medical doctor before writing Breaking Dawn as I honestly could not see how Bella managed to stay alive during the time frame that passed before Jacob came up with the blood idea without dying from dehydration and I am not a doctor. Even in New Moon I questioned that Bella managed to survive some of her stunts as secondary drowning alone is a huge issue that was mentioned on Baywatch as a reason that all ocean drowning victims are taken to the hospital. Then again if she were at the hospital she would not have been there for the whole suicidal Edward phone call and wouldn't have had to show her extreme stupidity by going to Italy.

Meyer made painfully clear that Bella was constantly throwing up and unable to keep anything down, this meant she wasn't even getting enough liquids to keep her alive. Given the Great Carlisle vampire and doctor did not give her iv fluids right away and waited so long Bella should have died because of his incompetence. Bella did not receive an iv of any kind until right before Jacob proposed the blood idea that Carlisle being both a doctor and a vampire should have tried even if he had started with just transfusions, he did after all have the blood on hand.

I only had a comparative anatomy class in high school to base this on, combined with my experience after getting my wisdom teeth removed and throwing up so much I ended up in the hospital twice afterwards with iv's from dehydration. It was only 2 days of constant throwing up to the point of dry heaves! I was not close to death from it, but it was summer and I came very close to heat stroke. The time frame for Bella being dehydrated was just too long. Since Bella was at a tropical location for her honeymoon and pregnant she should have needed the iv's immediately! (I honestly think if my primary care doctor was stupid enough to waste his time reading Breaking Dawn he would agree with me)

Also donated blood contains an anti-coagulant. I know it isn't poison as we use it to preserve blood for transfusion, however I doubt that it would be "nutritious" and "appetizing" to drink for Bella or the little monster hybrid Nessie. Angel drinking pig's blood honestly makes more sense to me because it didn't contain the chemicals. Why Nessie would prefer human blood with a chemical taste to animal blood baffled me. Having Bella actually drink blood instead of getting transfusions just struck me as outright stupidity.

With regards to The Host, I skimmed the posts here again to see what the previous poster had mentioned she ripped off to create the book.

"King is right, Meyers is a hack her next book reads like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" meets "Planet of the Apes" and gives birth to "The Exorcist". She has no imagination. She can't spell, puncutate, or use proper grammar."-Chris

All you Twitards who have moved onto The Host can easily check this out as they are MOVIES and you won't have to tax your brains by reading. Also check out Star Trek 2-The Wrath of Khan as that is probably where she got the caterpillar type life form for her aliens. I have also read in some short stories similar bug type creatures invading the mind though I seriously don't see Meyer as the type who reads Fantasy or science fiction magazines so she most likely stole that part from the Star Trek movie.

I am not going to get into a hot and heavy debate over The Host as I do refuse to give Meyer a 5th chance and buy yet another one of her awful romance novels disguised as another genre. You can't even call me narrow minded as I did indeed read all 4 Twilight books. I have seen many posters on other sites say that they couldn't get into the book The Host even though it has been mentioned here as very similar to the Twilight series. Methinks without Edward she is going to lose her fanbase. Her Twilight fans complain that there isn't enough Edward in New Moon. They also complain that Edward wasn't there enough for the duration of Breaking Dawn. According to what Chris said it sounds like her writing still hasn't improved either.

Since I did skim this commentary again I would like to say a few things and present some other challenges to the rabid fanbase while I am at it. This time my challenge is going to include some rules because I don't really want repetition of things I have already read by Twitards that don't answer the challenges I am going to make.

One thing I want to comment on is that I am only a little older than Meyer. While she wasn't my generation's writer, her writing career began long before I was born, Andre Norton is the one that all female fantasy authors have to thank for paving the road for them. (This would include Meyer's pararomance novel as the paranormal/urban fantasy genre is a new catagory spinoff of fantasy) Andre Norton had to disguise the fact that she was female when she first began her career as females were not accepted in the genre. Unless someone older than me knows of someone who did more for females in this genre I would have to give the pioneer award to Andre Norton. I have read some of her older books and her Witch World books really paved the fantasy road as did her sci-fi books so women writers of those genres like Rowling and Meyer should light candles in memorial to her. Some of you Twitards should check out Andre Norton's books once you manage to get your reading comprehension up.

King did not create the horror genre, though he did raise it above the penny dreadful level it had previously been. He managed to give it a certain amount of respectability by writing quality pieces of fiction that included good technique. As others have mentioned King does not confine himself to the horror genre. He has written things like "The Body" and "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" that do not include any supernatural elements at all. They are just darn good pieces of fiction. I think Koontz and other writer's should thank King for the newer classification of Thrillers, at least that is my opinion.

I have not seen anyone here mention this, but I have seen it as a complaint of actual Meyer fans on other sites. There is a certain amount of realism demanded by fiction of even sci-fi and fantasy genres. Meyer tends to try to defend any flaws in her writing by saying it is fiction and fantasy. She really should start reading the fantasy genre and the sci-fi genre enough to realize you can't use that excuse with genuine readers if she is going to continue her pathetic attempts to write in those genres. While her defenders here haven't had a problem with her continuity, many of her rabid fans had a problem with the continuity when they read Breaking Dawn, which is why they called it an epic fail.

I can't just do what Meyer did and write a books for myself and try to get them marketed for the young adult and children catagory without doing research because quite honestly I naturally tend to use too many big words for those audiences unless I really watch myself closely when I write stories. (especially most of the 10-14 year old crowd) I do this without having to resort to a thesaurus. I don't think Meyer chose the audience at all, I think her publisher did and marketed it accordingly.

I spent my time as a very young reader with a dictionary out because my mother did not play dictionary for me. I am not talking a child's dictionary either, I am talking the Webster's unabridged adult dictionary. I honestly doubt given the fact that the majority of the young readers here trash talk Stephen King and Rowling based on complexity they are the types who are dedicated enough readers to look up an unfamiliar word or concept. They are also showing themselves to be narrow minded by sticking strictly to the Twilight series and not reading any King or Rowling books all the way through. Saying things like the first 2 pages didn't draw me in is just plain idiocy. Did any of you Twitards try a whole chapter?

Truthfully I might just get fed up with trying to figure out what is and isn't appropriate these days and try to write based on my own experience growing up as an avid reader. The only other books I am going to give a try are the Inkheart books by Cornelia Funke. I just wonder if my overall reading comprehension was too advanced for the average reader my age during my childhood. I always was tracked advanced in my reading and math skills so I am not too familiar with what my fellow students were reading in the non-advanced English and Literature track. I do know the poplular Sweet Valley High books of my generation struck me as infantile in their plots and technique and I had friends reading them up through their senior year. I was 14 freshman year of high school when first exposed to Sweet Valley High books and some of my friends thought they were advanced at that age.

I just don't want to write myself out of my target age range by word choice and theme. Unlike Meyer I have an age range I am aiming at for personal reasons. Given Twilight and the Clique series becoming popular I honestly can't tell where skill and talent counts anymore which really depresses me because both series are fluff with bad themes. They are also repetetive in the word choices and in the Clique series a brand overload. From what I remember from friends loaning me their copies of the first few Sweet Valley High books, they were written better than Twilight and the Clique series. I actually read them only because they were short, and it gave me something to talk about with my friends who weren't in the advanced classes my freshman year.

I recently watched Idiocracy on cable because I couldn't sleep and there was absolutely nothing else on. It was supposed to be a comedy but it just makes me cringe because I honestly think it hit a real problem our society faces. I don't agree with the movie saying that it is caused by what the IQ of the parents are, but in America's case the problem is the deliberate dumbing down of America in many subjects.

I have also been in contact through pm with a member of the Barnes and Noble site that is both a mother and a grandmother. She is more in touch with the younger generation than I am and has informed me trends in American society that I have heard are in fact true not just hype trying to scare people. Everyone gets a trophy. Mediocrity is rewarded equally to hard work.(I think the popularity of Twilight and the Clique series confirms this) I commented to her that I tried giving constructive criticism on the B&N writers forum and got attacked for not just saying what I read was wonderful. The forum has many teenagers that I am beginning to believe have not been exposed to the concept of constructive criticism and this forum's rabid Twitards makes me think the same thing! Saying an author of King's experience can't say anything about another author is just nuts. It is like saying your English teacher's can't give you a bad grade and tell you how to improve for the next paper.

Meyer's editor got lucky that Twilight made it big because otherwise she probably would have been fired for incompetence for accepting such a badly written piece of fiction. Since I don't have children and my friends that do have children do not let their children have cell phone and text talk, I don't have much exposure to what the average teen and tween is like today. The person I started pm'ing on the B&N site has more exposure through her grandchildren and children. Her daughter is in a career in which she deals with young people all the time.

Okay on to my challenges. I would like someone to demonstrate through the use of Meyer's own words more than one dimension to at least one of the 3 main characters of the series. You can choose Jacob, Edward, or Bella, but you can't use their changes into supernatural beings as part of their "complexity". You also have to use what is shown by the text instead of "told" by the author. I would like to see at least 3 dimensions shown, but think it is impossible to demonstrate 2 because as many have stated, and I observed myself they are very flat, underdeveloped characters. They are just stereotypes that experienced readers have seen multiple times. As a female I would like to point out one stereotype that really annoyed me is that Meyer had Bella experience trouble with math. This is actually a stereotype I thought American society was moving past. The assumption that girls aren't as good in math and science. Meyer could have at least chosen History or another subject instead of defaulting to the old standby of math.

The second challenge is to show me how Bella qualifies as a role model for girls today. Show me in some ways that Bella isn't anti-feminist. Show me that she thinks for herself on any issue. Show me that besides unwavering stupidity in the face of danger and a death wish of suicidal angst she has some depth of character that girls should look up to.

You can't use the "she waited until she got married to have sex" card as Meyer herself ruined that by having Bella trying to undress and have sex with Edward before marriage in Eclipse. You also can't use the "she is good in school" card since she didn't show any devotion to her schoolwork. Meyer kind of blew that when Bella ran off to Italy to save Edward and spent more time drooling over Edward than working on her studies. Meyer didn't even mention a grade point average for Bella, all we know is that she graduated.(she certainly wasn't valedictorian or we would have seen some angst over having to give a speech) Getting into Dartmouth doesn't count either as it was clearly shown the Cullin family used bribes.

You also can't talk about her maturity because of getting married. The age varies by state, but in the United States teenagers under 18 can get married with their parent or guardian's permission. Marriage does not automatically make someone mature. Before you even say it, neither does motherhood. Given how much the other characters took care of Nessie, I don't even think we saw Bella demonstrating good parenting techniques. Heck I think Jacob was making a better parent than Edward or Bella. Also her child had an adult brain from birth. The only things we saw Bella do for Nessie is read to her until the little adult brained hybrid started reading by herself and getting a crib so Nessie could sleep in the cottage.

My third challenge is to actually show me the supposed emotional growth and maturity the characters undergo. The only change Bella makes is becoming a vampire after getting knocked up with a baby she didn't want in Eclipse when talking to Rosalie. I didn't personally see any of those 3 characters experience any growth. Even after getting her wish and becoming a super vamp Bella in the Happily Ever After epilogue is still lacking self-esteem as clearly shown by Edward saying "you still don't see yourself clearly" and the fact that she doesn't see how she was the "heroine" of the epic non-battle.

It won't really help anyone meet the challenges, but I am even going to give you the link to Meyer's Breaking Dawn FAQ where she talks about how she doesn't regard Bella as anti-feminist. Truthfully I think Meyer doesn't even understand why people are saying it about Bella as a character since she hasn't managed to address most people's problem with the fact that Bella can't think independent thoughts and has to have a man make her decisions from going to the prom to getting married. As Josh said New Moon just indicates that Bella can be described as being blindfolded in a room full of men, spun around and whichever one she is pointing to when she stops gets to think for her. Also when Edward leaves she is seriously mentally ill for months over it and all she focuses on is getting Edward's voice in her head.

The only decision she goes against the men on is her desire to let the hybrid monster Nessie kill her despite the fact that even most of the anti-abortion faction in America does believe it is an acceptable step to save a woman's life. To me that is just another indication of her suicidal, death wish nature. Meyer actually talks in her FAQ about Bella making choices. Well lets see she made all of 2 in the whole series. Which supernatural boyfriend she married and to keep the hybrid spawn that led to her death. Yes Nessie did kill her that is what was clearly indicated by the CPR used by Jacob. She did not manage to keep her heart beating on her own. She did die! This is another point that Meyer should have had a doctor give input on as reading the c-section by vampire teeth part I was actually wondering how Bella had enough blood left to even get the venom pumping through her system. Meyer certainly filled the room with it. I have read Meyer's FAQ for Breaking Dawn twice and it really isn't going to help you Twitards, but feel free to attempt to answer my challenges.

BTW I brought up Bella not even thinking to register to vote in one of my posts because even in my fairly small high school every year about a month from graduation a table was set up for a week encouraging the seniors that were 18 to register to vote. Being nearly as old as I am, I am surprised Meyer did not experience this in her high school.

To plaidfroggie:

You said a mouthful. No wonder the Twitards have stopped coming to this site. They can't stay awake anymore. I would love to read your stories and such if you'd allow me to. My email is

I'm sorry, Stephenie-haters, but Stephenie is an awesome writer with a great vocabulary, and has inspired me, age 12, to become a writer when I grow up. Her books have made my last, dreary Summer full of entertainment, new vocab words, and the absolute NEED for more of her books!

plaidfroggie, I don't know much about the history of SF writing. I was interested to hear that female writers once had a hard time getting published and attracting male readers.
Seems weird, since folks are interested in stretching their minds to read about new worlds and species. Yet they succumb to an age-old prejudice!

I agree with people on some points Edward is NOT perfect and many teenagers confuse him to be!Edward is too Over-protective and i feel like sometimes he feels like Bella Father But you HAVE to realise that BELLA IS weak and shy and quiet easily minipulated so she needs a guy like edward Cullen.I think Stephenie is GREAT For matching the pairs up! Who agrees? Opposites Attract i girl like me Would never go for edward Cullen Because im like Bubbly and Talk-ative and Opinionated so i wouuld wnat a guy Like Jasper \(Personality Wise) whos quiet and Nice.The only thing i didnt like abt Stephenie IS HER repetitveness she uses WHisper and Mutters Too Much!!(i guess im too observant) Anyway STEPHENIE ISNT FAMOUS FOR HER WRITING STYLE SHES FAMOUS FOR HER TWIST TO THE VAMPIRE THING.Personally i Like it.Everyone Does the whole ''Vampire '' Thing the same she changed it!!! LOVE IT..But theres one more thing i have to say, she wrote a teenage book but yet she only uses the word ''SEX'' about 3 Times! notice carefully!! and yet in eclipse and Breaking Dawn we know what shes talking about i like how she never has to use the word sex and people add detail she dosent and we can IMAGINE the scene happening! But different books For different People!!

-Sumayah 13

It seems as though people are confusing good storytelling (ala twilight) with good *writing,* which is what King was talking about. Meyer is a terrible writer but a terrific storyteller.

Comparing Meyer to Rowling is silliness. Rowling created an amazing world - an entire universe. Meyer took our world, plopped a few vamps (shiny, shiny ones at that!) and called it a day. The story of twilight, the romance, was awesome. But the writing was distracting. I would imagine that unless she finds some way to keep her hooks in the twi-world, that folks are going to tire of her soon.

Lastly, it makes me really sad that people think she is a good writer. It makes me sad that a generation of girls is growing up thinking that this is good writing, and not knowing the difference between good writing and good story. Just MHO.

Here's the deal. Men are threatened by Women's (not not just Girl's as they claim) WOMEN's huge buy in with these books. And thus they should be. I used to read Stephen King, and would wait for the new releases. But he killed it for me long ago with dadachick dadachum. I'm sorry, but once in a while, I like to feel good when I'm reading. (Thinking back now to how I felt while reading his stuff, I can understand Mr. King's take on Ms. Meyer's writing; it certainly is not nearly DARK nor TWISTED enough for him to sanction. Boo hoo!) Take that to another level; I want a page turner when I'm reading. Who can fault a writer's style or ability when thousands love and devour their work? That's like saying a self taught solo guitarist or banjo player with a huge following is not a musician because they don't read music or happen to play classical or some other genre that music snobs think they should have mastered. If it brings tears to someone's eyes, if it is melody, tells a story, is played on an instrument, it's music and that person is a musician. (I like the above comment regarding storytelling vs writing, and yet--) It's not required that YOU get it, if masses, or if even a few do. Take that to the next level. I LOVE A BOOK TO WHICH I CAN FORM A FULL FLEDGED ADDICTION. This is, soooo sorry guys, a book series that qualifies. For us women, that is. Recently, my book club of 9 years decided to read it; yes I scoffed at the beginning. And yet, I averaged about a day and a half per book. There is no denying the readability of these novels. Ruined Vampires? PUUUHlease. Get a grip. You GUYS have certainly written your share of books that glorify a fantastical ideal that appeals to men, while we women so often just accept it as the nature of the world at large. Now here are some books which we women love, where there is a monster who despite his presupposed nature, makes a moral choice, which becomes a series of moral choices, where he is, yes, nearly every woman's ideal. What guy wouldn't reject that? What guy wouldn't feel threatened buy that? The main character, the one we swoon over, the one we may want more than we want you, fella, fantasical or not, that's who.

I could certainly address more, and write a detailed POSITIVE analysis, but why don't you just read the book? I know for a fact, at least in microcosm, that most of you scoffing guys have not. Not yet.



To Circe:

A) I'm a GUY.
B) I've read every book in the series.
C) I'm glad that a WOMAN is okay with an anti-feminist book such as Twilight. Don't know what I mean, read the books again in your book club. Honestly, I could care less what you WOMEN read. I don't feel threatened that a woman wrote a book where the main character is just a shallow placeholder for all the teen girls and some women who read the book to project themselves into. And honestly, every women who is willing to hold out on love to find Edward has a few screws loose in my opinion. And yes, she ruined vampires. She took every aspect that made it a vampire save for drinking blood, and turned it anti-vampire. I don't care that Edward makes moral choices but just the premise of the books and characters is idiotic. And comparing music to literature is a poor analogy. There is a diverse range for musicians to fall into while there is a very select range for literature. There's a better story in most of the video games I play than in the Twilight series. A lot more intricate plots I might add. More involving story lines. And King doesn't care whether the writing is dark and twisted, he grades works by how they're written. It seems like WOMEN are threatened by this huge revolt by GUYS against their bibles. Sorry, I mean books. Sorry, I get them confused sometimes seeing the reaction to them. Accept the fact that Twilight could never count as a well written book and it will lead you to a new view and understanding. But then again who would want to stop believing in their God, I mean character sweetheart, Edward.

To Sophia M.:

Being only 12 years old, of course there were new vocab words. But when you get into high school more specifically your junior or senior year, the vocab will be pretty sub-par compared to the likes of Shakespeare and Jonathan Swift.

To Sumayah:

Your post was incoherent at best. Spelling is an issue, structure, grammar, etc. My personal opinion, pairs aren't matched by weak-strong, they're not matched by opposites. They're matched by similarities. I once again applaud that another of the female gender supports the anti-feminist writing Twilight. In fact I applaud every female who fell in love with Twilight for being anti-feminist. I'm happy, perhaps things will go back to the way things were, women serving men, like Bella does. Bring on the backlash.

Finally....someone seeing the book for what it is. The book is not good, its not even decent. Stephenie Meyer can't write for shit, and I don't care what her pre-teen fan base says about Stephen King. He's a goddamn better writer than Stephenie Meyer. By the way, before you insult Stephen King for the truthful comment he made about Meyer go and learn some basic english. He's not 'trashin stephenie' and he's not 'jelous bcoz hes books don't seel half as gud as Stephenies'.

I am a woman so I am not at all threatened by the fact that a woman is so successful. In fact I am embarrassed that so many people have bought these books because there are so many deserving authors not getting 1/8 of the attention that Meyer is getting.

Meyer's character's have no development and if you haven't realized Bella is just a self-insert Mary-Sue of the author. Edward's an over-protective, abusive and stalkerish boyfriend.

Do us a favour Meyer, go back to your fantasies and stop plaguing the minds of hormonally-unstable teens.

Darn it Josh!

If I hadn't been emailing you I could have said some of those same things to the Twilight fans who attempted a rational explanation of the books being insanely popular. Waaaa you got to beat me to the punch again. Unfortunately I needed to go to bed as I was up too early yesterday(3 am) and chose the email to you instead of trying to ask them things like why Bella is such a good role model yet again since they probably ignored my entire last post not to mention all the ones that came before mine on this blog by just about everyone. Limited attention spans being a problem. I will just have to pose a few different questions to these supporters. While once again I have to wonder why any romance novel is popular at all since their plots are generally just love triangles where one man is chosen over another the genre is very popular with women including creating the pararomance crap. Even the ones my best friend loaned me in high school did not have any female main characters as bad as Bella that one of the new Twilight defenders said:

"But you HAVE to realise that BELLA IS weak and shy and quiet easily minipulated"- Sumayah

Now lets expand on that statement. Bella is shy, okay I was shy as well. Edward isn't exactly written as outgoing. Bella is weak? Are you referring to physically? As for that Meyer gives her no exercise for the most part in Twilight except an occasional walk since she wrote her to be the clumsiest person ever to walk the planet. If you are referring to mentally I think there are people with mental disabilities that are stronger mentally and have more personality. As for easily manipulated I will grant you that in a heartbeat and wonder exactly why that is since her mother apparently isn't so easily manipulated by men and enjoys a range of activities that extend far past Bella's only hobby of reading old classic romances. Bella also has the inclination to play housewife instead of doing anything else to give her a little dimension so if she had any other interests besides romance and Edward we didn't see it demonstrated. Also Bella had a father and didn't need a father of a boyfriend. Instead of sneaking Edward into her bedroom she could have spent some of her time with her actual father. Her father was written as caring, and I am certain had Bella wanted to spend time with him he would have turned off the tv and gone fishing a little less often.

I also wondered why Meyer was too lazy to develop the friendship that occurred between Alice and Bella that "rainiest summer ever" between Twilight and New Moon. Gasp is it possible that since there was no school routine to once again bore us with we would have had to seen Bella sitting in a house or wandering a mall getting to know Alice? Maybe Meyer doesn't know what activities it takes for females to build a friendship because why Alice and Bella become close friends isn't explained and the friendship between Jessica and Angela never got explained either. Of course Jessica rather dropped Bella once her popularity of being new waned probably due to Bella being a total dishrag. I didn't exactly see any bonding going on except Alice using Bella as a Barbie doll and supposedly Bella didn't like that. It isn't like Meyer's books are short, so don't tell me there wasn't room to develop the female friendships. She just could have left out a little of Bella's drooling over Edward. Maybe Meyer who hates research is going to actually do a little into female teenagers and write a book in the Twilight series later covering that time but that is highly unlikely so she will go with Alice taking Bella to the mall and dragging Edward along as eye candy if she ever writes that as part of the series because she doesn't like research.

Also Sumayah Meyer doesn't really bother to explain any pairing except Bella and Edward, and I don't think being an adult myself Meyer is that good at pairings either since Opposites attracting is not really true. When that does happen people's relationships evolve into a give and take and the people involved usually grow and change. So someone's bubbly talkative personality often begins to rub off on the quieter person since they would occasionally like to get a word in edgewise. Also I don't understand why you would semi-approve of the extremely frequent repetion of all those words you mentioned and be afraid of the word sex enough to say it was only shown 3 times at your age. If you didn't really like the Edward/Bella pairing why the heck are you so fond of the books since the rest of the Cullen cast is so poorly developed?

Hey Josh help me out a little here since as a teenager, albeit older than 13, is sex a taboo word again after all the work feminists and liberals did to make it acceptable to say? I know the "f" word is still considered a dirty 4 letter word, but had no idea that sex was a bad word again. Drat and here since I hear the word sex on the tv and radio I didn't know it was a "bad" word to use. Darn I guess Bella can try to rip Edward's clothing off to have sex with him before marriage is acceptable as long as you don't actually say the word sex. Here I thought there was a new generation that's parents actually can say the word "sex" when giving an actual sex talk to their children. Also are they no longer introducing basic sex ed in grade school. Heck I am over 30 years old and they called it sex ed for me in the 5th grade.

I guess high schools are going to have to drop The Scarlet Letter and Brave New World off their English syllabus since if sex is a dirty word "orgy" is downright filthy and given Meyer's moralizing on the concept of sex "adultery" is going to be thrown out as well. Those books were written during supremely oppressive sexual times in America! I guess the sexual anti-revolution has started all because of Meyer. So my English teacher (and other English teachers) shouldn't have bothered to point out the oppression of women in early American history including sexual repression. Man did he really waste his time! At that he later went into a second career as an Anglican minister so he was fairly conservative in his teachings.

For the record I am an adult female. I am married. I do not sleep around on my husband. I also do not need the Mormon take on values thrust on me so heavily in a novel as I learned good values already. Boy am I glad as well that my husband doesn't control who I can and can't talk to, has never stalked me, and doesn't make all but 2 of my decisions for me all the time! Yay my value system means I get to think for myself!

I want to point out that I read The Hobbit and Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring in the 6th grade at age 11. Talk about a book that will expand your vocabulary, Fellowship of the Ring does that and we begged our teacher as an entire class (including the female members) to be allowed to read the Fellowship of the Ring after we read The Hobbit despite the fact he warned us the language was adult, would be difficult, and might affect our grades. I finished the trilogy over the summer! It was my idea of good summer reading at your age Sophia M. For that matter I also spent that summer reading many used Andre Norton books my mother bought me at the Goodwill. Also SophiaM you have it wrong as we do not Hate Stephenie as a person we hate Twilight. The series not the person. The Lord of the Ring were books I NEEDED more of and for once I got the entire series new since my father who didn't usually go against my mother's no new books except for school required ruling and actually bought the last two new for my birthday that summer. Guess what, all my friends and classmates it turned out, except a small minority, read the rest over the summer as well so we talked about that series the following school year blowing our minds and never once talked about how "HOT" any of the male characters were.

Also SophiaM by the time you become a writer if you are talking about being inspired to write a pararomance novel on the same cheesy level as the Twilight series you will probably have to choose a new topic and genre since there has been an explosion of people doing that because of Twilight by teenagers on the Barnes and Noble website alone in the writer's forum and there are already several published authors in that catagory for competition. If you want to write btw please take some creative writing classes so we aren't subjected to yet another Meyer level writer in the next decade. Everyone here under the age of 14 please tell me why you want to read cheesy romance, are you currently allowed to date? If so I am really worried about my nieces as one of them will be 10 in about a year and half! Even the die hard romantic friend I had didn't start her romance obsession until freshman year of high school after reading Romeo and Juliet.

Hey Tweens and Teens did you read the classics mentioned by Meyer in the Twilight series? What other books did Twilight inspire you to read? Do you actually read anything else because of your new found love of reading, or do you continue to read and re-read the Twilight series? Talk here about your newfound love of Shakespeare's use of language or something to make us appreciate Meyer for doing something besides making you obsessed with Twilight by demonstrating how she fostered an actual love of reading.

Circe you admitting Twiligt is addicting just adds fuel to the "Haters" point that Twilight is like a new form of crack. Twilight was so poorly written she didn't bring tears or anything to my eyes as I was wincing too much. Well maybe tears of disappointment. King also manages to bring out a wide range of emotions in me including tender ones, not just the meager one emotion everyone here who is a fan of Meyer is claiming it elicits. If you are tired of only being horrified and shocked why not read something along the lines of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg and some of her other novels. I laughed, I cried and I got addicted to her novels(enough to read all available at the time, though not obsessively those alone) when one of my college classmates who had to take English because he didn't AP out gave me his copy. Since I was taking all math and science, and I would have missed out on her wonderful, well written novels without him loaning and then giving me that book.

Also since Stephenie Meyer has a degree from a University in Literature she is not comparable in any way to a self-taught musician who can't read music. Alas she does know how to read, has read classics, has stolen from the classics, and writes terribly written knock offs. To make your comparison she would have to be illiterate and only be able to tell her stories verbally. She admits she did not take any writing classes, yet I doubt she was never exposed to sentence structure, adverbs, adjective etc and managed to become literate enough to become a Literature major. She must have had to at least write papers analyzing the classics and gotten constructive critcism from professors and teachers. I don't know about this generations teenagers but I got constructive criticism on writing papers in all my classes including science, history, English and my Latin class. Many authors who wrote classics managed better technique with no creative writing classes or majoring in literature. Plus Meyer herself admits her lack of skills, go to her website for something other than the preview of Midnight Sun and check it out or google some of her interviews on youtube.

Circe as to your challenge for the males to read the Twilight books, why should they? All it is is a watered down pararomance series about 2 people who are so insanely, for no reason except physical attraction and scent, in love they try to kill themselves. I have read all 4 and actually discouraged someone who asked the question of if he should. Though you have read Stephen King if you look at the majority of the commentary here most of Meyer's female audience has not read a single King book and they are "hating on King" without giving him even a small chance and without giving much of an excuse not to other than "it is too hard" the same excuse many Twitard girls that are tweens and teens are using towards J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Heck I doubt there are too many rabid male King fans running around high schools where Meyer's rabid Twitard teen and tween fanbase is ensuring that the males (as well as some females here) do not want to read her books based on the level of madness shown about how HOT they think Edward is, and I don't blame the people who don't want to read Meyer at all because I don't generally want to read a series that is supposedly great just because there is a hot guy in it! I also do not follow celebrity gossip magazines and such for the same reason. I also look at the plot of a movie before going because I am not addicted to any movie star to a degree I don't care what he is starring in just because he is eye candy.

Given that there have been female fans that are phd and master level English majors here who admit her technique is awful, her vocabulary is basic and say well they are only YOUNG ADULT novels, why the heck did your book club choose a young adult series like Twilight since there is really no plot or literary devices to discuss? While I do not belong to a book club (The nearest one is 30 miles away and wiht high gas prices, the poor economy,and adding in the cost of the books that are generally hardcover I couldn't afford to join it!) I have a friend who belongs to one and those are things addressed in her club. They usually advocate thinking while reading to have an intelligent, analytical discussion about the books chosen. What did you do? Sit around as a group drooling over Edward like two female members of my writing group do, or did you talk about how poorly developed the characters were, how little plot there was, her inability to use proper grammar and the lack of continuity involved in her entire series? Fannie Flagg's novels are available in paperback, and her books are well written! A much better choice for an adult book club. Heck there was even a post on here by an unbiased book critic who makes comments about Meyer's poor technical skills.

Hey Josh make some of Edward's moral choices and prove men aren't monsters. Decide to stalk a woman, open a few doors, and tell her who she can and can not talk to. You might just get some random female to throw herself into your arms at school if word gets around that you are like Edward. Of course don't forget the white face powder and sparkly, glitter makeup that will help too :) Oh telling whatever girl you start with she smells delicious might help as well.(Just be careful who you start with so she isn't as clingy as Bella and you get an opportunity to date more than one girl! After all after reading Twilight some girls might be prone to suicide as a romantic gesture if you leave them.) Also you should actively encourage this anti-feminist garbage so women of the future grow up taking the right classes like home ec so they will be able to properly serve you and be willing to die for your unborn child instead of being willing to think rational thoughts like self-preservation. Heck you can get Roe vs Wade overturned and take the right to vote away if you teenage males encourage the Twilight series enough. The women who actually follow Bella's example won't even want to go to college even to meet men or date more than one guy. They might unfortunately be in your calculus class so they can drool over guys and pass so many notes to each other you fail to get the education you deserve since it will be distracting! Why there can be an entirely new anti-feminist revolution that creates a bunch of ignorant, sexually repressed, and simpering women who just want to get knocked up right out of high school while begging for more sex that leaves them bruised and battered even though they don't remember the sex itself.

Hmmm....the conservative family value faction that currently talks about how working women are so much of a problem should be handing these books out for free to all women in the workplace! They could change the face of America by addicting women to the new legal crack of Edward. I honestly hope I am exaggerating given that she hasn't sold nearly as many books as better authors like Rowling therefore she hasn't brainwashed even the majority of the bubble headed tweens and teens who haven't yet learned how to think for themselves yet and is just getting the ones following the herd.

Chicklet I agree with everything you said except that the romance in Twilight was awesome. It might have managed that if there had been a reason beyond physical attraction and scent written by Meyer for their "love" but since she left out that major part I don't agree it is a good love story, it is a lust story and given the technical skills a piss poor boring one at that.

To all the Twitards we realize you love nearly indestructible stonelike sparkling take she did on vampires. As chicklet mentioned she didn't create a new world just dropped in her sparkly sparkly vampires added some werewolves that weren't really werewolves and you just think it is wonderful. Nevermind that it seems to be totally retarded to most people since all the vampires started out as human beings thus we previously had human ways to kill them short of a nuclear annihaltion of the entire planet. My personal theory still stand that they are over-written so that poor defenseless, clumsy Bella can't even get a lucky stake through the heart in and thus has to rely totally on Edward and Jacob to protect her silly twit of a person.

However talking about ethical decisions by Edward, what were they? Not to eat her and to not change her so she could protect herself despite his being a vampire endagering her constantly? Given your precious Meyer thinks vampires have no demonic origins you probably think they do have souls.

Okay given that Meyer probably stole from Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer we can look at his moral dilemmas while his soul was restored. He stopped killing humans and existed on animal blood. He tried to make atonement for the murders he committed when he was demonic by helping a young teen girl newly chosen in the role of vampire slayer save the world from demonic forces. It was her choice to sleep with him that brought about his change back to the demonic version again. I think he made a decision that went a lot more towards the greater good than any of Edward's decisons. Including trying to restore Faith's(another vampire slayer) humanity after she accidentally killed a human by being there for her. Angel was also eye candy though I didn't like his spin off series because I was not and have never been addicted to eye candy.

Bring on the hate as Josh says :)

To plaidfroggie:

In response, sex is not a taboo word in my school. I don't know about the classy schools but not at my school. And I would transform myself into Edward but then I'd have to read the book to find out exactly how to or else all the people I try to trick would catch a flaw in my technique seeing as they've read Twilight enough to notice the smallest of errors. I also agree that if someone is looking for a new and exciting read while they're in fifth or sixth grade, The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the rings series are great choices. Personally, and I'm not a geek or anything, I think that some of the Star Wars Expanded Universe books have great stories and are fun to read. I found myself turning pages in one I recently bought like a Twitard. Hey, I should coin that phrase to describe good books. "It will have you turning pages like a Twitard." Anyways, I'll let the new posts roll in and see what gets said.

"Finally....someone seeing the book for what it is. The book is not good, its not even decent. Stephenie Meyer can't write for shit, and I don't care what her pre-teen fan base says about Stephen King. He's a goddamn better writer than Stephenie Meyer. By the way, before you insult Stephen King for the truthful comment he made about Meyer go and learn some basic english. He's not 'trashin stephenie' and he's not 'jelous bcoz hes books don't seel half as gud as Stephenies'.

I am a woman so I am not at all threatened by the fact that a woman is so successful. In fact I am embarrassed that so many people have bought these books because there are so many deserving authors not getting 1/8 of the attention that Meyer is getting.

Meyer's character's have no development and if you haven't realized Bella is just a self-insert Mary-Sue of the author. Edward's an over-protective, abusive and stalkerish boyfriend.

Do us a favour Meyer, go back to your fantasies and stop plaguing the minds of hormonally-unstable teens."-Lisa


It must have truly pained you to type in Twitard speech since you obviously are intelligent enough to recognize good writing. All you left out was the "king must be mentally ill" argument they are using to trash King for stating the truth about Meyer.

As for her success based on her first draft(she didn't take the time to write a second draft) of Twilight she got a 3 book deal as well which is why she dragged this lack of romance, lust story out for another 3 books. It truly strikes me as sick since as you said there are talented writers who don't get that kind of recognition.

If you happen to check back, here is a link that will make you cry! Either that or want to throw things like I wanted to do.

Of course if you check out the Breaking Dawn FAQ from Meyer she denies that Bella is anti-feminist and makes feminists sound like some kind of controlling nazi like faction that dictates what women can and can not do from careers, when to get married and when to reproduce. I am very sorry I got roped into these books when apparently I should have been using Cornelia Funke for research purposes. The fact that Meyer is promoted by women in the writing group I joined makes me cringe and helped me make my mistake. I think it is horrible from what I have been able to tell that you can't get a teenager to read unless they see it in a movie first for the most part! Also if you check that link out please drop in again and let me know what you think.

A few points to ponder:

Meyer is an egomaniac who says publicly that her versions of the classics she ripped off are better than the originals.

Meyer apparently (because someone kept count) not only has a problem using the words sex, and virgin, but apparently Bella doesn't know what an orgasm is as she (if she had one during that sex she can't remember) just referred to Edward killing her buzz. Someone should immediately send a letter to Meyer's publisher informing them to tell Meyer the word orgasm exists and if she hasn't had one she has a big problem!

Meyer also does actually promote adultery in the book Breaking Dawn, which given the religious crap strewn through the series is hypocritical of her, and then in an interview asked point blank about it blames it on the fictional character, Edward, though she is the one who wrote the character and thus all his words.

My conclusion on these things to ponder? Meyer is the one with the mental problems Twitards not Stephen King. As has been mentioned she has some twisted sexual issues to deal with. She is an egomaniac with delusions of grandeur and she believes a fictional character is real as much as her fans do, which makes her psychotic.

Conclusion...Meyer doesn't just need writing lessons she needs mental health care!

Bring on the hate twitards!

To plaidfroggie:

I agree, although in a sense the character should be real to the writer. Not to the point where the writer blames the character for his or her words though. And if you pay attention, as King says, the sexual and sensual part of Twilight comes in the descriptions of being touched on the arm or cheek or blushing. It sounds like she's having an orgasm every time this happens. I don't know where Meyer got the idea that her door stops even compare to the books they were inspired by. Maybe all of the rabid fans who told her that she was better because they can't understand real literature but certainly not from any professional.


I do actually believe that the characters should seem real to an author. I, having read all 4 books, believe that while many of the pro-Twilight faction claims they actually can picture Edward and the rest of the cast, I couldn't because they were so poorly written. Because of this I have a hard time with Meyer's visualization of her characters as real people or even vampires of any type because if she could visualize them I would have expected them to come to life for me, not be the cardboard characters that she indeed wrote. The stiff performance the Twilight fans complain about the actress that portrayed Bella giving in the movie actually struck me as rather true to the way Bella was actually written. To me this is just another indication of how much Twilight fans have used the Mary Sue Bella that Meyer wrote as a self insert as they are giving Bella some of their own personality when they visualize her instead of just relying on what Meyer actually wrote. Did I sort of understand the way the actress portrayed Bella? Yep because that is just about how I actually read her character, dull and stiff as a board.

While I can't remember the exact wording of the quote (I didn't book mark it and am damn well not going to web search for it as I am done websearching Meyer) she apparently upon being asked about Edward asking Jacob for Stud services in Breaking Dawn directly in an interview with MTV claims that she hadn't realized how far gone Edward really was. She has also has said she doesn't really think when writing in some other interview.

Now a big part of the entire series was the rivalry between Edward and Jacob and vampires and werewolves in general. So to be true to the actual character of Edward she had established, I don't see how even in a writing fog she could have had Edward asking Jacob for stud services. I mean come on, Edward is going to risk Bella's soul by having her commit adultery when he didn't want to risk his own by losing his virginity before marriage? He talks about how he will let his wife give birth to puppies?

Okay say she was in an actual writing fog when she wrote that part (just for argument's sake) when she looked back over what she had written(which she should have done since most people are required to do a second draft before submitting something for publishing) she should have realized it was highly inappropriate to both her moralizing and what she seems to imagine when she thinks of Edward as an old fashioned gentleman type. Even to save your wife's life no old fashioned gentleman wants his wife sleeping with another man!

She only wrote that and included it as a scene in my humble opinion to give Jacob more of a chance to be humiliated by Bella and to give Jacob even more of a reason to be there to provide the Jacob point of view section of the book. Now if Edward had just begged Jacob to propose to Bella to be a little more sane and go with artificial insemination to have a child to save her life, that I could have understood as Jacob was supposed to be her best friend and therefore would for argument's sake be a logical person besides Alice(her supposed best female friend) to try to make her see reason.

Even if he had been willing to let Bella have a child by Jacob instead of a random stranger it should have only come from Bella as a suggestion, he is supposed to have enough medical knowledge to give her a c-section and not be in touch with the modern world enough to realize that the artificial insemination option is available when his creator/mentor/father is a doctor? It made no sense at all and does make me believe that the only character that Meyer even cares about in the entire series in any way is Edward, and she isn't even consistant in her portrayal of him as evidenced by her lapses when writing things he does and says.

I will admit I am not very familiar with LDS or the Mormon faith, however I don't know of any Christian faith that for the purpose of be fruitful and multiply suggests passing a wife off to another man to conceive children. Not one that I can actually think of, not even the twisted fundamentalist church I grew up in that believes in all that anti-feminist, sexist garbage that the Twilight novels embrace. Now truthfully I do not like dragging religion into this, so people who went to fundamentalist churches or currently go to one, I am expressing my own viewpoint since I was female and raised in such a church. Christianity is very big on the Ten Commandments, all of them which includes thou shall not commit adultery.

Also I want to agree with you Josh when you say it sounds like Bella is having an orgasm everytime Edward touches her with his cold hands. However Bella, or maybe even Meyer, seems unaware of what an orgasm is and the actual word even exists.

I did find it interesting in the Twilight series she actually gives a definite temperature to the werewolves in fahrenheit, but only compares the vampire's temperature to being so cold it is like an icicle or something which makes me question a human female even wanting sexual contact with someone so cold! If Bella needed to wrap herself in a quilt just to make out with Edward I really never understood her desire for him to have sex with her while human.

Even allowing for Bella being a virgin, that didn't make sense to me for her to crave icicle sex. (To the non-virgin fans, I want to know if you actually tried to picture having sexual relations with an ice sculpture and if you did, how did you imagine that would feel?) Of course by that time Meyer had managed to make it impossible for me to give her any more suspension of disbelief after all the other crap she had us try to swallow because after all it is "fiction" and "fantasy".

I never said that Meyer has been told by any professionals that she writes better knock-offs than the originals that provided her supposed attempts at plots. However she probably has been told on the Twilight mom's forum she goes to that her stories are better since so many people are too idiotic to read the actual classics. As you have previously mentioned Josh, the Twitards like to be led by the hand and classics do not do that and actually require considerable thought to read. They are not escapist garbage you can read while watching 3 kids or something without losing any of the meaning. You can ignore entire chapters of the Twilight series since most of them are so repetitive, you can't do that with the classics of literature.

The link I provided for Lisa lists ten anti-feminist books that are actually popular with the tween crowd at this time. If you click on it and look at the first poster there, if you click on that posters name she provided a link to one of the Twilight mom forums that Meyer actually visists or at least used to visist enough to make reading suggestions. Now I couldn't actually stomach it when I looked at any of the posts, the person who provided the link to the Twilight mom forum is there to provide the anti-Twilight point of view to the forum and says that the moms on there actually do say Meyer's books are better!

Sounds to me like Meyer is on enough of an ego trip to believe those people despite the reviews she gets from literary critics! I personally couldn't stomach it as these women have all these stupid Edward quotes and pictures from the movies as signatures, I only read a couple of posts saying that they couldn't finish Meyer's suggested online reading club suggestion of Wuthering Heights before giving up in disgust. They don't even finish it!

I think this shows as you and others have pointed out before maybe a popular and well reknown author might actually be able to knock some sense into Meyer about her lack of writing skills enough to improve and clean up her act since all she seems to do is lap up positive response from semi-illiterates fans and ignores regular critics.

Also I have found the comments that the Twitards find Meyer's books page turners and not King's books to be a dreadful thing. I have lost sleep staying up late reading King books in the past because I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I also had vivid mental pictures of his characters and scenes in my head when I read his books. I have never been to Maine and got vivid mental pictures! I have inserted myself into some of his novels, not a self-insert, but believing the characters to be written so realistically and thoroughly that I could picture myself going through the same struggles they went through including some of the male characters. I didn't manage to do that even with the self-insert Mary Sue Bella because of the dreadful writing technique. I couldn't project myself into Bella's place because she is a mindless twit whose only goal in life was...oh wait she had no goals until she found out she could become a vampire. My bad for a second I was trying to remember if Bella had any deams or ambitions before meeting Edward. (sarcasm there for the moron segment in case you couldn't tell)

Before anyone tries to say I give King a free pass on his popularity, I couldn't get into Insomnia and some of his other works, however he has written some truly wonderful works, including the horror ones, that were really having me turn pages like a twitard as Josh has coined this new phrase! Plus in the case of King I feel the need to read all the chapters and all the words not to lose the meaning and plotlines!

"plaidfroggie, I don't know much about the history of SF writing. I was interested to hear that female writers once had a hard time getting published and attracting male readers.
Seems weird, since folks are interested in stretching their minds to read about new worlds and species. Yet they succumb to an age-old prejudice!"-'Dave


The age old prejudices were not gone by the time I was in high school despite the fact that women had made huge advances in becoming doctors. lawyers and scientists. I don't know how much it really has changed to this day since the equal rights ammendment still hasn't passed which means there often is still a disparity in pay for many professional women by many companies.

I am going to say this for the record before I go any further. I am well aware I do not have the highest IQ on the planet and there are many women and men who are smarter than I am. Anything I say from this point on is not based on vanity, but the actual treatment by and statements of my teachers in high school.

I do not read the classics as an adult. I haven't picked up a classic since high school that isn't in the sci-fi or fantasy genre. There is a reason for this, I will be turning 37 this month. I can't even bring myself to read the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelly(who also had to pretend to be male to get published) due to the sexist way I got treated by my English teachers in high school. Maybe one day I might get interested in reading the classics, they are after all readily available even in my dinky little local library for the most part, however there are so many sci-fi and fantasy writers I like that I haven't knowingly read any classics since being forced to in high school since I AP'd out of any college English that was required for my major of Chemical Engineering.

Alas I did not finish my degree due to a stupid part-time college job work related injury that handicapped me physically enough that I have a very severe degree of chronic pain most of the time. I do have a few good days, it is primarily nerve pain. To anyone who tries to tell me that is a lame excuse when you can barely walk and are often on high doses of painkillers it is pretty impossible to concentrate on hard sciences like physics, chemistry and applying math like differential equations(for those who don't know what that is it is essentially doing the opposite of what you learn in calculus class) in engineering classes. You really have to be able to remember many formulas, constants, and be able to think quickly to get through engineering classes and frankly so far the pharmaceutical industry thinks that meds dulling your brain and making you sleepy are the way to go for chronic pain patients.

I had actually finished all the math requirement through differential equations and all the physics requirements for an engineering degree. There are even super bad days that I am basically radio and tv bound due to the actual amount of med I take or the pain levels being too much to concentrate if I don't take the meds on reading so there is no way in the world that college really fits into a condition like this.

For an example about heavy duty pain meds most of you will relate to, I am not allowed by law to drive on these meds. If I did, because they are proven to slow reflexes, I would be considered intoxicated and under the influence if I got in an accident. There are people on these meds that do drive and I think they are idiots just like I think any alcoholic or drunk driver who gets behind the wheel is an idiot. I could be responsible for killing someone including myself. I do not want to be heavily addicted so there are times I will endure the high pain levels so that I do not end up with the addiction/dependence problems many chronic pain patients go through. If anyone wants to bore themselves they can look up rsd also considered part of crps on the net, the pain is considered comparable to cancer pain.

Having said why I didn't actually finish college. (unlike Bella not even being interested in going except as a ploy to get more sex out of Edward) I am going to talk about the discriminatory nature my high school English teachers used towards me. I was the best overall female student my high school had ever had at least up until the point I graduated. I excelled equally in all my academic classes including math, science and English. Now I did have weaknesses like gym as I am a bit of a clumsy person, though not to the degree that Bella was written, I stunk at typing and still do because of my lack of co-ordination in general. However in the academic subjects I had exactly two weaknesses. I have a difficult time remembering historical dates, have no trouble at all grasping the concepts about any conflict or historical event, I am just lousy at dates and phone numbers as well. This amuses my husband to no end as I had no trouble remembering constants like pi and conversion formulas that include numbers, but dates and phone numbers are hard for me. I had to study really hard for History as far as memorizing dates for tests.

I also had one weakness only in my English classes when it came to analyzing classics. I have a hard time reading plays closely enough to analyze them well since the notations of stage actions always distracted my reading flow. I don't mind watching Shakespeare's plays, however reading them is torture for me. I actually liked his sonnets. It wasn't just plays by Shakespeare that caused me trouble, it was any play we analyzed and we did analyze ones by other more modern writers. I would actually have to read plays twice for class instead of only once like any novel or poem.

I was an all around good student. I liked the horror genre in high school and my librarian and 2 out of 3 of my English teachers had a major problem with me reading that genre which included King . Those two English teachers felt the need to capture me in the hallways between other classes and at other times pressuring me to only read classics for recreation instead of any other type of fiction. They talked to me constantly about how I was rotting my brain with Stephen King when I could be reading great authors instead. Truthfully being able to read for recreation instead of having to analytically read was a really nice change for me. For all you Twitards who can't manage Stephen King or Rowling, King was light reading for me from freshman year on!

I really hated English as a subject when it came times for papers and in class essays because since I had so much "potential" in English I had to be better to get an A than my fellow classmates because they graded me according to my potential to challenge me. I know because I would see the papers my fellow students turned in and got A's on and could tell the difference. Also it was admitted to me during a visit to my old high school by my AP English teacher when I went there after my first year of college. Since they couldn't do anything else to challenge me with our academic program available the English teachers all got together from my 8th grade Literature teacher on to provide me a challenge by grading me harshly.

I was hated by my fellow students my sophomore year of high school because the only English teacher that didn't choose to preach at me about only reading classics on a regular basis graded on a curve and I was higher enough on the curve that my classmates usually couldn't get an A on anything they turned in. It was bad enough for her to grade in English on a curve, and worse that she would point out to fellow students that they could have gotten an A except for my papers and tests.

My junior year when I signed up for clases for senior year I chose comparative anatomy as well as AP calculus and AP english. I got called into my guidance counselor'[s office and was pressured very hard to drop comparative anatomy (the science class I am pointing out clearly here) because the AP classes didn't allow me to have a lunch period. I had to fight very hard to get to keep comparative anatomy though when I mentioned I could switch to the British Literature that the non AP students were taking that was not considered acceptable. Apparently it was unacceptable as being considered the best English student by my English teacher I had to take the AP class as a role model. (I had the same teacher junior and senior year) He would not allow me to drop that class period, end of discussion. I was not allowed to drop it. So much for freedom of choice and after all I had to take an English class senior year as they require 4 years of English in high school while not requiring 4 years of math and science. I ended up with no lunch period because I would not give up the comparative anatomy class or AP calculus.

Now my math teachers were very fond of having me in their classes as well. However the math teachers would not have objected to me switching to pre-calculus. I got pressured repeatedly senior year from my AP English teacher to major in English in college. I had no interest in doing that. Having had to endure all the subjective grading that went on just in high school I wasn't about to choose a major that required me to put up with that crap in college. Don't get me wrong, I am a very avid reader, but the crap that goes on in grading by English teachers is ridiculous since there is interpretation and no right or wrong answers like math and science. Even after getting a full ride scholarship(minus room and board) to a very good small private college for Women in Engineering to their paper engineering program, I got constant pressure from my AP English teacher to try to go for a scholarship to any school to major in English. I endured frequent trips to his office about that, it only stopped once the college application deadlines were past.

I wanted to be a medical doctor(thus the comparative anatomy class) but my family was not wealthy and I didn't want to end up with substantial student loan debt. Many of the classes for engineering are the same as pre-med, and with an undergraduate degree in Engineering you usually qualify for a fairly high paying job compared to most bachelor degrees, especially chemical engineering. I had a plan of working for awhile after getting a degree to save up for med school. Despite knowing this, I was constantly pressured by the English teacher.

It was absurd and sexist and I still reject the classics because of it. If I managed to still get the best grades of any of the English students why the heck were they objecting to my choices of recreational reading and never pulling any of my fellow students aside and preaching at them is beyond me. I imagine if Twilight was available when I was a high school student I would have been pulled in even more frequently as Meyer doesn't even use halfway decent technique when she writes.

When I say my math teachers loved having me in class, my freshman Geometry teacher even called my mother in, told my mother she thought I had a genius IQ and suggested mensa and puzzle books to challenge me. Notice challenge me part. She and my other math and science teachers never pressured me to enter a career that they were trying to choose for me. My female geometry teacher just encouraged me to go to college for something that interested me.

Only my male English teacher was pulling that highly biased anti-feminst crap trying to tell me I was better suited to an English major than any type of science. He claimed he never thought of it that way. The last time I saw him he said he just thought I was so gifted he wanted to see me get a degree in English. It still didn't sit well with me as an explanation as I was equally gifted in math and all the science classes I took including the physics and comparative anatomy classes my senior year and those teachers didn't make me fight them on what career to choose.

Now in my college first year introductory engineering class I also got told I wrote too coherently to be an engineering major and should switch majors despite doing well in my math and science classes by a male teaching assistant who graded the papers. He wasn't even a professor and was pulling that kind of garbage on me. I don't know how much they still pull that crap on young high school and college females, but I had to have a spine to even attempt the major I wanted.

I do not consider myself to be a rabid feminist. I do know I would not object to the Twilight series if Bella wanted to do something or had some sort of goal before she met Edward and just latched onto the idea of being a vampire. However I do actually believe in choices, Meyer claims that people like me hate the character based on the choices Bella makes, but the way the Twilight books are written, I only see Bella make 2 choices and 100% dependent on the two supernatural boyfriends. Even to the extent of major mental illness when being "dumped" by Edward.

I think that is just sick, twisted and a rotten message to female tweens and teens. I mean if Bella is just a placeholder admit it Meyer. Don't try to defend her as being any kind of role model by trying to claim we are objecting to her choices. We claim she is anti-feminist because of her lack of choices and any ambition or goals at all in the series. Given Meyer writing Bella as having a rabid negative response to getting married right out of high school, I didn't even see it shown that Bella was interested in becoming a wife or mother as a life choice. I don't even know why Meyer had Bella in Calculus class. If it was part of the "Look at this Bella is a role model" attempt then why did she have her experience the stereotypical females have trouble in math crap? Sheesh I think it was probably a straight insert of Meyer herself right there. If Meyer even took Calculus her Senior year then she probably had trouble with it and thus Bella did as well. I know there was only one other female in my AP Calculus class in high school and she took it specifically so she could have another class with her boyfriend. I heard it directly from this girl so I am not making an assumption on that issue.

Why do I know the trouble Andre Norton experienced getting published in the sci-fi and fantasy genre? My high school librarian considered sci-fi and fantasy marginally better for me than reading horror. I am pretty sure that was based on sexist thinking as well, but I did get exposure to some good authors in that genre from her. She was the one who told me how hard it was for Norton and other female authors in any genre except romance, and how out of all the genres the sci-fi was the most sexist.

The point of my long rant? I know some of the Twilight fans have adult or at least older teen brains so they are not taking Bella as a role model, but when you look at all the tween and young girls who want to marry Edward Cullen and are so addicted to the series that they don't willingly read anything else, it truly is disgusting. I might avoid the classics for personal reasons, but I have never been so rabid about any author that I read their books or series exclusively. I read a far larger variety than most of the students in my school district, and the classics got dropped because of the rampant sexist nature of my MALE English teachers trying to choose a fitting career for me. Yes life is about choices so even ficitonal characters should get a few in my opinion.

Stephenie gets way too much credit for her novels. She simply wrote a book about the thing most teenage girls dream would happen to them. To meet their true love, a guy much better then they deserve, that has a problem, in this case being a vampire, and they fall in love in live happily ever after in the end. With only a few things standing in their way that they overcome with no major losses.

I believe she made up that whole thing about the plot being something from a dream, to cover up that she stole the idea from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then added a few twists.

Rowling created an entire other world! Stephen King came up with stories that were completely original. Both of them are true writers.

And there is S.E. Hinton, an author who's writing is completly amazing and worth reading. She adressed issues and wrote a book about them when she was at an age where many people can't even write essay's that get higher then a C.

Meyer is simply a bored house wife that got lucky.

Her writing is good, but that good.


I agree with you that Meyer probably stole everything from Buffy the Vampire series. I watched the entire series from beginning to end, and the only reason I continued to watch it once finding out she was in love with a vampire (I personally didn't like that part) was because I thought the variety of demons she fought and her strength and friendships with her "scooby group" to be very interesting and entertaining. The Twitards should actually watch that series as I think they would get a better message watching Buffy's tv series than they are getting from reading about Bella since Buffy can kick butt instead of being a total twit.

I didn't realize until you posted about S. E. Hinton that the author of the Outsiders was female. While I have never seen the movie or read the book I did have a basic idea of the plot of the book. She is just another example of an author that was encouraged to hide the fact she was female so that males would actually read her books. I think American society is pretty pitiful in many areas and Meyer's sexist garbage isn't going to improve that anytime soon.

I googled Hinton after your post and realize why she had a chance to be able to write something so defining of the young adult genre while still so young. She is from a generation where actual schoolwork was encouraged instead of things like video game systems, and they really believed in teaching the basics of grammar and other subjects. I honestly think without my mother's dedication with teaching me to read and learn my multiplication tables (basics of the 3 R's) I would not have been as advanced in my skills because even by my generation things were beginning to be dumbed down considerably and I graduated in 1990.

All I can say is that at least my generation did not heavily rely on calculators in most of the math classes I took. We did have to memorize things for math instead of having super calculators that do everything from graphing to finding area and volume for geometry so the students don't have to memorize the actual formulas.

I believe the only reason Christopher Paolini had a chance to write his Eragon series at 15 is the fact he was homeschooled. This means his family actually believes in Education first since they did not send him to the public school system that is currently teaching sight reading as opposed to the more proven phonic system that so many of the reader generation were exposed to growing up. I have heard people here that think Meyer writes better than Paolini and have to disagree from what I have read so far. He could kick her butt when 15, and that is just sad as she is in her 30's.

I honestly believe that the combination of sight reading and video games without limits was the reason my cousin's children grew up borderline illiterate. At the ages I was being taught to actually learn paragraph structure and other basic writing skills my cousin's children were still being given a heavy concentration of vocabulary words since the new system was not encouraging learning words through content and how to sound out a new word.

My cousin's daughter's English class her junior year of high school was teaching strictly in preparation for the ACT and SAT tests. They weren't even reading and writing papers, they were doing a whole year of practice for the college entrance tests. No wonder they even had trouble in math, no one taught them how to pick out relevant information in a story problem since they couldn't read for crap. Her children were the ones "experimented on" as the changeover occurred for their generation, so I am not sure if things have improved in American schools or not.

Agree totally that Meyer just happened to get lucky and is derivative and over-rated. Heck her supposed obstacles resulted in only bad guys getting killed which means that there were absolutely no sacrifices in the entire series. Pitiful.

To be honest, I haven't read Steph Meyer's stuff, mainly because I'm scared half to death of the fans. It doesn't strike me as my type of thing. What people have to realise is that Steph has an audience to appeal to, unfortunately, seeing as my own girlfriend is inside that audience and wants to avoid the book, she isn't doing the best of jobs. Sure, she took the last Harry Potter book off the top of the best-seller list, but that was after quite awhile AND JK Rowling probably doesn't care that much seeing as how loaded she is.
I'm a writer myself, so I know that I have an audience to write for. Hence why I write for guys in the 18-35 age range. Because I'm a member of it. Steph's writing for an audience that loves romance novels, and somehow, despite seemingly having characters with less personality than a Nissan Sunny and a 'vampire'/stalker with a 'perfect marble chest' I'd wind up wanting to punch a hole through. she's been successful. If she can be successful with characters like that, then no wonder that Mrs Rowling has made more money than the queen.


No posts today! (at least thus far and the night is almost over) Finally...

Some of you NEED to give it a rest.

Honestly. Hopefully, this is a sign of people having a happy life, and maybe even an early start to a great weekend.

Shall we find a place to post positive comments for a few months?

Dave, any suggestions? I guess, when it comes down to it, it's a matter of personal taste. And personal responsiblity. How do you want to live your life? Do you choose a positive, or negative focus?

Anon, y'all.

Peace out.

Nonnie Mouse, you're tempting the fates, aren't you?
This thread certainly has sparked hot comments -- on both sides. The comments on other Read Street posts have less vehemence. It would be nice to have less baiting and name-calling here. But I guess the theme of blood-sucking vampires doesn't lend itself tio polite conversation.


Odd. The politeness of the Vampires in question is one of the things in question! Some beings could take a page from their book! (a-hem)

Three minutes to go! Alas in the words of Nathaniel Hawthorne, "tomorrow will be here anon" and "Tomorrow is another day..." Scarlett O'hara

Ah, Rhett Butler-- another romantic gentlemen who, it is pointed out, could if he so chose, smash his lady love's head like a walnut, and the woman of seemingly less substance who stole his heart. I'm sorry... gotta love it!

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"however I don't know of any Christian faith that for the purpose of be fruitful and multiply suggests passing a wife off to another man to conceive children."-plaidfroggie

Thou shall not commit adultery? The bible contradicts itself often.

Have you heard the story of Abraham? His wife Sarah(also his half sister) was infertile so he slept with the Egyptian slave girl Hagar and knocked her up pretty good.

God said to Eve, “Yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Genesis. 3:16)

Edward is a sparkly god therefore Bella must yield and summit to him.

Too bad the bible was created by men in a male dominated society that favored the slavery of people of a different color and the oppression of woman.

Plaidfroggie, you must hop away from this argument, like a good amphibian would, for your own good. Josh, gosh, your volubility is frightening.

Some of these comments!
I might as well share my opinions. They must surely be at least as valuable as some of those I am reading here.

First: Uncle Stevie, you are right. Stephenie Meyers can´t write. Her language is poor, repetitive and I guess you can say it makes me cringe (moahahaaa!). Even worse, she claims she got the ides for these books "in a dream". That may very well be the case but if you read for example Charlaine Harris´"Southern Vampire"series, you will realize she borrowed quite a lot from them (read them and weep, teeny boppers).
However, she can tell a story, even if she has to fill them full of weak women and strong men (it is getting real tiresome though. Come back Annie, Dolores, Rose, we may consider forgiving you). Read "The Host"!
Second: No, JK Rowling is not that much better. She was just smart enough to find a niche market and aim towards it, be it writing cliche-filled fantasy books about the little forgotten boy with a destiny-filled future.
Third: You may be the King, and I love your books, but they are not all masterpieces. Still, you manage to write not only good (sometimes great) stories, you also manage to in your written language encompass the concept of contemporary "America". Keep on writing!

For the rest of you kids: it is great somebody made you read. Books are a never-ending source of joy. Now, go out and challenge yourselves!

Finally: Of course Lestat could have kicked Edwards ass!

To be honest, i'm not a fan of either of them. I used to love Twilight, but i really went off it. I think that King should probably have been more diplomatic, after all, it's only his opinion: being a best selling author does not make you an authority on the subject.

Gotta say though, some of the Twilight fans terrify me. *shudder*

To Anonymous:

Please do elaborate. How am I voluble? I would love to find out, honestly.

I almost laughed out loud when I read what Stephen King said about Twilight and Meyer's writing style because it is absolutely true. The only reason why people love the books so much is because it appeals to their emotions. Most Twilight fans wouldn't know a truly well written novel if it had smacked them in the face. She has the vocabulary of a twelve year old and has one-dimensional characters. It is such garbage.

like her books? great. hate her sparkly vampires? fine also. The main point here is that, while extremely popular, she is not a strong writer. I am an English teacher and use selections taken from Twilight for my Freshman students to practice editing on. (Before anyone digs on that last sentence, it IS actually grammatically possible to end a sentence with a preposition.) Her prose reads like pages torn from vanity press sides. You can love the hell out of her- go nuts, it is awesome to see so many people digging on reading; however, do not make that solipsistic error of assuming that your approval of something makes it good.
You CAN measure good writing- it is NOT ALWAYS subjective- and Meyer does NOT measure up.

I think Meyer is not a good writer. As an avid reader, her writing does not make me think at all. It's all, "Bella makes food", "Bella falls down", "Bella broke a nail", to be very melodramatic. Bottom line is, in comparison to King, Meyer has no bullets, and King is holding the fucking bazooka!

Now, to look at Meyer individually. I would never put someone down without reading their work- here's the thing, I have. Not only have I read books one and two, I was reading the third and it was so bad that I stopped. The reason why is because I was bored with everything that was occurring.
Another point to make is the fact the whole plot is predictable thus boring. My friend told me she bought the fourth book and I literally guessed everything within its pages - I don't consider myself a genius, but my goodness, if I figured it out I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one.

The saga is also filled with meaningless clichés. For example, Bella is the 'normal' girl in society. She is going through hard times with her parents split and oh! Along comes Edward Cullen, the hot guy, the guy that she freaks out over, the guy who magically is blinded and falls for the normal girl.

To sum up, Stephenie Meyer deserves credit, but absolutely no recognition or appraisal. Clearly she has brought the species of vampires to a degeneration and bores the fuck out of people like me.
I can't even be bothered to keep slagging her off. So yeah, that is how I see her.

Long live Jo Rowling!

If the Twilight series did not have the huge fanbase and overrated movie, it would probably lie in dust at the back of the Barnes & Noble bookshelfs, just waiting for someone to read far enough to realize it's really not that great. I read the whole series, and even bought Breaking Dawn (the 20% off sticker is still on the cover). The main characcter is in love with a totally blank character whose only special because he can kill people in dramatic ways, have feelings, and sparkle. There were many times in Breaking Dawn when I wondered why people idolized it, and looked over the obvious plot holes.

I haven't read King's stories, but I'm pretty sure someone who hasn't been convinced that Meyer's stories are better anyone else's and uses that as the ground basis for their own opinion would say his are better.

The Host is a pretty big copy of The Uglies, though I have to give her credit for making an interesting storyline nonetheless. In the end, even all of those characters get what they want though.

I think, if she writes a book where the characters are not so flat, and she uses her thesaurus the right way, and possibly doesn't give the main characters exactly what they want in the end, she has potential. After all, she has enough talent to be able to draw in so many readers and make them keep reading her books.

I have read the whole twilight series and personally, I loved it. sure Stephenie has her flaws but don't we all when we're writing? I'm a writer and I tend to ramble a little. Who cares as long as some people like your writing?I can't say that Stephen King isn't a good writer because I haven't read any of the books but that comment was totally uncalled for! He is entitled to an opinion, and so is everyone else, but if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Who says vampires can't sparkle? The whole point of writing is to be creative,so stop ragging on Steph. She woke up one mornin g and started writing for the very first time and did pretty well so you have to give her her props. Layla Loves Twilight*

Stephan shut ur mouth. Shes my fav writer in da whole world!!!!!!!!!

To Layla Loves Twilight:

Just so you know, when you do an interview you're supposed to give your comments on the question. And the question was about Meyer. So it was indeed called for. Also, there's nothing wrong with making things sparkle, but you have to be careful when you travel far outside of the public image of a creature like vampires. As has been shown on this thread, many people don't like the book simply for the fact that the vampires aren't really vampires. I agree. I've already noted my feelings on this and will not elaborate further. Just remember that there's a public image for a reason and there's a backlash when you go against it. And, since you love the series so much, can you answer my question? Scroll up and find the post.

To Devon:

Ah, I thank you for bringing us back to the good ol' days when Twilight lovers couldn't write worth a darn. It warms my heart. I said this to another person who posted a similar argument on another blog: learn to spell, then learn how to use punctuation, then propose an actual argument. It's simple, two out of three of those things you should have learned in first grade. Should have.

First of all I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, i'm an avid reader, i've read lots of authors like you guys and I must say, anyone who has read more than 2 authors knows surely that Stephen Meyer's writing isn't very inspired. You know the feeling you get when each word is an adventure of its own, you savour each moment you passed reaing one page, well I just don't have that with her books. Her phrases are just too easy you can complete the sentences by yourself without reading the whole thing, and most of all it's very repetitive, the same sentences appear several times, and the mystery isn't really well guarded, personally you could guess all along how it was gonna turn up because of the choice of her words and syntax. Anyhow i'm not I repeat NOT UNDERMINING her books beacause I love all 4 books in the twilight series, the characters and the story, the idea is just fascinating and she has a creative mind but her style is just not good, there's much room for improvement in her literaray skills.

he needs to remember his earlier career when he was told by a certain Colorado newspaper that he had no talent as a writer. (it was earlier in his career)

Sorry, I loved reading that...

Anyways, I skipped about 300 of the posts and I know I must have missed a ton of really funny stuff. I love how much the Twilight fans remind me of tribal warriors; it's just amazing how much smarter the Twilight haters are than them.

I know it would probably be more fun to read my post if I chose a side but I can't until I read Twilight and have a justified opinion. So maybe I'll be back once I read it.

This is the most fun blog page I've ever read, I must say...

It's nice to find people with the same opinions about Meyer writing. I got the books because a friend recommend them to me. But somehow I was very disappointed when I finished the books. The storyline is good, but if she were a better writer it would have been a really awesome story.
And I say this as a non English speaker, this is my second language, and I finish the series in less than 4 days!!(no holidays ;)) She need to use more vocabulary, if she does not know how, the Jane Austen books will help her improve this on the Midnight Sun series, after all Edward and his family were raised using that kind of language and rhythm.
I think Edward can be a really complicated character, he seems a little like Louis (Interview With The Vampire) with all his moral issues; but if she keep the same pace as the draft it will be very disappointing because there will be nothing new to add to the story.

To Josh,
Well, first of all, I want to say that's a pretty good challenge and I'm having a hard time answering it. I guess Bella fell in love with Edward because he is so mysterious and she might be one of those people who are attracted to what the think they can't have. Or it could be because, like Edward mentioned in the movie, everything about him draws Bella in, his face , his voice, even his smell. In short, because he's a vampire. I do think that Edward is too controlling, but it's because he's protecting Bella because he loves her so much. I'm not meaning to sound like a crazed Twilight fan( though I do love the books.) because I wouldn't dive bomb Rob Pattinson if I saw him walking around. I don't wish to marry Edward Cullen and some people don't get that he's not real. I hate to say it, but I agree with Miley Cyrus when she said, "Girls aren't in love with Rob, they're in love with Edward and he is not real." Stephenie Meyer's novels are a true romance. Two people willing to die for eachother. Bella does not serve Edward, but loves him so much she wants to die for him. So don't get your hopes up because women where not meant to serve men and they WON'T serve them anytime in the future. Layla Loves Twilight*

To Layla Loves Twilight:

Interesting. I still find the "love" shallow. And Bella may not serve Edward but she is wholly dependent on him. She is dependent on a male role as displayed in New Moon. Dependency leads to becoming a servant. Like drugs, you become so dependent on them you let them rule your life. Same applies. Bella is so dependent on Edward she is willing to kill herself to just hear his voice. She agrees to marry him right after graduating high school instead of going to college, has a kid right after high school, and honestly would most likely go on to become a housewife character. Even if its not true I don't consider Bella a very good role model to any teenage girl and I never really thought women would become subservient to men again. My qualms with the books almost have nothing to do with her decisions either and in fact lie in that the romance is shallow, the characters are flat, the books were pretty much a maze with arrows pointing the direction to the end, the fake vampires, and most of her other writing techniques. You have given a good answer for my question however I don't think it's a good enough answer to justify their "deep" love for each other. If you wish to try again, do so, and try plaidfroggie's as well. With no offense meant, Josh.

After reading the first book, I must say that Stephanie Meyer is an absolutely terrible author. Her diction and syntax are lacking, the plot is terrible, and her characters shallow. One thing that is interesting to note however is the fact that when Bella met Edward, her life got flip-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute just sitting right there to tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air. In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all coola nd all shootin some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.'

She rolled him over to the window so the sun fell on him for the first time in weeks, and it seemed to him he could feel his pasty-white skin, dotted here and there with minor bedsores, murmur its pleasure and thanks. The windowpanes were edged on the inside with a tracery of frost, and when he held out his hand he could feel a bubble of cold like a dome around the window. The feel of it was both refreshing and somehow nostalgic, like a note from an old friend. For the first time in weeks - it felt like years - he was able to look at a geography different from that of his room with its unchanging verities - blue wallpaper, picture of the Arc de Triomphe, the long, long month of February symbolized by the boy sliding downhill on his sled (he thought that his mind would turn to that boy's face and stocking cap each time January became February, even if he lived to see that change of months another fifty times). He looked into this new world as eagerly as he had watched his first movie Bambi - as a child. The horizon was near; it always was in the Rockies, where longer views of the world were inevitably cut off by uptilted plates of bedrock. The sky was a perfect early-morning blue, innocent of clouds. A carpet of green forest climbed the flank of the nearest mountain. There were perhaps seventy acres of open ground between the house and the edge of the forest - the snow-cover over it was a perfect and blazing white. It was impossible to tell if the land beneath was tilled earth or open meadow. The view of this open square was interrupted by only one building: a neat red barn. When she spoke of her livestock or when he saw her trudging grimly past his window, breaking her breath with the impervious prow of her face, he had imagined a ramshackle outbuilding like an illustration from a child's book of ghost stories - rooftree bowed and sagging from years of snowweight, windows blank and dusty, some broken and blocked with pieces of cardboard, long double doors perhaps off their tracks and swaying outward. This neat and tidy structure with its dark-red paint and neat cream-colored trim looked like the five-car garage of a well-to-do country squire masquerading as a barn. In front of it stood a jeep Cherokee, maybe five years old but obviously well cared for. To one side stood a Fisher plow in a home-made wooden cradle. To attach the plow to the Jeep, she would only need to drive the Jeep carefully up to the cradle so that the hooks on the frame matched the catches on the plow, and throw the locking lever on the dashboard. The perfect vehicle for a woman who lived alone and had no neighbor she could call upon for help (except for those dirty-birdie Roydmans, of course, and Annie probably wouldn't take a plate of pork chops from them if she was dying of starvation). The driveway was neatly plowed, a testament to the fact that she did indeed use the blade, but he could not see the road - the house cut off the view. "I see you're admiring my barn, Paul." He looked around, startled. The quick and uncalculated movement awoke his pain from its doze. It snarled dully in what remained of his shins and in the bunched salt-dome that had replaced his left knee. It turned over, needling him from where it lay imprisoned in its cave of bones, and then fell lightly asleep again. She had food on a tray. Soft food, invalid food . . . but his stomach growled at the sight of it. As she crossed to him he saw that she was wearing white shoes with crepe soles. "Yes," he said. "It's very handsome." She put the board on the arms of the wheelchair and then put the tray on the board. She pulled a chair over beside him and sat down, watching him as he began to eat. "Fiddle-de-foof! Handsome is as handsome does, my mother always said. I keep it nice because if I didn't, the neighbors would yap. They are always looking for a way to get at me, or start a rumor about me. So I keep everything nice. Keeping up appearances is very, very important. As far as the barn goes, it really isn't much work, as long as you don't let things pile up. Keeping the snow from breaking in the roof is the oogiest part." The oogiest part, he thought. Save that one for the Annie Wilkes lexicon in your memoirs - if you ever get a chance to write your memoirs, that is. Along with dirty birdie and fiddle-de-foof and all the others which I'm sure will come up in time. "Two years ago I had Billy Haversham put heat-tapes in the roof. You throw a switch and they get hot and melt the ice. I won't need them much longer this winter, though see how it's melting on its own?" He had a forkful of egg halfway to his mouth. It stopped in midair as he looked out at the barn. There was a row of icicles along the cave. The tips of these icicles were dripping - dripping fast. Each drop sparkled as it fell onto a narrow canal of ice which lay at the base of the barn's side. "It's up to forty-five degrees and it's not even nine o'clock!" Annie was going on gaily as Paul imagined the rear bumper of his Camaro surfacing through the rotted snow for the sun to twinkle on. "Of course it won't last - we've got a hard snap or three ahead of us yet, and probably another big storm as well - but spring is coming, Paul, and my mother always used to say that the hope of spring is like the hope of heaven." He put his fork back down on the plate with the egg still on it. "Don't want that last bite? All done?" "All done," he agreed, and in his mind he saw the Roydmans driving up from Sidewinder, saw a bright arrow of light strike Mrs Roydman's face, making her wince and put a shielding hand up - What's down there, Ham? . . . Don't tell me I'm crazy, there's something down there! Reflection damn near burned m'eye out! Back up, I want to take another look. "Then I'll just take the tray," she said, "and you can get started." She favored him with a glance that was very warm. "I just can't tell you how excited I am, Paul." She went out, leaving him to sit in the wheelchair and look at the water running from the icicles which clung to the edge of the barn.

To Josh,
I'm sorry I came to the wrong conclusion but that comment seemed a little backward to me. I am going to take another shot at answering your question. Sometimes you can't explain love. It just happens. I f you believe in love at first sight like me, then you should also be able to see that love can be a totally inexplainable and irrational thing. When your in love with someone so much, like Bella is with Edward, you tend to not stop and ask,"Well, why in the heck do I love this person?" You just love them.

To Layla Loves Twilight:

I don't share that view. I do not believe that love occurs at first sight, nor is it ever inexplicable. My personal view. The answer may just be harder to find. Your answer requires merit however seeing as the question is based on belief. I won't stop posting but I'll give you credit for the answer. It's just that when someone tries to drown themselves to hear someone's voice, they come across as a little too dependent on the person. So I guess women won't become our servants but will rely on us to guide them.

All I can say is OMG...who cares if Stephenie Meyer isnt the greatest writer in the world? All the "haters" on here...keep going on about her use of grammer and the using of the same phrases over and over...again..who cares?? I read the Twilight series because it appealed to my emotions not because I was looking to get my masters in English lit! And no matter how many people including Stephen King bash her...the facts are that millions of people bought and love her books...MILLIONS. And to those who keep implying that there is some kind of major sexual content in the books...could you please respond and tell me what pages they were on? I've read the series 4 times (and counting) and have yet to read anything dirty or disgusting in any of the books.

To Lisa:

Reread those comments and especially mine. We aren't implying specific references and moments of sexual content. We are implying that there is a sexual undertone and current throughout the book given by Bella's thoughts and explanations. That's why we won't give you a page because there is no page. We are simply saying that the tone is there. And the "haters" care because every Twilight lover, minus you and a few others, believe she is to an unhealthy point and can't see truth. Simple as that.

Please...please...please don't give Stephanie Meyer licence to use a thesaurus. A thesaurus is a tool for advanced writers. She hasn't achieved mastering the basics of sentence structure, let alone using descriptive adjectives in any sort of coherent form.

It's annoying when one uses oxymoronic adverbs and adjectives to describe something that doesn't fit. At this age, children need to learn correct vocabulary, not the vocabulary of slang. Using slang contributes to the obliteration of the English language and that is no over-statement. I cringe when I hear people using the term dude. It makes my skin crawl. It makes no difference that it was a term that started in the 60s. Improper usage of English is improper usage of English.

What is disturbing frankly is how much stock fans put in this mediocre author. It was publicity that buoyed up Twilight, Harry Potter and other one hit wonders. And quite possibly moronic book publishers who should know better who advocated pushing this author's marketing.

My written opinion comes after seeing Stephanie Meyer's work and trying to give it the benefit of the doubt, But I firmly stand with Stephen King's opinion. Until such time as she manages to string together noun-adverb-verb along with the customary descriptive adjectives suitable to such a descriptive moment in a story, restrains herself from purple prose and writes in a manner that accomodates teenagers with some degree of intelligence while trying to bring up the collective intelligence quotients of the masses, she will always be considered a hack-writer who caught a lucky break.

Will everyone calm down?!
I am a huge Stephen King fan, admittedly, but the fact is that they are writing for two completely different demographics. I’m not here to slate Stephanie Meyer but I am to defend King. Wasn’t he just sharing his opinion?? Like many of you are doing on here?? Don’t get so defensive – if you enjoy her books then enjoy them and don’t waste so much time justifying yourself.

I think what's craziest about this is that the people who insult Stephen King for insulting SMeyer are the ones with the worst grammar. The girl who asked "Did they ever make movies of his books? I don't think so" made me LOL. R-Patzz doesn't try to pretend that Twilight is no more than a Mormon housewife's wet dream, so why should any of you people?

Dear Stephenie,I love your books I hate the person leaked you story I'm sad that your not writing the 5th book I'm only 8 years old and I love vampires and I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So when you feel happy can you please try to make your 5 book again

Love ,
Taylor Spillman

Certainly Stephen King is entitled to his opinion, as are we all. The point is, writing can transcend the expectations of perfect structure and prose. Stephen King has certainly been called a pop or pulp writer in the past, but still has a huge following. Anyone can snub or be snubbed. No writer can gain an appreciative audience without moving said audience. Stephen and Stephanie have both achieved this, though apparently with a large portion (not entire mind you) of their fan bases wide apart and without intersection. Many are moved by the Twilight series despite it's weak areas. I count myself among the many, and still I consider myself fairly well read. There is more to "good writing" than all that has been discussed and critiqued here. There will always be the need to truly reach an audience, an inexplicable, unpredictable and esoteric thing. If it were easy to do so by training or by formula, every English Lit or Creative Writing teacher would be published and dominating the book sellers shelves.

Twilight, despite it's lacks, attains much more than most, and for many. (Though we know a good chunk for whom it does not accomplish this thanks to this forum.) To say the least, it transports many to a place they enjoy, and want to be.

If you don't enjoy it, or if you just couldn't get on the bus, let it go already. Plan a trip somewhere else.

Can we close this forum? I mean, it's been since February.


I propose that the next 10 posts contain nothing more than book RECOMMENDATIONS. What do you all advise we read next? I love to hear what people are reading, enjoying and why. Any one or ten up for the challenge?

I'm thankful we live in a country where we can all enjoy a little Independent Reading! How apropos on Independence Day...

Happy and Safe Fourth, everyone.

With regard to other reading, here's a list to start from. Let's hear your suggestions?

Dave, Nancy, is there a Baltimore Sun link or article that fits the bill? Can you point us to one?

(It's not a conflict of interest to list Newsweek links on a Balitmore Sun Post, is it?)

Have they made a movie about this dude's books?

Yes, he has a plethora of movies. "The Shining", "Carrie", "Pet Semetery", and I believe there have been more, but none that I can think of off the top of my head. I would suggest doing a little more research into an author before bashing them.

I personally believe it is good for youth to be heated about this subject. I also believe that fans that are outraged about this should understand that criticism is a way of life in literature and life. If Stephenie Meyers made a negative comment about another writer, would you be angry with her? Probably not. And fame does not come by how many copies you sell and whether or not your movie gets optioned. I hope the teen/young adult group grows up because if they do not, this will doom the future.

"stephan ur a gerk!"

To begin with, if you're going to make an effort standing up for someone, at least support with DETAILS and REASONING, instead just saying something so immature. Not to mention you didn't even bother to spell right or use proper grammar. And for all of you defending Meyer I don't think you understand things clearly. I've read Twilight before, I didn't like it at all. To be honest I detest Twilight for the way it is WRITTEN. I believe King here is saying the WAY Meyer told the Twilight story was not very good. I agree with him, and I adore his books & writing. Some of her character development, plotline, & more aren't good either. I mean, reading it in Bella's point of view I would think throughout most of the series she could become a strong young woman and grow more mature. But mostly I've seen her be protected by these vampires, I mean I know they are close with her, but if they really care for her they would let her stand on her own when she really needs to because someone her age shouldn't be so dependent on Edward. And I thought the way she was.... 'compassionate with Edward was inappropriate. I thought it was TOO much love, no not even love it sounded more like obsession. And for King, he's a master at writing. So he would DEFINITELY know if someone's work is not the best. And ok sure she sold many, many copies, but does that mean she's the best? Like someone stated in more previous posts, cocaine is used by many people but does that mean it's good? Many people smoke so does that mean it's alright to slowly destroy your health and body away?

Stephanie Meyer isn't a great writer, after all. Some complain that King doesn't have a write to say this, but he's one of the best writers in the history of literature. Stephanie Meyer is more of an experimental writer. Reading one of her books, I felt that she was flipping through a dictionary and looking for words. In a simple context, she throws strong words, such as irrevocable. Personally, I believe that King is one of the greatest writers alive. Some Twilight fans are going crazy, suggesting that they send "hate mail" or "hire someone to hit him in the face". Why? Because he insulted your little book that you're obsessed with? As a great writer, he has a right to pick and choose who's good, and who's not. On Stephenie's part, the fight for becoming a successful writer is difficult. She's very lucky to become successful. I don't like that the fans are going crazy. If you want to read a good book, check out Stephen King. I admire his books far more than any others.

Okay, I saw how long the list of comments were and it's ridiciously long! Twilight haters, your not going to change how us Twilight lovers feel about Twilght by posting comments and defending King. Twilight lovers, you probably won't be able to change the Twilight haters view by posting comments and defending Meyer, and you may not be able to change each others views at all! So if you value your time, STOP WASTING IT! At least go to another site to comment because what King said is over and done with so GET OVER IT!

To Layla Loves Twilight:

By posting that comment you have become a hypocrite and probably sparked more comments. I agree that people have taken this a long way, probably more than it should have been brought and I include myself in this category of people. But people will always comment, regardless of logic or reason. People probably realize that another person's view won't change, but they want their opinion heard and they comment. I, personally, just wanted to put the logic and facts of this debate up and give my personal opinions on other peoples' comments. Everyone else just wanted to be heard because thats all anyone wants.

My God! How many comments are on here? I haven't even read them all, but it is obvious that the majority of those in support of Stephenie Meyer cannot spell, capitalize or use proper grammar. I mean really, you've already taken away any credibility you might have had. And Stephenie Meyer is not that great. I've read her books, all of them in fact, and really they are nothing special. She's completely ruined what vampires are supposed to be. They are lush, sensuous, seductive, beautiful, and deadly creatures. Not sparkling human sympathizers. If you think that Stephenie is a good writer, you must have just moved up from reading Junie B. Jones. There's absolutely no way that Stephenie can top Dracula or Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Stephenie's stories are underdeveloped. The plot is played out in one or two chapters. Edward and Bella's romance blooms from nowhere. Why exactly do they love each other? And Bella is just a damsel in distress.

I'm not necessarily in support of Stephen King's writing. I've only read On Writing, but, if teens want to read, they should at least pick up one of Libba Bray's books because those stories are written with grace and style and she obviously has talent. And at least it's not all this teen vampire trash that is the only thing being published. When will people learn to think for themselves?

I have only just started reading all the classics, such as The Phantom of the Opera, Vanity Fair, Dracula, Madame Bovary, and Pride and Prejudice, and my god they are certainly refreshing after reading all this trash that's all the rage.

And to the fans of Twilight who are commenting: pick up a real book. You might just learn a thing or two. Like how to spell jerk for one.

You know what's really, really funny?
It's how a lot of these Twilight fans can't even spell Stephenie's name right!


To Josh:
Thanks so much for actually posing an intelligent argument against all these bloody Twilight fans. They are all just clones of one another without separate thought or feeling.

To Everyone who wants to know why Edward and Bella fell in love:

Bella "loves" Edward cause she's a horny teenage girl and he's a "hot" guy and she's never had a boyfriend.

Edward "loves" Bella cause he's a self-loathing wimp who hasn't been laid for a hundred years.


Well after this you will not see my name on this website anymore so just go bug somebody else, Josh!

To Layla Loves Twilight:

Okay. Bye.

Okay so, personally, didnt really enjoy Stephine Meyer though im not a hater, I find Stephen Kings books interestingly twistedly diferent. im a 16 year old teen and Ive read the whole twilight series. to be honest they started getting worse and more predictable by the book. The only reason so many teens like twilight is because it's want they want in their life, Stephine Meyer pretty much just took a teen girls fantasy. twisted it bit. *sparkle dazzle* I found she overused onomatepia, and her theasuruas and also feel she kinda ripped off romeo and juliet, not to mention pride and predijuce and other classic love stories. Sure, I admire her for putting a twist on vampires but she didnt put the right twist you know? dont get me wrong im not hating but vampires have always been elegant in their dark misery, sparkling isnt well. a very vampirey thing, Its more in the fairy catorgory a very girly catergory. I also find her fights are all the same. *big vampire battle to the death in the open feilds in the forest, oh we're all gonah die, oh not my precious edward and his topaz eyes and marble chest - oh but only the bad guys die* sure I found the first book pretty allright, it appealed to my teenage sense but that kinda killed it it was like reading a theres not alot of sexual intendo. bout there's worse. Edward is what. 100 years old. he's pretty. he's preying on a vunerable teen. is it ok to teach your kids it's ok to date older men if theyre pretty and nice? Twilight has it's pro's and cons. it's not omgawsh amazing it just appeals to alot of girls. plus theyve gotten Robert Pattinson to pose as the wonderful Edward so now the girls are swooning over him. poor guy. hes no vamp, hes just an average actor. bet half you girls didnt even notice him till he was dubebd edward and i bet youre all hating on kristain stewart for being bella. im sick of seeing the "team edward" and "team jacob shirts" and the catty twilight fans vs the catty giving you a reality check non fans. its a book. theres hundreds of books. each appeals to certian people. twilight will die down in a few years.its like harry potter in a way just a little mpore toned down in fantasy and a bit more toned up in "this is teens growing up" every girl can relate to having a guy they thought was their world. and him leaving. and feeling like your dead inside.tehn Stephine cranks up the fairy tale ending. oh a baby. oh youre a vampire. oh we're all safe and happy and married and can have sex all day and night cus we're vampires. it's not a very good ending to be honest if you think about dis to teh twilight fans. im sure Stephine Meyers otehr books are good, and maybe next time she'l come up with something more original instead of a teenage fantasy.

Fangirls, put down the thick black books, close your Robert Pattinson shrine, and shut up.

Not only will tell you that I agree with Mr. King, but I will also tell you why: Meyer's grammar is heavily flawed and her adjectives are misused to an elementary school level.

I don't understand why many of you fans don't even notice the bland characters, cliched story, and terrible creative concepts. But, I do know why you love the book: it's got your teenage life you're bored with and the suave, ridiculously perfected knight in sparkling skin that'll take you away from it.

Since you don't even notice the bad grammar, I'll just point out the main elements of the story that I find to be flawed. They are the elements enumerated in the first line of the paragraph above.

1. Bland characters

- Bella is a typical girl who is struggling with life in a new town. Where did I see that before? Seen and read it so many times I can't even remember the first.

-Edward is a vampire who is in love with Bella for no apparent reason, but keeps thinking he can't because he may "vant to sahck her bluhd." He shifts between feelings of love and fear multiple times throughout the series, even after they got married. He is also perfect in every way.

-Jacob is in love with Bella and loved her since they were kids. A character relationship used in many storytelling media, mostly Manga and Anime.

2. Plot

(I'll just summarize the first book)

Bella moves to Forks, her divorced father trying his best to make her happy, but she simply can't because of their turbulent relationship and her tensions with her new home (I'll admit it's one good struggle that Meyer should have expanded).

At school she meets this mysterious boy, Edward. They spend much time together and Edward constantly approaches her only to tell her to stay away from him. After seeing many signs, and a confrontation with Edward himself, she learns that he is a vampire.

They basically have a tender moment in the forest and then eventually Bella is introduced to Edward's family.

But, danger brews, as one day a trio of vampires (who feed on humans, unlike the Cullens who feed on woodland creatures) encounter the Cullens, with whom Bella was with.

One of the vampires suddenly thirsted for and fanatically hunted Bella (despite the fact that there were hundreds of other humans in the town). He goes so far as to fake the kidnapping of Bella's mother to lure her into a trap, which she easily falls into.

There, Bella, is attacked, but Edward arrives to save her, but a little too late, as the vampire had bitten Bella and may transform her. Edward and his family kill the vampire and Edward saves Bella by sucking the poison out of her wound, but also much of her blood in the process.

But, they reconcile, and they go to the school dance together.


Okay, boy meets girl, they fall in love, girl is in danger, boy saves her. End. Breathtaking story. Makes me miss Super Mario.

3.Terrible Creative Concepts

-The vampires have absolutely no flaws anymore, turning them into total Gary Stus.
-The portrayal of over the top perfection gives the book tones of "you won't ever be good enough."

I apologize to anyone you may have harmed as you read this and ground your teeth

First of all, Twilight lovers, have you ever noticed how Twilight haters think alike just like they claim we do? They also need to pick up a dictionary and look at the meaning of anti-feminist.
The definition of anti-feminist is someone, female or male, saying that women can't do something because they are women. Bella never once says anything like that in the books nor does Stephenie Meyer portray her in that way. Note that Bella works at Mike Newtons family shop. Just because she thinks that Edward is too good for her doesn't mean she is an anti-feminist. That's just her opinion.

Damn Twilight fans! Stephen King must be talking to you too. You can't write worth a darn! Learn how to spell before you write! Yes his books have become movies! Don't bash the guy you don't know anything about him! Research before you speak. I hope you Twitards are under 18 cause IT will scare the crap outta ya! That's what I call a movie!

I agree with Stephen King, an amazing fiction writer for anyone with a love of the supernatural or 'horror story.' My biggest problem with the Twilight series is that Meyer completely ignores what society has deemed "the rules of vampires." Namely, that a vampire is a demon that thrives on human blood inhabiting a human body and therefore KILLS humans, not falls in love with them; second why would vampires go to school, she completely ignores the base instinct of a vampire; and finally vampires do not shimmer, they burn up in sunlight end of story

To Alyssa:

Meyer portrays Bella in exactly that way. She can't do anything and relies on Edward to an unhealthy extent. She needs a male figure to tell her what to do because otherwise she can't figure out what to do herself. She needs Edward to save her on a constant basis as well. Twilight, when she's captured by James, New Moon, where he prevents the Volturri from eating her, Eclipse when Victoria and the other vamp attack her, Breaking Dawn, when she stupidly decides to carry around an illogical vampire baby and almost dies. Stephenie Meyer has unknowingly preached for woman to find a perfect guy then bow to his wishes. She has no ambitions of her own besides banging Edward and becoming a vampire. She marries right out of high school. Anything else I missed. Face it, this "love story" is a plea for a return to the old days when women had no ambition for themselves and did what the men told them to do.

I think that a lot of you haven't read anything by Stephen King.

His books may be billed as "horror", but they mostly aren't. If you actually READ a book, you would see that they are mainly detailed stories about people, with a few monsters thrown in.

Human interest stories. Some of you Twilight loves would probably enjoy Stephen King's work if you attempted to read it.

The Twilight series seems to be written at a much lower level, so that young girls can read it.

Twilight fans: Please don't think that those books are the highest level that you are capable of reading. There is alot more out there for you.

I don't think Stephen King can talk. He may have an excellent handle on grammar but in my opinion his ability to tell a story in book format is terribly over rated. I've tried to read several of his books however I've never finished reading a single one. His stories really come alive when adapted for the screen. The movies are brilliant.

To Heather:

Well, see, the reason you can't finish his books are because they build into things. They don't jump right to action like Twilight and are certainly a lot better. Once again, many people just want things handed to them, which is why you like the movie adaptations. These movies don't have the time to build into things so they put the story on fast forward and forget the little things that make the story whole. The things Twilight completely forgot. I believed as you once did reading Stephen King for the first time. I was impatient and I was angry that he didn't just jump into the action. But, I continued reading and I found that the story was very enjoyable. This however was when I was in sixth grade, when readers are supposed to be impatient. How old are you Heather? Because if you're an adult then you really have some explaining to do. And once again, Stephen King can certainly talk because he's sold 350 millions copies of his work compared to Meyer's measly 42 million. If I do my math correctly and don't count for possible inflation, King is making more money than Meyer AND has more fans. But that's just me and that silly concept of numbers and math.

" love Stephanie Meyer's books BECAUSE they have barely any sexual actions in them." your a christfag right?

Ok Heather either your 12 or really dumb? His ability to tell a story in book format? so what do you tend to hear most of stories by camp fire? I hate to break it to you but even short stories are book format, and Most books made into movies are massacred and are changed so badly that people who do read the books have trouble appreciating them, I cant read the book so I watch the movie, that something i would tell alot of people

I read and (mostly) enjoyed all four books in the Twilight series, but I think King's criticism is fair.

It's not like he trashed her, he simply said "she's not very good". I think it's an entirely valid assessment coming from someone of King's depth.

Steven King might not have been the best he used to be, but he was still once a very renowned author for having written good books, not for having written books that mindless rabid teenage girls who haven't read any other good works of literature have read. They don't understand the meaning of literacy and theme, and they love Twilight mainly because of how well they can fill Bella's mindless and personality-deprived body and then feel loved by a vampire that break the usual set rules of vampirism in a terrible, horrible way. J. R.R. Tolkien, most famous for his trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings", reinvented elves in a way acceptable (or maybe it was someone else: I forgot), but Stephenie Meyers has done it all wrong.

True, the books' idea might be captivating to read about, but everything else is exactly as Stephen King has described. Fans of Stephen King's books include a variety of readers, but Meyer's fan-base consists of mostly rabid teenage girls and practically no male readers. The only reason that teenage girls don't read Stephen King's books and give him no credibility is because they aren't his target audiences and haven't read any other well-written novels.

As for Josh's comment about Twilight jumping into things, it actually doesn't. It takes a while. And you the continuous hints about Jacob being a werewolf in the first book? You find out the obvious in the second book. It takes a WHOLE BOOK to get there. Now, I can't say I am a lover of books for their themes and characters; I mostly go for the ones with the fantasy and fast paces, but Twilight is nowhere near those kind of books. It is mainly a dream diary that Meyers has about love and she imagines herself as a helpless clumsy girl, with other features that she decides to improve on. Like Mary-Sue.

And as an extra note, many say the image of vampires have been all too similar for the past century, starting with Dracula and the such, but there have been intriguing and innovative varitions to the vampire such as the ones mentioned in PEEPS, by Scott Westerfeld, stating that vampires are humans infested with a parasite. Nearly all of his reasonings are scientifically supported. It is an orignal take on vampires; on the other hand, Stephanie Meyers completely fails that portion of writing, saying that vampires sparkle in the sun, have super speed, are perfectly good looking and hot and the such. Just so people know, it's NOT a sacrifice to have to stay inside during the day so other people don't get blinded a vampire's shininess.

I have not read the Twilight series, therefore cannot judge them. But apparently Stephen King has read them, and has also read countless of other books, and he knows what he's talking about.
I say that Stephanie Meyer cannot write because all of the Twilight fans that are bashing Stephen King through these comments clearly have not learned anything or gained anything from her books. "She can write really good." Really? Learn some grammar.

To Ari:

In fact, Jacob's transformation isn't really hinted at until the second book. Yes, there's the story he tells Bella and Billy's dislike of vampires but there's not much pointing to Jacob's turning except common sense. And even then, what I mean is the plot is straight forward and everything is presented to the reader. Nothing is left to guess at or think about. The book is essentially a finished puzzle being viewed by people.

I don't like Twilight because the editing is atrocious. In Psychology, I sat behind a girl who read the entire series over a two week stretch; naturally, I read over her shoulder. The book was riddled with spelling errors! It looked to me that the last book in the series was pushed through as quickly as possible, without any semblance of coherent editing.

I'm also of the opinion that characters make a story, and I have yet to find any in Twilight. There was nothing to relate to, and all it does is suggest very superficial relationships can be chalked up as love.

Frankly, Stephen King is about the lowest end of literature you can get. Anything less profound than his works is pretty disregardable.

Our kids should be reading classics like Poe, not this heavily merchandised drivel.

I agree with Stephen.
The most Meyer did was create another vampiric heart throb. Remember Spike off Buffy the vampire slayer? He was probably the 90's vampiric sex beast. The Lost Boys - more pale and psychotic, young and good looking men who women fall over in the presence of.
Meyer is far from original. This sort of sloppy teen stuff floats around the bookstores for yonks. All she's done is taken your usual "i love you so much because we're two messed up teens in a world that hates us both" storyline and piles in a load of vampires somewhere. You could apply the same storyline to star trek, and have spok and some klingon having and clingy teenage relationship where everything is beautiful till they have an argument that nearly ends the relationship, but then miraculously gets resolved when the situation turns nasty.
I feel spiderman has more in depth characters and smaller plotholes than Twilight.
I love it when peope claim all 16 year old girls are so passionate and fangirlish about this. I'm 16 and I'd rather read Barney the dinosaur goes to the seaside. At least he's not some limp imitation of a vampire.

guys. Chill. and I found something else out. King was asked what he thought of meyer's writing and he replied. THAT IS ALL. although meyer is a horrilbe writer. Bella and ewdward are a couple of idots who have no real love.

Well, isnt somebody jealous there not in the spot light anymore.I think its so stupid when ppl try to say oh she's a terrible writer, oh since when can vampire's sparkle? Shut up already. It was her imagination. Its what she wanted in it. And if you think she's such a bad writer then you go and write a book. See if your any better.

Yes, he is right. I totally agree with him. Stephenie Meyer has had not one good book published. Stephen Kind has had many. This book is like a pathetic fan fiction that got out of hand.

To Michelle:

I will write a book when you learn how to write period. Seriously, ppl? What is ppl supposed to mean? And I know its a shortened version of people but still. Your is supposed to be you're and isnt is supposed to be isn't. Besides, King's books HAVE done better than Meyer's so he has the right to talk. And look at piper's post. Sums up why he said anything in the first place. On another note, The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein is turning out to be a very good book.

Stephanie Meyer sucks, folks. Just accept it.

WOW. It just amazes me how critical and shallow people are sometimes. For everyone hating on any writer in particular, you need to get a life. ALL writers are wonderful because they give us life from another angle. Especially fictional authors! They give us imagination and passion and everything a lot of you people have forgotten that is wonderful in life. People are entitled to there own opinion, of course! That is why there are sooooooo many different Genres of books. But if you don’t like an author keep your dirty comments to yourselves. What, are we in second grade again?
I am 24 yrs old, and I have had an obsession with vampires ever since I read my first Anne Rice book when I was 8. Stephanie Meyer took a central idea about a Mythical creature and turned it into something of her own. Her ideas are romantic, simple and beautiful and not to mention from her OWN imagination. ORIGINALITY. When you read her books you don’t have to be an English professor or have a thesaurus in hand to understand half of the infrequent words that are excessively used like in most ADULT books. This is not an ADULT book people. But thousands of adults read it. Why? Because there is beauty in simplicity and Stephanie Meyer is a GREAT writer. Stephen King writes for a different age of readers, and obviously has a much different writing style. It was inappropriate and childish for him to take a stab at her. It reminded me of something my little brother would say when he was jealous that I was getting more attention then him for something I did well. It also made me look at him as desperate and shallow in his older age.
Grow the hell up. Critical people like some of you are what makes the evolution of humanity seem so out of grasp.

I am just saying that I believe Kings book were truly amazing. They had such details and images that stephanie could never in a million years produce. J.K rowling like king is an excellent writer she also know how to draw you in with all the friendship and the pure plot of the whole HP series! It was genious. I have to ay the same for J.K rowlings movies and kings movies. But for the twilight movie coming out can i get in line not to see it?

How can someone not like Stephenie Meyer?

Perhaps it's the fact that she's a complete idiot.

If Stephenie Meyer weren't a good write would so many people buy her books?

Yes, because that's just how idiotic people have become.

Would they have made a movie about it?

Companies will make a movie about anything if it makes them money.

Have they made a movie about this dude's books?

Not only have they made a movie, they've made forty-seven.

Harry Potter sucks after the second book!!

Twilight sucked at the first book.

And yea I love Stephenie Meyer's books because they hardly use any sexual action until Breaking Dawn, but she doesn't use all the details just how Bella felt!!

Too bad Bella is almost as shallow as you are.

Stephen King probably has a mental disorder and can't see that Stepehenie Meyer is a good author.

Actually, Stephen King is one of the most respected authors in the world. His view is entirely correct.

I bet he's jealous that her books are selling very good and that she has a lot of fame more than he does now!!

Stephen King has sold tens (or quite possibly hundreds) of millions of books worldwide, and is the most financially successful horror writer in history. He has also won over 25 awards for his works.

Stephenie Meyer hasn't ruined the reputation of vampires, actually until I read her books, I didn't like vampires and no series is like the Twilight series!!

You're quite right. No series sucks as hard as Twilight does. Meyer has completely tarnished Vampire mythology. If you want to see how a REAL vampire acts, go read Dracula.

and her Arnaud or however u freaking name is spelled, you need to re-read Twilight, because where do u you see sexualy fantasies?

Didn't you say there was sexual content in Breaking Dawn?

Also. the books weren't based on Meyer's sexual fantasies with a perfect guy, she had a dream and from there on it all went up hill!!!!!

Don't sexual fantasies usually occur in dreams? Isn't that why they're called fantasies? Also, you mean it went downhill from there.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen may be fiction, but who can tel